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April 14, 2022 5:00 am

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April 14, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt compares the New Apostolic Reformation -NAR- movement to New Age thinking.--2- What are some good questions to ask when looking for a new church---3- If a church supports the -woke- culture, is that a reason not to attend---4- Does the Holy Spirit draw people to Christ- If so, does He enter that person as they're being drawn or after they have received Christ---5- Can regeneration occur before a person has received Christ---6- What does it mean in John 10 -you are gods.---7- What is meant by the Spirit of Christ in Romans- Is that the Holy Spirit---8- Who would you vote for in 2024---9- Is baptism of the Holy Spirit required for salvation-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's blog why is October October is April 12, 2022 were that come from it with maybe busy mind is a confused mind's been pretty busy lately, so if you want to give Nicole five open lines 877-207-2276 you are new to the show. What we do here is to take calls with talk little condo stuff for biblically-based stuff, usually talk about Mormonism.

Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam UFOs with him, but logic talk about evidences and things like that. So if questions want to give a call, please do last night I was on clubhouse for two or three hours, Google app on the phone this in teaching on Roman Catholicism that went through it so false teaching of interesting false teaching on onset salvation targets over the top of the screen is looking thanks so in Roman Catholicism is not Christian folks. We just flat out not studying that debate on Thursday night to deal with and prepping on that little bit of also doing some research on the NAR.

The new apostolic Reformation and I read something last night in a quote in a book and this book and opened it up and maybe read something out of it. It's so written by two women. I think his other authors that have contributed and they the there in the NAR. The new apostolic Reformation and inside of the NAR is all kinds of people and some of the bigwigs in the movement have approved of this book, and so I was reading through a drink of interesting because of what the authors will say it's good to say something here. It was really interesting because I'm thinking this sounds like new age because of God wants us to be aware of the energy the light.

The sound the residence and install new age stuff is mostly a book that is approved of by many people in the NAR and was reading through an SSO the new consciousness was going to transform society. This is talk of the old stuff for the New Age movement hippies aligning with positive energies removing physical, mental, emotional, blockades to enlighten the burgeoning New Age movement began eagerly accepting and experimenting with Eastern and native American religious practices so you understand the New Age movement is our cultic it's it really that and solicit what this person a woman Ellen Davies said and the authors of the book and said that she then moved to Sedona and she said it wasn't that I want to become a New Age or it is one to find out if maybe they had uncovered some truths that the church hadn't the strange thing was, much of what I saw and heard embodied biblical principles and to be back of the Scripture. So this is so dangerous. I couldn't believe it and then there's a anyway, it's hard to really positive. I was familiar with the principle that whenever you see a counterfeit. It means a real exists and that a lie just proves the existence of the truth so I decided to investigate what was ongoing and bring my scientific background and my faith in Jesus Christ into the mix of my search for truth.

I decided to examine New Age thought and practice for anything precious that might be extracted from the worthless system at that time I could find. Not a single single Christian leader who shared a similar interest in finding out if there were truths hidden in the new age now is that now we are beginning to hear more and more revelation that this is in line with what new wagers have been saying all along.

We are hearing more and more right now this is occultism and it was just dumbfounded me that that I was reading this, this book is being endorsed by people in the Jesus culture.

The Bethel church in Redding. The Bethel together in Redding and in Cleveland. What is wrong with these people so that's always good to say really fast was that as an intro open wall. It is so bad the NAR they accept this stuff. We tell you folks the NAR new apostolic Reformation is moving in through churches and you want to know what groups are into it. The Hill song movement is the Jesus culture elevation church some real real caution here needs to be expressed anyway about that for something with my current list get to see Cliff for Miami Heat Cliff welcome you on here like I got alright man hanging in there, but we got a quick way to start math there now that what I wanted to give me a good but all ask if they approve of women pastors and elders.

They got my mother asked if they prove the women deacons and asked good. I you want to ask if they affirm that or for Morgan. I is baptism necessary for salvation if they so you must get baptized to be saved, it's a bad church there. You want to ask if they affirm or deny the charismatic gifts they affirm the gifts to what extent do they believe in speaking in tongues or in the congregation and being out of order and things like that are some of the things you look at and I have an article on Carmen's things to look for in a church you can all on, what things would look for in a church and so we want to make sure the they affirm the essentials of the Christian faith. I list those essentials out there with the Bible says that you have like he led right directly for the eggnog that little you know what I don't and I need to add I see to update it with us a few years ago you think or say in the press can have because I need to do that. Please update what would you consider go and I will correct me if I'm wrong you can fit it out like nonnegotiable like dealbreaker. Guess what it absolutely is a support that idiocy are gone because all they can be doing at that point is just within the finger see what the social construct is the following after the accident, Scripture, Legionella society and its stupidity fleet more frequently at the quite a lot of my boat and a port is asking where this what would you say what you think of the woke culture CRT with the issue of racism. LGBT Q socialism. What you say is asking and because of their affirm socialism it's on socialism is against Scripture.

It is that you ask and does CRT idiocy you don't forget that and there's only one race. Biblically, the human race look different. That's on the risk so it all depends on how much you're buying into the idiocy of to find out see this acknowledgment, holding that stupidity.

I don't think they go, but it never never like. Others made a note I came to ask things like what he believes about interracial marriages is homosexuality is a lifestyle you just ask these questions and hope you will say things like homosexual is not an alternative life to let sin and they should say, you know, interracial marriage. You know that's the call today.

There's no problem. Good good cake. Charismatic gifts cannot be premillennial Iran millennial you have a positioning that we have to hold to on eschatology issue. The teakettle pre-terrorism. The teaching only promote universalism or how about this delay have unbelievers in the worship team believe it or not you that's the stuff wrapping up the good stuff, and modify that article and those last things in there together the careful of conflict from a outbreak that a big dog like our what you do bad things like love, God bless what that all right give me a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 Noel from Virginia. Welcome here. Oh I'm okay barely barely justify that the real says all it's all great.

What you know what getting the combined alien last week and in the federal at my door and what else so my car got stolen and you never hear these things like that. Things are going. So I just have fun nothing so we got out there, Your Honor the person carry the Holy Spirit and care Earth at that time Frank as they being drawn, or when played a common good faith every crane I know of no verse that says the Holy Spirit draws anybody will dishonor now, but we do know John 644. You cannot come to be less a father draws you in and Jesus says in John 1232, he says that if you from the earth all he'll draw all men to himself. Now those two out of three some time curious if you do this if there's a verse that might have been rethought about this. It'll reverse us as a student spirit draws and I don't see anything that looks as that so it's a father and draw its is a secret.

I would look at seatbelt check things out Right so you know nothing of the spirit and and draw in the same verse with nothing there right so no big deal, but it's of the Holy Spirit convicts, and Holy Spirit doesn't dwell that one is Holy Spirit indwell us.

Probably the point of generation cycle regeneration occur before the park every crane door. Well, that's a good question. We receive Christ.

John 112 and we talk about his was called to order salute us and is a broad scope of what that means in the narrower scope as well talk about the concept of salvation is talk about the logical priority hold on right back after the break and talk about that if you want to call lines 877-2076.

We max Y call 77077 charismatic so okay so talk about the issue of which comes first. Right right. Let me illustrate something that we call temporal priority and then logical priority temporal priority is when you have an event after better time.

The second event occurs because of so example of hard to flip on a light switch.

Electricity enters into the light bulb and five seconds later the light of the churchgoing and that will be temporal priority work.

Electricity precedes the light by five seconds, fiscal, temporal priority. If, however, we turn on the light. Electricity is there in the light bold and electricity and the light are at the occur at the same time then there there simultaneous but electricity is logically prior without means is that it precedes in order to have an effect even though the fence or simultaneous it must be the case. Electricity is there in order for light to be there but they happened at the same time so we would say that electricity is logically prior. Now we look at the issue of salvation. If we have a believer who becomes regenerate. Five seconds later that call temporal priority and that will be a problem because it would mean thin. We have someone as a believer, who's also not regenerate for a period of time.

That's very public problematic if we are to say the reverse that someone is regenerate and then five seconds later becomes a believer then is called temporal priority in excess of also W problem because that we would have someone who is regenerate. Who's not a believer for a period of time that the problem so the solution is found in logical and that the person is regenerate is logically prior to belief but regeneration and believer occur at the same time, but regeneration must be there in order for belief to get to got regenerate to Mexico born again first for Peter 13 John 113 first Peter is what he does this because he's what he does this.

We then freely and naturally believe is let us part of the issue. To answer your question sufficiently but maybe comfortable more okay and talent for writing down fell make a great regeneration and Paris are God's work and it happened, clinically, the moment of belief.

I guess we don't know how it all works.

We know that God grants we believe is 129 know that I'm leaving in Christ is working God. John 620 29. Yet we are the ones who believe.

I don't know how those work. I just know that they do.

So my position is that God reveals that he works faith in us and yet were the ones who believe also same time.

So that's where this give me something for writing on paper I been part of my question about like not going off topic and I don't want to go off topic but I happen Thinking a lot about genuine faith. A both a right are still how a person had break regeneration and belief on the same time. Now you just true faith is granted to us by God's within 129 two is been granted to believe and is flipping 129 and Jesus says in John 629. He says this is the work of God, that you believe, on whom you sent know a lot of people who hear this. Don't like it but that's what the Scriptures teach was quoting. And yet at the same time we actually do the believing that this must occur with the work of God, who indwells us.

John 1423, who makes us born again. First Peter 131.

Again, not of her own will. John 113 so how does it all work.

I don't know get theories but it's God who does this, and yet we also actually do the believing. It happened okay. I think they're okay you to think.

Alright, alright, let's get to Raleigh, North Carolina little welcome your on your file for the individual and the time of the court and and lately about the thinking quite a stand in for yes and and she make them about who man I think that you Angel that was that.

That God in that only nobody with the ending lifted that that that that develop all were looking up to me.

It appeared after the next 192 11 right actually directly. Okay, so what are you not out of reason in your heart and thoroughly or thoroughly filed weighted when Jesus was pumping to the fair.

The going got any state that what will work for you only warning.

There was billowing credit you for group work, but according to make, you will read God and EPA. Is it not written that you will God prevent me he's quoting Psalm 82 verse six only to his imprecatory song and its implication is a condemnation and a wish of judgment upon someone to implicate to wish harm to wish judgment to wish strong form of justice to come upon them and so they are called imprecatory Psalms and Psalm 82 is one of them and it starts off by by saying God takes his stand his own congregation to judges in the midst of the rulers. How long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked switch happening here is the Psalm was written to the unrighteous judges who were in power in Israel and the commanders vindicate the fatherless rescue the week you not doing it because on this completely.

They don't understand the walkabout in darkness is says I said you are God's. This is Psalm 82 verse six is that you are gods in all of your son the most high. Verse seven. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes.

So arise of God judge the earth. But as you possesses all nations. This is what the Jews they would know that everything about he's condemning them will be right back okay folks, we have children like what you call 77207 Van Slyke why call 77077 charismatic slave show still there buddy Mr. okay so what he was doing, is because he had said events and whole context. In John 858.

He said before him was I am. The pickups on the throw at him, but hit himself. There's no mentioning of stoning until John 1031 he says are the father one they took up stones again to throw at him and he said many good folks, the father of Sonia, for which of these are you stoning this and for good work we do list on you, but you being a man because of him to be God uses is it not written in your law. I said you are God's.

So they are condemning him because he said he and the father are one. This is a claim of equality with God, and they didn't like that to kill him because their mind is blasphemy because to them it wasn't true or if it was true, but they didn't know that so they want to kill him because he's claiming to be God. They deny that he's God and Jesus then refers to the Scriptures.

It says is not written your blog notices your law. The law or our law, but in your law will interested. I think I think he's applying that specifically to them when he quoted that I said you are gods, they undoubtedly knew. I believe they did that they knew what Psalm that was from its imprint imprecatory summer God is condemning the unrighteous leaders is is is not written your life in your gut.

What you get a minute before. This is not not said in the law that the judges were behaving like God thing called God's because they had the power of life and death is a so this is what we have here is, think what you condemning me as if he called them gods next verse 35 to whom the word of God came in Scripture cannot be broken. Do you say of him who the father sanctified and sent to the world were blessed because I sit on the side of God so it's a brilliant statement by Jesus.

Of course, because what is doing his thing you got right but it's a reference to somebody to, and if he can, God called them or the psalmist that is called in God's, to whom the word of God. Can we say this was inspired there for the Scripture You broke the you say of him talk about himself, who the father sanctified your blessing because I said I'm the son of God to he's applying this to them and forcing them to think and to justify their actions in light of the Scriptures that ultimately are judging them and he uses it to justify that they don't have the right to kill him because he's claiming to be the son of God, yet they are behaving as God's, who was once a it's them. Okay yeah right right but you're welcome to. Alright, alright, let's get on the phones with José from Texas hey José. All right. Hang in there when I was reading log book about anything I obligate the Roman state nine were entirely anyway about cried. I like to read on.

But please be clarified, like the spirit of pride and the Holy Spirit leading out that he thought if they can member in the way home. At the holy spirit is the Internet network site will there's different ways we can understand it.

One is to say that there's a Trinitarian nature and essence of the word and things like that but it knows what is says. However, the flesh, but in the spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you know what is God meant here, it could mean just the father.

It could mean God is a Trinity.

This is dwells in you all the spirit of God.

We know the Holy Spirit so but if anyone does not have the spirit of Christ. Didn't he does not belong to him. So the spirit of Christ. I would say is the Holy Spirit because the spirit of God, looks like it's the Holy Spirit and it's the kind a play on words if I things going on board. I'm sorry the what and quite.

What not yet entertained the word by yesterday gods for the Christ and the spirit towas interesting in the verse there's three of them is that I can't Trinitarian assets. I don't know that it's as if Christ is in you, though the body is dead because of sin will house Christ in you, in John 1423 Jesus is the father and I will come and make our abode with you. This is where we have mystery in the Scriptures and the very nature of God. There are things that are revealed in Scripture.

We don't have understanding of this believe them so we know, for example, if Christ is in us, but yet he's also a man so how is it that a man can indwell us well when we understand that the attributes of humanity. The attributes of divinity. Both belonged, and still do to the person of Christ and the nature of God and his divine aspect is to indwell us then we could say clearly that the attributes of a dwelling or describe the single person of Christ, then say he's in telling us so there's it somehow to get a little sophisticated and the question you're asking is a really good question, but in order to answer it. We can't just say simply yes no. Oh, it makes this get into other things that we theologians are the fields of the sentries of today let's look at this.

Let's spend five months looking at one verse, and they do that they come up with things like like mitigation of the properties of the committee cut into it a lot related to the hypostatic union and I sell autism and then the attribution of both nature describe it could to get these things not because they're trying to confuse what they could to try to understand and so right. This is what you find that the earth and indwell in the believer. Yes, I thought as I get this article indwell us in John 1423 Jesus says the this father and this and I find some will come to make their abode in you and here it says if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. We can easily make the case that that's the Holy Spirit. Okay okay my last to the event either party that about the about you not according to vinaigrette nor you're in a Republican but once one becomes like and 23 four would you rather I get both for the right fire. I can only tell you who it won't vote for and I won't vote for any Democrat because I believed the Democratic Party is evil and when I say that stuff because I'm I'm angry, it's because I've done research on the Democratic Party. It's the party that promoted slavery that promoted the KKK. It's the, the party that was against the equal rights of stuff of the 50s in the fourth 50s and 60s a bunch of other stuff I got it documented and so it's stood in the way of all kinds of good things and it promotes itself by using lies and accusation, and I do not understand how any true Christian to understand the Democratic Party could ever be done. I don't I don't get. I do not understand that it's also good for you. It's also the part of promote socialism. And that's on biblical socialism is not biblical. I thought about socialism before what it does and whatever it's it it it causes decay and causes death socialism right in the signal will do it the right way into the arrogance of people were better than everyone else in history we learned the lessons know they haven't and so probably from a constitutionalist. I believe the Constitution needs to be upheld and I don't believe that Blyton.

I believe he saw an incompetent phone who's in office and that he should of been impeached a long time ago.

Unfortunately, Harris is much better and but at least he's incredibly bad and that the people were right and they were decent people. They already would've gotten rid of him because he is breaking the law by opening up the borders and saying that people to come in illegally and then having them shipped throughout the country and we know that the ultimate reason for this is to get more Democratic votes telling you the dip Democratic Party is an evil party and the Republican Party is it is better but not much better in a lot of ways that you want to write to socialist no for were okay. So I felt that it will not only hear about because I have a friend whose retired board is on the gist of what you hold on a full shift trivialize what you may call 877-207-2276 if I've offended you loving Democrat in the Christian that your problem faithfully read that mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the tell you what talk about the Democratic Party. Do some research online it is. It has a history of evil need to study it.don't believe the lies, the news media is telling folks, it's time for people to think study make decisions based on facts and truth. Okay, let's get back to José still there. There are so where were we will get your border patrol go-ahead patrol right my love for the remedy compound can't wait where I make ordinary American miracle and my family member to be a little bit heard that you know you work in that area and a copy of no and Mexican, cross the border and he stopped and then a no and then begging, you know, in my dream thing is my cousin Theo the way you want to call America legally. You know what our youth. These are not being active people coming or not. Good people leave the all kinds of bad people in Cuba doing don't know how crazy it older and you won't even cover that I could drive then nothing friend Doc killed Sgt. Gill next week on because I want to know they did that bike a visit if it's laughable to think that even know if I could get there that will help with this kind of product education. Call and understand that you know it is a big copy going on 1/3, I would. I regret I I love my country but I was just, you know III did for the job. Right now it is providing the right date know leaving that is actually coming and going back and both are because you'll do that) you're going out there that the people that you know what just coheres this for something that people like sound to be lucky relatives are racist because her saying hey you can't stop because her Mexican will. What if there were Arabs with their white people coming from other countries.


Is it okay just come in illegally the interest no come on in legally just do it by the law. That's all Raskin another sake know we need the excuse that have them separate from the law income in illegally because the Spanish yes live in San Diego and diagnostic. The Spanish and if I don't tell you there's illegals there all the time understand her trying to make it to blend in on a plan but the whole area was being affected, being everywhere. There were stores. You could even speak English and because this is what was in think I'm ever talking to people who dinner for years and never learn the language and it'll come on to commit the language become Americans. That's all that's what you want right, what I thought it the border patrol. Rare. There were your one of my Board of Directors is retired border patrol.

So he's got stories he tells me stuff and yeah, he got his retired right and I think you may tell your cousin tell him thank you for serving our country will appreciate that. I thought I would take work midnight and that's where the act is active, you know, and night and tell you what will happen is very good thing that have been on call daily. All I know, I know how the Mexican military has guarded the cartel and drug runner to come over.

I know what they do to their own people.

The coyotes do, yet would suffocate and mention you you you hungry back.

It's a very bad news me doesn't Titus it and I got a new the news media is just the publishing arm of the Democratic Party. With all this with the truth and tomorrow are nestling about. Okay, all right you know some stuff mightily me.

Let's get to see Patrick from Charlotte, North Carolina. Welcome hello mad hello. My question is, is the baptism of the Holy Spirit required for salvation depends what you mean by baptism the Holy Spirit is not defined in Scripture so is not defined in Scripture would be to say it is and it seemed Walmart is for those who believe and are baptized will be saved but those who do not believe will be condemned thought that we are baptism their means. Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I guess that would pool it would be needed for salvation what is baptism the Holy Spirit mean you see all the will not explain the way baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs in Scripture is the pouring forth of the spirit. That's what it means. The spirit is poor and hell have you been about five what is it mean to be baptized. Holy Spirit I think you grow the network with testimony. Note older Kroll and Patrick Patrick Patrick Patrick first things first defined in terms what you think baptism in the Holy Spirit means will baptism of the Holy Spirit is involved with living water and repented like that you must be born of water I hold on, hold on, hold on, what is it what you find.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit. It's when you're born again.

Okay, so was it me to be born again born-again is what about my best to your personal testimony when you are on your knees crying you omit that right.

You were on your knees crying you not tell me what it is, so do you teach that you baptized in water in order to be saved nonfelony that we baptized living water will cure the redemptive so you are you saying you have to cry in repentance to be saved if driver I meant to say that hold onto Patrick. Patrick Patrick, are you saying that crying is part of what you need to do to have true repentance and be saved. Yes, because of the water. Okay, so also Patrick Patrick. I asked a simple question. Okay, I asked do you say that crying shedding of tears is necessary in order to be saved, that you're saying right you okay can you show me any Scripture that says you have to cry in order to be when this happens to be saved.

John 737 Jesus said the last laugh and grabbed the festival thought up and cried that anybody will is thirsty, come to me and drink forevermore. Those who believe living will for hold on hold on and on, hold on Mr. heretic okay I don't want you teaching false doctrine on my show. So I ask you to hold on. I want you to hold on.

When you say Jesus cried is the say that city cried out what that means is to proclaim, to speak loudly to exhort.

That's what it mean I guess I would wait wait wait wait wait wait wait.

It doesn't say selecting an keeping quiet seat. This is the a good example.

Ladies and gentlemen gunmen hold is a good example of someone who can't think critically but sinks, according to an agenda and then doesn't listen, doesn't think about what he saying I asked him for a verse that says you must cry in order to be saved. Crying have tears of repentance. He said that I asked him for a verse is a have to be established in Scripture that he said Jesus stood and cried. Didn't say cried but cried out and it's from cried so in the Greek it is a word that means to exclaim to proclaim to cry out from pain to you to speak loudly and assertively. That's what it means, he cried out this mean he was crying. It's different and what I want him to examine what the text actually says notes would have invoked he wouldn't do that. This is the mind, sorry.

With the mind of the cultist and missing a Christian, but this is the cultic behavior when they don't listen, don't look at the text would actually says, but just say this, what it means they don't listen and they don't examine and they move on.

You can't do that. So let's try this again Patrick, are you still there. Does your verse that you cited say that you must cry and shed tears in order to be saved. I believe John seven 3738 explained that in a medical so you don't have any affirmation of Scripture. Jesus stood and cried out, saying, if anyone was very read John 1138 excuse me Patrick. I was actually reading it when you interrupted me redouble okay okay this guy just I can think is whether whatever back folks look. I was actually reading the whole thing and the interest missing not read the whole thing. I'm in the process of reading it all just this is going.

So this is what sausage on 67 through 39 now on the last day the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, if anyone is thirsty, let them come to me and drink.

He who believes in me, Scripture said from his innermost being will flow rivers of living water, but this he spoke of the spirit whom those who believe in him were to receive the spirit was not yet given, because Jesus was not yet glorified. He did this in verse 40 which says some of the people.

Therefore, when they heard his words were saying the certainly is the prophet of this prick up your Scripture does not state that you have to cry in order to be saved, that crying is what's necessary that you may know, notice when I talk about things like this, people make the statements out specifically are you saying the specific thing people think sometimes, of being a little bit pedantic that I'm not. I'm trying to be very clear. A lot of times people will do what they don't realize this is they'll say things they haven't thought through the with the saying means and then within want to do is make the Scripture submit to what it is they're saying. I hold the Scriptures in high regard. We need to verify from Scripture. Is this necessary when it says now on the last day of the great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried out, saying, if anyone is thirsty, let them come and drink to make doesn't mean he was crying and shedding tears. It's a phrase right now, so he was just simply an accurate verse doesn't support that you'll notice he wouldn't listen. We wouldn't would allow me to go and read through see what it says do comments and this is so. Unfortunately, it's the tactic of a lot of people and cults who don't hear don't listen, don't care. I was a vote of the word C would actually says and there's the music. The Lord blessed by his grace is the effect on there tomorrow another show. God bless have a great evening. Powered by the Truth Network

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