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Dr Claudia Cotca #EhticsInPatientCare #ClinicalEvdienceMatters Jim Price #StopCancelCulture #OvercomingDisinformation

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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March 29, 2022 4:37 pm

Dr Claudia Cotca #EhticsInPatientCare #ClinicalEvdienceMatters Jim Price #StopCancelCulture #OvercomingDisinformation

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Sexual predators and comprehensive sex education both break down inhibitions. That's what they start with. They also gain trust with the child and then slowly start to get them towards sexual activity.

Anything goes. You are teaching children adult child sex. You're teaching transgender issues. And you know, children are moldable and they're not just a child.

And influenced by that. They said, okay, now we need you and your team to be able to explain what homosexuality is to a four-year-old student. To introduce this kind of material at that age, frankly, it's child abuse. You're going to teach our children that it's okay for any two children of any age, of any sex, to have sexual intercourse with each other as long as two components are present. One's using a condom and they both give connection. Did I hear that correctly? It's not a neutral venue.

There's no such thing. The schools are doing your job. They are discipling your children.

But they're not discipling them in the faith of Jesus Christ. It's only the exceptional child that even survives that system. Most do not survive. Most have not survived. They deserve and have the right to be sexually active and to seek sexual pleasure. And if anyone is stopping them from that, then you are judging and oppressing them. Even kindergarten now, they're wanting to teach them more and more perverse information and acts and put that into the children's minds. And once those, that poison is in a child's mind, it doesn't leave.

They'll always remember what they learned. And it's by design. It's orchestrated. In my humble opinion, it will be worse before we can make a donation today. Pastor Greg, only $400 changes thousands of lives for generations. You can be a part of that today. Pastor Greg, please consider making your best donation today. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people, but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation.

Where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here.

I know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you so much for being here. Well, folks, I'm very, very excited to have my next guest with me. And just in the green room just now, I'm even more excited to talk with her and have her share what I think are going to be some tremendous insights and help to you, my audience. She is a three time graduate of the University of Michigan. She received a bachelor of science with chemistry degree in cellular molecular biology, a master of public health and toxicology, and a doctor of dental surgery. She's an international lecturer and aesthetic restorative dentist founded the Washington Institute for Dentistry and laser surgery in the Washington DC metro area.

It's a private practice institute focusing on technology and interdisciplinary smile reconstruction within facial neurological and skeletal coordinates. And she is sought after as a speaker all over the world. And it is my honor to present her here on the Children's Generation Radio program. Professor Claudia Caca. Professor, welcome, and thank you for being here.

Thank you so much. My privilege and honor to be invited. Well, there's a lot for us to get into and a lot to unpack that's happening, obviously, in the world of pharma. I know that you, part of what was said to me is that you've talked about a little bit about our, our injection problem, the recent release of the FDA and Pfizer documents. I'm sure that you are aware of what has been widely discussed by a number of esteemed doctors is now being proven out through this FOIA act and that. But we also have a major opioid crisis in our country, because in many instances, opioids are used where other alternative and you were talking to me about this in the green room or other alternative options could be used.

I'll leave it to you. Where would you like to begin? Well, I'm happy to start wherever you feel that it's most imperative for your audience to hear. I, of course, come from the, first and foremost, I'm a clinician at heart and practice. And so my interest is also to render to my patients in the most effective and efficient way possible and comprehensible and impactful approach of therapeutics that reach far beyond the head and neck, which is the specialty that I focus on. As a toxicologist and public health expert, of course, I've had to expand by default into these aspects of ramifications of how therapeutics innovation essentially conformalizes as well as interacts with the skin with the clinical skill set to customize the renditions and the solutions for the specific patients that we treat. And so, albeit, although therapeutics are developed in laboratories and through FDA processes and regulatory processes in homogenicity or group-like settings, if you will, it is rendered and it's expected and assumed by definition that the clinician customizes that particular vetted solution to the particular patient and with precision implications of that particular patient's requirement or systemic profile requirement, then, of course, it's able to render much more expected clinical outcomes with much more profound effects. And that's really where the research gives us that knowledge that we have the privilege of, I would say, seeking based on the inkling or the inherent intrinsic nuance that we have within us. And that's God's wisdom to pursue things that are valuable and that are real and that reflect physiological demands, whether as opposed to synthetic or circumventing type of demands or solutions, which are not as ideal or does not match the mechanistic requirement that the physiologic function in full-fledged, I would say, manifestation requires. Which essentially is when man attempts to try to play God with mRNA and things of that nature, you run the risk of having potentially significant problems and significant issues, and you're talking about means by which God has already given us to enhance health and healing and wellness.

Exactly put. So, most recently, for instance, my recent lecture last weekend was on the research platform for the American Dental Association research, basically highlighting that with every therapeutic or, I would say, solution, clinical solution, there is renditions of, of course, therapeutic outcomes that depend on the liability that that solution brings with it. And therefore, there is, if I can categorize largely, innovation processes or innovation discoveries can take either the collective of discovery of, you know, that really, I would say, accentuates more the ego or the ambition and the passion of the individual, but does not have the incorporated design or function that is ideal.

And as clinicians, we are required, I think we are the only location outside of priesthood that requires us by oath to put our patient's interests prior to ours. And so, by definition, we will have to, yes, exactly, we have to keep in mind the end goal of the discovery process. But there are solutions that have been, or discoveries, if you say, if I can say that in the sciences, that are wonderful trophies of discovery, but they're not, they're not one and the same as with the end goal in mind of the optimal thread. So there's only one mechanism, if you will, of functionality, right? The kidney, the joint, the sempermanular joint, or any other organ is meant to function optimally in a particular set of parameters.

We cannot modify those parameters, just like we cannot define those of gravity, etc. And unfortunately, you know, we might reflect back to, you know, movies about, you know, the mad scientists or what have you, or I think about, what was it, the island of Dr. Moreau. But in reality, from some of the specialists that I've had on virologists and things of that nature, they've essentially concluded that there are those that are out there that are essentially experimenting on humans, and that seems to be what this new FOIA request by the FDA now and Pfizer through this FOIA request have essentially told us that we were the experiment.

We were the ones they were experimenting on, and that seems to me to fly in the face of what you are lecturing about, which is the ethical behavior, the ethical standard, the ethical necessity for someone who is practicing, and it is practicing medicine should be adhering to. Right. So there are two things here that I'd like to comment, if I may.

Yes, please. I want to start with the easier one. So since 1992, when I joined the University of Michigan, because I was there for 10 years, two different programs, it was a wonderful blessing to be there. I have to say that gain-of-function research had already been, you know, well established in the laboratories. That said, there are certain nuances, but again, limitations. You know, the data and the expensive research discovery is, again, defined by the logic that is applied. And so, you know, there is always, I would say, the curiosity of the internal, I would say, perhaps, you know, carnal or perhaps a different, you know, self-oriented pursuit that can tangent off. And we know, you know, mathematics proves this, right?

Even an increment of, you know, to the right or to the left, you really become a tangent. And there's no such thing in this world, unfortunately, for some individuals who want to circumvent it, that there is a zero, I would say, impact. You're either positive or negative. Right. Zero has, by definition, a very zero, you know, no impact allowed. Well, there's no movement that we make. Pardon my interruption.

I'm sorry, doctor, but there's no movement that we make that is done in isolation in these kinds of environments. There are, there's a ring. It's like throwing a pebble into a pond. You know, there's outer rings that are going to impact somewhere in that pond when that pebble hits. I teach my kids, I've raised my five kids to understand that their actions are not done in a vacuum and they need to be thinking about that when they act. Whatever it is that they're doing impacts some other life around them. And, you know, not to be afraid of that, but just to be, to use wisdom and proper ethical approach when they make those decisions.

Absolutely. And while this is a spiritual and emotional and, of course, social level of coordination or organization, if you will, this actually is also happening at the micro levels and the nano levels and the atomic levels. You know, that physics, for instance, or mathematics, for those of us who are keen and being blessed to pursue the understanding of and to actually participate in that type of discovery, to recognize that there's actually the same laws that apply.

So there are laws in the world that, you know, that turn to the physical, tangible components and we, you know, humans have a lot of experience, you know, and movement in that axis. But to be more specific to your comment earlier with the second part of my point regarding to the data testing, if you will, you know, something that, first of all, they have to just be referenced here in the discussion as a premature assumption. The corona collection of family viruses have had a lot of attention, just like other viruses including the official respiratory virus or the influenza virus, et cetera, in terms of vaccinations for, you know, for decades. This is not anything new. As a matter of fact, even the patent references for all the vaccines references early filing of application in 2017. And if you go back into the more, you know, deeper books of the research activities, of course, this family of coronas had a lot of attention and has been an ongoing interest. That said, the type of rollout and I would say the forceful restrictions, you know, didn't make, first of all, theoretical sense based on what we know a fundamental core of microbiology, cellular molecular biology, chemistry, virology, immunology, et cetera, that has also been proven in public health. Actives of theoretical and also been substantiated by research for the past two, three decades. And so, you know, there is a surprise, I would say, for me, a shock to see this type of push, notion, for instance, of, you know, of adaptations of behavior from other, let's say, territorial or geo-positioned practices or behaviors like mask wearing.

In Asia Pacific, I believe it was done for the past at least 10 years. And we know that they were not able to supply epidemics themselves. And so when we look now to have something come and render from the laboratory to the human portal or the vector, we really have to be extremely, first of all, respectful of the parameters that are inherently and intrinsically incorporated with it. And that is physician customization at the patient level is a must.

Therefore, they are the final by rendition of license practice to practice medicine with the license because they've been given it, not other individuals who don't hold a license and yet they make recommendations at the patient level. Hi, this is Pastor Greg, host of the Children's Generation Radio Show. If you follow my program, you know I'm a miracle survivor of a catastrophic car accident where I saved my daughter's life, spent six weeks on life support, died four times, and broke bones in my head, neck, back, ribs, arms, pelvis, and both legs.

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And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio, where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical classes. I'm just going to say it. I am man. I love having my guest on, Professor Claudia Caca. And now, are you still a professor at Liberty University as well? Yes, I am.

I have that blessing as well. OK. I just was curious. I mean, which is wonderful.

She's the founder of what's called IADR, which is the International Association. Hang on. I'm going to I'm going to munch that. And I apologize.

I had it up here earlier. Go ahead. No worries.

I'm sorry to interject. I'm not a founder, but I am a program chair for one of the groups that focuses on the group for pharmacology, therapeutics and toxicology. OK. And and it's the end. And the name of the organization is the International. Hang on. I've got it right here. International Association for Dental Research.

That's correct. And that's one of the most prestigious research platforms. I myself as a student in dental school have very different aspects. When I was a young student at the classroom, it was a privilege for me to have a fourth had had that privilege as well as participate later like this. It's a privilege to have you on the program. And and I'm just so appreciative of your willingness to come out publicly and just talk about these issues so that, you know, so that people can get educated there. I mean, my goodness, you exude so much enthusiasm and energy and and information.

And I'm just thrilled to have you. So let's get right back to what we were talking about. And and again, the the couple of things that jumped out to me, one is, is there is the assumption, of course, that everything that is presented to the public has has been through this massive vetting process.

And so there's an assumption then that it should everything should be hunky dory and safe and fine. And that's part of the concern that we have with some of what's taken place in the last year and a half. You were beginning to talk about the mask efficacy. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Sure. I mean, the mask efficacy, of course, you know, has to be really rendered from a theoretical perspective. So the fundamental core values that we apply in sciences, just like, for instance, in the gravitational forces, they exist and we cannot defy them. You know, in daily life, lifespan, there are certain fundamental core issues that have to be incorporated. From my perspective as a surgeon, as a clinician, of course, I adhere to an absolute strict profile. But I have to say that I actually take on a liability every time I put on a mask.

There is a decreased oxygenation. I take that with within mind that I have contributed a positive outcome to somebody in an equation. And so by, of course, now from a toxicology perspective, and this gets a little more technical, when we look at toxicology or toxicity or pharmacology or therapeutic index measurements, we always have to quantify the concentration, the mode in which it's being rendered, and the duration and the frequency.

Because certain things can become toxic or more toxic and less therapeutic at certain of these variables, extrapolations, whereas in other extrapolations variables, they can become quite therapeutic. So we have to lose the logic. It's all logic dependent.

And the optimal logic will actually rule in terms of the most optimal outcome, irrespective of the hurdles, if you will. And so when we were discussing earlier, I wanted to just mention that, you know, the new, I would say, vernacular or nomenclature that's used around custom precision medicine, it isn't anything new. It is not being introduced by digitization. This has been a practice that every single doctor or physician has practiced to their respective patients for centuries. We are just applying that particular, I would say, help or integration with a digital aspect, like, for instance, optical laser technologies, where optical laser technologies are much more intrinsically closer to physiological processes, because it's the modulation of light.

And light as a particle and as a physical unit incorporates a lot of characteristics that I would say we take for granted, but they're incredibly compounding in terms of rehabilitation. Of course, they can cause also mass destruction. But that said, the comment on the mask, with respect to, let's say that the theoretic is being ignored, and they're going to just go for correlation on other patients. We know that in the Asia Pacific territories, they've utilized masks and masks for the past more than 10 years. And yet we see that there's still not been able to gain control over epidemics or renditions of outbreaks. And so we have multiple proof options. And what was that for me, you know, as clinicians here in the United States, the privilege of the research, the privilege of the expanding knowledge, and yet to adopt something that is so, I would say, incorrectly positioned.

And that has paid a lot of liabilities with that decision. But for purposes of I would think your audience might benefit from is that when we look, for instance, in terms of the equivalence of what is coming to the individual in terms of information. One aspect of concern that has occurred is that clinicians were really taken out of the equation. And that is my point earlier when I mentioned the custom versus the medicine. It's absolutely necessary for an individual to have the customization approach and the customization. As a matter of fact, even the laboratory bank or the FDA or the regulatory processes of which I've been a member, they actually assume that it's by requirement they are supposed to be customized for the patient specifically that is being seen. And that, of course, speaks directly to the idea of informed consent, where the physician tells the patient exactly what might be expected.

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Here's Dr. Robert Jeffress with today's Pathway Minute. Once you die, your eternal destination is just that, eternal. Hell is a forever destination. Do you know with absolute certainty you're not going to end up in this terrible place Jesus, the Son of God, talked about? Are you sure? One writer said, five seconds after you die, you will either be experiencing eternal bliss or you will be catching your first glimpse of unimaginable horror. Either way, your destiny will be irrevocably and eternally unchangeable. You're listening to Dr. Robert Jeffress, Bible teacher on Pathway to Victory.

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And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits, everything filtered through biblical glasses. And I'm very pleased to welcome to the program from the Jim Price show, the man himself, Mr. Jim Price. Jim, welcome. Good to have you. Well, thank you so much, Pastor Greg. It's great to be here. It's been a great, great year of successes in the world around us, except, wait, there's been other things that we have to worry about, right?

The evil that's pushing back against us every day, trying to deceive us and trying to misdirect us. But no, it's been great. Thank you for having me on the show. Oh, my pleasure.

My pleasure. So now are you, you were in Canton, Ohio for the Reawaken America tour. Is that still, I forget what dates Clay told me, that that was just this past weekend, correct? Well, I was, no, that was in Canton, Ohio, and then I went to San Diego, and then they're getting ready to have one in Oregon, up near Portland. And I'm not going to be making that one because I'm currently in Florida, so I'll be in the West Palm Beach area tonight, tomorrow night. So I'm just trying to drop a couple little hints about where I may or may not be in the next few nights. Anyway, I got an invitation to go to a reception, so it looks like I'll be having maybe a quick conversation with the band tonight, so that'd be really cool. Hey, that's awesome.

That's awesome. You're in the great state of Florida. I'm in Texas. We're trying, but we've got Gavin Newsom's dictator friend as a governor right now. And unfortunately, the Republican establishment couldn't figure out that they needed to get rid of this guy.

But at any rate, we're going to keep fighting the good fight here in Texas. Isn't it sad that you see that within a guy that really kind of rip offs around where he could be something really amazing? He could really go out in front and be that true servant leader that does amazing things for, you know, just for everybody. I mean, we're talking about the bottom to the top, but yet, you know, these agendas, you see these agendas. And once you start seeing, you can't unsee, you can't unsee the evil that they're doing and you have to be aware of it.

And then you have to make others aware of it. And in this time when we're trying to be the right people at the right time and make sure we're not, you know, sore winners or sore losers. You know, we're doing the right thing when we see these things going on. And we're so off balance with so much misinformation when a guy like that could just be pushing us forward in the right direction. You know, I'm from Kansas.

I've got Laura Kelly, who's from New York as a Kansas governor. And I'm watching her do things that are actually not as bad as what I see Abbott doing. So I'm kind of confused in a way.

For me, it throws me off balance. I see liberal Laura Kelly here in Kansas doing things that I would expect Abbott to do, but then Abbott does the opposite for her. So I anyway, I'm with you. I'm with you. You know, I'm part of the grassroots movement here in Texas. Three hundred and sixty leaders and we sent letters to Abbott for six years and he responded to absolutely not one of them. Jim, not no, not he ignored the courtesy letter that just kind of like, hey, thank you for sending me a no. Wow. No, you can't even bother to have your assistant drop out to drop something that is. Well, and again, where is what that shows you?

Where is hard? Is that right? Absolutely.

Where is this part? And it defines him as a as a man and really is that the servant leader part of him obviously isn't there, because if you can't bother to drop a simple letter or make it make it a purposeful action, say, hey, can you drop them a letter? He doesn't have to do it. He can have someone else do it. He's going to make it look like he did it. Yeah. Yeah. But yet he did even bother. That's that right there. Now, again, there are gatekeepers that keep certain things away from him.

I get that. But at the same time, it's not about him being great about him being a great servant. And that means he's got to get down in the blood and the blood of things that really do the right thing. Well, and and when you see seeing what people see is, oh, well, he's building the wall. Don't you see the well, except that for six years, he refused to lift a finger. And and everything that he did was was just nothing more than a facade. There was nothing actually behind it. It was just a facade.

Well, what? So he is here for reelection. If you got a reelection coming up, what are we doing? No, he we just that way. He suddenly wants to buy the spare parts are putting the wall in.

We just act like he's going to put a wall in. We just had the primary and Chad. Chad Prather ran Lieutenant Colonel Allen West ran a guy named Don Huff finds her and there were there were about four or five guys. You know, several of which I think could have, you know, would would obviously do a much better job than him. And I think I voted for Allen West and I'm not ashamed to say that.

I think I think Colonel West would have done a great job as the governor of Texas. But no, unfortunately, he won. And it's what's challenging is, is when you look at the results and how much he won by in areas where I know that these other candidates had massive support and large turnouts when they showed up in these areas. And yet you have results that say that Abbott won like 70 percent of the vote in that area. And Allen West got 13 percent. But no, I mean, I mean, that doesn't make sense at all.

That would have been that could have been a real neck and neck race. Now, that's that's like saying Joe Biden got 80 million votes. You know that, you know, it's thinking of our potato and cheese and potato and cheap is a play on words on two words.

One said, oh, but one potato. But anyway, the potato and cheese, you know, you've got to look at this guy and you've got to realize that it's got to get bad before people understand what a safe harbor Trump really was. And I think it's going to I think we've got the currency reset coming up. The International Monetary Fund is talking about those things.

I think we see that the the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve are talking about this. So here's the thing. If we if it's going to get worse, we're going to see more evil.

I just say worries me. But, you know, the idea that we've got a guy who supposedly is this popular, but he's this horrible. I don't know if it's the life lesson we're all having to get with the wet fish to face to say, hey, wake up. You know, it's it really is this bad. But I apologize to get off on it on that guy. But yeah, he is not.

He is a horrible, horrible example of what you know, what we really up against here. Did you see the sheet that they had when the when Biden was at in Ukraine? Supposedly there was a military presentation. Did you see the wall behind it is actually wrinkled because it's actually a sheet.

It was actually a piece of it was drapery that looked like a wall. No, you see that. No, I miss that.

I miss that. Yeah. Anyway.

Yeah. There's so much that I think it's going to have to get a little bit worse. I say a little bit.

I'm trying to be kind. I think it's going to get I think we're going to really have to see things kind of collapse so that we can get people to see what a safe harbor. Liberties and freedoms really look like.

And a guy like Allen West would have been amazing to be that guy in a transition in time. But then it bothers me to say that if you're saying that he won that Abbott won by 70 percent or had a seven percent turnout on his vote. That that bothers me then.

Is that how much of a finger on the scale they really have in these voting machines or stuff in these ballots? Because it doesn't make sense because I've been to I've been to events that I've spoken at the events with Alan and he has a great turnout. He has a great message. And yet to say that Abbott Abbott's not a charismatic guy. He really isn't. He's not.

He doesn't make me feel like he's doing anything for me. And I and I and I know I say for me, I mean, for America, because he is a governor, he does affect a lot of things in our world. Yeah. I mean, what what is it that he's doing that's so amazing other than really kind of pandering almost sounds like a Mitt Romney, doesn't he? Yeah.

And it does. Oh, yeah. Both sides of the aisle that really seem weird. I only happen to Trump.

I only voted for one of them. You know, like that kind of Mitt Romney speak, right? Yeah. Yeah. No, it's crazy.

Yeah. No, I'm with you, Jim. I agree wholeheartedly. Well, that's why I actually just had a piece published at the Daily Torch.

Rick Manning, my friend, published. It's called The True Root of American Conservatism. And and and it speaks to the fact that, you know, this is what we're missing, Jim. We're missing God because God was put up on a shelf by conservatives and and those of us who tried to talk about biblical values as a foundation for our foreign policy, as a foundation for economic policy, as as a foundation for, you know, why you put people to work as a foundation for why it's important to have a family structure that consists of father, mother and children. Why are those the basic fundamentals of society? Well, because they are a part of a biblical world view. And and conservatives have said for years, no, you don't understand, Pastor Greg, those are social issues.

We don't know where we're about. Those issues are everything. Well, you know, we're about personal responsibility and we're about limited government and we're about fiscal responsibility. Well, where do you think personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility and a limited government originates from Christian morality out of the Bible? It comes from what God told us to live.

It comes from God as the one. I mean, this is the same question that are that our revolutionary founders were asked by the pastors in the Great Awakening. Who's going to be your king? Is it going to be George or is it going to be Jesus?

Who are you going to choose? Well, the Constitution is based off of Christian morality. I've read a lot of doctoral thesis on that, on the actual Constitution, where these people are constitutional experts, have a doctorate in it.

And I've read their thesis and every one of them all come down to the same conclusion. You have to have Christian based morality, understanding to understand the Constitution. And that's why people that don't have that don't understand the Constitution. They don't understand the simplicity and the amazing amount of wisdom in those little lines.

And the Constitution that talks about, you know, all the political powers inherent in the people, all free governments are founded on their authority. We don't talk that way because they told us not to. They told us not to go on the Constitution.

It was dry and cumbersome and don't worry about it. But if you remember, there was a time when King George sent over an ambassador to find out why they couldn't keep the colonists in line. Why it seemed like they just could do what they wanted. And the ambassador came over, spent time here and went back, reported back to the king and said, listen, the reason you cannot control them is because they know the law. And the first thing that the children at their kitchen table learn is the law. They learn the Constitution and they know how to protect themselves and know what their rights are.

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And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical classes. Let's see real quick, tomorrow on the program, Michael Morris is with us, Free Speech America. Darren Gerdes will be with us tomorrow as well. We'll take a deep dive into Zelinski. David Shostokis, our constitutional expert is with us.

And then Rick Manning, co-host with me tomorrow and Scott Uehlinger who was on as our very first guest today will be back with us tomorrow. Scott is a former CIA station chief who was stationed over in the former Soviet Union right after it broke up. And of course, my background was as a Russian linguist during the Cold War. So we'll talk with you about some of that history and there's a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of what's called Russian disinformation. I just, I encourage you to get, there's a DVD, General Pachepo who is the highest ranking Romanian Soviet officer that ever defected. And his book Red Horizon is what Ronald Reagan referenced as the book that he used to take down the Soviet Union and to understand Gorbachev. And he, then they followed up with a book called Disinformation because he saw how the American public was being deceived by so much of what he had created when he was the officer in charge of their disinformation campaigns. It's, it's really quite enlightening when you, when you overlay what we are, what we're hearing by understanding that. We can talk about that a little bit, Jim, if you'd like, because I'm sure you've got some, some, some thoughts with regards to what's happening over there in the Ukraine. Well, if you look at Zelensky and he shows up in a worldwide zoom call, which shows it's like a level of a 12 year old here, but he shows up in a zoom call with a t-shirt on with some logo that doesn't really reference to any type of brand. But yet he's supposedly talking to all these world leaders. He's got a t-shirt on, he's so entrenched in all this, but he looks like he's in a, you know, in some shelter, like he's in the last days of World War II and he's, you know, putting out his SOS to the world. I mean, this, we are seeing so many shiny objects, so much misinformation that it's, it's, I watched MSNBC in my hotel room last night because I don't like watching it at my house.

I don't, I don't like bring it in, but I'll, every now and then I'll flip it around when I'm out of town. And I looked at what they were saying and the lies, and then we have them using video game footage for the, the, the different things going on. I mean, it's, it's ridiculous that we, we see these different film footages. We see the hysteria, we feel this, but then I think what we're going to find out, and I know I'm jumping around a little bit because there's so much talk about what's going on in Ukraine. I think we're going to find out there's going to be a section of the population that's not going to be accounted for. And they're going to say they were refugees that went to other countries. But my problem with it is I think that there's something else going on nefarious in Ukraine and with the human trafficking, other things that really, really bothers me.

I think there's got to be some truth, but I think we are finding out that like the bio labs, the pharmaceuticals and different things are going on in there. I think a lot of the truths are coming out, but who brought this to us? President Trump did. Remember the Ukrainian phone call. It suddenly put all this stuff out in the forefront when we started learning so much more about the Ukrainian phone call. You know, Nancy Pelosi had to impeach on bended knees.

She asked God what she should do. So in reality, we're actually seeing all these things kind of in the past, setting us up for the future today, saying Ukraine's a mess. Ukraine's a problem. We should be fixing this.

And now we've normalized that conversation. And you know, it's interesting because I don't think that there's an argument about the corruption that was taking place. But some of the things that I've seen indicate there are people who believe that Zelensky was put into office in 2014. Well, see, again, that's again, but we were in there messing with it and we were messing with it.

We were touching that. But Zelensky wasn't put into office in 2014. Perishenko was put in in 2014. I've got a pastor who's who's on the ground in in. He's he's twenty eight miles outside of Kiev. Right.

Ten miles from him. The Russians came in and they killed the people at the checkpoint and they murdered the pastor of the church. Wow. OK. He has been driving to go pick up aid and then going and dropping aid off.

He's been staying in some different churches and having to stay in his own. His mom lives in Russia. Right. And he had to send her video of what it was that he was experiencing on those drives in order for her to believe that the Ukraine that Ukraine was actually being bombed. Right. Because she she because what she sees is what's on Russian television.

And Putin has created a new Iron Curtain. Right. Well, wasn't the Ukrainian election and how things kind of went together very similar to how Venezuela went? Or are they the person who was actually supposed to have been there? It wasn't there, but someone else was.

I mean, in that kind of the same scenario, the same idea. I don't know. Here's here's here's one with with regards to Zelensky and talking to Pastor Vitaly, my friend who's been over there. He is Ukrainian and he and I've been in relationship since 2014 in speaking with him. What he said is, is that Poroshenko had come in replacing the Putin puppet in 2014, because the guy who was there from 09 to 2014 was, in fact, taking his orders from Putin and from Moscow.

Right. The people of Ukraine were tired of the corruption and didn't want it. Poroshenko was voted in and he was supposed to get rid of the corruption. He didn't. He didn't. And so we get a different head of a different snake with Zelensky as opposed to what was the Putin puppet.

But now we got a different puppet. I was really on the right side of things. I think I think, you know, remember that President Trump supported Zelensky.

Right. Zelensky and Trump were the ones that had the conversation. Zelensky did say President Trump didn't say anything wrong. President Trump said that he wanted me to work on the corruption, which is what I said I was going to do and I'm trying to do. Here's the problem. The problem is, is that Zelensky and it's worse.

It would be as though here's President Trump trying to eliminate our deep state. And we know there were probably what I've talked to Navarro about this. I've talked to Meadows about this.

I've talked to Paula White about this. There were probably a half dozen to a dozen people around President Trump that actually were on his team. Right. That's it. Right. That I mean, that is it.

And the establishment and all the regulars were everything again. Oh, the State Department was against him. CIA, the FBI, they were spying on him. Now we know, you know, I mean, every other element of the government. Mark Morgan was on his side.

Tom Homan was on his side. But, you know, and so imagine if Mexico were an actual world superpower sitting there and they were the ones giving the help to the deep state here in the United States. Imagine how much more difficult it would have been for President Trump in light of what he fought without that. That's what Zelensky is fighting. Zelensky is fighting Putin and the KGB and Moscow. Moscow has been at war with the Ukrainians since 2014, since they took Crimea. And they've been using a cold war and they've been using disinformation and so on. So Zelensky is on an island, really, in his government is how I see him. And then he is surrounded by mass corruption and all kinds of people doing things that, you know, he has no idea about. Right. Well, and that's the problem is now.

I mean, you've got it's such a soup of things, right? Who is really on the right side? Who is really the bad guy? And the thing is, how do we know where Zelensky is going to end on this whole thing? Because the problem is, if he is being threatened or manipulated, do we know that, I mean, there's too many moving pieces, right? Because you do have the deep state even over there. You do have the deep state here. And then you have the media.

I mean, if they're all doing their own narrative, I mean, how do we actually get the barometer of what the truth is? We pray. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch and the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort and reviling me?

No. At the end of the day, I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world. That no matter the evil in the world, I will never give up and in spite of the hate, I will love in truth. God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest. Come chosen generation radio dot com and sign up for our emails today.
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