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15: Easter "Celebrate!"

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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April 19, 2022 3:00 pm

15: Easter "Celebrate!"

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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About 20 John the book of John is written by the disciple known as John. John is also disciple wrote for second, third, Johnny also Revelation is one of the 12 years I want the first ones that Jesus called to be a disciple Gospel of John is written from the first-hand account of a disciple which is really important is not second handed John's not writing stuff that he heard or saw from something else.

John is writing what he actually saw and what he actually witnessed in Scripture he's known as the son of Zebedee. Jesus give a nickname given the nickname of Sons of thunder was his nickname and so he was foolhardy disciple fault is everywhere he is at the crucifixion effect. He is the one that Jesus looks down ways on the cross he looks at Mary and John this is John. Take care of my mother Mary. He's at the crucifixion and so is woven all throughout it. In fact, there's a passage Scripture in John chapter 20 verse two that will read as well, but it gives a little bit more clout behind it. So in the Gospel of John. You'll actually see the name John in the gospel which is not uncommon by the way is not uncommon for people to write a book and not include their name, but he does give himself a description.

The description in John chapter 20 in the ISP version says it this way. It says that she ran Mary Magdalene get their moment her. She ran and told Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus kept loving and that's how he described himself in the book. He described himself as the one that Jesus kept loving which is not, by the way, if not is not thing of pride is not an ego that John had. It was like jealous and Jesus love me more than everybody else on the keep writing that the book is actually a humility statement. In other words, it's like a on the one that you've had to keep on loving on the ideas I keep love and even my ups and downs. Even when I fail you might doubt Jesus Loving me. Let me just tell you something sound already here this morning. I'm so glad you're here.

But let me just say something up front. There is nothing that you can do that will separate you from the love that God has for you cannot hear BMN about that and you might be here this morning is the first time in the church ever made for some a long time. Maybe you're trying to figure this whole thing out just when it is assure you there is nothing you've done that God looks at you and says I don't love you love you and you're here for a purpose and a reason and my hope and prayer for you and for all of us. By the way is I will leave here celebrating the fact that Jesus is alive and because alive there's three simple things and talk about because he is life gives us hope because alive he gives us joy because alive he gives us peace. This is what he does here. Is it all hinges on the resurrection effect part my message this morning. I want to come apologetically prove to you that the resurrection actually happen and this is why that's important. The whole reason why were here today is were here to celebrate. Not that Jesus went to the cross on Friday but that he rose from the dead on Sunday. Come on, somebody that's why were here to celebrate and our higher faith. All that we do our entire faith actually hinges on whether or not you actually believe that he rose from the dead, the resurrection is powerful. It is actually powerful, otherwise were serving and were serving a not powerful Christ were serving a dead Christ were not were serving a powerful reason, King of Kings and Lord of lords, and that really does make all the difference in the world when it comes to the resurrection of what is doing some colors as of this well of this quote by Keller. He says if Jesus rose from the dead, then you have to accept all that he said it didn't rise from the dead and why worry about any of what he said the issue on which everything hangs is not whether or not you like is teaching but whether or not he rose from the dead, density true statement. If Jesus actually rose from the dead that we have to accept everything else that he said because in Jesus own words.

He said that the guys can arise again. Which he did and that tomb is empty so if that happened then everything he taught us everything you share with us everything that he did all that he stood for.

We also have to accept first Corinthians chapter 15 this is this what is is now Christ is proclaimed as raised from the dead. How can some you say that there is no resurrection of the dead, but if there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised in here it is right here. This is the whole point by statement. If Christ has not been raised that our preaching is in vain and our faith is in vain.

If Jesus still not assume that everything were doing right now is meaningless. It really is.

It's all menu. Everything that you said didn't happen. If he is not risen again that our faith means nothing. But here's the good news right beginners of our here is that he got up three days later that soon and because he got up out of that assume it means everything is everything, listen yeah we can phrase like ordering your praise. Zero like, learn to celebrate what I can to partially give a little clapboard and doing world and do, but ended together. So number one is this first point this morning, Jesus rose from the dead, and he gives us hope so. I needed such a timely message leaves good news because we need some hope knowing the world needs hope that that's for sure and maybe possibly need some hope a QB that you came in at church this morning and maybe you feel little hopeless.

Maybe you're looking at everything happening in the world around us and is wondering what's next and where is the hope coming from. Maybe you're going through a tough season in your life and use it some hope. Maybe like Peter who were to read about maybe you, new God, our new Jesus but not so much anymore. I need hope sorcery in John chapter 20 in order read the passage that deals with Mary and Peter and John and others go into the empty tomb and what they experience the couple main characters in this, it's John whose writing it, and John is writing it from a heart and and by the way John's heartbeat is found in his own writing.

In John chapter 20 verse 31.

John says these are rings that you may believe that Jesus is Christ that he is the son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name and that's the home I'll go this morning is simply that is that for those you that maybe you're here maybe you don't really believe I have my prayers that you will leave your really believing that Jesus is the son of God and because of that you have life for those you already do believe I hope you leave here this morning, encouraged, and celebrating of what that actually means in your life. So John chapter 20 starting verse one it says on the first day of the week Mary Magdalene came to the tomb early, well, still dark, and she saw that the stone been taken away from the tomb, so she ran and went to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved her the one whom Jesus Loving and said then they have taken the Lord out of the tomb, and we don't know where they have laid him.

At this point they don't know that is resurrected.

They think that so we just came in and stole the body so she goes back and she recruits the disciples. So Peter, this is important Peter specifically is mentioned as believing where they are and he takes off running to the tomb as Peter went out and the other disciple, John, were going to the tomb. Both of them were running together and come on my favorite verse in the Bible, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. Why is that, in their I don't know you imagine John writing this down later if you could genre down later you just sit there make babies like a little rock looking over the ocean is like. So I ran to the tomb and Peter's really slow for all of eternity. Everything to know that Peter is not as fast as I verse five and stooping to look in.

He saw the linen clothes line that we didn't go in. Then Simon Peter came, fun and and just went straight to the tomb. He saw the linen clothes lying there in the face cloth was a bent on Jesus had not lying with the linen closet, but folded up in place by itself. Then the other disciple, here's a guy come on the other disciple, who reached the tomb first. Why saw and he believes present, yet they did not understand the Scripture, that he must rise from the dead and the disciples went back to their homes where they believe what he says they went in and he believed what what they're really saying is that they believe that that his body was gone. That's all they believe they didn't know yet that he was resurrected. They didn't know yet what was happening. Although I do believe that the reason why Peter is specifically mentioned matters. I think that Peter represents a lot of us.

I mean, really, truly, I think it represents a lot of the service morning.

I think the reason why Peter ran to that empty tomb is because of the encounter that Peter had with Jesus before he went to the cross again at resurrection didn't happen. None of overdoing this morning. Matters if the resurrection didn't happen then than what Peter experiences next would not even happen in us today that Charles Spurgeon says it this way. Listen to this is that the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is one of the best attested facts on record. There are so many witnesses to behold. It that if we do in the least degree received the credibility of men's testimonies. We cannot and we dare not doubt that Jesus rose from the dead, the resurrection is a fact better attested than any event recorded any history, whether ancient or modern world to share with you next. You might not even realize the fact after both services. I talked to several people in the hallway there like a regrouping church we heard East every year and we never knew this part of it and will want to do again is coming from an unapologetic stance to to prove you that Jesus actions alive because again everything were doing hinges on whether or not he actually rose from the dead or he didn't ask. Chapter 1 verse 1 to 3 is the first place.

I want to go just real quickly and accepted one verse verse 1 to 3. It says in the first book of Theophilus, I have dealt with all that Jesus did and taught until the day he was taken up know what you talking about here.

He's talking about the period after Jesus rose from the dead before he got taken up after you giving commands to the Holy Spirit to the apostles, to whom he had chosen says this, that he was with them for 40 days so we know fact number one is that after Jesus rose in the dead he actually was with people for 40 days, which matters a time because what didn't happen is Jesus didn't rise from the dead and then just go to two people or to 12 people. He actually went to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people actually showed himself real and alive to all of them for 40 days with her first Corinthians chapter 15 prescriptions 15 verse three date is as I delivered to you as a first importance what I also received that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, and he was raised on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures now mostly will just stop there lots what the writer says next is says that he appeared to Cephas who is Peter then to the 12, which is the disciples because they picked up another disciple after Jesus left that he appeared to more than 500 brothers at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep.

Then he appeared to James and then to all the apostles and last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to meetings. Give me a firsthand account of actually meeting Jesus church.

This matters.

It matters that scripture carefully said that Jesus didn't just appear to Mary and the Peter and John and the close 12.

He appeared to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people. There is no faking that there is no denying that Jesus rose from the dead. If he appears for 40 days and shows himself to hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of people. Carcasses of this way about the resurrection. This is the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single greatest event in the history of the world. It is so foundational to Christianity that no one who denies it can be a true Christian, a person who believes in a Christ who is not raised, believes in a powerless Christ, a dead Christ and how maybe this morning.

Can we celebrate the fact that we indeed serve a powerful Jesus was alive like everything that we do hinges on that one fact that he is alive. Peter for just a moment, Peter. His name was changed to recycled Simon or Simeon exchange the Peter which means rock.

Jesus gave him that name is given the name rock and identified him as going to be one of the pillars of the church affect Peter.

Eventually becomes one of the main pillars of the Christian faith. Peter is the first missionary to the Gentiles which basely means the non-Jewish people. The time the action.

When this is also to the Jews alike. So the both sides of people.

He is the one he is the spokesperson the book of acts is the one that stands up since Peter stands up with the 12 and address the crowd and hundreds and thousands of people are saved in a matter of the day this is Peter stands up which, that sounds great, right, Peter is the one who walked on water. Peter is the rock in the foundation of the early church right is the first the first one that, is identified as that rock of the church even gives his own life in Rome, he smarted upside down and across in Rome so he is a given his life for Jesus. But listen that that's after the crucifixion.

I think the reason why Peter ran to the tomb was because of his last interaction before the crucifixion back to Matthew chapter 26 so Peter the fisherman is married.

Yes, it has a fishing business actually employed John and James are all working together slows the tight unity of people to sue. Peter is John's avatar Matthew chapter 26 verse 30 through 35 gives the last known record of Peter talking to Jesus before Jesus is taken away. It is this that Peter answered him, though all will fall away because of you I will never fall away Jesus telling them at that Last Supper that you people to follow in economy and is trying the best he can to tell them that if you get arrested and taken away in a prison is in a die and Peter steps up associate even if everybody else falls away from you, Jesus. I will never fall away, how we know that's a that's a good thing the Sarah that's a bad thing to say to Jesus. It sounds like the right answer right stepping up that hammock and fall away from anybody coming up on the live for you. But listen, the Jesus response.

The hope is that Jesus would turn to Peter and say while Peter you are the man like that.

That's a great response like a really look at Peter.

Peter just said is going to dive me.

I can't believe it taking so much Peter, your amazing Euros on the build my church on your Peter conjured that awesome of a guy thank you for saying that but instead Jesus looks doing says truly I tell you, this night, before the rooster crows, you will deny me three times the response. Peter wanted to hear. So Peter voiced him again. He actually doubles down on it. He actually steps up against his listen. Jesus even if I must die with you, I will not deny you, and it was just Peter and the rest of the site will step up and say the same thing that all said the Savior all rally behind Peterson. Yeah worth Peter Jews were in a die for you to give our life for you. Even if we have to go with you to death. We are with you. That lasted about eight hours is the next interaction we see with Peter. This is now on Friday so that was Thursday. Every Sunday grade on Thursday, having dinner together just got a little weird at dinner, but other than that it is your grade that have been used to go runabout and we didn't really care for many ways, he still sober but then they go to the garden she is arrested. Peter takes on the sword and cuts a guy's ear off.

You don't ever see that on video on Easter Sunday, he literally cuts got zero GS review simply with the sword. Jesus is arrested the night Jesus arrested chaos breaks out the disciples immediately take off running. There's only one disciple that falls in, that's John who ends up just, staying in following Mary Magdalene's there.

Mary's mother's their job.

The rest of the site will just take off. Peter the courtyard. Peter is at a fire suggest get the picture Peter that a fire warming himself and his people around. Remember, this is Passover week there's people from all over the region coming back to Jerusalem is packed okay Peter, now's the time to step up member when you said you would die form will here's your chance. So now we go to the next passage John chapter 18 Simon Peter was standing and warm yourself by fires they said to him you also are not one of the disciples, are you he denied it. So not one of the service of the high priest, a relative of the man whose ear Peter had cut off, asked did I not see you in the garden with him Peter again denied it at once. The rooster crowed. That is Peter's last interaction with Jesus about you, but most people to want to let somebody down, feel bad when you let people down to imagine what Peter felt when that rooster crowed.

And he denied Jesus that third time, just as Jesus said he was going to do the Peter that at one time was ready to go to war and take a sword out the Peter that said that out die for you is now denying Jesus three times in a courtyard. Watchman Nee says this he says that our old history ends with the cross.

Our new history begins with the resurrection.

So I think the reason why Peter ran to the tomb. I think there's two reasons I think one Mary just said some he stole the body slightly to take off running, but I can only imagine that as Peter ran. I wonder with every step towards the two did hope filled in Peter's heart.

Maybe he's actually alive. I wonder has Peter's running to the tomb.

All the times that Jesus told them that he was in the dime rising on one of all those things are flooding back to his mind and every step of these running towards that tomb.

I wonder Hope is growing more and more and more and more and more.

Why because is Peter's last interaction was denying Christ and if anybody needed hope that uses libels Peter listen the reason why said that were all like peters. I think that we probably feel the same way at times I wonder how often we need hope.

We feel hopeless. We feel confused. Maybe we feel bad because, may we let Jesus down. May we feel bad because we did something to Jesus and we let him down and now he's out to you know to, look and see what's happening. May we feel like we've made too many mistakes in life. May we feel we had an argument and that Army didn't go well were try to help some.

He didn't go well they were broken relationships or careers and all the things happening at the heart of it.

We feel the hopeless one is here to tell you that one of the greatest things about the resurrection I love that statement were says in her history ends on the cross and our new history begins because he's alive. The second thing this morning. His number two is is that Jesus rose from the dead to bring us joy became to bring us joy was so that today's celebration is all being joyful is and I am convinced that Christian should be the most joyful people on the face of the planet. We really should. I think a lot of Christians need to tell their face that right. I think having lovingly reminded ligation should smile more tightly to the person next to just smile and smile.

This model does feel good right now. Now look at the person behind you don't know it is kind of a weird creepy smile disliked by some ear inserts going like my first day in church. I guess awkward and joyous is contagious and joyous, so new, and as I know we tacos all time.

Mike and I go down this road, but those it's not happiness, joy is not the same thing as being happy if I do is base my life and happiness that want doing really is going from one thing to another thing that's making me happy and to be good things.

It can be our career relationship. It could be a hobby with you wherever is like there.

There's happiness and that which is fine. There's nothing wrong with that.

The problem though is that happiness is often times circumstantial.

As long as a circumstance circuit that we feel good. As long as things are going good in our career we feel good. As long as a relationship is going good, we feel good. As long as is my new bank account. We feel good about what happens when it's not what happens when a falls apart. What happens when there's a curve ball thrown at you. Do you still have happiness well will know that's where joy comes in his joy something a supernatural joy is way deeper than just happiness and not ads want to let you know that when Jesus rose from the dead, that he just did make a ready happy there is joy in that. And they're still joy in the fact that he rose from the dentist to bring in John chapter 20 verse 11 says that Mary this is Mary Magdalene stood outside the tomb, weeping and gnashing web. She stooped into look at the tomb she saw two angels in white sitting were the body of Jesus had lain one at the head and one of the feet, they said, or a woman, why are you weeping, and she said to them, they have taken away my Lord and I don't know where they have laid him. Having said this, she turned around and saw Jesus standing but did not know that it was Jesus. So then Jesus says the work over why are you weeping. Who are you seeking supposing him to be the gardener said and serve you carry them away, tell me where you have laid them and I will take him away and then Jesus says there were again I think this passage is such a precious precious passage is Jesus calls her by her name is Mary. I want to read quickly through the he calls her by her and when he calls her by her name. She recognized his voice. She turned Roman said Aramaic Ramona which means teacher is a powerful encounter that's happening here. Mary is the first person that Jesus goes to after the resurrection just continues to not cling to me five not yet ascended to the father but due to my brothers and say to them. I am ascended to my father and your father to my God answer your God bless. Verse 18 Mary Magdalene went and announced the disciples I have seen the Lord and that she said all this that he said all these things to her. So Mary Magdalene I love a more says Morse. Is this about Mary. He says that because she is charged in all four Gospels to share the revelation of the good news of the resurrection, Mary Magdalene is often called the very first evangelist's powerful moment, so Mary is in all 40 Matthew Mark Luke John those of the gospel. She's in all four Gospels. She's met you specifically in all four Gospels about me at the cross and being at the two. Now Mary is there weeping souls.

Let's address that. Why is Mary there. We will Mary had just witnessed one of the most traumatic things that she can ever win a seat she witnessed Jesus the Messiah. Her Messiah beaten and hung on the cross dead wrapped in linen and put into a tomb, so she is heartbroken, and I'm sure she's disappointed. You try angry, she's frustrated.

She sat in her heart is broken. This is Mary, by the way, and Mary is the one that Jesus cast seven demons out of her. By the way, the same or so. Mary Magdalene.

Her first encounter with Jesus actually heals or of seven demons. Now, whether those are actual demons or ailments. As I read that, but he heals her. Either way either way business, there's this moment where Mary is healed by Jesus. Early in his ministry. And so, from that day forward, Mary followed.

In fact, Mary and several of them followed Jesus all the time even to the point of being at the cross and at the tomb and so Mary is there she is weeping. She's heartbroken just traumatic and then he calls her name that is so powerful because Jesus listened Jesus can once anybody Jesus corrosive that it went straight to pilothouse just arose the dead, and once the Pharisees and the priest said hey you try to kill me.

I'm alive here I am here once it anybody instead instead why is it that he stops for a woman who is broken and not just stops, but he calls a running said I think part of that.

It shows the relationship and shows the heart of Jesus doesn't doesn't show the relational, caring, loving heart of our Savior that even just that idea just that moment that he just went and before he wended all these other things were when show himself anywhere he went and he spoke to Mary. Now you tell me what Mary encountered Jesus that she go back to disciple still weeping. I'll think so. I think Mary took off and did exactly what Jesus said, I'll thing Mary went to the disciples were there. Stan walked into hey guys, Marianne and I saw Jesus's life. Scraps of fish go here. Imagine the joy that Mary would've shared that news I have seen the Lord.

I seen them. I've experienced them.

He's alive see again without the resurrection. There is no joy about the resurrection. There is not this moment where where Mary is going back with joy in her voice and the hearts and that she has seen the Lord in Luke chapter 24 verse 5 to 7 real quick verse to me this is were unfortunately most people are living the 24 5 to 70 says as they were frightened. They bow their face of the ground is Mary the other women are bound to see the Angels at the tomb. Listen with the Angels asking why do you seek the living among the dead is not here, he's risen, why do you seek the living among the dead, and I think that same question to be asked today. Listen why do you seek life from lifeless things. Why do we constantly seek approval or seek seek purpose in life and seek direction in life from things that actually don't even give us life. They do give us little temporary things and even make us feel good for a moment and that they them in themselves are bad right like things in themselves like a good career and your family and they account in education and sports are nothing nothing bad about that but it becomes bad when we are drawing life from that. We just stand that these tombs of whatever they are, and none of that stuff we could take into eternity with us so church why we keep looking for the living among the dead to get it all comes down to the resurrection because the resurrection tells us that we have something more that Jesus is actually alive. I love what Robert Flatt says this of this quote. He says the resurrection gives my life meaning and direction, and it gives me the opportunity to start over. No matter what my circumstance. That's with the empty tomb does the cross, Jesus goes for the forgiveness of our sins at the cross, Jesus goes and it required a sacrifice of Jesus, the perfect lamb in place of us write for our sins, but the risen Savior. The empty tomb gives us purpose in life.

It gives us direction in life. What that empty tomb says no matter how far away I ever feel or I ever get. Jesus is alive and he loves me.

That's with that empty tomb says it is the opportunity to start over in a matter what circumstance I'm just Tony. Too many people.

Maybe this morning you fight that you fight that starting over because you think that you're not worthy rethink you're not good enough. We think you made two mistakes. Just trying to figure life out on your own. First let me just tell you one. We all felt that way too.

None of us are working. None of us are good enough for Jesus to go all yeah you're good enough for me to die for. You know what were none of us are good and of the reason he does it because he created you he loves you and he knows your name knows everything about you and loves you. Anyways soon encounter with Jesus can take away that weeping and replace it with joy, Jesus can take away that sorrow that we feel the loss that we feel the hurt and the wounds of the past that we feel it take setting given joy.

The third file save as is number three is this will start the closer Jesus rose from the dead to bring us peace did all the things that Jesus rose in the dead and because alive he actually gives us peace was going to John chapter 20 verse 19 is is on the evening of that day the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews, Jesus came and stood among them and send them peace be with you when he said this, he showed them his hands and his side than the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord Jesus said to them again, peace be with you as the father sent me, even so I'm sending you what he said this, he breathed on them and send them receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them. If you hold forgiveness of any it is without Sagal as a stop for a moment member Jesus captured late Thursday night is put on trial Friday is hung on the cross Friday, he dies Friday evening is taking up the cross is wrap is prudent to assume immediately. All the attention went towards his disciples the crowd the Pharisees the pipe freeze. They want to wipe them all get rid of anybody that had anything to do with Jesus. So what are the disciples do what they when they hit they literally had all the doors locked and there just their hiding and it says right there. They were afraid.

Therefore, it makes sense right there falling Jesus for three years and the phone for three years faithfully. They thought he was in a calm establish his kingdom that I was in a calm and do all these great things and all of a sudden within a matter of just a few days. All their hope is gone.

Everything their hope forces the way Jesus is apparently dead and they're afraid.

But isn't it just like Jesus to appear right in the middle of our fear is in a just like Jesus to appear literally appear in the middle of a locked room with his disciples in the very first things he says that is, peace be with you a greeting. Don't be afraid in the other gospel.

Luke, he challenges their faith, he said why didn't you believe me if I can Luke chapter 24 verse 36, 39, he actually invites in the touch Mrs. as they were talking about these things, Jesus himself stood among them and he said to them, peace to you right this is, but they were startled and they were frightened that he was a ghostly thought oh my goodness, here comes Jesus is his ghost is here now to torment us were afraid. He says that will wire you trouble was, and why do you doubt and why do doubts arise in your heart that are bad often doubt rising up in our heart and just to see my hands to my feet, you can touch them see that it's me for spirit doesn't have flesh and does have bones so you can come actually see who I am.

Jesus appears in the middle of their chaos in the middle of their fear and he brings peace will how can Jesus do that will. The Bible says that he is the Prince of peace to pieces and some veggies who just offer you pieces and something he can just offer the world. Jesus actually is the Prince of peace is in his nature to actually bring peace and to actually give peace a knowledge of the give us peace, but he also gives us his Holy Spirit which we cannot forget about that. So Jesus breathed on them. The Holy Spirit is the word Numa. It literally translates to wind some rest to spirit. And so Jesus is giving them the spirit is the helper it is. The advocate is where they will draw their power from the stand up did just a few days later to stand in the city and to proclaim that Jesus is who he said he was to the something happens the same. I said earlier, that is very true that the resurrection has to be transformational. If you and I believe in the resurrection, it should transform us issue changes.

It should actually come on us and changes since I love this statement by Lee Strobel sure you heard it before but it's powerful as Jesus Christ did not come into this world to make bad people good. He came into this world to make dead people that that's good as in years to come is to make you feel better about it income just to make you good. You can make your life and again the reason why he can do that and the reason why he is the only one that can make you will live is because he's the only one that conquered death and came back to life again. If we believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

Then we also have to believe that we can be resurrected that he can give us life that he is the only one ultimate I can give you life to true peace comes from forgiveness. True peace in our life comes we know that were forgiven. We know that even thrall mistakes are hurdles in life that we are forgiven as we get a close this morning when invites you to that owner read first Peter chapter 1 verse three and four. You heard it in the middle of the service as well, but it's a good good reminding closing verse two. Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to his great mercy he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead are living hope. The hope we have the peace we have and the joy we have is truly available because of the resurrected Jesus Christ without love you to stand your feet this morning across the room and if you and mine you just bow your heads and close your eyes for a moment, you may not be used to this and that's okay but as I make this is private as we can with the room feel the way it is just a private moment this one of the things I said early on is that that there was a celebration and the reason why it's a celebration is not because we sing songs or because we gotta and Ellen organa do it's because we know where the celebration comes from. We celebrate because of the resurrection will because of the resurrection. We have hope. We have joy and we have peace with eternal life. The greatest thing I can offer you this morning as your pastor is us the opportunity to make that your life to make that commitment your self to be born again to have a living hope the Bible says that if we believe we believe in our heart or we believe that he rose from the dead, that he is who he says he is, if we believe that in our heart and confess that that he saves us, he forgives us he redeems us he offers hope eternal.

He offers us joy, not just here but for all eternity. He offers us peace, not just here and now to any circumstance in her life

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