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Do You support the Second Amendment?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 28, 2022 5:00 am

Do You support the Second Amendment?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 28, 2022 5:00 am

Mike Hill joins Chris Hughes to talk about Red Flag Laws and the constitutionality of passing Red Flag Laws.


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Here is the founder and chairman of the citizen for America foundation, Dr. Chris one thing right now there like the Second Amendment always looming out there is always something going on with the Second Amendment and we have to be watching and be big all the keep up work going on with our right to protect ourselves and your protection laws are today will be talking about the commitment would come out of the color red flag laws might not know what that isn't about confiscating weapons and the ability to purchase weapons in the future, and so many other things they want to stick around.

This can be a great show I were walking the Christian perspective today. Yeah, this is the show will we get into the issues of the day. We talk about what's going on in the culture social issues the world.

The church is so much the other any other thing. We encourage people to learn what the Bible says all these issues then take that knowledge is quickly engaged in the arena of public policy and politics.

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If you like the barbecue like me that would be a great WI Kevin going to Memphis to get to go to school get barbecue out that we close Graceland where Elvis was but more importantly they teach the word of God. There they help you develop a biblical worldview. There's no CRT critical race theory or any other mass infiltrating colleges and seminaries across the country course if you maybe already have a four year degree you want to take a deeper dive in God's word. Maybe your think about going into ministry. But you don't have to go to seminary error go to ministry for your seminary Mid-America Baptist theological seminary is a great school.

Check them out 8M a MA, which stands for Mid-America Baptist theological seminary court so I think our prime sponsor citizens for America citizens for America foundation is an educational organization dedicated to training and Christians learn what the Bible says to develop a biblical worldview will have a worldview worldview is basically the lens through which we see the world and is Christian that lends needs to be the Bible April 30 Mike yesterday to be one of the speakers of this event. Citizens were America's having is called the 2020 culture engagement Summit and is gonna be in Memphis Tennessee on April 30. You can learn more citizens for America that citizens for America Speakers will include not only my guess my kilt today, but former Congressman Mark Meadows, who was Chief of Staff the president from strong Christian man I know you guess will be America's pastor Dr. Robert Jeffers.

If you have heard of wall builders in and a and what's his ministry called the patriot patriot Academy work with humans that were green for the patriot Academy will be with his senator Marsha Blackburn so many others.

About 30 speakers is to be a great one day event. We can come and see a lot of leaders not only the Christian world. But in the world policy and politics.

Tickets start at only $15 and include lunch so it can be a great day and I hope you will join us at at the culture engagement Summit again.

You can learn as I said Mike yesterday, a former state representative Mike Ewell from Florida is every one of our speakers today. Mike attracts issues for set the citizens, former keeps abreast of what's going on in state and national legislation across the country.

Mike it's always an honor to have you. Thank you for being on the Christian perspective today. Oh, Chris is my honor to be here. I'm so looking forward to that conference because what that conference will do is make sure that the church is engaged in our culture and we must be we cannot abdicate that responsibility for my GE said a mouthful there so many Christians. For some reason or avoiding addressing the issues in our culture and so much is changing Mike I mean if you feel shy like Mia is a shot you though it hasn't shocked me. Chris made it disappointed me greatly but we are seeing the birth pangs of the end times Christians who are aware are noticing what's happening around the world that is pointing towards the soon return of Jesus Christ we have the of the New World order which is pointing towards a one world government, including one world currency report seen it right before our eyes, and utterly amazing.

Chris you know as Christians, we are hopeful when we we look forward to the returning of our Lord but also as Christians who no that is going to be a terrible day. The Lord Jesus comes in the churches is rapture is taking out of the earth is going to be horrible here on earth. You do not want to be here during that time it will be a time of great simulation in the Bible tells us that those seven years had not been shortened that no one would survive. No one would be alive. So God in his mercy even shortens those days are given the opportunity during those seven years of tribulation for people to come to know him as their Savior. In particular of the Jewish nation so Chris, we are seeing right before our very eyes.

Things that are happening which are showing pointing towards is one world government was the Bible tells us will be employees before or as Jesus makes it soon return yeah Mike I was I was reading a few of those you're listening if you're interested in that property over 1/3 of the Bible talks about it, but specifically, I encourage you to read the book of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation is other places as well.

In Jesus even talks about his return and in the Bible tells us like like you said that there be famines, will we cut we don't realize the United States but there were spammers the world today than probably any other time in history. People talk about climate change less than a surprise to God. God, that there will be signs in the sky and the weather patterns and you recently there was a tsunami and earthquake over a thank you Japan were just to see more more of that in then you 50 or 60 years ago people didn't think there were ever be any diseases that we couldn't cure. As a society because we think were so smart now with AIDS came which is in your hear much about aging work is not politically correct but there is no cure for AIDS and then Covidien and so these are all things that God said in or through COBIT like we really see the rushing of the fulfillment of end time prophecy is churches were close like you said, I think were very close to having a one world currency when I hear about bitcoin and these other cyber currencies. I wonder you know if that house going to be and it certainly how they can control playing but today what were going to talk about an issue that is an ongoing controversy in our country and people like it might not be a Christian issue which was usually really every issue here, God put us when God created man, he created us in his image and to be over control and dominion over this earth and in gun control certainly an issue in our country. Mike and it never really goes away, and some things are happening right now in Florida before we jump into that what what I have. If you don't mind can you tell us a little bit about what the second amendment is probably people might hear that they might wonder what an amendment to well is amendment to the Constitution. Mike and you just can't let our listeners know what that is and what it means to us as a country. Oh, absolutely. The second amendment to our Constitution was put in place for a very specific reason, Kenneth.

Let me just read what that Second Amendment.

This is a well regulated militia, being necessary to security of a free state right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be in print out what that means is first of all we have an inalienable right, meaning a God given right that precedes even our birth and that right is to protect ourselves to defend ourselves, our families and our property and that is what the Second Amendment allows us to do that you will be able to have arms to protect yourself now here's the thing Chris it is not just to protect herself from criminal elements in our society, which are always going to be there. That Second Amendment was put there specifically to protect citizens away from protect citizens from tyrannical government be our founding fathers Saul what Tierney could do when King George tried to exert his power, his dictatorship, his kingship over our early colonies and without being able to arm yourself, you would not have they would not of been able to resist it, and so our founding fathers really did not trust government and that's why our Constitution was written where it limits the powers, the numerator of the spelled-out powers that each branch of service has, and this Second Amendment was to protect its citizens from its government, but also from criminal element and what we are seeing now is that that Second Amendment is being challenged constantly, typically by the left.

Those on the left. However, more recently, we are seeing that it is being challenged that is being infringed upon, which is going directly against what the amendments is right to bear arms shall not be infringed or seen it being infringed upon by Republican or we say this Republicans in name only, and we generally call Riley.

That's right.

And we see less provided.

Like instance of that recently. That's probably good place for us to take a break will come back. I want to ask if you questions about the Second Amendment of what you just laid out for us and then we'll get into the red lights laws and was happened in Florida just minutes.

Folks if you just sitting in my second amendment and with us about with your state need to face his you know what's going on the right more efficient respect.

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With thousands of officers, men and women. The Salvation Army ministers worldwide, providing food, clothing and shelter to those most in need. Originally named the Christian mission was begun in England by Gen. William Booth in 1865 key design uniforms and adopted a semi-military system of leadership and would conduct meetings among the poor in London's East in the slums Salvation Army was officially organized in the United States on this date, March 28, 1885 American federal transcripts All-American Limited, 1888 USA were issued yesterday Mike you'll Mike was a state representative in the state of Florida and email is getting up the legislative process for citizens for American watches what's going on for us across the country in an issue that really never goes away is read to the Second Amendment and during the first segment, Mike. You told us what the Second Amendment is a mention militia and I noticed some of the people or get the Second Amendment twisted that portion of the Second Amendment and said well it's not for regular people to have weapons that only people that are in a militia. So if you're not in a government approved militia. You should have weapons. I'm sure when you are the legislature heard those arguments with what you think about that argument might will then argument shows an ignorance of what our founding fathers intense work and you can find out what that intent was. When you read the journals of their debates as the Constitution was being formed.

It was well known at that time that any abled body man was to be a part of the that militia the state militia you were. It was assumed that you were going to be a part of that militia so that included everyone and also it shows that bedding apply just to men was for women also there were many women bought right alongside men during the Revolutionary war. They would do things like make sure the cannons did not get overheated they would pass the ammunition they would take care of the wounded and sick.

They would provide clothing for them and food so the idea that this militia was only for those who might be listening today a part of your National Guard is nonsense.

It belongs to every citizen who was able-bodied ingredients.

Yeah. So that's one argument is militia.

Another argument that as well. You maybe you could have a single shot shotgun or no low capacity to still but you certainly don't need things like an AR 15 or high-capacity magazines, but I think that argument just got blown to shreds when Russia invaded Ukraine that showed the prime example of why we need to be able to protect ourselves because people Ukraine were able to rise up against Russian invaders because they were on how you feel like they are for things and Maggie think that we should be able to have all ammunition will exactly know it is no one's business.

Tell me what I can and cannot possess. I want to go by a bazooka available to me, then I should be able to buy and not you tell me Otis too dangerous for you to have is not your business in Chris we saw this played out recently in Australia and New Zealand with this whole COBIT nonsense lockdowns where government turned on its own people, and as people were trying to protest because they wanted to go to work. They wanted to leave their home. They were not sick, they did not want to take this jab, which is not a vaccine. By the way they're calling it that, but it is not a vaccine. They did not want to be forced to take it because they were refusing to take it because they were refusing these mandates of either getting jab door wearing of math score not going, not going to work, going out to keep going shopping whatever because they were protesting that they were fired upon by the Australian government and the New Zealand government. We thought happen there to now they weren't using bullets, but they were using rubber bullets and they were teasing them and treating them shamefully putting them in concentration camps.

If you refuse to get the jab and that all happen because they were unable to protect themselves from their government because they have confiscated.

It was at 2030 years ago they confiscated all weapons from citizens in Australia and so you can't defend yourself. That's why it is so important to be able to defend yourself from the Tierney of government and why we don't see that same thing happening here in the United States because, believe you me, the Tierney that we see, now the buying regime, they would've done it if they thought they could get away with it yet is probably the only thing that kept them in check because they just kept pushing the boundaries further and further until people had enough and I think they realized there was a powder keg could potentially blow and that there could be armed conflict delayed it back up. If we had not had that your vitamin really knows what our situation would've been in the United States with the with the extreme measures that Pres. Biden was pushing for the stupid so-called back Sammy I got water yet history will tell me probably won't know and are locked, I'd sure like to know what his connection or his family connection might be to some of these pharmaceutical companies because it's basically gone unchecked.

It probably billions of dollars that have been spent giveaway fee free vaccines and free test and mandatory free test over and over again paying hospitals to lie on on on death certificates and medical treatment to say everything was covert related to giving huge bonuses. Hospitals and doctors to do that is just unreal and I don't know you know financially how our country and continues to sustain that type of stuff. Well poor or talk about gun control. You mentioned something that concerns you called a red flag law. What is a red flag law Chris a red flag law is where the government is a lap, a girl so-called extreme risk protection orders and what that does is it allows state government come in and confiscate your weapons and your ammunition based on an accusation from someone else. It could be a family member they could be law enforcement.

It could be a doctor if it could be someone in the legal profession where they have accused to being mentally unstable and a danger to yourself or society when that accusation is made. Chris is is is ridiculous that could be made by ex spouse or an ex-girlfriend wants revenge or it could be someone you know at a Thanksgiving dinner, where uncle George gets upset sparsely ill and the other family members call the police say he's crazy. You give a danger to himself and thus what the police will do is they will take that accusation and go to the judge. A judge can then issue a warrant confiscate their weapons and their ammunition based on it, accusation, even though the judge is not observed that if that person does not know anything about that person or their background, but simply based on that accusation, they can come confiscate your weapons in your ammunition and then you have to prove that you're not a threat to yourself or society to get your your weapons back your weapons and your ammunition. You have to prove another words you were guilty until proven innocent, and that you simply turns our Constitution on its head.

Risk protection orders are clearly unconstitutional. They violate the First Amendment violate the Second Amendment or in the sixth amendment heavily violate the First Amendment. If someone simply declares, I'm so mad I like I could to shoot this whole place up will because they said that now they can have their weapons they can focus away from them using these red flag laws were this rich risk protection order and then our Second Amendment rights are clearly infringed upon. When they come and confiscate your weapons and you haven't committed a crime. Yet, which goes to the fourth amendment with this due process that you must have due process of law that you are innocent until proven guilty, and in the sixth amendment was guarantees you a speedy trial and be able to face your accusers you have none of that with these red flag laws and extreme risk protection orders the mic on the lawyer I watch them on TV. They come armed and dangerous. A little bit of knowledge let me ask you this.

So as I understand her regular warrant the. The person being searched like it like if the police came to my house and they had a war I would know about it until he showed up. So in this case is the same situation where whoever is making the accusation goes before the judge. But I don't have an opportunity to defend myself at all is correct, you won't know until the police show up at your home demanding your weapon and if you were in your home that Friday could become an ugly scene and it has already Chris in many areas where the police have shown up and demand that they're going to take longer and you know you can't have it and it has turned into a shootout where it is not good at all.

And here in Florida. We have had it happened numerous times and in the worst worst county in the state of Polk County, which is supposed to be relatively conservative Beth in the central part of the state where over 3000 people have been subject to red flag law and had their weapons and ammunition taken away from them, which goes to Dylan Leonidas in one county is happening every 67 counties in the state, but that one county had over 3000, is that risk protection order has come into effect in the first came into effect in 2018. Shortly after Park with shooting when we had a conservative house and a conservative Senate so-called Senate passes and it was signed by Gov. Rick Scott into law shortly after Park when shooting. It was a bill that was not properly vetted did not go through committee came straight to the floor and was voted upon and narrowly passed but it did past come when the speaker of the house of us in the president were breathing down threats against its members that they better do it or else then the Gov. signed it into law. It was a terrible thing to do. Chris and what I see even worse about this entire situation is that they are violating their oath of office as if you like to sit on. Or I can go into it. Now we have more time to break right now were talking my feelingwell. America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is busy and indicated that American foundation. Dr. Chris were made in our nation with vigilant bargaining journey discovering the hidden and read together much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal, like and how it evolved over the government and the mental health new kind of Republic when they acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the fate of the mounting father Christian principles America to join this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise. The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network is that God would help Southern Baptist a bowl for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the reached for Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement by the Christian active today. My guess is my kill former state representative in the state of Florida were talking about the Second Amendment in different ways. The liberals are attacking the Second Amendment and trying to take away our right… This yet, but in everything from banning the number of people to be in a magazine to taxing ammunition or semi-later convert is but a popular way that has been successful in many states, including the conservative state of Florida is red flag will word the communicant confiscate your weapons and ammunition based on accusations of others. If you're listening unitless of the person or couple segment you need to get them. This may relate to the podcast later that you need to get it share with the French people need understand what's going on across his country. I have a Mike Hill just share with us the previous segment that anybody can make an accusation and then law enforcement or against district attorneys are state attorneys work might be in your state and go before a judge and ask for an order which is, like a warrant to go in and seize weapons from your house, you have no opportunity contest that you don't even know what's going on in good is coming. Think of this in a family situation where there's a nasty divorce or boyfriend girlfriend breakup you just want to cause the person Arctic you you cannot accuse them of this Mike, I'm going to tell it what I call rabbit trail you're permitted but my concern will be your law enforcement. Yes, this 10 warrant which I think on unconstitutional grounds. I mean, I don't know how much evidence they have to provide that somebody is dangers earth is literally just from somebody saying something like what would happen if they go in your house and I'm not condoning somebody committing a crime. What are they doing your house to see the gun and then they see something else illegal there like drugs or whatever it may be and they normally they could not enter your home without suspicion. What if I see something and I know your lawyers are trying to pressure you don't know, but yeah I can see a scenario were so many other things can happen when somebody gets in your house that will absolutely yes Chris. Let me give you a real life example that I am personally familiar with this happen a couple years ago, a young man was working for me in my office I own in insurance and financial services agency was working in my office, but for some reason he couldn't quite grasp a hold of our system here, how we do work that we do business. So, unbeknownst to me, though he went to a doctor and anything Dr. I seem to be having a hard time focusing and and and and just staying up on things here it is what you think is or something. Perhaps you can give me to help me focus and the doctors will let me ask you a few questions and started asking him questions. One of the questions was if you were considered hurting yourself in the sky answer yeah it will have you ever considered hurting yourself with a weapon. This guy said yeah they may correct the Baker acting meaning I didn't immediately put him in a mental institution or mental observation for 48 hours sleep, cooking and putting there and everywhere admitting him into this facility. They asked him do you currently have equipment yes they use the extreme risk protection order to go to his home and confiscate his weapon and when they went to his home. They notice that he had a shotgun and a couple handgun because they went to his home and he also have small children like for small children all under the age of five. They said that he was a risk to his family and they called the Department of children and family services to investigate taking his children away from them. Chris, this is all true it all happen and I knew I was going to be coming on your show. So I sent him a text message and said, have you gotten your weapons back yet no it's been two years and they still have his weapons when the loss is that you're supposed to have a speedy trial and have it returned back to you hasn't happened yet. When he asked the police for the weapons back they told him you need to get a lawyer so I can afford a lawyer thinkable cup. He has not got that back. That's how dangerous this whole red flag losses extreme risk protection laws are to our basic freedoms. United States that will be my question. I wonder if there were any cases where people ever gather weapons back after one. It was determined that it was a false accusation in the first place, or if they were no longer risk to themselves and and I better I mean I don't know but I would imagine Robin every medication to get the guns back call someone a news report a week or so ago I remember what the main machine was called, but Lisa confiscated guns and their son got a machine it is almost like like you live in Florida where yellow hurricanes you where can counter these guys tomorrow with three shredders and they throw limbs in an things like tree trunks and stuff and shredder and it turns it into sawdust. Basically our mulch and or the machine. I didn't know there was such a thing were police officers destroy guns using those machines. So I wonder if there's ever a case where somebody gets her gum back in your chart let him go to the doctor that made me think about.

I remember when my kids were young. Now they cannot always always go in with our kids go into a doctor's office and I know a lot of parents don't let me. I don't trust anybody with my kids, but they would have a holistic questions.

Mike and one of the questions that physicians often ask the pediatricians often ask kids if there are guns in their homes. I don't know if that was legislation is faster if you're familiar with that but none of their business, but a little kid not going to think anything of it.

I made it our home from the deep South which were Lawton dear hot stuff like that and year for the time both my kids were young you are bottom BB guns et al. them responsibly how to use them in that as I got older we would go hunting and yes oh course I would think nothing of it.

They didn't see it wrong to have a got a house that flags are houses. Somebody you know I don't know figures in a federal database or what doctors did with that but now somebody would know you, whether or not we had weapons of ex-wife so important to pass, was called constitutional theory law. In other words, you don't have to pay the government to obtain a concealed carry weapon that it that in of itself is an infringement on the Second Amendment. I should have to pay the government in order to conceal carry my weapon but whenever you purchase a weapon, it is registered and I know many gun rights organizations thought that for years, but it is already law in several states.

So all law enforcement needs to do is go to that database. They know how many weapons you have purchased me know what kind you have purchased Sony computer house and they say okay we know you have these three are these four weapons and if you don't just willingly give it to them they can ransack your house buying them until they do find them if they're in your house from up-and-coming interior house apart. It really is a travesty and goes against our Constitution and what it also goes against Chris is the, the legislatures who have voted this and made it law. The governor who signed it into law is a direct violation of their oath of office and Chris I know you were an elected official usage and oath of office. I too was in a state representative said oath of office or military faith in the hope of office and let me read to you what the US state and house of representatives what their oath of office this is. I do solemnly swear or affirm that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same but I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion allowing rule that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the old of office on which I am about to enter. So help me God is a very solemn oath that is taken and people don't understand what that oath means even when they are saying it because they think it simply is between themselves and the official administering the oath, it is that what is much more faith. Some even go as far as the thinking was between them and their constituents, which it does, but it goes further than that. Chris that oath of office is also between you and the living God, you are promising God that you will support, protect and defend that Constitution that the Constitution says the right to bear arms shall not be infringed, and you violated that amendment. You just violated your oh yeah Delta shall not be infringed if if so, make inoculation against you or or if you have mental issues that strike you.

Having committed a crime yet and and what they want to be called a risk protection order. It is to protect you from the risk of potentially committing a crime. That's nonsense. This by giving you a ticket when you first getting your carving. This is what you just might speed so so so were going to do ticket now. Or better yet, we want take your car keys from because you just might speed know that road and you might hurt somebody that that's how ridiculous it is no Chris going back to that oath of office in order to occupy a seat and elective feet. Two things have to take place one you have to win more votes than your opponent number two you have to say that oath of office. Now if either one of those do not occur. You don't win more votes know you cannot occupy the seat and if you do not see that oath of office. You cannot occupy the seat.

Now if you violate your oath of office in my mind. You have just now become illegitimate because your oath of office you have violated. It doesn't mean anything to you so you should no longer be able to occupy that seat. I think if we held elected officials to that standard. Every time they violate their oath of office. Every time they went against the Constitution of the United States. They took some extra some vote that violates our Constitution my mind to become illegitimate should be removed from office in a special election should take place to replace the great love to get her break both of your listening today. My skill is my guess Mike is talking about all how liberals not just within the party will make a move on the light bill stick around long organization or individual life can be difficult as social media, graphics cards give us a call today at 704984242 connect with the design on social crowded with viewpoints of voice condition after a seven.

I believe this financial problem. Only one voice matters God's at the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary. We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview, online or on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped to like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe' and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget the coffee you love or causes you care about time creating a family is not there relationship is not rain sharing is in line enjoy the United States of America has a strong Christian heritage, most Americans don't know the truly important role in God and the Bible is indicated and found American foundation Dr. Chris were made in our nation will embark on a journey discovering the hidden much of America's Christian heritage up close and personal how to blog about the government and the mental health new kind of Republic acknowledge the creator of the truth about the creation of the fate of the mounting father Christian principles join the Christian perspective is perceived, my guest today is Mike Hill and Mike had a fascinating conversation about red flag will you is a first for the show to be released on might get out later today you will be sure to get the show to share with others and understand what a with flag law is basically anybody can accuse you of being mentally unstable, or threat yourself and others does not have to be really any proof and then law enforcement can obtain a warrant in seizure weapons and you will probably never see them again.

Mike you were talking about constitutional oath of office and how legislators and governors, even in others to either support or vote for the laws to be in violation of their oath of office Yahwist in their thinking. When you were talking about that I would be willing to bet and I don't think this is a stretch, probably more, and is probably much more than this, more than 90% of elected officials who take that oath of office, never even read the Constitution might be willing to bet that that they don't even know what it says because they don't bother. No doubt Chris you are absolutely right, and if they did read it. The last time it was in the eighth grade in their civics class and late probably barely pastor civics exam at the time. In fact, I was at a meeting once here where recently elected state official attended the meeting with the John Birch Society meeting and one of the members*elected official. Have you read the Constitution and she replied not all of it and he said willingly took an oath to protect and defend it. Don't you think you should know it. She got up and left the meeting so you are all Valley right Chris.

There are so many who do not even know the Constitution says, who said that oath of office frivolously. They do not even interlink yeah it is because they is a quick read Mike and in and so there's two ways and when you're done about that a legislator many readers they composition as well.

That's right absolutely crisp and so you know what we have now is US Congressman and Senators who want to push this risk protection order nationally to do it on a federal level and this is lately introduces legislation's US senators, Marco Rubio, who first introduced this way back in 2018 that we springing up for it again similar Jack Reed, a Democrat of Rhode Island, Angus King, independent out of Maine and Sen. Rick Scott Republican out of Florida.

So two of them coming from Florida want to make this a national idleness risk protection order, it would dedicate US Department of Justice funds to incentivize states to adopt risk protection orders. So right now these risk protection orders are in 19 states. Chris, if you like I can quickly go through those states are in error and basically what they do and there's California. Of course, in this allow family members to petition the court. Chris think about that.

This is an attack on the family. Also, this is a part of the breakdown of the family. A leftist agenda of Marxist communist agenda. The specter of evil wanting to attack the nucleus of our society. Which is the family. So the nurse Colorado theaters went into effect in January 2020 Connecticut they were the first state to adopt a red flag law that was in 1999 and estate attorney, or any two police officers can file a complaint. Delaware District of Columbia Coors Washington DC Florida shock, surprise, it started in 2018. Hawaii was in 2020. And of course us a blue state in the very one of the boost estate Illinois Indiana Maryland Massachusetts Nevada which went into effect, 20, 20, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia in the state of Washington, 19 states have done this and now we have these four senators want to introduce legislation to get it nationwide Every state have these extreme and that they are extreme risk protection orders red flag laws in place, confiscate your guns and your ammunition a direct violation of our Constitution and a direct violation of their oath of office.

So many things about this concern since early light. But when you said that federal government under this legislation would want the Department of Justice to incentivize states to pass these laws and what business is just fired me up what business is it of the Department of Justice to be trying to influence legislation in and states is a federal bureaucracy and FBI letter them among other organizations. While the world should they be pushing states and what does it mean that me to threaten elected officials. What does it mean for the Department of Justice to be incentivizing you have any clue what they mean.

With that yes they want to do is provide funding to states to get these risk protection laws passed recently will work $90 are being used as a lobbyist base. That's right, that's right.

And then to also of fund the police department who are actually doing this basic look we don't have the funding to have the manpower to see people out and police to go in someone's home and confiscate the weapons that we need amount know are on the beat even though protecting the rest okay will hear some money for you to hire more people to be able to do it. And again, that is a direct violation of our Constitution Chris R Constitution. The 10th amendment is the power belongs to the state and to the people and what they are doing is using the federal government to incentivize pay state officials to put these laws in place and as you say flyer you even know it clear that they could give it to the Sheriff's Association, a Dundas is an example. I know this is the case going to get this money to the Sheriff's Association. You find out where these candidates are live in you back them, whether or not they are going to be in favor of voting for this are not.

That's how they work, insidious, and it evil.

Chris is an and the scary thing is to the man you're saying that they're sponsoring this or from your state which is supposed to be a conservative state in both of those men want to be present in the United States, or just imagine what they would push if either one of them became president that Christ scary and they made it a law in Florida many years ago back in 2018, and rightfully want to be president even though they have violated their oath of office numerous times. I think that makes them ineligible and I wouldn't vote for either one that does make them ineligible on.

Makes you wonder whether the Republican Party even while there supporting such things might before we've only got about three and half minutes left and of course every day we come I want to talk about, not just our pain is what is God's Word have to say about gun ownership chasm versus what are your thoughts you think the Bible of support… Ownership. I think it does absolutely Chris you know we we know when Jesus was approaching his final hours that I think it was peters who look for. We have a sword anything yet that is okay that's enough notice is the way and he also told him that if you don't have one.

Makes people purchase to for the evil that is going to come upon the persecution of the church. So indeed he does support that we protect and defend our God-given.

These rights are given to us by God, not by man God gave you the right to protect and defend yourself better self evident. Yes, I believe the Bible does support that if you're listening my kills Mike yesterday talking about Second Amendment rights and specifically stucco red flag laws foreclosure. I want to share with you again always tell you not to listen to my opinions but is important know what God's word says Exodus 22 verse two's instructs homeowners that they're not guilty of murder which is by the way, prohibited the sixth commandment is a killer thief whose breaking and entering underground was stealing the property throughout the Bible using a weapon as you said Mike is required for self-defense. Nehemiah, a man chosen to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem was protected and armed by the Persian king Cyrus Cyrus made sure that it Nehemiah and his men were armed every man. The Bible says wore a sword girded to his side at the Nehemiah or 18. That was a handgun of their day. They were armed not only aren't while they were building the wall. I know you're very familiar story Nehemiah construction workers were wearing a sword on their side is commanded in the about 418, Jesus himself affirmed the Old Testament laws is recorded by disciple Luke. It says in Luke 1121.

The Bible says when a strong man, fully armed guards his own house, his possessions are undisturbed. Exodus 20 22X is the basis for the US law today that we have called the Castle doctrine and 23 state this duster and includes the standard ground laws in some states, both apply to a person's home or office or vehicle and the yard and surrounding in our framers of our Constitution might knew that they work with girls were constitutional revision essay today.

We were a nation, formed by Christian men and it really every part of the Constitution comes from the Bible we were we run out of time again.

Mike always so special to have have you with us. Thank you for being on the show today. Chris is been my pleasure to have me back any time. I'm looking forward to it deserve more. We gotta follow what Rick Scott Marco Rubio doing with these red flag laws. Thanks fraternity and come here every day to your favorite radio station near the Christian perspective or selling a podcast that was first understand what culture we can go out Christian perspective. Learn more about impacting the culture for Jesus. Visit city since forming the foundation. This is the Truth Network

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