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March 10, 2022 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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March 10, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast today. Our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all may know Christ. Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, verse 15 of Luke chapter 14 and that's where the meat of what were going to be preaching about today takes place want to give you if I can just some brief history about this chapter this morning were to speak on the subject, compelled and commanded and in this chapter is a story about a great feast, a parable and believe there's a number of things for us to learn from this. Today, but Luke chapter 14 is a chapter of about hypocrisy. It is amazing to me how much time Jesus spoke about. Spent time on war and preached against hypocrisy while he was here on earth. It is mesmerizing because it seemed everywhere Jesus went all the good he was trying to do for people. The ones that were against him were not the sinners. It wasn't the bar crowd. It wasn't the partiers the drinkers.

It was the religious hypocrites. It was the Pharisees and the Sadducees, and and everywhere he went, they were the ones trying to stop what he wanted to do and it makes me think sometimes if us religious people. If we often don't stop more of what God wants to do then encourage it. But in this chapter is a chapter about hypocrisy. And let me tell you why the first verse of Luke chapter 14 you're there you can look at this as him as him explain this to you, Jesus was invited into the home of one of the chief Pharisees. Now, it was common for teachers or profits as they would call them in those days, and teachers to be invited home for a meal after services. They didn't have you know, cafeterias and things like we did in restaurants and different things of that nature. And so oftentimes they would be invited home after church, much like in our area. Sometimes the preachers invited to eat after that somebody's house or something.

After church on Sunday but this was not a time for hospitality. This was an occasion for hypocrisy because they had an agenda for inviting Jesus over to this chief priest house. In fact they had placed there a man or invited a man that verse two of this chapter says that this man had a condition called dropsy know many of you, this might be the first time you have really taken notice of this in chapter 14. If you'll notice that in verse two says, behold, there was a certain man before him, which had the dropsy know he did say he had a tipsy some of you have that you had the dropsy and they had placed that man there as an occasion to try to snag Jesus they had purposely put him there.

They invited Jesus over acting all friendly and loving it take over want to give you a meal and then they found this man with his condition of dropsy and they placed them there so that there is no way he could have been missed. Jesus had to come in contact with him know what is dropsy well dropsy is a condition which it affects the really the tissues of the body, they begin to retain water and it's caused by problems with the heart problems with the kidneys and problems with the liver.

In this day. This condition of dropsy was untreatable and it was an incurable condition and these Pharisees thought.

Now we are going to get him where did I invite him over. Listen, of all days on the Sabbath and after last week, you should know which day was this Saturday made invited them over on the Sabbath and they were going to have them for a meal. Remember, the wall said that remember the Sabbath keep it holy.

And you couldn't do work and you could do different things and they thought here that they were to get Jesus in an a in a position in here was a position as Jesus comes across this man with this incurable disease if he didn't heal him, they would say that he is uncompassionate this season of fake and he can heal but if he did heal him on the Sabbath. They were going to point out that he had broken the law. Either way they were going to get him today and by the way about that law was punishable by death so they could way. They had this whole thing lined up. What is interesting is that they asked Jesus as this man was there. They asked him if it was a lawful and they knew it wasn't. But then Jesus turns the question around, and he looks at them and he says, is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath day. And then Jesus turned around and healed that sick man and send him on his way and they had absolutely nothing to say because Jesus use the scenario that if you have oxen and and and not one of them falls there in trouble, or they're gonna die that day, aren't you going to go and pull them out of the ditch and different things and so Jesus turned the whole thing around on them. Not only did he turn around on them, but he healed the man and that just like Jesus and of the innocent person this whole thing was a man with a dropsy. He's one had an incurable disease and they used him for a bait and Jesus knew it, and he turned the whole thing on any heal that man would just love to see some of the stuff as Jesus walked away quietly. I would go up to the face of the Pharisees and of takeback. That's what I would do. But Jesus didn't do that. Then in verse five you dropped the mic that would be good when healing my theory. Why would he have a mic in Bible days there were no mics drop a rocker so I don't know what he would do in verse five something interesting happens here, Jesus exposed the hypocrisy of their heart. He reminded them how they would go out of their way for certain things on the Sabbath, but yet they would go out of their way to help people in verse six they had no answer for him and then he goes on in verse seven, the 14 and he shares a couple of parables, and in these parables, he designed them to teach these men how they had a hard heart than what true humility wasn't then in verses 12 to 14 he encourages them to reach out to people that can't return the favor and they don't have anything that can help them. But how you're supposed to help people that can help you.

And that leads us to our verses in verse 15 Milligan verse 15 if you will notice this parable and when one of them that sat at meat with him whose him. Jesus one of these Pharisees that sat with him heard these things, he said on him.

Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God. You think about arrogance he hears these Pharisees that just tried to trick Jesus.

Now he begins to talk as if they were going to be one of the chosen ones that get to sit and eat and break bread in heaven surely were going to heaven. Why because the Jewish people were the chosen people only thought what were the chosen people. It's okay we get to finally break bread in heaven were going to be there, and Jesus knew they weren't in verse 16 then said he unto him, he answered them with a parable, a certain man made a great supper invade many or ask big many to come, obviously, and sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden come for all things are now ready and they all with one consent began to make excuses. The first set under him. I have bought a piece of ground that I must needs go and see it. I pray the have me excused. What a flimsy excuse.

Verse 19 and another set I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them.

I pray the have me excused. While the just get better. Aren't they. Verse 20 the only person I think that had any kind of merit in another set I have married a wife he could to stop right there. We would all been well I understand that's okay I have married a wife and therefore I cannot come with interesting he didn't really explain what it was this done really matter, does it it married. I can't okay we understand like if you would ever 21 so that servant came and showed his lower these things then the master of the house notices being angry, said to his servant go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in hither the poor and the main and the halt in the blind and the servant said, Lord, it is done is that has commanded. And yet there is room. The Lord said into the servant go out of the highways and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled for I say unto you, that none of those men which were bidden shall taste my supper. The man that had just told Jesus that I'm going to be breaking bread in heaven.

Amazingly, Jesus ends that parable with none of those men which were bidden shall taste of my supper, or we need your help today.

Please help us Lord I pray as Jesus use this opportunity to confront the hypocrisy of the Jews he use this story to remind us of his mission. He use this story to remind us that he was on a mission for the souls of lost men and women Lord he commanded us to join that mission.

Lord I pray that you would help us today as we realize that we have been compelled and commanded whatever you help me this morning to be very clear in Jesus name, amen. Number one, as we just try to explain the story and get right to the meat of the matter and let you go home this morning and what you notice number one. The invitation extended verse 16 and 17 then said he unto him a certain man made a great supper and bade many number one I want you to notice the splendor of this event. We are told that it was going to be a great supper.

What is interesting. The Bible says that one by one to begin to make excuse and yet they're only whirling told of three individuals that were coming now that let's me know this that these three guys they gave excuse why they were coming either of the Bible aligned semi-a really basically have 33 individuals coming in maybe their wives that you know that wasn't really a very big supper or the Bible just gives us three examples of many people that gave excuse, and I believe that's the case, and let me just say that there are a lot of excuses that people give to reject Christ. The Bible just gives us three of them, but maybe the Bible gives us three of them because there's a reason and because maybe these three have some things in common. The splendor of this event. It was going to be great. It was going to be lavish. This was a wealthy individual and he had pulled out all the stops by the way, this was basically entertainment in these days and I was you have a big thing in your house and then you would invite certain people. What you know to secondly the scope of this event.

The Bible says that he bade many now doesn't mean that there is just many of all kinds of people.

He bade many of a certain kind of individuals.

You see, because he was having this great supper.

It was a very well-planned event. The people that were invited to this event were the cream of the crop. So how do we know that because we know from the three individuals that gave their responses that they were business owners that they were wealthy individuals want to bond property one had bought Noxon the other obviously was a wimp and so we we talk about those three things, and so we know that this was the cream of the crop they were rich. They were influential they were the movers and shakers of this day and time. They were the Who's Who of the Who's Who everyone that was anyone would've been invited to come in Jesus, by the way is using this feast to illustrate God's kingdom. For those who will attend the Lord's feast in heaven.

It will be an event so grand and so glorious that you and I cannot with our earthly minds comprehend what heaven is going to be like what you know to secondly the invitation excuses verse 18 in they all with one consent began to make excuse and we've given you these excuses and I've gone through the three of these and let me just explain something to you this morning of feast of this magnitude when it was planned in this day and time. It was not a spur of the moment event. They didn't just decide, hey work of us have a big does have a big shindig tomorrow night and will just run over to Harris Teeter or Lowe's or some like that would just get all the stuff and you know we don't have a lot of times will just go to so and so will just get some ribs are already cooked people get some barbecue and different things. They didn't have those resources in front of them in and they didn't have those opportunities.

So for somebody to have a big meal. It was planned months in advance. The food had to be prepared. The food had to be gotten it for it had it had to be gone after they had to gather things together. Not only that they didn't have cell phones to call somebody and say hey listen to you to come they didn't have that mail system where you know maybe they send a note and you just check here if you're to come and send it back. I mean, it was word-of-mouth and they had arrived in these areas and and find out from individual so these invitations have been given months in advance and these individuals for months. Had told them that they were coming so this guy put all this money almost planning all these people had all this time and they said they were going to come so the maid and put all the money he had made all the preparation and all the revision and now it was ready.

The time was there and then they began to make that they couldn't come. The invitation excuses. By the way, let me just say this, for those of you that like to study the Bible, one of the things that Jesus is making a point about right here is the nation of Israel.

Israel was the chosen people. That is who God obviously had given the invitation to they were the cream of the crop as far as God had was concerned because of the fact that the lineage of his son would come through the Jewish people and so Israel was the chosen people. And yet when Jesus came to them. They rejected him. I love about this story is that when the cream of the crop rejected.

Then he began to invite everyone else. And even though the chosen people rejected Jesus when he came he made it available for Jew, Gentile, black, white, it doesn't matter what color we are. He is made salvation available to us how wonderful this is also an application to the fact of grace as this individual has all these people that didn't come in. He extends an invitation to all those who weren't originally invited. That's what grace is all about. This man has his riches and he wants to make it available to anybody that will come. You know what that that that's what grace from God is like. The fact is that you and I don't deserve it.

We haven't done anything to earn it, but he is made, grace available to anybody.

That'll, what you notice first the excuse of possessions.

Bible says this man had purchased a piece of property. What is interesting about this and I know you all aware this a market to belabor the point but who buys property without seeing it misguided and say I'm interested in piece of property on the go look at it before I buy it because I bought a piece of property, and I want to go see sure that's the case I got some oceanfront property in Florida want to sell him who does that. It was amazing that this man use the thing of possessions to say no to God this man and his excuse picture literally a sinner who is materially minded and he refuses God because of all the world has to offer possessions you know a lot of times that possessions can keep individuals out of heaven. Reminds me of the rich young ruler, they came to Jesus and Jesus told him all the things he says you know it what it is to be a follower of Jesus SL all that thou hast, and follow me. The Bible says that that phrase saddened that young man because he had a lot of possession you. A lot of people don't serve God because of her friends can accost them too much. I was a youth pastor for a number of years and I preached numerous youth camps, youth conferences, Christian schools, youth, revivals for a number of those 10 years when I was in evangelism probably have my year was preaching the young people different things and offered more kids talk about the fact well you know I like good maple Christian college or maybe I'd like to do this ago but I just don't think you can make enough money doing that I got my dreams I want I want I want to but I want to be wealthy, and I wanted dear friend, I would say some possessions can keep you out of heaven.

Bible talks about a person that the Bible calls a rich fool in this rich fool had all this Barnes and add land and property and had so many things. The Bible says that he would walk around his property and he would look at his barns were full. He would take inventory of all the things all the income and the outgo and all the expenditures and he would sit at night and look at his desk and he would sit back and think men how wonderful how wet how great it is to have all these possessions and in that very passage, God says that to that individual, thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of the men who show all these things to be all these possessions you worked hard for their knocking to do one thing for you in eternity. This man said no to the feast of all feasts because of possessions when she notice second excuse was given was the excuse of profession. This man basically says that he had bombed 10 oxen in the head and try them out and he wanted to try these oxen out because that was his line of work. It he wanted to make sure that they were working the way that they should, so I can't come to the property because you know this is my business and this is what I'm doing and I went to go get these oxen make sure that they're working correctly and you think about this what it it is meant couldn't of been much of a businessman if he's telling the truth that he would buy all these oxen without even looking at them or testing them first. He was trying to get ahead in the world.

Of course, is excuses a lame one it best to buys oxen without trying them out. Not only that, secondly who buys oxen and tries them out at night. How could you tell if they plowed great pitch black dark go through a young they did a great job you can't see anything. How do you know makes no sense whatsoever. This man and his excuse. Picture a sinner, that's a little bit different as a lot of us that are just like this guy. They allow their occupation, their business and their pursuit of getting ahead to keep them from having time for God. How many times do I know people because they want a bigger house, or a nicer car or more toys for the kids or to be able to go on nicer trips with the family. They will sacrifice a relationship with God and time in God's house and even time with her own family to get ahead in the world. The feast is should of been the thing that was most important and yet apparently everything else was more important to this man. There is nothing wrong with working and there is nothing wrong with making money.

But when those things become ahead of God.

And when they take the place of family, then those things are wrong. God doesn't give people jobs to take them away from God. The third excuse is this excuse of personal relationships. This man was a newlywed that we can understand that he wanted to spend time with his new bride, but yet I want you to understand something that weddings in the Middle East were extravagant events that had been planned for months. This man knew about the wedding and knew that he would have a new bride way back at the time were he told this man that he would come to his dinner so he knew all this was going to transpire and he knew about the wedding when he accepted the invitation to the feast, but this man placed his personal relationships ahead of the picture of God in this passage knows a lot of people won't come to Christ because they're afraid of what their friends or family might think a lot of people come to Christ and they will accept the invitation to his feast because they're afraid of what others might think or say or what the buddies at work might think if they quit telling those jokes and they quit talking about those things and all of a sudden at the family realizes that now are faithful to church and we give the church and we tie the church in modern times people that their excuse is personal relationships I've seen over the over the years.

By the way, listen to me. I've seen wives come and pray that God somehow would fix their husbands and change the hearts of their husbands so that they'll come to church and I have over the years seen were God finally did put the heart of those husbands and those husbands came to church and when those husbands came to church. They became much more active much more faithful much more into church in the wives ended up presenting it personal relationships. People still make excuses in our day they come up with reasons and things why they can't come to church and why they don't have time for God and why it's not time to get right with God. Yet, and yet those excuses are as lame as these are because in the picture of this story and in life in general. There is nothing in your life or my life more important that our relationship with God different. Your kids are more important than your relationship with God, nothing is more important than that the invitation extended the invitation excuses.

I want you to notice number three.

The invitation expanded look. If you would. Verse 21.

If you will, and I love this so that servant came and showed his Lord these things, he came back and said these are the excuses they've given him enough. Let me let you notice on the road quickly.

These people did not give these excuses to the master they gave the excuses to the servant that came to their house to get them for the fees. While people give excuses to the pastor and as a pastor. A lot of times you have to act like it's okay is there to be mad if you act at all like we not only get it right.

We know it. I know that's where you went but you should of been a church can do that as a pastor. So a lot of times they give the excuse to the servant but different.

You gotta worry more about when you give that excuse to the master that really matter what the servant thinks the Masters, the one that's in charge, so the server comes back and he tells the master everything that it happily. Verse 21 than the master of the house being angry now. This passage is a picture of of God and obviously God is extended this feast through his son Jesus Christ and so were told here that when you reject Christ, and were always told about how God is love and and and how God is long-suffering and God is merciful, all the things and I'm here to tell you that is exactly right. But I'm to tell you something about God that is also true that God is a holy God. He's a just God and he gets angry, and you can make all the excuses you want to make. Why Junior was doing this while I was stressed out over here and I was tired. Here you can make all the excuses you want to do God, the Bible says that God is just. God is holy and God gets angry when we reject him here. The master is angry. Notice if you would.

Verse 21 he said to his servant go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in Hitler the poor and the maimed and the halt and the blind, the invitation is suddenly expanded. I've got all this. Nobody wants, so I'm going to send out my servant and invite anybody that wants it they can come get it.

You know God knew when he sent Jesus into the world that his offer of salvation would be rejected by the nation of Israel. He knew that he also knew that the poor and the diseased and the downcast and the downtrodden would come to Jesus the ones that needed him. He also knew that the rich and the powerful and the religious would not come to Jesus. God invited his people to come just as he told him he would, but when they refused. He expanded his invitation, and the Bible puts it this way whosoever will may come to you different. Jesus wants you. You have been invited was take a few minutes to look at this expansion that took place. What you notice under this verse we see that the expansion was critical to see the master of this feats this feast, he sends out a servant, and he tells him to quickly quickly find enough people to come and fill his house there is a sense of urgency and haste in this command. It is urgent that a multitude be found because the feast was ready and the food would spoil in a short period of time and the master knows that is a short period of time that is gotta get people in his house so he tells the servant go out and quickly find them want to know something the Lord knows as well that our time is short. People all around us live like they're going to live forever, but they're not just not the case.

Our lives are short. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast.

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