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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Questions Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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April 15, 2022 4:20 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Questions Live on Good Friday

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is Good Friday and we are live good questions. We've got answers. It's time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more Centerview and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get on the line of fire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown. It is one day after our national not ashamed of Jesus day. Thanks for everybody who participated. Thanks to all of you who posted on social media. We plan to do montage in the coming weeks of the videos you posted on church with a group of people singing together and proclaiming their not ashamed others with T-shirts or wearing other sharing testimony sharing the gospel work means you posted so great first ever national not ashamed of Jesus day on 414 and that we move forward from there.

866-34-TRUTH you got questions.

We got answers yes it is Good Friday on the Christian calendar. Yes, Passover begins tonight on the Jewish calendar. Yes. Originally, there was a separate Jewish and Christian calendar that some of the subject, but as we always do. Phones are open any question anything you want to ask me anything you want to talk to me about as long as it relates in any way to modify if you've heard something you want to clarify, by all means give us a call 866-3487 84 and with that we go straight to the phones we start with Jared in Capella Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire, a Dr. Brown idea very well thank you all. This should be easy for you in the original patent over argument that that it wasn't but one that in intoning back.

I got was young thinking is rather I get the last play exactly that he was punishing the Egyptians and the Israelites that they didn't know smear the blood on the door was that because they were serving the Egyptian God is in on Joshua 2414 and then Ezekiel 26, 29.

It kinda mentions that how they had been serving other gods noted, wondering if it the original Passover. Kind of like a atoning sacrifice for them to or just yet, so that the primary emphasis was not atonement in the Passover is supposed to sit the day of atonement where that's the explicit purpose of it was a celebration of liberation from bondage and in the Passover sacrifice was part of this larger liberation. Now that being said, because the passive loan was killed and blood was shed, and it was substitutionary in that sense.

In other words, the Passover lamb dies and your firstborn son does not die it. It has larger elements in it so it is not primarily atonement related, but it does have atonement aspects to it.

As to Israel worshiping other gods even Joshua 24 is really talking about past generations and Abraham's ancestors were either worshipers and things like that of but for sure there was corruption within within the Israelites in Egypt.

I'm sure there was some idolatry and straying and God had to bring them back, but there was not a sacrifice okay. Sacrifice the slam to make atonement for your idolatry.

That was not the purpose of it, but there is that substitutionary aspect and then because of the larger theme of liberation from bondage and freedom. Jesus is emphasized as the Passover lamb in the New Testament. For example, in John one in first Corinthians 5. That terminology is use, the Lamb takes away the sins of the world or Messiah or Passover men are passable and has been sacrificed in first Corinthians 5 so that those images are tied in so not explicitly for atonement but deftly tying in with the larger atonement substitution system that one follow-up sure if you think of it, so do you think the Israelite unit in Egypt were that they have like the true knowledge of God like I have that before you got a bushlike I get how how did they work up in worship him and Egypt or were they just kind of like you know a lot until Moses pulled him out of lights where they were known to me. The Bible does not give us explicit information. In other words, it does not refer to your idolatry in Egypt. The idols you worshiped in Egypt doesn't make that specific reference, but certainly when Moses is asking what name do I use who I tell them sent me. There was definitely a concept of the God of their fathers. There were certainly a concept that there is this God that Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worshiped and that there were promises to come to the that the Lamb would be given to them. Moses was deftly building on that, but how full their knowledge of God was after those generations in Egypt. That's it. That's a very good question. We can surmise that it was very limited. We just don't have explicit data that tells us more Caleb think what you are very welcome 86634 escorted Jeff in Toledo Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire Michael Dr. Brown and let me wish you a happy upcoming Easter sure. Thank you Dr. Brown your question, I spoke to you last month on the Cliff chip to the people who preach faith talk about and I don't remember the exact passage but you found it for me. Would Jesus chose to speak to the mountain now faith in God and I've heard some Bible teachers are several say that they can be translated faith of God, and I respect Dr. Brown.

Is that accurate translation note that's that's a misunderstanding of the Greeks. The Greek is literally defeated. If you know Greek right you would literally translated have the faith of God, but that is the Greek way of saying, have faith in God, you know, there are it in every language, especially when you add in prepositions. There is going to be variance from one language to another, and for example if I sent you. What's the difference between going up the street and going down the street ditto as well. Is that going honest enough so it's it's a little bit ambiguous or okay right now you're listening to me on the radio, but if you say that in Hebrew. I was listening to him on the radio that was me. I was listening to him while sitting on the radio's name.

You say I listen to you in the radio cycle cannot make since in their coming from there. So if you don't know the language you misunderstand.

That's why translations almost universally render it with have faith in God.

So in other words, Jesus is not saying I have got the God kind of faith, meaning supernatural faith that God puts in you and then you believe, although I believe in that kind of faith. I believe that God does put supernatural faith within us. But the exhortation is have faith in God to trust God, believe God this is God you're talking about but your faith put your trust in him, so it's best to translated as you see in standard English translations have faith in God to help support the quick follow-up. Sure sure kind of tricky report what what would you tell a man who spiritually depressed. Seems like God is so far away and is not getting prayers answered him just like there's a blockage in the line or something. Dr. Brown made like to be the subject of your next book. I don't so here's that. Have you read my book has God failed to conduct product bugs and even though you have yet came out less than a year ago so it's absolutely fresh and be fresh for many years to come because the subject matter has God failed you for spiritually depressed person struggling person. That book would be like a cup of fresh water in the midst of a famine because it it takes you through the difficult questions explains why sometimes we go through these difficult places, and even why the Bible prepares us in advance with all the Psalm saying how long the Lord must assert my pillow with tears in Israel, saying, why have you abandoned us and assessing regarding hides himself and then with that what we do to come out on the other side so I would.

I would strongly encourage you to check out the book has God failed to funny face. We're not even sure God is real, has God failed to and you find it really addresses these issues.

Even in the chapters about this prayer with the work what he thinks takes much time and an insult. I just think what my father why bother is anything really happening is governing the year and Emma Nike had my head against the wall is getting very little is there a God.

These questions are understandable in the Bible is written in such a way to say it's okay to have these feelings in many godly people before you have had these feelings but here's what does allow you to go through this valley and if you will persevere you will, better for on the other side and knowing God better on the other side. So again it has God failed to for anyone that finds its relevant. Check out the book, it will bless you. Hey, thank you for the call, but await out got a couple phone lines open just thought we might be good Friday and people not on their normal listening schedule may be out of work and things like that so great day to call in 866-348-7884.

Let's go to Matthew in Los Angeles.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown are you doing doing very well. My question is that Jesus himself kept the Passover and seems to have taught others. Have your grandfather long after the Bible commanded to walk just defeated Punic Christians today be keeping the Passover and the other waters of the Hebrew Scripture that you thought right so is this is very valid question and common question.

So let let's talk more broadly about all the laws first right. The Israelites were commanded to keep the Sabbath and if they did not keep the Sabbath, they would be put to death. You think that that's God's heart today that Sabbath observance of the Sabbath observance is mandatory for all Christians and if they don't keep it there put to death. I believe that there could be spiritual death associated with disobeying God's law and, perhaps, that concept of death still carried over to the New Testament church because we see in Matthew seven, for instance, Jesus telling Christians that he never knew them because they were okay workers abolishment right. So then, why does the New Testament not contain one single exhortation to Gentile Christians to observe the Sabbath, but it does contain a warning letter that no one put you under pressure to observe it, reminding the readers that the Sabbath is only the shadow that the substances found in the Messiah. If it's that critically important in ranking systems or appreciate them why is there not one single exhortation anywhere in the New Testament, especially Gentile Christian saying keep the seventh day Sabbath. So take what you get to think about it will come back on the inside of the break. Also think about this should be be practicing the laws that disobedience and rebellious teenager who refuses to repent that they should be put to death the following that the wreck that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking looking at a broadcast 87884. I have an article up on any day personally to the other was over the weekend on the website Esther to or anywhere we read my articles on the substitutionary atonement of the cross and the power of the cross of trust should be edified by that also before go back to the phones you get my emails in the wind when I had coded my doctor recommended that I get fluids. One day we looked up online. The place comes over to the house wasn't too expensive. All and you for an hour, you get fluids in your body in certain healthy things vitamins just to get strength back in stuff and thus we want you for every day we want to just think that a steady flow of life of truth of encouragement and boldness of understanding we want to pour that into day by day by day, so center for emails, you will be blessed and will connect you with us even more for coming to your city, you will get advance notice about it in anyway you just get to take advantage of the treasures of God shared with us. We get to share with you so good asked Dr. SK do your and sign up for emails today so Matthew back to you. Understand your viewpoint in the Scriptures are using for good. If Sabbath is that important that it might cost us our eternal salvation that if we are not seventh day Sabbath observance than than why does the New Testament never once mandate that, for Gentile believers will Dr. Brown I would argue that in a way, it actually does, I mean.

An example would be I know that the Corinthian letters were written to the Corinthian church back and privately some Gentile believers and in that in those letters all sit there and tell them imitate me as I imitate Christ, and will we read the accident. The, the account of the book of acts or quality of the ministry we see both of them not only observing Passover but yet is that they Sabbath and all the other command that the father given to hang on. Matthew also know that Paul very explicitly tells the Corinthians in verse 20 and seven if you called circumcised. Don't become uncircumcised if you called uncircumcised. Do not become circumcised.

Then he goes on and says in the ninth chapter that when he's with the Gentiles that he submits to the larger law of Christ. But it but is not under the law in that respect, indicating that he may have lived more like they lived at that time so the example I was setting was not about tour observance so so you asked me to question certain I was you thought about this right now there is no mandate for Christians to observe the law of Moses because we are not under the Sinai covenant were under a new and better covenant and requirements of that covenant are laid out throughout the New Testament so if if US Gentile believer go through the New Testament see what is it call me to do was to command me to do okay there, still the call not commit adultery still recall not to get drunk still the call to love my neighbor not to hate my neighbor's was still the call of the XYZ and the call to follow the example of Jesus, and even greater sacrificial love and the call to go and make disciples recalls are now added in, but there is no call to submit to those things that were distinctly given to Israel for a period of time. Galatians 3 explained that that that the Cheraw served this as a tutor of sorts is a pedagogue to bring us to the Messiah. And now that we've come to the Messiah were no longer under that tutelage.

Look at it like scaffolding to a building of the building stands on its own. Now you could make an argument. Matthew for prescriptions. Five.

The pulses let us therefore keep the feast and say that the Passover was to be kept or you could say he sang it metaphorically because he goes on to say let's get with of that the leaven of deceitfulness in the ruthlessly spiritually clean house. Is it fine for the church to say hey we celebrate Passover in the midst of that celebrity death and resurrection of Jesus. Absolutely it's a liberty grace you have is it a mandated requirement that if you don't do it you displease God know so that's that's my view but but thank you for the for the intelligent conversation on it and the points raised appreciate 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go to Josť in Los Angeles. Welcome to the line of fire very well, thank you. My question is 18 years old about "like my post would be unintentionally okay so so you you clearly felt the Holy Spirit moved on you in such a way that you are not making these words out that they were now starting to flow from a different part of your right so you know, in the in the Bible. You do have certain phrases, holy, holy, holy is the Lord God will not right.

So let's just say you were one of the creatures before the throne.

One of the elders before the throne.

It seems that you are saying the same things over and over and over and over right and it lowers their sentences their phrases there that it's intelligent language is not just Bob Bob Bob Everett for six hours right that that's not a language of, but if there is repetition. Or it could be your pray for particular point your soul when you're just burden to do that. What I would say is that often what I've seen happen with people who are filled with the spirit speak in tongues is as of done for over 50 years now that as we pray more in the spirit that the language flows more and more, and that for me just like I I did my recent prayer retreat, and I just I just kept through the weekend is coming back to dobby glorified God be glorified through it, be glorified just kept coming up whatever I be praying for an hour or two later I come back to God be glorified Lord of jealous for your glory and that he could be on praying in tongues and feel the travailing is the same point so that could be perfectly normal and what I would do is just not like focus on that. I focus on having my heart worshiping the Lord in communion with Tammuz is a praying in the spirit then just come to be led by that. All right. It was not possible to be spent on wall. My mind is praying exactly so, exactly.

So number one you can pray that God would give you interpretation and and this does this ever happen with me. Where is in praying in tongues. II can always tell you what I'm praying for consistency to be the case with Paul because he said if I peruse my spirit, my mind is unfruitful.

So so what do I do this is my pray with my spirit approves my mind so here's what I've done over the years is on praying in tongues.

The goal is not wall, praying in tongues that I'm looking at emails or while praying in tongues and I'm watching TV right. The goal is to be fully engaged with God, but will find sometimes my mind may wander a little bit that the next thing I'm on praying other prayers, in my mind when thinking about spiritual things in my mind are no may be burdens that I have concerns that I have kind of come up to my mind and then it seems to discover translate into what I'm praying in my spirit feels feels whole it so Almeida does that make sense and will resume failure your mind wander, but not you, fixed on this point and now as you get fixed on the point. The praying becomes more intense and more intense, and then from there maybe on praying in tongues for 15 to 20 minutes and from there next thing on praying for something in English and it's targeted and it's very intense and and so it's kind of like the mind and the spirit working together and just kind of find the rhythm for those that don't believe in speaking in tongues were never spoken. Tongues this may sound foreign to you but so the biblical in your questions are very biblical question so I can tell you this, praying in tongues has been a major, major part of our spiritual life for many many years and I can I encourage you to keep growing and that will like to know the milliliters of all select all really have. Yes, so if if if they don't speak in tongues and you continue to grow in the things of the spirit.

At some point will probably be a conflict where you will either feel that their leadership is not spiritual enough or they're not open enough to the gifts of the spirit, or they may feel that that your contrary to their view so you never want to make an issue you never want to be divisive. You never want to be negatively judging so look at it in a very simple level. Let's say that they were great Italian chefs, but that you really felt called to eat Chinese food rush is on a certain point, rather than say what is going to cook Chinese appear six months is always Italian.

Now that's just what they do, that's who they are or or them costly telling you what, what's the matter with you. How come you don't like Italian mass, the best of anything. So, as a matter of fitting, but you always want to honor leadership.

You always want to be submissive, but if if the church is not heading in that same direction because the leaders believe in the gifts and pelvis. In these ways for today. They will ultimately be more at home in the congregation and you'll be able to flow more there and grow more. There and then you never want to think about God put me here to pray. These leaders into these things though that would be like saying account given pray for them to change from Italian to Chinese yellow that the leaders of the wants call to leave in it and if you die differently if you if you differ with the way their leading then you honor them. You bless them you don't speak against them. But then you you move on to a place that's going to be in greater spiritual harmony. Of course I believe that the right thing is to embrace these things that the Bible is very clear on that. But may the Lord guide you. May you commune with him as you pray in the spirit and the outlet. Let the word of God and the Holy Spirit be your God. God bless you sir, 866-348-7884 we got a break coming up momentarily even to vitamin lately have you checked out the great health supplements there for my friend and or partner in ministry. Dr. Mark Stigler, check out check out they have great health supplements, vitamin millionaire use the special Dr. Brown's discount yeah take advantage of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by: 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome friend modifier eat 634-8784 you got questions, we've got answers live even on Good Friday.

I let's go over to Sweden Alayna in Gutenberg welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown thank you in regard their character or meaning or anything around why God had been polite being the object and 11 likely at heart. After I yeah. Laying back for redemption. I like. About that yes thank you, thank you for the question of the Bible does address that is forthrightly and what it says is that the life of the flesh is in the blood so the blood leaving the body is the sign of life leading leading leaving the body and the blood is pumping life through the body so it says explicitly. Leviticus chapter 17 verse 11 for the life of the flesh is in the blood. Leviticus 1711 and every, and I have given it to you on the altar to make atonement for your souls reduce the blood that makes atonement by the life and the way one medieval rabbinic commentator explained it was it his life for life so that you are guilty you should forfeit your life. Instead, here is an animal sacrifice its blood is now shed its blood is poured out as a vivid picture of death in a vivid picture of the penalty of sin and then that innocent victim takes her place and in the same way but infinitely greater. The Messiah sheds his blood on the cross gives up his life for us reveals the utter horror and ugliness of sin and the penalty of sin, and that he takes her place. He forfeits his life so that we can receive the life that he has so that's the meaning of the life of the flesh is in the blood. That's why it's given on the altar.

It's also very public.

It's also very vivid to simply stop breathing is not as vivid and again even with an animal you can have a dead animal lying there know this is specifically the bloodshed for this purpose, and then blood being a liquid. Blood also used in purification the blood sprinkled on things to simple purification.

That's another part of the imagery is fundamentally the life of the flesh is in the blood. That's what Scripture emphasizes Dr. Brown very enlightening and appreciated back on another candy fire ant leisure reading at Green and I came into very 20 and 21, which recurred the time of restoration that Cripe had had been rekeyed onto heaven until time of restoration of all things happen. Wipe it back exactly me yes so when you look at the profits it's it's what was and I see the town of restoration spoken of by the prophets when you look at a passage like Isaiah to where the will be no war on the earth with the nations of the world will come screaming to Jerusalem to learn the ways of God. More like Isaiah 11 describes that the wolf will lie down with the lamb that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord will fill the earth as the waters cover the seas that Israel will be restored back to the land that the wicked will be destroyed. That's when speaking of the Lord is God's kingdom on the earth so the Messiah will remain in heaven until the time comes, at which point he will return and establish his kingdom on the earth and all those promises will gloriously and beautifully come to pass, that found out that line title thank you very much Dr. Brown I bought your book at the lamb from the going on reading that wonderful thank you very much for all your knowledge and with Mont my joy and I'm sure you'll find songs in the limbs quite relevant Sweden where there are simple, similar cultural battles as well, but the believing church.

Often small remnant in a country like Sweden.

God give you grace vulnerable more thing about atonement. Look for the concept of substitution in the Bible where that the innocent take the place of the guilty over one representative sacrifices made to pay for the sins of others. That's that's was at the heart of this. Thank you for the call and the kind words. 6634 truth score Mark in Louisville, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown I spoke to you several parts go to get all black with a sign I don't go to your pre-trip actually pretrip director. I would like to help this property is a hard time convincing.

But if you look up these passages.

Romans 12 first Corinthians 48 revelations 165P goes to you when we write with crossword right as king and priest spiritually. Then you can go to find out what Christ ranked as first Corinthians 1525, 26, you must write must write to it yet, but all it would hundred feet. The last story is that the father and people to write, then go to revelations 20 verse six and LT with the millennial kingdom is this the church age there is not so silent.

Let's this is because there for one second. So during this church age right now Satan has been bound and he is not deceiving the nation's that's exactly what you will, that disqualifies you know that that completely discuss it with little respect. Thank you.

It's the season. Nathan says no not all it says. Mark's hand was just reading for everyone to hear. Okay.

All right. Let's let's read exactly what it says it says that I saw an angel. This is after the second coming. Revelation 19 explicitly speaks of the the public second coming after the second coming. Then I saw an angel come down from heaven, holding his hand. The key to the bottomless pit and a great chain sees the Dragon ancient serpent was the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years through him and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him so that he might not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended. So Satan is deceiving the nations every day of the week every moment of every day so that cannot be referring to. Now one question sure okay what is you can't. What is the day of the Lord the day of the Lord begins with his return in glory and power. It can extend all the way through the millennial kingdom and the instruction of elements based on based on second Peter three based on set computers were prepared for 20 return story is certainly value it has busy here. Here's the thing. Here's my problem, just to be candid. You have no possible openness to being wrong and it was really have an answer to the okay so second Peter three, the day of the Lord, what is it say that one day is like a thousand years. That's what it says on telling you that that that system working resurrected by law cases. Mark Mark here just three clear this is a time for folks to call in with questions, not to say here's the platform for you to present your viewpoint right but you asked me a question you don't let me answer the question. I read scripture you interrupt is a reading Scripture second Peter three indicates the day of the Lord is from his return until the final destruction of the universe and that same context earlier on.

It reminds us that one day with the Lord is like a thousand years right so that's that's for thick second thing is what will be one more shot. Revelation 20 cannot possibly apply to this age now because Satan is actively deceiving nation so just want to be one more shot. Satan is actively deceiving the nations now during the millennium, he will not. So are you are you saying that Satan is not deceiving the nations now while talking like to look at what we will not right with Mark is a forget to answer it Mark I can answer all those I just need to give me indifference to the closer I just need a simple answer. You are saying that Satan is not deceiving. The facility is bound in muscle. Not all the Scripture smart like you're telling me that Satan is not deceiving the nations that would follow across Mark Lester at last chance last chance.

Last chance are you saying Satan is not actively deceiving the nations that 100%, though not okay got it got.

All right, so you have just denied Scripture here. Here's what the Bible says during this time which I say is the millennial kingdom after return of Jesus. His thousand year reign which is spoken of within five times and strapped 2000 years. Angel seizes the Dragon ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan bound him for thousand years and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it so that he might not deceive the nations to say the church the nations any longer, Paul's actually concerned about Christians being deceived by Satan and in second Corinthians 11 PX erases that concern for Christians. So Mark the word is against all the verses you raised have easy easy explanation these exclamations, but you have to completely deny Scripture's or to hold her position. This is after the second coming of Revelation 20. Before the new heavens is really 19th before the new heavens and the new earth of Revelation 21 and 22 would appear at first Peter five. Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking may devour. Resist him, steadfast in the faith you're telling me he's bound he's not deceiving the nations and enemies, and he's not deceiving Christians, James Jacobs, the fourth chapter says submit yourselves to God.

Resist the devil, who was active that he still active pierces be sober and alert. Because what he's doing right. He's active. Resist him resistant and he will flee.

So Mark, I encourage you.

You said that your you're not closed. Go back to God over that word again. Then ask yourself why is that none of the early church leaders for the first few centuries held to such a thing was that they all expected a literal kingdom of God on the earth, the disciples of the apostle Sunnyvale gets along the call back with you because the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown for the wisdom theological view, eschatological view particular Benton reading of Scripture verse that absolutely categorically flies in the face of what you think are 50 or hundred of the verses that going the other direction is the word of wisdom. Don't try to shoehorn it better to leave it there in SoCal get to see all this evidence here this like this big issue here will let it sit until we can resolve the tension or if this one issue is so clear like Revelation 20 which which no insult intended to all millennial scholars and pastors and teachers, and believers, but simply can't fit you have to do all kinds of exegetical and hermeneutical X gymnastics may fit something obsolete going reevaluate the others, but never tried to shoehorn the thing in and you happen to have happen with the sap of the call we have to deny Scripture and in putting forth Scripture. All right. Let's go over to Dylan and St. Augustine, Florida.

Welcome to the line of fire, but I don't doing well thank you good okay so my question is about like messianic prophet so I just want to know, like your thought on that are always trying to understand. Note the truth about how Jesus is prophesied grubby revival and I will what we should expect we read through it you know it and we look at what quote in the New Testament. It seemed to be taken out of context and what the critics state starlike note knowing how you know like what it alleges is one of not Catholic sometimes like the many things about Mary. Like Mary allergy knowingly like that they sometimes is a 23 like talking about Jesus's burial like Sarah's burials will strategies of the girly 01 response to expect to be back at Rocky's gang member not they can think but be like a magic hat on.

Things are not there is the question that Dylan is one that I was confronted with 50 years ago as a new believer, and that I've studied and sought through an debated endlessly for decades. So make sure I do this visit real real it's our Jewish website. It will take you through messianic prophecies objections to messianic prophecies. It will give you debates of them with rabbis. It will give me short answers to maybe the hundred most common objections and questions so real

It's all free. Take advantage of it.

Dive in, so I just want to trade forget to do that so when it comes to messianic prophecy.

There are certain things that are clear and definite prophecies. These things do not happen within a certain timeframe than the biblical authors would have been false prophets so for example, in a different context. When Jeremias is after 70 years of exile in Babylon, the exiles will return if the never returned.

He would've been a false prophet because he said it's going to happen in this timeframe. So when you look at certain passages like Daniel 924 to 27 is indicating that during the time of the second Temple, God has to bring in everlasting righteousness, and deal decisively with sin and make atonement for his people right that's Daniel 924 27 so something had to happen there. That fulfills that before the second Temple was destroyed, which is in the year 74, or for example Malachi 3 the Lord says that he himself will visit the temple and come like a refiner's fire for his people right so there had to be a divine visitation and these passages are either quoted or alluded to. Matthew leads to method to our Daniel line in Matthew 24 of the other Gospels explicitly quote you Matthew.

For example, quotes Malachi the third chapter as well. So there. So this it had to happen, the Messiah, dying as our substitute and rising from the dead as as per Isaiah 53 that the serve the Lord suffers vicarious in our behalf and then rises up and continue his life after death.

So this is things that literally had to happen and when the New Testament cites them. It's talking about things that were included prophesied that may have all been clear in advance.

In other words, if you're expecting the Messiah to just rule and reign and set up a political kingdom, and I expect him to die a criminal's death and Riordan dead right, but then every did and he was look back 60 there is not making it up. We just didn't see it. It's very clear as day. We just didn't see it there other things that are temple logical.

In other words, as it happened to Israel. So happen to the Messiah, just as Israel as a child as God's son went into Egypt, and God called Israel out of Egypt. Josť 11 17 happen to Israel the Senate happen to the Messiah that he too is God's son is a child was called out of Egypt or just as David was betrayed by close friend and ate with him some 41. The Messiah will be betrayed by close friend who ate with them. So these are these are typological in nature and and others or plays on words or more. So things which is part and parcel of Jewish interpretation in the day that was very common but you don't base your faith that he's the Messiah on the plays on words on the secondary accounts are just the Scripture reminds me of this point and it's kind of used in that way because OIC can prove anything right you can make anything mean anything and that's with the counter. Missionaries argue that all of her messianic prophecy proves her zero poster up with zero. I said no. This is the servant of the Lord who is going to set captive Israel free will first be rejected by his own people, but will become a light to the nations. Who is that of the atonement has been made for Israel in a lasting way before the second Temple was destroyed. How did that happen when did the Lord himself visit the temple and come as a purifying fire if not through the Messiah who was it that died a criminal's death and then rose from the dead and continues to live other than the Messiah, God did not lay it out in a mathematical way, just like he doesn't with any subject in the Bible, the theological subject, our supposed illiterates is not in every case. One plus one plus one plus one just at the whole thing up symptoms have to dig study and pray and then God wants us ultimately to look to him that he opens her heart.

He opens our mind. If you will watch doing a debate that some real Messiah with Rabbi Fry tag. I don't have the dates fears back at my opening comments I decided to kind of make the case for the Messiah based on messianic prophecy. She'll see how I argue it out and then you can evaluate MI pulling a rabbit out of the hat am I making something mean something it doesn't MI reading something into the Scripture or in the life of what's happened in these last 2000 years MI rightly reading things out of the Scriptures and and that's the case, that would make us think you're funny pretty compelling in that regard. So it is that helpful to address the larger and more specific questions yet. Like, what about almost like demographic report regarding Athena debate. You did a good day when I'm like out there, but you did mention micro property like sometimes it happened shortly after the event, like euros of your false prophet like Jeremiah like it of this generation shall not pass me. I have always restored this one like I have spoken about Bishop Baron of this one, you know that is the like.

So is to simply dress that there are many prophecies in the Old Testament that were expected to have immediate fulfillment didn't partly they came to pass, but the rest didn't resemble the return from exile right the Jeremiah prophesied that Ezekiel prophesied that Isaiah prophesied it only happen in a fractional way. The prophets were expecting much more, but they did say you will return. You will rebuild the temple, let's look like this. They said you will return. You will rebuild the temple return will be glorious the glory of God will be revealed to the nations and God's glory will be such in Jerusalem that the nations of the world will come to worship the God of Israel because of you for the last few things didn't happen. The first was dead was was a tell you the rest will happen.

Series Ezekiel 36 it's just like Matthew 24.

Some of it have immediate application that coming generation and the rest is for the future effect.

Almost all the prophecies about the return from exile are exactly the same that they have immediate fulfillment. But now they're going to have final fulfillment. Many centuries later. So Matthew 24, the disciples asked him one of these is good happen then the destruction of the temple was to be the cyber coming and the end of the eighth as if they were all the same thing so he answers those different questions. Once a temple going to be destroyed and with society coming in in the HP acid acid altogether. So there there overlapped, just like the prophecies of return from from exile when he speaks of this generation will not pass. He's either speaking of that generation is the one that will see the destruction of the temple. So these things that pertain to you now. They will happen now. Okay that's that's the one thing or he speaking of before his return he speaking a bit of before his return and saying and saying there that those who see these final things happened this generation will not pass into the refill, but because asking two separate questions and an answer separated by was 2000 years what happens is that that you now have the two answers join together once it's understood these okay this application for then and will be application for the last generation pay friends so I think it's it's a more you cause it took a few more minutes with some callers. Once you start digging into messianic prophecy with me on this, do it, go real If you have it and hate were on the front lines of helping Jewish people come to faith were the most sacred callings of all would you stand with us if we blessed you help us, plus others. If we help you help us of others. If if we've stood to open your heart, your mind help us open the hearts and minds of others. You can do that by joining our team becoming a torchbearer and every month we will pour back into take a moment to ask Dr. a.s. K. DR

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