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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best and Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 24, 2020 6:31 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best and Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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April 24, 2020 6:31 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 04/24/20.

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Let's do it. Phone lines wide open.

You got questions, we've got answers stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown well Friday of line far, you've got questions, we've got answers if we don't have them will do our best to get them for you 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 487884. As you know on Friday any question under the sun as long as it relates somehow to topics that we can help you with phone calls are welcome what you agree with me disagree just looking for information, but to talk to. Love to hear from you.

Then I gobbling little over an hour from now. So for 15 we will be back on YouTube so some of you are watching are Esther to bring you to China right now will be back for a weekly exclusive YouTube chat we can post your questions on YouTube right now it is phone calls that we are focused on. Once it is one thing quickly before we go to your calls. There is a first ever scholarly endeavor taking place right now with leading Pentecostal and charismatic scholars doing a commentary book by book on the entire Bible and I've been assigned the book of Isaiah. Actually, I was asked if there was a book I could write and I said Isaiah.

That's what I want to do next. Got commentaries on Jeremiah Job, Isaiah Isaiah course is a Jewish believer in particular resists the believer had a lifelong interest in the Lord since I got saved in the amazing book of Isaiah. So now being home. The traveling these days.

I just had more time to devote to starting the commentary on the word of God is so amazingly rich while it just it is as indescribable joy to dig in verses. I've known my whole life versus I memorized relics 17 years old like all. Now this makes more sense just digging more in the Hebrew so this of course is a project that takes years to do well but so excited about it.

Just was sure some excitement with you.

Okay, we will start off in Oklahoma with Eugene walking to the line of fire. Dr. Brown thank you for having me on. I appreciate your time and get my question. I think it's pretty simple.

I've been listening to a lot of work like Paul washer body and you know John MacArthur appreciate what they bring to the body of Christ from little bit confused on the doctrine of gravity and the way they describe it a treatment they know that there's like extreme like the thin nature of man is really extreme. Any talk about the sinfulness of man.

In such a way I've never really heard of the Christian talk about it though. Are there different understanding in the body of Christ regarding the cavity of man and is another thing to the thigh question why is the do they identify themselves. At dinner Bill I got hear a lot of you know charismatic teachers. They are no longer any of the righteousness of Jesus Christ but yet Paul washer with a you know you were still just don't like my dirty thin my made clean by but if you I don't really know how to understand depravity in light of righteousness. And again, what the different understandings regarding depravity. Okay, so a lot of this is the summit of nuance and some of it is a matter of semantics but some of it is a matter of substance, Calvinist withhold a most extreme view of human depravity and they would point to say and in Romans the eighth chapter right where where Paul lays out some things very clearly. He says that those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh. Those of the Clinton spirits of the months of the sentence.

For to set the mind on the flesh is death to set the mind on the Spirit is life and peace for the mind that is set on the flesh is hostile to God does not submit to God's law. Indeed, it cannot. Those are in the flesh cannot please God, and they would look at verses where Paul quotes a bunch of verses in Romans 11 from the Psalms of the wickedness of Megan sees that as the condition of the human heart, so note number one we all agree as evangelical believers, that human beings cannot save themselves that no amount of good works could save us because our works are tainted and that in and of ourselves. We do not have the power to draw near to God. We all agree on that right Calvinist would say that that you are born again and then you believe you are regenerated and then you believe were is not Calvinist would say that we receive the gospel and are thereby born again so that faith precedes regeneration and a Calvinist would say regeneration is what produces faith so the non-Calvinist would say that the gospel is the power of God to salvation and faith comes by hearing, so as the message comes to a lost person. There is faith there to respond and they can choose yes or no.

But where I would find some ^ some presentations of Calvinism or total depravity within Calvinism to be extreme and beyond what Scripture says what would be to say that a a human being and not all Calvinist would say like this, that a human being, in and of himself is incapable of doing any good. I would say no to the contrary were still created in the image of God, the law of God is still written on our hearts, and that we are capable of doing good on a certain level in other words, people make choices every day and I went a certain I went eight to a certain level of sin and disobedience and rebellion. But then I stopped at certain point, someone else goes further and smells further than that. And for the net we do make choices and I would .2 example. For example, to Genesis the 20th chapter with King Abimelech, where God does not let him sleep with Sarah, Abraham's wife because God saw the integrity of his heart, so he recognized that this man made a moral choice, even though he was not a believer so I would emphasize this in terms of my understanding of total depravity that in ourselves we are sinful by nature that even though we are capable of certain moral good and we all make decisions affect that as nonbelievers we are incapable of saving ourselves or bringing ourselves to God, he must draw us, but I would say John 1232 that since the cross Jesus has been drawing all people to himself.

So total depravity can be overstated. Sometimes by Calvinist in terms of human evil. The second point is this simile Paul washer or other Calvinist talk about. We are sinners. They would emphasize that on our best day we still fall infinitely short of the glory of God that on our best day or motives are not perfect our best day there been aspects were we have sinned, and therefore, because every day we send we are sinners and in the sight of a holy God. We are acutely aware of our status of sinners. I respect that and understand that but the New Testament addresses us as saints were called to be saints, meaning holy ones were called to be holy once it is very important to recognize that the only time in the New Testament were believers are addressed to sinners is in Jacob James IV chapter where he's rebuking believers who live like the world and calling them adulterers and adulteresses, and things like that.

Otherwise, our mentality, the way we should see ourselves as we are saints. We are holy ones. We are set apart to God is holy, so if if I'm preaching to the congregation and said hey saints could no shame in Hebrew holy ones that's on preaching to live up to your calling be holy because you been set apart as holy as opposed to hey all you sinners know. I don't see that is the New Testament mentality and and I have Eugene in my book on similar if you don't have it.

I really encourage you to get it going.

Sin no more. You'll find it super helpful irrelevant. I have a whole chapter right deal with the St. versus center issue an annual see I go through Scripture if the Scripture verse after verse scores versus just a little concordant search yourself. Look at the word center through the Bible. Sinners are the enemies of God. Sinners are the unrighteous sinners or the wicked. This not who we are.

We are in the category of the righteous. So when you read Psalm one Blessed is a man who doesn't walk in in in the way of sinners or sit and see the scornful reset. Sorry that accorded myself and he were to get it right English yet so he doesn't he doesn't walk in the counsel of of the wicked stand in the way of sinners or sit and see the scornful soul.

We are not the wicked. We are not the sinners, we are not the scornful. We are the people God.

We are the righteous by God's grace. Hey, thank you for the call 86634 we go to Michigan coal. Thank you for: line of fire right on very well thank you, Michael and I call that week. I appreciate you on how well is that many, that means you accidentally slipped by, but since you made a public confession will leave you are are are call screeners have strict guidelines about not letting some amount within a few weeks, but since you're on so I have been all about non-so quickly request about it you can handle some of the starting aid to general pretty pretty soonish and everything and try to start setting things up and I plan on like trying to have like discussions and in interviews with lectern theologian that I think I'm going to try to have used it even be possible, but I also understand you're a busy man felt so ISO the spirit of the mother mother. Thank but I also another element of my child. I want to try to also make sure I can Mike refute error and stuff like that. But I also want to avoid the will that the hypercritical but you gonna talk about and avoid falling into the Arab like discernment ministries and cannot think like that, though, what advice would you say for someone who is like starting a channel sorted in that direction.

Yeah a few things quickly and I'm not I'm not an expert in terms of everything that goes into it.

We get the team that works on that in my producer man's really spent endless hours researching and looking to the best ways to do things but II say few things there is. God knows how many channels out there. We got like 106,000 subscribers, which is great, but there plenty of channels with millions of subscribers.

Plenty plenty plenty.

So why would anyone go yours so I would number one asked Lord what your purpose why my doing this, what, what's the reason what's my mission. It's my assignment that's one thing. Second thing is really do your best to put out quality content better do less videos with more quality always have a message that's going to help people and don't fall into a wrong identity.

If you get a lot of use went when you get nasty and in the flesh. All that's washed do nothing for you this from people I carnality so find your niche, put out quality content be constructive to help people know how to move forward in life. Then if something does seem to resonate videos why why is this that all right. God give grace and wisdom gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 8663 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I Friday, especially with the shut and locked down. We been getting lots of calls and flooded on other days if you want to call this is an ideal time, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH.

Just look at a Facebook question Injecting disinfectants be used to treat covert, 19, though Steve if you posted that tongue-in-cheek the presidents getting a lot of criticism why Saul is publicly saying no no do not inject this of his comment today was that he was being completely sarcastic with the fake news media that he was asking a hypothetical question to reporters and that he was just being sarcastic. The White House yesterday and said he was taken out of context when I just saw the comment in question. I thought he was talking about. Are there things that the medical world can do no exposing people's ultraviolet light award injecting disinfectants some kind, as opposed to the president saying take Lysol go ahead and inject yourself with okay so was he just being theoretical and hate in a medical sciences look into this. Was he being sarcastic is he lying about being sarcastic today though. One thing for sure is no not go home inject yourself with Lysol 866-34-TRUTH we go to Stephen and Tampa. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown how you doing very well thank you and have been studying the book of Jonah.

And I know it's a really small book by also been studying Peter why is Juan O'Connor. I've been putting a lot of redoubling between the book of Jonah and Uruguay in the story of Peter in his life to list a few things that I noted how to get your take on her shirt. Of course Jonah disobeyed God, like Peter Jonah was on a ship out at the like.

Peter Jonah slept during the storm like Jesus left during the storm on the boat with Peter in the belly of the fish for three days probably felt law. Peter probably felt lost after denying Christ you know we wrote three days Jonah repented he preached the message like Peter kinder repented with Jesus in John 21 and then he went to preach a message Peter and Jonah both had anger issues and Jonah was a little upset. I God that you paid banana by it and also did Peter understand that Jesus came for the whole world.

Jew and Gentile. Early on in his relationship with Christ.

To some similarities I've seen between the two stories then I recall guy was really speaking to me about the 11th studying medical little bit just wanted to let you know that it can delegate. I appreciate it and and I'm glad you're digging and whenever we dig in. The word we discover certain things. Obviously some of the parallels breakdown. For example, you talk about parallels with Peter and then become sparrows with Jesus so though the parallels with Jesus the Lord himself draws attention to in terms of in terms of his death and resurrection, and in three days, etc. as for Jesus asleep in the boat. It's his house different than Jonah being asleep in the boat and that Jonah is emotional. The press parallels 24, but as far as certain similarities and personality or in terms of restoration, yet there deftly are similarities that the differences would still be, for example, that that Jonah repents preaches his message, but then is upset when when people come to faith or when whenever a repents words Peter solvency thrill when people come to faith. You could however raise this issue and I would direct you Stephen to of first Kings chapter 14 where it mentions Jonah prophesying and it speaks of him saying that the borders of Israel would be expanded and you could say that he was a nationalistic profit that was part of his his mentality and in terms of in terms of what he prophesied. So is there a nationalism in Peter not recognizing the place of the Gentiles, etc. yet that that could that could be argued so again you don't want to. You don't press the parallels too far and and then they start to break down, they lose their effectiveness but you can look at certain parallels and personality mentality but then of course Peter overall presented in a much More Positive Way in Scripture.

Jonah presented in a much more negative way. Overall, but thanks thanks for digging. Thanks for the call. I appreciated 86634 we go to Jonathan in Washington. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call.

I will yeah but my question was about dreams from the Lord is the I constantly am having dreams and I have more than enough reason. I think believe that that many of them are from the Lord just based on various Wimbledon things and in the dream but I know in the Scripture talks about the gift of interpretation of green right now because I have always dream and I don't really know what they mean. I I often look into what it is that these dreams could mean and so I know that the gift of dream interpretation is is one of the gifts from the holy. Yet I often read different leaders in the church will have like a published like books and thing in both say that there is like a methodology to this gift like I like third like based on different symbols like if you see a lion that means that either the third snake that means that they would you agree that there is like like a methodology to to the gift of dream interpretation that you could actually like like catalog different kinds of like for me that I am happy that I write. So I love the question and just look at my screen to to get a book to recommend to you and by the way, Stephen Taff, I meant to say. Second Kings 14 with Jonah being mentioned there in the reign of Jeroboam. Like I said, first Kings 14 and immediately check myself but this one say that okay so I do not have prophetic dreams as far as I know I've hardly ever had any prophetic dreams, and I definitely do not have a gift of interpreting dreams.

I just want to put that out upfront and I have seen people that seem to have that gift in a dream is shared with them know.

Maybe you have this recurring dream, or every time you pray for guidance. The same dream comes up, but it's it's it's symbolic. That's the thing with dreams. They often need interpretation so that I do see is a contemporary thing that God said that we be dreaming dreams and needs speak in those ways you asked two sisters for the last days, which is where we been since death and resurrection of Jesus.

So I've I've shared some things in a similar shared dream with real select, some just try to figure out with my natural thinking and share with a friend and then immediately have some insight which really resonates with the person and makes sense and sometimes OCL often in dreams. This symbolizes thus in such so if I spoke to thousands of people that had dreams in the dream seem to be prophetic. Okay and I saw patterns recurring then I'd be able to say here the blue often represents this or the lion offer her often represents this in dreams I am not qualified to say if it's true or not, because I have no expertise in it whatsoever. Now I was with a ministry some years back. They spend a lot of time fasting and praying and God often speaks to the senior leader of the ministry dreams and I was with them. One morning they were in the midst of a multi-day fast and they started the day that they will worship the Lord prayed and then the leader said, but has there been any dream flow is in the Lord was speaking to my amazement about five people in the room had the exact same dream, and so the meaning of it emerged like wow that's striking and there's no collusion amends people behind the scenes I I know and and that and so as if I was around that enough I might be able to discern patterns or at the least, in your own life, you might be able to discern patterns but don't don't make it a methodology unless it makes sense. So John Paul Jackson was well known for teaching on dreams interpreting dreams I'm looking at a book of his. I haven't read it, but it's called top 20 dreams with the 20 most common dreams are telling you right so it's John Paul Jackson top 20 dreams with the 20 most common dreams Kelly in the John Paul told me once that the main thing we learn about dreams as we learn about ourselves. We learn about what were thinking and yet he he did have insight into prophetic meaning of dreams and things like that so here's here's my short answer okay number one I cannot say if generally speaking, in dreams certain symbols of certain meaning, but perhaps people who study this have seen this recurring with people over years and see. This is often how the Lord speaks I would encourage you to check out John Paul's book and if you read it and it resonates and it makes sense then use that is agreed for yourself and then lastly, if you have recurring dreams and they stay with you and you pray about them and they they come back to your mind, I would. I would Journal them and then I would look for patterns within my own dreams and learn what I could from them. If in fact the Lord was speaking to me through dreams and again the key thing is that you may get a certain revelation, but it needs interpretation needs application all the more when he comes in the form of a dream.

So that would be my encouragement to you if someone has interpretation makes sense and bear witness call place. I do hope that helps her. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown different yard really serious about it and day out. Your voice of moral, cultural, spiritual revolution, we are really serious about that. Jesus changes us and then we, through the power of the gospel power the spirit change the world around us. Moral cultural upheaval through the gospel through hatred or anger or intimidation or God forbid violence. No, but through the gospel through loving our neighbor prayer through fasting through living righteously through preaching the truth. Driving back the powers of darkness by the power of the gospel in the power of the spirit we can see change come people getting converted believers waking up that happens, there will be moral and cultural revolution. It is that simple white phone lines are open every question of any kind that relates on any level to the line of fire please call 866-34-TRUTH and then about 45 minutes from now. We plan to go live again on YouTube so about a 15 minute break and then go back on our YouTube channel. It's a SK DR Brown for our live weekly exclusive YouTube chat we can post your questions all right back to the phones withdrew in Charlotte. Thanks for calling the line of fire that have me on Dr. you're welcome that I found I found out about you all what and want to play with you and all I got to give a damn about my distant colors think color is brown and white out and lights behind all job on James White isolate game like yeah what bad boy… And that and you been big and my old understanding of the Trinity and Belco upper thought by that like Mike Buxton that I do my part, but you would on a bed and I on the Baptist school part time and development. In middle school and I just been around a lot of different doll John Beck came from a Catholic background and been exposed a lot of different theological role by bed understanding nebula good doctrine and I all idea of what they believe. But I really looked into that. But I was like man I don't really like that in the Bible and I think the particular is what I wanted to present to you and entered by Dr. you're doing an object and what you think about it all idea why they want during the big book what you want to become a Christian. A perfect baby but your good, like what happened to that battle idea, so I wanted to address some three levels and then lastly get to Hebrews 6 okay and and Kai will pull up when we get to Hebrews 6 in the ISV, the international standard version okay number one. I reject the doctrine that you just pray a prayer your names written in the Lamb's book of life, no matter how you live for the rest your life no matter what what you so any fruit side of repentance.

If you prayed the prayer Yuri and I categorically reject that is unscriptural and dangerous and misleading.

However, I do understand the emphasis saying if God is truly saved you, then you won't come into condemnation.

You've passed from death to life. Jesus is the author and the finisher of your faith. No one can snatch you out of God's hand. Nothing can separate you from God's love.

These are all scriptures on quoting or paraphrasing. He who began a good working you will completed to the end. Therefore, if you are truly saved, you will live a righteous godly life. And if you die in rebellion and you are never truly saved out. II don't embrace that view, but I respected and it does not give way to deception and blatant sin. In other words, if if you turn away from the Lord and and you go back to be in a drunken atheist. For example, no beats, beats his wife then based on a doctrine, you have no assurance of salvation you have to repent and return to God was based on the false, exaggerated once saved always saved doctrine you could just think you have met people like that. I'm still saved our river talking to the two young man was a practicing homosexual and he was convinced that scripturally he was fine and that we misunderstand what the Bible said be sitting for long of still saved once saved always saved. That's dangerous. So I categorically reject that view. The view that says if you truly saved you live a godly life and can never fall away. I appreciate that, but I don't fully agree with it. My position is that the assurances are 100% sure. In other words, you never, ever, ever have to worry about losing your salvation is difficult when I put when I put my salvation think I lost no it's not some arbitrary little thing like that but the warnings are also real.

So if someone willfully decides to turn away from the Lord God will not force that person to stay gullible, not force someone to stay in his house. So if someone willfully rebels and turns away from the Lord, that person has the choice and the ability to do that and that's why the warnings are there so look when when you are securing God and Lord, I want to follow you want to be your child right of your not worried about one of a displacement note that that's a lie from the enemy or from your own mind and you can just rest secure God's got you. He started the work he's gonna finish it. God's got rid of something small you know I'm safe saw, but prefer this other gal to my wife's own can commit adultery. Now you're playing with fire you know you got you got no right to to have that assurance.

When you are in willful disobedience will try a different world religions and deny Jesus for a while and if at no you don't play games with that. Okay so to me it's practical rest in the assurance be encouraged be lifted up the strength and be be blessed and don't worry but if you go the path of rebellion, fear absolutely okay so Hebrews 6436 is a difficult passage for everyone. In other words, both sides once saved always saved perseverance of the saints that the Calvinist view and you can lose your salvation view.

It's difficult for everyone, but we really chew in the international standard for the ISV four is impossible to keep on restoring to repentance time and again, people have once been enlightened with tasted the heavenly gift will become partners with the Holy Spirit, who have tasted the goodness of God's were the powers of the coming age and who have fallen away, as long as they continue to crucify the son of God to their own detriment by exposing them to public ridicule. So Hebrews the second chapter the third chapter the fourth chapter the 10th chapter 12 chapter all of those chapters have strong warnings to believers about the very real potential of falling away but Hebrews 6 is doing with those who fell away.

Can they ever come back wall the whole new test for the whole Bible is a call for backsliders to return backsides returns through the prodigal son so it's difficult to see that Hebrews 6 is saying if you follow what you could never come back. Rather, which seems to be the emphasis here, and as we find it in the ISV is if you are still rejecting the son of God. There is no repentance for this is written to Jews who felt they could go back to the temple. They could go back to the sacrificial system they could deny Jesus as Messiah and be right with God and and and still have repentance outside of the cross and Hebrews is no you cannot be renewed in repentance as long as you are in that state of crucify the son of God by rejecting you can repent and come back. But if you continue in that state. There is no repentance. There is no salvation for you as a Jew outside of the Messiah.

That's how I would understand that passage to Drew thank you for the call and so glad to have been of help in your life, 86634 let's go to Eric and Washington. Thank you for calling the modifier.

Hello Dr. Brown thank you for taking my call. You're welcome.

I just want to let you know I'm about halfway through, does both war with America, and I thank you for writing that book you're very welcome.

Thank you is very eye-opening and and so I thank you for that. But work and my question has to do with spiritual warfare, particularly when it comes to engaging principalities and powers wicked ruling forces of darkness. That sort of thing. It interestingly we Artie talked about the late John Paul Jackson. He he advised against engaging the second heaven if he would put it. But then you have other apostolic leaders who say it's fair game.

So there's two different schools of thought and want to get your take on yeah so for some who have no clue what you're referring to accurately take a second to break this down. I and I know insults and say that I just mean that that I fully understand what you're saying and when you brought out the exact right of reglet you're talking about, but for the sake of others that may not be in his camp so we know that the New Testament talks about believers driving out demons. The longer ending of Mark actually makes it a characteristic of believers though in his name. The words in the drive out demons, but we have examples of it in the book of acts, and, of course, through the Gospels and to this day there are Christians that leave an exorcism that believe that people can read demonized either demon possessed under the power Satan, and we we drive demons out in Jesus name and their set free. I remember Eric and the Brown's revival. There was a woman who got saved, who is a witch who came from several generations of witches and it was a rare night when I wasn't there when she was baptized but she had an incredible testimony of transformation and coming out of darkness and knew a lot about the dark side. She was really raised in it, so I never met the woman well's people gave her unwise advice. That was fine to go back to her old circle of friends and things and to shine like the she was ready for it.

She fell back and I coming to to the before the service. There was a back room where certain leaders would would hang out little while before the service would start and Steve Hill ventures. Steve Hill is praying over a woman. She has fallen on the ground she's laying on her back and he's in a send you come out of her. In Jesus name I command you to come out and this ugly deep are not coming out all right. That is quite a woman. Now that's interesting voice for a lady enemies as you are coming out in Jesus name.

Now, I command you, and are not, and then finally the kind of shriek and the next thing Stephen I'm so sorry I select all, that's the item sake. That was really okay there is no question that we are called to drive out demons, but Paul mentions in Ephesians 6, principalities and powers in the heavenly realms.

Are we to confront them. Are we to call them out in the name of Jesus. We review view is that 12 hour pay grades for this example, Jackson said, because a lot of the structure model is believers. My perspective it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown, a friend for the bike.

I am still I just got a note in the publisher of my book or hands were stained with blood.

By God's grace to become a classic, published in 1992 the tragic story of the church and the Jewish people, never more relevant than now. All imprint since 1992 without ever going out-of-print. We just put out a new addition some months back new expanded updated edition. I wish I could downloaded into every Christian leader every believer on the planet. Well $0.99. It's now available. I love it's can be a day or few days, but $0.99 on Amazon. So go there now. Tell everybody you know posted on social media $0.99 yeah on Amazon and if you don't have a Kindle reader.

Just download the app for yourself or whatever the just found out I want to tell everybody so our hands were stained with blood's new addition $0.99 Kindle version on Amazon.

Tell everybody you know I just was able to tweet it out and will post on Facebook in a little while. Okay, so back to Eric and Washington of I did not know John Paul well. We spent quality time together on a few different occasions and that was it, but he was a highly respected brother and the times of fellowship. We had were very rich and serious, and he wrote more and focus more on spiritual warfare subjects than than many others. So II take his cautions seriously and that we cannot just be cavalier or think that I average Joe believer can just command principalities in heavenly places.

However, at the same time, I do believe that the body of Christ together that leaders together or through prayer and fasting can through the name of Jesus have authority that Jesus did say it in Matthew 2818 that all authority in heaven and earth was given to him. And Paul does say this is where our struggle is.

So I think of an example like this that John G Lake in Africa. It was in the midst of of a serious plague many people dying and he felt a certain point that that they been praying days, days, weeks. I forget how long it was going on. He felt if he could just get someone else that that really knew how to pray. That they could break through some of this but a lot of fasting a lot of prayer a lot of crying out and he gets with his other brother and they prayed to this place of victory and he John she likes eyes are open, and he sees what looks like up a flock of goats. I forget what the animal was, but he sees this, recognizing its demonic powers, he rebukes them in Jesus name. And the thing basically stops right there that the plague ends so I believe that if it's if it is done in a corporate way as leaders in the body, or perhaps in a region that change can come now.

Do we address Satan directly or do we just cry out to God that part can write discuss.

John MacArthur talks about being a charismatic meeting one time and they they said hey let's pray and the first words of the guys mouth were Satan's irregularity is say we rebuke you now.

I believe there is a time we can speak to the enemy and resist him in Jesus name and and that it's right to do that that would uncle rebuking Satan all day long. But let me give you one of example I was preaching in Richmond, Virginia in the mid-1980s I think and I went to an early morning prayer meeting where the local pastor wanted me to see what God was doing a well-known intercessor not famous to the world but famous in God because he did everything behind the scenes he had come into the city and began to call the pastors of Richmond together on a regular basis for early morning prayer and he said what's the greatest stronghold are dealing with in the city right now. They said we have per capita we have the highest per capita murder rate in the nation. It's one person per day, with our population that makes us the highest per capita. The civil let's go after that in prayer so they continue to meet. They continue to pray they took authority over the enemy and I was there right after they had gone 28 Street days without a murder and they're just been a murder like the day before and that broke the street with the mayor had gotten the public and I don't know what's happening or who's doing what, but please keep up doing what you're doing.

So to me that would be a regional stronghold that was broken through prayer, so I would say take the wisdom of John Paul and don't in a cavalier way. Think you can just start addressing all kinds of spiritual strongholds through prayer, fasting through union with other believers to working in a corporate way.

I believe there is authority the Lord can give us one last thing I feel ashamed when I see some of my brothers and sisters in the Lord making decrees and declaring certain things in breaking the powers of the nationally and nothing happens. It makes us seem toothless if you're gonna make a decree make sure you heard God and what you're speaking is a harmony with the word of God and that what he says this is what you're saying because that'll happen otherwise. We just speak empty words. Thank you for the call right.

Let's go over to Canada. Ethan, thank you for holding welcome to the line of fire recall you welcome a couple cargo escrow agreement and it in?

Summer questions that don't make you repeat yourself. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the origin of dreams like you deleted come from assault to the come from God and Satan bend of dreams as well and any wisdom on discerning the origin of the dream. Yeah so I would say to my understanding that the vast majority of dreams just come from what were thinking about what's on our minds. I may just check out if you you read the word and meditate on Scripture and then fall asleep, or if you want some sports event and then fall asleep, or if your watch the latest election news and then fall asleep, or if you want some horror movie and then fall asleep see where your dreams go, so most of our dreams come from, what were thinking what's on our minds. If a bird about a particular saying were you know, I know for me if I would have an early morning flight that all through the night I be dreaming that I missed the flight or that I got a get up.

Gotta get off the couch.

I can even get a good night sleep because of dreaming about their miss the flight also as far as I can tell the vestment driver dreams come from our life experience were thinking and it just tells us many were thinking there is a Talmudic story where a rabbi gives these amazing dream revelations to some pagan leader and ask how'd you know the girls while you're in the city the other day she probably thought about this, you're in the city the other day, probably type out that Marissa is had human insight now does God give dreams, absolutely. Sometimes he does.

It's in the Old Testament is promised in the New Testament with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and I have some friends that get very dramatic dreams very accurate dreams very specific dreams, and with miraculous results with become mind-boggling results just based on adrenal game, a dream and and they they now acted on that dream. So God can absolutely do that and I have no question that Satan or demons can that that they can attack us, harass us with fear with different sayings with unclean thoughts. Just like during the day or on mines can be bombarded with junk. The same thing could happen to us at at night or before we fall asleep we get bombarded with stuff that we drew meso had a light discern the origin well if it's easy to understand. Like I'm gonna miss the flight and I don't miss the flight and I have returned dreams like that. I really say why I have to get up early.

It's on my mind a lot right so if if you can make sense of why this is recurring. That's one thing if you have a recurring dream and and you can't understand it and it has no relevance to your daily life.

You're not, you're not able to connect the dots. I would ask the Lord about Lord, are you trying to get a message across to me. Have I had the same dream once a month for six months.

I keep dreaming about Seattle, Washington.

I keep seeing Noah myself preaching on the streets are are you telling us muscular said, is there something you try to say so something recurs and it doesn't tie in with something exact in your life than that to me would be okay Lord, what you say or if it just stays with me.

I can't shake it bored what are you saying to us, I would pray into it if the thing is attacking me. If it's harassing me. If it's still in my piece, I would look at what I'm taking in before fall asleep or the course of the day to see if I'm opening the door to these thoughts. Otherwise, if it's something harassing I go to the Lord about it and and seek to get to the roots of it to break its power so I would can't use the same principle with just of if a thought came to mind during the day is probably my own mind, but if it comes a certain way. If it stays with me with a certain depth if when I pray it comes back it Lord what he saying to me if it comes with harassing way to try to pull me into sinner's about that that I recognize that is is demonic and and I rejected so I would be pragmatic about it and then do everything out of relationship with the Lord notes take take it to him, Lord, you speak me through dream. I try to get might Lord give me insight and then if you really think the Lord could be in it can understand it.

Then share it with a friend here is that that might be good in these areas or have some prophetic insight and and perhaps you can sort it out in that way him in the Lord give wisdom teeth that I appreciate hate friends a bunch of great questions on the board and looking up or at a time. I kerchief you can to join in 15 minutes. Come back on YouTube as Dr. Brown, SK, DR Brown on YouTube and please go to Amazon right now. This is one of the most important books I've written by God's grace is made an impact on many lives for many years for new edition of our hands or stand out now $0.99 Kindle version hardcover's $25 Kindle $0.99 friend get the word out in 15 on YouTube

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