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TUE HR2 031522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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March 15, 2022 11:59 pm

TUE HR2 031522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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March 15, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to the podcast at Here's where it starts spinning out of control. Now I'm going to take a listen to some of what Steve Bannon's program. So he reacts to a breaking news of Saudi Arabia moving to the end video. They're moving away from our currency to China's. And boy this is going to have an effect Joe, a big time effect.

But you're not going to hear this on any of the fake news media. So after a century of dollar supremacy and global capital markets, Joe Biden has managed in one year to destroy the American financial supremacy in a little over one year. Now Saudi Arabia on Tuesday and the Ides of March announces considering accepting the Chinese yen instead of the US dollar in future transactions. This is a move Steve Bannon and the War Room have been warning about for the past year.

It will end up US dollar supremacy. Well that's one that they beat us on because we weren't on top of that one. At least I wasn't. So anyhow, let's see. We're going to go to that one here in a minute. So you ready for that clip?

Steve Bannon? Yeah, the 12 minute, yeah. Let the phones ring.

It's kind of a hard cut right there. Got to let this slowly just play out. Okay, breaking news. And I'm not making this up, Cortez.

Just happened as we went to commercial break. Wall Street Journal news exclusive, Middle East from Summer Said and Steve Kalin in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia headline, Saudi Arabia considers accepting yuan instead of dollars for Chinese oil sales. That would be the Chinese currency. Talks between Riyadh and Beijing have accelerated as the Saudi unhappiness grows with Washington. These guys owe their existence to the United States of America. Do they not, Steve Cortez?

They certainly do, but guess what? We're not going to get gratitude because they are gangsters, the royal family that controls Saudi Arabia in Riyadh. And by the way, this is a gangster move from a group of gangsters because we dared the world to get off of the dollar. We dared them how? By declaring war on Russia and specifically on the Russian people and weaponizing money. We are at war right now with Russia. We are not shooting yet. And I hope it doesn't come to that.

And if we cool down, it won't come to that. But we are at full scale economic war with the people of Russia. We are actively collapsing their currency, using the dollar as a weapon. But there's great risk to that. We dared the world to consider alternatives to get off the dollar.

And guess what? Right now, MBS and Saudi Arabia in a gangster move sees that King Dollar is wobbly and it looks like he's going to deliver a right cross knockout blow to the dollar. Here's why this matters to Americans way beyond foreign policy. Here's why it matters to your everyday life if you've never left the United States of America, if you don't care about other currencies. King Dollar is what has allowed the United States to finance what are nightmarish levels of deficits. We've effectively gotten away with it because of the global thirst for dollars. Because all transactions, whether it's an oil transaction between Saudi Arabia and China or an arms deal, whatever it is, all major transactions in the world occur in dollars. And the thirst for dollars means that there was an appetite for our outrageous amounts of debt. If that appetite starts to wane and eventually goes away, and it very well could, this country quickly becomes Argentina. We quickly enter a death spiral of debt and don't think it can happen here because Argentina was once a century ago a very wealthy, very advanced country on par, if not exceeding the United States in its prosperity. So it seems unthinkable, but it can happen after a after a century of dollar primacy in global capital markets. Joe Biden, in just over a year in office, is already dethroning King Dollar, and this matters to the lives of every single American. I think M1, I just want to go back and connect dots here about Beijing and the virus that came out of the PLA-controlled Wuhan lab.

On March, I think it was 8th to the 15th of 2020, we'd started the show a couple of months beforehand, when President Trump announced the emergency measures, right, for the CCP virus, for COVID-19. Total dollars in circulation, I think M1, correct, Steve, we can argue is M1 or M2, but I think M1, I think there were $5 trillion in M1, the money supply. I think it's $20 trillion today, or close to getting to $25 trillion. Let me repeat that, there were $5 trillion in March in their $20 trillion day.

I'm doing a special program with Birch Gold. I'll be announcing in the next couple of days about an announcement we've done called the End of the Dollar Empire. If little Nadia in Phoenix thinks because of no fault of her own, somebody works in a ceramic shop, right, probably for, I don't know, $5, $6 an hour, I don't know, but let's say she's not making $100,000 a year, that they double the price of her rent, but the 300 square feet that she feels safe in with the cat goes from, you know, what, $600 to what, $1,100 over $1,000 a month, and she spends her nights and she sits there and goes, I'm so embarrassed, I'm so humiliated, I'm thinking of sleeping in my car, but my sister won't let me, she'll take me in. That's the country we have today. Ma'am, when the CCP puts together the Eurasian landmass and they start getting the mullahs in Persia, that they've got the big output deal with oil, and they do the Saudi Arabia, and they get off the dollar, remember, it's the only export we have the world needs, right, they need the dollar. And I'm not justifying the system and how we got here, but we are where we are, and we can't, if we're not the prime reserve currency, those guys at 3 o'clock in the morning are not doing that, right?

You can't do that, you can't have these massive deficits. But is the country set up now to take that shock? Let me be brutally frank, we are not, okay? And this is 1,000% by the policy, by the great, deep thinkers from the University of Alabama, Joe Scarborough and all these geniuses up here on Capitol Hill and all the geniuses at the Fed and all the guys on Wall Street and all the corporations, they are burying this nation. And they are burying the people that make this nation great.

That's the working class and middle class in this country, okay? You're being destroyed. Remember that.

Write it down, embrace it. You have to, for a great, embrace the fact that you are being destroyed by their policies. You are a combatant in this. They're in economic warfare right now. They've swept all the reserves of the Russia. And by the way, the oligarchs, they're taking a yacht. They don't care. They're destroying the central bank. They're destroying the stock market came and opened.

They're trying to destroy the ruble to get the Russian people to revolt and have regime change. But there's blowback to that. This is all interconnected. And he will not, these guys right here, the Saudis on the cover of a landing magazine, right? They've got the absolute power, but they've got the absolute power not to take Joe Biden's phone call. Do you honestly expect me to believe that if Donald J. Trump was rightfully in there on the election that he won on the 3rd of November, the year of our Lord 2020, that we'd be anywhere near this chaos, this madness, this global anarchy? Oh, no, no, no, no. Biden's such a leader doing such a great job pulling the alliance together.

That's all funny, happy talk. This is the thing that matters. This is the signal.

And we're being destroyed moment by moment. And people in the world understand that the players in the world understand that. And I say these players are good guys. They're not good guys. They're very bad guys.

But the world is what the world is. OK, and we've been over there defending those guys for 40 or 50 years. Remember, God bless them. They helped us take down the Soviet Union when they pumped them, when we cut the deal with them.

President Reagan cut the deal. Just keep pumping and keep. What was it? Let me wait for it.

Oil prices down. Cortez, we're in very this is this is the entering the dark valley. This is where it starts to spin out of control. OK, Cortez, summary thoughts.

Steve, what you go to. Yes, you know, and this is important, right? Because of the critics on the left who try to say that we are somehow coddling these people. No, you're exactly right. These are vipers. OK, she MBS Putin. These are vipers and gangsters. The point is, American policy failures have emboldened and empowered the vipers to take significant actions against the United States. That is the point. And I'm not pro Putin.

I'm certainly not pro Xi or pro MBS. I am pro America. And the policy failures are emboldening and empowering all of them to take aggressive action against the United States.

And we need to recognize it and stand up against it and not de-escalate where we have no vital U.S. national interest. So please, to destroy, yeah, to destroy the Nazis, to destroy the Nazis, we partnered with Joe Stalin. There's no way he's Hitler on steroids.

OK, he's Hitler on steroids. OK, we partnered with him to destroy the Wehrmacht, destroy Germany. We we partnered with Mao Zedong. I would argue the greatest monster in a century of monsters, in a century of monsters. Mao's first among equals. He's worse than Hitler and Stalin combined. We partnered with him to bring down the Soviet Union. We've worked with bad hombres before. That's what being a great power is about.

So don't sit there and give me all your happy talk. These elites in this nation right now are actively destroying this nation right now and they're destroying the working people. Look at that woman out in Phoenix. She's doing everything she can do. She shows up at work every day at the ceramic shop.

Do you think we have to have a nation that she sits there and says, I feel worthless? It's not your fault. This is the outrage of this. Cortez, thank you very much. Appreciate it. What's your getter handle? You're still on Twitter, what's that? I'm still on Twitter at Cortez Steve, Cortez with an S, and also find me at the getter. I'm just at Steve. I have a brand new sub stack up on our garbage elite, our garbage ruling class. Please have a look.

Alrighty, we're back. Joe, let me ask you a question. If we had given just one half of that 85 billion that we gave to Afghanistan to fight against America, that 85 billion that Biden gave Afghanistan to fight against America, if we'd given half of that to the Ukraine, how do you think that would affect the war that's going on there? It would be a huge boon to Ukraine. Well, we had a lot of time to prepare to do something, but you got to remember, Biden leads from behind. So you always wait until the last minute to do something after it's really too late to have an effect. Headlines tonight in the news, Biden is going to get a lot more money, he's going to finally send some more weapons and supplies that are needed. Well, it's a little late in the game. It's hard to get things in. They've been bombing supply routes.

So this leading from behind assures basically that we're going to fail. And I need to correct you on something. I looked on my computer. Back in 2019, Saudi Arabia was threatening to sell its oil in other currencies because Washington was trying to pass a bill called NOPEC. And we talked about it on the radio. And NOPEC was a bill that would expose OPEC members to the United States antitrust lawsuits. This was a Reuters news story at the time. And the Reuters said that the Saudis said, hey, we're going to use the nuclear option, the ditching of the dollar. And that would undermine the currency status as the world's main reserve currency, reduce Washington's clout in global trade and weaken its ability to enforce sanctions on other nation states.

And the Saudis said that if NOPEC passed, that's the No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act, that would be the U.S. economy that would fall apart. And we did that story because I have it on my computer back in 2019. All right here. Adam from Chicago pledges $500. Thank you, Adam. Mark from Indiana pledges $88.

Thank you. Joel from Staten Island pledges $100. Anonymous from New Jersey pledges $150. Now, Anonymous from New Jersey wants us to pray for her nephew, Justin, that he doesn't wind up in foster care. And Rose in Long Island pledges $100.

Michael in San Diego pledges $200. OK, let's let's pray for Anonymous' nephew. Here's here's the prayer. Lord, we just we want to hold this up. We don't know all the situation. We don't know the family.

But they'll notice this. And anyhow, so we were we're asking you, Lord God, to place this this young man where you would have him be. We're asking you, Lord, to place him where you would have him to be. And this we ask in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen.

All right. So before we go too far, I'd like to add to what they were talking on that clip you played. You see, what else is going on is Saudi Arabia has also been talking with others and they've been talking with India. And actually Moscow and some other countries like Iran. And there is an emerging alliance coming. And this alliance has one thing in common.

They don't agree on almost anything, but they all have a vested vested interest in not operating in the U.S. dollars. And what's happened, you got to remember, we have this huge, huge national debt. We have devalued, deflated the American dollar over and over and over. And the only thing that's kept the dollar from crashing has been because everybody trusts the world, the U.S. military. And the world watched through our debacle in Afghanistan. So they don't really think much of our military anymore. They're watching how Biden led from behind in Ukraine, didn't plan ahead, didn't send weapons and training or do anything ahead of the Russian invasion much.

Now we're going to promise all kinds of things after the fact. So a lot of the world is moving towards siding with the remember the strong horse recourse in China. They are moving towards siding more with the strong horse because they see America now as losing power, losing status. And they are looking to China to be the world leader.

And that is scary. Well, they also realize what's happening here, you know, that we're coming up to midterms. They realize that if we get the Congress back and the Senate back, that, you know, I can tell you what they could do, Joe. If that happens, they could appoint President Trump to be speaker of the House.

That's not an elected position. And it's a very good possibility something like that would happen because our country is in such terrible shape. And if that happens, Biden would be impeached and and he would be out. And so that's a possibility. I mean, that is one of many things that could happen because and the rest of the world, they're watching this and they know that if we get Trump back in, we'll be a strong country again.

Right. This can be the problem can be fixed, especially if the people wake up and realize there's an old saying. All politics is local. It starts with we let the other side start controlling a lot of the politics.

Conservatives, Christians busy with church and other things didn't get really involved in politics like the left, like the progressives, like the woke generation. And we have to get our people into the local governments, into the city council, into the mayor's office and have a conservative police chiefs and sheriffs. We need to have our people in the we need to get about thirty eight hundred dollars. So we've got exactly about thirty two minutes to do that. OK. At eight eight eight two eight one one one zero. That's eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three. We got about 30. We need about thirty eight hundred dollars yet to raise. So, folks, again, eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three. We got to light up those phone lines. We're running out of time. We've got thirty one minutes now left to raise all that money.

And so there you go here, Joe. We've got Ukrainians seeking asylum tonight entry at the U.S. southern border due to covid-19. Several Ukrainians seeking assembly or asylum in the United States were turned away by U.S. Border Patrol officers due to the covid-19 policy made last twenty twenty. But now an interview with San Diego Union Tribune, a Ukrainian national. So filia fled a country together with her three children headed to the one heading to the one family she has outside of the Ukraine. And that is a U.S. citizen who lives in California now.

The 34 year old mother was denied entry to the U.S. twice due to the covid-19 policies. This brought confusion to the asylum seekers because Joe Biden had made an announcement. Welcome to Ukrainian refugees with open arms. He's like the other country in the world come across the border. Why would he stop the Ukrainian? Biden has opened the U.S. border to two million illegal aliens in one year without any I.D. or without any covid testing at all.

So U.S. border officials in San Diego Wednesday turned away Ukrainian families that were trying to seek asylum from the Russian invasion. There you go. Well, you know, it's like nothing they do is right. Nothing. You know, Joe Biden is known for never making a right decision. I mean, you had more politicians and actually people that claim to be friends of his. I mean, even Barack Obama said you can trust Joe to get it wrong on foreign policy every time.

So I'll tell you another one who a rhino folks that you never want to trust. And that's Lindsey Graham. Here's what he says. He says Biden is a good man, is as good a man as God ever created. That's it's a sin to lie. Lindsey Graham. The Bible says liars will have their place in Lake of Fire. Lindsey Graham.

Yeah, sure. He needs to go after anybody and everyone who tries to prop up Putin, says Lindsey Graham. And so he goes on to say here Monday and NFC's Fox friends, Senator Lindsey Graham called on President Joe Biden to go after anybody and everybody who who tries to pop up the war criminal.

That is Russian President Voldemort Putin. Listen, I trust Putin more than I trust Graham and I don't trust Putin at all. So to prevent China from partnering with Russia in an invasion on the Ukraine, Graham suggested sanctioning China. He also warned Russia taking over Ukraine would be a death sentence for Taiwan. Hey Joe, you don't think these people have money invested in the war machine, do you?

In the industrial, military industrial war machine? In Washington D.C. there's a lot of politicians whose salary is under $200,000 who in a few short years become millionaires. So they're making money other than their salary. Alright, Jonathan and David from Philly pledges $100. Curtis from Illinois pledges $100. James from Philly pledges $100.

Alright, thank you guys. Hey, we've got some news. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this one. USA Today picked, do you know who they picked for Woman of the Year? No, no, no, not who. What? What?

Yeah, what? Who? They picked Rachel Levine. Levine?

I'm not sure how she pronounced it. You see, he's a man. Biologically he's a man. He's a ugly, ugly woman.

I mean, that's his appearance. He's a man. And he was confirmed, according to MSN, by the Senate to be the Assistant Secretary of Health. And he was put on a list of honorees along with Melinda Gates, Simone Biles, and Kamala Harris, Woman of the Year. Oh, these people on the left are nuts.

I mean, Melinda Gates, Kamala Harris, and a man. And the man won. I have to laugh or you can cry over this.

It's so stupid, it's so wrong in every sense of the word, isn't it? Joe, I'm going to give you an education here. Joe, you can take someone like him or it, you can put them on a dress, you can put makeup on them.

Lipstick on a pig. Right, Joe. That does not turn a male into a female, Joe.

What it does, it turns a male into an absolute fool. Fool. Okay, because see, God, see, people are welcome to believe whatever they want, but the reality, see, when we come down to reality, God only gave us two genders. And God's got the final word on that.

I mean, that's the ultimate word. God has declared that there are only two genders, you see? And since God has declared that, Joe, that in a sense is reality. What God has declared is reality. So these people that do that, God has declared them to be fools.

They're fools. And so, listen. Listen, man, she's evil, or he, she, however the world wants to call him.

Just say it. He is evil. He was trained as a pediatrician. And when he was asked by our good Senator Rand Paul about, do you support the government intervening to override parents' consent to give a child puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and or amputation surgery of breasts and genitalia, she would, he would not answer the question. Levin did not answer.

Dodged every question. Now, here's a pediatrician, and as a pediatrician, she, he would not answer that question about, would you stop this child abuse if you're in power? And so you can see not just wrong, but, or, but plain evil. Well, they've wanted pedophilia for a long time. I mean, I gotta tell you, within the Democratic Communist Collective, they have, pedophilia is rapid.

Pedophilia is rapid within the Democratic Communist Collective, Joe. And so here, we've got Curtis from Illinois, he pledges 100, James from Philly, 100, and John from Parma, 125. God, we can thank you, but God can bless you. He says in scripture that if you support a ministry that you get to share in all the blessings of that ministry, and so, and this ministry has a prison ministry, King's Word School of the Bible, a trucking ministry, Right to Life ministry, several of the pastors involved have been in hospice, anything, and the radio ministry, of course, so anything that we do that blesses God, when you support this ministry, God himself has said you get to share in those blessings. So this is a way, when you help support us, that you can lay up some crowns and treasures in heaven. And God is, what is it in Luke, yeah, Luke 6, 38, God talks about, For with the measure that ye meet with all, it shall be measured to you again. He's trying to say, when you donate, when you give, he will make sure that you can keep on giving. If you're doing, if you're giving to the Lord's work, he will make sure that you are able to continue. Alright, Gail from Boston Pledges 100. Folks, that number again is 888-281-1110, 888-281-1110, or 888-677-9673, 888-877-9673.

Joe, listen. According to Paul Joseph Watson, 30% of Ukrainian refugees are actually from other countries. They're really not Ukrainian refugees at all. Around a third of Ukrainian refugees arriving in France are actually economic migrants, migrants from other areas of the world, mostly from North Africa and the Middle East, according to an investigation led by the newspaper Le Figaro. Over 5,000 refugees have already arrived in France from Ukraine, with some being transported by bus from Berlin and others arriving by rail and air. However, many of these arriving through official channels are being identified by the authorities as non-Ukrainians. So there you go.

You know that the war reporters were talking about mosques being shelled and burned, so if you have mosques, the Ukrainians had been what Russian Orthodox Church was all throughout Ukraine, and so you would have to have Muslims there to have mosques. Absolutely. Alrighty, we have the plot thickens, Joe. Hunter Biden investment firm funded Ukrainian biolabs. That's right, which we knew that along. In fact, we mentioned that somewhat last week now. Right, Hunter Biden again.

We do have a clip that we may play. Okay, I'll hear it in a little while whenever we get ready to do this, or we can fit it in, but we can have a clip that we can play, and it's about these biolabs, remember? Last Thursday, I believe it was, that was the breaking story on Tucker Carlson, but we had talked about that weeks ago, and here, because we knew that America had biolabs, and let's face it, these, Joe, are bioweapon labs, they're bioweapon labs now, and here's the irony that all over the fake news media, they were talking about, well, you know, Russia is known for doing whatever they're accusing other people of doing. That, if that holds more to the deathocratic communist collective here in America than anybody in the world, no one has done that more than the deathocratic collective communist party here in America, so.

Well, at least they're equal to all the other liars out there in the world. Yeah, and so, and so I think when we get a chance, but, an investment firm founded by Hunter Biden was discovered to have provided funding to U.S. biological weapon laboratories in Ukraine. The revelation came amid U.S. officials initially denying and eventually admitting the presence of such facilities in the besieged country. According to Gateway Pundit Investment Company, Rosemont Seneca Technology Partners funded San Francisco-based Metabiota as early as 2014. RSTP's website also showed Metabiota as one of the companies it has invested in.

Metabiota then partnered with Black & Vic. They take a company which ties to the Department of Defense to set up labs in Ukraine. It's unbelievable. In fact, I believe our military has set up labs in 25 different countries.

Something like that. Well, we know, finally, the left was, you listened to the left news, they were all denying, denying, denying that these labs existed, but the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, admitted the labs exist. The U.S. State Department admitted it, the Defense Department, and the Pentagon. I looked at all three sources, they all come out and admitted there were these labs. And then they tried to fudge and, well, there were some old Soviet-era labs that had biological weapons that were left. Well, if they were left and they were sitting there all these years since the Soviets left, why wasn't something done for us to come in and take these labs and destroy the things that were in it if it's so dangerous? So many questions come up, the stupidity of this, if there were these old labs. And I think what happened, we took them over, the real truth, like you said, we took them over and started running the research labs with anthrax and botulism and all these other pathogens. And who knows what else was there left by the Soviets.

In Ukraine, they were using these labs and they were using experiments on Ukrainian soldiers. Now, Joe, you mentioned Sullivan. Do you know what he was famous for? He was one of those, a deep state that said the evidence was unmistakable, it was proof positive that Trump was involved with Russia, Russia, Russia, Russia. Russia collusion.

Right. And so Sullivan was a proven liar. I mean, it seems like that, you know, I mean, he was promoted to be the national security adviser because he lied and lied and got caught and he kept the lie going. So that's how they reward people that lie for them. That's that's what you can expect.

They promote them. All righty. Here we've got an update.

Let's see. Right now we need approximately three thousand two hundred. We're down to three thousand two hundred dollars we need.

And we've got oh boy, we've only got 16 minutes to raise three thousand two hundred. We're going to have to just ask the listeners out there to perfectly consider. A lot of people have listened to this show and, you know, radio's free and, you know, you don't have to pay anything for radio. But like I said earlier, we don't advertise, we don't sell things. We have this partnership with you, the listener, and your donations pay the bills. And that way we're not counting on sponsors of people who get scared when we tell the truth. We say something that's not politically correct when we offend the liberals by calling the sodomites a sodomite.

You know, things like that. And there are some of you out there that have never donated. And this is a time to stand up. We are in the craziest times that I've seen in my life and I know Pastor Ernie would agree with me. Things are happening fast, they're crazy, and you need the voice of the Christian resistance more than ever. And we do not want during these times to have to go off the stations and not be the purveyor of the gospel truth. Joe, okay, I'll get the numbers out and then we have an article here.

888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673. New life insurance data from Adrian shows an increase of over 258% in benefit payouts in post-vaccine 2021 versus the year earlier. Okay, so here... More of the vaccines were really heavily given, right? During the first nine months of 2021, the global life insurance industry was hit with Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 claims, totaling $5.5 billion compared to $3.5 billion for the entirety of 2020, okay?

The figures were even worse in the United States. However, according to Dutch insurance, Adrian, which conducts two-thirds of its business in the United States, claims that during the third quarter of 2021, we're 111 million up from 31 million a year earlier. This represents more than a 258% increase. Numerous other insurance carriers, including MetLife and Prudential Financial, were reporting similar increases. Many of them said they were forced to burn through far more cash than planned, cutting into the capital they set aside to ensure solvency. South Africa's old mutual, for instance, used up more of its plandemic provisions to pay claims. Reinsure Munich also had to raise its 2021 estimate of COVID-19 life and health claims from 400 million euros to 600 million euros. Related, another insurance company, One America, reported a 40% increase in death claims after the vaccines were introduced.

A 40% increase in death claims, Joe. We've been telling people and telling people and telling people. Here it is, folks.

Over just when COVID was rampant and they hadn't gotten the vaccine out, so there are more people dying with the vaccine than without. All right, let's see. Where do we leave off? Was it Gail in Boston? I think Gail in Boston pledges 100. Jody in Texas pledges 100. Nancy in Illinois pledges 35.

Christine in Colorado pledges 800. Thank you, Christine. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you, Jody. Thank you, Gail.

Robert and Angelita Taylor. Oh, wait. Robert and Angelita from Philly pledges 100. All right, folks, so I take it you've got some bad penmanship to have to read. Well, he's he's on the phone and he's he's he's he's doing the best he can to take this up as we're kind of we're short one person here tonight. Now, this puts us down to where approximately we approximately need 1900. We need 1900. We've got somebody out there that could write us a two thousand dollar check and fix the problem.

And I'm just hoping God lays it on somebody's heart, somebody that has a professional practice, a business. I don't know, maybe in the music industry, entertainment industry, and the sports world could do that, right? Right. Genocide U.S. run bio labs in Ukraine have been building the bio weapons targeting certain ethnic groups after harvesting DNA from Russians. Has the Pentagon been spending until millions of American dollars to build race specific bio weapons in Ukraine?

The Chinese are doing it in China. So why wouldn't we be countering the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation says it has proof positive. In a recent announcement, Igor Korolev, head of the nuclear, biological and chemical protection troops of the Russians Armed Forces, revealed that the United States military industrial complex. Yeah, we know a lot about them, don't we? Not only had been conducting that coronavirus related experiments in Ukraine, according to uncovered evidence, but has also been trying to develop bio weapons that selectively target ethnicities. Okay. Yes. And under all the guise of research, the available documents confirm numerous cases of the transfer of biological samples of Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Korolev stated with a high degree of probability, we can say that one of the tasks of the United States and its allies is the creation of bio gents that can selectively affect various ethnic groups of the population. We've known about that, too. All right, let me see what where do we leave off here? Okay, that's in New Jersey pledges 150. Dan in Indiana pledges 120. We're getting down there, folks.

Well, I've got some good news. We know according to the Daily Signal news that Joe Biden's Solicitor General, Elizabeth Pre-Logar, was arguing the abortion business against the Mississippi State endorsed abortion limits, and she was being grilled. And she was talking about how this is a right, so fundamental, this right to abortion, which, you know, we can't find the Constitution.

But anyway, she said this right is grounded. And then she said the right of a woman to be able to control without the state forcing her to continue a pregnancy, whether to carry that baby to term. Oh, because the left has now admitted that the real issue is whether or not you can kill a baby, not a fetus. Well, really, a fetus, folks, is the Latin word for baby, but they try to make it sound like a fetus is something less than human. And we know going back to Roe v. Wade, if you remember, Pastor Ernie, they said if you ever acknowledge that that child in the womb was human, was a real baby, it would kind of really mess up the ruling of Roe v. Wade. In fact, remember, it was abortionist Bernard Nathanson who abandoned his whole abortion business, where they performed what was 75,000 procedures, because the information available... 75,000 murders.

See, that's the word they gave you. When you kill a baby, God says it's murder. See, God has ruled that when you kill a baby, it's murder.

You can use any other term you want, you could use procedure, but God has ruled it is murder. Well, the point I was trying to make, this great, this abortionist, he saw these ultrasounds realized to himself. This was a child, a baby. They were killing babies, murdering babies. He quit the business, became pro-life.

And now they are, they slipped and called. This whole thing was about whether a woman had to carry a baby to term or whether she could kill. So it came down to, you know, is that baby a human being? And if that baby is a human being, then it is Constitution guarantees what?

Right to life. Okay, Joe, I'm going to announce something that this, this is information that is just mind boggling. Okay, and I know I've done some research.

All right. And Joe, in all of known history, there has never been a woman that has given birth to anything other than a baby human. Wow. Joe, I know this never, never women will always give birth to babies. Joe. No, even in Philadelphia, even in Washington, DC, you know, it's always a baby.

That means the thing in contention in his location of the baby right now. Uh, let's say Ken from Missouri pledges 1000, 1000 anonymous from Massachusetts pledges 100. We need approximately $600. We've got five minutes, and we need approximately $600 to make our goal. We are 600 short out there to make our goal. So we need six people to pledge 100 or one person to pledge 600. So there you go, folks. We got to make our goal tonight for a whole bunch of people to pledge 20.

Okay, so people out there the $20 is a lot and we appreciate every one of those. We are 600 short at 888-281-1110. That's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. We have after tonight we have approximately about five hours left in this week to raise enough money to stay on for another whole month and hopefully not go off any station. So right. And it's always a battle. Whenever we've lost a station, we have never been able to get one back, have we?

No. China joins calls for US to provide a full account of its bioweapon research activities. China is demanding that the United States provide a full accounting of all its US-backed biomilitary activities in Ukraine. During a news conference in Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Zol Leon echoed Russian allegations regarding US involvement in developing bioweapons in laboratories in Ukraine. One of the things that the Chinese media, the Russian media, and the American media has in common is you can't hardly believe any of what they say.

And they mix just a little bit of truth in there. According to the data released by the US itself, the US has 26 biological laboratories and other related facilities in the Ukraine which has indeed affected great attention. They've also got biolabs in 25 different countries. All dangerous pathogens in Ukraine must be stored in these labs and all research activities are led by the US side. Without US approval, no information shall be released to the public.

I also add that the US has a total of 336 biological research laboratories according to China in 30 countries, including Ukraine. Okay, we are running down. Let me see. We have anonymous from Massachusetts pledges 100 and Tom and Michigan pledges 45. We're getting closer to it. I think we're down to about $500. We need about $500. But we've only got about three minutes left to get that $500.

That's way over $100 a minute. We've got to make it. We need about $300 at 888-281-1110. And all right, we're down. Joe, I'm going to give you a whole five minutes to give an invitation. And while Joe's given an invitation folks, we still have time to get that that in.

So go ahead, Joe. All right, Jesus in John chapter 14 verse 6 said, I am the way the truth and the life. No man cometh unto the Father, but by me, no man can get to God, unless he goes through God's Son, Jesus Christ. God sent Jesus to be the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world. He sent Jesus here to be the propitiation for our sins. Our Lord Jesus came, went to the cross at Calvary, and it was like on his sinless, spotless soul. The sins of the world were tacked on his soul, where God couldn't even set his eyes on Jesus on the cross, had to look away from the sin. Jesus suffered more than anyone ever has suffered. Any human being has ever suffered, not just the physical pain of the beating, the scourging, the carrying the cross, the crucifixion, but the emotional pain of having on a sinless soul, all those horrible sins of guilt, lying, cheating, stealing, killing, mayhem, rape, you name it.

He had to bear them on the cross on that soul of his. Now, he's the only way to the Father, so if you want to get to God and you want to have eternal life and go to heaven, then you have to accept Christ's sacrifice on the cross. You have to call upon God, and you have to, from your heart, not just say a bunch of words, but from your heart, repent that your sins, you're sorry that your sins placed his son upon that cross, that he had to come and die for you, for me, but this is personal to you. What each person has to find is to go to the Lord himself.

Nobody else can help you with that repentant heart. Ask God to forgive you those sins, and then you turn and you ask Jesus to become Lord of your life. He's the Great Shepherd, to be Lord of your life, that you want him without any reservation, without any hesitation, and that you want him to send you the Holy Spirit, that down payment on eternal life, that indwelling, because Jesus said, I am in the Father, the Father in me, and I am in you, in the born-again believer. He is in us through the power of the Holy Spirit, and when we complete this, accepting Jesus, we become a born-again believer. We become a new creature, or God calls it a new creation, a new spiritual being.

We become a son or daughter of God himself, a joint heir with Jesus, an everlasting life. Jesus, in fact, if you think about it, the first word he said in his ministry, when he started his ministry, was repent, the very first word. The most important word in scripture, repent of your sins to be saved, and the only way you can do that is to call upon God for forgiveness of those sins. Jesus said, if you confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in thine heart that God has raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. And you want to do that, folks, because you will never ever do anything that could come anywhere close to meaning as much to you as that. The bottom line, God has said it. God made it very, very clear, okay, you're going to die, and when that happens, you're going to go to heaven or hell, there's no in-between. God has said this, God has already ruled on this, so you do it.

Pray to the Father, ask for forgiveness of your sins, ask the Lord Jesus to be Lord of your life all of your life, and you will become a new creature. You have God's word on that. Now, Dan from Indiana pledges 20, Annie from Maple Heights 40, Andrea from Illinois is 200, and Leonard from New Jersey pledges 100. So we've got to be very, very close to our goal for tonight. Very close. Okay, and so until tomorrow, good night, God bless, and always, always keep fighting the fight! The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries and is responsible for its content.
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