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Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 18, 2022 5:10 pm

Dr. Brown Tackles Your Toughest Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 18, 2022 5:10 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/18/22.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network lines are open. Let's do it. You got questions. We got answers time for the light a fire with your host biblical scholar and cultural commentator Dr. Michael Brown your voice for more savvy and spiritual clarity called 866-34-TRUTH to get him a lot of wire and now there's your host Dr. Michael Brown Hillyard answer your questions. Thanks again skillet leading us in along the way we resist error with truth, we resist darkness with light we resist hatred with love is we resist the power the world with the power of the Spirit. 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 this is Michael Brown any question you have that relates in any way to anything we ever cover on the line of fire.

By all means give us a call.

There is no topic to stay on today so any question of any kind for months, or open the earlier you're able to call during the broadcast, the better chance we have of getting to your call as the show goes on. So we start in Canada with Rod. Welcome to the modifier by Dr. Brown thank you for my call.

I really love your show. Thank you. Couple Mike a comment would be. I love the skillet you pick. I do miss the old bomb.

There will hit your work in light once in a while work in the old bomb like a throwback to my my click click here therefrom from a supination source in the fiery yeah yeah but it skillet song is definitely grown on Magnolia, I love you and you know what's funny is I just did an interview for the Christian TV network about my new book the silencing of the lambs and John Cooper lead singer front man for skillet had written endorsement for them were very very regular contact. In fact, the dissent, all the band copies of the silencing lambs so they read his endorsement within the began on the radio should talking to me about the book began to talk about him and what voices become so I was I was just blessed to see that happen… But there's so many questions like about you, but I met and in light of like that other people want to call and talk to all try to limit that to one question that I've heard of that comes up recently is lately there's been a lot of talk about God and gender MEM unit member. I've never really thought about it, made sense to me and I didn't really know why but my my question was is and I haven't read the whole Bible ever a lot of the New Testament, not the Old Testament but is is is God refer to as the father simply because he was the father of Jesus does not that oversimplifying things about why we call God the father is totally oversimplifying things because he is else that he is revealed as the father and many many other ways, not just the father and Jesus but the heavenly father. Our heavenly father that that we pray to. So we know that God transcends gender in the in and on the one hand and the lives we are male-female. Biologically, so God transcends that and we know that he creates the human race. He creates us in his image and that is male and female so those aspects are included in who God is, with the transcends that. However, he did reveal himself as father and he does incarnate in the world. The sun comes into the world as a male. So in God's purposes of redemption.

That's how he's revealed himself so he can act towards us like a mother. He can be kindhearted and sensitive, like a mother you have that image in Scripture. But is the father. He is the one from whom everything originates. He is the ultimate source of creation, everything comes out from him through the son, and he wants us to relate to him his father that this is an important truth, so it's not that mail is better than female. Her father's better than mother but simply as God is revealed himself as the heavenly father. That's is the creator and the sustainer and the one from whom everything derives its existence, and therefore we look to him in that way now.

Okay good good good. Thank you for the thank you for your your your comment. Your you're very welcome Ron, I appreciate it. And may the Lord keep his blessing on you there in Canada, 866-3487 84 let's go over to Olympia, Washington. Jonathan, welcome to the modifier product Brown can hear me okay loud and clear. All right, cool.

So my question is I know that there is a certain amount of cultural relativity to this question because I know that in India. I wrote I remember you saying how men wear more strict, things that women wear more pathogenic thing but is it out.

III don't III think it is sinful for a a a man here in the states to wear makeup and jewelry and where addressed, but I'm not really sure why that is the case why would that be in exactly right so it's it's not specifically that pants or for males and skirts, or for women in all cultures, and it was some of the night, that I know a pastor I preached in India the first time and in the particular village where he was the women world.

What was like these loose pantsuits and the men wore what looked like gowns them so he preached. You know, the men wearing women's clothing without realizing that him wearing pants that he was wearing women's clothing in their eyes, but there's a reason that it would be sin within our culture.

For a man to dress as a woman into wear makeup as a woman. It is because it is crossing gender lines. It is violating gender distinctions and and male-female distinctions are important in God's sight. Now, not everything is as fundamental and foundational.

There are things that vary from society to society, but where you have okay this is this is clothing associated with being a male. This is clothing that is neutral. This is clothing associated with being a female.

Where there is a crossing of those lines it by violates fundamental norms that God has established.

It blurs these things it brings societal confusion and individual confusion is certainly sinful. That is only one verse that addresses it directly and in Deuteronomy 22 that says is it is an abomination to the Lord for a man to wear women's clothing.

So there. There is a direct mention of you say will those Deuteronomy can apply everything from Drew Deuteronomy directly sums this range. This roof let's look at the principal. Doesn't Jesus say in Matthew 19 that in the beginning God made us mail and female doesn't Paul speak to man is manage women as women.

Yes, so as equals in the Lord.

There are distinctions and when we crossed lines that are clearly drawn in society again. Many things are neutral. Many outfits are neutral, but many are clearly male versus female will be cross those lines. We are crossing God-given distinctions and therefore it is sinful for those reasons I thank you for asking Jonathan. I appreciated 8663 foray 78840 we go to Jay in Massachusetts.

Welcome to the light a fire… Thank you for taking my call. Sure I have a question about people like hey Paul, I would think that Dr. Mike hi there talking about exit open. He went to some commentary. I think it would JPS like either TJ or Milgram or one of them… The word actually mean protective sacrifice erotica. Another way limiting the Hebrew I want you to comment the bid on that, like the background and how we got the Passover in English. If that's not really what it means if you could break the dock right so I haven't heard that particular podcast with Dr. Heiser. He's quite erudite and obviously he's looking at things in terms of Hebrew and cognate languages and quoting from top Hebrew and Semitic scholars that sometimes will have a different view than the mainstream. But when you when you read it in context and in Exodus, it does seem that the fundamental route of pus has to do with passing over and that God will pass over you, hence the Pesach offering was a a sacrifice in remembrance of God passing over Israel. That's where we get it from an English that's that's where of the concept and tradition comes from there.

Others who said that the root has to do with something else. It would get dark, go ahead, but I don't know if I were cutting in like I've done on my own product and JPS but not on it. I think it felt like it had a little mentioned or protected like a part, but it really going to. It felt. If you had, you know, if I think it also have an idea or something like that were there getting the word, and it meant like protection over their… Yet is so so these things are possible that the in JPS scholars were some of the top Hebrew biblical scholars in the in the Jewish world, but I am not convinced of that. It, in other words, that the way it's all just in Exodus verbally.

I don't think we need to move away from it, meaning Passover. It seemed to have to do at least the rudest comments. It was some type of physical movement and of beak because of that, and if in fact grab a couple references during the break and pulled them up and read them.

So you take some of the calls and then come back and and and do that but you could say that the root itself. Pus had to do with some type of physical movement and then the idea of passing over comes out of it and then hence this is the remembrance of God passing over Israel. The angel of death passing over the houses with the blood was put in the doorpost in the lentils things like like that of and in any case, there is some debate among scholars, and that's with Dr. Heiser was drawing attention to that I say lentils rather than lentil anyway so stick around phase.

Keep listening and I will give you a couple of examples. On the other side of the break I tell you what, so as not to cut off our next call, and by the way, rarity, on a Friday but we got a couple lines open so great time to call 866-34-TRUTH April 14 it's coming soon national not ashamed of Jesus day that we have officially registered it. We did that some time back and it it's not appearing it on a national registry but either way, we don't need that to happen today were encouraging everyone to make a statement. Maybe you your very open about your faith in sharing the gospel. Time may be been, more behind the scenes were encouraging you that day to overtly make a statement to say were here were not ashamed.

We love Jesus we love you Gordon. Not ashamed of pastors, leaders. This special leadership packet for you, give you ideas of what you can do your congregations in your networks. Everybody take a minute Gordon not ashamed of will tell you more about the reason for this more about the reason for 14 why that date. More about what you everyone of us who do not ashamed of Jesus the Lord spread the word. I believe this could be a significant day for the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown not to go back to the phone with your questions on any subject under the sun.

By the way, it doesn't bother me at all if you see me attacked online something posterior video and home think is true, but Ronald Noah call fine to ask him. I'm not offended by people asking her if they have certain information with get another side of the story doesn't offend me at all if you're critical of me and have differences with me. I'm not offended if you call him a very happy to talk to you but the thing that's interesting about this repot saw the the noun for someone who is crippled this presale and and it's it's or you have it in a verbal form to to become lame and then in first Kings 18, the, the false prophets of Baal are hopping around the altar. The new JPS is the doing a hopping dance that's the same route little bit different verbal form with the same route as was it it it was some type of movement going on and some were translated limp so they don't kinda like this weird limping dance and then when you can't walk properly. It's not just the limp your your lame then and then if you're walking or passing by a passing over that would seem to be how these words relate in these different routes, and in this it in the same route, where you get to give protective sacrifice from that's that's a bit of a separate argument, but the meaning of Passover in Exodus 12.

That's how it's used call with the Pesach because God will pus over his people. 86634 let's go to Anthony in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Welcome to the line of fire hi are you doing thank you go. My question my question has to do on a personal level with viewing called to get Masters of Divinity that ultimately a PhD in the New Testament, accounting, the cost of that call that could give you some context. I been serving in full-time ministry for 11 years almost 11 years. I'm 32, will be 33 in a few weeks Mary three kid suggests not a single person, but wrestling with this is one give the context but you know feel God calling me that I felt that for some years but no got married, had had a family and just trying to weigh out the debt you have a friend you getting them good currently in gonna run him about little little over $30,000 together.

The on that. I'm sure another potentially 20,000 and so is what you do with the call that has to such massive amounts of debt is worth it if it is work that you navigated. I know you have a PhD so figured you might have some insight to Shirley here with me. Yes, so what about to say was applied to this or to anything else that was similar that he felt called to do. But who was going to put great demands on you and your family and potentially put you in debt. So, some would say if God's initial supply so would be really simple with or you don't take a step to take any course until you can pay for God's, and it will supply so some would say no go into debt.

I'm sure if you're calling Dave Ramsey show versus mind he would just give you the financial answer to that God provided for me. We had our first child this I got married when I was in college and in our first child Jennifer was born before I graduated college and then we had our second daughter, Megan bet 15 months after that. So we we now had two kids and I was starting grad school and I I was given a scholarship that I didn't know it existed in academic scholarship from NYU. So after the first couple classes. I never pay for any more classes gotcha supply. There was just a matter of scheduling time or I could break away from work early one day to get to the city to take classes and working out a schedule with family, but you and your wife can agree if God is in this then she's happy for you to invest the time as as long as God supplies financially or there has to be some way in your mind you. Circular if you're in this then somehow getting these degrees is going to put me in a situation where salary whatever will increase accordingly to be able to pay this thing off, but if if I were you, and I was moving forward with a sense of divine calling, I would be very uncomfortable, racking up a whole lot of debt before I'm done. And then once you're done, that degree might not might not help you make an extra dime in terms of paying it off and in what what you've learned is wonderful and helpful and beneficial or should be or could be, but the price that that is paid the bird, the person your family of the extra hours that you have to work to pay it off and how that affects time with the kids you know those are big questions and my file will be Lord if you're really in this you need to make away and in their always, there's infinite number of possibilities from the Lord as to how we can make this happen. Let me ask you one question what you ultimately feel called to do with these degrees will serving typically in college ministry so ultimately being able to have and forth among professors and and and and secondarily being able to act on whether at my university, and are in the religious studies apartment or or maybe even with another seminary because they kind of a second lot that I know that that's back in line to become the goalie meaningful if it's not you know being used to to chip away at your debt. Not yet, but you have a support base in any kind of people who support your ministry, friends, stoners, anything like that on you. Just on salary similar article 100% donor supported yet, so then here's here's here's my last word of advice that you really pray about this. Your wife come to agreement that you believe that you take this step and then you put out the vision to your daughters and yes them to pray and see if they feel the Lord is in this and would they help with an additional gift and then you you look for ways to expand her donor base to see if people believe what you're doing and and want to stand behind you know our are folks that serve on the mission field that graduated from for more schools over the years of the rights friends family with a vision to be on the field to be out in the laser or two to be out in Mexico are to be out Ukraine is going to cost assessments to live and we are very much full time doing this, then, is the money comes then they go out. So that's the way to do it and then if you and your wife agree okay it when we get to this threshold, 50% or 80%, then we take that next step, then you can you give the opportunity to God. The sale Calling to do this and I'm gonna back it and I'm gonna help order so case just not time that would be the way I would proceed with these things are. All right.

May the Lord God, U.S. Navy, and may use you on the campuses I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let us go over to Mike in central Indiana. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown I call On it. Where did water baptism come from for John the Baptist got an idea or way of doing and the second is if you have a group of people around our Christian and you're pining for someone. Do you think that it's important to remove those who don't truly believe in the healing and I'll get off okay sure is sure thing so your first question about baptism. So the idea of washing the eye at the idea of of being cleansed.

Is this part of our normal life right Wheatley bays we shower we we wash our bodies right so it is very natural that in many cultures, there is a spiritual significance to this. You bathe in this river you wash in this place.

We know in the tabernacle that that the priest before they were coming to minister that you had that the basin and they were they would wash their hands and things like that before certain key events they would cleanse their whole bodies or if someone touched something actually touched the dead body so that the state out of the camp night then they come back in and they have to be immersed so ritual immersions were part of ancient Israelite culture and then it became a wider part of culture ritual immersion for repentance, so this was a widely practiced a custom in the ancient Jewish world where it and if if you're on one of our tourist groups are anybody strangers them in their take you round out the old city and and where the temple with a banner saying you see you see all these are steps down here and in this little you know cool hearing of the water now at this little basin here and now steps of the other way. This is where people would go and get ritually immersed they could do it by river or something like that so ritual immersion makes sense in terms of just washing cleansing in our culture than having a spiritual significance to it. Then ritual immersion as part of ancient Israelite law and it expands from there. Ritual immersion is a sign of repentance new beginning washing cleansing, so this was a widely known custom not a new thing that Christians developed a widely known Jewish custom that there was practiced by the followers of Jesus on the other side of the break I will answer the question about your praying in a group for someone's healing. Could you exclude those who do not believe in healing or do not believe this person will be feel blessed that you decided to break my time to call in now, 866-3487 84 will be like that line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get on the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown questions we've got answers.

It is my real joy to be with you if you listing and hear the smile in my voice is always there because I absolutely love being on radio with you. We started 2008. Some of the stations we been on with you.

Ever since then it's really been listening regularly ever since that it and I know you when I see because were perfect strangers physically in the natural and I see walking up to me in a grocery store and airport or somewhere with this big smile on your face as if you've known me for years that I that I know what's coming.

I listen to on radio every day. I could see this mother smile of a friend from someone that I don't know but we do know each other because talk radio get to share your heart sure your life. So Mr. time to call in 8663 freight 784 question from Mike just want to finish answering what if your praying for for someone that sick. Maybe it's a life-and-death situation.

You've got 15 people in the room, praying, and you know for a fact that three of those people do not believe God heals today and and in fact they been very focus enough is going to happen this person is not going to be healed. If there was open, vocal, known opposition, I would ask those people to leave ever this. We just want to see happen say hey listen if this person is miraculously here, Josie Nielsen, you'll see the results in front of your own eyes and and in the next few minutes for the next few hours or days, but that that being that being said, if if they're just people in the room and I'm praying unless I distinctly feel something is wrong something is getting in the way I'm gonna pull everyone remember when Jesus goes in church to raise gyrus's daughter from the dead and the people wailing and he says and insisted everyone she's not dead she's sleeping and they mock him, he has everyone leave except the parents and some disciples was.

Everybody is out and he does not want that attitude of mockery and unbelief that's there so if I don't know who's in the crowd what's going on. I was can pray said let's assess got together to heal. If I feel is I'm praying that the summer is this clear resistance and something's not right that I might dig a little deeper and find out those other some people there that are there mocking in an absolutely hostile to the idea of healing or if they've made their opposition known as salicylate. We just want an atmosphere where green together as we pray, we just feel more confidences as we pray to do that.

Some I can go to witchhunt with. If it does come to my attention that I would say look if if your believing with me, let's let's come together let's be in agreement as we pray, and if if your attitude is very different.

Hey, I'm not your enemy, but this is not the right place to be right now that's art approach 866-34-TRUTH we go to Kyle in North Alabama. Welcome to the line of fire all of the Lord, and I appreciate it. I have a quicker turn my last day of all what I'm going and I believe abstain previous partner that that you do it while I'm in Mr. I'm historic female.

I'm not a dispensation list of Prichard rapture, but I'm historic pre-mill that there will be a literal or millennial kingdom under some milk with Primo. Yeah. So then my question would probably alter to get a competent when I Scripture, one single firm one single resurrection of the law. Scripture will all ritual are a lot of men will be caught up together. I guess I was having a hard time confident about the living space. That was the federal called up to a judgment by the up assignment or Revelation 20 where statement was: Susan gathered the nation that the sleeve and I'll edit my work that was the unsafe or yes church so so you can answer the way that's not all millennial faith.

That's against all millennial clearly, clearly there.

There are different resurrections Revelation 20, which is a major middle passage, and to me it it's the passage that refutes a millennialism itself with with all respect, millennial friends of submittal to vital that is out but right right but you have the resurrection of the righteous and and then in the 21st chapter. You then have the resurrection of those of you to be finally judged and cast into the lake of fire.

They are raised up and they appear before the throne and you've got a clear separation between them.

So the resurrection of the righteous is something that the first stages that takes place before the millennial kingdom were caught up to meet the Lord as he dissents from heaven glorified those that are dead in the graves rise up we dissent together with him. He sets up his kingdom on the earth, and during that time the thousand year.

That's when Satan spout the idea that Satan is bound now to me is is completely contrary to the entire New Testament witness that says he's going about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Now is anything but found and then you have those that that would have died to the millennial kingdom.

After that they rise and then the wicked rise for the final judgment so and when the first resurrection spoken of in in the second. That's one of power view, so there is that separation so one of the reasons I strongly believe in a pre-mill teaching is that Peter writes in acts three that Jesus must remain in heaven until the time of the restoration.

The restitution of all things spoken of by the prophets comes to pass, so the prophets spoke of a literal kingdom with Israel and the nations of serving God together and and Jesus spoke of the regeneration of all things. In Matthew 19 and in the apostles would rule over the 12 tribes of Israel.

Since millennial kingdom. So I just look at what the Old Testament prophets prophesied and it literally has to happen and it will happen when Satan is bound in. That's what you have a distinction in in the resurrections there.

That's Rosa first resurrection and the second resurrection and by all means what we want is we want to be part of the first resurrection that's that's that's our ultimate goal and to then be with him forever. So you read it through through those eyes. Revelation 19 when Jesus comes publicly. That's the first resurrection and then after the thousand year kingdom than the second resurrection, which includes the resurrection of the wicked for final judgment so hopefully that's helpful.

Just as you think it through some more okay yeah that perspective, but sure thing you you bet and and and look what we did with the book of Revelation understand the symbolism the recess I don't I understand it symbolic I don't understand all of the symbolism that was I on the pretense tell you I can give you a definitive exposition of every aspect of Revelation, but there are certain things that are that I was required.

The return of the Lord in the 19th chapter, the millennial kingdom work thousand year suspension with five times. The 20th chapter in the new heavens and the new earth eternal age. Chapters 21 and 22. I see all those is still future. Understand the application of the book Revelation to first century believers many things. It speaks of have special pertinence for them. But the and the ultimate fulfillment is still in the future right.

Let's go over to Brian in Springfield, Virginia. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Hey Mike are you doing for your long follower in the days when you're in the benefit under IPN talk to your office, thereby dictate the board so sorry Jordan speak to you again. Thank you.

So I great I have a two-part question for you regarding God's name. I know ditto one what medicine it could be Yahweh accords Jehovah a decade back. I personally torch your whole book, because that because of the phonic patterns like Yoshio Yoder, can you bet they got etc. but I know that you based on your scholarship and the languages I know have you actually my understanding is the Leningrad codec actually have about points in their that point to Jehovah and Olivia will contact Lipo have you actually had the opportunity. Look at the Leningrad codec regarding those now point develop personal points there but it points to the opposite because the name was considered too sacred for Jews to pronounce. So the fact that it has valid points that would be pronounced. Jehovah is telling you don't say it like that. It's the wrong valid points. They don't belong there. Is it in other word, of course, is that there in fact, if I just pull up on my computer. I've got facsimiles of the of the Leningrad codec that I've got Bibles based on the Aleppo codex and and in the reading so no one is is disputing that you have thousands of Masoretic manuscripts that have those valid points but the Val points are there because this is what is called a creeper put to him this. This is something say when you see this word, don't read it as written. Read it differently and ended up okay right right so so every everyone that knows Hebrew knows yet that the the very thing they're knocking to put is the valves for a name that was universally considered too sacred to pronounce.

Now the family of Gordon is is literate. He's a Hebrew scholar. He he argues for a Jehovah pronunciation so he he's literate.

He's a scholar he's in the tiny tiny tiny minority, and I believe for good reason and ultimately their phonetic patterns that would argue against a Jehovah reading and other things. Even indications of the mastery's when you have certain it is a technical thing, but grammatically certain words next to each other vows they speak of the things change a certain way, but I have no reason to question that the most likely theory in terms of Yahweh being the original pronunciation and especially differ with FMU Gordon that the above was not originally pronounced as a war is W. We cannot be absolutely certain, though, and if you listen to someone giving arguments that's that's popular in the FMU Gordon leases giving good literate arguments. I sleep is wrong on that together fact that the vocalization is there because the exact opposite. Because they would not put the valves that they don't want to say when the naming a Jewish tradition was universally considered too sacred to pronounce the last thing you do is click the sexual vows are will be right back with your other question of the seventh grade. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown got on the line of fire by calling 866342 here again is Dr. Michael Brown transferred on one for if you want to get just a short statement about the name Yahweh versus Jehovah scuba website Esther to just typing Yahweh and you should get it coming up pretty quickly. All right, so Brian your other question, what was that sir yeah you already part of port but I get out more detail what the evidence that you have leaning towards Yahweh in the pronunciation. What why do you lean more towards that way right so there is a lot of evidence there. There are transcriptions, restraints, alliteration's of the of the pronunciation that you have. For example in in Greek and different manuscripts when different ones are talking about either leaders talk about the name or or or translations where it's coming up of that's that's one thing you have forms.

For example, names like Ellie Yahoo. So, my God, is Yahweh where you have what would be called in a pocket. Or shortened form were Yahweh just pushes back a syllable and then then you end up with Yahoo at the end the shorter form of the name Ya would be something else to me very difficult to explain. If it was originally your whole sound. The fact that in the, the meaning would have been. He who causes things to be or brings things into existence, which then works well with I am who I am with the wordplay that is there. Along with that you have in other Semitic languages, Amorite, and things like that parallels verbal parallels that would push in this direction so that there is this actually it's cumulative it's it's a good amount of evidence you just can't be 100% sure I would. I would say you could be virtually hundred percent sure it wasn't Jehovah with all respect to those that argue Florida but you could be very sure just not 100% above pronunciation, Yahweh and dry limit. Let me say this. Last thing of what's interesting to me, though, is that to this moment God's name shrouded in mystery that we can't even agree on the pronunciation, but we can agree on who he is and there's something about that that feels right to me in terms of the mystery of just try to put put everything in a little box but hey, thank you for the call, I appreciated bye-bye the way for years. Everyone knew me as Mike Brown and then a certain point, everybody starts in him is Dr. Brown and I can sometimes tell at what point people got to know me what was in the Mike days of the Dr. Brown basement same person here right nice to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Jared in Anchorage, Alaska welcome Salina fire a Dr. Brown picture ever made sure to click. I just really love your ministry already got your testimony really help me with mine and just like it. I'll make a locker with request that basement learning how to grow the Christian that I just wanted to meet up. I'll pray for God for that, but it's so good to hear. Thank God I really appreciate a real real quick so I've been the last year cut I got out of it. You know what to actually like starting it outgoing from serving two masters actually start to what you know to start out it actually like becoming an actual Christian here, and the truth out, that there were one remote were my him my in-laws go to and they got the proof bear. My problem isn't like other been growing and growing in knowledge of the wall of theology and stuff like listening to your stop bump Dr. Michael Heiser and the like. I just got a notice that a lot of the preaching at my current church is really sloppy and it in that time, plainly incorrect and I'm just trying to see how is there is there lately. No word like this is like a prominent being, and I want to fix it but you know I'm not I'm not an appointed elder of the church and back and back. She spoke what he knew there and I just wanted to ask like they, like the other thinking when you're going to your first church were the teaching how to get you started and noticed it wasn't just that when you know it, you should probably move on.

Yes, so just general principles for some I'm glad that you can strengthen your faith again. And that's a positive. So it if the church in terms of majoring on the majors was sound and healthy right yes the overall points being made were good. The overall application of the sermon was good. The church was seeking to be a great commission church with the loss make disciples and that was held in Puyallup of the body.

If that was the case, but the method of preaching was somewhat sloppy. In other words, the way the pastor got to his conclusion, or the fact that he would butcher the Greek or the Hebrew is is trying to get somewhere, but the overall message was biblically sound the overall application was biblically sound. Then idea, I just okay. Whatever is so frustrating know that the way does certain things but that must be the way got trained. I could live with that if what's being put forward in terms of conclusions or emphases or ledge truths were clearly not biblical, or were clearly painting outside the lines of OpenTable stay and it's not for you to change the church because God didn't make the leader of the church in an if a congregant's rights to the pastor says you know what could you change your preaching style that's the second half and you know so like I said, you have to evaluate.

Is it the got seven sermons and services for decades, where the person says the Hebrew says this and it doesn't. The Greek means this and it doesn't and the interpreter verse and get wrong with the overall message was a great message.

The overall truth was a very sound truth. The overall use of Scripture was good, but they made some misstatements along the way on on secondary issues.

I live with and affected happens all the time. If you have enough scholarships can happen all the time. For a while that is. I just got proud and critical started judge the people in and hear there being blessed and I'm sitting there stewing and I'm thinking of is not right if if is my brother Michael right so what you want to do is again I don't know the church that you're in on the how many of the congregations.

There are a where you are but if if the overall church is healthy, if overall doctrine is sound if overall, they are there active in doing the Lord's work and it's a place we can receive ministry rate. The fact that they may not know some of the ancient near Eastern background. Dr. Heiser is bringing or may not have the best expository method. This can be secondary, but if what's being put forward is sloppy. Overall, doctrinally sloppy, sloppy application, then that's not the place for you there be other better places.

But remember, the key thing is gone. What should be growing spiritually based on truth and it's that that you want to major on the majors make the main thing the main thing secondary and tertiary issues keep them in the right perspective. May the Lord guide you and thank you for the call. All right. Let's go over to an in huntress field North Carolina welcome Salina fire one of your friends up in the whole third grade advised that bump into you that I just wanted to talk to you and you gave me the best advice in terms of disagreeing in terms of the doctrine you said to yourself wondering what all you yeah just on my screen wrong but yet at the Huntersville whole foods. In fact, you have handled onto each other again because I am not adequately affect a riot limited cabin. I've been wanting to talk you, but could it with this question. Anyway, this is a very fast and I never get to call Michelle and I know this sounds ridiculous that I had I had talked another radio apologist you know who you know the Bible knowledge of him as saying Jesus was sprinkled by John not under the water and I and he was making it very significant and then and then I asked him I said how can in Matthew 315 and 16 it said when he had been baptized. He just came up immediately from the water. I mean one that there would be no reason for sprinkling sitting trying to make it very symbolic theirs. And here's what I love. You didn't mention who it was. So I can just give a really blunt answer without worrying about sunset. That's a good pattern to follow. Ask me the general question that say who said it this way. I've often worry about.

I want to embarrass this one.) I right right and I also still give you the truthful answer, but I more simply and bluntly okay so the practice of immersion in that day in the Jewish world was absolutely going on under the water. Now it was, not foreknowledge the way that were used to doing it worry you push the person back and and they stand up rather you would sell for mercy. So would be there with you and you squat down and going to the water and and come up.

That's the way it was done, but it was it was absolutely him.

It was it was known as immersion. It was ritual immersion and and and and backing it right right would make. This is the gathering of water.

That's all that means, but it's fee law, which would we would be the Hebrew equivalent of baptism is is a dipping and what she would go down and you would come up so those sprinkling is something that's later. It's mentioned in the.K in the in the early church.

So maybe early second century and if you didn't have a body of water to do it in or something, but especially in the river Jordan health and and you have even endless numbers of mixes that were available and we know again how was practice it was ritual immersion so I have no idea why they would make that a point of emphasis know if they if they want to say in certain situations where you couldn't immerse you could be spring on but this is not even even if that existed at that time separate question, but there's a reason for it because you're in the river Jordan yes so absolutely your point was right. He came out of the water because he went on under the water.

You call the right apologist on this one.

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