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Psalms 119:157 Knowlege Of The Enemy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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April 6, 2022 9:58 am

Psalms 119:157 Knowlege Of The Enemy

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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April 6, 2022 9:58 am

Psalms 119:157 Many are my persecutors and mine enemies; yet do I not decline from thy testimonies.

The Knowledge anointing of the letter Resh, Great enemies that dog us - But God, through His testimonies time and again has saved His Bride - My story along those lines

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This is the Truth Network treasurers of the hundred and 19 digging around him. Knowledge anointing Ralph da Gama H being this idea of the beginning or the head of a river, but also you know the Jews are to some extent, is where the beginning goes is where the river follows after that. Oh it's it's really a spectacular thing that we can get some knowledge that we are going to get some knowledge along those lines today in verse 157. It reads in English.

Many are my persecutors and mine enemies, yet I do not decline from my testimonies.

So, as is the case in each of the verses, the word that starts with rage that would be the clue to what the psalmist is trying to get us to understand the knowledge that's here the word many ways translated but I would perhaps suggest he meant to say more in English if I was to translated the word great.

If you look at that word in Hebrew, you'll see that many times it's translated great and certainly in the book of Genesis. It's always translated his great at and the idea of their persecutors are great and works from the standpoint of firepower. Satan has a whole lot more firepower than we do. That's why we so desperately need God.

So great are persecutors and our enemies, and that word persecutors by the way, is also the same word that's in the 23rd Psalm where it says, surely goodness and mercy will follow me. Well that idea persecution. There is actually these people are dogging you or Satan is dogging you chasing you in pursuit hot pursuit actually and so here you have these great and believe me when I test this is a critical part of to me and knowledge that is very useful in my life to know that Satan hates us is especially hates God and so when he sees his glory. God's glory well up in us, like whack a mole. He is good to do everything he can to get you to hide and find ways and angles in order to make you wish you hadn't come out your foxhole, so he is a great persecutor which you know is is that whole picture that John Eldridge paints a beautifully of the love story that's in a game in the midst of the great battle we can see that and so clearly that's taught throughout the Scriptures and here we see that this enemy is dogging us from pursuing as an elective go through many days in the slot if to realize that the stuff happens. And so the beautiful thing is the second part of verses. Yes, I do not decline from my testimonies and limits are critical in this understanding of knowledge from my perspective is that idea of decline is, like a tent that would get staked in other words, there is some tension there are a bow that would be strong and and so another words if if you get the picture of your tent stakes are down in the ground on these testimonies. In other words, you know that God comes through for his bride.

Every single time without fail.

He is there to help us if we turn to him and so by saying you know, no matter how hard they pursue.

You know, we are still the anchors going to hold right we still have this this tension on the fact that we know that these testimonies essentially this is new and Old Testament but and in so many different ways. It's your own testimony how God has come through for you time and time and time again and so as we see these persecutions coming however they may come because you do have a great enemy and he is pursuing you like a dog would pursue his prey. Yet we we can just fasten ourselves to these stakes and and so is this you know my picture. I was thinking of a story I couldn't help but remember when they discovered all the money missing at the dealership.

This was back in 2007 and I had this wonderful CPA by the name Elyse McDonald. He came in she was helping me, and when she realized what happened with the payroll taxes and all that and she said Robbie would gotta go to the IRS regarding the state Department of revenue and we gotta tell them all this and when we do they are going to be out here with guns and badges going to be doing an investigation and believe me at that point in time I was being pursued in so many different ways being investigated in so many ways. But let I could still just hold onto that. I knew that I had not taken the money and I also knew that I had no idea that the payroll taxes weren't being paid. I had no idea that the state wasn't getting paid what it was supposed to be paid and and I knew in my heart that was the truth and whatever happened now is willing to let go with that because I knew that that was what and so I was interesting that I can just anytime I began to panic about what was going on. I was like well God is with me. He always comes after his bride.

I know what the truth is and and I know where my anchor will hold and whatever God has in mind through this it's going to be okay halfback and I still know I think about the tension of that particular time when so many people were apparently coming after me when and that in our reality they were being driven by why is that they did not understand what the truth was, but as the truth came out, you know it it all was resolved to some extent across money still have to be replaced were still in the Olivet but you know he's a great enemy and he is coming after us with all his, but the beautiful thing is if we really and put our tent stakes). The fact that Jesus got this has this he is your bridegroom and everything is going to come out in the end, we know that is so beautiful versus a wonderful understanding this knowledge is understanding that now we have great enemies because we're in the midst of the great war and and that there is this great love story going on and you are the price in so many different ways of thankfulness

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