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Spring Cleaning

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 14, 2022 12:30 pm

Spring Cleaning

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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May 14, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking about spring cleaning and decluttering their lives. What are some old things in your life, that may be in the way of the new things that God wants to bring into your life? The clips are from "The Jerk," "The Shack," "After Life," and "Picard." The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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This is Stu Epperson from the truth. Talk podcast connecting current events, pop culture, and theology, and were so grateful for you that you've chosen The Truth Podcast Network it's about to start just a few seconds. Enjoy it and please share around with all your friends. Thanks for listing and thanks for choosing the truth podcast network. This is the Truth Network, the heart of every man is a great adventure. Life doesn't usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads, but the masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a good way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear and come on a quest band of brothers will serve as the guides and what we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now. Welcome masculine journey.

Really glad that you say this is may already can you believe it's already May. Wow. That's crazy, as it has been for couple weeks yeah I like the way it has been rerouted past the Cinco de Mayo was only one time only one Saturday.

This is actually the second. This is seconds halfway through May 4 be with you for seventh or seventh was the Saturday. It is the 14th. If you're trying to know so that's okay it is you're absolutely right. I still stand by my thing. It's already May I have only one from the truth. Bryce fault if you want one for your exciting I know how this goes.

And that's actually right.

Sorry KI. So Robbie, this is your topic this week. I get my confront is Mayday middle-aged part of the day on that day. Not so you know what happens when we get older we got them the clutter and alas that's the idea of today's weight. When we heard this podcast on ransom heart which is now wild heart while swamp and and Bart was turning 70 and as a result of him turning 70 was in reorganizing some things and he noticed in his closet. There was this suit that it had for like 30 years continues to use it when he went on, these big interviews and stuff because Mennonite thrown her legs a perfectly good suit and he started to say you and I wonder if there's things like that that are emotional that we have hung onto since we were whatever age and as they went into that.

I just thought it was a delightful thing as we get older you know what are the things that we really are all non-T that we need to let go of so that we can have new things that God would have enforcement position. So the idea is decluttering. Thank you your topic. I actually did that last weekend. Yeah, we'll talk a bit more about that insured throughout the show. I have the first clip and so my clip is from the movie the jerk and so what's happening in his life as he and his girlfriend of broken up. She's asking to move out of the house and it when you first hear this. He's clearing the death saying I don't need this.

I don't need you. I don't need anything you think would happen. Sometimes we have tragedy come in our life. We start grasping at things just to have some type of something that anchors is back anchors us back I could say that curly into something that feels like there's a foundation under this emergence.

Grasping at some of the wrong thing so let's listen to look back and talk about all will will will and will you do realize a sometimes were in the position which is grasping it. So for me all sure two different stories of organization and in one now. Maybe one later, but this one for me was after my wife and I separated and I stayed in the house. I would say pretty quickly within about the first two or three weeks I started going taking stuff off the walls you I wanted to change the space into my space and size taking things off that I knew I didn't want to have up anymore and I really don't think that was a real healthy exercise. I think it was a reactive exercise is it wasn't really a whole Lotta good that came from it. Other nestled some stuff on Facebook marketplace made a couple bucks but it wasn't really a healthy decluttering. It was more of a Steve Martin. I just don't want this anymore. I just don't want this anymore without anything to show for it other until the other story last last year my wife and I been separated over four years between four and five divorced at that point and I decided to go through every closet in the house had been living there by myself, you know, with my son and sons every other week staying with me better than that. I was by myself and I literally had closets I had not opened and five or six years in the house and so I went through over about a 2 1/2 month. Cleaning out stuff and I was actually really healthy. It was able to send some stuff my daughter that was in her room that I knew she would want site package that upsets and stuff out for the boys since some stuff over to my ex-wife that he knew she would want stuff that was her dad's. It was really a different attitude is a different focus. It was about organizing my life where I knew where the things in my house were what I had what I didn't have what I didn't need that I could donate and how he trips are made to goodwill and other places donating things in. That was a healthy reorganization because it did my heart good and that was a difference. One was was just focused on probably retribution you know little bit and the other was focused on. Okay, I think it's time to get some order into something that feels like chaos for Sandy. You love this topic to what I did and heard the same podcast Robbie heard in. He threw this out there because we were doing as a ministry team.

We were doing decluttering of our gear that we use for boot camps and we got together this past Saturday and had a lot of fun doing it, but I've thought about this thing thing I've been on the move for some time past, probably seven years of moonlight three times and every time I just keep moving the same junk over and over and over not taking the time to organize decluttering. It's always bothered me. And it's always on the to do list because I don't have a huge space for a lot of the stuff and I can be a lot more organized so it is a good topic for my heart. It's actually been on my heart as I have linked it to the spiritual for you know have had these thoughts about you know that's really very mean correlates to our spiritual life so anyway let's play my clip it's from the shack it's Mac who has had a tragedy in his life, he lost his daughter to abuse abuse.

The guy that came and killed his daughter basically and in God's came after Raymond and he's introduced himself to the Trinity and now he's either a lead because he can't really handle the hurt the wounding that's being healed and he gets along with the Holy Spirit and he's about ready to leave the Holy Spirit as they come, come with me in this where they're going is this garden and you hear it not talk about it as we come back While this is an okay to do that so how come this is any of this is or love even harmful someone I care so pretty much you guess sure anything sickening is that garden actually be in his heart or his life and what he saw is amazing. It was wild. It was as she described it and it had been a mass and it really really still was a massive that it was in process but there's so much that if you saw this. If you see the shack. It's a beautiful garden and what he looks always like this is beautiful, but she just goes into stark black and it will work. Sometimes we think is beautiful actually isn't necessarily maybe as bad roots and it's not necessarily something that needs to stay there, but she goes in and cleans it out, but it's just where a work in progress and you see the benefit of letting the Holy Spirit come in and work with us together to you know we are garden. We do know we are heart that I think a lot of times what we can do with those bad things you not talks about forgetting the things of the past and moving on to the high calling in Christ Jesus is first things that we really do need to forget things. Also that we can use to do not not forget, but use them in a way to help others and if I forget all the bad stuff that I've done in this, walk away from it and not use it to help somebody else not beneficial, but it can still I can disable the effect of it by removing it from beginning good masking to register for the up coming Boot Camp November 17-21.

This will come back and talk about more things. It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have several years and I'm still we go watching them get a good foothold in the manhood and understanding what's important and how to stay away when journey for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time.

I'm getting a download from God on where my life is and how I have.

I have his story is communicate with us Mandy that was your ball anybody guess what what we know why no call in now this is that's from Sanford and son from back in the family than you know.

Tempered son was shot in the in a junkyard and that, or Thomas cleanup the junkyard organization and plus it's a feel-good zone. Yeah, absolutely. I mean it doesn't smile when that song starts playing the Lamont Webster 19 that woman. I can't remember. Danny was sitting on it now. Esther, the wife now know that with that whole my clip is a little darker, but it it's it's from Michelle. Apparently where this this older man is timeless, older lady and he is talking about his backup plan that he is figured out emotionally he's doing some cleaning and what he's doing is actually cleaning out his backup plan.

I think the clip kinda speaks for itself.

It's from a show called afterlife, which is a series but I think you can see, and what happens that this is man is taken some emotional stuff and making a jump into the larger story advice. I want to kill myself and when I could all happen okay this coming on living thing some Emily Tams why one was a suicide, but it didn't seem to anything was the worst of me was no end but then I realized you, you can't things you actually care about income for yourself.

you sent is known about me and even though incurring it's worth sticking around to maybe make my corner of the world psychopath. thanks. please send amazing teams. society is great when no man can't trace the shade which they knew they were sitting good people to things for the people. so and i clip just provoked me on all sorts left and i thought what they said was absolutely profound in so many different ways it on the idea of wow happiness is amazing and it doesn't matter whose it is right when you're serving other people and that kind of thing is it's gorgeous and i love the idea of old men planting trees that deliver sit in the shade of and so we all even this in the show probably.

generations later somebody may turn back like we listen of any and all out i was robbie that was sam or whatever the case may be, so hope planting seeds but where this sent me like, and i wonder if it sends you there what your backup plan. i meant i had a pretty bizarre backup plan.

suicide, but it was logical and so what really is your backup plan is provoking thing of the question to me personally and i realized that for most of my life. it was my father. i mean, i knew that no matter how i crashed and burned emotionally or i crashed and burned financially or whatever happened. my father was a very strong, he had together and i knew we'd always catch me anytime in the indents and my mom died and it was, you know, it's kind of force decluttering like the holy spirit: those roots out in like wow now it's your backup plan.

robbie and and as i began to sink those roots into the new soil. i love annie's clip from that picture of wow there are stuff that's that was in my heart that was planted their course in all the things they gave me over the years ashtrays lamps yell at the mattress. this chair, but still you know it's gonna need to have those god roots.

i'm digging in and really feeling what it's like to lean on the everlasting arms a bit more than i hand so you know that's kind of where i went without one of things for me when you get a chance to talk about was the whole concept of clearing out the old roots you talk have been as jesus comes ended. they got the better route of agreement or the bitterroot of unforgiveness in those things have to be done completely out or there's not can be good fruit is spotty at best and so that whole concept in an robbie years makes me really think a lot about do i have a backup plan and what really what is it you hopefully it's going to be god is a primary plan and the backup plan, you know both that it makes you think you know and i love that that quote he talked about it. you're one of the trees working individually plant their collectively plan that has some shade and that we never know about. that's a pretty cool concept to be thinking about okay what can i do with my life that is going to impact other people will be on when i'm here and said it's a great thing to work on.

sort of funny that was in the clip because today i was protecting the trees that i planted a few days ago to make sure they didn't get mowed down so that was that sorta hit home with that have a backup plan that when i'm in the short term, i'll have lots and lots of scenarios run through my mind about different ways all react, but long-term plan is only one that i think i settled on. that's whatever god has for me and there's considerable peace and what clip which i could play next danny danny's clip. i do really like that site and have a cute up the will of the book is stuck with about this clip is from shoko picard dr. picard and is is actually i was surprised i found it already out because show from light last week or so but is ending of the season and q who if you're familiar with star trek friend of mine called me the nerdiest redneck you ever met and q's is godlike creature that has somewhat tormented picard bushes life and dave had a bittersweet relationship and he's dying or whatever and so this end of the show they have gone back in his season 400 years and with the space time continuum and stuff and then they're trying to find somebody and now they've come to the end of this journey and they're going back to the future so to speak another movie but an so use it. are you ready to go and the clip that i cut out is from chris rico who is the captain of the ship today would have been old and he's discounted is nomad, guy who life is getting in some bad places and he just got a great attitude to life, and i have a and now he's gone back and he's met this lady and her son 400 years from when he ever existed. so he and here's his reaction to july. now i we all ready to go home, bags packed. now i'm staying. chris come to that time i think stuck when i was living alone on a cargo ship with five holographic versions of myself.

i'm very encouraging that i met you never had a family in any real way changed out of this is where i belong.

come home, make it was always supposed to be this way times a funny thing yesterday.


so many times i found myself in chris's shoes is that i was thinking back to when i got sober and the unity of the whole old life that was there that that was cluttered with bad friendships and lots of different damages and here was his new life. i had to let go of all that, and i remember and i love dearly. who said you only have to change one thing that your whole life. well, pretty, have a limit but yeah ns condo where i went with with his topic was that you there are times when you have to let go of the things you no good or bad and and let good to degraff something that god will shoot you have said it now okay now will have more and that is very good.

danny going through that was probably pretty painful. yes, right.

that whole releasing of friends all that kind of stuff you know it's only when you look back and realize how much that was dragging you in the wrong direction. well, yeah, and i waited and waited for people to call and check only in they never did and it would not meet bobby to say yes your friend show the american political so robbie on this topic of decluttering right so how many different ways. can somebody declare obviously you can clean the garage into that separate us on this. all sorts of stuff that in arguments like so many things. if you ask jesus what what is it that we do need to operate here and when we need to dig into that. we just sit there and let grow and we know was causes harm will get a chance to do that with everybody in the after-hours. we will talk about that all the people he ever heard them yet, but in the meantime while you're waiting for that next podcast you can pause for second masculine register for the upcoming boot camp november 17-21 we will be also announcing pretty soon a local thing called entrenchment in september, so you can't wait, you have to wait the exciting talking actually, this is the truth network

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