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Steve Deace in the House!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 13, 2022 11:45 pm

Steve Deace in the House!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 13, 2022 11:45 pm

Steve Deace in the House!

Steve talks to Steve Deace about his event with Prime Barbecue and politics. What are Steve Deace’s opinions and what should you do?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show entity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble left them. I thought you face-to-face here in Iowa. It was that the family leader conference.

It was during really early in the primaries and that's when Frank Luntz asked Donald Trump not one place have you ever asked God for forgiveness yes and that was a room with what couple thousand evangelicals and to listen to Donald Trump. Run circles try to run circles around the question and those guys hated each other anyway. But that was so bizarre that eventually say I've never asked God for forgiveness that there's anything wrong right so I was walking to the studio by the beer. I love all the Star Wars stuff. It's pretty cool.

May the force be with you. Amen.] But that is one of the biggest days I can remember in my career I was in the green room right off as he was being interviewed right off the set there and the reason why is because he was good to come off the set and close me to go work first presidential While they had spent months and months and months wooing me and and I mean I tested them with people.

I thought they should hire and they hired everybody hold a higher and he was going to try to close me on working for his campaign and I saw I was standing back there was three of us in the green room, deleted your answer change based on what happened.

Yes, I don't know what my answer would've been I don't know what the job would've ever paid. I specifically did not ask and the reason why is because how do I put this men think with the northern and southern hemisphere yes okay and if I knew what the job paid. Here's how Trump roles Trump does not like paying for things church, but if you think you're worth it her way over pay for it. Okay so I I figured if they spent months and months and months wooing me endorsing a book at the doing favors for me coming on my show.

When I asked it.I probably would get a pretty good offer and if I asked if I knew what the job paid the southern hemisphere thinking would take over shirt yet.

And then I figure to figure out how to rationalize saying yes right so I never ask a what's this pay yeah okay and so on back there, it's me, Ben and Candi Carson are the only three people in the green room and when he's out there chocolate Norman Vincent Peale is his spirit is wrote to Guy, and I mean and I look back at Ben Carson. He's just like give me the #like this is done this 11th day Adventist yes me know. But for those that don't know Norman Vincent Peale as he makes Joel O'Steen look like Augustine okay and and I and I was watching this crowd grown and stuff like I can't do this and I just eat and so he's coming off the set and some people are trying to get his attention is looking over trying to look at me and I just it's one of the few times in my life.

I didn't know what to do.

So I just ejected and left yet I was not out of kitties good asked me how do I fix this in my advice would have been.

You can't get out now, before you lose your businesses and reputation. And of course, is to show you how valuable my opinion, as he went on to be right present. We address them as president Trump just so I'm just a smoke free to write exactly and that was that wasn't. It was amazing to watch that happen, and I remember right after it was done because all the oxygen was sucked out of the row yes it was okay yeah of all the things you spreading part in church. I mean, so someone had asked for that split their pants and shirt that was unbelievable of all the things that you would not do in front of a bunch of evangelicals try to make case for the fact that you don't need to ask God for forgiveness and on the right hate paid DJ the right answer is every day all day how often I asked for forgiveness. Yes, a dirty rotten sinner, but that just didn't even not even in his brain anywhere but that was a shocking thing that was the first time that I sigh face-to-face and obviously veg on the show. A lot of times, and appreciate you and that your great resource for most of us by labor, but the days with the blaze on 12 to 2, which by the way up. How bizarre is that today I've done radio twice from a hotel room yeah and I listen my and it was the worst in my line of work. We call this the before Ben Shapiro and you're on the specular circuit yelling at your God calling them via Skype. No room to do your daily paella. Yes I did that for the first I'm sure that your compadres back and I will have fun with that for a while. Yes, it might look or sound too bad as what they told me well other than the fact that I'm looking at the bed you just left a little bizarre. My hey I love my brother Steve but I don't need to be in hotel are chosen for an Trump Trump, 20, 24. Is there any way he doesn't run. He's healthy. I don't believe there's any way to because he can't not run literally and so I think one thing that people don't talk about a lot is he was really the first victim of cancel culture. That summer of 2015. After he kind of figured out awake this immigration issue is huge to people. This is the fourth rail and and he kind of established himself as the furthest right on that issue in reap the rewards for remember he was getting all kinds of cancellations for golf events and his courses in business interests.

That's we had a really first saw this and his family is now because of politics. They can't really do the kind of business deals they did before. Politics is now the family business. To some degree and and so and then there's just you know him approaching 80 years old when else am I going to do is there's there is nothing else to do and and I also think that he has a legitimate case to make that the presidency was stolen from him in the last election now II think some of it is his own fault, it's a little bit like if I leave if I if I were living in inner-city Chicago and I leave my windows and my door open every night right are the people who came in and stole my stuff still guilty of theft. Yes, but it did. I enable a little bit. His coded lockdown set the stage for a weedy mailing balloting and all the ballot harvesting.

We saw, but they did steal that election, in my view, and so II can understand why it isn't you have to have a Donald Trump in size of ego to say hey man yeah I am coming back down another shot Doug MacArthur in the Philippines. I will return for Tom Brady for that matter going back yes did you see 2000 mules.

I had not had a chance to see it yet. Now will you see yes absolutely yeah because people are our going okay this is that this is the this proves the case, why wasn't the case proven before. That's my question. I think do you want me to give you a brutally honest answer, of course. Okay, why are there. Do you have another have to clean up the mess after I get a sense of that's okay well I like cleaning up one of the things I thought that the Trump presidency was exceedingly successful. Prior to coded. Yeah, especially in comparison.

Although that's a low bar to what we typically see from GOP presidencies. Reagan's first term. Notwithstanding ready to break that keep okay so the thing that I think happens here how I want to put this all season. This is the first TDN presidency.

Alex only more what anybody you know you know that her Steve days from the blaze been on so many times face-to-face today here in Raleigh will talk about why and how you get to be blessed a little bit will be right back might be noble to Steve Noble show with Steve days here in the studio today from the blaze he can catch Steve show every day Monday through Friday to 12 PM to 2 PM Eastern time right after Glenn Beck is great having the studio.

Thanks for making time to be here and for come in and help my buddy Fred Voncannon you that tonight will be at starting at 6 o'clock will be a prime barbecue in Knightdale. You guys have heard me talk about prime barbecue enough that you probably have that taste in your mouth are ready but there is some room left. If you want to join us there still some rooms. These can be shared tonight.

It's can be a great evening. Vote is the website but it will be standing room only. Most likely okay but standing room only a prime barbecue is not such a bad thing, and what you have prime barbecue you and care for standard roller land, but it doesn't really matter. You'll be blessed.

Either way, so vote Voncannon VLAN CA NLN boat you can still register and join us and help Fred's campaign which is super important in North Carolina in order to get a vetoproof majority were to talk about Roe versus Wade here in a minute I we need to pick up three seats in the house. We need to pick up two in the Senate and we need to roll the Supreme Court by one and then you have a vetoproof majority because if you don't it doesn't matter what happens. Maybe even as soon as Monday with Roe versus Wade governor Cooper will not sign anything and end they'll be effectively debt for the next two years.

So you're knocking to be able to do anything with the Roe versus Wade overturned situation in North Carolina because of governor Cooper and you'll have to wait two more years until we can take back the governorship. So that's why this is important. That's why Fred's race is important because we absolutely have to do this to win for the sake of life, and forever. I would say for Ira witnesses followers of Christ here in the state of North Carolina, but we can talk about Trump and talk about what happened 2000 mules that election being stolen your firmly convinced it was stolen. He kinda left the windows open and you are kind of starting to round out that thought so I think trumps the first TDN presidency and you look at who his top spiritual advisor was was polite. There were a lot of TBN figures he's involved with, and I think you saw that TBN is a nation of a presidency in the aftermath of the election steal it and when you watch TBN and I mean after I got saved by me.

I really spent hours listening to every podcast I could hours watching Christian television and it you know it's a very it, it's quite a material bunch. You have an hour by D. James Kennedy and then six hours of what in the Sam Hill was that okay there's charismatic and then there's Kara's maniac on what is being slain in this area and then there's marinating in it. There is bathing in it, washing the walls with its me, what are we doing here right okay and and and I think that that has created a subculture within American Christendom were we need the fantastical, where a first end of an explanation is practical or simple to acquire. It can't be true. We we need to fantastical everything has to be a left behind book everything must be okay and so give you an example how I know they stole the election well. They took seven about seven or eight counties.

The Democrats totally controlled in the separate states that they actually had to win and flip and in those counties.

They allowed you to vote for days after the election, dropped off ballots in the dead of night because all kinds of great and righteous transactions are done it three hours and and then when they were counting those votes, they boarded up the windows and wouldn't let you monitor them in many locations and just did it with all their own pull people and then finally came up with the vote total that they needed to win. That's how you know they stole it. I don't need to know the flowchart for the Dominion Corporation, which is a global entity that I'll never be able to hold accountable anyway because, at least, and I was screaming. The semi audience at the time Steve what people are following Sydney Powell and all these fantastical tales that may even be true.

I don't know. Here's what I do know I say this you guys follow the Dominion flowchart hears what could happen. December so and so the electoral college is going to meet and are going to certify that election that's got it that's going to happen. It's going to happen on January 6 Congress will meet and will certify the electoral college result that that will happen. So you can chase after a story that that that maybe you'll get to the bottom of in 10 years, but the deadlines coming and you know you mentioned the overturn of Roe and the draft opinion was written by Samuel Alito. Everybody forgets that the very first weekend after the election. Alito ordered those mail-in ballots that came in from from Philadelphia set aside. He ordered them to be set aside because he anticipated that a lawsuit would reach the Supreme Court questioning the chain of custody of those ballots, my old boss Ted Cruz offered to offered to argue that case before the US Supreme Court on behalf of the Trump administration. They never got anywhere with that case, why because the RNC ways raise $200 million. The steel and knowing to the state knows where in the heck any of that money went alright and so we we did Rudy Giuliani videos and and Sidney Powell and and and and the didn't Dominion Mr. ledger, fantastical, rather instantly, and I I see this in my own audience, sometimes with believers that there that and you a buddy of mine lives in the Nashville area is not far from here Brad Stein, the Christian community prime and and and one of Brad's oldest sticks is if Catholics see Mary everywhere. Protestants see Satan everywhere, and the devil's army bad. It is lost my job, no dude you you missed work three days in a row. He never called in her bed in your bad employee in a position to fire John day too little of day three actually got grace in Christ I gave you Thursday to be an idiot before they fired you in and out.

Hey, I say this is somebody I'm using the term demonic in my everyday analysis of more than ever in my calling I noticed but but there is the idea that there must always be some fantastical explanation when it's you think maybe the Democrats boarding up the windows and counting the votes without you watching it might be how they're stealing the election. What we want to chase a 10 Year Rd. to nowhere of the Dominion company flowchart that is how I think this happened and it was shocking to watch and it was good that's up that's a $200 million question in a black hole maybe bought property next to the BLM houses. I don't know but that's disk you know that they're going to do that.

The real adult life. If I can get the judge D James Kennedy or John MacArthur answer all take that rather than trying to figure out what in the world. Many hens talking about and that's just the sort of fantastical pursuit and purpose and explanation that there's a segment of American evangelicalism that just demands and requires that in almost every single graduate like we wanted the print the Trump is the modern-day Cyrus T-shirts all over the place right like that's that's up to blocking that's better than comparing it to Nebuchadnezzar. I like to read a Bible, not never the good guy guy's never the good guy there was not a flattering portrait you mention Alito Roe versus Wade. Does this change the midterms elections because the Democrats had nothing. Now that I don't think so at all. And I'll tell you why one. The one group that this would impact the most the Terrans in the suburbs. They really have that there that the Karen's it backslid which caring to do driver Subaru harder which caring to do put a coexist.

1/3 coexist bumper sticker on her, but under bumper me that's that's the one group of people white affluent woke women are is the only demographic in America that buying is grown is just that hold that we bless all recently and we are summer before the auto this so that database is already at its max lit.

Karen is going to Karen harder right and it's also good happen in May or June. I mean we are aging beyond dog usually were like politically. Now we live as gnats like every days like this, like 1210 years a slave okay and so what's good happen is working. It's October and you have me on the shirt you like dude you member when they were when they overturn Roe in May and June memo that was a big deal yeah good times right because you have 75 like baby formula. Now there's got to be 75 more of these crises before now. Then I think at this happened in October that I think it might have could essentially have an in house early this early and a lot of those suburban white what women also can get formula for their kids right now and there probably will be more concerned about that than they are roping so I did so to Mayor Elena Kagan's lackey leak. I think it was because it was why am the noise in the camellia can be that this is your first day covering government in America right. Hillary got delivery on general yeah I know, I know that I know I hear but I think that they tried for a couple of months behind the scenes to change minds and it didn't work lead to depression.

Let's get them autocracy going to get them all about real ago I was talking to Steve days with the blaze. This is the noblest, they would in the house blaze is on every day Monday Friday 1:48 PM time and even today an intimate look at Misty basin's personal life are in the hotel room here in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina walk in the towns great to have you here we are talking about Alito and Roe versus Wade and overturning the breaches nature the voracious appetite of the thing that you and I do every day stalking the new cycle in general so you don't think like why would they leak. That was the question I was leaving before we hit the break, why why leak, what's the point. I think it was leaked because they were sending a queue to their mob were going to have to scare and intimidate these people were to have to deploy them autocracy me.

You know, and and I think that's why the court now is probably poised to give an opinion. It was good to get to the end of June because were about 10 minutes away from some George Floyd funerals. The way this is escalating so I think that's what that's what this was done yeah and it ended up being was a trial balloon that probably is going to help the court soften the blow of doing this to some people and then secondly, from a political standpoint, here's one thing I can tell you voters hate more than anything else is the American people can't really agree on a lot of what they are for and want prioritized they are. Very agreeable on what they are against. They hate the answer for riots, thuggery, you know they can't stand it is a movement all turns them completely off. They don't like it at all. They hate and so by this week was good happen is so buddy mine who's running a gubernatorial campaign was on the GOP national polling call two days ago and he's like, our numbers have gone up three points internally since the road leak, and it's all in response to people are like II can't stand this crazy stuff, get a life more handmade leave me alone a parade called house they don't like any of that will not do it twice yeah they didn't. They did with the leak and then when the actual opinion comes out the critical harder and and and so I think that this is actually to not be politically damaging the other way and this can be a great test for us in the pro-life Christ following side because we been praying about it lamenting giving to it funding it that the overture and then once it's ready. Are you actually ready to get on that wheel when I'm fascinated by his are are one in our mucky muck whenever mechanics of the blaze Gaston money used to be cheapest average intimate capital and so when your Jim to Mitt's Chief of Staff, you basically also oversee the other conservative senator staffers and they had a nickname for national right to life and some of these pro-life groups are: big baby because they would actually stop them from being very aggressive with certain pro-life testimony or pro-life legislation because then they couldn't raise as much money off you and I'm I will be fascinated to see these in some of these big national groups with a direct fundraising mail mechanism. When this goes away. I would not goes away and this becomes guerrilla warfare on a state-by-state level. Second, it's guys like Fred thought your buddy Fred dramatist before you write.

There could be the ones in you don't I can't raise millions of dollars off the state legislature seat okay. I mean, I did not send money to Washington DC to win the North Carolina state legislature right I will be fascinated to see how some of these groups that have parlayed this into huge bank to the point, you almost wonder why did it take us 30 years taped to come up with a challenge to Casey and Roe because we crafted crappy legislation. The didn't do that. We crafted stupid legislation. They gave sellout Republicans are a wee below pro-life badge to wider our people without actually it's asking the question in a heartbeat or personhood bill does which is when is a life begin. That's the whole crux of our argument, let's say we spent 30 years not crafting legislation.

They did that one of the reasons why am just telling you is because there was a crap ton of money to be made and not doing that thoughts right well that the it's the gift that keeps on giving on both sides of the and that's where you have to separate out politics from principal. This is worth fighting for. I don't care what parties involved or not involved in a care who wins or loses, you get in because life is worth getting in on and don't worry about the rest of that seven minutes. The call of a Christian you will fit on either side right youngest boiler Pennsylvania in the Senate race in your good friend and your mentor, Sean Hannity email from a guy just as I listen to your show. I could not believe you crapped on Sean Hannity for two hours and then the Was it still wasn't nearly enough good, they wrap that up.

Well I so Dr. is and is Donald Trump's endorsement mean anything is such a bizarre world. I don't, I told people and I put my own personal pics, which I did again just by by the way, earlier today on Facebook. I'll do it again on Monday and Tuesday. That's my ode to my Chicago background about hundreds of times every to you because I run into people at the polls.

A hasty thanks for your list on like yeah that's the Chicago way. That's the way we do it Trump's endorsement mean nothing to me.

At this point my life that mean nothing to me. But what's going on in Pennsylvania and Inchon here.

This is so bizarre the whole thing. So a little birdie told me last week that Sean Hannity called quote called in a personal solid right in lobbying Trump to endorsement us and mean them in Oz is a guy that before I even knew what gender reassignment surgery was he was promoting it 10 years ago on a show for kids pro abortion in 2018 needed a show on we should make gun violence, a public health issue here that you know which is exactly what the trigger to the edge. Would love to do to disarm you. I mean, essentially, his show is a is a walking caricature of the spirit of the age and Micah Mitt Romney and to Mitt and a lot of other people in the Republic and parties is decided.

The Republican primary voters are dumb and I can just buy a seat to fulfill the next spot on my resume and all Trump is looking to do is win as many elections they can. One, because he wants majorities for when he runs for president again and into his. He likes winning and I just think hey this a rich guy with a famous TV show.

I don't get many more than that. So I think you can win an independent once it sounds familiar. By the rest of the TV set and then he gets in office will do what I say likely at least a phonic race at least a phonic was voting with Democrats for Jennifer training madness and now because she's under Trump's control. She's to saying to us yesterday or two days ago quote I ultra Magda by the way, doing Trump spending taking positions that she wasn't for before I can kind of understand why truck probably thinks he can put his thumb on the scale and control someone like a minute system okay but I'm sitting but it would be one thing if this was a race between a couple of business hacks that no one really cared about, so fine, give me the one that is that is that took them that took the deal from the offer he can't refuse for my guy Trump and and I don't care what he believes because he'll do what we want to do. He gets in there right.

The problem is there's another candidate in that race that the grassroots absolutely adores and who was who surging on her own and so now it now elements of terms as Kathy Barnett. Now there's elements of Trump's political team. But like working to take a big L here and fall on our faces and work it is. It's good to look like we don't have as much control over the party as we thought so we got a crusher in order to maintain our control and what's happening is it's splitting their own coalition you're seeing people like Jack Persaud be Akers about his trump as it gets going at Sean Hannity by name on Twitter every day. It's splintering their own base and what's doing it is. This is the first time that we've seen Trump in his political operation. Basically, Pete, behave like the GOP establishment when they and in the past when they see that they've alienated their base.

They've actually stepped off the downed power line walked back and said hey were you know when I hear this is the first time they try to go Mitch McConnell on their base and say no you guys are here to do our bidding and the basis revolting back and and so how permanent this schism is and how lasting it is, will be determined by how much more damage the Trump team wants to try to do to Kathy Barnett because it's alienating a lot of their people, not just in Pennsylvania but all over the country.

This is the biggest political story in the country as this race is amazing and the fact that they're doing it to a black woman. I listen on the believe in affirmative action don't give her the job because she's black but it's not exactly grace is irrelevant in America. It's not like the Republican Party could not use a black woman, US Sen., particularly one with the powerful pro-life tell my has got writers were about to overturn Roe V Wade and and and right now Democrats have the lowest approval rating with black America I've ever seen. It's in the 60s percents with normally the 80s or 90s. I mean this is and it's from Emmett's in a meet.

You want to talk about what did Jesus mean when he said don't cast pro before swine for the liberal trans-humanist. This is the guy that were going to crush this black woman for that's just not a fight worth having an and all the reasons you would do it are bad and the because you're more interested this point. Now in protecting your political brand and power base then listening to your base in it and people went to Trump because they thought he care and listen.

I said them if they wanted a GOP establishment. They didn't care what they thought they already had that for goodness sakes, so this is this is one heck of a Mitch McConnell and put on a that is right do.

And we are acting like the swamp just sent you over there in Pennsylvania I back to Trump because he just to get the keeps on giving out what he will run unless you got a healthy shy grandson that recently has a well long as I'm healthy what I thought was interesting that he said that please say he's pushing 80, I know that's a caveat no matter who you are. I not buying green bananas.

But what happens on on the Democrat side. This is like. I think I thought if the homily Harris's numbers were anything below above subterranean, they would've moved on already make they can mean she's Steve. I do not put this polite politely and I'm try to be as nice.

I can hear for all your Christian radio stations.

I don't think she's human and a son. Even a joke.

I've never I've never encountered a figure she's like a collection she's like an embodiment and incarnate of stereotype self and caricatures and slogans is like there's not a real person like a bunch of bobble head rolled into a novel. There's literally nothing.

There should cannibalistic humanoid underground dwellers to be the 70s horror movie is very good yet so bizarre, which is a good reminder why we have to pray about all this stuff will probably talk in a few days will be right back to the cultural steel cage match at the base for the boys. Just call that we are just talking off the air appear on the YouTube or Facebook live, you are a part of those conversations appear on the radio and advertisements which are just as important sometimes but talk about the state of the nation and Kumbaya.

That's not can happen again.

I we can have a red American, a blue America and it sounds like Steve basically that's a reality that's what we have to do it so you go America forget that you forget the uniformity can the Republic survive. If you have a 30 red states and 20 blue states. I don't know. I don't know that I care I don't care either.

II think we just had to begin the self sorting process on her own and that means you need to make your red counties even redder.

Your red states, your red cities even redder.

Your red states even redder. It's funny when when Christ gives the great commission to his disciples, he does not say art begin with this vast Roman Empire start immediately at the seat of power go to Rome itself because if we can swing this does we can swing Caesar convert say that everything will just fall in the line.

That's not what he tells them first to Jerusalem, meaning where we are right now then to Judea, so the rest of your native country, then to Samaria. The pagan country next door and then to the ends of the earth. He worked inside out, not outside. And we have done activism on the right outside in Outside In and the main reason why is there is a crap ton of money to be raised by putting all of the focus and careers and clicks to be had by putting all the focus on Washington and talking about it were finally getting smart about that. It's about being inside out okay and and that's all we need to do is create communities where they wouldn't even think about mashing your kids again you if you walked into Samuel Adams hood in Boston in 1771 and said hey you know what there is. There's a bad play going around get it were to choke out your kids the next two words that that government bureaucrat would heard were tar and feather they would've thought their father were to skip that town to go to 10. That's exactly what we need to do here. Okay, what the sentence is that this is done is taken one of the ultimate swing states in the country were in the last 40 years the presidential elections in Florida have been decided by an average of 2 1/2 points. He's made it redder than Texas and he's done in less than one term okay and he did it.

Here's a guy that only one by fewer than 40,000 votes. You would think you would look at so that a phrase you have a mandate come in and play it safe, amicable, do not know I'm not doing that this did these comes out what's Ron DeSantis's nickname, I come off the top rope daily. I'm just Jimmy super fly's looking off the top of the steel cage every day.

The whole Cogan leg drop Randy macho man Savage my finger up in the air elbowed every day on Disney yes and what's happened is that leadership and the fact that it is led to good policy and outcomes has moved that state demonstrably to the right to write you and I think that's that's a great model for all of us and we need to think about that and that's the reality of you being here right now with with my buddy Fred Voncannon Bo By the way the website if you want to join us tonight at prime barbecue listen to me your of the plays your a fairly big deal. Johnny Hannity yada yada yada. So you could be you know talking about statewide races in terms of the house and the Senate at the congressional level up in DC but you're here talking about a North Carolina local election literally because it's that important what you're talking the swings of numbers that you mentioned about 1/2 an hour ago three house two seats in the Senate. Okay one seen on the North Carolina state Supreme Court and you lock the state that look at what look at beat look at what the control group that DeSantis is established in Florida has to if we can export that to a couple more states and then a couple more states quietly, my home state of Iowa has become one of the states okay were redder than Texas now and so we can create more of this Balkanization, then we create a bulwark we create. Essentially, we've read Nehemiah has rebuilt the walls a lot to keep that out were not good. Let you invade it when you any longer.

We know sets a reality. Yes, and that's a spiritual reality is living this before and I'm not casting off because when our oldest son is 26.

He worked for EA games is a separate Cisco so people to your sons moving to San Francisco you could sit on their face like I do know Steve son is gay. He's not but he's got a missionary heart, and he has a heart for that city and people would feel why in the world and that's it that's that's why you go there and I said you remind me of somebody they be like really who I think Jonah yeah you remind me of Joni Cinema fall into the depths of the CS so from up. I'm not talking about protecting our where we are children at the expense of other coal writers that climb strictly talking about. First get to protect our children and families. If we don't abandon those pills but we have to understand though that I mean, there's a reason why Paul says hey if you can do this without a family.

It probably is better to do that okay because it's a hard, dangerous work and and and that gets us in the whole idea listener because the government schools will be missionaries. The children aren't to be missionaries protect company kids is your eight-year-old led to cries out how many worldviews that they corrected the exactly there just San Francisco, Chicago, LA displacer mystery Babylon or not we want to raise a family. But we still need to take the God that would never go there exactly right.

Nefarious nefarious to follow nefarious on Twitter is a number that Lord nefarious sense I got a commentate commenting on Twitter but we just hired the. The editor for midnight mass on Newsmax.

I'm sorry Newsmax on Netflix and if it won't be for everybody but midnight mass I thought was a terrific show in one of the most honest spiritual conversations I've ever seen Geiger in American television and it definitely has a redeeming quality to it. At the end and the guy at one of the big editors of that show is a huge believer huge fan of my show. He is now putting together the rough cut for nefarious as we speak. So were very excited about that I were hoping the rough-cut will be done by the end of June. If I had to guess 30% chance that the movie will be out in October. Really 70% chance it will be out in January. If I do. Guess it'll it did this and that's more about do we think we have enough time between when we have the cut were we wanted to and then promotion between that and release, but things are proceeding in not it. Not fast enough for me to wait six years but were but but I can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel and it's still a ways off, but were getting there well and in my head down before we talk about a nefarious plot in the book is great if you like CS Lewis Screwtape letters. This is just basically in that same vein, but the but the book but the movie slightly different.

This really will be a sleepwalk right click sit in the expense of the book is more of a wider version of Screwtape letters instead of secret demonic communiqus about the takedown of individuals did a demon general from hell writes a book about how he took down all of America. Okay them and in the preface of the book I write the doing time I write my own voice I write. I have no intention of telling you where this manuscript came from. Maybe who knows someday waivers of the movie rights that's I will translate this into a movie that's actually the movie is a prequel to the book and and you will learn where did this demonic manuscript come from. You will learn it in the in this movie. Most of this movie takes place on death row and I mean I was there for several days of filming. I thought Sean Patrick Flannery's performance is nefarious to me away and I even got a note from our former editor last week is like this performance is something okay so were were very very very excited but nervous good never wanted anything to be to not suck more my entire how do you at this point in your life as a believer as a broadcaster communicator. How much of what you see today as you watch the news and talk about it. We do doing similar things but do you see from a spiritual perspective versus just a fleshly material, worldly perspective, I think getting more obvious.

I think I think I think the the line between the two realms in our culture has thinned greatly and I think I think that there it's because there's really 1 Last Pl. on earth that has enough independent mindedness, liberty, and theistic viewpoints to hold off from completely giving itself over to the world economic forum crowd and that's us and I think that's that's why our code. The data was the worst and the most dishonest of any other country.

I think that there's so much deception and have been going on right now because if you can topple this country right this is kind of the last line between talking. Who knows if it's an end times and babe it's not were talking like a new dark ages kind of thing and and were the last line of defense for mug from a country standpoint and I think spiritually the stakes are high, and they're getting more overtly demonic in what you see every day. Now here's what I mean by that pagan paganism still appeals to transcendent Steve it's a wrong transferring all okay but it still appeals to a form of transcendence with demonic it's just nihilistic okay and that's increasingly what our discussions that it's not a different truth. It's an absence of truth pagan is a different truth night Demott demon when it's demonic it. Truth is been chloroform from a conversation it's it's just not even present. It's all narrative. It's all a scam.

It's all deception and I think that's becoming increasingly prevalent these days guided and that's super obvious. I took a long time. You don't have to stray outside of Romans chapter 1 understand every new story that absolutely that's a great analogy. I mean, I can't remember if I want to say it was Paez who went and tried to evangelize the Norsemen and he got so tired of them worshiping the old tree cut it down one day and in the middle of was this was this evergreen and that was one of the origins of the Christmas tree sit in the street and never lose its leaves is like Christ you live forever just like the street is in him. It doesn't lose its leaves like the old tree does so that the pagan Norsemen. They were seeking transcendence in all the wrong places, but they were seeking.

It demonic worldview says what's a tree price. I like it that tree identify as a cloud that's and that's what's happening today were not talking about not arguing over transcendence anymore will transcendent. I will be like the most home talks like that. By the way before. That's what a lot of arguments are these days yeah and that's that's how he got himself kicked out of heaven. Yes, that exact line of thinking on Steve great to have you here. Thanks for your time things will come in and help my buddy Fred vote was still a little bit of religion have to jump on that will quickly boat By the way whether you watch the blaze or not.

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