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Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up!, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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December 2, 2021 7:00 am

Will the Real Christian Please Stand Up!, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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December 2, 2021 7:00 am

It's time for the spiritual leaders who stand in God's "Holy Hill" behind the pulpits and choir lofts, to lift up clean hands from pure hearts.

And it's time for us all to prepare ourselves against the fear of man and the increasing anti-Christian persecution that is being unleashed in our nation. This will stir your heart to take a stand for righteousness and be the salt and light in the Earth Jesus called us to be.

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New listeners and welcome to the sound of a shower not and I'm delighted you joined us today because we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

The message you will hear today's one I preached at Faith Tabernacle Church under a stirring and compelling anointing. It's entitled will the real Christian. Please stand with indignation against the two brethren but called them and said, you know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they are great exercise authority upon them.

You know the great ones exercise authority over the little guy the listen to this body shall not be so among you, whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant. I am very happy just to be called minister. I don't need to be called Rev. were prophetess or anything else. Minister Sharon not is fine with me. And you know what I was doing this message.

Oscar saw something I never saw before. Consider the way minister is spelled MINI mini mini minimize me and magnify and it always amazes me that Jesus moments moment slips only moments away from his agony in Gethsemane, followed by the crucifixion. The last thing to do with his disciples is teach them a lesson about militant and get down and wash their feet and say now this is this I want you to remember. Remember this night. Remember St. it's time to lay down your titles and pick up your towel and start washing the feet on this because people need to see a real Christian, and will turn people. All the nonbelievers. The morning sun. Sounds like you know person with the Bible shaping it in their face and beat him over the head.

You're not doing anybody Jesus doing that and you can preach the truth that they feel the calls of their feet and still speak the truth in love, because Jesus did it all the time. He put them under so much conviction they getting more and yet the broken the bruise. The ones needed healing. They got such love and assurance from Jesus and they hung on his every word. So I ask you today, are you the real Christian. Let's start a second Timothy two in verse 19. Nevertheless, the foundation of God standard sure, having this seal, the Lord, not with them that are his real lawn that name in the name of Christ that everyone calls himself a Christian, depart from iniquity. Amen.

Don't call yourself a Christian.

If you're not going to live right. Verse 22 flee also youthful lust but follow righteousness, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord may your heart. I want to know the real Christians with today.

Please, if you want to. You cannot just this is rhetorical moves you okay okay now really pressing. You should be aiming to charge today. We got on the charge we got an baby's nose way out from people charge because when you make a mistake or not. And even at this point is beginning to see the world not realize one reason why the divorce rate in the world not going up is that people simply are bothered to get married. Amen we got people in the charge say what you did before you know when you come to Christ and the Christian comedy, no I'm not clear, amen.

There are Christians like the other person just like what I do in the Lord gives innocent person to be free, number three, number three, Wednesday will be awake but they sit in the pews and they smiled and they say amen some of them are saying amen here this morning when they should be said, when the church and after a while they buy the lie. God made me this way I can help it, and they're okay with Marilyn now chatting the stigma of being one of the first states to legalize same-sex marriage because now they can tell themselves, well, if it's legal. Somehow it had some some covering to what they're doing but I want to know when you stand when judgment day. Are you going to stand before Gov. O'Malley and Margie Robin J. Amen. Pornography pornography has become such a bondage in it so because I like the old days when I was a kid would be somewhere you can do it in the comfort of your bet your living room and the law and the addiction of not being so powerful you can even begin to understand unless you get taken into it because you know if you have a problem with alcohol and drugs is not the struggle nobody is making it easy. It's a struggle you and separate yourself and get away from alcohol in the drugs but you cannot unplug this brain and once you get those things burned into your mind. The devil just keeps bringing them up over and over and over again. It takes deliverance from the Lord God himself. And then it takes accountability. I mean, what you can do so all the computers away and never go online anymore. We know that's not going to be people have to go online now just calming things.

A bill etc. and that Laura is always going to be there. Amen. How many Christians do not even talk about preachers I'm talking about ministers. I think it's a victimless no harm thing.

But Jesus said if you even look when a woman does desire her and lust after hurting the heart.

It's adultery. It's adultery. No woman, no wife can compete with that junk going there because once you get a taste for that stuff what you get a taste for that. Just perverted and that spirit takes you. You're not to be happy with your wife. I don't care if you don't like Halle Berry because that spirit is like a taste for alcohol and nicotine and drugs. Amen.

It's a fleshly bondage and spiritual wickedness, and it ought not be in the church are if you're walking in these things were looking for real Christians to stand up because you cannot walking powerless to walk in purity. I would say that again you cannot walking unless you want Mason on everyone that believe it that you know the last prophet in the Bible before Judah went into in Israel they went in the bondage and God was dealing with them in dealing with them and send in profits and the last one he sent them before they went in the bondage was Jeremiah. If you read the book of Jeremiah. I tell you what, you'll get a burden and you'll get depressed. I mean Jeremiah can really pull you down. But here's the thing about there is such a parallel you turn your brother read you a couple short things keeping with what Bob just talked about Jeremiah 615 said, were they ashamed when they had committed abomination with the people God now may. They were not at all ashamed and you know there was a time if you spoke certain things but they don't blush anymore or so to get this is the only mole or creature however you want to put it on who can blush and were the only ones who need to amen because were the only ones that can make the choice you don't see perversion amongst other creatures that God made. Amen. And then let's see verse 86. He said I hearkened and heard, but they speak not a right.

And no, and repented him of his wickedness, saying what no one feels new anymore to repent a message like this new morning message and people would become an author crying and weeping you because all people are hard to get the messenger there hardened their hearts against the message and the messenger has to be like Paul said what we preach not the gospel. You know what God told Jeremiah on anything when you make me promise he made me made any morning and printed all these morbidities people that don't want to hear God granted you printed amen and one more from Jeremiah 79 when you steal, murder, commit adultery and swear falsely burn incense on the bail and walk after other gods whom you know not be for me, which is called by my and we are delivered to do all these abominations, which is called by my God repeats himself to become a den of robbers in your eyes. Behold, even I say if the Lord and you did not just talking up a tabernacle and I'm not talking here. Don't take this personal but if the Holy Ghost, and wherever this message may go after you name the name of the Lord you no matter what I wanted no real Christian walk in the Christian right name, the name of Christ. Apart from the Bible because of the truth is evil spoken of you. There are some people you know reasons why some are not saying those who say I know that's just an excuse but there are many people that they don't know enough about… The Bible grants to the only time that Jesus ripped people up. I was talking to hypocrite Hayden ripped apart the center seat and read the part about the woman caught in adultery apart. Only the hypocrites. Amen. But how many have stumbled and stumbled and stumbled because they see people that claim to be Christian, and they figure will I actually actually could live right to know. Since rejoining if I want to be around people I just go to the bar. I want to be around people that try to take you off or pick up your spouse about want to be around people like to speak all kinds of volatile and talk about the sexual smut. I want to be around homosexuals and I want to be around people need to go to church on the school where I always amen but I'm looking for the real Christians.

Amen. Turn with me to some 24. Please. Psalm 24. The psalmist is going to ask the questions we need today he's asking the questions and that is going to turn around and give us the answers. Psalm 24 verse three who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, or who shall stand in his holy place, they have of the Lord. Referred to Mount Zion. Mount Zion is where the temple was built.

The holy place referred to God's holy altar where worship service was gone and that he turns around and answers his own question. Verse four he that hath clean hands and a pure heart who had not been up his soul on the data to your sworn deceitfully, he shall receive the blessing from the Lord and righteousness from God's salvation. Generation of that that seek not so stop asking you today by the Holy Ghost. I want to know who is gone to the Lord who is going to stand on his holy platform enough songs of praise and worship and on those drums and instruments is going to stand up in the house of God was going to be a pure heart, and if you don't have a pure heart, and you don't know business up their mind. Again, common income, you you you are done encompassing these few but when you step over altar dishes and some of the work they were good fish. Some people going for things that are back and why was the captain when they don't taste so good, but they're not bleeding and he threw the big talking Manny and he said don't worry about there you go take some you know you want to know what you put you back when you get whatever comes with it. Amen. And sometimes you get the letter Sue had some rusty bucket what's about to get in the net. But when you get up on that holy mountain you get up on that holy hill and you were supper and other people are looking to get so it's gonna be remember a few years ago, 33 white gloves on.

Today see people and where the little girl in her early 60s when we wound up on Sunday we had a really little dresses that you know here we were on Sunday morning.

We really got dressed up and we back and little girls wore white gloves when they were dressed up.

How many remember you remember where my gloves when you were dressed up and especially, at least on Easter you wore white gloves. Amen. Just so, so prissy and so pretty and cute little white gloves on.


And in this dream I was a full grown white what we know is no are you wearing those white gloves and without missing a beat I said because I had set up your heart… I mean Jesus was the one Spirit to clean no toward God the glory.

And this is important because you know it's it's kind of a pure in heart like that some and that's not how it is in the real world we all know that. But what is the Greek, the Greek says blessed are they who were always purifying their heart is the perpetual thing. The daily thing however long you walk with Jesus until he comes worse chart protect you by way of the grade you could be purifying your heart every day for the rest of your you see first John III chapter. He talked about seeing Jesus in all his glory. All the love and what manner of love the father bestowed upon us that we should be called something we should be, but we shall see anymore rain won't get all happy will be just like him. Verse three said, and everyone hope purifies himself even the standard is he is pure.

All okay. But I'm also going soberly and realize that means that this whole I'm not going to lose my home want to see him as he is to be like him and his glory on this earth to continually purify myself and my standard is not Bishop wonderful standard is not apostle, the great one. My standard is not so so standard is Jesus Christ because you get your eyes on someone done it before in the past I wait for their shall become one.

Nobody preach better than him.

I mean he preached… Is not empowered. I would take this person had a huge huge moral fall and you know it stated when he first came know I refuse to believe it. I said it was the media they had made up it was some campaign.

I refuse to believe it until I saw him himself say I have sinned, with tears coming on his face and I thought oh my Lord and my really upset me nothing to make me want to quit the Lord must salvation wasn't in the sky. See were babies in Christ and people that are on not don't know yet. I can see worth through them for a loop and this person did not commit the unpardonable sin it was forgivable. God forgave then they preach the gospel again. But here's the thing about it is the data in the fallout that it does any of the so we cannot put our eyes on the printer has their fingerprint or someone tell the truth and you know what you like the way some of which is better than somebody else that your personal prerogative.

Now you still support and love the other preachers you love them too and you support them at their summit just time you get and you love to hear him preach, but don't want to pedestal just like now just talk about thinking because many people to get and bring them up to the name of Jesus know. Amen.

And so we thought to be pure even as he and the way that we do that by the washing of the water. Amen.

What a sin busting devil chasing message. Will the real Christian please stand up. It's time for everyone who names the name of the Lord to depart from iniquity. If you're not living right. Don't call yourself a Christian and get out of the church to your ready to walk the talk. It's time for Christian celebrities to lay down their titles and take up their towels of humility and wash the feet of the saints, that is, serve the body of Christ. It's time for the righteous of this generation who stand in God's holy hill behind the pulpits and lecterns of vanity to purify their hearts and cleanse their hands and it's time for all of us to prepare ourselves for the onslaught of religious, especially anti-Christian persecution that is being unleashed in our nation. With increase as perilous times are here. If you were started by this clarion call of the Holy Spirit and you want to hear this message again or share it with others.

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Till next time. This the shower not saying NARA NASA

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