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Leaving a Godly Inheritance - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 6, 2022 12:00 am

Leaving a Godly Inheritance - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 6, 2022 12:00 am

Instill Christian behaviors and practices in your children, which can count as your godly inheritance.

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In Touch
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Nonentity The tell family for finding may think today help thinking differently about the legacy we were given and the one believe here's part two of leaving a godly inheritance. The most valuable inheritance.

You can leave your children cannot be counted can't be measured.

You can see it but is far more valuable than those things.

So when I think about an inheritance you think about, for example what you been thinking about or one of these days you will maybe look back and say will my parents and my grandparents passed away in his what they left me, you still haven't most people squander lots of money to get lots of mother prepared for all if you don't squander it little by little.

They'll use it up on something that they wish. Maybe they would've done it differently. So what I want to talk about in this message is this leaving a godly inheritance, and the question is what kind are you leaving so little of others I want to give your list and I will just talk about each one of them a little bit because there are number of them in any one of them would be a message so as a parent was a grandparent. You think about what's the most valuable things I could leave my children, my grandchildren. Let's start off with his number one, a pattern for obeying God in every area of your life, the words obedience is obedience. So how my going to teach my children obedience by obeying God and no matter what you and I say listen, they are going to do what we do before they do what we say and after you have left home. You can sit and recall some things that your parents said to you or maybe something that you heard them say and then you watch the way they live, you thought that sums wrong with that. The truth is we need to know how to be obedient to God that comes with submission. We grandchildren up and we say you must do what your dad tells you to do because I want what's best for you or your heavenly father sent the same thing and so how do we teach obedience. We teach obedience, not by talking about it.

But by being obedient and for children were young children or Latinos. Whatever might be.

Then you talk about. Here's the reason I did this because this is what God showed me this is what God told me to do and I been obedient.

His what happens you want to convince child or an adult present concern.

Agon operates talk about what you ask him about how he answered your prayer the process he went through. Before long, his what happens to pick up the pattern, but the whole issue of obedience. If I want to teach my children obedience at the talk about it. But then I had to demonstrate because they gonna watch what you do and I think about in my own mother's life and try to think about that harvest here or see her or think about her telling me one thing and doing something else that I ever think about or remember anything that she said and she did the opposite. I never could because she was of deadly honest with me about everything and she told me to be obedient to God and she taught me more than one way and the very idea that you don't discipline children is as unscriptural as anything I know, because we all need to be disciplined and listen if we got demanded about children and teach them obedience. We have to show which means that we have say you know what I made a mistake I did the wrong thing God showed me what to do.

I didn't do it. I wasn't listening in his what happens. You see whenever you and I are too prideful to admit that you made a mistake over the newer we should've done you not covering up anything near their smart their perceptive God's working in their life very, very early, and so we have to decide what kind of parents we going to be in a member this you're going to leave it with them whether you want to or not. If you live around the you gonna leave it. If you never call me you never told him you're still leaving them something but maybe not the right thing. Then of course you need to leave them of faith that list that conquers the trials of life and what I mean by that simpler this they need to see in you faith they need to hear you talk about how God is working in your life how he's answered prayer. You will teach a child to pray is I teach them to pray you get on your knees and you pray with, I can remember. For example, the day that and did not want when they learn the pray and I thought to myself. I looked over at him and I thought God he's learned to talk to you is no treasure to match the can of a given anything to match that you can give your children anything of human value materialistic value to match spiritual treasure real genuine well that is how you overcome strife and difficult and hardship you put your trust in God. They need to hear you talking about, they need to see you demonstrating they need to see you face challenges, and that God brought you through it. They need to see you situations and circumstances that you're in that this look hopeless use of you can tell your kids about that one. Not when they get a little age not too much but a little edge on disable limited what that's going through a limitation what's happening on and so, for we can't trust the Lord for this.

See how it works out. I never heard my mother say we gotta fix this. There was, came of the situation didn't have whatever we needed. We just need to ask God to provide a force well and it didn't take me long to figure out when I started school I had sent to college at $75 in three months before and have anything and didn't even have a way to go. My mother prayed long and hard Lord. You provide, you know, we don't have any money you provide. One day I had no scholarship next there had one went to school at $75 every once in a while my mother would send me a few dollars but she knew what she left me with. She had let me live with her for those about 18 years watching God provide and needs. She knew I was not going to worry about. That's treasure. That's wealth that's an inheritance that you cannot buy. You can leave it to your children you say why so many of us of our past that stage, your grandchildren, how do we instill these truths in grandchildren life that we live then of course a forgiving heart. Forgiveness means I keep my heart open and you teach a child. Forgiveness Bob be very forgiving.

Watch this and you also teach a child forgiveness by saying to the child sweetheart that promise you he is going to be here and I wasn't.

And I'm sorry and I need to ask you to forgive me soup you ask it, you're in the figure, yes you do, you ask him to forgive you because were not perfect anytime you come up to the idea that you think are you not going to let forgiveness. Remember this, who has forgiven you of every sin you have ever committed. And I remember the day when I was dealing with something in the church and the way people are treated me and so forth site. The Lord said to me one day when you look at me on the cross.

Is there anything that I've not been willing to forgive you for can you rightfully hold anything against anybody. No matter what they do settle it for me.

The only way you teach your children and the only way you leave them the spirit of forgiveness is watching it in you if they see jealousy. For example, and they see this vengeful spirit that you are you going to retaliate, to get the best of them. What you don't know how been traded as maintenance. I've been traded and never have a legitimate biblical right or biblical authority to be unforgiving, no matter what you know I've had too many opportunities to learn that lesson but I remember when we were going through time way back in the church and the discount walks up on the platform. The business maiden excellent statement any backhands and hits me in the gel. Randy was sitting area to the left and he jumped up and mom at the conference grabbed and is in and your dad just won a battle this relax. Well when I went home.

You can imagine what our conversation was about and undo that the first thing I had to convey to my children was advocating is that is it me, no vengeance, no retaliation get the best of its instantaneous forgiveness listen.

That's the only way to live free is to be forgiving if we going to teach our children and leave them anything of value. One of the most valuable things we can leave them by demonstration is I forgive you. Then there is an orderly lifestyle in which this is certainly a part of what we leave our children if I came to your house.

What I'll be able to get from the front door to the kitchen without stumbling over about 4567 things together that you not do so. Tachypnea saw is your house junkie you orderly about not only things he orderly about your time orderly about your relationships or is it just you do your thing on their mind that you don't get my well get your way I think about how some families live not too sure I can live very well in a disorderly family that is just my mother now for most of my life and so I never ever being orderly is of this you say Charles B orderly no she let it all over close and nighttime placement working next morning she had everything on the table for breakfast next morning, forever. Gotta. She gave me my instructions about what I was the cook and how was the cook my breakfast and I was hearing my breakfast at about six years of age. But you know what is. No biggie if she's in is what you did, and here's what you do with your clothes.

You do not lay them down. You hang up your trousers and your mom hang them up, hang them up, to find let you hang them up and so the truth is, I think some of the parents are so afraid that they don't have their children's disfavor and rejection they want. Even they won't even provide an orderly lifestyle, but all I think about Jesus didn't say, well where my going today.

Think about no, this is the day that demands and requires discipline for all of us discipline. Watch this one and finances discipline in their diets. Discipline in our time, you go right down the line. These are days that demanded the required that children need to see that in us an orderly lifestyle is one that is not confusing but overtly see some children grow up and send us lifestyle that so disorderly they grow up confused what to do next. How to make decisions. Then of course one thing you want to leave them as a servant spirit which means you and I must have that in most folks will be widely known, pampered, and so forth. But according to Scripture, of all the servants whose ever live Jesus is the perfect example with the leave our children that went with it.

Teach them demonstrate to them what it means to be a servant, which means first quality I must be willing to forget myself and ask what's best for him what's best for her. How can I help American Idol per I think we live in such a fast pace. Most of us would say I would be a better servant, but I just don't have what time but the question is what do I want to leave. What do I want my kids to remember that I help them that I serve them not serve them because I wanted something back but because I wanted them to understand servant spirit makes a person very very valuable. It is amazing is what their occupation of vocation. If you have a servant spirit and you live that out you valuable to have you work for them. Of course, a generous hand that is your children need to see you being generous because, listen, I've never met a happy tightfisted anybody. A person who is tightfisted and you know scrape count every penny. And you can have this you can't do that no words best no joy.

No kid wants to grow up in that kind of a family generosity says you know what I'm thing about you. I have whatever I have. But I want you to have it. I want you to have whatever you need in life and a generous spirit is certainly a Christlike spirit. He gave himself totally and completely continually giving, giving, giving, giving, giving Sotelo to teach my children to be generous. I want to get them in the word of God.

The first was. It is what God says because this thing about our children come in this world with a bent away from God, for the simple reason avocado nature and so this is why little children yet in a fuss over something that is oftentimes very ridiculous that this is Mondo it's mine. That's a bit long for me. That block and they have big fights until finally realize that that's not the solution. Would you say that you demonstrate to your family, your children do you demonstrate generosity to them is my don't have much. You have to have much, it's that you give whatever you have to give, and you can never out give God a person is a spirit of generosity usually has accounts. Open spirit freeze. The generalist that is giving as part of their life is in his giving money and things its giving of themselves of their time of their opinion of their faith, their witness or whatever it might be.

So what you have to ask is when your children consider you a generous person and then I would just say one last thing the one thing you so I want to leave them is a sincere love, not fake.

Not not giving them things as a substitute for love, but genuine and sincere love is real is unconditional. Let me ask you something. Don't you really and truly love the feel love from somebody.

Amen that don't sit there like it. Ensure you do.

We all want to feel love and if you feel love growing up, I can still remember had fields to hug my mother and to be hugged by her. I think I would wish that for every child. I noticed some families that have horrible problems but you can love somebody is gotta be real. One of thing but a small child is they have not learned to doubt you tell them something if my that is as it that's the gospel so to speak, and so you love them, you teach them the love of the people and you know what you're pouring why I keep saying this you're pouring your God given self into them. Now how to relieve a spiritual inheritance. The three ways number one by the pattern of our life. That's when we do it number two by the principles that govern us or we believe in number three of the power of our words, what we say we leave an inheritance in those three ways and may God give us all wisdom to know how to do that in a way that transforms works in the lives of our children and grandchildren to the point they grow up honoring God and living a godly life and father how grateful we are all of us who had parents that have helped us through those troublesome times and to learn the things we need to learn in life and keep on learning pray for all these mothers fathers have no husband to help them there on their own. I pray that you give them wisdom to know how the transfer these precious truths to their children in such a way that they too will rise up and call their mother godly. We love you and praise your father and asked the Holy Spirit would make all of us, grateful and thankful for what you doing in our lives but also with the heart to reach out to others who so desperately need us in Jesus name, amen. The limited city you if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. Listen to me carefully, you are going to this life if you just think worldly pleasures going to satisfy is not a can't. The only thing is going to satisfy you is the person of Jesus Christ living within you. You can have or have not.

But when you have him you have what counts and I would encourage you to ask him to forgive your sins and trust him as your personal savior telling I'm asking you to forgive me on the basis that you paid my sin debt in full of the cross I'm surrendering my life right now. Then he will begin the work in your life. Things that probably missed all these years. Thank you for listening to part 211, leaving a godly inheritance if you like to know more about Charles Stanley are intact ministries and had started wagging back after the presentation of intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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