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Do You Know What Your Children and Grandchildren Are Being Taught in School About Sex?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes
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March 2, 2022 5:00 am

Do You Know What Your Children and Grandchildren Are Being Taught in School About Sex?

The Christian Perspective / Chris Hughes

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March 2, 2022 5:00 am

Chris Hughes digs deep and uncovers what is being taught in America’s schools. Chris describes the Common Sexuality Education Curriculum and the damage that it is doing to our children.

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Here is the founder and assuming America foundation, Dr. Chris, have you heard about welding curriculum today and even in some private revelation in our world. We are about to all encourage you to go get the paper all your friends and family who have kids there to be shocked by what I meant to share with you today.

I'm Chris you the work of the Christian perspective, are we looking God's word in order to develop a Christian worldview and modern culture.

Now when you give this morning several times year before we kick off this show is to be at different data show today.

You're going to want to cover the ears of your Little wonder, maybe have them leave the room to cover some topics today.

Their sexual topics and some of what I want to be sharing with you may not be appropriate for the ears of little ones so you might want to have your young ones leave the room for the next hour until we get back to this online. Special thanks to the citizens of America foundation for sponsoring our show and also want to thank Mid-America college and Mid-America Baptist theological seminary for being the home of the Christian perspective studios. If you're looking for college.

Number encourage you take a look at college Mid-America. It's in Memphis Tennessee. Great Christian school and maybe you knew Bonilla and the business world for years or whatever may be decided, you like to learn more about God's word. I encourage you to look at Mid-America Baptist theological seminary school where you can get a sound and biblical education. We can learn what God's word says learn what you believe and why you believe it and really they stress the importance of evangelism and reaching the lost world for Jesus to know that you will check out Mid-America Baptist theological seminary. Okay folks well I gave you limited time there and and again I want to tell you that I might be sharing some graphic details of what's being taught our children schools across the nation and I want you to know that this material is shocking and it should be shocking before you get mad at me for talking about a topic like this on the radio and in specifically to a Christian audience, you need to know what I'm going to discuss today and that these issues are being discussed with five and six-year-old in public schools across the nation today so we start emailing me and get all worked up about what the world are you talking about this on the radio. Chris talking about it because it's a reality what's going on. Our culture many parents and grandparents are blind what's being taught in public schools, even though during COBIT at unit during that time of COBIT kids were sent home and we learn more about the curriculum. Probably you probably more than we wanted. We have a responsibility as parents know what's being taught our kids. We need to understand what they're learning so we can you make decisions about was this really where we want our kids to go to school do we want to homeschool or do we want to go get involved in the Board of Education or school board in our community and elect godly men and women will help steer the curriculum being taught in our schools. Do we will be part of PTO or some kind parent organization each year is reviewing curriculum in each and everyone school. I was talking just yesterday to a mom who is running for school board and in the county where I live in North Carolina. I live up in the northwestern part of North Carolina mountains of North Carolina and a concerned mom just so all that was going on in society. Leisure decided what I need to get engaged so she is forming parent groups throughout our community, and you don't have to be a candidate y'all to do this. Many of you to do the same thing every church I want to have a committee to does this work they put together groups of concerned parents who are volunteering about is gonna volunteer me to go to each school and review the curriculum before the semester begins in the fall and preparing to do that right now okay stop installing a little bit, give you one more disclaimer, you may not want young children to hear my conversation today, unless you want to be answering some questions around the dinner table and I about sexual topics.

Okay even fairly worn now were to jump into it because today were talking about curriculum is being taught not just public schools but even some private you believe even some Christian schools around the country today when I look around our nation today, in particular Christian schools almost feel like I'm having to become like a modern-day Paul Revere because what to do today scream at you that we need to wake up and remember Paul Revere glide through the night with his hair blowing to the waiting folktales blowing his horse clambered across the countryside in Massachusetts and he was warning people that they needed to wake up to an impending danger.

That's what I'm doing on the Christian perspective, the days I'm telling you is parent and grandparent that we need to wake up and see what all our culture today. Not just what's going on TV and movie theaters and computers.

All the many things we talk about on the show but we also need to wake up as we need to realize what's happening in our schools across the country and we need to engage the culture take a stand for Jesus Christ impact the culture for Jesus, Paul Revere. Today we illicitly show but I want you to know that I have a deep burden and a passion. My heart to wake up everyone that I see and to warn them and tell them that we need to wake up. That's really what we have citizens for America foundation, of which I'm a part of the culture engagement. So, as it were sponsoring cross-country by the way, if you don't know about our clergy go to citizens for America citizens for America sign up for our newsletter and updates on that page also click on the button to learn more about an event we have coming up on April 30 in Memphis Tennessee is called the citizens for America culture engagement show culture engagement Summit and we are encouraging people to attend this one day event on April 30. Citizens for America culture engagement Summit to learn how you can develop a biblical worldview gave the culture, particularly in the public policy arena and the world of politics and we have elections across our country this year is an important election year and we need to learn what we can do as Christians. That's why were doing these events and while we have a citizen America foundation, we have this radio show the Christian perspective so we can become educated as Christians to engage our culture try to save what's left of our culture in the United States particular, and as we tried to develop the next generation of leaders, our kids and our grandkids will be the next generation and we want to make sure that what they're learning is godly. It is biblical and that their hearing things in church at home that God would have them to learn because if not, that Boyd is to be filled her little sponges of information.

Right now, many cases, all that they're getting is coming from a public school systems and from teachers associations in many cases that don't have your child's best interest at heart warm. I tell you that I am tell you we need to wake up as are people out there that hate our God and are coming for someone the way to the really coming after us is are going after the minds of our children, our grandchildren the country today. We need to wake up because we live in the most anti-God anti-American mob culture in the history of our nation in this mob and that's really what they are there demonic court of people who were coming to destroy our nation destroyer children in their hearts and minds and really almost create a sexual deviancy in our children today are coming to end our freedom of religion. I know a lot of you listing don't believe that.

But I want to tell you right now just just this month on on the news I saw story about in Finland were people were just reading some Scripture on TV and in their church services and they got arrested because they no longer have the right to read from the entire word of God because some governments around the world consider in many people, by the way, consider the Bible to be hate speech that's happened in England. It's also happening Canada and their places in the United States of America right now where if you preach or teach the inspired word of God. You don't avoid certain issues like so many pastors do today and you're going to find that you're going to eventually lose the right to worship as you please.

That's why so important for us to impact the culture is not about politics are all that other stuff is about the right share the good news of Jesus Christ. And I'm telling you. A lot of people think I'm alarm is what I'm telling you this if things don't change in these United States of America and we are gonna lose the opportunity of a right to be a witness to others and to tell other people about the saving grace of Jesus Christ are also coming to murder unborn babies in our country. As you know right now is 1973 when Roe V Wade came really. The law of the land when the Supreme Court decided they would become a legislature instead of accord and they decided that people had the fundamental constitutional right to have an abortion which is really nowhere in the United States Constitution. Since that time, nearly 63 million innocent babies have blue and brutally murdered abortion in our nation are coming to destroy our biblical marriage and the traditional family.

The Bible tells us that God created man in his image and created two genders not hundred 56 or whatever it is. Facebook says today that there are was being taught in public school system that I'm a tell you about a few minutes but God created two genders, male and female, and he didn't create transgender people to be born of one person's body to your website now some areas. The Merrill country today is considered HB but is not hateful to know that we love you and God loves you and God created a perfect design biblical marriage and traditional family. I want to tell you design is not divorce your living a godly life and you honored husband or wife in a blood covenant before God is your marriage. You need to honor that marriage and and love your husband or wife and treat them as God would have you treat them. We also have a mob today this coming to silence as we expressed biblical views you if you say that homosexual well homosexuals are not born that way if you say it transgender it is abnormal or deviant sexual behavior. If you say the people should not get divorced if you say that abortion is all there to come to silence you in our society today we see that in this cancel culture. People come against us for espousing traditional biblical views different thousands of years have been held to be true, but for some reason the last 50 or 60 years our world has known. While not just I just United States the entire world's cultures changed, and was specifically what I want to talk about today is there coming sexualize and destroy our children. I'm here to tell you today is a list of the Christian perspective one last warning get your little in the room. We need to wake up and look around us. Very few parents parents today are raising their children the way that God intended them to rise up and put them in and day care while you're still in cribs and so other people are putting their beliefs, their worldview into our children lives in mind because many cases today, most parents are raising the kids themselves are giving it out to somebody else. In many cases today. Both parents work and I'm not criticizing both parents have to work with the little ones are put in daycare as they get older. In many cases there sent a homeschool, very few are sent to Christian school, and even fewer kids today are homeschool their being indoctrinated with the city's public school come back to talk about the swelling.

This show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's daughter and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you out blocking the fixed at 15 feet of Bible come to life and I joined nationally for radio and found a foundation to create the world meaning travel destinations from all over the world to face one's religious clutter Christianity's most tragic like the wailing rock down the winding alleyways for Nancy's own place that I think is the fee firsthand the Bible to claim Tory Dr. Chris Hughes travel out of their financing for an unforgettable trip last a lifetime.

One American bill for the US Constitution was written. What was the government in the United States was the articles of Confederation ratified this date March 1, 1781, signed by such statesmen as Benjamin Franklin Rogerson. It was an attempt to loosely knit the 13 states together the articles of Confederation declared the states hereby enter into a league of friendship to assist each other against attacks made upon them on account of religion, sovereignty, and three.

It is please the great governor of the world. Incline the hearts of the legislature to ratify the said article is a transcript of all-American limit of 1888 USA American bill for March 2, 1836 people of Texas signed the Declaration of Independence stating the government of Gen. Santa Anna now offers the cool alternative either abandon our homes or submit to the most intolerable.

Tierney denies is the right of worshiping the Almighty to the dictates of our own conscience is demanded us to deliver firearms. It is inside of the savage with the tomahawk and scalping knife to massacre the inhabitants of our frontier Texas declaration concluded conscious of our intentions. We fearlessly income fully commit to this agreement. Arbiter of transcript all-American limit of 1888 USA.

What about the Christian perspective talking today about what schools across the country today.

Not just in public schools, but even some Christian schools and private schools as well.

Women talk about ordering that happening is, many parents are raising their kids today, cultures raising America's children today. In today's culture public school system tells our kids and their whatever they want to be a tell him to be homosexual. If you want to, pushing them that area and normalizing all essential labor about the school today. In the last couple years they've been telling kids transgender is him as normal and again trying to push kids at a very early age maybe decide that there transgender went really the child's brain is not even fully developed until scientists tell us. In some cases, after 25 years of age that is as early as five and six years old him some public schools across the country today trying to encourage kids to determine that there transgender.

They were born in the wrong body are schools become the conduit of the liberal left to sexualize her children and to sexualize her identities and confuse her genders teach kids to hate themselves and that's really what is going on there so much confusion being taught in our culture today work, kids are being taught will are you really a little boy are you really a little girl made maybe you were born in the wrong body is what society is telling them.

Maybe your transgender and you and you need to be something else and it confuses our kids are this great confusion is going on in school to become a conduit of the liberal left to sexualize her children and their identity and to confuse them and it makes them hate themselves and you know that one of the largest people groups to commit suicide today are transgendered and it's happening because it was being taught through our school system doesn't do what they're saying on TV and video games and movies as it confuses the young people they begin to hate themselves and they don't have a relationship Jesus Christ and many of them are committing suicide or doing terrible things in our lives because it is the goal of Satan today to indoctrinate our children political beliefs about the world and especially about sex. I teach our children that there is no foundation of the Bible of the Bible limit that can make you feel about the school day. Blood Bible start try to talk about the Bible you could be ridiculed as a joke but did you know that when our country was formed a couple hundred years ago the Bible was the only textbook even 100 years ago the Bible is the textbook that was used teach people how to read to teach them about history so many other things science God's word covers it all. And for centuries it is been used thousands of years as a training tool for society but the day with the influence of the devil in our culture today kids are being taught that the Bible is a myth recent survey revealed that a lot of so-called pastors in the country today don't even believe that the entire Bible is our word of God.

Many so-called Christians today don't believe in the sufficiency of Scripture. And that's a real problem in our society today.

The national education Association and other groups are doing everything in their power to normalize the bizarre and her children school today so I might start sharing with you some of the things again. Some of this demographic for you to hear. You need to know what's being taught several public school systems across the country. You might say well I'm okay not being taught in my area. Well, it might not be daughter yet but you know you look back years ago.

Things started off in California and some of other liberal areas are now the norm across our country today. So you need to be aware of it and we need to nip this in the bud stop it right now. We can as I mentioned in the beginning of the show.

This is an election year. So this is a great opportunity for you to find out is running for office. Find out what they believe. Find out what's being taught in your local school system and then elect godly men and women to public office who lost for this anymore as Stanford's curriculum. The first thing on the tell you about some of you many of you probably seen this one Probably one of the things this know more about than any others is called drag queen story hours. As I said sure you've heard about what that is what it directly story hours for transection transsexual drag queen go to public schools and their dressed up so these are men that are dressed up in their transsexual garb and then they read stories to kids in many cases the storage of the reading or sexually suggestive stories that promote the transgender agenda to children as young as three years old while they are dressed in drag what you know what little girl or even a little boy you doesn't like the idea of dress up so when they see an adult coming because normally you don't see adults dressing up know it's kids as part of the learning process of growing up when you see an adult dressed when you see the big burly man dressed up like a woman in a beautiful princess outfit or whatever it may be because they are drag queen, then that is normalizing a sexually deviant behavior, and is teaching these kids that it's okay to look like that it's okay to act like you, I think Richard this just some kind of trance trance phobia or a conspiracy theory no is not our kids are being brainwashed to believe that transgender is is normal in a normal expected behavior with his Christians need to understand that the Christian perspective, the biblical worldview is transgender is him is not God's plan for us. So the purpose of these presentations into normalize these deviant behaviors is to teach our children to accept transgender is him is normal and encourage your kids addresses the opposite sex is an indoctrination that literally is taking place in ages of three or four years old in our public school systems today, we look at sexual identity in the state of Oregon right now. Children cannot only make their own decisions about their sexual identity but in some cases they can get a state subsidized sex change operation you listen to me now with out parental consent is that scary me in some school today.

I kid can even take an aspirin without the permission of their parents within, and other school kids are being given information on abortions are being given condoms to encourage them to have sex outside of the bond of marriage and here we learn that there's been cases in Oregon and insert happen in other states as well were children again who do not have the developed brains to be able to make these decisions can either get drugs for Homo hormone therapy. In some cases even get state funding to have surgeries to change their sexual identity without parental consent, we need to wake up. Our children are being recruited in public schools to become transgender is a fact you, you can argue with me, disagree with me are you all just do your research Google it and you will find out that it's happening all across the country.

That's one of the reasons that I encourage many parents today. If you're where you can. You need to homeschool your children when you homeschool your children you think the curriculum are being taught.

You know what they're being taught.

You don't have to worry about what somebody you most prayers today have never even met teachers of their children, particularly when I get the kids get older they have different teachers.

They change classes throughout the day. Now, maybe in some of our younger grade you might know this Joseph teaches her first grade class is to start changing classes. Many parents don't know there's different teacher you don't know what those teachers believe you don't know what they think you don't know what they're teaching is that as classrooms. That's why homeschooling is such a great idea, particularly for the Christian community in our country today.

Why would you want to send your children go places anti-Christian normalize of the bizarre make sure children susceptible sexual behavior in the sexual abuse and again he was in Chris you're overreacting. No kids see this kind of activity is being normalize and they think that thou adult amateur people behave makes our kids much more susceptible to becoming targets of sex trafficking sex slaves, and sexual abuse in their own lives. I say about public school to really become a dangerous place where children today are children are being indoctrinated with uptake and sexuality with deviant behavior, they're being taught to mock the traditional family of one woman being married to one man for life is God designed it to be another taught a have sex before marriage should take everything for a test drive and you. By the way.

Huge numbers of the worst people I have sex before marriage and that's created as it mocks what God intended plan was.

Many of those marriages don't work within their taught that one doesn't work out then then go and get a divorce and remarry somebody else and in 60 to 70% of second and third marriages ending in divorce that is not what God's eternal flame and I know I messed up all of those and offend people. Right now, but I'm telling you, you many people in the church today. The divorce rate in the church is approaching 60% of people that profess to be Christians in the church today that is not God's plan. God wants one man be married to one woman with God at the center of that union. For that to last for life looking young when using would have our kids today don't tell me that our kids should not be involved or that we as parents not be about a political process.

Don't tell me that elections don't matter are liberal legislators school board to pass laws that mandate take education our children out of our hands and they placed it under the supervision of teachers unions and liberal educators when one is talking about today is something called to write this down. Comprehensive sexuality education curriculum.

Yet that comprehensive sexuality education curriculum will start on the Obama administration which implemented something way beyond sex.

It sex data been around for years and is probably sent you never heard of again is called the common sexuality education curriculum, and the main emphasis of the government-funded curriculum and it is funded by tax dollars, is to teach children, even at four years of age. Listen to me now to have sexual pleasure, first with themselves and then with others is being taught in our schools for five-year-old children are being taught to feel play with themselves because are being taught some. This curriculum actually says that masturbation quote makes you feel good. Your me they're being taught form five years old to masturbate because masturbate makes you feel good and we should do in our society. What makes us feel good by the second grade. Our kids are being taught that they can experience an even higher level of pleasure by allowing others to perform these acts on so for five years old are being told to masturbate play with them selves by second grade.

They're being told that it's normal and will feel even better and be more fun to give more pleasure if they allow other people to touch them and give them pleasure. We wonder whether somewhat sexual abuse: our country today.

Our kids are being taught a set of sex is valued that America has a strong Christian heritage don't know really important role God and the Bible is indicated. Dr. Deming, much of America's government and the mental health kind of a public knowledge. The creator about the creation of the mounting show is brought to you by generous jokes coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back to causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you or causes you care about the conservative Baptist network is a dynamic movement of Southern Baptist pastors and churches and Christians committed to standing for the sufficiency of God's word in the face of a culture of compromise.

The passion and prayer of the conservative Baptist network that God would help Southern Baptist stable for the gospel so that we might see revival in America and the Christ. Visit our website to learn how you and your church can join and support this exciting movement is here talking today about the sexualization of golden in America today and it is here. He would think about what's happening in our public schools today and was the goal of this the real goal of these evil people is to destroy what the Bible teaches is a traditional family and they do that by confusing our children. And yes, awakening the sexual desires in very, very young children that really should be reserved for adults there married and all throughout this curriculum. Again, the common sexuality education job LGBT rights are the core tenet of this curriculum. They want and in this culture today in our public school system. They want to destroy your kids identity by doing away with any recognition of masculinity and femininity. They really don't want to have any gender all Lord.

They particularly don't want you to identify as a male government-funded embedded program is designed to stake slabs are children remove their natural sexual innovations teach them to support abortion in the push for sexual rights cemetery about some books you need to look for in your child's library, particularly in the elementary schools and then analyze schools to a one thing is called its perfectly normal, as if you're taking notes is called its perfectly normal common sexuality education curriculum encourages kids to read this book and what is perfectly normal is is a graphic sexual book designed and geared to fourth-graders. Gary Lawrence great this book if you go on fighting school library. It's pornography and it shows children not just adult children's children engaged in graphics that, in great detail, so they use cartoons to draw their very detailed pictures of kids in sexual positions and and performing sexual acts again. The book is called its perfectly normal book as graphic pictures for fourth-graders shows children masturbating and in various sexual acts. The detailed and graphic pictures show heterosexual and homosexual engaging in sex that are over 1 million copies of this imprint and most of these copies are in elementary schools across the country in public libraries of public school libraries in our schools across the country again is it targeted fourth-graders and really recommended reading and public schools 13-year-old kids is called again perfectly normal limitation about another program is called making a difference making a difference is a federally funded program tells kids that it's okay to express their feelings do things like masturbation, you lose that now ain't no sex touching each other's genitals having oral sex, and encouraging masturbation.

Now this is a curriculum our tax dollars are paying for. Called making a difference. Let me repeat again because, yes, I want you to be shot. I want you to be mad. Don't be mad at me be mad at the men and women that we placed in public office that put this garbage in our public schools because parents are paying attention. Our kids are being taught this, they're being taught masturbation angle set touching each other's generals and having oral sex, and encouraging masturbation. Another federally funded program again. I hope you're taking notes.

This program is called get real. Get real program teaches our kids that it's okay to be hand sexual or to be queer again.

I told you there is an indoctrination teaching our kids to do away with just the two genders and masculinity section and and infant femininity.

Same as I will Chris what is a pansexual heard that term but I don't know what it is. So let me read you the definition of the dictionary says and sexuality as a sexual romantic or emotional attraction toward people regardless of their sex or gender identity and sexual they refer to themselves as gender blind asserting that gender and sex are not determining factors in their romantic or sexual attraction to others definition goes on to say the pen sexuality may be considered sexual orientation in its own right, or a branch of bisexuality indicated an alternative sexual identity because pansexual people are open to relationships with people who do not identify strictly men or women and sexuality therefore rejects the gender binary and is considered by some to be a more inclusive term bisexual. So basically a pansexual just pretend that you have no sexual identity at all in these people want to have sex.

Basically, with anyone or anything in the federally funded yet real program what is called teaches our kids that it's okay to be pansexual or queer for those dear Christians that's not what the Bible teaches is not what God taught God taught there is a union to be between one man and one woman, and that is the perfect union is created in God's holy Word by Matteo. Another program, this one is called the include program okay include Planned Parenthood provide schools with the LGBT education program in this program again is called included capital IMC and then small letters L you DE. They include curriculum incorporates queer and trans issues in the every facet of instruction in public schools. It teaches our children to pay can identity so this is being done by the way kindergarten and first grade right now kids in the public schools across the country yell.

Maybe they be live in a very conservative area that might be happening in your area. If it isn't it will soon that this curriculum teaches our children as teachers encourage the children picking identity so wasn't identity, maybe you want identified as an asexual gate C or maybe once a year, 564 or pansexual. Or maybe you want identify as a trans boy of color which is one of the choices here's a here's another voice. It kids are given to who they are when they're in school and undocumented queer boy and it even. It teaches them how to have sexual relationships with multiple, multiple part you hear me our tax dollars and is being funded also by Planned Parenthood.

So Planned Parenthood isn't just about abortion. They're basically creating a boom in the abortion industry by teaching our kids have strong sexual desires with the get pregnant be able to go to Planned Parenthood and get more abortions and they can make more money off the federally funded program teaches our kids have sexual relationships with multiple partners in this curriculum. This federally funded curriculum is is targeting 14-year-old kids our public school system shock and in California.

Today, Planned Parenthood is going to classrooms and giving children handouts tell them how to negotiate sexual encounters with other students there teaching them to go to kids, not people are married to not whether adults but as kid to develop sexual relationships and how to do that at school in Nevada. Planned Parenthood is coming to classrooms and negotiating sexual encounters between 13 and 14-year-old some of the lesson plans being taught our kids include statements like this weather talk to say you want to go back to my room and I take your shirt off makes me hot when you touch me here and I do that to you. Is it okay if I take my pants off. This is being taught in our public school are tax dollars go the common sexuality education curriculum.

By the way.

Just joining us your problems that what the world is God talking about well I'm opening up your eyes.

You need to realize what is being taught. The public schools today and I'm talking specifically about funded program called common sexuality education curriculum and its goal is to get our children act out what they see in these books that have been telling about these materials show children, graphic images, they can't even legally see in a movie theater in the these young kids. These first and second grader fourth-graders, 10-year-old, 14 can't go see a rated R movie in the movie theater where they can go get this book in their classroom and learn all this graphic sexual material is crazy and it in its goal really folks, the goal is to deconstruct the family and common sexuality education is taught without the consent of parents, and in most cases I bet most of you listening today never even heard of this and didn't know what I'm talking about.

Let me tell you about another program under the common sexuality education curriculum paid for your tax dollars.

This program okay I'm getting graphic here you need to look future kids. Other rooms that are already this program is being called put it on to write that down is called put it on in this curriculum teaches nine-year-old kids.

You hear me nine-year-old kids how to work on them. Tell me why nine-year-old need to be worked on and they put so I'm getting a little graphic year they put out plastic penises in the classroom and they have boys and girls play with the plastic penises.

All this is crazy and Is Taking Pl. in America right now I'm take a quick commercial break in, and I want you to get mad. I want you get worked up again, don't get mad at me.

I'm telling you what your kids are learning in school or not tell you about this because they're embarrassed.

It's happening all over cross I sent you today is time for parents to stand water is life for individual in a world crowded with viewpoints of voice and after a financial problem. Only one voice the college at Mid-America and Mid-America seminary.

We equip leaders to think from a biblical worldview online on our Memphis campus. Check out the College of Mid-America and Mid-America Baptist theological and be equipped like the way this show is brought to you by generous Joe's coffee company with the Christian perspective, this is the answer that Christians and conservatives have been looking for a coffee company that gives back causes you care about. Order your copy today at shop generous Joe's.and even subscribe to a subscription coffee plan and never forget you love or causes you out time creating their relationship when hearing is going.

The United States of America has a strong Christian heritage Americans don't know the truly important role God in the Bible is Dr. Deming. Much of America's government and the mental health kind of republic knowledge, the creator about the creation of the mounting pursuit were talking about graphic today were talking about common sexuality curriculum being taught in our public today in under this program present Obama, the federal government approved $100 million to promote common sexuality education resident crop.

The program might not like present probably to put it into this, but a public school, but as soon as president.

Bun came back.

He reinstated it under Pres. Biden. The budget increased $130 million again. Don't tell me that Alexa don't have consequences in the Christian should be involved in the political arena. I get so sick of hearing that life from Satan. Satan want to is Christians not to be imbibed about what you do not get bogged elections you want you not register to vote as long as you stand by and watch ungodly men and women to be elected public office and do what they're doing to transform our country and turn our nation against God's own recap here and I'm sorry I worked up till this makes me it infuriates me to see what's being taught our public schools today and the Christians in Paris, whether Christian or not standby and think this is okay acceptable won't stand up and defend your children take a stand on the word of God or even common decency in America today. What is comprehensive sexuality education teach on the revealer that will talk about in the show today. It teaches kids how to consent that it normalizes annual and oral sex.

She hearing it normalizes anally oral sex, and kids as young as eight years old. It promotes sexual and bisexual behavior with kids in kindergarten moving forward. It teaches children sexual behavior are federally funded program with your tax dollars. Promotes sexual and mutual masturbation promotion gender confusion and it undermines the parent and teaches kids to hide things from the parent not let them know what's going on. Parents, we are seeing the sexualization of children through culture, education, and even through healthcare across the country today is another that pornography pornography is a real issue is a problem that our children face on a daily basis not only public school but only if your cell phones and smart phones and computers, but you letting them watch at home unsupervised. A recent poll 2000 teens found that nearly 75% of teenagers in America today and receive pornographic grid messages from strangers, and even if they had a private account. They still got his message on stranger. 55% of victims of sex trafficking in 2015 met their abuser through our website at red text. I got on the phone you know that there are over 45 million images of children being abused or raped on the Internet today. That's all right there for your kids to see you're allowed to get on the Internet unsupervised. We have a real problem our country today are so much that is happening on the legislative and the judicial front to push the sexualization of our children use examples of what's happening federal appeals court has ruled that it is sex to discrimination to bar students from using a bathroom that matches their gender identity now live in North Carolina that garbage started right here. My state recorded ruled that it is sex discrimination. The telling boys dressed up like a girl.

Yes, you go to the boys bathroom window cases, just as last year in Virginia were transgender boys are going the bathroom, and therefore more particular with raping girl the public bathroom when he was dressed up like a girl in it like a girl athletics for women have been pushed aside for a new priority transgender athlete discussed me to see men who cannot compete against other men pretend to be women and be in the Olympics and it happened just this past year he decided he was going to call himself a woman nearly complete and women just physically don't have the big hands the big muscular definition of the leg. They can't compete against a man and we fought for years folks for the rights of women in our girls and were allowing man to go to the world of athletics and defeat our girls and it is all these men should not be competing with women. They should be in their bathroom, they shouldn't be in their showers is a perversion and its role, a judge in Madison ruled that children can change your identity at school without parental consent only did they could do that but the court also ordered of teachers and staff are not allowed to tell parent or kid goes to school changes close and act like some others that other school.

Our court system. Today's being inundated with gender issues and that's why it's so important to elect godly men and women to the bench in our court system today to be on the watch for top priority.

The bond administration, quality equality act. They are promoting the quality had to look something like the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the passing United States House of Representatives equality act take payment, sexual orientation and gender identity is classes that would be protected from discrimination just like rice look people that are born with a certain skin color.

Can't control pigmentation. Others can't. You're not born a homosexual or transgender.

And you're right should not expand into that area. The common sexuality education curriculum will probably become a nationally mandated curriculum parents public school should not become a place where our children are exposed to radical sexual ideology of the quality act lead to a nationwide curriculum nationwide transgender sports policy in a nationwide transgender shower locker room policy when you put stock. That's what it is and it raises are so important.

Only thing that stopped them from passing was conservative control the United States that if this past could also lead to teacher losing their jobs if they don't use the preferred pronouns of children. So let me take another piece of legislation called the affirmative care is being pushed by the transgender movement affirmative care says that if a child questions his or her identity or gender, that child should transition to the opposite sex through physical interventions on the bottom is legislation currently being proposed all over the country did not inform parents of the children identified as opposite sex if they want to take hormones at school they want to have an abortion or even if they want to have sex change surgery. This is an insanity. Children as young brains are not fully developed. I tell the kids brain that fully developed over 25 years old kids understand an intimate sexual relationship. I fully understand fertility of the fact that they will be sterile at the SX change surgery whether just kids what can we do about all this. Jan worked up if you think I worked at your right it sickens me to see what's being taught in our public schools and parents. This is why the school board elections in your county are so important why you need to be involved in school. What you need to review the curriculums why you need to know what's going on. He need to put it into my give you some action items get your what can we do as parents, you have to be a parent just like you and me when you can raise awareness with your friends at church and even at school this program after runs on the radio today become a podcast get on the Truth Network or wherever you listen to your podcast shows called the Christian perspective is used in share with your friends so they know is being taught public school today. Secondly, learn about the sex ed programs in your school and the parental rights laws that exist in the state or even the county where you live. Contact your school board leaders of school were elected official and then you have an administrator of some type in each county that might be a superintendent of schools is usually what were called. They can either be elected or contact that person and identify what sick curriculum is being used in your local school district that many of your elected school board members don't have a clue. Identify the leaning of your school board members and legislators to find out if you got an ally or an enemy writing legislation that affects your child find out what they believe might be somebody that you don't want that position he might need to get rid of me is a might want to gizmo like somebody else next time around. You can educate and mobilize other parents. Again, I encourage you to share, that might just go viral. Share this Joe with other people so they know what's going on. The school system across the country show up at school board meetings.

Now don't be disrespectful or mean, but you can sign up, usually before Beatty get a set up. If you want to speak, which create awareness for other people. You can be present at your kids school learn what's going on be involved in the PTA and you can also invite me to come speak, you can go to citizens for America at citizens for America and there's a link to request meet the speaker I'll be happy to come to your church, school, your community group and share with you and others was going on at school to cross country moms and dads.

It is time for us to wake up and understand what the Christian perspective for this tell you if we don't protect our children. We call ourselves followers of Jesus Christ. God gave us our children and he mandated responsibility does the spirit to protect our children to take care of. It's our number one responsibility to introduce our children to Jesus in the protect them and put boundaries walls protection around this guy was not neutral when it came to protecting children. Jesus would never say it's okay for our children to pick one of many genders.

You will not find it in the Bible, not now. Not able Jesus would not be happy with. This is parent giving the instruction of her children over to pagan and the sexual deviance and that's exactly what we've done, saying that every teacher, the sexual deviance built was that there are many great Christian teachers out there are also a lot of who try to brainwash and indoctrinate our children.

I encourage you to look at God's word. God is not a firm sexual relationships outside of typical marriage between one man and one woman. I will say that again looking God's word because God is not a firm sexual relationship outside of the biblical marriage between one man one woman parent, this time for us to wake up to take a stand against this assault. Our children, I challenge you as a parent, take a hold stand for righteousness. I challenge you today to get registered to vote yes on a recent survey this at over 40 million people in the United States who profess to be Christians are not even registered to vote. Wonder why this garbage is going our country today. Don't give me that nonsense to the book doesn't matter. Every single vote matters and we need to get registered to vote. You can hold voter registration drive in your church.

Did you know that is perfectly legal.*Heard your congregation to become registered to vote and think it educated learn about the issues. Learn effective what's going on to get registered about it, educated, and then finally get activated all God gave us the responsibility to raise our children.

Evan talking about a controversial topic today. I don't get a lot of letters email advocate cancel Jewish parents need to know what's being taught, the school system day in a federally funded program. Your tax dollars called the common sexuality education curriculum. I'm challenge you today to stand up for your kids stand up for the word of God to stand up for godly principles also want to encourage you to go to citizens for America that citizens for America Learn more. Does Barack show today I'll cover some controversial topics that I challenge you to not just take my word for book Google be sanctified out about and then find out if they're being taught in your thank you for joining me today.

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