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Don't Make Your Angel Mad When God Answers Your Prayer, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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April 29, 2022 8:00 am

Don't Make Your Angel Mad When God Answers Your Prayer, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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April 29, 2022 8:00 am

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Spent the new listeners and welcome to the found Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message don't make your Angel mad when God answers your prayers.

I know it's an odd title but this word of the Lord can help you to know if you're truly believing that your prayers will be answered or if past disappointments have calloused your heart with unbelief in don't make your Angel mad when God answers your prayers.

This of course he knew it he knew all about that.

Amen. I grew up and married a beautiful girl named the they were very much in love. If you read their story, they were married many years were still with one another and still another sweet little ways they treat one another out in public so even the king who thought that they were brother and sister said wait a minute, brothers and sisters don't act like that. I think they might be married, but as beautiful as there wasn't as happy as they were. They didn't have any and 20 years went by still and have any children in the Scripture says that Isaac entreated the Lord on behalf of his wife and the wording treated in Hebrew is very strong.

It is very strong.

You come before God. Anubis teach him with everything that was with Isaac.

He said all children to God heard you know that you didn't get one baby, but she got to at one time so she had to wait 20 years, but then she got two kids out of one pregnancy Darius knew about two precedents. But there's another strong precedent holder placed the loop on there's a couple verses I want you to read because you're not familiar with the story as you are with Abraham and Sarah and Rebecca and Isaac and judges judges. The 13th chapter. We had another very compelling story that we know what you're with and not only that we can see the difference between someone who believes thought immediately.

In contrast to someone who filters and waivers. Now we have the story of Samson. We don't know his mother's name. She's just referred to as his father. Manoa's wife, but let's looking judges.

The 13th chapter and see verse two. And there was a certain manners or the family of the Dan-ites whose name was Manoa and his wife was Aaron and Baer not and the angel of the Lord appeared unto the woman and said under her behold now that are bearing embarrassed not thou shalt see and bear a son, and then he goes on to tell her that this is going to be a special son that he needs to be raised according to the Nazirite law, which means that he was never not had anything to drink of the vine. In fact, his mother was not even allowed to eat raisins while she was pregnant. That's another message but I want you to see that and that he was to be raised in a certain way because verse five tells us for the child shall be a Nazirite and the God from the woman he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. I'll paraphrase a little bit so the woman is so excited about everything that she went and found her husband.

She said a man of God is come to me and she said he had a countenance that was like an angel of God and the reason was because he was an angel of God and so she told her husband everything the man said they were going to have a son.

Manoa says in verse eight that meant no entreated the Lord.

It's the same word I just quoted to you about Isaac did the Lord for Rebecca and the no entreated the Lord and said oh my Lord, let the man of God which thou didn't send comment… And teach us what we shall do unto this child shall be borne. Do you see the difference you his wife comes and tells in this fantastic thing and he goes and he entreats God and he said Don I want you to send back. Why, because I think my wife is just lost her mind, because I think my wife is having hallucinations because I think that her grief over not having a child is now in effect. In her mind and she's going through some range scenario where she's dream this up in her head may know, that is, there is a true condition where women might be pregnant so badly they start having all kinds of symptoms that their pregnant. I knew someone personally that went through that and I kept telling her you are not pregnant she was. They look at me I'm gaining weight. She said my back is killing me to kill me with my other kids start where close and eventually the doctor told her you are not pregnant so there's a real condition that people can go through so maybe he thought his wife was going through that and maybe this man of God to come back and tell me I can't trust what you say and I don't know about that, you know, it sounds a little far-fetched to me) for mass health.

Is that what he did know he entreated the Lord and said, let them come back because I want to get all the instructions right. She explained how that we got a raise him in a particular peculiar way and I want to get it right. I mean wow work, but I have a baby. Well all night unbelief in his prayer life in the deep bed.

What were supposed to do and come when there was off doing when he wasn't there, and when he saw the man she said you please wait right here I'm going to get my husband don't don't know where she went and got her husband and he came back Manoa came back.

Amen. Now let's look at verse 12 and Manoa said, now speaking to the angel now. Let thy words come to pass. How shall we order the child and how shall we do unto him. He finally gets to see the angel for himself and goes right to the first words out of his mouth.

Let it come to pass that God said, I believe it, let it be done, ready to get started. Amen believe the problem is what will come to have a big boy and I just want to make sure I know how I'm supposed raise this child. Amen. Let's drop down verse 17 and Manoah said to the angel of the Lord, what is thy name that will not come to pass. We may do the honor to hear what he said when they come to pass going to come to pass on to come to pass because we thought this would come to pass and you can fill in the name was probably because it came the past just like he said it would, but of course we know it wasn't just a prophet. We know that it was an angel of the Lord. Amen. And we know that the angel of the Lord demonstrated this in a supernatural way. But here's the point. The point is, they believed. The point is they believe the word of the Lord even though they were talking to an angel they were talking to a man they thought they were talking to an ordinary man who was a prophet who got a word of the Lord even know they were actually speaking to an angel, but they believe the word of God and I am saying to you that Zacharias knew about the story he knew about Abraham and Sarah. He knew that Isaac and Rebekah, and he knew about no one and his wife were the parents of the great Samson and boy did he deliver Israel out of the hands of the Philistines.

He knew that he had at least three powerful precedents in the word of God. But what did he say he said back in the loop. We are now. He said whereby shall I know this for I'm old and my wife is old so basically what he said is how do I know this is going to come to pass, mean after all, you can see I'm old and my wife is really old basically what is well stricken in years. She's very old and whereby shall I know this I don't hear a shred of faith in his words here and let this come to pass. I would hear none of that. All I hear is unbelief, supposed to know this.

Basically he was saying if this is true. Give me a sign that's what he was whereby shall I gave me a sign you story after all these years. yeah, it's true, i've been praying for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times.

in fact, i prayed before i got here this morning, but i don't believe my prayers. i pray on but i don't believe because now you show up with the answer and say the prayers heard him say and you give me a sign if it's true give me a sign and saints of god just goes to show you that when a person's heart is full of unbelief. it wouldn't matter if an showed up on their doorstep. it wouldn't matter, they still believe that people start asking for signs that are getting further and further into unbelief. amen. because the show me a sign so i can believe that god gives him a sign will lord that was really new. that should be another sign lord gideon that the fleece be dry underground will let the wet ground be dry trumpet sound how the patient had amen. and so when you become dependent on those things you just want another sign and another sign and another sign amen all been guilty of and are not scolding you i been there to amen. but the problem is that the devil can talk you then he can tell you imagined it, you play a trick on you because that's what you wanted so badly. amen.

and so we can't be dependent on signs. there are some people in the very very susceptible to this.

not every body like someone very susceptible ending always amaze me at the way they can take this little detail and they get a huge big thing like i look at the clock and it said 1202 and i remember that on 1202 i dropped the pencil on the floor and i bent over to pick up the pencil and there was a piece of paper and i picked it up and had my name on it and they can go on and on and leads to some great big city that can happen this time. does things like that. sometimes we need to back all that up with scripture. amen we need to make sure we have something that we can stand on that is more solid than that because if you marry and then it doesn't because it is really out there for somebody to come to your door and start singing that there so it's not been a lesson god orchestrates it, but he's not orchestrate things like that for dan because were in unbelief. if you're in unbelief and ask anything. god is only going be reinforcing your tenancy to be unbelieving, i found that he does these crazy things when were not asking for them or expecting. and like always what god when they thought in our spirit but we said you know i'm the back off on his believe that there with the lord and god doesn't.

amen. but you see, zacharias had these wonderful things three powerful precedents in the mouth of two or three. let everyone published and yet he says if this is true. if you expect me to believe that my life now is going to have a baby you want me to believe this and you're going to have to show me something. amen. because he did not believe in his heart. so my question is why the name of having to waste all his time in years, and breath and energy praying for a prayer they didn't really believe was going to be answered. why was he praying in that prayer all those years if he did not believe it was going to come to pass because he believed it.

when gabriel came with those words, he would have been a joy to been looking at the big clock on the back of the temple wall days everything i'm getting off and just i would not another half-hour and i'm outta here. i'm going home to elizabeth and i'm going to tell the good news for his time.

the need to get back home if you want have really believe that but he didn't believe it. and so what were about to read.

now i want to preface it with this don't make your angel mad when god answers your prayers. let's look at verse 19 back in loop where we were and the angel answering said unto him, i and gabriel. i think he expected zacharias to recognize what that meant and gabriel, that stand in the presence of god and am sent to speak on. did the dish on the glad tidings hold shopping down and away is already done. but now he's going to be mute is the better word okay and not speak until the day that these things shall be performed because now believe is not my word, which shall be fulfilled in their season your angel mad when god answers your prayer. i think he ticked them off a little bit, don't you think he had gabriel little bit angel, angel, in the present. god, my lord god said, i just came straight from god and the way you are out of god's mouth, but you didn't believe me and he goes on to say this but they shall come to pass. you see, i think maybe cannot read his mind. when you let me speculate a little bit and read his mind.

it was probably think it had the authority i would say nevermind. i'm going to somebody else forget that you believe to be the father of this great prophet that you would not do any man get any thought maybe you i will fix you zip your lips and you will be talking no more doubt in unbelief about this and you make some until baby is born. don't make your angel mad when god answers prayer. he said, look, i'm not here on some little mission on here only the greatest missions of the entire history of mankind and what i came to bring you as a tidings of great joy. amen. and i'm telling you they are going to their coming to pass.

amen. you want to know how this is going to happen you want to know you want to sign you just got your sign. amen. you just got your something so let's see what happened after that.

verse 22 when it came to pass that as soon as the days of his ministration were accomplished, he departed to his own house. so apparently this happened early in the week and he had to finish his week out. amen.

and after those days his wife elizabeth conceived, and hid herself five months, saving thus The lord dealt with me in the days when he looked on me to take away my reproach among men. what a powerful thing.

so we went home after his week of service was up, and when he got home he had to get out from those big yellow legal pads and carry them around with him everywhere and had to write everything down and write everything down.

elizabeth is not. i want to tell me exactly what he looked like i want to know every detail believe nothing will now sacrifice i wanted all 10 down there right down over and over and over again and now the news is spreading and the relatives are coming out what what what what no no chickens had no will will say the legal and write it down again and write again. you see what's happening every time he writes down the angel's words, the word of god is like a scalpel that cuts away another layer of his unbelief and another layer of his doubt.

that's what god's word will do for you if you get it out of you speak it and you write it down. anything negative is doubt and unbelief Right and what the angel said microsoft perfect machine.

i want to read to you, unless you want to, but there's a powerful verses in habakkuk chapter 2 verses two and three says and the lord answered me and said write the vision and make it plain upon tables. what course they would like we had make it plain that he may want to revisit our vision is for an appointed time i went it was late come to pass in that town and will not be had to write it down. you never use that but that is a great tool for myself, especially when i'm trying to memorize scripture that have to do with whatever i'm going through, and sometimes i get hung up and i get mixed up and i'll even freeze out a knife and i reversed the order of the words when i write it down. something about writing it down. it gets into my spirit, amen. it gets into my spirit. that's what this day i still have handwritten notes for my messages. i do not do them on the computer.

it's something about writing that down. amen when i'm writing the paper, the parchment have not read.

amen. i hope you be blessed by our message today don't make your angel mad when god answers your prayers.

have you ever thought how frustrating it must be for god. we doubt his word and constantly demand reassurances and affirmations and imagine how his ministering angels must feel when christians repeatedly fall into doubt and unbelief.

zacharias learned this when he was visited by gabriel with the good news of the coming birth of his son john, but instead of rejoicing. he was skeptical and asked for a sign saying how i know this is true.

well, he got his sign when gabriel zipped his lips for the next nine months and he could speak his unbelief to elizabeth, his wife or anyone else. then gabriel visited mary, a young virgin with an even more impossible announcement of the birth of god's son, but she received his message with simple faith and said that it be unto me according to thy word. i believe your spiritual perception can be greatly influenced by this study of zacharias stubborn unbelief versus mary's exemplary faith. don't let delays make you cynical if you been waiting a long time for answers to prayers. this message can instruct you how to rid your heart of unbelief and carry your promise to full term. don't make your angel mad when god answers your prayers is available on cd for love get to the radio ministry at $10 or more request offer. sk 133.

our mailing address is sound the faith po box 1744, baltimore, md 21203.

you may order online at sound the faith.or you can order one mp3 like to order my mail send your minimum love gift of $10 request offer. sku 13 mail to po box 174, baltimore, md 21203.

the next time.

this is sharon not

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