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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 10, 2020 5:50 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 10, 2020 5:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/10/20.

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It's Good Friday and will live you good questions. We've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us on the modifier today. Our phone lines are old and 866-34-TRUTH it's 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Maybe because of the shutdown, lock down your home now and you're normally out working work normally doing things but because it's Good Friday. It's a nonwork taken from home is great if you call and any question of any kind having anything to do with the line of fire broadcast: 866-34-TRUTH, you can call into differ with me on the subject to probe something we talked about to raise an issue that a guest has talked about the earlier you call in the better. This gives us more opportunity to get your call. Over the course of the next almost one hour together on the air with you, so give a number 866-34-TRUTH want to give you a little background to something very interesting. It's circulating wildly on the Internet these days a lot of controversy concerning its own. Take a moment to address it and allege prophecy going back to 1986 from David Wilkerson have mentioned this, but I want to refer to it a little further. We heard of it through Mike Evans leaves the Jerusalem prayer team with something like 73 million followers on Facebook and Mike was really gripped to preach a message in the midst of the pandemic in the midst of the shaking that were experiencing how this could be something that God uses to bring us to repentance and to produce out of this great awakening and it's a strong message of repentance that he preached. It's a message that I really resonate with in so many ways and then he mentions that as he was praying about this message and getting ready to share it online that he picked up an old Bible and in the old Bible.

He found a note that he had written down in 86 while meeting with David Wilkerson and in this note mentioned that David said he saw a plague coming to the world and it would hit New York especially hard in bars were closed and churches would close and that the message from the pulpits would be repentance than out of this God would bring 1/3 great awakening well soon as the message got online it was disputed. People said, but we've never seen that prophecy from David Wilkerson.

People submit never heard it before and if it was something he said why wouldn't we have noted people close to him. Family members. Those that run is pastoral staff. Don't you think this is something that we would've heard or known. Over this time.

So interestingly, I got involved because it was curious and and it I had to wonder about myself because I did note from David that super closely, but I preach from almost 50 times. The times were church saw him many times occasionally have a meal and to sit with him and speak at some length with him so I was brought in. You and I rehear this or anything like this, and anyway and in the midst of all this, I reached out to Mike Evans and asked my K can you send me a copy of that note, and I truly do not believe that Mike created out of thin air, truly don't believe that Mike would then write it out in an whole message as a messes of repentance that stands on its own right, stands completely on its own, so I reached out to him and said you know you descended to me about not for me to publish, publicly submit a picture of it and I'll just share it with the Wilkerson family and others that were close to brother Dave and say hey I saw with my own eyes.

So I asked Mike to do that in any did he sent me a copy of it. It shorthanded scrawled but it's the it's the essence of that same word, so I I do not believe for a split second that that Mike manufactured this and and again the message stands on its own without the Wilkerson profits Sue but why would no one have known it could be for this hour could could be for this moment could be for such a time as this. In any case, evaluate the whole message that Mike Evans is brought by Scripture.

To me it bears witness this deep call to repentance, 866-34-TRUTH of by the way, on a normal Friday. The moment the broadcast starts when when when I look at board in front of me. Normally several of the lines already lit up. Okay several lines or lit up and we have calls in them. The moment I start and get talking on the phone lines are lit up, and then it's it's normally like that through the broadcast maybe towards the end this people realized my Time get the call that they don't call in but no matter Friday all five lines that we immediately tickles benevolence will finally lit up pretty much from the start sometimes before the show even starts with call then and RNR call screeners up so interestingly I'm not sure if if we have an issue on our end, but there's not a single phone line hit Huff so if you're if you are trying to to call in.

We have a problem on our end here will you. This is live rivulets to it. Okay I'm a college-bound broadcast cigarette. Watch this okay. It's the 866-348-7884; financial looks like it anyway. So, for whatever reason, undertakes a lot of this never happened okay on full eyes are wide open for whatever in the world reason everybody shy although why this Friday for the first time as a religious praying all day is that it is Good Friday room frailties Huff youth and wanted to call this a perfect time to call 8663 freight 7884 by the way, my own upbringing being raised in a Jewish home Easter had no meaning to me.

Good Friday had no meaning. Right Good Friday resurrection Sunday had people try to call in and not get through so will will reboot and see what's going on it.

In any case. In any case, growing up Jewish Easter had no meaning to an Passover. We would celebrate that we will whoa everybody okay that that was was weird I guess.

I guess there was a reboot and most my ears off there, hopefully okay, listening on the radio is rebooted the phone lines and sorry about that. It was not some warnings on an alien attack get enough stress on you right now the what that was but Passover. We celebrated but it really enjoyed was like a Holly. I look forward to what we want that religious in our home more normal.

Okay when I get saved I got saved in a time Pentecostal church and in this Italian Pentecostal church every day was the same. In other words, Sunday was no holier than Friday and and every day was considered the same to the Lord and I remember hearing the founding pastor the church is looked at as the signal powerful man of God. He was speaking for us once as of Friday, we had services every Friday at services prayer meeting Monday night service Tuesday night Friday night Sunday school Sunday morning and we had it Wednesday night we had something that was in love services and I remember him saying is Good Friday was preaching on Good Friday, he said, but I'm not can talk about Good Friday because every Friday's been good since Jesus died for me there, whatever that was the month the mindset so I grew up in a semi that I was never part of the liturgical church where you had say X number of days of Lent.

Various things like that so to me the death of resurrected death and resurrection of Jesus in my life the same today as any other day, same today is on resurrection Sunday and pass serving. Even though I know the significance of it. It doesn't have the same role in my life that it might have in the life of someone else in that there's a certain ongoing celebration of these realities, so I just to say that upfront. Nonetheless, I recognize this is Good Friday for hundreds of millions of Christians around the world and it's a great time to stop and pause and reflect on the size death, then over this weekend. His resurrection, 866-34-TRUTH. In the meantime Akai.

Let's grab some questions if if folks are posting any questions within Facebook or YouTube. If you have a question okay John, I have a question. We know Jesus wasn't crucified on a Friday so why continue to say good Friday seems like a good topic for the day yet will be answered. Be we don't know he wasn't crucified on Friday. The vast majority of Christian scholars do believe he was crucified on Friday and that three days in the grave would speak of part of Friday all of Saturday part of Sunday, that would be considered as if it was three days of civil elsewhere.

Jesus speaks of three days and three nights with it's a literal three days and literal. Three nights will then their arguments that he was crucified on Thursday and arguments was crucified on Wednesday, but the vast majority of Christian scholars believe that Jesus was crucified on Friday and therefore his death is still celebrated in terms of liturgically or Good Friday on a Friday and his resurrection.

On Sunday Lisa iPad try to call in its busy not sure what's happening but we absolutely apologize Lisa is it always God's will to heal is the atonement give us assurance for healing always. This is a massive subject that I have written on a great length, and taught on a great length. I would say this, that God's ideal will for his obedient children is healing and health. In other words, all things being equal, if we honor the Lord and love the Lord that his ideal will for us is healing and health and that everything that we need for life and godliness in this world and the world to come, has been paid for at the cross. We always experience healing in this world. No will literally pray for be healed. No, but my assumption when I go to pray for someone is that God is a healer and he desires to heal that specifically what I will ask for.

Rather than pray Lord if it be your will heal.

I will ask God to heal as a default mentality but I cannot guarantee that everyone I pray for will be healed or that every believer will always walk hair on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and friends giving out the phone number but I'm not sure what's going on. So Kai or Howard if you can give me understanding of what's taking place be great. 866-34-TRUTH Rudy is the participation of the Seder only for Jews. Is this something I should practice and teach my children as a non-Jew that's totally up to you Rudy. Totally up to you if you feel it's important to do it in a way that they will better appreciate the death and resurrection of the Messiah, that's fine, but otherwise it's Jewish tradition.

In other words it's it's Jewish tradition meant for Jews in light of the Passover and not focused on Jesus so we can show from from the Passover Seder how we can point to Jesus. But that's not the purpose of I would if I were you I would rather emphasize what Messiah is done during this Passover season, his death, his resurrection and make that the primary thing that you teach your children and if one day participate in a sinecure Seder with your family. Great, but I would make that the central focus personally, especially for some and some Jewish Marie. If Jews believe that God is one the argument by the juices that Jesus fallen Holy Spirit cannot be one there three. Given that, why they believe what they believe about the Messiah is a God for all know know Jewish people believe Messiah is God. They believe he will be flesh and blood human being like David but but tremendously graced by God and able to leave the Jewish people back to God and toward observance and fight the wars of the Lord and destroy Israel's enemies and ultimately ring the whole world into the knowledge of God. But the absolute did not see him as is God. Isaiah since Jesus was fully God and fully man, would we say God experience something he never did before.

That would be saying that something was added to God in some way right. I would rather say that he being God. He could understand perfectly every potential situation, including what it would feel like to be here on the earth.

What would feel like to be human right.

So in terms of understanding God's understands always perfect. Nothing is added to that, on the other hand, to say that God experience that yes got experience things throughout creation through with his relationship with human beings and and so on. The experience things in real time. Absolutely. So in Jesus the God experience different things using yes absolutely but not adding to what he already knew or understood, but rather now experienced it disliking with him forever. He will experience things with us that he didn't experienced before. But that do not add to his essential nature. There's another question asked that in the Old Testament, the angel of the Lord is often the son of God in in angelic form yet. Matthew tells us first couple chapters of Matthew, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph substantial Lord appears to Joseph in one case after Jesus is born. Then then how could that be the subgoal of the answer Lord is not always a son of God. There are times when it's a clear theophany with the angel of the Lord has divine nature, but other times into the Lord is just a messenger from the Lord of Deb's ear Jews were born again have to keep the loss. Abaco should such a theory is the secular Jews than come to faith in Yeshua.

No we are not under the Sinai covenant were under new and better covenant and the new and better covenant does not include all of the same elements of the Sinai covenant because the cross is change things and in the same way. The same principle by which Paul said when you come to faith if you're safe, circumcised, difficult, circumcised.

Don't become uncircumcised if you called uncircumcised. Don't become circumcised right in in in that very same way.

I believe that there's a principal that if you raise the secular Jew now come to faith. Don't just assume you have to become a religious Jew but rather walk intimately with the Lord embraces word and follow what God by his spirit lays on your heart and cause you to. I believe that there will be different expressions based on the specific callings of Jewish people and their own particular spiritual upbringing and background 866-34-TRUTH, right we doing an internal test is a look at my board here but I'm still not convinced it's working off Pat I hope you answer my question. Where did Easter originate wise and celebrate on the real firstfruits it seems that there are two types of real believers Mature what you mean by the two types of real believers, but the the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus, started fairly early. Among the disciples, we can't date exactly when, but at a certain point, there is this a division between the Eastern church in the Western church once said that we want to celebrate Messiah's death and resurrection.

In the context of the Jewish Passover and the Jewish community following a lunar calendar would have variation in terms of where that would fall every year and would also mean that that you can potentially be celebrating the Messiah's death. One day, one year and another another year right, potentially, the other part of the church is no we want. It's fixed on a Friday and a Sunday and that this is the right way to do it, as opposed to doing it within the Passover season, whenever that might apply and ultimately under Constantine there was a split over this, the court of dissonant controversy and Constantine very clearly said we we don't want to follow the Jewish calendar. There was clearly anti-Semitism in his statement that became the dominant church tradition, so most years Passover and Easter do not fall at the same time this year. Thankfully they do see you have right within the Passover season that met the exact same days it would have been in Yeshua's day but within the Passover season, you have the death and resurrection of the Messiah, my, my counsel if if I was trying to change things in the church worldwide because of firstfruits being fixed on a Sunday, as I understand it, there are two different ways of reading. It is understanding fixed on Sunday so the Messiah rises from the dead on Sunday. That's always a great thing to celebrate so my counsel would be if I could just press a button change how churches around the world celebrated this that whenever the Passover is every year the Friday and Sunday with pastor view celebrate Messiah's death and resurrection specially right of that being said there are Christians who've grown up with this and they're really not concerned with calendar is much as with the event rate. Remembering the size death, remembering his resurrection from the dead, and these are very special time so I do not denigrate that what I'm against is to know the Easter egg know the Easter Bunny like where will I come from use of our community are church with you and Easter egg outreach. We we give out tens of thousands of Easter eggs and is little invitation for church service will find reason for church responded to preach Jesus for the people get there Saul, I can say all right. Lisa the semi prophetic voices speaking right now there any voices and rituals that you trust to bring godly insight. During this time, obviously times like this you really want to read the word as much as possible right and I'm hoping that the new book that I wrote that comes out of gobbling on the 21st to see what's listed on Amazon when the world stops.

I do my best in that to bring basic biblical wisdom as to how we should live in what we should understand at such a time as this so so my hope is that this book you will find helpful as understanding with the Spirit is saying to the church today are not claiming to to have A prophetic insight is much as biblical wisdom in the midst of this, so you can order that on the website asked Dr. and when you do, you'll get a free download of a 12 hour teaching series I did on spiritual warfare of but that being said, being said prophetic voices in my respect today.

I was on a conference call with Bishop Joe Matera yesterday in a number of other leaders, and even though he would not claim prophetic insight. I feel the message in spring is a very sober message very wise message at this time we have put out the word of Tracy Cook that there'd be a shaking of massive shaking the first few months of this year, but by mid April. Passover that 15th 16th of April that there would be a clear shift, a diminishing of the virus and we go from phase 1 to phase 2, so we'll watch that carefully to see if that comes to pass. If it does, that gives more credence to so the words of my younger colleague Jeremiah Johnson has had some very sobering words in the midst of this, but every one of those words must be tested and evaluated. So I would caution against looking for prophetic words as much is looking for God in looking for his word.

Lord, how he wants to live.

One of the chapters in my book, when the world stops is is called who or what since the virus and doesn't really matter. In other words, whatever the origins of the virus are with whatever the the the causes of it natural or supernatural. We still have to live this out still have to live lives of wisdom. We still have to make certain decisions that to me is is the ultimate thing that we must do all right.

The team at our radio studio is a separate location. They are problem with the phone so patient and Intel answers many Facebook and thanks for your learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on Good Friday here.

It's been a bit of an interesting broadcaster for today because Friday is when the phone lines are wide wide wide wide wide open for me, never have any guests in the rarest of rare were times we have a guest and we are the every type of news in the world around us. We just take your calls but this been a problem with the phone system which I was able to figure out pretty quickly.

Looking at the phone lines and none of them were lit.

That does not happen on Friday and every phone line is lit on Friday for the entire show. So we been answering your questions posted on YouTube and posted on Facebook so thanks for joining us. We are live and as soon as the foam on zero work you will let you know for now and get answers many questions as I can honor you to feed our Facebook feed.

You see where where is that that's asked Dr. Brown SK Dearborn every day we are broadcasting live a live stream with video y'all wave at me and see me and smile.

Okay, I get notes from from our team here hate fix your hair stuff like that. You see why think we got note when Hannah lets this get it now.

That's Rohan, it's the opposite. Here, there we go set okay work out better, think better. That's it. It's all about the looks right. Just follow the 866-34-TRUTH if the phone lines are working otherwise, we are taking your Facebook and YouTube questions and Esther to Brown SK dear Brown, David. I think it says in John says that the day Christ was crucified was the day before the high Sabbath like a ceremonial Sabbath that started on a Friday.

There's this massive scholarly debate about the Last Supper and was it an actual Passover supper. The Seder and in its primitive form that or bite.

By that I mean before some later traditions were added into it or was it a meal the night before, especially with the disciples and the synoptic Gospels seem to read one way and John's gospel seems to read another way, so there is dispute over this and the the day before the Sabbath. Does that mean therefore Friday because it's the Sabbath right Saturday or simply the day before Passover began because Passover the first day of Passover is also a Sabbath to the Lord. So that's part of the reason for the dispute and, as is one who number one is not a world-class expert on New Testament chronology and number two is one who does not think that he is going to figure something out that other scholars over decades have figured out something not sure as to the detail which argument is right and it doesn't affect me either way doesn't phase me in the least.

All right tell you what… Do this is a test. Let's do this is a test. Try calling if you want to call try calling 336-480-2053 364-8020 50. Now it's is not a toll-free call for those that still have toll calling before try to call it. See if this will go through our toll-free numbers not working. We never done this but try calling three 364-8020 53 364-8020 50 will see if that works. Hate it's worth a try right. Maybe something's happening is working will see whoa okay every phone line just lit up. I would guess it's working okay sweet FB Jubilee.

We can hear the voice of God. I was praying had a heavy heart and Aeschylus up in her voice and put down the nicotine was led to some 95 point become obsolete or the voice of God that Jesus says in John 10 my sheep hear my voice that we can hear his voice, I've never heard the audible voice of the Lord, but I've heard his internal voice over and over and over over the years, yet not everything is tested by Scripture. So if something claims to be the voice of God is contrary to Scripture, we throw it out and toss it immediately. Obviously, I immediately throw that out but if it's in harmony with Scripture. If it comes to pass.

If it leads us closer to the war the sea with a track record over the years that these things are or real yeah apps absolutely absolutely for sure. We can hear the voice of God rightly with fulling suddenly jammed does take a while to get to some specific calls so will your best to do that. Let's see the questions on YouTube. In the meantime order you want to grab some on Facebook. Let's see okay Marianne for some years have been bothered that we Christians don't celebrate Passover pass at the center of Jewish people runs to the way we Christians The Passover time is heated.

I was thinking of it is.

He then as as much as the church separated from the Jewish roots and the way it's Christians don't calculate the date of Passover Jews do in the church at a certain point decided is explained a while ago decided to no longer follow the Passover and to celebrate Easter separate we should celebrate the death and resurrection side during the Passover season, that's a correction that needs to be made, but if you church doesn't do that. Maybe there's a local messianic Jewish fellowship in your city and with that, then perhaps you can celebrate Passover with a messianic emphasis emphasis on Jesus in the midst of it, hate Kai can just let Howard know.

All I need is a name right Howard. Just give me the name and and the location.

That's all I need to know that we won't worry about getting subjects appear right David from London. Thank you for calling the line of fire to the broadcast I think I wanted to know whether you have any ideas for how I can become more fluent in labor.

I have studied comfortably before. I've done them look like mouth and telepathic of an article older standard set of basic book by Landon lessons work microfiber work… I got at the education goes I can be effectively and understand the base of the family problem. If the Filipino elderly left in item I need by that even if a relative. By that I threw them fill my copy fluent because thumb but on that, and I despond and a lot of even a lot of rabbis on many can be fluent in pivotal date of his muscular thumb) and I can and I could I could before more fluent because you have thousands of words that are called have actually, which are words that occur only once, and even see doing my translation on Job with so much of it. So many verses very difficult and and hard to decipher. So here's the key.

I I taught myself biblical Hebrew using Thomas Landon's grammar decades ago because of my classes there in modern he was being taught. I was only interested in biblical thought.

Thomas of biblical Hebrew out of Landon. But here's the key.

Keep reading it over and over and over and is much as possible without an English translation nearby.

In other words sale come to start reading Genesis and yes you use your your your software to look up a word, but read is much as you can without that and and just start translating as much as you can and keep reading reading reading reading. So yes, it's good to have the lexicons and things in front of you, but it's much better to to be not focus on the lexicons as much as text text text text and then secondarily lexicons out there something called the readers edition of the Hebrew Bible, and it's something you want to have physically. I think Hendrickson puts it at Hendrickson publishers when the postman Job commentary you will have this a physical copy in your hands but what it does. It is for the Greek New Testament Hebrew Bible is all words that occur less than 50 times in in the in the Bible. I think it's less than 50.

You actually have what that word is on the bottom of the page, so this allows you to just be reading the text and trying to immerse yourself in the text more and more and more, but words that are not as common not as frequent there right there at the bottom of the page for you. This is a great way to develop fluency without as much frustration and just keep reading it, reading it, always under similar attributes. Your words. This can be difficult grammar can be certain sayings and and so on, that that are are not so common for us and we struggle understand, but that's a great way to do it get that the readers edition at some title like that of the Hebrew Bible. Hendrickson is published. It and you can just keep it on your desk all the time. Keep reading reading reading reading not looking to the English translation until you're stumped. And then you've got all these words occurring at the bottom of the page that your fine helpful if if you have a hard time figuring out what book I'm talking about David.

Feel free to shoot a note to us via the website and will give you the exact reference trust. It's available in the UK as well, and just stay with it, stay with it. They were this a lifetime thing. It's a lifetime thing that your your way way way way way ahead of most David so thank you. Keep keep working at 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Sean give out the wrong number. Sorry 336 way hang out what is it again three 364-8020 50. That's it.

Three 364-8020 50. Sorry Sean your modifier. Thanks, Beth not a primary factor take my daughter vertically. Any any idea I'm going to throw down going to be on the market this year. Next turtle or you will be. We had a triphe sold out.

That was scheduled to be May 11 to May 20 and taken to buses only so that 100 people total and we may have had one or two seats open on that the is basically sold out, but because the virus make an official decision action next day or two.

This was not open up and travel not open the then we will be rescheduling the trip for October of this year.

We really haven't locked in with back updates so if it does not happen next month, which at this point seems highly likely that it will not happen will be going in October but if there any seats available.

It's going to be have to be grabbed immediately because most of the people just change from May to October. But if if you are on a Sean on our our email list*ground is for your ground or sign up for email. There is over. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown: spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back want to fire submit our phone lines are up and running again and hang out with me just enlarge my screen here okay Mark in Kentucky. Thanks for calling on the fire. If a marketer, yes I did okay. We got there birthday. Have a good product or VIQ.

Thank you for taking my call but I just have a question concerning the Trinity today and I was thinking it just seems to me such a profound doctrine in all because we Christians with a lot of emphasis on the Trinity and or on the tri-unity. I like your turn tri-unity emphasizes there is both one God and yet three-person, but I question why do you think God didn't reveal himself sooner as a Trinity.

Why don't you think because it's very seems to be very implicit in its definitely I think they are but why don't you think God gave us by revelation. Like the Athanasian Creed or the Nicene Creed yeah it's it's a fine question. I would say a couple things first. In Old Testament times, God does reveal himself as is near and touchable and visible. And yet distant and transcendent and invisible. So you you have tension ready seen and unseen is near and yet distant, is imminent yet transcendent C do have the tension in the Hebrew Bible already, so there's something that's being revealed. And then we get the right revelation in the New Testament, but as far as why it's not as clearly as the Athanasian Creed or something like that because that's a later philosophical restating of an inch of me. The creeds can can state even more than we know. In other words, there is far more mystery in my understanding of God's tri-unit far more that is above and beyond human grasp that I could state in a Creed. So while I affirm Creed say in terms of the fundamental nature of God's tri-unity in the eternal deity of the father son and Spirit.

I'm not comfortable just quoting the creeds because that is expressing things in it in a way to me that the crystallizes and puts in philosophical terminology things that are beyond human description. So it's meant to be overwhelming and mysterious and awesome and glorious. That's part of God. This part of who he is, is for Old Testament times, anything that could have given any hint, for I polytheistic people of any polytheism inherent in God would be avoided. So first you have to drill in one God, one God, one God, one God, one God, one God only, and no more fully understand who this one got his that's that's hard to answer your questions or thank you for the call out we go to Dallas. This is just an is is a typo or is there is zero. Dallas and Georgia started Dallas, Georgia. All right all these years and if I knew that I forgot it while walking to the broadcaster I wanted to remind all of them, bringing them what your brother are on the go so so learning things.

Her article Old Testament review. It would be irresponsible not to carry a weapon yet for the early Christian to be very beautiful and people who had every right to defend themselves.

All the in many situations and and any specific command that would change the model for the old and I do believe it would be feasible and love your enemy while carrying life and personal aside from religious persecution. Issue this, the leader, whether or not you the right and I believe we can defend ourselves. I guess the issue comes with weapons and hundreds of a life needed as part of the Christian right so we we do distinguish between religious persecution right praying for persecutors in an blessing. Those who curse us in Jesus said if you persecuted one city, flee to another. So that's one category and then there is the category of taking vengeance on our enemies that the New Testament clearly tells us not to do. And then there is the category of turning the other cheek which is personal retaliation.

If you do something to humiliate me or to take me to court hurt me that that I do not turn around and try to exercise my right against you rather go ahead and do that but I see those categories all as different then the category just general self-defense.

Let's expand it. Let's say it's not just self-defense.

It's defense of your family. I what would give us the idea in the New Testament that if a serial killing rapist breaks into your home in the middle of the night and you happen to have a baseball bat next to your bed and and you hear a scream from from your daughter down the hallways disguised jumped on top of her in the bed and and is about to strike her try to rape her on what New Testament basis would we say that you, the father of caring for the life of your daughter that you don't run down the hallway and Québec. I over the head with a baseball bat and save your child's life.

So sometimes we can misunderstand what Jesus is talking about. And in terms of turning the other cheek or things like that so II don't see this as an issue of self-defense. I see this issues of retaliation taking vengeance fighting against her persecutors, but I don't see anything in the New Testament that would forbid someone from from self-defense now II personally not of never been a gun person or part of a gun culture but I plenty Christian friends that that concealed carry license and there totally nonviolent people never known them to be in a fight or start a fight or have to use their weapon. But for them it's just practical wisdom.

So you have to work that out individually between you and God. I'm not one of these God guns. People yell come on God and guns get not allow think like that. That's a distinctly American type of mentality American Christian mentality but unseen is in the New Testament that would preclude someone from practicing self-defense or from a woman living in a dangerous community for you know for having pepper spray where it is or relearning certain principles of self-defense when anything against that but again I must work it out between them and God. As you suggested. All we go to Denise in Toronto. Thanks for calling the line of fire, taking my car.

I have a quick and find faith. It was the situation landed rapidly, thinking the queen of fun in the yes and effective it effective that but find writing that on a great habit to Lisa I'm losing you there.

I'm so sorry to call this cutting in and out so I don't know if I'm gonna rightly answer your question with Jesus is indicating a few things there at the end of Matthew 11 he says to come to him all those who are labored heavy weary heavy laden, and who give rest okay so he does say that and then the clear contrast is with the Jewish traditions of the day you find true Sabbath rest in him. So first he is exposing the hypocrisy of some of the traditions.

Second, he is saying that Sabbath is something humanitarian said this is a gift from God to people and therefore the goal is not to put onerous restrictions on them and thirdly, in his presence.

There are certain liberties because priests can work in the temple and not be penalized on the Sabbath because they do increase the ministry here he is greater than the temple. So it's a further challenge to their authority. You may have a more specific question, but I apologize I was unable to hear you and as as were our listeners. If that's not what you're asking for free write to us and asked Dr. and will be glad to answer in further detail.

I really try this really quickly. Okay Ashanti in Greenwood, South Carolina. If you can dive right into question. I'll try to give you quick answer. I every day, no, they are like right like not make the right thing no work on a regular thing that they yes is to say when I'm jumping is requested. I personal believe in the preacher rapture which I believe that Jesus comes at the end of this age meeting in the air and come down as he establishes his kingdom. But let's asked that question and make it death okay that what if you are a believer you truly say you engage in gossip and you die. Are you still save will yes what what if you're truly going in person, but you haven't prayed much last month you die is still save yes so would be the same if I believed in a preacher rapture would be that same principle. If you truly save when the Lord returns will be caught up to meet him in the air of God. If someone denies the Lord walks away from the Lord says that that they no longer want. Jesus is Lord and refused to walk with them either. The person was never saved in the first place, or if they are say they have willingly forfeited their salvation and for dive loss is remember on the resurrection of Jesus on my website and great debate about my website

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