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The Fellowship of Christian Immigrant's Perspective

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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April 23, 2022 4:26 pm

The Fellowship of Christian Immigrant's Perspective

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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April 23, 2022 4:26 pm

On today’s Pursuit to the kingdom Robby is Joined by the author of  “The Immigrant ” Anthony Christ. Anthony’s book talk about the Christian holocaust. Additionally today we get to hear about the Culture Engagement Summit from Truth Network’s very own Chris Hughes the host of the "Christian Perspective". Even more fun with Robby if you cannot turn down a great sale you’ll love what Dwight Gullion tells us about the 30 year anniversary for his local store “Guillion's Christian Supply Center”. Continuing the Pursuit to the Kingdom we have Bershawn Thompson from The Fellowship of Christian Athletes letting us know about a kids Basketball Camp coming to Calvary Day School.

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Causes Roy Jones with mental radio podcast. Our mission is to break down the walls of recent nomination, your chosen truth radio broadcast will be starting in just a few seconds.

Thank you. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. Oh, it's good to be a very versatile bit different in that working to be getting calls from all sorts of different people throughout the show, but first off them for the whole show.

We got Tony Crist as it tries to my I was on my got a right Tony yet that's what I could only Crist. Although when you see it and it looks like Christ but and he is the author of I met him at the RB and he is the author of a book is called the immigrant which I'm you know it's interesting how God kind of has this book for such a time as this, because it really gives you an idea of a lot of genocide that has gone on, and perhaps why we can see now in the Ukraine that the people are willing to fight the way that they are because they've they faced similar things but Tony you're your own story about this book is is is really amazing.

Your goal relevant yeah yeah is is is you can hear this and again working to get into it here in a minute of it was your your father or your grandfather. You are what my father and he was in Greece right they were taken over by the tail end of the of the Christian Holocaust which broadly dated nine 1923. Although there was three going on after after work. I can hear him use a word I'd never heard before. I was at the RB, the Christian Holocaust working to get a lot into that and a lot of what Tony's books about as well as several other topics, but you know it's kingdom pursuits of an attorney, you just have to endure my humor for a minute as as we get through this. This part of the show where you know I get to tell my just smashed my riddle so speaking of imminent immigrant Carmen and I heard about publisher immigrant who went to the DMV to apply for a driver's license, and after filling out his paperwork. He had to take an eye exam and the clerk showed him a card like they do you know that I examined had the CZWIN OSTA CZ and the clerk said can you read this and integrated that's my uncle, and you may wonder about this from Carmen what you call an illegal immigrant living in Sweden.

I'm not sure Robbie. Let me know I would be an artificial sweetener.

Or maybe that's what you get. How did the immigrant coronavirus get to America Delta, 20 that was little bit funny alright so here's actual riddle. You can call in and win today's enough is what first, what does the first hundred 19, the first hundred 19 Psalm asked God not what does the first 919 Psalm asked God not to hide from an immigrant and while you're thinking about that one more joke for you Carmen.

Where is the worst place to hide in the hospital.

I don't know I got the idea Tony wears a worse place to hide the hospital I see you there you go. As a worse place to hide but meanwhile Carmen if they can guess what verse what does the verse in the hundred 19 Psalm asked God not to hide from an immigrant immigrant told Dylan one of our wonderful books in the kingdom pursuits prides old rights rights which we venomously were so excited to have you with this and if you can answer that when I'm actually going be very, very thrilled to share with you and what does God really all it does. That would take you day when we will send you the address of the winners and they can submit send it to them directly and not to mention I would be really impressed them just thrilled to death when you call him answer this 1-866-348-7884 I will give you a small hint because it is a bit hard. It is in the gimbal section that he talks directly bit bit, but that the psalmist asked God to do something for the immigrant and my guess that somebody was hiding so Tony, the Christian Holocaust that that name just wow. I just like what is that, well, you know, on April 20, 1909 Turkey at the American College girl run by Presbyterian your pre-father and it wasn't actually a call program here.

It was a high school girl and it is Murdoch report on the on September 1922 and estimated 4 million out of 5 1/2 million water tragically and 1,000,001 and the population in the land. Work yesterday began what 5 1/2 billion 100 about what happened at the greatest Christian school. Well, they were now well at what ogle gone only by Christian neighborhood burned to the ground that you were left alone. The school was overrun, burned down the word number that it all the work here about I beginning to fall. Where was your father. My father was on Highway right at the mouth of the dark. Now back in offshore and it will take about like that that Hobart talked about it 800 B the report to it 1200 beat the and they had build on the island retreat in a bishop in the Orthodox date.

One thing that when he was a child but Goldberg worked open.

They never even have lock.

They were mostly agrarian angles, mostly agricultural and taking over the economy was obliterated. Everything went downhill father apparently a very old to try to go to America that the only place you be free though you left home at 813 and started his body working here. Get out there stealing turkey. This is just mind lying to me. I imagine many of you have never heard of these events like oh my goodness, so minute's but an amazing story of how God comes through in the book is called the immigrant by Tony Frist. You can find the kingdom we come back will have more of this story, as well as some other cause, and some state working since really passionate and uses it to build the kingdom we got Tony Crist with us. He's the author of the immigrant right now we have the host of the Christian perspective on every morning on the Truth Network Chris Hughes, and Chris you got a big event coming up on Saturday, April 30 just a week away multicultural engagement to be great culture engagement conference and so how do people register what, what's the information on that Chris will Robbie people are America for America button at the top of the parade, if you click that you can learn all about it.

Start on the campus of Mid-America bad theological seminary. It meant the on Saturday, April 30.

You can register for his Jeep dollars which includes a free life in some of the best makers of the world to be there. Dr. Robert Jeffers. No American people: Meadows the number congressmen are cheaper to Pres. Donald from loud famous journalist got door. Probably the best pathologist on the abortion issue of the country are nationalist indicator radio show on Rossi or alto. This lady with a congresswoman from Mexico, Robbie, and she is now like an international ambassador to prevent human trafficking terrible sex trade of kidnapping children and make a brilliant day great grain with the Bacon Academy more than 30 Robbie to be a bit and really Robbie to train Christians to understand what they believe and why they believe it. From a biblical perspective of the Bible say about the additional family is abortion really transgender and we have a right and are still under the Second Amendment and how we tell other people about Jesus. Many crucial issues will be addressed that day to equip the Christian typically develop a biblical worldview and hopefully take that to the arena of public policy and politics like godly men and women public office passed laws that honor God and again you can go to America and learn more and Robbie. I got a special treat for you but I love your people all of the country so if you're looking thinking you doing today citizens for America Click on the stomach bug and the general register it when you type in the promotional code AFA that a F a and Robbie for your listeners only get a free ticket to the copper all the speakers and prelaunch typing that code today also get working. Wow, that's just type in this essay want to go there and get the website one more time. Chris yet for America for America and Robbie billboard. I was so awesome.

Chris, thank you so much for sure.

Sounds like it's absolutely amazing group of people speaking, like all those in one place at one time. Wow, that's awesome. Many great men and women of God more than 30 will be general in the morning and afternoon breakout between 11 and two when you get a chance to win about 30 different breakout during that time just to be a credible day of godly men and women to get into God's word in helping us develop a Christian perspective.

Thank you so much.

Lesson look forward what happens here.

You're welcome to talk with you provide all right when we left her hero, he was still on the island.

None of the venture so we got the author is Tony Crist with the book the immigrants and right escaping what I did not know was the Christian Holocaust that happen starting out in in 1909 and went on for what sounded like what 12 years, Robbie, what father gave a little white family brought I will have that coin. He wore it at a little ring around book and he wore it on the day.but I want to figure out that I want to thank you so much for having help and hope you get to it. I think on it. Bob, our book under by my birthday, and only my mother really called Anthony Chris all the immigrant under Anthony Chris did leave home and I don't want to tell you I don't want to give away too much of the story will play a couple.

He was brought up in a very Christian environment of and ironically you got to America like burping and it came up a number he was the survivor of the rent don't bombing the hell tell you could get a job A young boy, a delivery boy (finally got a job with the peer palette become a greater weighted on a number of dignitary.

There later after the rent don't bombing World War II. He was in the work battalion.

Don't Crist admit almost died the blogs that they were called a meal.

It started in 1950 by kebab Dr. Ataturk Benchley concentration camp here later.

Years later, verbal patient can't use them as an example and that the there were there were no consequent turkey when they were and ironically provided by their biggest enemy brought the pot so some benches for second is a little confusing for time. I went out one or two.

Well, that doubt the story start and Holocaust. Although our immigrant was born very young boy in 1922, right at the end of the Holocaust. I wanted to get back to the concentration camps to set that time also blows my mind so therein.

Turkey there was a game 1950 Thomas.Kirk) concentration camps. Not unlike what Hitler would mom lives after these concentration camps were for Christians. They were called they were banned in 1923 and then after Kirk died 1937 to guide me in a way to cope with the five are working to become a waiter at the para-Palace hotel in the back of the creek people all trip and how you go back to that time and again and you and you did that, when interviewed you before that your father are immigrant, the hero of the story served his enemies right here. These people you know he had to grow up in a culture where everybody had to be terrified of these people as they had done so many atrocities to his family and friends and yet he found himself in a position to serve them and wondering in August and a the these stories are all in the book but is, as his son. How did your dad share that story with you.

Well to be very honest about it with a group called the cog all fiber 1990.

My dad told me very little about my bike and after my dad had gave me most of the people that work there Bible didn't talk about that with my. Pretty deep down that he did tell me when you young child ball, a Christian hanging by the Boulder chicken when he walked to school, and the only one great thought of built branch boggling all talk and eventually got to America but were the Turkish ambassador burping brought later. Enjoy freedom so your father didn't talk about. Obviously the events of his own Odyssey. He did teach you about Jesus yet. It was very quiet and talkative, bad, but the door with political but by volunteer church a lot. We were in all restaurant you would take there to donate Festival quite a bit. You want them in the church bureaucracy but everybody needs the part of the story from my perspective for listeners again.

The book is called the immigrant and is by Anthony Crist which looks like Christ in you see it, but it's Crist, but I want to get to the neat thing is, it's his.

Well there's lots of the stories unbelievable but the story of the book to me is also just awesome because you know originally wrote the book, but it took your daughter to come to get off the ground. For years I've written the book years ago Earl Walton back Archbishop of South America Bible back in the plot glory throughout the book, so I got another break before we get to the story of how this 20 years ago in for such a time as this is absolutely beautiful. We come back so much more kingdom suits, welcome back where we got and uses it to build the kingdom today were so blessed to have with us Anthony is the author of the immigrant as well as white going with gleams Christians like to write you guys got a big event coming up why these problem with that phone lines go back to Anthony to try to go back to Anthony as sometimes happens here kingdom pursuits. Our phones are struggling but we've had a little of these challenges as we are working through this changeover get all sorts of new technology for our studios and Carmen if you put Tony back on as long as you're talking to them. Go so welcome back Tony, sorry we had a technical difficulty there for a minute but when we left our story by going was going to call me and apparently we had trouble with his phone or something but I'm curious tell us how we ended up on your tongue about that. The book was written 20 years ago and then what happened. Well, we family we walked out her window in your Virginia and I did nothing with the book. 20 years later left let like 29 x 20 25. Daughter wanted her grant that get out there. She was in English become a major and we redid it and we did have the ability 20 years ago a parked belt anywhere we put it on him. We have had in our family. But one thing you well that just spectacular that God brings that kind of healing to your family right you know my dear dear dear friends. He was just actually I'm here with me. Bob Young lost his son to a heroin overdose actually it was his is business was called 109 and so is his son died on 9 January, which was just kind exist.

Obviously, six, and all our minds is it's unthinkable to think of losing a child. So here you just written this book, and I'm sure Lori's side about what is to go ahead go ahead and protocol old broad football we caught that 11-year-old with the mid-Atlantic orchestra, Christian convert to week we we tried to touch them welder in the developmental way that George Washington Elementary school, with the attendant activity pack we have to become the activity pack by the byproduct that you brought the activity pack page that draw a picture of an eye. Wait one level bio guilt by paying his help me to do the concert we believe we raise the money to charity, and we believe we can help one. One child every work 1100 Boston County, Maryland.

They both go about it. We could have one child going great narrow worked every belt doll day though I doubt that my father would glory and I want to get back to story out one day how much they persecution in the court immigration anything.

The story directly day. You know you know one thing that bothered me in the last year. Most of the hero today why supernatural power everything we need to get. I had a strong feeling all my effort provided interest somebody that's what were making a movie. We want people to be a person hero. They cannot get up. I went the human but more like a person not not a natural. I think the last generation hasn't had so we finally going back with some fleas, work white deer hunting pursuits.

This time I hope and what you guys it next Saturday we got a big event over there right, yes, we are certainly excited dirty 30 years of ministry here in the Triad and April 28 through the 30th or the last three days of our celebration for three days in the month and that we are going to have a big time are really excited about the old Christian supply and they are two locations right you got in both of them are involved in the celebration right here in King in the King shopping center at Montana country restaurant and then out in stateful is on Highway 21 N. and that yes we have for most stores are doing it what it will be as on the 28th and 29. It will be every person the company and will be able to purchase any item that they wish get 30% off if you got by people in your family. All five of you can get 30% off and on the 30th every 30 minutes will continue that they will continue on 30th and that then every 30 minutes on 35th next Saturday every 30 minutes will be given away $30 gift certificate to the drawing plus other drawings. Another merchandise will be given away.

There will be food and lots of fun and music and good times. But the so that's a lot of every half an hour and you guys open up what time Saturday open it can handle seven here in Kingston to fix their stateful so that will be started going to be at 1030 until 530 myself to my daughter is graduating actually in Birmingham so it needs any kind of graduation gift or birthday gift.

I may want a great opportunity to govern billions of mean and I hang around for an hour and 1/2 you got three chances to win $30 and they walk out of there with your gift you. So, what an opportunity again billions Christian spies is have so many different things, not just you know books like a lot of people understand that you guys also homeschool headquarters you have music you have wonderful gifts and all sorts of neat stuff close right here recently. Our witness T-shirt selection. We got to reason why anybody were to tidy more and kind of good witness where we get the license plates and yard signs, and we have a help section.they'll be better with this supplements for temple maintenance.

But I get used books great prices on used books just as competitive as monomer online and then of course the best new books and lots of good materials, materials, teaching aids and course out the bottles and so as if I guess that's Thursday starts the church 30% off right 28 2013. You can show up every day, you won't family 580 won't get 30% off on targeting Qubec will probably do it again. I shop on Saturday and every half hour you give away $30 dollar gift card against something that is 30%. While they got double the savings distrust going is just as blind if you never been there, you're missing out because it's just that I was just a local resource right where you can find so many cool things and I just love walk around looking at the art. So once again, given the locations right 21 now there you go, will be right back with more from Tony Anthony Crist in the book the immigrants and will be right back stake to welcome back to your and uses it to build the kingdom and we are so blessed really Anthony Crist is here with us today. The book is the immigrants and for those of you. I guess I stumped you with my difficult riddles, and if you every figured out with the verses I was by the way I love this verse has everything to do with immigration and is in the hundred 19 Psalm and you might speak to it if you want to Tony. It says we are strangers on the earth. Hide not your commandments from us and the idea is when you're an immigrant, which we all are.

Because this is my home right that we need a map or man utterly make a way around this crazy place and I just love love love the story of Anthony's father of Tony's father that he couldn't be more lost yet. He just kept serving his enemies. He kept following Christ and and and he ended up with his beautiful family that that I just think it's it's a spectacular story again.

The book is called the immigrant, but Tony I love that's that that verse in the in the gimbal section of the hundred 19 Psalm strangers on the Hirth earth. Hide not your commandments from us right. Are you still with me. Tony well maybe Tony called him on the line I got to his challenges with these new systems and all that's going on here, but you and I appreciate you listening so much and you know the opportunity to share with you guys. Obviously, these riddles all the time and let's see who we got here so let's see it says oh it's for Sean calling him lost Tony and now Amber Sean from the Fellowship of Christian athletes are welcome for Sean. Thank you. More sure, sure. So what's got going on with the Fellowship of Christian athletes while well we have a BA challenge with the ABA to be happening next badly. April 30 or 1.08 813 but we are excited about that opportunity with 13 to come out.

Bill and also the challenge Go to New York City on all basement so the Junior NBA challenge. Tell me about that. What is going to this program that wanted to include levels of the boys and girls focuses on five essential bills in basketball shooting layout at the one we all love the snow is to let the block shots.

Consent 65 I block more than my fair share so yeah but many regular know though what will the clinic it will go will work on all the robot builder shooting at and help young people to get it possible and then on the back.have a real challenge where they have used those skills don't jump shot shot layoffs and 30 back in and also will work and also were compacting and hitting the target and don't have it all behind and course the left amount of time you do it the better and I will record low scores and award winners and BAM ghettos also call let them know that the next round and swears this can be this will be held accountable recovery date, 134 S. Haven will start registration begins at 8 AM and will my breakfast there backstop today form as well and I will start right at 9 o'clock. It should be over. Maybe not in so it should people preregister.

Just show up and let next absolutely so is required. Online and that registration can take place on our webpage. Western triad BA.Oracle RG against Western triad at you know hopefully you got a youngster and you know what wonderful thing to see age age group again is between 11 boys and girls aged 8 to 13 and the age of the term in August 31 so I 13 years old boys and girls. Boys will compete in the 11 and under.

All right, thank you so much for calling in today was Sean and I can get back to just have a second Anthony one more time. I got cut off right near the end of the show but can you. The book is called the immigrant.

We thank you so much for being on with us today in the closing thought it was real quick. Yeah yeah I know very all not the Christian Holocaust.

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