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The King is Coming, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 4, 2022 12:00 am

The King is Coming, Part 1

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 4, 2022 12:00 am

At His first coming, Jesus played the role of a servant as He humbly died for the sins of humanity. At His second coming, He will play a very different role.

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You want ruling over you one who is a liar or one who is faithful and true if God is for one moment, and with one person faithful and untruthful. He has lost everything. No matter what you give up so the Bible opens this vision John is effectively saying I saw have an opening in the sovereign Lord, the sending, just as he promised, he has kept his word, he is faithful and gather the church to himself. Will that really happen.

The answer is yes it will. The reason we can rest firmly on that promise is because Jesus is faithful and true.

Therefore, we can confidently believe him and trust him. This is wisdom for the heart. Today Stephen Devi continues his series from revelation called thy kingdom come with this message here comes the king August 21, 2009 prima leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini called all Muslims in his country and in neighboring countries to intensify their preparations for the coming of their Messiah. The Islamic Messiah known as the modern-day or the hidden email.

This is their version of Messiah who will come to believe and bring peace to the world, found it interesting in my research to discover the many Islamic scholars are not sure how long he will reign many of them believe this hidden email that is hidden until make his appearance in the Middle East believes that when he steps forward terrain. He will rule the world for seven we Christians also believe in the coming of a world leader who will offer peace in the Middle East and attempt to rule the world for seven years right we learn that you really would want to follow him he will be the final ultimate deceiver, but these are fascinating days to be a Christian.

I think all you have to do is go online or read the newspaper or watch job a little television news and you pick up rapidly on this growing fever over apocalyptic events. This fervor over the future coming disasters. Whether it is Nostradamus, and one more revelation of his continues to sell magazines at Harris Teeter. From what I can tell as he predicts you know terrible thing. Or maybe it's the Mayan calendar which is garnered a lot of attention with its ending of its cycle of the year 2012 or a Chinese Oracle telling of of apocalyptic events to hit the planet in the future. Fever is definitely growing if there was ever a time in human history when people around the world are hoping for and anticipating somebody who will come on the scene and make a global difference it is today like none other but the election of our own president and probably the setting of the stage for every president who will be elected in the future will have to somehow convince the public that they can offer not just leadership but that keyword. Hope and not just hope for America, but a leader who can step up on the stage and offer hope to the entire world because everybody now is thinking globally. We are all more aware of our responsibility globally. Whether that second graders who are now being taught to go green and save the planet. Leaders who are as concerned about CO2 emissions as they are stock prices to religious leaders who are discarding key doctrines to somehow bring the world to resolution in the religious environment and bring some kind of peace. What a great time to be Christian. What a critical time to have the answer and what security to have objectives inspired revelation of exactly what will indeed happen on earth during these apocalyptic times that will in fact come and who will be affected and how you can escape being affected by it, and more importantly, the sovereign king in whose hand it all moves forward, the predicted truth of Christ's second coming happened to form the greatest anticipation of all of human history.

And that is not exaggeration from the fall of Adam to the second coming of the second Adam, when Christ sets up his kingdom. That fulfillment has been since the beginning of time, then the long awaited event of human history, redemptive history, when the true king will receive the ruling scepter Genesis 49, when God will establish the throne of David's greater son, second Samuel seven when that son will rule the earth with the rod of iron. Psalm chapter 2 when the nations will be judged. Joel chapter 3 when the returning king will defeat his enemies and in Jerusalem will become the center of messiahs kingdom Zachariah chapter 12 when the angels will gather the living unbelievers for judgment. Matthew 25 when Jesus Christ will visibly physically to send in a holy majesty to judge and to rule the world.

Revelation 19. No wonder the second coming of Christ is considered the culmination of redemptive history even though the average Christian knows more about the first coming of Christ is first Advent, the second coming of Christ is actually the focus of much more Scripture. The Bible is silent on the subject that Christ's second coming to rule and reign on planet Earth is emphasized in at least 17 Old Testament books Jesus Christ referred to his second coming 21 times. In fact, seven out of every 10 chapters of the New Testament mentions his second coming, even more than that for everyone one verse that refers to Christ first coming. There are eight verses that refer to his second coming. This is as it were the focus this fulfillment of much of Scripture and the details of his second coming are astounding. We have arrived at that point in our study of John's Revelation. We are given a sevenfold description of this climactic event as Jesus Christ returns to planet Earth. Revelation chapter 19. Let's look at the description of that event. Picking it up or we left off in our last study at verse 11. You'll notice right away.

In this description, that there is first an introduction with verse 11 and I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse and he who sat on it is called faithful and true.

Now I read that the first thing I wanted to know was why those name why those of all the ones that you could choose one. Other names given to him over the ages of revealed Scripture about the Lord Jesus ask chapter 7 verse 59 or Jesus Christ Mark chapter 1 verse one, or Christ, the son of God. John 1127 the Lamb of God. John 129 or the King of glory to Goodwin. Psalm 20 4Y at the Alpha and Omega Revelation chapter 1 verse eight where the lion of Judah. Revelation 5 verse five or the hope of glory. Colossians 127 why not the bread of life.

John 635 or the everlasting God.

Isaiah 40 verse 28. What about the word of life for someone one or the high priest. Hebrews 629. One of the good Shepherd. John 1011 or the mighty God. Isaiah 9 verse six, or how I just want the Savior of the world. First John four that just sort of says it all in on 101 of them occurred to me that perhaps it's because none of them can operate unless he keeps his word and his word is indeed the truth what kind of Lord would he be if he didn't tell the truth what kind of prince would he be if he cannot defeat his foes. What kind of high priest. Could he be if he could not sanctify forever his beloved. What kind of King would he be if he can't return to to assume ownership of the throne. So John is saying listen as income you need to understand, he is faithful and true, he keeps his promise and his promises are all the truth. Donald Ray Barnhouse, a former pastor who wrote prolifically illustrated this point in his commentary on Revelation, as he recounted a woman a believer who was on her deathbed, talking to her family and friends of her assurance of salvation's came home to me as I studied this week.

Many of you know my mother-in-law passed away in one of the things that I remember her saying the hospital bed. The day she died was I just want to go home and be with Jesus. That kind of assurance for those who genuinely believe in Christ is a wonderful thing to observe. Well, this woman was in the hospital and a young minister happen to visit her on one occasion he was unconverted. There many of in the ministry are unconverted. He'd never seen anybody quite so sure of her future. Barnhouse wrote with the Lord and thought he should warn the deer solely in such dogmatism will she answered him well as she said, son, if I should awaken eternity to find myself among the lost, the Lord would lose more than I would. He has one house that is. She responded well I might lose my soul, but he would lose his good day that good.

So true. If God is for one moment, and with one person unfaithful and untruthful.

He has lost everything. No matter what you give up and so the Bible opens this vision John is effectively saying I saw heaven opening the sovereign Lord descending just as he promised, he has kept his word, he is faithful and true. Secondly, what you notice immediately. Verse 11 that only Christ introduction what is transportation. John writes behold a white horse, and he sat on it, and behold hello. This is a Jonathan, would you look at that look at that all white horse of the Lord riding on that a John.

This was significant, much more so than to us the white horse was clearly symbolic of a victorious general or Emperor of the Roman Senate. In fact, granted Julius Caesar the right and then his request upon his victory in North Africa to to to ride in a chariot through the streets of Rome pulled by white horses during victory celebrations like these. Rome would decorate everything they could, in the city with with all white white fabric white flowers, white banners white clothing juvenile the Roman poet living in the Times of John the apostle wrote that during these times, Rome would be, literally translated, a city in white.

The citizens would pour out of their homes and their businesses to throng behind their victorious Caesar.

As they celebrated his victory.

You can see the obvious picture that you, a white horse is symbolic of a victorious Emperor. I also believe he will literally write a white horse through the skies rain in on Mount on the Mount of olives dismount more on that. The third description of this climactic event could be summed up in the word vindication. The latter part of verse 11, and in righteousness he judges and wages war.

Let that settle. He is waging war. This is the actual battle of Armageddon will take one more look at it in our next study together so Jesus Christ is not just bringing acquire is bringing an army. The armies mentioned a little later this paragraph are an awesome site to see is is Christ and his church will come in glory to judge the world.

The New Testament book of Jude. In fact, verse 14 repeats an old ancient prophecy gifted all the way back to the book of Genesis within you will find another because it unrecorded edict living during the days of Adam Meg, one of the way he was a great great great great great great great grandson of Adam and edict prophesied within really there, but we read it later in the book of Jude that little one chapter letter just before you get to Revelation and edict is making this prophecy.

He says the Lord will come with thousands many thousands of his saints to execute judgment upon all, imagine only seven generations removed I the picture for generations. All living. Imagine seven generations is prophesying, not of the first coming, but of the second coming. Zechariah prophesied that Jehovah would one day come and stand on the Mount of olives as he defeats all the unbelieving nations. Zechariah prophesies in the Lord my God shall, at all the saints with him, Zechariah chapter 14, by the way this a wonderful verse to show your Jehovah's Witnesses, contacts, neighbors, coworkers comparing Zechariah's prophecy of Chapter 14 of God standing on the Mount of olives with Christ. Matthew 24 and 25 who fulfills the prophecy literally standing on the mount of Allah. Paul wrote of the same event when he sent to the Corinthian church. The news that they wanted one day judge the world. That's a fulfillment of Phoenix old prophecy recorded in Jude 14, the Lord will come with many thousands to execute judgment upon all, this is a reference to Christ and his beloved, who are coming in the second coming, the rain and the judge.

The apostle Paul also wrote of this coming glorious day of Christ Revelation of the world as sovereign Lord and ruler when he wrote this to the Colossian church. When Christ, who is our life, is revealed and you also will be revealed with him in glory. He's referring to the second coming.

Colossians 34 Jesus Christ and his beloved will be forever without question vindicated. John records another description of the scene.

We just call it perfect vision perfect vision of Christ. Verse 12 his eyes are a flame of fire, that is his holy piercing vision into the heart of mankind is part and parcel of his holy judgment. Nothing will escape his notice.

These eyes that once reflected tenderness and joy as he cradled a little child in his arms. These eyes that reflected compassion when he met the distressed these eyes that communicated sadness toward that denying disciple across the courtyard as their eyes met these same eyes that communicated forgiveness to that same disciple that he met after his resurrection, these eyes that wept over the city of Jerusalem that rejected him. These eyes that wept at the grave of his friend Lazarus. These eyes will now flash with the fire of holy judgment of the world. I try to say can you judge us you weren't there, you didn't see me. You don't know it's in my hearts. You didn't see me do anything wrong or the truth is implied here.

Certainly another Scriptures. He comes with omniscient penetrating vision.

He is an eyewitness of every center and every sin. He knows the heart of every man and woman, boy and girl. He has all of the information necessary to render a just verdict in the just verdict will be guilty.

The next word, then that sums up John's description of Christ second coming is the word domination notice further in verse 12, and on his head are many diadem's plural might confuse you as to how you can wear more than one crown. When the be a little awkward how you balance the ball with a diadem was a crown of royalty that Esther received one when she became Queen of Persia Esther chapter 2 verse 17, but I diadem was really nothing more than a then elaborately designed headband, typically about 2 inches wide, made of beautifully embroidered cloth jewels could be attached to it, or other insignia that, in fact, excavations have given us ample pictures and released a sort of clear up the confusion. We have excavated carvings of one Assyrian king. He's wearing his elaborate diadem to embroidered probably with gold thread cascading down and often shoulder is a beautiful red ribbon with gold embroidery. Must've been a beautiful magnificent sight. This is the typical picture in the mind of John's readers of a Roman Emperor. This is the diadem. It simply embroidered cloth and and he would wear it. In fact, we have historical accounts for instance of Ptolemy the sixth in the year 164 BC when he defeated Antioch. He took the Kings diadem, and he put on his head with his. He was the king of Pharaoh.

So now he had to. It was his way of saying he was sovereign over Egypt and over Asia. We know that King David when he defeated one Gentile king. He took his diadem and put it on his head, along with his.

So when John says that Jesus Christ is wearing many diadem is what is basically saying is he's conquered every kingdom. He rules over them all. And many of them probably at insignia of the nation they land. And so it's as if it's saying to the world. I rule over every king magnificent sight. It will be, as we see him further evidence of Christ's total domination is the next phrase in verse 13 he is clothed with a robe dipped in blood. Someone suggest that this blood is a memorial of his own blood.

I don't believe that simply because this is a picture of judgment, not a redemption and I really believe it even more than that because Isaiah removes all doubt. In chapter 63 as God is quoted saying. Speaking of this coming event. Listen he's asked the question why is your apparel read like the one who treads in the winepress, God answers, and I quote, because I have trodden them in my anger, and trampled them in my wrath, and their life blood is sprinkled on my garments. I sustained all my arraignments for the day of vengeance was in my heart. Imagine a terrifying scene was the scene portrays the awful day of judgment.

Specifically, the battle of Armageddon were Christ is seen victorious, and with the blood of his enemies literally splattered on his garment that the average person on the street talk of God like this would shock them. In fact, it would anger them.

Who does he think he is seated on understand that the unbelieving world according to the apostles in Scripture is, as Paul wrote in the anime God is not a neutral. The world is in trouble you imagine God is your enemy the world would say no problem they been deceived by the god of this world that they are okay God he wouldn't hurt a fly because they refuse to wear the blood of Christ, as were on their heart. Christ where there blood on his gun, the world will be utterly horrified at the unrelenting unmerciful vengeance of God unleashed at last. This is what Paul warned the Athenians 1900 years ago and ask chapter 17. We said listen. Everybody needs to read why because God has fixed a day in which he will judge the wire that they has come Paul going to say that it is specifically the God man, Jesus Christ, to ask out the judgment of triune God in the scene were studying is that truth of Scripture that he is storing up his wrath till these days with pours it out like some unstoppable tsunami blood flow like a river at his word, just like the salvation of God's children is so is the judgment for God's enemies enemy of God is the status of anyone who doesn't place their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you're among those of us whom God has saved. Rejoice and be thankful. But if you've never responded to the message of the gospel in faith today can be that day. You're listening to Stephen Davey and wisdom for the heart. Today's message is part one of a message called here comes the king it comes from Revelation 19 in a series called thy kingdom come, this message isn't complete on our next broadcast will review a little bit and then conclude this message. Please join us for that wisdom for the heart is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Stephen pastors the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about him and this ministry by visiting wisdom there are resources on that site that are designed to equip and encourage you and your walk with God.

You'll find the complete library of all Stevens teaching there. Those lessons are posted as both audio files and written transcripts. You can access those free of charge.

Anytime. And that's really helpful for those times when maybe you miss a broadcast and you want to keep caught up. Or perhaps you're studying a book of the Bible that Stephen has taught on and you'd like some additional insights. You'll also find books, commentaries and Bible study guides. Visit us online One of the things that encourages us most is when we hear from our listeners. If God is using this ministry to encourage you please tell us you can send us an email if you address it to if you like to send cards and letters in the mail, grab a pen and I'll give you our address its wisdom international, PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627. Here is one more time, wisdom, international PO Box 37297, Raleigh, NC 27627. I hope that we hear from you very soon. If there's a way we can serve you immediately give us a call our number is 86 648 Bible we have staff and volunteers on hand to take your call right now once again that's 86 648 Bible thanks so much for joining us today. Make sure to come back next time. For more wisdom for the heart

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