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R1678 When God’s Will Becomes Clear

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton
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April 30, 2022 8:00 am

R1678 When God’s Will Becomes Clear

Encouraging Word / Don Wilton

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April 30, 2022 8:00 am

The Daily Encouraging Word with Dr. Don Wilton

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Clarity is something we pursue in every area of our life today.

Dr. Don Wilton's message is when God's will becomes clear as we open God's word to get another were open to connect with you on our website 24 hours a TBW why are there some the encouraging email. It's absolutely, I want you to open your Bibles to Nehemiah chapter 2. All right we been looking at Nehemiah with an enormous gigantic almost impossible costs that God gave to them and we told how did they go about it and how did they get clarity goes further than that because every person if you're a Christian person a Christian young person you're a teenager.

Were you repaired your businessperson, whatever your circumstance, the single greatest things you and I can ever do.

I want us to give our hearts to Jesus because without the forgiveness of God.

We got no future anyway, that's the number one and that's why I invite you to give your life to Christ, but the second most critical thing we need to do is to awesome God to give us clarity as we live out this life pleasing to the Lord Jesus Lord, show us how do you do this, where God people, but it's true. You as an individual person.

If you belong to Jesus what you want is clarity about this person that you fallen in love with you on Jesus to give you the yes ultimately that's what we should all strive your business decision to Mike you're about to embark on a business decision and and it's like back-and-forth what you do well there a lot of nuts and bolts to making the right decision.

But what's the ultimate one you want. Is this what God wants me to do my daughter. Many of you know Shelley. She lives in Zimbabwe in Africa and she's married to Dan is a wonderful Christian man who is a pilot flies for the United Nations and for the Swiss Red Cross and all that other good stuff.

Well we talked to Shelley and Dan all the time and just maybe a day ago, my wife Karen and Shirley were on WhatsApp and having just the best time talking eight dollars apart in time just talking and I hear the conversation and Shirley and Dan are trying to make a decision about something in their life.

And I heard mom and daughter, talking, talking, and then finally Karen says will you know Shelley, your dad's been listening to the whole conversation why we let him have something to say. I like that you note, rings me into it.

I driving my motorcar I heard every word, so she just hands me the phone. This is what I said to my daughter I said sweetheart you trying to make the right decision on yesterday I said to me ask you something. How many times is God is God need to say yes to you before you get on and do it now. Let's put it on the other side. How many times God of God go to say no to you for you not to do it the same Lord I just I am a Christian I to know and to do what you want me to do please to friends and family and circumstances and all these things just show me and he doesn't a BCDEFG it's like open door open door open door open door peace in your heart, affirmation, confirmation, affirmation, confirmation, and you still go back to him and say Lord what you want me to do so. What you want them to go all the way through Z can you can you hear them.

Alternatively, every time you deal with this every time you think about it every every time you look at this job offer you a more questions than on maybe the job means you go to not only accept the job. But you go to relocate and it just doesn't sit every time you deal with it. It's like man yeah I mean how many times God go to tell you not to accept you trying to convince God change his mind, which is quite normal right. Sometimes we want something so badly we just not willing to listen. There may be someone you do not today. You keep going. Hanging with a certain group of friends and going to certain places over the weekend in autumn, every time Monday morning comes around you find yourself saying man I just don't know whether I should be doing as well.

How many times bought going to tell you not to go there or does he need to bring about a catastrophe in your life in order to really get your attention. How many times are you going to dabble in whatever it is you doing and you know, God said don't do it, but you very quickly so I will Lord I'm going to do what you want me to do, but you just keep doing and he's already said no or he said yes. Will Nehemiah got to the point at which he and all the people around him knew that God had told him what to do.

That's what we been looking at clarity. So what I want to speak to you today about is when God's will is made clear when God's will becomes evident. You want to go and serve him in this country you are to buy this house. You want to go to this college you need to sing this song.

You need to preach this message, you need to be in this passage, you need to apply for this position when God's will is evident. How do you begin getting on with it. Let me read a few verses. Okay I'm going to be a Nehemiah chapter 2 in verse 11 that I God spoke. This is Nehemiah so I went to Jerusalem and I was there for three days then arose in the not on a few men with me. I told no one what my body put into my heart to do for Jerusalem is not animal with me. But the one which I wrote. I went out by night by the Valley gate to the Dragon spring and to the dung gate and I inspected the walls of Jerusalem that were broken down and its gates had been destroyed by fire. Then I went up in the not in the Valley and inspected the wall. I turned back into by the Valley gate and so returned and the officials of nowhere. Adriana what I was doing and I do not get told the Jews, the priests, the nobles and officials, and the rest who were to do the work and I said to them, see the trouble we're in now how Jerusalem lies in ruins and its gates of men, then just build the wall of Jerusalem, so that we may no longer suffer derision and told them the hand of my God, that it been upon me for good and not also told them of the words of the king had spoken to me and so they said let us rise up and begin to build so they strengthened their hands for the good work. But when Sam developed the horror night until by the Ammonite servant and guestroom the Arab heard about this, they cheated us and despised us, they said, what is this thing that you're doing are you rebelling against the king and I replied to them, the God of heaven will make us prosper and we, his servants will arise in Boone but as for you, you have no portion of right no claim in Jerusalem. Well we gone into the background and we've arrived to the point you spend whatever time analyzing your situation in life, you're going to visit those campuses. You all dating that person that you love your pondering and God is spoken to God's told you the doors open.

That's what happened to Nehemiah. So what did he do let me just give you some sort food your number one. He went to Jerusalem first thing in the. He went to the spot he was present. He didn't do this remotely. Now in his case, we understand, because he was living in Persia.

Remember this was in Jerusalem so up to this point he couldn't well get to Jerusalem now blog told him this is what you gonna do a window Jerusalem. The second thing he did when he got there was that he spent time you and I might not be impressed just three days right but for Nehemiah that was impressive to tell you why because he was cupbearer to the king that mean for three days.

The king was without his primary protection because he was the cupbearer to the king. He was totally trusted. He was an honored member of the inner circle of the king of Persia say window Jerusalem and he unpacked these bags, and he stood on the spot. When he got there. The third thing that he did nothing. God was in this is that he got his leaders and he strategized with them.

I'm going apply this to you in just a minute and God's already doing that. I'm not sure that I need to do whatever decisions you're making right now right. He strategized with these leaders.

God's always raised up leaders, the church is no exception. This Bible is food with spiritual leaders Bible is full of gold way back to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, going to the New Testament every page of the New Testament, go to Jesus and the 12 who were they the 12 apostles go to the deacons to the elders to the leaders to the men and women read such great influence. So what did he do it when you Jerusalem. He spent time there so he could do it right. He strategized with the spiritual leaders, for he did his homework with my mother read to verse 13 through 16. Again, if you don't mind, but it's a it's great stuff that I mean he outlines and by the way, when you get to Chapter 4 Chapter 5D Tyrell hello, I mean this yeah does he.

He did his homework like a church.

The church is not just sit down and do it.

He did his homework together with the leaders number five.

He then gathered everyone together everyone he got them all to give the Bible tells us in verse 17 he went out he got everyone who was relevant to that circumstance in Jerusalem got a picture of the church that some people might use the word membership.

Those who are in part and parcel of that particular thing that God is telling those people to do he gather them all together. Bible says what do you do number six.

He called for their blessing.

He called for their blessing.

Watch this. Folks look at verse 18 Bible seizure. I told them the hand of my body, etc. and they said let's rise up, let us do this, we bless this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Which brings me to point number seven which I'm sorry and I'm going to tell you I don't even like talking about but he dealt with the opponents sand ballot told by and guestroom these three with three governors that served under the Persian king that were not part of Jerusalem.

They had allegiance to the Persian king, not to God, and they began to speak up. You can take out and apply that in the world in which we live. Can't make a general statement do we suffer from that overtly I'm not cooking the chicken here folks, but don't kid yourself, the non-Christian world, the lost world don't have anything to do with what God's people agree. If you're a student, and you love Jesus I pray, you'd be the best athlete at your high school I pray that you would go on and accomplish wonderful grades succeed, etc. but I'm going to guarantee you something as a believer you are going to be opposed by the non-Christians on your campus. Did I just say everybody there is no fellowship between God and the devil. Forgive the interruption will be back with the rest of today's message in just a moment, but if you have an and buyer website TW You may have missed out on this wonderful book, Dr. Wilson, my book Saturdays with is about an extraordinary relationship with a precious man impacted lives across the you don't want to miss this opportunity to be inspired by his life to it such a powerful resource. I pray you consider getting your copy of the book Saturdays with Billy on our website. It TW that's TW we can call about receiving your copy at 866-899-WORD 866899673 now back today's great teaching with Dr. Don Wilton precious friends, you're making a decision to the you sit down at the table with the devil and try to negotiate what is Nehemiah telling us he recognized these people for who they were.

He dealt with them and he moved all yes what the human heart does. Can we be open with each other. Well, I know that I'm doing a B and C and I know it's not all that pleasing to the Lord. But the Lord could we kind of find a happy medium here cannot sort of behave like this and would it be okay if I did, but only on Saturday nights could renegotiate something I will today is is we are replete with that because that's the human heart, Lord, I know that this is wrong, but I'm only going to go so far and I won't go any further. I know that I love my wife and I'm totally devoted to her but on this particular trip. I'm going to get friendly enough but I'm not gonna step over the line. I know that I shouldn't touch that stuff that I keep putting in my body, but if it's okay if you don't mind. You know my situation if I just did this in moderation are good people. So you know that's one of things I can't stand about Christians.

God doesn't mind will Nehemiah a little diversity and I love point number 84 number eight's powerful. This is what to do when God's rule has become clear. It's just evident. No question about what's point number eight, he pointed everything to the God of heaven and Bob. I'm saying this very lovingly.

You know when all else fails just put it on God. At some point with the will of God. You just go to say yes Lord, that's what he did to me that's a powerful statement, the God of heaven will make us prosper faith in God to show us what he wants us to do is so critical that when he shows us what to do, by faith, he doesn't say will now that I've shown you, you no longer need five. We walk by faith, by the way, the word walk by faith means every step we take in life is a life in full trust of the God of heaven. We walk by faith, we don't just decide. By faith we don't explore by faith.

We don't just trust by faith we will by faith God ladies will known to Nehemiah and to all the people. All right, let's put this into practice.

You ready for this. Garrett is on and off the Christian, so how can you and I based according the Scripture engage God's will for our lives ready, one be present, the present be present in the issue at hand.

Don't deal with God remotely concerning the thing that you doing be present which means number to be engaged in what it is. Don't slip it in every now and again don't develop and oh by the way, at some time. Lord, I need to talk to you again about this thing be present in it get immersed in it with big procrastinators we say I cannot wait until next week. You know the times not right or I don't know whether you already just do the same. We did this a thousand things that are going to stop you. Second thing be engaged with the decision you gotta make before the Lord. Number three. Be detailed about it Run away from the detailed runaway be detailed men unpacked the bag, put it out of I've got friends when they try to figure out what God wants them to do they get, you know, they write down one list of why they shouldn't. One was to why they shouldn't do that, I'm not. I'm not trying to be simplistic but if you want your students dramatically outweigh why you should think God's playing a game with you, or that everything is yes yes yes yes time to do it get on with it.

You you you could find yourself 10 years from now saying man. If only I had. We will do that.

If only I had only I will. God told you to do 10 years ago what you mean about you had well does God punish us for that. I don't think so, but I think we lose a lot of fish in the sea when the gun fish in the wrong pond for 10 years. Number four. Be mindful, be mindful you know if you giving yourself to details. Number four.

Be mindful of the guards in it that's you find this all the time with Nehemiah just goes back it's like sole about Jesus as their ears. He's back with God again. I mean, didn't matter whether he was going to the chemo to the elders or to the overseas or to sand ballot. AE didn't matter. He was always going back being mindful the God of heaven, God of heaven, God will do spoke to a friend this week is going through a difficult time with surgeries and things in this person say to me just repeatedly in our conversation, but you know my God, I know God on go back Idi Amin such as nonstop, if I wasn't a Christian, I would see them and could we just cut God out for a little bit now you're up regarding to this so much well to what extent is he so much the God of heaven, you prosperous, number five, be inclusive, be inclusive, then you do all of that you mindful of God's hand then you inclusive. He was inclusive. He got everybody involved together everybody involved inclusive God speaks to all of us be inclusive then awesome God's people bring them all together God's borders to this point.

We know this is what God told us to do God's spoken so the six point you need to do in your own life is be honoring to the Lord God's told you where to go. He's told you which school he's told you what to what not to get yes what'll happen many times guys you will make a decision today and then you say yes Lord I'm in a good because God's unit and 20 years later you look back you look back in the rearview mirror and you've honored the Lord, and you say wow God prospered us some of you look you say man. I remember when I was just dating this wonderful lady look at us now look at how true you look back and you say wow man has God been with us. So what's the final one, the trust I mean the he makes the statement, you know God will give us success.

What a powerful teaching Dr. Don Wilton and an understanding of how God gives us true success, but it all starts with the decision you've heard Dr. Wilton as he's been teaching for the pulpit. Now, as he steps in the studio. Open your heart to what he wants to share next are you ready to give your heart and life to the Lord Jesus Christ. Why don't you pray this prayer with me right now. Dear God, I know that Iversen and I know that Jesus died for me today. I repent of my sin and by faith I receive you into my file in Jesus night, my friend. I welcome you today into the family of God.

This is exciting news. If you displayed along with Dr. Wilton. Moments ago to give your life to Christ or we dedicate your life to Jesus. We want to celebrate with you. We want to pray for you and want to put free resources in your hands. Dr. Don has prepared just for you if you call us 866-899-WORD will send those resources out right away. Our number again is 866-899-9673 or we can meet on our website as well. A TE W that's TE W Thank you so much for the opportunity to share this time of lifting up the name of Jesus with you and thank you to many of you who are prayerfully and financially supporting the ministry because of your involvement that were seeing lives changed every single day by The Encouraging Word ministry Dr. Don

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