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March 23, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina Micah chapter 7 and I would like to speak on this subject today celebrating our dependence day and I know what you're thinking. We misspell the word. There July 4 is obviously a celebration of our independence, I'm afraid. As I said yesterday that over the years.

This is really changed and our country has become independent of God. That's a problem, and so today I would like to speak on the subject of celebrating today our dependence day as a country and an even more specifically as a church we need to be more dependent on God, then we've ever been.

Micah chapter 7, Micah prophesied at the same time of Isaiah Isaiah's office a little bit well-known and even more recorded in God's word but no more important and out. Micah prophesied to Judah, as did Isaiah, but much of God's word Micah is in these in this book he is prophesying to Samaria.

But the book deals with God's case basically against the children of Israel, his chosen people now want to look at Micah chapter 7 and as we look at verse one will read a few verses and then we'll get started this morning. He says this will is me. Chapter 7 verse one anybody does that describe you don't don't don't tell me don't raise your hand. Anybody that describe how you kinda feel. Maybe today or this week or this month or this year. This decade woe is me notice, for I am is when they have gathered the summer fruits as the great gleanings of the vintage. There is no cluster to eat my soul desired. The first ripe fruit. The good man is perished out of the earth. There is not upright among them.

They all lie in wait for blood, they hunt every man his brother, with a net that they made you evil with both hands earnestly. The Prince Ascot then the judge asking for a reward and the great man he utterance his mischievous desire so they wrap it up the best of them is a briar. I love that phrase. For some reason he says literally the best ones I can find are still just a briar they agitate anybody ever got briars on your close socks or thoughts all go, but you got briars before you know it agitates notice. If you would verse for the most upright is sharper than a foreign head. It means the best one I can find still a briar literally the most upright that I can find is still somebody that will hurt you, cut you gals you the day of thy watchman and I visitation cometh now shall be there perplexity trust you not in a friend put you not confident that a guy keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lie in thy bosom for the sun dishonor the father. The daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man's enemies are the men of his own house this dart to describe nowadays we were seven therefore will I look unto the Lord. I will wait for the God of my salvation, my God will hear me will continue from there. That's all will read celebrating our dependence day verses one through six gives a description of how Micah felt and it often is a description of how we feel sometimes remitted to get into it. Lord we love you. Bless us, dear God today.

In Jesus name, amen. Number one I want you to see in verse one. He describes get this being discontent with life, discontent with laughing. Verse one.

He said woe is me. Another words I just don't have any hope I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel and he begins his description and the first thing he says is this Brian as when they have gathered the summer fruits as the great gleanings of the vintage. There is no cluster to eat my soul desire.

The first ripe fruit boy. He describes it as this is that I want what I really desired. What I wanted. I didn't get.

He basically describes life has left me unfulfilled discontent with life. You know, we feel like that sometimes the body weight this morning.

Are you afraid to admit it. Some of you you're honest, you know were heard from you morning go to Bush you. There are some of us in this building up your honest, you would have to say I think done. I feel discontent with life didn't turn out like a really thought it would. It didn't have what I what I desired was the first ripe fruit I wanted the best and I have visions of this and I thought that this is where I was going but what I ended up getting was basically the leftovers. The dried up fruit and I feel let down. There are folks that feel let down and unfulfilled in their marriages. There are people that fill unfulfilled in their family. There are people that fill unfulfilled in their job. I me before long, it's just whatever area of our life. We literally look. Can we say you know what I wanted was this what I got was this what you do when that happens, what, what is the answer for something like that where literally what we are doing is we are eating something and we are imagining, and desiring something's on the belter that describes a lot of people and and and and we often preaches if we're describing the world around us and dear friends, I am not describing the world around us. I am describing what's inside these wall discontent will fail. I don't mean discontent in a way that I just thought nothing would make me happy. I mean unfulfilled in a way that these dreams and desires and these goals and everything that I had. It feels as if that passed me by, and I literally got the fragments that remain. Many of you have these dreams and goals and desires. What your children would do that would how it turned out, many of us that we know will one day I'm good to do this and I'm to have this when you are young individual you you thought about this is where I'm going.

This goals is the dreams I've had in my case is what was me. I thought I was going to eat the first ripe fruit in life but what I got was basically the dried up left over, and I'm unfulfilled notice as he describes second lease is not only my discontent with life oligomers to. He said the good man is perished out of the earth.

There is none upright among men.

They all lie in wait for blood, they hunt every man his brother, with a net that they may do evil with both hands earnestly. He literally describes this.

He says I can't trust anybody there is none right among men. Everyone seems to have a wrong agenda. He says they all lie in wait for blood, which means that got an agenda there tried to catch something that they're planning something and they don't make it obvious and and you can see through it. He said this, you can't even trust those you know he said they hunt like the last phrase they hunt every man his brother, with a net so literally, he says, first on discontent with life, and second, he says I am disappointed in people present everywhere I look I can't trust anybody and everybody seems to have an agenda wrong agenda.

I can't even trust the ones that I would consider my close brothers anybody ever felt like that anybody ever been disappointed with people anybody or been hurt by somebody or gets even better if you would verse three he says this I can't even look up to my leaders. Verse three he said the prince asked if the judge ask if the great man he uttered his mischievous desire, he said, literally. The Prince, which is the royalty, the judge, which is the legal system, the great man which is literally the local leadership is everywhere I turn around I can't find anybody.

I trust anybody else feel like wow this is like today's newspaper.

Your one candidate crooked. This person the other person is that psych unit is crooked until crooked.

It would even be there if they were crooked. You can't get there and be honest, to how you know because I'm not there I would make a good present for that would be funny when Lord we would have more war to end.

By the time I'm done they will gas the below are the only day that right now all the speed limits will be changed to 90. If I was president verse four. He said the best of them is a briar the most upright is still slimy.

He says this.

Even the best people I know to take me.

Even the best people I know will inflict pain on have you ever been like that in your life that literally you fill your self in a position so isolated that literally you look around everybody you know is done something to you and everybody you know I seem to have another agenda you can't trust him or you trust in this person and they let you down.

He entrusted his wife for this husband and they hurt you and deceived you and then you trusted in this individual and I thought I could trust him and I thought I could trust her. And these were the best people my life very been hurting discontent with life disappointed in people of three want to look at verse five. It gets even more specific trustee, not in a friend put enough confidence in a guide. He says this.

I have literally have been deceived by my friends.

He says don't trust your friend does my friends have deceived me ever had a friend deceive you, he says secondly he says not only by been deceived by my friends but I been disappointed by my mentor. He said listen, don't trust a friend. Don't even put confidence in your guy. He said people that I looked up to that I thought I was learning from her disappointed bold friends being the very people that I was learning from then he gets real specific notice that last phrase he says the doors keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lie in thy bosom when we talking about their set. I been hurt literally by my friends have been hurt by my mentors. I've even been hurt by my mate her that life in thy bosom is his mate, he said, literally. It it's one thing you hurt by friends.

Amanda hurts and another thing the people you look up to the disappointed let you now is one exhibit now I can even I gotta watch what I even say I can even trust wife is that on discontent with life.

I'm disappointed in people I been deceived by my friends and as we began. In the end of verse five, number four, he said I been dishonored by my family can even really talk to my wife.

I don't know if I can trust her.

Look at verse six for the sun.

This honor with the father. The daughter rises up against her mother, the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. He said this a man's enemies are literally the man of his own house been dishonored, family wow what a positive message. Anybody else feel real good to go to lunch. You didn't even know that you felt this way you know you feel this way.

Don't and I feel pretty good about everything to the preacher started his right will what thanks for visiting her Baptist Church will become back.

Gotta get back for you though you do that you throw up on the way out. You know what is interesting is I know I'm joking I know but Micah is describing exactly how some of you have or do feel right. What you do when you field trials and troubles, and in these circumstances. Come your way in and he sat hot is good. Why don't know I can trust and everything I look at this personally for me and that person labor minister that if it is a like the best people to become a broader and the most upright. I know were crooked and literally is it now I feel like I thought my house it was safe and I everything else, but I could and now I'm even more by those inside my old house in an unfulfilled life, and I thought this would be my life and this is and that I be in my life. I do well in verse seven we have some really good advice. As we begin I'll cover these quickly. Verse seven he says therefore will I look in to the Lord.

I will wait for the God of my salvation, my God will hear me now what you understand what he says here very simply. He says I will look to God and I will wait for God. In other words, my Tim Tatian is to look at my disappointments. My temptation is to look at the dishonored, my temptation is to look at the deception.

My temptation is to always see people that have let me down people that have hurt me. Circumstances that have let me unfulfilled. My Tim Tatian is not always see that but I have decided that in them will evolve yes I will get my eyes off of that and I will look at him know that's really good advice. It that is really good advice he is saying this that I have a God that I can look to when on discontent and I serve a God that I can look to when I'm disappointed and I serve a God that I can look to what I've been deceived or I feel dishonored.

I serve a God that's not there when I need him.

I serve a God that's their most when I need, says this I will wait on my God is that I have a God that I can wait for another words what he's saying is this, I have a God that I know he's on his way. I have a God who will show up. I have a God that will know what to do. I have a God that is never failed me. He's never not shown up. He's never not what know what to do. He's never been late. He's always been on time. Right now I look good, but I am going to choose and decide that I will wait on them.

This is were to me. It started getting really good. Do you know that waiting on God is not something that you have to do it is something that you have to choose to. May I tell you were not real high pressure around here. You don't have to wait on you can go ahead and just get mad, try to fix it. Try to change the circumstances in your life. Try to get back in people that you think of done you wrong, try to deceive them if they deceived you try to render whatever they've given on the render back to them. You can sit here, look, will my life is not what I thought would be in its unfulfilled so I'm just going to go ahead him to step out and I'm gonna try to get my fulfillment and I'm to try to get my enjoyment and I'm just you try to do what I want to do not matter what God says is right or wrong, it doesn't matter what God's plan is that matter what God's will is on discontent. I'm unfulfilled and I'm going to go get what I want. Now you can do that nobody can stop all are today. You can choose although I'm discontent with my life and although I'm disappointed by people and although I feel I've been deceived by some of my friends and although I feel I've been dishonored by some of my family.

I choose to wait on my God, you can choose to be independent of him or you can choose to be dependent. It's our choice.

As our decision. Now let's say you choose that as Micah did let me show you couple things and I'll let you go home and this is what Mica says when I decide on the look to him and I decide that I'm gonna wait on him. Micah says this is what I know he's going to do and I love this notice.

If you would deliver seven. Therefore, I will look into the Lord I will wait for the God of my salvation. Why number one. He says this. I know God will listen to me.

He said my God will hear me, there is the danger we just decide wellness can go ahead out of this thing and I'm to fix these things myself to surround yourself with people that might not listen to you surround yourself with people that listen to you while they like you, but they'll ignore you when they're done with, but Micah says that if I went on God. I know he's going to listen to me. I know he's going to be patient. I know he's knocking to be in a hurry is like will tell me you're probably because I got a 2 o'clock will give you hurry up and tell me your problem. You know I got a tee time at three.

He said I know he will hear me dear friend.

You understand and this is where I really got excited. If you notice in verse seven, and something that you need understand the old as Micah go through all the different names, but God has a number of different names in the Old Testament and the New Testament. But in the Old Testament, especially in a can be a little bit confusing but you'll find Lord, or God. Many times in the Old Testament and all be look different all be capitalized over the wall mean different things and it can be a bit confusing so we just make it as as confusing as I can, at least for these verses in verse seven he says therefore I will look unto the Lord, and that word Lord in your Bible lease that should be is capitalized every letter LORD is capitalized and then he said I will wait for the God which is GOD small case of my salvation, my G small OD will hear me now listen, I want you to get this done. Please don't miss this. This is what got me all excited you understand that the Old Testament always points to Christ. You understand that after Christ died in an and rose again and ascended back in the glory all of the New Testament after that points back to Christ, so the Bible either points, but to forward to Christ or a point at Christ while he's here on earth or points back to him in the later New Testament you all understand that that LORD anytime you see in the Old Testament and choose almost 6000 times in the Old Testament that literally means the name Yahweh. Yahweh basically means this in the Hebrew they had no valves and so they didn't even know how to say the name of God, so often times when they would come and read any later on. Even in the New Testament when they would come in they would find the term Yahweh.

The Hebrew term Yahweh they wouldn't even speak, they would just silence know what does Yahweh mean it means I am. That's it. Not, I will be not. I was means I am. That means there never was a time where he will be because he always was.

And there's never a time we sat was because he always has been and you're like oh literally then name means this. I always was. I always am I always will be.

There was no beginning, there was no in it.

If you're going to look to anything or anybody you better look to me as I control all but notice this verse seven. I'm going somewhere and on the try hurries with Zicam gnosis. He says therefore I will look unto the Lord, which if you'll notice the grammar that is used here. He's basically saying I will look to the Lord, which means the Lord's here by the way, do you believe the Lord is always here, but the next phrase he says is this I will wait for the God of my salvation that I didn't make sense because if it were talking about somebody that's already right there, he will say I will look unto God. I will wait for him, but he uses two different terms that G little a little D means the name Elohim and Elohim is a basically a general name used for the true God.

It also used for smaller gods.

But if it's smaller gods in and basically idols and everything's in the Old Testament, it will be small G small O small D, but G OD in the Old Testament is the name Elohim and it simply means for God and now we all know God is a Trinity of God the father, God the son God the Holy Spirit you are you getting even a little bit excited right now let me tell you what Mica the prophet was prophesy right now I can look to God.

But I'm telling you right now. I will wait in the future God is coming to purchase my sin to cover my sin to die for me, and he will be the God of my salvation.

Micah had to say.

I can look to God. But I will wait for my salvation. You and I today can say I will look onto God and I already have my salvation. What does that get you nowadays. Number one I will listen number two verse eight rejoice not against me. Oh mine enemy when I fall I shout what Mica says mutate. I know God will listen to me. Number two. I know God will lift me is an interesting verse in Psalm 35 verse 23, 24, the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He lighted his weight though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down for the Lord to uphold its him with his means. This all those people and all those circumstances, and all those things that are not me down to get low literally sit on the edge of a newspaper be able to dangle my feet up, but I know my God will lift me up again.

I might be down when I got my salvation comes, he will lift me right back dear friend this God of Micah salvation he was looking to you and I now can look at, he already came he already purchased our redemption. You see, is to be that that we had to look way up to God and now we can talk to them on a daily basis because of the God of our salvation came. Now a holy God that we could not enter into that we could not approach. Now we can get right down on the throne and talk to me when you know you can try to fix it. You can do your own thing. But if you wait on God to lift number three verse eight he said when I sit in darkness. The Lord shall be aligned to me. Number one God will listen to me. Mica says number two God will lift me when I'm down number three. Mica says God will lead me. He said what and I love the way Mike. Obviously it gods really use this in my life.

But he said when I sit in darkness cannot tell you. Sometimes when it when it when your life is dark and you don't know what to do your knocking to be running through life in your knocking to be trotting through life. Who does that in the dark.

You don't know where you're going different if I walked into a strange building and the lights are out. I'm not just me. Within three minutes are probably trip over some I can't see your meteor hit into something or break something. I would say something you going to place and it's dark and you know their murder could be things and you know you can't see anything you're going to stop to stay right there. You get some light and are able to see where you're going. Micah said it so… Move and I don't have anywhere I can go everywhere I turn.

That's partly I'm just going to sit right here, but if I sit right here in the darkness. I know that my God is going to give me a line he's gonna leave me the path I should take most of your sit in darkness right now I don't know what to do, where to go and I'm here to tell you you don't move to hurt yourself.

You just sit-anyway on God to bring that light, and lead you to what you should've always been told I don't know what to do.

Don't do anything you wait on God may say this the more I would say by the way the Bible says that word is a lamp in my feet and a light in my path. Number four I want you to notice this God will liberate. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC.

You may also contact us by phone and 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services line all Armenian honor website and church. Thank you for listening. Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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