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Sports Wounds

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 26, 2022 12:30 pm

Sports Wounds

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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February 26, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week the guys are talking sports wounds. We're talking victories, defeats, and more importantly, where God was in the midst of these things. The clips are from "Frasier," "Hoosiers," Pastor Mark Driscoll, and Pastor Dave Busby.

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Hello this is Matt slick from the match lick live podcast right defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundation of the truth of God's word for chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle than something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now.

Welcome masculine journey. Glad that you're with us this weekend we are actually it's not really a what we call those pillars not really a pillar follow-up show last week showing it in ways right. Last week's show return by God's rising is right out of left field and out of left field, came a topic out of left field was left field and you're right field. It was left it was left field is from catcher to left field.

That catcher left field and then left out in the left-center of the bench would just be a spinoff show is this week's topic grab you and it's not sports injuries private sports wounds, passports like father wounds, but there's all kinds of wounds, coach wounds and all the things that you have the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Now we been there and what did that feel like in oh my gosh, what was God.

Where was God in the midst of all this you know not to be talking about the time we twisted her ankle playing basketball or I think an injury I would talk about the wounding the winning of the heart. The winning of the solar motions all those kinds of things that you know men don't typically talk about that they actually happen. Turns around talk a little bit baffled and injury. Shelley does give more probably the mic it all go home and my series and be a pillar and lay finger you take your pick brain brave talk Cosmo we could fill we can fill a lot about about what I did about so back to the lady you have the first clip to set that up at all yet a clip is from Joe Frazier and Frazier and his brother now gives the mission not very athletic and so Frazier is dating a PE teacher and he goes to school and the clip extends and shows some of his wounding from a I guess a PE teacher to coach from his childhood and what you hear is her voice and then you hear this guys voice and its Frazier actually seeing his old coach in her place. But he's relieving some of his wounding as as a clip goes out and they're both trying both situations or climbing a rope, wrote that he could do it will always look like fun, great, great, I thought we try this new place. I just read so I think I read a great review of this new restaurant. Apparently the chef is from going all give me 20.

We talk a lot about what it takes and we don't want preshow about how your sports is tied to that in the masculine soul so I was not an athlete and meanness want to get golfed with the was throwing the ball at me were tackling me because I edit and I just wanted athlete, but it was so much of my I love baseball. Although basketball, but I just did not physically have what it takes to do it and there was somebody child when I was Frazier with that coach Yuri screaming component you can do it for you is that the best you got it. It was the best I and in the wounding format is either. Are you really a man, are you really a boy or whatever it is that because I can't do this at all the why and I and I felt most of my life that like God. I heard this one time that God called all the eight-year-old little boys of the world together and said okay I'm will explain to you what you need to make it the rest of your life and about that time I had to go to bathroom and when I come back. He said, and that's what you gotta do and so I spent the rest of my life faking it. I figured out and you know NS way sports made me feel when discovering I think it is journey that it stems from so much of my life. I've not be in the one who was picked not be in the one who was good enough to be and it just kinda just has roots and tendons all over the place now. All right, at that age. Figure out right. The boys biggest question right. During that time is do I have what it takes.

And so, over and over in on that type of situation. The coaches are doing it together in their town and no no no pregnant just hit your heart to hit your soul in a way that you can articulate occasionally know you have a question right know that you not measuring up. Somehow you write an answer that they can live with you ramming consent some really tones for the rest your life if not careful, and NS were talk about is God can come in whether your 20 inherent answer your 70 in here in this.

You still have some of this in there the guy needs to come in and break through in some cases were even living under some of these these lies of the enemy.

It says you know Danny you don't have either taken in winning any you have what it takes right in God's been teaching at over and over in such critical thinking right now to switch to go and then actually play here clip early time.

It's amazing. We've got your clip into the show doesn't happen that often. Well now that you did play from one my favorite movie so that does help. It always helps to go with Sam's favorite is exactly yeah will go ahead old Indiana fool you. Yeah, that's me.

So this is from Hoosiers and shooter is the main character. I want to focus on because he has wounds from his past that he needs to get over and the head coach of his son's basketball teams going to help them do that. So here's shooter living in the past thinking while every time they call me shooter. I think of the one shot that I missed because I was a great basketball player but yet I live in the moment that I missed so therefore he doesn't go to his sons games he stays on the sidelines.

He doesn't engage in son's life properly is sons embarrassed by him and through the coach having a need for an assistant coach brings them on his assistant coach says you gotta stay sober.

So what is really trying to do is work in this man's life and help them out and when he does he says okay you gotta stay sober. And then of course he fails and comes law against drunk and that's where this clip picks up and has an basically shoving his head in the water training and sober. And then there's a promise made that he'll he'll be assistant coach as long as the laws coaches kicked out, get kicked out games anymore, but you'll see how that goes in the clip you can take the Indiana National Guard to get me out on the pistons. We got to think you will not be kicked out and in.

This is a moment last minute of the game a tie game critical moment as we get kicked out and puts shooter right in the square things and what I love about this clip is the son comes in and actually makes a suggestion aided ankle picking on us, because they been doing it and you finally see the sun start Brighton up towards his dad and that they can have some healing in their relationship and when I look back at this and think okay you know shooter was the guy that there may want to he can do it he can get it done. He's that he's the athlete and that's when I lived in because unlike Danny, I was the athlete I I could play on any sport really well. I could, I could even bowl is coming all the way every later if you just a lot of things came real easy, but then also become an easy, whatever has expectations right that you're supposed to be something that maybe are not and where I always lacked was in the leadership category of freshman year of high school near another kid to be quarterback he'd Artie played peewee football for couple years and is quarterback. I didn't really care. I didn't really need to be quarterback sheet you're in charge of everything. Ellen didn't want to go. Step into that. So I just kinda laid back and just did okay okay and you let them have it turns out for the best because I was a much better receiver anyway but when it went and played, you know.

And then on basketball senior year are very last game we got beat by tenet was nowhere near as good as us. The rest were calling thousand us the whole gain not on them. It was, not a good situation or coaches will take about that but I member then of the game were up one point they got a fast break on a somehow I came down I got the ball away from the guy I'm coming back up court. I stopped the hold the ball because I know there's just a few seconds I think will win the game. Wake him up and follow me make one of two free throws the kid she was from Dave say when I miss issued a half-court shot make it and beat us in overtime. So that's kind of my wounding.

If I could've stepped up and led nine didn't get it done to her that spoke to them asking to learn more about us. What has been given to me that's a really testing articulate it so deep inside me.

It's ingrained in every part of me understanding woundedness. That's where God really caught me at my first boot camp and also helping me step in the healing and restoration from those wounds is critical. It's like an onion. He keeps peeling back the layers and it is exciting and sometimes frustrating to go there with the that I enjoy the process in the way God leads registered masculine

One of my favorite things about boot camp.

Well, the favorite thing about campus every time I go I encounter God and is anyone that has encounter God knows, generally speaking, it's nothing we expect real encounter with God out of what I needed. I knew what I wanted registered masculine welcome back to masking journey. Harold okay you have to do that is using that I've heard the song a lot like it is only course 23 yes yeah I know how much you like my grade is then register for some reason, that's okay, that's a guy I knew who was good at pick the clip made a little easier to point out who that was be added to the chosen sports theme right dates around centerfield from John Fogarty and Juergen play. We are the champions right from Queen guide to Artie beach to the bump in it that's okay as is bump and when I get now yeah it's it's not going to a the reason I chose. That is another's things we do it she sings about you know walking in limping on a cane right and sometimes she's going to trust God and enter into that valley of pain and through those times with him that you get the healing on the other side and that's a work you're talking about today. Whether that that that wounding was yesterday this morning or 50 years ago, you still have to take that journey through the valley of pain to get back into the place we can get healing, restoration, get your heart back and that's really what's happening in so we can talk a bit more about some some sports, wounding, and not injuries, sports, wounding, and I think I want to switch him to go ahead and play my clip if that's okay. Robbie, my clip is from not a movie.

Believe it or not it's for my pastor guy named Mark Driscoll. I don't know anything about it. I saw him on YouTube and he's talking about father wounds and so I getting sick. It hasn't really tie into sports will hold on. You get to it yet. I know on the edge you see Ronnie can hardly wait. Danny still kinda crying for Microsoft to you earlier but yeah he'll get over it.

You get over that. Let's listen to this and then we'll come back and talk about God is not perfect but is present doesn't get it all right.

He wants to dad says things like, I'm sorry that's my bird, not yours. What can I give how can I help how can I bless how can I add value to your life not take energy from your life that ultimately we all have varying kinds and degrees father wounds now.

Father wound is healed hurt from a physical, spiritual, or other father with father wound does it opens you up to an orphan spirit. Jesus says it this way in John 14.

Eight I will not leave you as orphans if you will father when you have an orphan spirit and orphan spirit is one of two things really feel lonely or needing lonely, you can be in a crowd you can be law, but something in you just feels like you're always out. Not in or needing some of you are gathering people because you need a family you got wound you're trying to just pray to, that's out of the woundedness. It's not healthy place. It's broken place. That's an orphan spirit in the number three. What happens is a father wound on earth blocks your view of your father in heaven. Father in heaven is very large, but your father on earth is very near and if the father wound is in front of you. It obstructs and blocks your view, it creates soul equivalent of an eclipse, the inability to see your heavenly father. So how does that tie in if you listen to the show very much and I told the story before but in growing up my dad was by the biggest baseball fan I ever met well know me rephrase that he is a biggest Cincinnati Reds fan ever met and I can still go through and tell you Cesar Geronimo played centerfielder Joe Morgan was at second a conceptions at shortstop.

I could go through the whole infield lineup and I listen to the you know Marty Brennan was the broadcaster you know that Joe Knox in our memory. I heard so much growing up. It's ingrained in my brain that you those names are all still there.

From the early 70s and my dad absolutely love baseball. He loved it so much that he would fall asleep watching TV and I kid you not I could turn the channel he'd wake up and tell you what the score was that any it was in the mean he just he was focused on the red so he absolutely loved it. So growing up as a kid at baseball cards. III enjoy baseball issues I can get in the little Little League I got in the Little League. Then the father wounding started. My dad was not a traveling father.

He didn't travel to work in the work locally all the time his home every night through my time of from about five to age 13.

Whatever number years that is eight years and through that time my dad came the two ballgames. My whole career in on so as a kid and thinking like a kid I knew it wasn't baseball that he didn't want to be around so it had to be me know and I was in the fact that I didn't think that he loved me. I knew he loved me he was very good at showing it in other ways, but I was always felt like I was never dad's priority.

The horses were more important. This was more important that was more important in the Reds are more important in all these things and the real shame of that is enough to give my dad a long time ago. Is it it did that point number three, the Mark Driscoll is talking about.

I projected that on my heavenly father. I've never ever doubted God loves me.

I never have doubted that I just avoid struggled for a long time. It's not current. Now to feel like I was a priority right and that was the real damage that we all can share stories and you can have the same story line that I had that the enemy didn't use it the same way right. That's where he got his hooks in me and really did damage between me and in my heavenly father for a lot of years until I could process through that I could prostrate process through the anger at my dad you know and then realize oh that's really angry God.

It's misplaced.

And so what what a big thing that was to get the relationship between me and my heavenly father back. My dad's been passed since 84, so there was no opportunity reenter into that with him in person that you know for me that that was a sports wounding that ran really, really deep is when you don't like you can trust your heavenly father.

When you turn Robbie. We do have time for your marathon clip is a very good clip. We now jump in.

This is Dave Busby. You need to know is your listing to this that he at this point time has cystic fibrosis.

He had polio as a child and so is very very small.

In fact, he had to carry about 100 pounds of equipment that he had to breathe with before he ever gave a talk they would disconnect the equipment that he would speak for the hour whatever and then reconnect, but he shares a story here, and it's a sermon series called taste and see in somebody talking about is tasting what it's like to be chosen by Jesus, but he does it in a way that gives us what we are really looking for in in in our sports life was a 12-year-old boy. I was the worst basketball player that God ever created, probably somebody in here say no worst thing you know is 12 years old. My brother was a senior in high school five years older than me incredible best ballplayer what time I saw him sink 105 straight foul shot. He was a real hero to me growing up Saturday morning 10 o'clock, 23 high school guys would to see all court one Saturday morning I awakened with the smart just walk down to the kitchen table. My mother was reading the paper had a light breakfast member just got a Stratton of Georgia said mom I will go out I will play a little bowl with the boys would not be denied so that you foul shots I member was my time. I was the two hander. I never plan something like what I'll be missionary all what I will be missionary I was done I was over there in the reject the Shootdown finally got down to two guys in the captains one of which was my brother as we did in our backyard you shut out. She would get first pick the other guy messed my brother was The first pick 32 years ago 33 years ago 23 high school boys will seventh grade boy to high school captains one of which was my brother. 33 years ago at 11 o'clock in the morning sky Saturday. My brother took his big long arm long index finger in the draft starting.

He went all the way down at long lineup and wonders of his finger stop was pointing at me smacking these unbelievable words in front of his peers. He said David for speak matches and members of the little boy started walking toward my brother and I didn't stop by society, all dignified. I walked right into his chest and stranding and I remember waiting his T-shirt, tears in my brother just to his overly front of his peers.

Just continue choosing. Don't miss this under his arm 33 years ago so you know in my own case, my father had polio and he had a number of medical conditions. So when I heard this and realized it from from my father's perspective. This was what he was looking for right that he didn't actually get his his brothers bullied and in so when you're on the other generation of that he really did know how to deal with the six-foot flock kid that was you know hundred and 20 pounds and walking Nana pants of people of the storks tripped over my own feet. You know it was Justin and he didn't know much about sports didn't know much about how to deal with coaches and all those kind of things and so he did.

He backed off didn't come didn't show up and and I walked into that having to figure it out on my own and thinking.

Now it's up to me and that are from spirit that that Sam talks about home unit you know it kicks in that this live but it's up to you and it's not it's not but it's really cool from from me to hear that realized that that that that taste in your mouth to be in chosen that Dave shares so clearly there is is really worth more than any basketball game. I replied something that that that that didn't know that your heavenly father really is the picture first think you have it in you speaking you to come to boot camp is. I know you get the plug and thinking you going to boot camp. It's coming up March 31 through April 3. With love for you to be their God of the free be there download the after-hours podcast listening, working to continue on this topic Carol to a story about Tennessee don't want to miss 80s get a story will make plain girl in the spirit we got here at tennis. Not sure what it all entails but does wounding. That's all we really know download that in the meantime, the masculine register for the upcoming boot camp March 31 through April 3. This is the Truth Network

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