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Satan's Complete Defeat, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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August 9, 2021 8:00 am

Satan's Complete Defeat, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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August 9, 2021 8:00 am

These questions and many other Biblical facts about the anointed cherubLucifer are answered in this in-depth preaching/teaching sermon.

Inspirational, informative, and timeless in subject matter and Christian authority. What Satan does not want you to know about him how he operates through spiritual warfare.

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Greetings friends and radio listeners and welcome to our program today, I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us as we know that comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is from his classic landmark teaching Satan's complete defeat. Find out what Satan does not want you to know without him and how he operates in the spiritual realm. Who is he, where did he come from. Is he a God possessing omnipotence, how much power does he have on earth so much more in this devil chasing message Satan's complete defeat.

Therefore, the right way to bring gardening your mortgage for all your heart and mind. Why becomes the rubble of time of the universe. Now he becomes the devil you know where he was shyly losing one of the more why outside of God. Probable beautiful creature, all other powers the authority to worship the power of a five now McCall victim which title number two, 23 and five pride is wisdom. Heart my I will not be a servant. I would start. I will settle my mental congregation. I really like I I worship creatures of all creation. Even if I am not becomes too late.

God God you got to diabolical God.

God wrote about God and God will not Almighty God. God now now now now having become an all God among the usual and angelic creatures of the universe that God is about worship Lambert and accused God.

God creatures, God the God so God will God is God by yes the politics God like you know you are responsibility of a stream in the creation God now accuse God of the archangel and on and creates action grumbling among creature principality role Will is the power of the free primary data. This until one God creature of burnout from God.

All not against these powers of working power. I don't know of this world. God should know you best seat with them to one of the Angels most angelic beings side sink them just by seeing this contact false accusation against God and God is the God has not changed and got brought about change Jesus Christ is the same today and forever change Satan the devil the enemy of God.

One that's more God. God no higher no I thought that understanding. I love the heights I will exalt my apartment about five like to see you.

I'm all showing the C trust section why God finally convinces one, and gently close side with you against God purpose in planning and God.

God God no God, creation, all Scripture how having one angelic host devises the plan recommends just about right Mike Army so God cast out all this place take over rain. Satan himself as the most high God most high God most high, and he doesn't want to bring the battle to accomplish it. So yes, this about God's throne is God's kingdom that they had a chance you are spending the way out the consequences probability possibility that you God.

God will one strap number of God's creation, so they will and was not the most beautiful and glorious looking. What Liza's creatures if they were angels was not God all showing the drunken reason and understanding support should be gone. I why I am the greatest. Consider that they were testing creature and not a creator. You see what is the showing belt against God and against wisdom and the plan is to suffer now. Whatever place in the universe.

Your office maybe the praise of the rest of the creature until the Army's red fermented sink 10 links them and talk to myself against God. I place I should congregation. I am going to be like on what you should go have otherwise gone God and he know what was in the heart to say to go to sleep working trappers heart, because you see, God makes every creature a free moral agent. The word serve him about the ghost got going all all all creation was born right of choice to choose whether he was going to be what God originally created to be. Why shouldn't you be because next to the Godhead.

He was the most powerful and wisest beautiful creature that God ever created being a free moral agent. How is old place, a place that he was God, to not continue to obey God place of your statement God placed him, but instead disobeyed and rebel against God and God used him to try the rest of his creation. His creation must be tried his creation must be proven must be tested to see if they are going to accept them through knowing for their own good.

So we see this revolution to preach rebellion. At a time. God reached out the face of the universe going because the site decided all this question of Satan to God, all of his creatures with all those the place you ship out that not only was this creation shows except with plan in place for the life exercise the right of free choice joint sink that leads them. The first have an atmosphere of the second heavens, the powers of breakthrough.

Heavens yes they are God knowing what he said in his heart.

God see watching him, so that this court right action is rebellion. What what fire call was a reception for Mr. Lucifer taken the devil and his armies spiritual beings microbial marketing will start even side of action you give you God Michael seemingly Army Michael will with his armies, God will God now. God what might go. Archangel Michael and myself as a revelatory message on Satan's complete defeat by.servant brother Hardy in this classic teaching brother Hardy has answered by the Scriptures who was Lucifer, who is Satan who is the devil. Where did he come from.

Is he a God in the sense of deity being self existing self maintaining and possessing omnipotence, and just how much power can exert on earth when you realize that Satan is not God but a created being, and you understand that he is limited.

God did not create him to be the devil. He was created as Lucifer, which means light bearer and was the wisest and most beautiful of God's angels. He was the anointed cherub who led the heavenly worship team, but his own self focus on his superlative beauty became distorted with pride and iniquity corrupted is wisdom when he fell, or rather was kicked out of heaven by Michael the Archangel, and his faithful angels. He took one third of the angels with him in his rebellion. Some people think the devil is all-powerful, but he's only a created being. God created has has complete mastery over and not only that, but Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 1018, 19, I beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven. Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy. You need to add this inspirational, informative and timely subject to your spiritual audio library, find out what Satan does not want you to know without him and how he operates to the spiritual realm. This devil chasing message Satan's complete defeat is on a two CD set for Lucky for $15 for the request offer 128 mail to Archie Hardy ministry, PO Box 17445, Maryland 212-3419 Archie where you can also this message when MP3 again offer number is 1281 28 Satan's complete minimum of $15 mailed to PO Box 171, Maryland 212 time share not

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