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The Man of God

Power Point / Jack Graham
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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

The Man of God

Power Point / Jack Graham

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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

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This additional PowerPoint with Jack Graham a little later in the program will show you real man of God.

But first, here's the message the man of God is a description of God's man more than anything may be said of you may be said of me.

He was, he is a man of God, not that you met a lot of money. Best Buy not that you were successful in life is fine as that may be, but that above all above all else, your God's man is one thing to be a male is another thing to be man enough to be a man of God I am grateful for great men's movement across America today. I believe God is raising up men as never before as a catalyst to bring revival to our nation. There's never been a better time. A better day which to be man of God and yet so many men seem to have lost the way yet to be a man of God is to find a way and to live the way and to walk in the way of God. Verse one says blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor stands in the paths of sinners, nor sits in the seat of the scornful.

But his delight is in the law of the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. The Psalms are full of inspirational messages from men man of great faith man of great courage. Men of devotion to God.

Here is David telling us of what the man of God is like.

He says the man of God is commended in verse three, and then the man of God, or the man without God is condemned in verses four, five and six. He says happy is the man of God. Blessed is the man of God in the Hebrew language records. This, in the plural happy happy happy is the man or oh, the happiness is of the man's God's blessings are abundant to the man to the woman of God. He does not blesses one blessing at a time. He is not a stingy God, but giving God in a gracious God lavishly pouring blessing after blessing Jesus said I've come that you might have life and have it more abundantly. More abundantly, overflowing life. So many men don't want to follow Christ for for some say well following Christ is, is not the manly thing to do. Yet the most manly thing that you can do is to be a follower of the man of the ages, the king of kings and the Lord of Lord Jesus Christ.

Others think is a man. What if I follow Christ to take away all the joy and all the pleasures of life, not so he'll add to the joys and to the pleasures of your life that by right hand is fullness of joy and by throne are pleasures forever more. So what kind of man is a man of God. What kind of man does God bless well number one, the man God blesses is separated from the world separated from the world. While the Christian life is positive, while the Christian life is abundant.

There are some things the man of God chooses not to do because the man of God possesses the divine nature. The Holy Spirit of God. We are restrained and for getting in participating in lifestyles that are anti-God and anti-Christ. So here we see some negative thinking of the outside what the man of God won't do their things this man of God does not do their places. The man of God will not go there materials. The man of God will not see any. There is company that the man of God will not keep why because we know as men of God. Certain things are counterproductive. Certain things drag us down and deplete us and rob us of spiritual energy and rob us of our testimony and calls us to feel spiritually to embarrass ourselves embarrass our families and and most of all to embarrass God and so there is a separation you don't hear much about separation in a long, but the man of God is to be distinctively different. He is to be separated from godless thinking. Notice verse one Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, beware the mind vendors were often softened up to accept the world's values brainwashed by the god of this age, but our lives are not to be directed by the wisdom of this world, but by the wisdom that comes from above, and so the amount of man of God gets his wisdom, his counsel from heaven. He is able to live his life without scheming and is able to live his life with the plan of God and trusting in the Lord is a proverb which says as a man think up in his heart so is he. The heart is the center of reflection who you are down deep on the inside. When you commune with yourself when you commune with God as a man think up in his heart so is he. What you think about what you hear what you allowed to enter the mine J will ultimately determine your life and your actions. The old adage says, so a thought, reap a deed. So, indeed, reap a character so a character read a destiny. So God wants the man of God to win the battle for the mind that I thought life would be pure. He keeps the door shut to godless thinking.

One of my heroes of the faith is George Beverly Shea George Beverly Shea says that when he goes into a motel room were so often we are confronted with some of the temptations over that television and some of the movies the covenant as rooms first thing he does is to put a towel over that the television setting covered up and then put the word of God right on top of PS to get right to the word of God before he would get any of that trash that might be on the television set. We are to protect ourselves from anything that would cause us to think in an ungodly manner he separated from godless thinking. Not only that he separated from lawless living. That is, he does not stand in the way of sinners.

Why we have contact with those who don't know Christ.

We have no communion with those who do not know Christ while we to be friends with sinners. Jesus was friend of sinners, we are not to have fellowship that is where not to hang out with those of the lifestyle who do not share our faith.

That's why the Bible says that we are to marry in the faith we to marry in the Lord, don't be unequally yoked together with unbelievers because how can you share life together in love together.

If you don't share Christ together and so the man of God. He does not participate in the lifestyle of the lost. He refuses to walk where sinners congregate. You show me the kind of friends you keep kind of company you keep.

And I will show you the kind of person you are, or will soon become the Scripture says a companion of fools shall be destroyed. That's why we love the fellowship of God's people. I challenge you men to make your companions. The family of God to join with other men in worship to join another man with Bible study to be a counter with countable command to encourage one another and strengthen one another because the wise man does not hang out with the godless gang of the Christ was to click but the man of God is committed to the things of God into the work of God into the people of God.

He's also this man of God separated from careless speaking for says he does not sit in the seat of the scornful. Now notice the progression that we've made here from walking to standing to sitting, walking in the counsel of the ungodly vessel listening to the counsel of the ungodly, standing in the path of sinners that is lingering the pathway of sinners now finally sitting and even laughing. The scornful mocking the things of God. Those who listen to the counsel of the ungodly, generally end up sitting in the seat of the scorn in the seat of the scornful. Those who mock the things of God is the chief seats in Satan's kingdom, we are to avoid those who mock the word of God and separate ourselves from those who would destroy and to the file. Our faith that's why I'm so strong on the word of God.

That's why I'm so strong when our Baptist schools and keeping the faith and keeping the word of God pure so that when we teach our young people. We will help them to be able to stand in the midst of an ungodly Chryslers generation. You need to make sure dad that your kids are not only getting the counsel your counsel, but that they're getting the counsel of the word of God because I tell you the world is bombarding our kids with ungodly counselor and dad.

It is your responsibility to give your boys and girls. The counsel of the word of God you're listening to PowerPoint with Jack Graham in his message, the man of God.

Pastor this month with a special gift for our listeners to give a gift to PowerPoint your book man of God.

What can you tell us about this powerful resource you know I have a real passion to see men know and follow Jesus Christ as their Lord and if there's and that if I was just speaking to men right now. I would say the greatest thing you can do with your life fully follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Some you guys your tomorrow your good husband family Guy. Your good worker but goodness doesn't get us to heaven. That doesn't make us a man of God.

God's man. Jesus knows that you put your faith and trust in Christ as your Lord and your Savior. You can become the man that he made person that he made you to be some of you have never done that you have a relationship with the church or you have a relationship with students, but you don't have a ship Jesus Christ.

I really want to challenge you today that you would trust him with all of your heart.

And then if you are a believer.

Jesus maybe you find yourself sort of have been not fully. I want to encourage you to walk with God like never before.

That's the reason I've written this book man of God I really want you to have this book because it talks about how we as men can truly be men of God. And if that sounds overwhelming. I promise you it's possible for you. You can be the man. The person that God wants you to be as you walk with him and the power of the Holy Spirit's unwritten man of God so that we could live like actually like to make a difference and that's what I want you to get this quote man is available to you right now to get it today and get Dr. Graham's book man of God is our thank you for call 1-800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627 or text the word PowerPoint to 59789.

Now it's Québec.

Today's message the man of God, the man of God. The man that God blesses is separated from the world but notice also he saturated satisfied with the word verse two says his delight is in the law the Lord and in his law he meditates day and night. He delights in the word of God. The word of God for the Christian for the man of God is not an obligation. It is an opportunity to spend time with God you want to spend time with those that you love and if you love God the way he ought to love God you want to spend time with God in the way to spend time with God the way to fellowship with God is in his word, and so the man of God appreciates the word of God longs to hear the word of God loves to read the word of God.

But not only to appreciate the word of God, but the man of God assimilates the word of God looking verse two again and in his law he meditates day and night.

There is a new wave a new age of emphasis today on meditation most of it of course is not biblical meditation or Christian meditation any meditation that is not Christian meditation, the biblical meta-meditation is damaging and destructive. Don't put your mind in neutral and open your mind to anything but biblical meditation is to concentrate to to meditate upon the Scripture and the word of God and we need meditation I was reading an article that medical science is now proving that meditation climbing yourself before the Lord is actually healthy to your body and today which were running here and there and knocking things over constantly in this fast paced life in which we are living.

It is important that man of God and women of God as well. Of course, take time to be holy and meditate upon the word of God will meditation do for you meditating upon the word of God one he will quiet in the heart to you will develop the mind. You want your mind to develop and expand. Meditate upon God's word then instills the body and that's important that our bodies slow down then it fortifies the will and he quickens the spirit. God wants to speak to you. God wants to meet with you the King of Kings and the Lord of lords wants to give you his counsel and I tell you, there's not a subject imaginable. That is not dealt with in the word of God is so meditation is to internalize the Scripture to digest the Scripture.

Jeremiah 1516 says, thy words were found that I did eat them in thy word was in the me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.

The man of God is separated from the world. The man of God is satisfied with the word. Let me ask you men. You know the word of God.

I am appalled. I'm amazed and ashamed to say that many men are biblically illiterate. I watch as I women faithfully study the word of God and are involved in Bible studies and personally study the word of God and they are leading the way on this manager shouldn't be so you as a man above all ought to know God's word that you can lead your families well that you can live for Christ in the pathway of your life that you can be a personal witness in a bold witness for the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you a man of the word. Not only is the man of God separated from the world and satisfied with the word, the man of God is situated by the waters looking verse three he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, bring forth fruit in its season leash whose leaves shall not wither and what ever he shall prosper this old world is a desert dry and barren place, but the man of God has roots down deep with hidden springs that satisfy and supply the longings of his heart and our relationship with God through Jesus Christ releases the rivers of God spirit so that we are refreshed and revitalized daily daily and though the outward man. Paul says perishes, though disintegration takes place physically the inner man the spiritual man the part of you that will go on and on and on King be strengthened and transformed the very image of Christ and man man that's what God is trying to do in your life. God is wanting to make you like cheese.

These wanting you to be a Christ man.

God's man noticed the stability of this man situated by the water. He's like a tree planted by the rivers grounded and settled.

He has deep roots is waters.

Ron D.

He has a depth of character and a strength of will. Because he has roots. So many today are all showcasing no warehouse everything you see is out front and not inside man be strong on the inside is stability in that way when any wind blows against her.

You will be strong. You will be stable in the midst of the gales of life and then noticed the vitality of the man of God is planted by the rivers of water. This is a just standing up on our own 2 feet of being a man. We are energized, empowered by the Holy Spirit by the rivers of water speaks. I believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the believer's life for Jesus said, he who believes in me out of his innermost being shall flow rivers of living water, so the man the woman of God is to be full of the Holy Spirit and then noticed the productivity of the man of God. He brings forth fruit in season. This is the fruit of the spirit which is Christlike character, love and joy and peace and goodness and gentleness and kindness and faith were to be productive in our Christian life. Remember in the gospel of Mark, Jesus cursed the fig tree that was nothing but leaves.

There was no fruit.

God is inspecting our lives for spiritual fruit in the man of God will bear fruit. Be productive. I want to challenge you men to be reproduce, reproducing believers in Christ. A healthy body reproduces and a healthy Christian will reproduce spiritual fruit.

The fruit of character, the fruit of bringing people to Christ and then noticed his consistency. His lease shall not wither. You'll not burn out your leaves will not dry up your fruit will not wither but you will be forever Green the consistency there's nothing more pleasant, more powerful than a strong stable solid guy who is committed and in the power of the Holy Spirit is living the life he professes, and then finally he is prosperity or his maturity. Whatever he does shall prosper, shall mature, there will be the maturity of your family life. Maturity of your business life. The maturity of your social life. The maturity of your personal life. The maturity of your witnessing life.

What ever he does shall prosper God will bless you man of God you want to be a man of God, a woman of God. Separate yourself from the world we got far, far too much worldliness in the church of Jesus Christ today acting like the world anything the world. Mimicking the world rather than mimicking Jesus Christ separate yourself from the war being different and then satisfy yourself in the word in the word in the word meditate upon it, memorize it, be a man, a woman of the word that you may be situated by the water established firm, strong complete tour when they lay to maybe your son, your daughter, your wife, your friends will say there lives. There rests a man of God. Don't be a man whose lost man who has discovered a way to prove my medicine you are listening to PowerPoint against Graham and the message the man of God.

Today's culture has so distorted the concept of mass and some even reject it as toxic better world doesn't need less manly men.

We need more men of God, men who love Jesus make loving husbands and fathers and lead as servants would like to help you uncover what God says about true masculinity by sending you Dr. Graham's book man of God yielding difficult insight into how you more than many in your life can live with purpose and passion thing Christ first and living radically for him man of God is our thanks for your gift to help proclaim God's word to PowerPoint to request your copy when you call today: 800-7954 62 761-800-7954 627 can also text PowerPoint 59789 and don't forget to visit Jack where you can shop for E store. Give a gift online or sign up for Dr. Graham's free daily email devotional our website again is Jack Graham.war pastor. What is your PowerPoint for today men. Let me ask today how do you want to be remembered. I mean really remembered by your family when all is said and done, what is that you want people to say about you that you were shrewd and successful businessman that he had all the things that money could buy that you sacrifice your family in order to make it to the top of the corporate ladder or do you want to be remembered like King David as a man after God's own heart. I want to be a man who follows God and I believe many of you do as well. Now this is not easy. It takes a daily commitment and a daily devotion to follow Christ wholeheartedly and it starts with turning away from the ways of the world in that we are to be separate and to be different and distinct from this world. Now I know that every one of us has a side that we don't care to talk about is the dark side and there is not a sin that we are not capable of committing.

The Bible says our hearts are deceitful above all things, it says that our hearts are desperately wicked who can know it and it is only in Jesus Christ and the power of his life in us that we can overcome our wicked hearts and follow him to become men of God to become women who follow God completely.

What you need is a new heart and a new life in Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross for your sin.

Not only so that you could be forgiven of your sins, but that you can win over sin every day of your life today.

Give your life completely to him then and only then can you know the joy and the favor of being a man of God and that is today's PowerPoint.

Remember when you give a gift to PowerPoint will send you Dr. Graham's book man of God is our thanks. Call 1-800-795-4627 that's 1-800-795-4627. You can also text the word PowerPoint 259789 and join us again next time. As Dr. Graham brings a message about how John the Baptist is the prime example of the true man of God. He preached a message of repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

He came at a strategic time for 400 years there have been no voice in Israel. No prophetic voice and moral and spiritual darkness had settled upon the people. There was religion but they needed a revival they needed Jesus Christ and so John the baptizer was sent from God to introduce Jesus to the world not is it that our assignment in life. Men and women to introduce the world to Jesus Christ not before his first coming, but at the end of this age at at the outset of the return of Jesus Christ. John, the baptizer came to introduce Christ to the world the first time and it is our responsibility to introduce men, women, Boys and Girls Club faith in Jesus Christ before Christ comes again.

Now there's so much to learn from John's life from from his witness and ministry because just as he came by. We a witness is someone who steps aside, you get out of this bottom line remove cell and points and that's what John he was really for his great life for the flip is a greater life of its next time on PowerPoint with Jack Graham PowerPoint with Jack Graham is sponsored by PowerPoint ministries

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