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THU HR 1 051222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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May 13, 2022 12:41 am

THU HR 1 051222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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May 13, 2022 12:41 am

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Training of exclusion. Please click near violent happy companionway from Sierra to compare investment plans to expand your portfolio then he's not going to compare mortgage rates for a home with peace and quiet companionway. There smartest financial products for you on their dwelling. Compare and analyze one's excellence and your goal is not investment advisor, knowing that information is educational. Personally the following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio brought just what's right good evening and welcome to another additional what's right what's left the voice of the Christian roses.

Indeed, we are the voice of the Christian resistance. We have been for about a half-century now. Tonight we have a program on on this 12th day of May 2022.

Our producer is not only courageous Craig everybody in my special guest tonight is pastor Neil Peterson who hopefully will be pastor Gov. Neil Peterson grabbed Ernie what a delight and pleasure be on your well good to have you here. You're ready to really roll because we got a lot to want to cover ready locked and loaded and ready to rock 'n' roll brother switch from what I was this week. I preached on Mother's Day, mothers of the Bible the goods glad the bed and said we talked about women in the Bible who like drift shift jump rope ship so frothing pool and as we went through their weed. We took a look at these these ladies that were godly mothers were chastity were clean shaven face of sobriety and propriety and so we really get into starting well with tonight we go to Joshua. Let's go over to Joshua and Joshua chapter 6 we can take a look at another mother and this one didn't start out too good, but she just got finished. And this is that woman. They really have you familiar with her court.

Though Rahab got her name actually means insolence, insolence. She was kind of a G was kind of a spunky little woman feisty. I guess you would say she would.

She was the wife a lot of people don't know this because often you hear a referred to as ending up being the wife of Joshua Jackson. The Bible tells us she married Solomon he was one of the two spies to two young spies that rescued her and her family out of there. Then in here kid sheltered those two, she became the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth whose son Obed was the father of Jesse and the father of David, whose line Jesus was born in so she was so glad that Josh was spared her and glad to be in the line that she was in not only was she scribbled her entire family. But I did obey God is in it. Beautiful story of redemption and absolutely obedient to God better than sacrifice.

We absolutely but Josh Webb said into the two men that in spite of the country go into the heart of house and bring up those of the women in all that she have. You know what today nickel today.

Our young people and families not really funny is pitiful. If you asked them what a harlot is they don't know if you asked if you asked them what a sodomite is they don't know what a sodomite. I had actually had a situation where I was trying to help out a young Sunday school teacher and children's teacher Linda. We were discussing it and I was referring to hear that these people five times in Scripture sodomite is referred to as dogs.

And so and and days of what's a sodomite.

He did note a sodomite was him And he's teaching Sunday school while things are any of things is not like they used to be 90, and the young men in the and that there were spies when in doubt, Rahab and her father and her mother and her brother and all that she had.

They brought all their kindred and left them without the camp of Israel and the birth the city would fire and all that was there and only the silver and the gold in the vessels of brass and iron they put into the treasury of the house of the Lord and Josh was saved Rahab the harlot alive in your father's household and all that she had and she 12 and is really imminent. To this day because she had she had messengers which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho. Now what were salvation was the fact that she really believed in the God of Israel, you know it faster because I'd been preaching in Joshua and this is such a beautiful story of really what believing it little faith and trust and believe that you know very closely translated and almost interchangeable yet with characteristics she boldly she believed that she would be redeemed and paid and the absence of our hope and trust and faith of believing the gospel and God yeah absolutely pastor absolutely no way to take a look at what I just went through the good of the Gladden number one through the bad and the sad and will start off with one is really bad and that's of Mark 614 through 29 and as we go to Mark six and King Herod heard of him that his name was spread abroad and he said that John the Baptist was risen from the dead and therefore mighty works to show forth themselves in him other said it is Eliasson.

Other said that is a prophet towards one of the prophets and when Herod heard thereof, he said it is John whom I beheaded is risen from the dead for Herod himself had set forth and laid hold upon John, and bound him in prison for erroneously as well as what brother Philip's wife, for he had married her for John is set into Herod is not lawful for the to have thy brother's wife. Therefore, Herodias had a quarrel against him and would have killed him, but she could not for Herod feared John, knowing that he was a just man, and holy, and observed him and we heard him me did many things, and heard him gladly and when he inconveniently communion day was come that Harold on his birthday, made his supper to the Lords high Captains and chief estates of Galilee and when the daughter of this of the said Herodias came in and danced in the police, Herod, and in them that sit with him. The king said unto the damsel ask of me.

Whatever the will that I will give it to the any swearing to her whatsoever thou shalt ask of him. I will give it into the under half of the kingdom and she went forth and set into her mother.

What shall I ask and he said the head of didn't and she said the head of John the Baptist, and she and she came straightaway with hasting under the king and as saying I will the delicately and buy in a charger. The head of John the Baptist and the king was exceedingly sorry yet for his OC and for their sakes would sit with him and he would not reject her and immediately the king sent an executioner who commanded his head be brought any women beheaded him in prison and brought his head into the charger and gave into the damsel in the damsel gave it to her mother and when the disciples heard of it. They came and took up the corpse and laid in the tomb. No here when you take a look at her. She was married, Herodias was married to Philip and at the same time she married Herod and and so this was no against the law. She was a very, very lewd, very very wicked and very beautiful woman. Now I'm Italian pastor.

This represents I I'm going to tell you that this would represent a whole lot of what we call those women in the on the left. Today the far left out there today. These are lewd women, vulgar language, very vulgar language. I was there in Washington 2017 when they had the woman's March it was one of the filthiest things I've ever seen and I mean it was one of the filthiest things you'd ever seen. There anyhow these women that were out there marching to kill the for the right to kill her. Babel babies. There is evil is evil gets and so here she raised her daughter Salome to be like herself and again but now there is this a very very interesting thing to because here you had in the Bible course we had Jezebel at hemophilia so here you have these two mother and daughter Jezebel. The failure and some others that were were exactly the same but you know I could tell you this. These people remind me, especially Ahab and Jezebel personality wise they you couldn't get a better fit with Bill and Hillary Clinton then you got with these you just could not but anyhow, so here were living in this in such a time Fact, let me give an example, in talking about just recently, Chelsea Chelsea came out is that abortion see abortion the child killing is is good for the economy. We need as much of it as we can.

Hillary had said that there is never a wrong reason for abortion. Another words you say is never a wrong reason to kill a child and now just recently that Janet Llosa from the treasury. She just came out and she made the same statement that abortion is good for the economy. How wicked can you get. I mean, is there is there no end to their to their wickedness, their father is the kingdom that it is technical and they worship a spirit on regenerated heart that are obviously cowardly and don't be a light in wicked and so it makes perfect sense even come to steal, kill and destroy. That what they want. If you could kill your own bait. I don't think it would be too hard to put the head of John the Baptist up on a platter after a pollutant, productive dance that probably came with a lot more graphic details that are mentioned necessarily the Bible as you well know that you don't need a details are often just you know you have to discern them and added the encrypted and attacked per se, but you know a people leave and keep holy and Philip answer is the daughter leave the king there was obviously a trade-off and that was the deck John the Baptist and this is what happening today pick up the baby and anything that they can kill. They want right.

They are the Ike I call the death a credit Communist Party. And that's and that's exactly what they're there and that party.

Not everybody knows that the people are afraid to say it would've people actually said things the way they were the death a credit Communist Party is is filled from top to bottom. The pedophilia pedophilia is rampant is rampant. We all know it but people are afraid to say it why Dr. why do I say that why do you think people are greatly well I can tell you this. Did that there is one group of people that have the responsibility more than any other people, and is one group of people who have dishonored our Lord more than anybody else would lack of courage and that's a bite to say but as pastors in the pulpit initiate if they had done if they knew if the pastors had done.

I remember back in and none 73 we went to Washington with 100 senators are not center will to the Senate Washington if that was 100 pastors in the pastors had done their job they had done their job and stood up and boldly preached out against this, but they were too afraid to lose in a 501(c)(3).

I actually had. I was almost fell off my seat because there was one pastor who I never would've thought he would've said this to me and that he was an older pastor and he said son, if you keep up keep this up you're going to bring the government on the home office and I never thought him to be anyone but fear the government locate and repeat peer and right, writer, and so and so here they had the opportunity of the pastors what should've happened.

First, about what it should. After Neil 1962 and expel God from the public school the pastors the pastors it was their job. It was their duty that should a Martha Washington DC. They should've held a trial that court should have been held on trial for treason against God and country for treason against God and country and but they felt they failed that there was a dearth of courage electric courage and to remember when that enlightenment movement started here right about 1960 came in from from Germany and it was time they were talking about how the pastors need to to learn how to get in touch with their feminine part will I never knew I had a feminine part okay and I still couldn't find it. But anyhow they but they started the stuff for this new evangelical the new evangelical movement started where you had guises. Sometimes it would make me sick to talk to listen to Lucas Eaton. He sounded like such such premises.

No boldness, no fire, no fire there something anyhow could actually dictate something very quickly. I correlate that I never put together how you mentioned in 1962 when prayer was removed from from the school will as you know, 1954 with the Johnson where they bought the church's boy with tax exemption so they first neutered the power of the word avoid the black pigment we have the strongest thing the Lord given out the word that we speak and in eight short years later they amassed their arsenal as they bribe the church to make a deal with the devil to then remove the other powerful word which is the power of prayer and shows you have a double deck or whammy in a one to blow at Satan was hard at work that he, God, to systematically destroy you and that you have the enlightenment imminent. You know movement bring in the ghetto. I believe that early. I mean early enlightenment perk. That's nothing compared with the pulpit today.

I mean if another gospel of Jesus. Another pastor you know this is a humanistic type of form of preaching that in many intricate not the word of God. So it certainly systematic plan was the apostate church. Here's the irony. The irony is this Hosea for success. What my people are destroyed arrow for lack of knowledge, but you are really bigoted at work that he even I think even deeper of a lack of revelation. Yeah well here's the thing years ago I had to hire former IRS agents on the radio program and they were saying to me. They were astounded they were amazed because you see any churched if you're an actual church.

You are already not only tax exempt your tax immune that we have that both from God's Word, the Bible tells us that, but these two IRS agent said they were absolutely amazed and stifled white want to know. Can you tell us what these churches will put themselves will voluntarily place themselves under fire under the government and religion. People don't realize the when you go that way when you become a 501(c)(3) than what you become is a corporation or a corporation corpus means nonliving nonliving creation of the state to the church is supposed to be the living body of Christ. But when you become a corpus you become a nonliving creation of the state. When you if you enjoyed a good sign and that you agree to that deceit. Art your word and your contract is supposed to mean mean something. Well here, you agree that the state not Christ as your head. The state not Christ. And then the pastor of the church. Do you know what would hit with these referred to the Gulf from Black's Law as an agent.

The pastors actually an agent and what the definition is two definitions of that one is that he's an intercessor between the assembly in the state.

The other is easily spotty for the state against the assembly and echo and so they they asked me could you tell us why people would voluntarily do. I said no I didn't and I'm not.

I absolutely wouldn't. And so we hold.

You come out of this matrix prepared unit were never in it. We we stayed out of it from the beginning to really get how to get church out of matrix well you call and give your phone number and that the guy that you would want to call.

I have them on this radio program.

Every now and then. His name is Thomas a Charles City, but it's it's a city I can't remember his first name Reginald Dr. Bart Norton KI get me tell you my direct. I believe there is a great great great awakening you. I'm 42. Pastor I don't know how old you are ready. I know you got me by couple years but I lectured for curator.

There is certainly an awakening of men, young that I truly believe you and will not bow to the government in regards to their the only knee they will bow to the king and the Lord, the Lord of Lords and the King of King and there are some that find themselves in a I'm using a matrix.

I'm sure your audience would understand that that correlation, but there are many that when they become aware of that date, 501(c)(3), and how it filing them and how the church has bowed down to the decree of the of the law of the government and a Glock. The boys may block the anointing and they blocked the authority, you won't even believe it has to let me interject here. I was talking to a pastor today and he's part of a church planting network and there was a guy that wanted to plant a church's hometown would wear our church. It and he said that he's been on the sidelines of ministry for two years and you're not even get oblique. Why because he was a part of the mega church that made him sign Juergen up, you're going to fall off your chair that made him sign a non-compete clause 6 make pitstop a pastor he was. After of a mega church that made him sign a noncompete clause and like a good soldier. He did not start a ministry until two years Rob and that sideline out of ministry. Tell that that worthless piece of paper that would nothing more than the doctrine of man That he finally expired at the time it got back into the fight. That's an amazing what's going on pastor here in our area is one of those would you call mega entertainment centers and what they actually do is they actually have people come in and that bring in their tax roof form to see how much they make to make sure that they know that their tithing. 10% year-to-year.

No, I'm not unbelievable so but I thought Neil will be back right after this you like this song about some folks who love this country who all begin to dream. The saying K there was across this nation be thinking one in the saying my not going to take it anymore so it was a bit frightened from the very beginning we have never never given in the fellow that you heard Carl claim he was my old buddy, what a good friend in a minute.

That fellow would not take it at all and he stood his ground. Hey, Jesus said what he meant meant when he said Randall and he was a very, very talented artist baritone and sidewalks That was phenomenal that we have that on the DVD make RCD. Given his Cindy went anyhow. Now you are running for governor in the state of Ohio and in some peoples it would only know that they've already had the primary, but you're not running is one of those decisions. As far as I was. Are we handling for parties you got the Democrats got the Republic grants you got the conservatives and got the independence and maybe the independence of the conservatives could be a lot of the same Republican Party anymore is not what it used to be that the Grendel party anymore. The they don't stand up if you notice something it would've what an absolute shame is pathetic.

You have not heard Republican Party stand up and promote an urge people to go and listen to 2000 meals there. They haven't said a word. Not only that Fox News a lot of people trust spell Fox News. They did it to us again they live. They refuse to promote and make a kind of tell you that the oppositions got the fiction everywhere what guitar you only because the time I thought you had to go to the theater someone just yesterday got me a bit too willing. I wasn't aware that you can watch it and I got seven minutes. As you can only imagine my schedule. One thing led to another and I cannot wait to finish it but we did have a board meeting at our church and elders meeting at our church and I'm in a make sure it's not only public vocals but I'm also because I didn't want to comment on it.

I watched I absolutely be putting on our campaign page and it was very interesting pastor because I got a graphic that was good to me by friend. Somewhat pretty influential Ohio Republican Party at least different fact and he came out with something and he tried everything that he coined the phrase called independent Republican.

That's what he called independent Republican and I am running a good independent, but I thought that was interesting because there is this breakdown of this as you said the Grendel party to Republican Party what you mean it say it right now is divided party and the big question if it can it even be say or is it the Lord get a parent down and broke something granted, I don't know your listeners smarter than I am. But I do know right now that the party as of itself. It's just been compromised at the Democrats well you have the situation in the Bible all the answers he has with the Bible.

What is diluents of the becomes corrupt, from amongst them.

Be you separate from them and being do not participate with them so yeah that that's which appear for example, that you have a heart regular monthly rent is an independent but you know we had across the state. They say well it was legal will note when something is when they talk about is legal is big question.

The weather was legal but once when something is just crooked as can be and that's what's happened here in Ohio you had. My county you had like registered at 13,000 registered Republicans and you had 6000 registered other credits well of letters went out to all of the death of Chris all of the death of The idea was running the running Democrats as Republicans. The running and so the letter went out saying get get a Republican ballot and vote for these people and motorman will be Republicans, but there they will be conservatives to be rhinos and so and rhinos.

What we have we have enough of those that went until it was was so bad that from what I understand in portage County. The next county over 183% of the Republicans voted and backed up and yeah and so not here notice when on not unit this one a statewide and it's it's what they're doing. All across the country locate its various absolutely unethical. There's nothing that is too corrupt to unethical. For these people to do the just nothing condemning. There is nothing if somebody says to me today I'm a Democrat and that's all I know about them.

Here's what what what I think about first of all, the they may be homosexual or pedophile because homosexuality and pedophilia is embraced and embraced.

I know that they want to kill babies.

They there's not enough blood running to the veins of the innocent children of this country to quench the thirst of these wicked people there wicked to the court.

I know that they made may well practice-based reality. I know that these people God's Word, the Bible tells you in Romans chapter 1 that they continue that they continue in their uncleanness and some all of these women that were marching here. Yes, the Supreme Court they had that woman's March. These role and clean women.

I mean, these were wired wired our pastors today. Why don't they have the guts to stand up only tell you why I have given example I had a Presbyterian preacher said to me one day he said you know, pastor, your position on abortion. I totally agree with you I agree hundred percent with what you say is right. It's murder.

There's no way you can call it anything else but you have to understand like I cannot preach what you preach, I would. I would severely offend too many of the women in my church if I preached it is murder and here's what I told him this is really deep what I taught on Wednesday.

Isis dummy. Do you think maybe if you been preaching against the awful horrible sin that there wouldn't be some of the women in your church to the commitment and he says you know I think you've got a point there. Sometimes you feel all alone will pastor the gospel is the beautiful testimony of his great but we are registered or helpful line and make and that's how we come to him is in the destitute of our iniquity and how shall the people know the depth of the depravity and left her purse back reflection of God's holiness in the spirit is proclaimed increase with authority and boldness from our pulpit and intellect, we come to him as an know the depth of our send their truly no salvation and I think this is the enemy of you still have the vast majority of the country deck that considers himself to be Christian and what is it the people that acknowledged me with their mouth, but their heart is far from and how many on that day shall pay more Lord. We did this in your name we cast out demons in your name but we hear the word that should rattle up to the very core that the park for me. You workers of iniquity and the moment that we stop preaching the gospel, the good news is that we have some really really bad. The wages of sin is death, and until we understand that we are dead men walking. We can never be born again and walking his wonders like you know when Herod killed John the Baptist do think he had any idea that Jesus said of men aborting amongst women, there is none. The greater none none greater than that. He says touch not mine anointed.

I got a fight.

I'm pretty sure Harrods in a very bad place right now. I think that I bought. I often wondered the warden will allow the greatest profit that had ever walked according to the Lord that there was none. Greater but yet he allowed him to have one six-month ministry a very short ministry. You know, and he called out the Pharisees, you brood of vipers, and you know he didn't have any of the delicacies of the day, you know. Yay Connie and Bork Campbell care and he called out the religious system only to have a short ministry, but God was fulfilled in his life.

He noticed that yet reached the whole certainly doesn't know right well here now what do we have a problem in that over the years I've been arrested many times out from those buddy abortion mills for preaching the gospel to try to recall me to try to recall me three times. Thank you ACLU Gill racketeering because they were saying that I was taken away the money from the abortion mill, keeping them from from being able to earn a living with the problem with that with with that in all three times was they have to show that I'm I making a profit and I was losing money going out there because I spent at one time a court when a wooden friendly buddy abortion mills, but when I got there. If I was the only one arrested if I was doing one with that I could defend myself known if the if there was the two of us are more arrested for the same same charge. I couldn't do that because they would charge me with practicing law without a license but I could defend myself and my venue and my venue was the King James Bible.

So I went into court and let me tell you, Neil. I get to they never gone more than 15 minutes with the King James Bible. He just wanted me out of the courthouse that bring great laughter to me.

Wait you see here another's. Only the King James Bible is the only one you can do with any of the leave versions of perversions you can't, it's only the King James Bible that you can use to defend yourself and those courthouse and you know why that is. I want your well they asked you what sovereign nation authorized that is a book of law and enhancers King James of Vincent at 11. This is a sovereign nation authorized this book is a book of law. So it is a book of law. In his article, don't you think that if we ran in and ran our politics from this book. What don't you think things would be a whole are better off what you know. I think it be good. You make the introduction that I'm running a governor I get accused often preaching and in all the anointing break the yoke not only of happiness but it break the yoke of captivity that so many of the political life are stuck in a big hundred rally hundred plus rally there mostly all the same. There there men and women there telling you get all based on the pedigree of their background and their no accomplishment that they're going to hear, to state the day the reality is nobody coming to take the day nobody and the only man that can dictate the day is King Jesus and the first bit of legislation that we even know about is when God himself with his finger, inscribing down the first bit of legislation known as the 10 Commandments and so when we understand that the breach that has happened the breach that up on the foundation of the fabric of our society is the moment that we turned our back to God and we we begin to worship other gods and we began to get back to the word of God. I truly believe that we come we come boldly before the throne of grace and mercy, with repentance upon our mouth the Lord has promised second Chronicles chapter 7 verse 14 what you and your great feeling and that is the reality we want to see Keeley in restoration and forgiveness and abundant prosperity. They were going to have to do it God's way, which is found right there in that word of God. No other way but you're absolutely right here and I mean I'm amazed some people when when they say well you hear people parroting today you have you have so many of people. Most of these distant with their soundbites and I and I know what I would be preaching on front of the buddy abortion mills. We would often hear Judge not lest you be judged. Will those people don't realize they kept on reading. He goes on to say, but when you do judge judge with a righteous judgment. In other words, don't hold other people up to higher standards than yourself but they don't know that they have the soundbites that they go by and they parrot these things, and often you'll hear people say that the well.

The Bible teaches to hate the sinner, love the sinner, the Bible doesn't teach that all the Bible teaches to love what God loves to hate what God hates time and you know you you hear all of these things out there. I've never seen in my lifetime.

Such an ill biblically illiterate church you have you have that whole movement out there to the what they call the Word of Faith movement were there. They teach that repentance is not necessary for salvation.

What was the very first thing Jesus Christ repentance John the Baptist you wait aboard and fill in and you got these and I gotta let you guys some of these apostate preachers and they they know how to twist and spin and pervert the Scriptures and the their experts at it and no he is just unbelievable. Let's work now going back to you. Hear how first of all know we we see that the death of Kratz and the Republicans. The they got it or they got a racket to make it very very hard for anybody for an independent run against the you've got have a whole lot of signatures on a petition run against them. How is that coming and how can we help you when you give your audio quick rundown because Rihanna would be until I got into the pickup across the Lord for making God simply out of pain and you don't sidenote to digressed very momentarily pastor, faith is a very interesting concept because it preaching fairly regular multiple buddy intelligently demonstrated. It sounds great when you can holler all day in our faith walk and you know we walk by faith and not by sight. Intel Goliath is talking and then just a nation of Israel. Nobody wants to go against Goliath and I'm certainly I consider myself the least of these, so denied I don't bolster my strength and post as Paul said in my weakness and in my weakness. He has made strong, but I could tell you that God gifted David crapped out to this uncircumcised Philistine that mocks the living God. That is the same sentiment that I walked into this arena ought not arena that I ever thought I would be in. I guess there was a glimpse in the shadow electric point of my life, but it's not something I understood the timing, but as the Lord begin the word of God for my sheet, hear my voice, the year and so when we hear that still small voice that we've answered the call.

At certain times are like. We have to be obedient to step out in faith as he still call.

So to answer your question about the Democrats and Republicans get the ticket as a major party. So, a Democrat, Republican, those are major political parties to be on the ballot in Ohio.

Every state has their own regulations and laws. According to the legislation that is that it instilled and installed in the state, but for the major parties you need 1000 signatures to get on the ballot. Now let me explain the Tiger. Not through the rumor mill, but through sourcing God. The man rarely used. Of course, right now the Democratic primary who are wicked last. She's actually having the Dayton area.

You know she did the same thing if some of these other leaders shall lock down the city had yelled. Craig is abortion crazy wickedness and pray pray that everything that file but he ran against the Cincinnati Mayor which was John Cranley will John Cranley, even though they need a thousand signatures to get on the ballot. He barely got a signatures and so even if the house and actually not as easy as it sounds, because you gotta remember for every time you asked one person you probably you have had no answer.

There's a level of diversity that you have to get through thought just to get on the ballot not run at the eight independent here at that number one as an independent you are not in the primary. So on May 2. Was it May 3 already gourmet secular make make make certain mansard that I got a statement that because our signatures were due May 2 for the primaries.

May 3 and May 3 at independent does not does not compete in the primaries, like people get that computer you know why because there's rarely state wide independent candidate. In fact, I've done my homework. I can't find I'm not here to tell you but from what I do. The information I could find online. I can't find independent to have been on the ballot that were not writing, and so as a write in candidate even as an independent right.

You still have to register with the Secretary of State. So let's say you you writing your mom for governor for your mom even if she had a million votes were right, and he never can be governor like she first registers as an independent. We need 5000 ballot signatures five times the number signatures to get on the ballot and so we came to 5000. We were we were really helpful to get 7500. We been campaigning for nine months, but we only submitted around thousand and we just under 6000 signatures now. That's not an that is, not as many as we wanted by Pastor Ernie for fifth in the Lord's true and submitted them by faith. I'm not worried about it like that from the very beginning we have we have taken the church.

Remember during COBIT all the rhetoric in it that the churches left the building in the Mideast Christianity.

They figured out how to look at the positive of you know what were online now for the reality of the churches always go ye therefore and all the world and make disciples. You were not put the bag that men it is a place of equipping a place of discipleship place of worship, place of prayer, but we have been all over Ohio. You know, we could do an early we've been proclaiming the kingdom of God, not our church. We been proclaiming the kingdom and we been doing it in circles that the church has completely ran away from an begin to perpetrate a generational lie and been defeated by Satan himself says that no know we have the church we should stay out of government.

Certainly data politics because there's no place kidnapped for us. We needed to do our thing in the church but the government do their thing and this is the exact reason why we have lost our nation we just recently had about five new people attending our church because the pastor got in the pulpit one the mega churches and said that the city should not be involved in politics and union. Of course, you've heard the sound bite. You gotta keep your faith in your politics separate.

Well let me tell you the Lord Jesus didn't know that none as we go from Genesis to Revelation. Revelation every prophet, every priest, every preacher, every single one.

And then ensued.

This more than the Lord himself their faith and their politics were inseparable. They were literally out the name for this we have the smoking or not right so the king of the government stronger. The update certainly does and fill in all and you know when you talking about that we be in the body of Christ we be that we have the shoulders to and that's exactly what is referred to.

This is resting upon the church and am currently we never shut down you know when when they came in they started doing this there's a there's little passage over in the book of acts, but I'm running out of time, same kite we get back will will look at this, and folks out there listing again.

Neil Peterson is running for governor, and he believes in God's word for real believers in God's Word the Bible for real and so hang tight will be back right after this a lot more to come, no go away and thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that you are mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program.

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Stay tuned.

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