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Dallas Car Ride with a Digital Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 20, 2022 7:00 pm

Dallas Car Ride with a Digital Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 20, 2022 7:00 pm

Stu is in a car on the Dallas Expressway, with Rashawn Copeland at the wheel, talking with savvy social media missionary, John Lemp, who shares his testimony from the backseat!

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Hello this is will Hardy with RAM talk radio. We all about breaking down the walls of race and denomination your chosen Truth Network podcasts is starting in just a few minutes. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening to the truth. Podcasts network. This is good Truth Network, Dallas Expressway Rent-A-Car Ray Sean is driving over to my true thought before you have a Christian radio talkshow host and banged a bashful player with a social media influencer and in the backseat is one of the most savage, socially technology guys that I've ever met about your John yes absolutely like literally I mean I've never met a tech giant like our brother John is so easy for the kingdom for the king looking in Russia we see these great videos.

We see these post we see hashtags we see iterations of the gospel being proclaimed on all kinds of platforms that's possible way possible by guys God brought to himself like John Huston to the backseat on his Expressway. I've never done a show for My Car Expressway in Dallas, TX, is confronted and were right in the heart of downtown Colfax right now beautiful downtown and I guess this is great that you're doing it now how about that.

So John Walker true thought, man.

I will hand you the phone and I want you to tell your story how you come to know Jesus as your Savior before you became your always intact even before you got saved. I think Mattel's your journey to Christ. Thank you brother & yeah no it's usually like to be behind the cameras both for the gallery is the private technology brother but dogs I grew up in a Pentecostal home so I did know I got to know the word young age. We went to a Christian school is little like start doing technology with you when I was a teenager it was obsessed with technology. 14. The sort of serve building things and I saw my family when I was younger. Just be parents were big and reach a lot of people for Chrysler involve the church in that I saw there was a falling out with the pastor and persistent bad financial situation on his part and dice our family get broken. I saw some grew very distant from God. We are in a spot where you just we lost our community.

We lost her church was to Churchill that we went every denomination, Michael different domination hopping around trying to find a church home never really did. I saw my parents started went from genuine Christians live that life. I saw a lot of hypocrisy appointment yell that's my parents got divorced saw the just the brokenness that just knowing if that's now back to… Decide so you I saw my brother got into drugs. I you I didn't technology so I went to a tech school is one of those people, words say on everybody. John everybody's got that they want to believe does you asked me out sale. I believe in God, it would this guy never really thought that doing a really was, was not part of my life was the time I graduated. I started building my own company, Florida knows my say early to mid 20s when I started my company got very successful. Everything the world would say was important mansion on Peninsula cars never ever you think would be important parties every week.

I was most impoverished person by solstice destroyed.

To understand spiritual poverty is to understand why was that when the world was saying and you know when you're jet that's the point really really realized how little and how just how much of Lionel is just the light of the world. The live cells. Each of us that pointed girlfriend who had not grown up never to church and she will live together. I told her two children on a weblog usually ends up I had planned Uncle Sam to church to church so there might be a church first time we went was because like I was not really happy to see my son, then only one well one day off working nonstop like you and every excuse to not, I respect that you know all that you limited to stereophonic self and I just thought the godly characteristics of the kids know that next visit.

By this Gannon my time so she wants to go to church. I did so I told her she could do whatever she wants to do a doctor so she started going to church and register as a Calvary Chapel Sarasota eventually started to biblical counseling and Madison and we justifiably just horrible got a big five is pretty common for us and friends. The time probably would give us a 5% chance of surviving together like she did the big fights responsive and I remember that one is like to go right Swanson felt like I want the argument there is a pretty good about myself. A few days later we get another function responds differently and I remember for secular when she responded differently raise something different from what you thought .11.

It's wrong. Mileage is this guy I was the one that was help fixing people I help myself so I remember she was just let you quickly dismissed little bit later sent a couple more days, possibly in the as is. It's also pretty consistent.

We were about four wonderful credible life under God – so she responds differently again. At this point I want. I think I need some as church stuff and got going to go to church so eventually I end up joining her in counseling these poor people on their volunteer their time and just all bring to the Bible. Several of his go through X amount of sessions on 10/just like a psychiatrist is you work through this. You will be a different person when you get out of this and instead acted like you I counsel before work couple years just forget about you figure out some of the blame of it all go get some. But this biblical counseling is little different but I just want to argue with these people. Sounds like a lot, the Bible is wrong on some people.

So ultimately I think I just didn't want to have to get married myself my own fear so you do with that… My own fear and condemnation also started going back and forth as to point boxer time about seven session and I looked over at my wife assist time just prior to sentence want to be the person he wants me to be and it was at that moment I realized here is the person I love most in this world and if I could hurt the person I love most in this world. I think I'm helping her that I am not the person I could fix. I need to be fixed myself.

I just realized there that you can't that I needed to be fixed.

I realize that I was the one that was broken and it was at that moment I realized that the Holy Spirit overcame me so unbelievable. I cannot describe the feeling of the Holy Spirit just interest. I accepted Christ.

That's what I truly knew what it meant to be a Christian in that moment. That's the testimony of John. This is true thought comes to the car with my buddy was driving Ray Shawn were teared up here in this testimony is so powerful from from a to Z God know exactly what he was doing them and throw brothers man and not John you're using technology to reach people with the good news of Jesus just 20 seconds on why that's so important to challenger one as we get out yeah appreciate suits Debbie there is nothing is more impactful in my life to Christ.

It's not a self-help thing crisis to literally change my heart and understand that to see how he is the only solution to a broken world. I mean how could how can I watch people yell some of the drive off a cliff minutes. Tell them no, don't and that's it. That's what I look at this to understand just the brokenness that is in this world's filled with brokenness. There's a solution that brokenness solution that it's on like it's it's what you're designed for an that's the cool credible thing in the mist. There's no more worthy task. Talk Stu Epperson thank you John use your skills and technology cooking sports. Whatever it is social media influence parenting. That's bring people to Jesus is why were still here. Amen.

A man gluing God heals this is the Truth Network

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