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MON HR2 032822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 29, 2022 12:00 am

MON HR2 032822

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 29, 2022 12:00 am

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Donate a listen to the podcast WR over it were to be playing a clip and and started right with the .0 Andrew Weir Jericho. Actually, Jack Maxey, who's going to be on within vendor still and this is about. He has these headhunter Bidens laptop. He said that the hard drives and everything on their course. Nowadays, everybody's got a copy of it with them anyhow he's going to be telling you about some of what is on there now. I saw some of the pictures that they took off that laptop and I'm not talking about Hunter Biden being in bed with a bunch of young Chinese teenagers naked, but them anyhow. One of the worst that we have actually I have an article here and it's got a picture of Joe Biden and he's got his his hands on the face of a little boy was lays about four or five years old little kids got the strangest look of the face and Bidens trying to kiss that little boy in the lips and these girls are standing there looking like what's this all about, but anyhow we generally hear a lot was on this this laptop.

You're not supposed to hear union not supposed to notice no. Remember remember how all of the echo chamber was on NBC, ABC, CBS, it also all saying that this laptop. There was nothing to it. There was the laptop that this was something from start all of this, they lied they lied they lied and they lied and that's what they do really well. His life anyhow so really go ahead and play this folk solicitors you will you will not hear this on any of the fake news media go ahead and take away okay for an explosive interview right now, Jack Maxey, cohost of the war room with Steve Bannon all of Hunter Biden laptop from hell story.

I Japanese close where you are, in general terms right now. Yes I am in the wonderful nation of Switzerland country values liberal ideals of democracy and openness. It's perhaps the only place on planet Earth where I feel safe and that I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to the Swiss people for being so brave and upholding the ideals that they're famous for. Wow. That's good news to hear that that's a great news to hear because that is not like it is coming out human element. A story since October 2020 when you receive this laptop from Rudy Giuliani and Rudy had also given it. The Maryland state police fallout for you and Rudy and of course the computer store owner who recovered this laptop that was dropped off repair I had your life and upside down since that's not even screaming at the top of the mountain. Nobody's been listening. I would say that yes my life is upside down. But it's well worth it because fighting to save our wonderful country and potentially the West and exposing the criminal global conspiracy between our elite, our intelligence agencies and the communist Chinese is something that everybody needs to hear about. So my III.

I feel honored that I'm able to do this. Yes, it's uncomfortable, but somebody has to do it well you are doing a little bit on Bannon's war.

Remember, that's where I first heard about the story that this is bigger talk about Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, on the fallout of the political elite and the words the cabal the people of been basically running the puppet strings for quite some time. Their corruption complements of the Hunter Biden laptop from hell up you will summarize what the most egregious content you found on here how would you triage this terms of the worst 200 is better… However, there are numerous national security violations that we found today which are horrifying which I cannot explain because their national security-related.

I have contacted the Embassy in Bern already planned to go and see them and bring them the evidence we came here to do a forensic walk-through through laptop and we assumed it. The original forensic analysis from Merryman and Associates were hired by the daily Mail in March of last year after I flew them a copy and for everyone out there listening every single thing I've done is been on my own time, or that my elderly parents who love this country and so Merryman Associates looked at it and we thought okay there's 128,000 emails and 27,000 pictures now is largely what I found.

But now, as we've taken the thing apart.

We have found double that number of emails quadruple that number of photographs documents that she thought he had deleted thousands of pictures that he thought he had deleted numerous other things for the bad actors out there. We've already distributed this information. Everything is can end this week. I've told many people that I was to put it all up online and days and unfortunately now we realize that there are another hundred and 1000 and 30,000 emails that no one even knew about to let everybody know how bad it is.

I have hundred percent clear hundred percent in writing, evidence that met the biota. You've heard me speak about this matter. Biota is inside Ukraine working in those labs is a DoD contractor in writing, and just 15 minutes ago we found documents to make it appear as if still Chesky the crooked criminal chairman of the recent is actually one of the largest shareholders of meta biota and now America in the world can understand exactly why Joe Biden had to go over there and make sure the chill Chesky was never prosecuted price all their this is the most horrifying things I've ever seen. And on top of that, the national security violations that we we found are things that made me weep. To think that people would betray this country at that level and I am in the responsible fashion.

It is not making my job easier, but I called the embassy this afternoon and I'm seeking a meeting there with a regional security Dir. Other people are already in the loop. I got advice from a very brave Americans as to what I should do but I can assure your audience that everything comes down everything and I want to see dozens of intelligence agents, FBI people inside the Department of Defense inside our health services. Yes, we were running labs inside Ukraine. Yes, meta biota was in those labs yes sold Chesky, the chairman of Paris Summit is one of the largest shareholders of this company. It also looks like getting sold Chesky a little cut in the grifter on meta biota when the Intel agencies are running a company you get 5X and he got it and so did a lot of other people. This is the most criminal thing I've ever seen in my life here.

This world is on the verge of World War III and even my worst assumptions are all being shown to be not enough. We have been betrayed like nobody can imagine. And I'm gonna tell you this is 100% why Joe Biden had to go get that prosecutor fired as 100% why Joe Biden had become president because these guys violated the findings in the 2005 weapons of mass destruction document that was provided to the present United States that was going to provide a blueprint for how to deal with everything from chemical, nuclear and biological, and it was going to be done in a way that would have allowed for oversight by our elected leaders. I can tell everybody there's not a single member of that Senate or House who should be reelected if somebody can advise me on one brave man or woman in that house. Please do… Seems to be somewhat of the conclusion I believe a lot of Americans are coming to at this time for a variety of reasons, even without knowing what's going on inside out laptop mesh that you're sitting on jackets. It's it's really direct where our country is right now so I echo everything that you're saying black beach is another company despite meta biota here and there in the documents as will yeah you know, and I told you everything is moving very fast. We just recovered well over 100,000 emails, 80,000 photographs it.

We haven't even begun digging into this thing.

Whatever Merryman Associates said was on this thing last March. They obviously did and earn their money because myself and a few other brave Americans who are not getting a dime. Did and this people we have to take back this country.

There's not a single elected leader that I can see in Washington DC deserves her job. The intelligence agencies likely need to be run over with D4 bulldozers. I even know where we began it so broken. Department of Defense was the one running meta biota so Crooked is there is there clear wire transfers money going directly from the Pentagon to meta biota to blacken beach and funding.

These labs are late you know I ever do that again. There's why I haven't barely gotten that far. But you know you got Cofer Black working up recent and no yelling at the chill Chesky is the largest shareholder in this company that I've been describing, as a dark operation from US intelligence and USL services since last summer. We now have dozens of documents proving that in writing everybody up recently knows about it. Correspondence with the recent executives talking about our secret biological projects in Ukraine. So let's let's tie all this together again. Unfortunately the American taxpayer is still used in courseware scandal. Worst handle fatigue to rightly go back in time to the Iran Contra scariest you know and even before then. It's always something happening. I would just rub people in government well really it's not the same group of people are constantly engaged same activities to cycle and call it something else fast and furious or whatever this all ties together we look at what happened in Afghanistan so can you tie together based on what you now read this laptop, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and any other scandal impeding the track of the mood when I dramatically look at every Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, every last one Tom cotton you betrayed your oath to soldier. You are not worthy of your uniform. You're not worthy of the respect of any man would have to serve under you or have your leadership happiness laptop since when I lost your idea Jackie went on you by accident thing. I got your back your back your back when it went to town center cut have a copy of the laptop. I get delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 8. That's Graham Grassley cotton Blackburn sass Tillis Kennedy Lee all these big heroes of our party. These people should be kicked out of their country clubs when were done with this. Their pension should be removed. People we have been betrayed like nobody can imagine that you want to understand Kazakhstan and how I busted Grassley and Johnson and their big mouth and Howard do something after the next election.

Yet we do have the next election, because I'd rather elect the mechanic at that corner than any of you.

Both parties so I give it to them on July 8 I wrote a very, very clear letter. I told them that many people were putting their lives at risk for this.

They didn't even give me the courtesy of a phone call back. There's evidence all over this computer that Hunter was grooming and abusing his 12-year-old niece. There are thousands of pictures of young girls.

We finally decided to stop looking at the pictures because I am certain working to find things that are to require me to take this to the police station here in Switzerland.

These are the most awful people I've ever come across in my entire life and I know that I'm angry and I'm running hot, but the American people a better run hot as we are to lose our Republic, in less we fight back full body and I'm not talking Democrats are some done with the party system. The only three letters that matter to me now. Are you S a.

All of these people every last one of them can be replaced if you want proof just drive by Arlington because those sons of guns and guns is not a fair description, but those ESOPs drive by it every day and betray our vaunted debt.

I'm not can it do that in their other brave Americans were not can it do that okay I'm sick and tired of all these people talking about hello Maxi hasn't done enough. There's Tori and little Garrett they're going down to because they were working with the people try to cover it up and I will prove every single thing so I want to interject here. I Tori was that health and freedom conference couple of weeks ago and that she walked on stage thing she had Hunter Biden laptop on my house you got it right in the lecture Marco Mike's remarkable who is all over the city's office and Rudy's office and Steve Farley kicked them out of our offices were like what is this clown show doing in here looking at her documents. I will say this right now.

I would guess that lecture Marco is working for the feds's got his own problems with the maybes try to cover up and fix things for himself much.

Marco told me he called me and they try to set me up several times called me last May or April. I guess it was because I talked to Bernie Kerrick about it and he said he Jack got his friends got the laptop and she's been hacking into Hunter Pines cloud and bank accounts. You should see the stuff that she has found my response. Whoever that woman or person is they need at the FBI kicking the door and right now because they're violating federal law. I write an any of that.

I've been a student in following the law and trying to be an honorable person and I said Mike furthermore how to get one because I gave it sort I should really like.

How'd you get one while I know that one went missing from Rudy early early on. Mike probably stolen. In fact, I'll say Mike stolen and he gave it to tort so Gary given the guarantor night with you now. Ziegler got his laptop.

I'm just unclear because I want to throw everybody under the wheels. Ziegler came to me in early December told me that he was going to give it to the director of national tells us the only reason I know this punk kid with her with a crew cut and eight in a Midwestern can-do BS attitude is because he was the errand boy for Peter Navarro so I trusted him and I thought okay if the director of national intelligence gets his hands on this in early December. Maybe something happened. He never gave it to the director of intelligence, he can have it all he wants at that half-dozen witnesses who will testify to the fact that contemporaneously. I told them so he can him and haul all he wants these people are bad, bad that people and we have been betrayed his Navarro awareness at this point you nobody calls me back anymore and they're all making money on fixing the election or writing books right your talk about Miranda Devine's book let's talk about what's not in Miranda Devine's book that's the most important part about Miranda's Devine's book. Finally, actually, anything in her book.

It was not revealed to me earlier on twitter or elsewhere so I it's enough time has to end. Real men and women have taken over. Okay were not stooges were not afraid of you. FBI agents and CIA agents and whoever else. And if we have to fashion the Constitution as I told the committee on the present danger last Friday. You wonder why everything flew up this past week because I told everyone where I was going. I told them I'm going to Switzerland with a team of forensic experts to sort this all out and make it available for global law enforcement because guess what every sheriff in America's running for office and they can go arrest these criminals. We don't need the feds.

This is a learning moment for the American people to realize that the 10th amendment trumps all these people type kit everyone to the state line boat constitutional sheriff and no one else while I'm actually iPod Program tomorrow morning so I'll be certain to bring the stop question. With everything going on in Ukraine.

I was a Col. McGregor I Gen. send forwarded me an interview said, you really should listen this is really what's going on.

I've had aunt there is a lot of people are starting to getting behind the stare.

The truth is really running a clean operation of every calling. He's calling it a special elegant connections ever in Belarus running special operations right now on cleaning up Ukraine going aptly as Abba Tiant going in, and what I'm hearing from certain peoples are going down and rescuing children have seen images of videos of Russian soldiers coming out of basements holding little kids with brand-new stuffed animals. I daresay this kids had brand-new stuffed animals that were delivered to the right before they were retrieved so that means that is prudent to play a role in any of this in terms of the information is laptop and helping perhaps bring charges true charges of crimes against humanity into the World Ct. in The Hague.

At some point in the future because clearly our judicial system here is broken, Jack. And you're talking about an interesting meeting sheriff's do the cleanup on aisle email 44 and 46 right now. So… Is corrupted from top to bottom… Go through your leadership okay Mike Pompeo and your billboard right Mike Pompeo Lee, CIA, and he goes to the State Department and Bill bar and Mike Pompeo both recommended Mike Pompeo get replaced by Gina Haskell China Haskell used to be station chief in London while they were running the opposition program against then candidate Pres. Trump cracked so obviously Pompeo and Barr are either bad actors were so incompetent that they should never see high office ever again right people.

One of the reasons that Biden has to be elected is okay member I saying we got problems in Ukraine for months and if so what would you have some biological labs with other not that nonsense.

I don't know what they are but I do know that there operating without the oversight of the Senate or the Congress.

Not that those guys would even consider getting sideways with these characters.

You why because I guess they've all got some little problem in their background. There's not a thing I've ever done in my life that I couldn't share with my mother so start electing people with integrity people secrets in the background kicked them all to the curb. Okay silk bring it back to put it sienna play a role in any of this is he gonna take an interest in what you found little figures will virtual likely every adversary on planet Earth already has what I have on range LULAC things every every other week. Okay now it was never my intention never my intention but I'm sad to say, and it makes me feel ashamed. As an American. It took an oath. This is all going to vindicate prudent probably to how sick is that well and if he's really not trying to going all right with you just stop right there. Jim one of the things I have to say and you know I agree with most of what he says would he doesn't understand what he says is not one of their people. I Jim Jordan, like Josh Holly and others out there that have that have taken what they ended. They've taken a strong jillion of Jim Jordan's bold as a lion but what's happening is they know we don't have a Justice Department they know if they if they managed to bring some of these people to get them in their that they don't have it we don't have enough PI we do. We don't become his party has what we don't, or Justice Department to bring them to justice through Sutherland Jordan's smart note not to commit political suicide not to destroy any chance he has of doing good. Some of the others like Lori over there several drug Holly is worth more people thing they know the evil in fact, I've got an article of medicine Copthorne is a Republican or young fellow North Carolina Republican and was talking about the elite invited him to the orgies did cocaine in front of is a freshman congressman youngest member Congress and he has aggravated the dams and Republicans alike is a real stage trumps order and he came out and said that they got up there and people just shocked him most invitations to things that they never believed to be asked to drugs and sex. The use didn't give any names, but he said the some of the people who are leading the movement to try and remove addiction in our country have done to keep opals cocaine right in front of them that the they've invited him to like swinger parties orgies, and he was sick at what he found going to DC, so will the morals there currently very very low and the visitor was just amazing out as a sin was originally done at slow load time with her when you heard of a congressman coming out and saying the just got there found out our horrible place was.

I've never heard another Junior congressman speak up like this.

Well yeah and you having you here tomorrow because we're going to be sending now is if in fact we we have elections in November.

We have our will and may midterm mentor you know and then November because they're going to do everything they think they cannot the Democrats cannot cannot afford an honest and open election.

No and if they didn't have to do something.

But they know know everybody's watching everybody's on to a number of states have passed legislation so for what was at the state of O Alaska now lay there all their role in for election fraud. They've lived there only going to have voting by valid mail in and so I mean that's it so that you already know where yeah that's a giveaway that this is going to be nothing but election fraud there also.

But here's the thing, he made a very good point where we cannot. We no longer have a judicial system is broken. Nikki Requested cannot be a we saw what happened on January 6 we saw what happened when they all stood down all of the courts the judges they all stood down they were. They were told you that I have asked a file and burn load murder on your doorstep and don't hear the cases don't hear any of that in the election fraud cases don't hero because like you said. So they were intimidated date they betrayed the American people. Our judicial system really betrays us.

I mean they really really betrayed the American people, and then again so we're seeing this right know you got a I just had an article here where you have a a Clinton bought and paid for federal prostitute of Clinton appointed judge rules trouble more likely than not committing crimes. When he attempted to obstruct Congress a January 6.

That's what it is what a Clinton bought and paid for federal prostitute. Okay, his dress was just black instead of the and so here it would say that soon so we can we can't trust we no longer have a judicial system that we can trust that will change if we because if we get these people back in Congress. We take the Congress over again of people I Jim Jordan and Josh Holly and others that have been who have been fighting the good fight but knowing that they had the delay was run like Trump was there going to be this time there's going to be a big change as they get into Congress, and not only that attorney when you're up to your belt buckle and alligator hard to remember that the original original intent was to drain the swamp. Yeah well here it is things going back to the County Sheriff's there has been a big move by a number of County Sheriff's I know what I I spoke to 250 on the Liberty University couple and their personal hero yeah and we got one right here in the you know these these these people are Cedillo enough is enough.

We want our country back and they're willing to stay in the fight and that's the way we have to do it because we don't have an FBI we don't have a CI they've turned against the American people. They've lost all credibility legitimacy in the and of course we do not have a Justice Department Eric Garland is. It is a dirty cop. That means I let out that there are not very good. It got an exclusive story here from the London daily Mail well tell you what were up against the brick J got to that will and will hear it right after this dictate take away Andrew Fields Osler is the mind paying in June when King Jesus is been resident made a teen genius in his role as evidence for when not never make a there you go, blessed by you or that guy considering telling anyhow were back.

It's like utility turned in no. Keep trying. I get a faster if you anyhow will let me say go ahead and tell us about that article. I think Littleton phone lines take some called now the business community and political community. New York, there's been a case going on the Sir Lawrence sex cold case. The US attorney's office last Thursday accidentally published the list for client of this girl and she was forced into prostitution here.

We've been talking about that how many you know pedophiles and processes. A lot of this is for season women are kidnapped and forced to do these things and they came up with 2221 names and boy when they found out it was pulled down but this post be under seal, lawyers, businessman, socialite people from the transit authority account executive Amazon New York State report they put out an email admitting the file was shared in error, please do not reproduce here use this it all blah blah blah. With this you the victim, Claudia Drury told jurors how she was forced into prostitution by this sex cult leader and he's been charged with trafficking, extortion, money laundering, crime, racketeering, you name it and this was run out of the St. Lawrence College. There is just a story like this after story of former Maine gubernatorial candidate prominent Democrat donor rested on child porn charges. Elwood Cutler was arrested by the Maine State police and the position of sexually explicit material of minors. This guy had twice run for governor. Worked with Sen. Muskie, former Pres. Jimmy Carter used his wealth to run phrase governor elections. Blah blah blah.

And now there making the different members of the Democratic Party you gave money to fight in an Obama and the Democratic Party is now urging them to give back all of the funds he donated receipt of sex and corruption yeah Joe, you know, I can open the phone lines of learned no open at 888-677-9673. That's 888-677-9673 no. One of things it to. We know that the Democratic kindness party is is filled with pedophiles and those that are involved in chiming in this.

It is filled in. I know that there some of the reasons that some of those that have left the Democratic Party.

They've left her for that reason, that's the main reason they've left and said in a week. We can't that's crossing the line as far as we're concerned… But in this is filled and there's a whole lot of that stuff on Biden's computer and you be surprised how many of those people not only in the Congress. But in the intelligence agencies that are involved with this stuff. Okay there was more that they didn't get to it effectively taken down and the pictures for the story coming already.

Right phone lines are open. Randy Randy, let's go to Bliss go to Jack hey Jack I through the Cuban crisis 13 at the time and I can say that this situation in my opinion is far worse than the Cuban missile crisis to be right about that, like every day. The threat of World War III nuclear war. I mean if you think about what we've been through in the last two years with the pandemic and anarchy in the street. Inflation level of the ordinary citizen has to be very high and I would imagine there's a lot of generals in the military. That is, wondering what the hell is non-because Joe Biden has not ordered the Devcon to the Russian have been on high alert for high nuclear alert that there Devcon to for over a month and that means they're ready to go on the ready to launch.

They only need the order from Putin and we are still sitting that Devcon three now a lot of our asset or sent out without nukes so there's no accident. A lot of the players bombers, aircraft carriers are not armed with nuclear weapons if you go to Devcon to have to do a lot of these weapons are in storage warhead. You have to get amount of storage you have to mount them on missile and you have to load them on your outfit that hasn't been done to my information is that the nuclear Marine are always loaded with nuclear tipped missiles, but that's about it and I don't know if this Biden is setting us up to take a fall, and know we've talked about in the past about the possibility you could just surrender my studies.

There's nothing to prevent the military from putting the president in his capacity as commander-in-chief court-martial, which of course would have to be followed by a coup, but I can tell you my opinion, we can't take three more years of Biden. No doubt America will not survive three more years of Biden.

Now the quick quickest way would be a military coup d'état, but I don't know the full. I don't know how the military is I like that idea of being named because the house that would make him third in line, but you know I think the Republicans have to be careful about counting the chickens before they hatch because the Democrats are so crooked be either bring another election in 10 months for some type of state of emergency or marsh that's that's more there. That's the more likely thing for him to declare martial law some reason to to stop the elections because he had your you're right they cannot win the fear and let election again. You'll hear you we talk about that when he lives to I live through that.

In fact, I remember one day there were a bunch of us guys and we were just sitting around with Stockton was get no we got couple of little pies and a Coke. Back in those days you didn't have to be less way to drink a Coke but any help in one of the guys that we were all talking and everything and all of a sudden one of the guys had a nervous breakdown. I mean, he just had a nervous breakdown and he started screaming at us say don't you realize that we could be a nuclear war at any time, go to and realizing I had no idea that there that's when that that was taking place. I gotta move on.

But thanks for: let's go to what we have. Next, George earned their own know you're in the article had a real pass before we get connected or something like searching through Friday of the day, I went name of the guy Jack something going in Switzerland. You played the way that X are you that this that that that's Jack Maxey, Jack Maxey Maxey MA X EY here may ask you why you and working to find out about it will go listen to that in then you're still he's he's hiding there ins in Switzerland he sees yeah but as a leader can't find out about this or well you would try to contact him. He could be adopted. You can do that because this guy unite as a trust anybody having he will yeah yeah yeah yeah you protect himself well yeah tell you what you do, try to, then vendor.

Still, she has the program and laughing VA and PAN DER ER steel STEL yeah maybe you can contact with her. Yeah. Okay. Can no no no and and and and a and in and okay great okay thanks I gotta move on when we have next click Claudia here in the air.

Now I want to thank you for I am a good report and I called Dan about Amber probably could make in my head, many with it. I think you even had my debonair and feminine back and they didn't give him any help, but he made it home and home now. When entering into rehab and that it was a rarity that he made one of the lucky ones. But we know that prayer and it would God and we thank him for his grace and thank you for praying for him will you.

You are welcome, and this will lead to green leaves in prayer power of prayer, totally, totally believe time again miracles happen when we pray, amen. Thank you program every night already got bless the Lord, Robert, you're in the air… I know God on the program.

There's there's two or three of whom are you talking about the lady yet. Happily, that's when it's Wendy Wilson and she is she is tops.

She is really good.

I'm happy to contact with her so well you can you can call her at 268-662-2936 866-229-3663 or earth on Internet go to the power the data already thinking about you.

Have a great program you will thank you very much okay already.

Could we have next week. Steve here and there a picture of the nights like this is what you use to some on real quick Democrats kind of basically electric vehicles, greenhouse gases, and all its fountain and don't control if you don't want to bring basically the one thing that got gave us that we use every day. We believe in what we can't see what you think that is somewhat significant leaders every day which Cassie and I would live in my face like my prayers. What would his applicant's ticket when you think that you are if you're not talking spiritually is a natural gas probably will you close take a deeper yeah there because we feel like we see. We believe in it. We know it's there. We can't see it. Everything in a nutshell, and we Biden Quicken software in the gotta coming White House come back and do all the stuff is doing on this is if Minnesota I'm sorry with him. He could fix Wisconsin, Michigan, in Arizona I'm sorry Wisconsin Georgia Arizona. Those three were able to take back of the envelope so whatever would be 260 9269 there would leave off Nevada in Las Vegas.

If he won Las Vegas was 45,000 votes where Pennsylvania Pennsylvanians when the cushion that was the big one, but no I my guess is crop probably one the one that election by probably well over a million votes while in his else it would be about 80 million to 65 million equity came up with them that showed.

It shows somebody potent brother and sister. They didn't suffer with an almost 24 hours where you have a week with respect 25 million so brother and sister showed quick voting for our tropical critics group came up fighting the same time next week there was a Unit made about four or five copies so one focus mostly for Trump, five votes for Biden to change closer to social. I mean this was talk so much to talk about her so much going on but you don't want to know is in your way ahead. Everybody we kick if I thought you saw that what you guys are not I will call Vikings from our discussion just paramount to stick to fix just disappear tomorrow and maybe Trenton. Whatever the military can take over. I don't know peacefully you know if we could just convince you know the people in this country really. I made it. We could convince half the people in this country just to pray just the one they like second Chronicles 714 God would would probably remove him and restore our country. We had said it would a fully replete tent of their days are going yeah so anyhow that's what we got in reputed already. Thanks Joe figure already got bless Jill you got about four minutes. I did it last week. So this is your turn this week. Tell the folks remember what we said. How to avoid being left behind and what to do if you are so telephone so they can avoid being left behind will read a little bit of a him called rescue the perishing, and this is what were called to rescue the perishing, care for the dying, snaps them and pity sin in the grave way for the erring one lift up the fallen one. Tell them is Jesus mighty to save and it goes on talking about how their sliding him, but he still waiting, waiting for the child dependent child played with them played with them. He will forgive. Jesus will forgive us. They only believe in the song goes on how important to rescue these that are perishing, getting ready to die forever to suffer the torment of hell. The Lord is there to save all those who will in all listed and realized that he went to the cross of Calvary.

He went there to die for the sins of the world for those who would receive him. He took upon his similar spotless soul the sins of the world, all the mayhem the lies and deceit. The rate of murders. The ugliness everything you can imagine, similar spotless soul and he paid the penalty because God says the wages of sin and death. Now there's only two things in this world were certain of.

They say death and taxes that we know there is but there's two parts to that you could either give the given eternal life or you can go to hell. Scripture is quite plain there's only two choices. You can go to heaven and be with Jesus. Go to hell and suffer eternal damnation. That's penalty when Christ went to the cross. My sins must of been like this giant folder upon him but he paid the price set me free.

What I have to do to receive his forgiveness, his mercy. I had to call upon the father. I do pray to the father and confess that I was a sinner, a horrible center and I need a Savior that I wanted my I was sorry for my sins and I picked forgiveness and after doing that. I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life that I would give myself to him that I wanted him to be Lord of my life all my life, not just a part of it all my life and that I wanted to serve him and obey him, and then you ask the he send you the Holy Spirit should be given the Holy Spirit of God, Jesus, that I've been the father. The father in me and I am his. You are his words the Lord through the power of the Holy Spirit Christ dwell in you also. And once that happens, you have become. This form of been getting believer you have become a new creature new creation child of the kingdom, a joint heir with Jesus and ever lasting life syndicate. All of this is true repentance being sorry, truly sorry that your sins put Christ upon the cross and when you go to him.

Scripture is very plaintiff said when you call upon the name of the Lord that he will hear and all and he will listen. Scripture tells you to repentance and be converted, that your sins are blotted out. Scripture says that the dental you call upon the name of the Lord that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Romans 10 nine and liver social confess that Jesus is the son of God.well him and he and God. First John 415.

The greatest history could ever make. You have to make it for yourself. Amen. That's the that would be that's the most important thing anyone of us can ever do this deal and thing in life.

Already we are out of time for tonight so as we do every night we come to this time, a weekly save that last message this list and we want you to hear right good night God bless I always always came fighting the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry.

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