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Four More Years?

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April 20, 2022 10:43 am

Four More Years?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 20, 2022 10:43 am

Four More Years?

Steve talks about Trump and what would happen if he runs for presidency again. He takes callers to take their opinion.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now is your house noble and God said, today I wanted to come around to the sub in mentioning it here and there for the last couple of months. Curious to see how you feel about Donald Trump running again. I've got some are pulling out there is a lot happening there and most of it looks like Donald Trump's I had right now if you were going to run and I think he is that it is inevitable.

I think that's as inevitable as the sun setting in the West today and rising in the east. Tomorrow so I been curious thing is the certainly have shared my feelings on the subject here on the Arabic curious about you. How you feel about the prospect of Donald Trump running again and I you know any speaking like Lee's that I think her to be very happy with my decision can announce yeah because the rules whatever that is. And I think you very happy or be very happy you'll be so happy you'll be happier than you've ever been in your whole life right so to me that sounds like the man is going to run again.

I think his his ego won't allow him to not run.

I simply don't think that's an option for him and I and I think if were all honest that that's something you should be able to assess for yourself and not trying to sound ugly.

I think it's just an accurate observation based on Donald Trump's life that he's got his name all over everything so is not is not the most humble guy in the planet but it will be interesting to see. He said that Sean Hannity meant was talking recently and asked you know if you have a chance to do it again. What would you do differently and he said I wouldn't pay as much attention to the press I would get all involved with fighting the press and that was that was a hopeful sign to me. That's certainly a big lesson. I think he needs to learn. I don't think it's helpful for his candidacy. But then if he comes back and says hey I'm back out to regain the position that I never actually lost in the first place.

Could you imagine if he goes that direction. Some curious to see what you think.

No bashing going on here today know debating I'm just curious to see where you my brothers and sisters are at with the subject and a lot of people when I've asked this question just on Facebook before and just runs up little polls appear in their a lot of people. I was surprised at how many people are like, you know, I'm kinda done with that, but if not Trump, then who ended up not buying then who I mean this is the bizarro land that were in here in America. So today on open up the phones to you and just asking the question, how do you feel about Donald Trump running for president again.

Our phone number is always 866-34-TRUTH 87884 just share your thoughts and your feelings on that. Again, not looking for a debate not looking for a back-and-forth just going to want to see how you feel about it, so would love you to call in and share how you feel about Donald Trump running again, which would have to start middle to end of next year is getting it in the primary season metal basically starts in the fall. The year before.

So were talking about the fall of next year were not that far away. So this can be on the radar screen. More and more as the coming months unfold. And then, especially once we get past November. Once we get past this November's election, which I think is going to be just a huge debacle for the Democrat party then than the tables clear for Donald Trump to start getting more boisterous and more vocal about what is due again. If you can run how you feel about it though. That's my question for you, 866-34-TRUTH, eight, 784 is the number is always how do you feel about Donald Trump running for president again. That would be in 2024 which would start sometime late middle to late next year, 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. And if you're like this is awesome. I'm so foreign I been praying for this. That's fine as want to hear what you think and why. Or if you like yeah no I think I'm done. I'm off the Trump train is coming from a person that being me, that voted for him twice.

Okay, so it's not like I'm Mr. anti-.Donald Trump is presented states they did both of them in twice 866-348-7884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH only get to that and talk to about that.

So while the phones are filling up a couple interesting graphs that I shared on today on Facebook about mass because we know that yesterday right. The federal judge that that was a Trump appointee says okay, forget it.

The extension of federal mass mandate, which affects airplanes and airports and and trains and public transportation came out and said no can't do that so people and planes are cheering and ripping her mass stop. That's all over the place in your waiting to see if the bi demonstration to come back around at 1 PM the yeah I we want mask on planes and at 2 PM like no man should be optional at 3.3 BML yeah we want mass complains an hour to wait to see what the CDC says the CDC says that the bad decision to remove mass, then I wouldn't have the Department of Justice file an appeal to go to federal appeals court. So while that's going on these polls, which looked at public information across all states, not city by city but state-by-state than in the killing of all the way across mass mandate states versus no mandate states okay daily new cases per 100,000 going all the way back to April 2020 all the way up until should see January the end of January this year so there's two lines 1 of mass mandate states versus no mandate states and how many cases they have and lo and behold look at that like Q the large choir music. The intense large choir music. The lines are virtually identical and, as a matter of fact, the mask mandate states at one point have a little higher incidences so that that's not very convenient is it. And then there's this one mask mandate states versus no mandate states in their overall actual death rate committed deaths per 1 million.

And wouldn't you know they track alongside each other in the mandate states actually have in the end all the way across from April 2020 all the way through. This is February of this year all the way through the no mandate states actually have a lower incidence committed deaths per million versus the mandate, the mask mandate states, so the mass mandates.

Obviously, across all 50 states. Over the last two years didn't work yet working to have that fight.

I saw this this Tweet now to get your calls. I thought this was funny.

If you're complaining about no mass mandates on your upcoming flight don't go stay home, be afraid, live life in your basement. Basement people get elected like that.

That's kind of funny. Which leads us to the question today how you feel about Donald Trump running for president again 866-34-TRUTH 7884. For those of you on hold. I'll get right to you. 866-34-TRUTH be right back to show how you feel Donald Trump if he jumps back and I think you will get the foregoing version how you feel about him running for president again bite it. So there is a story that broke yesterday that Biden said to Barack Obama that he was going run again in 2024.

I don't know how you could say that because the guys hardly capable of doing anything in the presidency now can you imagine as bad as it is right now or not even a year and 1/2 in the Biden presidency and much as talk about his own inability to function mentally.

Whoever knows what going on there. It's really sad to watch him talking about the overall effectiveness or of his administration and destroying just about every nook and cranny of American life right now from the transgendered things that gas and oil to the economy to the southern border to Russia. I mean one thing after another inflation. Holy moly.

What a train wreck.

So Trump jumps back and how you feel about that.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH have you feel about Donald Trump eating back into the race of just wanted asked this question for a while curious to hear your thoughts. Troy thinks work on and started keeping on hold for so long.

Go ahead, I'm well today. How are you probably know, you know you will eventually have actually boil about Dr. Gordon anybody my all governmental control was for sure all you get an error and it really is for local government, all all all all you all really good drop down or all point traumatic is a great point. That's appointment we all get kind of enamored by what's going on in DC or presidential race, but that the progressive liberalism that is haunting and destroying this country from the inside out, has started on the local level and it's been going that way for decades because we get so enamored looking to DC you think will Donald Trump or whatever. The conservative president as an you think okay were good now and then they continue to make advances, especially in the school system as we now see and if you don't fight locally on your loose with that stuff goes from the bottom up and they've done a great job that I hope the whole state of North Carolina becomes like Loudoun County, Virginia, and you parents showing up and getting involved in taking over school boards because that's only a turnaround.

Ultimately, plus their programming the next generation to the public school system, so I appreciate your comments Troy right there with you. I pow you to think so much. Let's go to Charles Cullinan from North Carolina's well Charles, sorry to keep you on hold for Salonga redheads are Trump motor in DC on January and I hope hope hope not run the man time in 2016. He was probably cheated in 2020, but this is the day of going around five better than Trump on on mentorship, election integrity of the three big issues of the day better than Trump about no other Trump to get the nomination again but I really hope you don't run. The 50 and piggybacking on what Troy said a minute ago you think the vaccine will sink all Trump I think way you support on the vaccine. With your support features not aligned with them with hard-core supporters. So I think eventually that will keep them from running along the grade-point Charles think so much for calling and sharing. That is a great point, the vaccine is one of the smart things that Trump could do would come out and say hey you know what I'm going to change the vocabulary here is what we came up with an up with operation warp speed.

Actually, by definition, is not a vaccine. It is only as effective once you get hope and then, yes, it appears to be effective, especially for older people are more vulnerable people in terms of decreasing the severity of it but a vaccine keeps you from getting something in this shot did not. So if he came out and said I'm proud that we move so quickly. Yada yada yada. We were trying to help yada yada yada.

I probably should arraigned and pouching birch yada yada yada. But we also need to stop calling it a vaccine because what they came up with is not a vaccine because I received get it and it didn't keep you from getting covert, which means it's not actually a vaccine.

As we all commonly know what some call it the covert shot and I am proud of that. But that's not called a vaccine to the didn't stop people from getting covert. He could he could speak I think you could turn that know whether people are going to agree with them and I just think it's political move will have a lifetime to see because I'm pretty sure he's going to jump in 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you feel about Donald Trump running again in 2024 866-34-TRUTH. That's good, Dolores Cullen and Laura, thanks for calling Karen ahead of their character trait.

Yes me and a lot of background I get like whatever you want to be a pastor but he did protect our religious freedom and utter freedom that are being denied a snail that he was very strong and everything to any did it presidency level of evil and government. Everybody got to the degree that he saw and people laughing that he didn't really really brought that was committed and has been just swept under the rug happened and not being investigated that overall it if it I'm paper the president again and if he were and now we would not be in the big math that were damned right I grant that Lord Jesus, you know many Christians that were actually like all such a sinner he so obnoxious. I can't. I don't think that I don't think it worked out for like language, but he wasn't guided to sure as a Christian or pastor or other time off.

I really good but I did get all and I love you Sherry thank you thanks Lord God bless you think so much 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and he everybody all my brothers and sisters in Christ in the body of Christ. It's okay if we disagree on this. Okay this is this is in a salvific question whether you support Donald Trump or not, whether you voted for him or not, whether you think is obnoxious or not what you think is a narcissist are not is not a salvific question.

I'm not can it divide with any of you over Donald Trump nor should you divide with me what you should respect the times that I lean into things that he says or doesn't in when I am" attacking him because if you forget to call ourselves Christians in our allegiance isn't to the right or left the red or the blue Donald Trump or anybody else, the Republicans or Democrats your allegiance. If you're a Christian.

If your Christ follower is to truth.

Truth as defined by the author of truth that would be God, according to his word and our best ability. Through power the Holy Spirit to understand it.

So we apply the truth evenly. Equally, everybody, or as I like to say we call balls and strikes based on the word of God and it does not matter who standing at the plate so the size of the magnet of the microscope use on Donald Trump should be the same size that you use on DeSantis or Obama or homosexual or heterosexual or anybody.

The truth is the deal. This is the noble and select conclusion at this point Donald Trump running in 2024.

Although he did say recently. The only thing that would give anything that would really legitimately keep them from running would be as hell thing thing when he said that I can report interviewed. I don't know if that was with Clay Travis and Buck Sexton. That was a print interview that was a podcast can member it was recent in the last few weeks and I thought that was very interesting because most of the time saying you can be very happy with my decision. I can't say that now because campaign laws bubble bath and got about between the three different packs or whatever he's got about 100 and 4000 $50 million in cash. Okay, so he's continuing to raise money, but when he said that I thought that was very interesting. The only thing that could really keep him from running legitimately would be his health.

So it's that's interesting, that's all. And thing not leaning in the data club plunking down some money on that space on the wheel, but it's good to be fascinating to watch.

I think otherwise it's a foregone conclusion that it will be at my question for you is how you feel about that. Do you think there's enough Trump fatigue out there that that I can't imagine to be a whole lot of republics considered to be up for a repeat of Republican primary 2.0 the way a win in 2015 and 2016 and all the little names a little Marco and all that kind of stuff. I don't know how many of them would be willing to do that although there some and remember there's some people that will run for president because it's a career builder you can get the speaking engagements you like it, pointed to the some outpost or account layers. By doing that you sell a book.

Whatever, so they can bill go in there even though they know that you trounced but my question for you is how you feel about it. Are you excited about any I cannot think I can go there again.

I hope somebody else yeah I know most of us would say Ron DeSantis.

You can bide his time.

He doesn't need to get all bloodied up from going into battle with a Donald Trump Donald Trump even though those two are collegial and they pay say nice things about each other and oppressive. DeSantis decided to run in the primary against Trump if it would get brutal and most interim site but sent DeSantis can abide his time. 2028. Now the pre-much bank on that. But I'm curious I feel better 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 878844 866-34-TRUTH, Carlene is calling and currently thanks for calling.

Sorry to keep you on hold, go ahead and problem about like that would be my job but he's a little bit are and how we handle things. I think I think it would be a lot more, all the majority of people may not appreciate what Pres. you that be have more fun at and probably not many people off yet. I think that that's almost self-evident to most of us that DeSantis is much more self-controlled, but is very strong he's doing something that people on the left and people in the middle of people in middle are going think is a little over the top of the base. The way things have gone in Florida but he's leaned in that he hasn't pulled back at all. He's leaning into it.

Not afraid to buy a lightning rod that way he could but he handles himself in a totally different way than Trump and I think I think he did not have not let other run. I working out your I think the more palatable you with your great work. Sure I agree keeping people happy and not offending people that don't make a plot you currently a Great Plains appreciate: ensuring that today. Thanks so much. I buy in and that's not the challenge. There is, is there enough Trump fatigue here is the danger because I would vote for him again if he were the nominee on about form. I think most of you would but is are there enough people that it enough, Republicans and independents that would be a night just can't do it and they sit out.

That's the danger that you know people set up because he'll totally galvanize the left totaling 100% because in the last election. I don't think there were hardly any actual Biden voters at the Exodus before everybody was a Trump owner, either for arrogance, just like in 2016. I think the vast majority of us were up. We were Trump voters because of Hillary I voted against Hillary way more than I voted for Trump in 2060 are affected.

I used to say I'm in a vote for the devil. I don't know very well versus the devil I know quite well and so I went with Trump and then I was pleasantly surprised that he governs very conservatively. Most cases is spending like a drunken sailor, whatever that means. Just like the Republicans have their all big government people for the most part up there now, which makes me sick that it's the kind of I have a friend in radio up in New York and calls at the unibrow party, meaning that they're basically all the same in terms of big government which they have the Republicans haven't held the line on that often. Most of them don't care because there's they feel like there's nothing they can do about it and nobody wants to tell the truth about the immorality of what were doing to the coming generations, our posterity were burying them and repairing the country at the same time with our fiscal policy, but that I mean if he's if you is that if he's a candidate I'm voting for.

No question about it, but is there enough fatigue out there to suppress enough people that voted for them before that the just a bother show up and apathy is always a problem that's always in play. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866 30 or truth. Let's go to Claudius: and Claudia, thanks for calling a redhead wrong will you will. I will double carpal while you all will will you on Margaret I got you okay, I'm about to drop a block on law and are now on the fire Claudius when you when you juice it. Did you say you are a Democrat for 17 years old and when did you leave the Democrat side of the world like what caused that word where where my blog got double. I got 01 all I called all all the everything phone let me ask you just let me ask you this question because how long you been in America. No Aubrey or what you okay what what your favorite thing about America about when I come before God or no behind you know Everything I know not what you will will will just fall But I would bet our dog although you agree with you and the further we get away. Hey listen, honey, is whether whether it's America or Ukraine or Russia or any other country. The further any country chooses to do a turn its face away from God to ignore him to mock him, the worse it's going to get that. That's just the deal. It's been the title since the Old Testament and New Testament right up till today talking about work on the water. I went to Claudius I got to get some other callers Claudius by really calling and I appreciate your passion brother God bless you. Thanks so much, that was a blessing to get a different perspective.

I which is important because most of us don't 866-34-TRUTH 87884. The genus: Jane Europe. Next, go right ahead and I believe four 2023. We got that with that and rewind and I think I'm back in the spiritual battle pipe size yeah yeah that's exactly right. Got it, thanks to Jean for calling. I appreciated were up against the break. I gotta let you go 866-34-TRUTH will be right back.

That's right got all the lessons in question is hopefully he's gained wisdom clearly and hopefully he's willing to, I don't know that he would come out and say yeah but it is different. I've learned a lesson.

I think he was just implement his lessons and not admit that he actually learned something that's me going back to my Trump ego rent but who knows what I know this one. Florida Department of health challenges, White House and irreversible trance treatments for children that's an important story talking about this and just devastating to the Democrat party as they continue to throw down Jen Saki as they'll throw down with this transgender movement, what time is it why can I hear anything. Well, that's interesting. Welcome back.

I didn't hear a come back into the shows I just been talking my friends on Facebook lives are about that.

Everybody I just get a continually asked the question how you feel about Trump running again so want to make sure I get to your calls and some people been kind enough to hold on while namely Sharon Sharon, sorry about the long wait, go right ahead and call well labor what I'm I believe that he get back word that certainly more than unfortunately the one before that kept their word and it labor what God love and feel confident now you can do it differently, or anyone else all the full record we don't know what I think you lady with him to Lift and quite a bit. Not fairly afraid.

Here change we don't know that I certainly don't get it. I think that everything I agree Sharon thanks much for holding and I appreciate you sharing today. Thanks much. You're welcome. Got bless you bye-bye let's jump down to Scarlet scarlet Europe neck started keep you waiting go right ahead. I think you have a great link regarding the nominee for me at a rate that will probably be called. I would bet in a heartbeat, and I would let my the only thing that turns me off on prompted a happy face waiter, and wherever else the band.

I get that happen with every cell in our member walk in the election results that night. They were out work into it and found it.

Thank you Dottie. What can we charge you with how many we can meet you I think he would have done more hot for our banquet had been quiet yeah yeah that turned into a train wreck almost on day one. Did get you is a great dozen great points and in and that would be my hope that he would. He doesn't need to broadcast every feeling he has every thought. He has and will see what happens with Twitter of Elon musk gets control of Twitter down front might be back on Twitter. I think that would be bad for him but will wait and see. We don't know everything. We just have to gotta take it as it comes. That's world with that great. Thanks, Carl and I appreciate it. Have a great afternoon appreciate you calling 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Let's go to Jerry Jerry, your honesty, thanks for calling. Go ahead hey Jerry, want to play golf from one of the best old know what it like it is arrogant, but the old ill live. I looked around the bowl thing. And said that he was going to the news media was that Graham before you go if you go back 126 going to quit richly probably hundred $50 million corrosion and then Hillary went and collude with the Russians when you did not and she was so picked all she tried to flip it around and enslave the collude with the Russians we had. She was so convinced in my opinion, due to the fact that they had received so much money from Russia remembered it prior to 2016 election and she felt that much money from Russia. They would be able to get back to using technology, they would be able to tap into her artwork.

Voting machines covered band. It didn't happen to come. Jerry, when you describe building and talk through it. This whole story from what happened starting in 2015, all the way to the end of the Trump presidency sounds like a big soap opera. Some that's made for Netflix or something like that so bad not going mobile, and I feel really good, your mother still in what way but that your mother whatever you want to go but the all you have to do something you feel me how many electronic by you today, that isn't purchase or made in China. Now is the thing I got my other callers, Jerry, but that's the thing that I appreciate about Trump and seems willing to go right at China you hear nothing out of the bite administration about going up to China nothing. They're not willing to pick a fight.

That's why Russia was what was willing to do what it's done because Biden is not a leader at all and so when you Trump and there he makes everybody nervous. I think that's a good thing Jerry, I appreciate your call and I can't get a let's get some of the calls, but thanks much for Colin and I appreciate that.

Let's jump over to Steve real quick. I think that a question glad Steve oh no, I got a quick pretty good.

Are you doing great thing we don't know it all with a very great big God even control double date is empathy and you that he was worried there for well for you. We left Israel will be blessed and cursed Israel will that's what I love yeah yeah that was bold and he did that again at Donald Trump. I don't look to die. Don't try to look too deep into his psyche as to why he does what he does or why he did what he did.

All I know is he did it and I'm like okay cool I don't need to be born 50 foot deep pool you can be a kiddie pool for all I care as long as he gets the job done. That's what matters to me, Steve, oh great hear from you buddy I'll talk to you later I met about things appreciate that. Let's go John real quick. John, thanks for calling your honesty go right ahead.

I would lean toward Trump as well. However, one thing that I think will be something that might give people pause is the fact that he pushed and pushed and pushed the getting the jab and and I think that that will will turn off a sizable number of people that I think he was misled. I think there was there was a lot of pressure.

In fact a lot.

It wouldn't going to the fact that, among other things, it was a bailout for them for big Pharma man but just I think if you contribute talk about Berkshire warp speed. I think that could be really detrimental. Yes I think that's a great point John agree with you hundred percent and I preach each call and ensure nothing so much that you you're welcome and that's again F if Trump it would be brilliant for him to get ahead of it like heat shortly after he announces and comes back in I he should do a let's do a debrief on what happened with Cove that he should do like an hour long special on element is bring you all in and to and take you behind the scenes and tell you what I experienced. And you know for a fact there's no way that it's okay, it's February January February 2020 right you're facing an election and then the whole coven thing starts coming out of China, people are starting to. This looks like this could get out of control in its early on, you don't exactly know what you doing to give him all the benefit of the doubt.

At the beginning whether China released it.

Obviously they created it and it got out okay so setting all that aside so is looking at the numbers and it's an election year and so knowing that this could train wreck everything he goes all in on the pullback here and there but if he comes back out and I think he will and he announces the run. I think he needs to do nice long format.

Debrief great idea Catherine with Bill O'Reilly since they did those large-scale events at the end of last year come out talk let O'Reilly rip pendulum on the coven thing to say. Why do we call it a vaccine because I think if he backtracks on a lot of things and comes around, then the people that are really ticked off about it and there's a lot of us are going to be okay. I appreciate your honesty thanks for bringing us behind the curtain and explaining it all and I think that would help in tremendous see. All I know. Like Steve said earlier, as God is on the throne because of that will be just fine. No one to see Noblesville, God willing, I'll talk to my dad always perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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