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One More Time, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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November 15, 2021 7:00 am

One More Time, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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November 15, 2021 7:00 am

Samson compromised his anointing and got by for a while, until one day he was empty, and the shaker was gone!

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Greetings friends, new listeners and welcome to the sound of St. Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's messages by my father, brother Hardy. If you've ever wondered why you can't seem to maintain a level of liberty in your spiritual walk or sometimes have difficulty overcoming your fleshly desires and if you want more than just a breakthrough, but you want to stay through this message is for you one more time for it is 20 years ago. All while first dog to follow believers no Christmas.

Marius married soon as you know you got what I know you not all that when you join yourself you are you. You are not sure what you say before you married him and sees us shape rage in the congregation. The preacher preaches on because God cares about God cares about influence people's will help you all just following up old press towards the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Translation in the King James is talking to the Greeks's is talk about getting press pursue for the mark in the line and the prize is a crown of life the way the calling out all the high what happened when the Olympic gives one even today in the Olympics.

What they do: the podium stain them up there in the day before the gold medal around her neck committee say in those days I wreath around the closer they do that when a Triple Crown we do it for a crown the way all reasonable. She said if these people will bring about the subjects of the women earthly clever things away because pretty soon I dies, but we do it for a little crown that does not fade away, I won't die and we won't die with that, they'll do it, how much more modern, they say, more than I want a crown of life, say, the pursue it, so I'm after the Jesus movement is the last leg of the last quarter we where 55.1st side minds my clients fixed on the sky On the gates of the city can't figure what you getting away from the battle, the name of Jesus who strengthens me to stay in the spirit. Only now I can hear Satan speak in the same sense and see so got the power with all right delay in Delilah's lap late in the first time God destroyed the Philistines lap nice with some laid there to try to find the source of his strength to strength. This is consecration for the outward man perish, yet the man is renewed day by day, but if you remove that measure day by day. You are full of the spirit totally enveloped but you already knew that measure first thing you know, the top begins to show how you begin to get your own mind instead of the mind of Jesus, and you go another day, and very soon you guys see things you should check in yourself because the spirit still there but you don't know you and you go to get done you know you start getting those other people's business and get your mouth and do it in the neck.

Pretty soon your full and half covered that measure in the devils just wait like he's just like a fisherman trying to bring is giving you will rule he's got your hook is scheduled to run wear yourself out to wear yourself out and go another day now covered in these illegal Delilah's map again to get week begin at storytelling close to your secret she's not your friend Philistines on your trip up the spirit of God is still there, but that's what deceives you to succeed you leave in Delilah's lap got away with it.

To do this little worldly thing. If you did this little fleshly thing you got by reading the Bible and pray like you know all you have to do all that stuff committee say Like close by another day so easy now print your conscience in the beginning but it's so easy now because his senior seared means like a Brandon ornament Brandon you can feel it anymore. They bring a Catholic can feel it means content from the stroke of us to feel the spirit of the power he shaken me all of a sudden now no more cover charges for demarcation go another day delay in Delilah's lap. The type of the world.

She's trying to steal your anointing and power in your life and all the blessings of God that was this blessings your anointing. Feel your peace steal your steal your victory, they say a man will use virtually and then to draw you go another thing for another day here for your quarter for another day. They are you on the line of demarcation. The spirit: to you, but it's real faint, but the flesh is stronger and there you are toward the pieces. If somebody with the anointing don't come and deliver you big trouble was when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of the standard morning steel deal got some charts and all you got all private excuses are made to take countless people will experience what excuse to go from one excuse supply somebody some time ago told Lisa Boulevard. I only pray when I see the need us, you will see delete delete prayer before some online you'll see the need, you can't look at the church you can look in your family and see the need of your loved ones are leaving save and heal and deliver nutrients to the meat of your brothers and sisters in a battle you can see the need of the city being torn apart by Not While going crazy, the Masons are having civil wars of one of the holy land holding suicide bombers and all their stuff. The city of peace is not the city of peace.

There is no complete so there is no appreciable number like people getting sites in dire people just drove by the devil.

Same spiritually drug was reading an article says that we think from the highest part of emotions and passions of the lower part and the enemy numbs a higher sport that we don't think the reason but we act on our emotions, and animal instincts. People are true, your trout, you have your sound mind and perception. You can't think right when you think about is that fix ethics ethics. Ethics empty the most terrible place in the world for a Christian in this world is to be in a place called you sometime soon my time to slap. He got away with it for all because he just anointing to the last. Not sure I one last not sure they probably thought she still got loudly spoken so that the measure only one real lamb was just about the lead wire secret of his power was 90s here again of the secret of these power was seven lakh to seven is a perfect complete number got absolute entirely perfect consecration but related elements. Let me begin to break to delay the last time and must lap and he lost his consecration.

Meantime the devil was tearing his people. All the pieces he wasn't where he was anointed to be a deliver type of Jesus thought that he appreciated that anointing was the only one in the face of you. We have this transcript for substantial subsides are not sure no I went out sometime on the Dragon do you say in the name of Jesus all you want seven sensors set in the name of Jesus, but nothing happened.

Since emotions consecration to the sign over the way she say that since you've lost your consecration.

You don't have any power your powers and your consecration dedication be in Singapore for comp as a vessel, she couldn't use her lien in Delilah's lap, giving him no mind and burden for God's people while he was fulfilling his ungodly last.

She said Sampson, Steens, up until the time you read this story it said in the spirit of the Lord. Following him and shook, but now he's got his own mind and he jumped up and he says I will shake myself dribbling, afraid of your shaken lot of shaking going on what God nodded at shake all you want but the devils mother for your shaken. He's only afraid when you'll be instructed by the Holy Ghost. That's what save six remarks you could supply the sacred safe to soak up the themes came in. He shook himself, but nothing happened. No one was no power to stop it was God.

God second 1000 postings couldn't do informer Delilah David Lee. One was on the battlefield of the Lord was with thousand of the elite soldiers of Philistines, the killer that he was late in the last lap anointing concert you have that here off to concern the way you lost your consecration. The most unprofitable minister on the earth as a minister that's lost his consecration in this anointing and message printers on the tell you how you know when you Lee can now the first thing you do your Christian per se, you will lose your burden. That's the first thing you lose the preacher usually permit you can stillborn be a professional preacher preach about a person just business, but then the next thing you do is you lose your message and anything a man and you start a bunch of foolishness. But you know most people living at that level so they'll go along with you. You you got blessed quiet time to get serious and you know it or not, but God's got anything on going to this church and you look in people shook out here I been reportedly shortly about all shook up springtime employment.

My blue and trim my get the deadwood off only sucking the life of the church and God said, no one arrived March 3 smiled him.

It's mind blowing you to the tool in my hand on the husbandman Jesus and I am the vine, you will the branches in my father's husband and every living to bring forth fruit. He purges to bring more fruit and don't bring forth fruit that he could see in this case four and men gather encased in fire that that's not once saved always saved, they were in brother. They were in it and in the ninth chapter of Romans, it says don't be boastful you Gentiles over the two records during the vine and the juicer protocol because you are well of a branch line that you stay about because of God didn't spare the natural branches that send you natural predators remain begun drafting back staff are fine bile. You can have faith when you're not obeying God.

Your heart condemns your God is greater than your heart knows all things, they say the little foxes Boulevard and the devil player is playing with the sidebar and see how danger, but people can see I got stuck in the ground like an ostrich what God said about the ostrich. It was 133 beta did have signs out reasons this way, and so the author says if I stick my head in the ground. I won't see him and he will be there but you can stick the ground all you want, the walls, and the next thing you know is not the series I'm gone now.

Alright job.

For the one time too many. In the last measures: measures of the spirit didn't John say John 335 and six and in that area.

For the father love of the son and the spirit in my measure measure according to your measure how quick if you don't we do it every day you count some. This got a whole lot takes a little longer but if they just keep it up you can only count unique. You don't want to read the Bible suburban practice too hard. You sure don't want to go to church especially you don't want to hear about the honey because he never tells good things that what Ahab said when Johnson family had all these false prophets is 700 offensive enter profitable Lord is only one, but he never speaks conference on make adjustments to bring him here we hear from God saying thank God taught us about God and the proper male guy came and said said I sure knew what to give devil alright I saw usual scannable radios about shopper who said she told you would be good to come. God didn't speak on the brother say about their jobs, whatever they are letting you know like me to read a chapter stayed out early so our "likely to come to church. I want to come to church, not much more like a devil's flight 1 fighting back, to give you care, here want some of the biggest trick of the good little work to work in. I'm working the overtime you get an empty Data bills because God said he that forgets about how some work.

The wage is not how much you got what you got God's blessing on how much you got God blessed God can multiply your money.did you get bartenders to serve. We can have the anointing the devils got all these traps we one more time. So get back to pray and read the Bible mindset again the recrimination get in the church and pursue pursue that goal the way through, they say amen attention friends. It sounded faith.

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