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Special Guest host Alex McFarland

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 24, 2020 5:10 pm

Special Guest host Alex McFarland

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 24, 2020 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/24/20.

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It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly pressed to consider well. The main end of life and study is to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life.

John 17, three, and therefore to like Christ in the bottom, is the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning and seeing the Lord only giveth wisdom, let everyone seriously said himself by prayer in secret to seek him of it Proverbs 2 verse three while walking you to today's edition of the line of fire with those words, those are the rules and precepts of Harvard University 1642. So over 400 years ago that the purpose of learning. According to Harvard University at that time was to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life and to become wise basing knowledge, learning and wisdom on God and his word walking the program. Hi my name is Alex McFarland very very honored to be sitting in for my friend Dr. Michael Brown, the brother colleague and friend, and death, Dr. Brown in his great staff asked me to sit in to do that. I just got in from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania actually and I will apologize in advance I sound a little bit nasal, and I've got.

It's like an allergy thing. It's not cold I'm not contagious or anything like that but if you've ever had a sinus infection. It's kind of like having a concussion without having been hit in the head just feel kinda weird but the good Lord is given me the opportunity to do the program and I'm honored to do it and out you know there's a lot in the news and one thing that I think a lot of people talking about is that the fall of the stock market precipitously today in light of a lot of things. The coronavirus spreading and you know it's they really just don't know the extent of it. But I will bring on a very special friend of mine in all of our conferences 46 major citywide events that we've done the last 22 years we've had a lot of speakers none get as much positive feedback as this great brother, also lame and hate.

You can probably outside the studio where I am. You can hear a train go by if you could hear that train whistle. Somebody asked me because hey I'll tell you this and and working to get to our guest for eight years doing during the Obama years. The train track across the street from my studio was like knee-deep in weeds and maybe 2 to 3 trains a month would go by true story. Nowadays, the train tracks are all shiny and there are no weeds because train goes by about every hour on the hour. I mean like into three in the morning.

Trains are going by and I watch the trains go by with steel and cars and drywall and lumber and somebody said don't you get tired of this trains going by, said not at all.

That's the sound of a president doing his job, but that we do conferences treat for new generation, and certainly the most talked about speaker of anybody that we've ever booked and we've booked a lot of people's come also lame. He and I go way back, but I wanted to bring him on because one of the new stories that was in the Wiccan news was about the death of Philip Haney in the Department of Justice during the Obama years, he's become a pundit, but he was found dead by a gunshot wound to the chest and they are calling it suicide but literally hundreds of articles on the Internet questioning that and talking about you know not only was that a very unusual very unlikely way to take one's own life, but he really didn't have the necessary preconditions for suicidal ideation answer will talk about that by step with someone who knew him. Our colleague and friend come. Also Lynn Kamali.

There are what you think about honor to be with you one more time. Brother Alec at big obedient healer of the United States of America the kingdom of God, all you do lots of privilege to have you, we love God and country and and we love you just him before we talk about the Philip Haney story a little of your background and bring people up to speed on on the come, also lame story well in a nutshell I was born in Beirut Lebanon for multiple family will I like many people to be read on her milk that I drank from my mother was about the actual where where Iraqi air and identity. The character she prepared me. You know, and in our home for the next move that you know that what happened in my life at the age of seven. My dad got mad at school because knowledge is not the mark or you know like my other brothers. I was very naïve and trustworthy.

You know, in many different way. So I start working and only to find out seven years of age, of the heart culture virtually and physically with the brutal that I would be the book find by different gangs because I could not walk through where I'm going to work will I had to me. I could not drive or I could not take a bath because we could not afford sidewalk and in result, you know, it was the beer in a punishment that one day I rented the mop which is Islamic temple where the multiple prey and not like the church folk a different identity and character. What happened is a Google brotherhood rose up and protected me that they called the multiple brother and the journey took me on a lifetime part of the local brotherhood and being trained by them to do what culture jihad which is infiltrating their Western civilization turn the culture from we've been up for the benefit of bringing Islamic nation. The culture at the age of seven. The whole group I joined the PLO and we had at that time." I became, you know, one of my first teacher was Yasser Arafat and I shut my AK-47 at age 7 and I did my first mission to Israel current explosive and not what catches the guilt you basically you know, at the age of 11 and then at the age of eight at the age of 14, my life with me on all on hot I was prepared to do jihad and that the lot journey in my life is empty the United States of America. I was commissioned to come by BB for the Islamic group the royal family that were funded on mission vehicle. The culture from within and market mission. What is the education professors. The political system and enters the house representative and a mayor and city Council governors and also other you know is like jail and for the convert, you know people angry man to Islam, but they can fight without against the their own nation and last but not least to infiltrate the poor neighborhoods to subjugate people to Islam by virtues and by no become and help, but that help with that guy so I had a car wreck that you know one year and I would severely injured fractured my neck into playful and my left by the book. That is dated, but in result, we may reach out to me. One of them is just a bit Christian man and now one what the doctor a good surgeon at the hospital and third will want to edit the therapy. These men I found out that there belong to Christian grid group and not be reached out to me and then their life in their home I found Christ on I start being my God and your God on because I thought it dated in God but they're not.

I found that your God loved the world that on the non-duplicate degree mad about Jesus Christ. Will my God hated me after you make everyone in our image, hate and kill and destroy.

And that one God.

Like one nearly 300 million lives when God did not heal the blind 1.helpful to blind you not good enough, one God. Good.

No more 1.bestowing her contact because she's a woman and she's a prostitute. I hadn't gone with you guys that I gave my life to him and I've been fighting you know for both the agenda of radical Islam and number one and educate the churches, hackers, and what have you. But the more important than anything else. You would be Ishmael where the green God, in the Bible for the last days people "multiple redemption in Christ Jesus forgot that he will be and so we can calculate the multiple and how to really approach the subject with knowledge because we teach our children everything, but we never caught them on how to reach them up basically different than a nutshell under audit. If you can hear me or not but the understanding by year and the so my life the day we I have a ministry.

"Ministry ministry alive ministry edited educate each Antarctic to prepare the way or the living God paid my literary hey sorry folks here have a little bit of a technical difficulty.

There butts is I guess there engineering. I'm right here okay to come on so I couldn't hear you for second and I thought we lost you there for second but until a little bit about why you believe the Philip Haney death is suspicious. Well applicable. Not just any man that I mean I knew all Philip anyone, friend. We spoke late all over United States of America. And no, I really would have a heart I'm very bad you know about what happened in the was killed in California.

He was found outside of the car, you know, and we shut you nutshell and you know the first initial report came out by but from knowing a brother Haney you know I brother. He was that he was young years old, engaged, very engaged and and was ready to get married, you know, and and he has two daughters. He moved to California 322 really ravishing one of the originator and the builders Department: security. One of the very even intelligence that I the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Okay, we're back on Alex Furlan here sitting in Dr. Brown. We've got the mausoleum on the line.

Sorry for little bit. The technical glitches, but Molly still there remotely okay you know what the debt doesn't the devil just want to get up in the electronics.

May we test this thing. It works where we were broadcasting the truth of God's word and the devil just gets in those things in the name of Jesus we ask and we command in the name of Jesus that this equipment would work so Kemal can share this truth. Amazing. All right, I don't know where I dropped out but continue with your thought my dear brother. What outdated brother Bill Haney he would not just a colleague, Becky (you know my lot going with it was that the values voters Summit at you point Kurt general Jerry Boykin in the Lord together down there and that the EU engaged he was ready to get married in the year 2020. You know he had family and his finished with his new book, which is unique about baptism in the normal of the communist and an Islamic united together each day and how they gonna really move in America in general and 2020 and beyond.

And this man, he is still one of the originator of the Department of Homeland Security and he is an active Christian has been on many coal that I've been on the phone and he is the he was working to return to the homeland security coming.

Department, because the equine again because of his knowledge and and so therefore he was working all and in any real clue. He was a decent human being and and he is just like your brother Alex is a man with no guile and and he had deep faith, he was repatriated gentlemen, we would prorate investigator. He was a philosopher and relentless force against evil.

He offered below. Cold feet thumping they not know, and you absolutely remember that yet.

He put everything on open you know he was a whistleblower on what happened under the Obama administration how they start hiding the commendation of the and you know whether from the homeland security to the FBI.

The CIA law you know all of it you will use the amazing portion of time that he did not worry about my you know if you will die for his call. In my humble I don't believe that man is just her character who is you just put new book is about to get married. It will apply. If traveling all over the world and here he shot himself in the chat outside of the car any man in my humble you know I mean I mean that they should be beat because if anyone got killed herself to kill herself in a private place and not outside of their car dealership itself just they should stop and add it from my perspective where I come from.

You don't do that.

The be agonizing shots to the heart. Many times they don't die immediately so they go in the trip paying while the lungs are less you know and that is if he is a smart officer and he was an armed officer and explain and he knew Melissa texted me yet. He would never shut himself in the check and and you you knew him you and he spoke at some of the same events in your opinion, he didn't seem to be a person that was plotting the end of his life that he know he was a songwriter he was a lot of or he would owe it.

He was a music player and a better diet below life just like when you play the guitar thing.

You have so much equality, like open and I don't think that this man believe in killing himself knowing Christ is Lord and Savior so so let me ask you this, assuming that there were people who wanted him dead and they arranged in Philip Haney was murdered. If, if that is the case and in his death certainly is suspicious. Would you say that what what does this say if Philip Haney was murdered, what does this say about the deep state in America. Well number one you would like our point, and an end. By the way, the report came in California. Nobody heard shot. Nobody knew because of everything to have projectors over there, which is somebody shot a bullet report police exactly the play. Standing with a standing wave came and there was not one report on number two you know you know from the examiner. He was a acclimated deal with them about the relief book and 20 point the new book. You know, and he published that Nathan then hit the PDF nature Facebook it was typically about how the communist socialist local hiding communist understanding in the fascist understanding, uniting with the Mongol brotherhood and Islamic movement in America subjugated America deep state in the next four years. Specifically, if I you know so therefore he had a lot to look at me I'm we will know so much more. If this book is released. I hope it borders yesterday daughters. I hope he released the because it revealed a tactic that it be and at the global movement you know within America and that the trying to dominate America and now the going after the people I speak on the subject before we get too far into our time slot here. How can people find you, you speak. He's the author of a number of incredible resources, folks, this is somebody that you want to meet somebody want to hear from. He's a Christian brother, but he set a great patriot and American. How could you will find which website Kemal my website. It cool a 00 MP next cool ING has ministries IES right yes sir and they also an 800 number 877-274-7303 that the our 800-number. But if you want to go to our website. There is my book. The blood alignment value where I came from and Excel. Also I have a book with general Jerry Boykin called the coalition for one America before it's too late and then we have many other resources. The unveiling theory.

What's a bigger threat to our country right now.

I see in the news, where Disney has its first LGBT Q trans character. A cartoon character that will begin to be in Disney films so the the ingratiating of homosexuality young people has been going on for years and so many millennial's and younger, even millennial's and younger that profess to be Christians. They accept more what the world says about sexuality and gender than the word of God in your opinion, what's a bigger threat to our our Constitution and our freedoms.

The rise of Islam or the rise of homosexuality and transgender is yet bookable under the reader why yet you know we need to understand that the Islamic start studying the LGBT Q theology because it is not not just the thing. The movement of religious movements that have phone. And many other thing and so therefore they start studying that they studied the communist movement, how it affected America. They duplicated everything available so they start infiltrating our culture on every level from media and from your argument payment from family from general education: on all those peer influences that make America what a good night. Specifically, the government will what we really deal with the day we dealing with the lobbyist they know that the gatekeepers are and these people are willing. Several of them willing to think straight. Their souls for the mighty dollar so there will down with any lobbyist that they need to.

But here's the crazy part 1B culture is demoralized and dark subjugated to all those issues, then Islam become and enter replay holiness and righteousness as that of Christianity.

This is one of the basement of the move.

That's why Islam is not acting as a homosexual in America FY don't attack, you know, the people who are boarding children because they want to fail so they can say we are replaced, we bring a better solution to this culture and that is the agenda of the multiple brotherhood that I was brought in with the United States of America. Equally evil, unit 20 years ago, Dr. Dobson, James Dobson said to me, and I've heard them say publicly that the rise of the homosexual movement was not so much about rights for anybody or tolerance. It was about opposing the gospel and a lot of people couldn't immediately see the connection between the rise of homosexuality. The mainstreaming of homosexuality and the gospel. But now I may we see this a lot.

I mean if you if you call out sin, and if we basically proclaim the gospel. You know it's called hate speech which we either got to change the gospel or change this mindset of tolerance and an accusation against Christians. It is a spiritual battle for the souls of people is absolutely the left left. Look at it before in the bigger picture. Many found little thing hey hey we I hear that music was way this is eligible for with our dear friend Colin Kemal Celine need to go to Coombe ministries K out of MG, you need to be acquainted with the sky state in the line of fire is on the back. After that using the plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown will go back to the program Alex McFarlane here honored to be sitting in for Dr. Brown who is traveling we got some exciting stuff coming up and I've got another guess I'm so excited for you to meet but I was just on the road of the weekend in Pennsylvania and Ohio and unit everywhere I go people are asking the question, how do we reach millennial's and younger millennial's GNC 100 million hundred 20 million strong.

And as as you may know, the, the millennial's engines E and younger are probably the least religious of any inner generation in American history and the numbers vary but at roughly 3/4 claim to not believe in God, and it may be more like 85% and so we've got March 8 and nine in western North Carolina and I listen to this. We have got what I call a national strategy briefing on reaching millennial's and younger are ministry trees for new generation. Dr. Brown has been one of my speakers with in 22 years and 46 major citywide events we've done. Oh my goodness with we've had in a low of 400 people a high of 5000 people generally to the 3000 attendees.

We've had speakers like Ravi Zacharias and James Dobson Chuck Colson Josh McDowell Erica taxes Dr. Michael Brown, Celine, you name it, but we try to engage and equip, but the Lord has allowed us to develop a strategy and weave we really kind of beta tested it in a couple of churches it works. Young people are hearing the gospel. Young people are getting connected with church young people are accepting Christ and not only that, learning how to think biblically and defend their faith. So I would love for you to come March 8 and nine it's a Sunday night. It's 1/2 a day Monday I'm going to do a special training seminar and.there's really no cost. It's free however you do have to pay for your lodging and we make no money on this.

There's no markup or anything like that but only the number of my office. My email is that's and the number is 877 yes, God will and why ES GAD the number 10877 yes, God one if you care about and let me just put it this way not only saving the country in terms of spiritual salvation people finding Christ and being forgiven but looking we've got to talk and I do I talk to young people. Every week wherever I am about socialism versus capitalism about a communist state versus our representative Republic and so folks, if you care about this nation you care about the future.

We are going to have to think biblically were going to have to know our content were going to have to yes address politics and soap folks. We've got a care about God and country in South our ministries here to help you do that right to change gears and this is so appropriate, so apropos for what we talked about Tracy Lynn Russell is an author, a Christian leader she's got an amazing story about what God is doing in her life. Enough you know she's been on the radio with a lot of leaders. My former boss and my dear friend Dr. James Dobson and she's amazing because she's part of the solution and if you read about and I think about the twice nominated twice.

Pulitzer nominated historian and sociologist Dr. Rodney Stark at Baylor. He writes about how Christianity overturned the Roman Empire and if you ask you had that happen to good evangelical answer is, well the tomb is empty and Christians passionately preach and the gospel prevailed in that's true it is.

But what happened in a in a culture where life was cheap. There was gross immorality. There was paganism just ubiquitous. How did Christianity prevail in the Roman Empire when they had very little social cachet. They were a persecuted minority Christianity in in a matter of decades, turned the Roman Empire upside down on the strength of the family, marriage and family and stork documents along with others.

Yes, the gospel is true the tomb is empty. But what enabled Christianity to gain social momentum that just became vertical was the family marriage and family, cut to the chase. If it was just a better way to live in somebody who really exemplifies that is Tracy Lynn Russell and I wanted to have Ron in and talk about a book in time better ministry because it is right in line with what our country so desperately needs right now. Tracy are you there well thank you and sorry for that somewhat lengthy ramp-up that introduction week weight. It's good. We've got a good in a 22 minutes.

Plus, but we had some little glitch in the first segment I wanted to make up a little ground here but appreciate you very much. I gotta ask you, like so many Christian leaders are you headed to Nashville this week for the big conference.

The National religious broadcasters very and we are preparing. I worked very hard at not getting story out there. The radio and will amen thank you thanks for making time for this interview and forget too much further. I want you will do this a couple of times what you give your website how can people find you well right now.

Mary Mary wearing my Mary but really I think my near story, not a right.

Never repeat pre-encouraging three unmarried relationship. And really, we believe that There are story I knew part and on my you know what are the greatest sources of joy in life is family and marriage. One of the greatest opportunities for pain and struggle and stress is marriage and family what what is your message for somebody who's either hurting right now, wounded or really in the midst of the struggle related to their marriage by 25 years but now I got married on and write down many may think for my light and I thought that Mary a lot and I left there 90 and I looking to my husband. I saw his face clouded over and story of my life without radically changed and reported our creator with the greatest story anyone ever whine and I have been current me that I don't think we should have been married and that was after that. Now that there all wonderful, made the story of my life radically see arrowheads and he says this is yet we were nearly clouded over out here and you can't let that happen at really neared italic wind Mary marriage or can you really don't now I began on the part my getting said I would really not my light Robert many are the plans that a person's heart really do like Percocet prevailed and I you are Christian. At this point I will had a believer in Christ and I might have been like really great guy like me. I thought we were not any interest me with a really painful story intermarried and ultimately out in my mind like wholehearted rendering] is very painful. Part marriage story.

So how long how long was it into this kind of a rocky start that you realize that you were not only were you a newlywed that you had an assignment from your Savior while married. I think that would not be back and think that I got that one day I would not allow Dr. Mark Malik that congratulate your pregnant and again I turned my head back.

Tracy I told you I didn't want to be married and I don't want to bother either. Now I knew at that point I would travel and really the marriage contract, but the one appointment after another.

I thought maybe that would turn around and felt my light coming really, really painful point where I realized the problem and I could not by being a perfect Christian life by trying new read my Bible and pray more and more about the problem and that when a friend about the buck making love, but in that was brilliant turning point for me and that was about. Mary and Bob even even quote good Christians, faithful Christian families go through some deep deep valleys don't think they get out on highly how everybody know Eric and Mike.

Mike written on another bullet.

And God will give my every really bring at that moment where we are wholeheartedly and well.

After I read that book, I realized that I needed half that I needed and that I had sent a letter that I can recommend anything that might when he came home and really cuddling the thing Mary finally let in an and I think I know, sorry I did not want to be married out only five you always honor America out the landing area you need without any turn out like any fat on their forget it. Right now I think what it would take to favor merit in the Christian and I'm not locked up that door right and not on when Eric never Alec, I would think that time to get derived [body fell at you know what I learned in an arm wrestling match with God. God that's right he died he died felt Mark and I separated and like me baby and I got at at night and fell with Mark like all of my begging, pleading, trying Mark was invited Bible and by a friend coming back but I'm sorry I thought we talked with Tracy Lynn Russell, this is amazing work for everyone listening who needs Alex McFarlane sitting in for Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire.

This is the line of fire with your host activist, author, international sleep and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to the line of fire Alex McFarlane here on sitting in for my friend Dr. Michael Brown and he is phenomenal and I appreciate you following him and listening to him like a said before, brought Tracy Lynn Russell up. We've got a briefing March 8 and nine is just under two weeks away its national strategy briefing on reaching millennial's in younger we have got a strategy that will work.

It's working in every church that we tried it so far.

To begin discussion groups to talk to young people about issues like does God exist and why is there pain-and-suffering in the world and and what should I do with my life.

How can I know God's plan for my life.

And if you want to come to our strategy briefing. This is true for new generation ministries. The main thing that I do about a dozen things. It seems like but up my number know with a lot of data at you and this is last on the show. I'll give this number, so listen carefully placed one 877 yes, God 1877 yes God one or you can email me and my staff at want to tell you that were going to be talking about that Tuesday and Wednesday plus some other great guests.

But the time we got left.

I want to hone in with Tracy Lynn Russell her website. Listen to this. Folks save my marriage save my marriage Tracy that this is phenomenal and I want to throw something at you and then want to ask you know when your husband said you know to save the marriage, it would require him to become a Christian. First question at that point in his journey.

What was the big obstacle walk.

Why wouldn't he want to become a Christian, at least at that point Alec my not willing brought in primary prior Mary and Dare were all fell out the kind.

There were moments that he had been engaged in any really written it downward my relic.

Now how out of and now I think that for here easier to walk away and now get right and allied gratefully (and wetly found God not done during our live and Mark went back day someone carried authority and demanded that Eric how he overcame and finally the light went on for Mark and he realized right able to help him get over that mountain running away until it's really powerful way that we can keep the gospel with one another, sharing her story in that market help Billy. Did he in that season as his journey as he understood that you know this was worth it. Whatever necessary work whatever admissions needed to take place to become a Christian.

It was worth it. Did he begin to have hope for the marriage. At that point) turning around, called everyone how I got trying to break out right Alec, I and I wanted out like I turned around a little late and felt when I got up that I wound up with bitterness and anger that I like turning around were getting a divorce and I really, really didn't understand God with powerful work and not worry about getting a divorce and Mark was asked on the thigh and get with absolutely. I think I fell for it had been turned around from that like I like unforgiveness as a believer that was really I just didn't know how eventful out at the anger and the Internet right now and telling really is it so interesting that the rules changed him in the beginning you were the champion to save the marriage, and then write you initiated the divorce.

Amara I found out I can barely at that point at a very young believer.

I did not realize the work in our work have not let the words of Browning 828 yet all I can work on together until I get… Need I need to find merit, but what the Lord had me I needed to come into a first lab relationship at hand. Any really showed me that planning on barking the night with our money at night looking at Bolick and a picture of our wedding day and I owe Brentwood to boric and Mark backing about one day your and he went off electronic rally in Washington. You are a member that yet. I think I like the way on the radio.

Alec only thing I could get with the Christian radio really about repentance and I realize that I turned my… My bad that were broadcasting live from now working in the marital and calendar and get out of here.

Why the husband and the father you are meant to be here. I like the middle of nowhere in Florida. My now on the rally, holding up our wedding day, and while it and believe it was happening but God was giving care of what you and the story of Mary Lee rent the rack and dad, hope and dream let people develop unforgiveness really bring America back to life and the next day I got from my you and grant back and I got back always wondered like you in my wallet. I'm fitting right. The whole thing on the radio that I I want to be the right diaper.

I get what you married me don't need Right in me and I want to be that man. I want to be that father and I went to live our lives by the Alec foundation and you know I look at moment I saw UD SI shining frail and I like public. Back on that wedding that I out over everything in it, and physically kill you. I saw the light back on art and get out.

Later we were really married and cry with no no when whacking my uncle married at the time that the American right at firm foundation last year we had three marks not only have four children and I can honestly argue yet that is married I have with Mark. I cannot do my like a godly husband and father and got that our story and you anything and he barely can resurrect bag resurrect that power are greater than the website save my marriage seven devotions to encourage your faith in your marriage by Tracy Lynn Russell guessable on the far right and so is this like a free download. People can get story were not tell our story but Eric brought out Eric and the link to our story that Mark and I and not hear me sharing our story and then I'll get pregnant.

I know whether there's traveling right now) all needed her story a guy at that moment and tell it really does offer them right devotional story that will encourage and a link to the document shall and you know that this is so important now. I will ask Tracy about what she thinks about millennial's and younger who really don't have a very high view of marriage before someone to do something else.

Tracy if you would speak to the listener who says yeah but my story is hopeless and I love what Frank said a moment ago Christ rose the debt rose people from the dead resurrected himself. Colossians says that Jesus created the whole universe holds it together but the word of his power coming our God is able listen to all hanging out my friend and I were praying for now, Alec. We are praying for heart to remember any man be in Christ he is a new creation all the way all and you come on Alec reminder letter that I literally bad man come back like I have read a bad married come back like and that got me complaining either real power either from the get in resurrect and yet I hear a lot here a lot that we thought anything story and your question about millennial I can frequently interview John McDowell on my door and like you really about pump in the next generation will now one of the main point be people that share our Tory our story that I'm trying can be heard on the birth chart they need to hear the story… Why my head and I are out hearing that we can get the reminder and story I want God work to have faith in God and were not elegantly gain the power at the height we want to hear that story offer at save my marriage story to chase little story we got to go says this is a lot of far Alice McFarland very excited to be sitting in Dr. Brown for couple of days. Listen we have got nation to save energy generation to win to Christ the one far thanks for listening.

See again tomorrow

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