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Psalms 119:131 God's Love Languages

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 25, 2022 9:59 am

Psalms 119:131 God's Love Languages

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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February 25, 2022 9:59 am

Psalms 119:131 I opened my mouth, and panted: for I longed for thy commandments.

I can see at least four of the five in this verse, physical touch, the Psalmist is literally gulping in God, he is wanting to do acts of service, he has turned his face toward God for quality time and by longing for his commandments he offers words of affirmation. "If you love me you will keep my commandments", no Matter how you add it up the Psalmist is loving God here. So what does that look like in our lives - I share a story to illustrate that really surprised me in the fruit of this kind of love.

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Hidden Treasures of the 119th Psalm.

How cool. We get to look into what God's love languages are today in the 119th Psalm in this verse, which is the counsel verse of the pay section, with the pay being the idea of the face, the mouth, God turning his face towards us, that blessing from number six where you know, may he make his face shine upon you. So this is really cool that we can kind of see what happens in this council with the idea that being that we use throughout the Psalm so far is in Isaiah 11, we see the anointings of Christ being each of these letters. And so we get to hear, we get to see these seven different anointings with the third one being counsel today on the idea of the letter pay or this sort of facet of God's face when it comes to this letter. And again, I'm sure you're going to see that has everything to do with the face and the mouth is the letter pay itself.

The word for pay is mouth. And so here we go in 131 in English, I opened my mouth and panted for I longed for thy commandments. And so, again, we're going to get to the all the love languages here in a minute because I think you're going to see at least four of them. But to begin with, if we want God to turn his face towards us, you know, it's kind of neat if the first thing you got to do is turn your face towards him. And so as the Psalmist is saying, I opened my mouth, not only is he turning his face towards him, but he's opening his mouth. And you think of the intimacy of that as I mean, this is the place where we kiss. And of course, we know that David was a man after God's own heart. And certainly, he spoke his love language. And so you get this idea of physical touch, because not only do you see him opening his mouth, but he's panting and he was taking in the air so that he can get a taste of God.

I mean, it's really what's going on here. It's beautiful, isn't it? And then it says for I longed for thy commandments, right? And we know that if you love me, you'll keep my commandments. Well, that fits perfect with Gary Chapman's love languages, right? Gary Chapman is one of the pastors at my church.

I've known him for, well, I guess over 20 years, just an amazing, amazing teacher of the Word of God. And, you know, we can see this so clearly here, that if you love me, you're going to keep my commandments. That's acts of service, right?

As we think about that particular, so we got two of the love language already, and then we got physical touch, right? And then you've got, you know, keeping my commandments is clearly the idea of acts of service. And then the fact that he longed for these commandments, well, that's words of affirmation right there. Another one of the love languages, which is so wonderful, and the idea of quality time, right?

Because if we'll turn our face towards God, we open our mouth and pant and long for commandments, all that is going to lead to some quality time. So I don't know if we can get the gifts in here, but we got at least four of them. Which which again, if you get the commandment, it's going to be a gift. But in a way, when you do his commandment, that's a gift. I don't know. But what I know is that clearly we got at least four of the love languages right here. And what kind of counsel is that?

Right? Here's a counsel, turn your face towards God to open your mouth, look for his commandments serving me know all these things are going to help you to love on God. And as a result, he can turn his face towards us, turn the light on, and we can see that much better.

I mean, it's just absolutely spectacular. And believe me, it's as spectacular in Hebrew, as you see, the pays in the way that the psalmist used that letter in this psalm is like all the verses of the hundred and nineteen psalm, every verse in the pay section is going to start with that letter. So, and mouth is clearly the word that he's using here. So anyway, as if you think about it in your own life, have you ever like open your mouth and panted and longed for one of God's commandments. And so, you know, as I thought about that, I couldn't help but think of all the wonderful Christian people I get to meet along the ways and, and how often they'll say to me, you know, God, Lord, Robbie, I just think God wants more from me. I think he, he's got something bigger. He's got something more that he wants, because you can hear that longing, right, that they have to serve him.

And I don't know if you've ever felt that way, like God, it seems like, you know, you want more. So to give you an idea, I have several stories, but I love this particular one, because it's led to so much fruit in my life as a result of this particular story, that I get to go to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. It's called the NRB every year. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go here in about two weeks. And when I'm there, I usually get a chance to interview all sorts of ministries. For another radio show, I do Kingdom Pursuits, and I do other radio shows. And so as a result, I get to do all these interviews, wonderful Christian people. And as I was listening to them all, this was probably about 2013, my guess is it was back then. And as they were speaking to me, I felt God saying, look how cool I mean, look, they're doing this, they're doing that God, I think you want more from what I'm doing.

And so when I left, I had a six hour drive back from Nashville to Winston Salem. And so I began to actually open my mouth and pant, I believe and just to ask God, I know you want, I know you want something more than what what's happening. We've got this amazing radio show, the Christian Car Guy show, at this point in time is my biggest show, but it was it was really my biggest show back then. In that it was on over 30 stations today, it's on over 100.

I mean, it's a pretty big platform. And I'm like, God, I know you want more from this. I mean, I love talking about stewardship. And I love talking about you and getting testimonies and all the stuff we do on the Christian Car Guy show.

But I just feel like you want something. And I was I was praying and panting. And so I was listening, like, I'm like, right now, you're listening to a Christian podcast. But you know, often, in fact, back from the point I became a Christian, I've listened to Christian radio, I love Christian radio. And so I was listening to a station out of Knoxville, it was coming down out of the mountains and, and somebody on that station, they were involved in a ministry and that ministry went out and the first Saturday of every month, to single moms and widows, and whether they had a house problem, a car problem, a fence that needed to be repaired, HIV, HIV, AC problem, whatever it was, it was a group of men, so they didn't go out individually to go help a single woman, but they went out as a group to help single moms, widows and families in crisis. And immediately, it resonated with me because most of my calls and emails and stuff that I'd gotten since I began the Christian car guy show in 2006, were along the lines of single moms and widows who didn't know what to do with their cars. And so, beautifully, as I'm listening to this group, I said, man, you know, the Christian car guy show, we could do that the first Saturday of every month.

And we could line up different repair shops across the country that might do this. And that was the birthing, or the idea of where God gave me clearly as I had opened my mouth and panted the idea for, you know, the Christian car guys ministry, the Jesus labor of love, and oh my goodness, the fruit of what that is caused. And I could tell lots and lots and lots of stories, but one of my favorites that that indicated to me, how simple it would be to help people if we just make ourselves available is it is that, you know, all we do is we simply tell people to fill out an application or call us we, you know, we want to get them help.

And then we have these repair facilities that work with us plus, you know, we have the donations that people give us in the prayers, but you might know Jerry, my Christian body shop guy. Well, he was certainly from the beginning in on the Jesus labor love. And one day, you know, he runs a body shop, and there was a widow that came in, and she'd been widowed for about two years. And she said to him, you know, are you part of the Jesus labor love? And he said yes. And she goes, Well, would you look at my air conditioner because it really hasn't worked since my husband passed away.

And I don't have the money to fix it. And so he doesn't do air conditioning work. He's a body man. But he thought, Well, God, you have this lady here for me, I'll see what's going on.

Maybe I can help. And so he goes out and gets in the car with her. And he says, Show me what you know, what's what's going on. And so as she is showing him in this car, he goes, Well, you see this button right here with a snowflake on it, right? You're not you got to have that button pushed in for your air conditioner to work. It was a hot summer day. And all that all that was going on, right, this poor widow had driven around for two years without air conditioning was since her husband passed away to tell her that here, this is how you do this.

And this is simple. It's a simple idea of like, Oh, my goodness, when we offer ourselves along this idea of acts of service, right, God, how can how can you use me and you and you do this? Like, man, how cool is that, that the fruit of that just that day, it didn't cost Jerry anything. It didn't cost him but a little bit of time. But oh, my goodness, what a difference it made in that widow's life. You know, the idea is man, take a lesson from the man that knew how to love God right open our mouths and pant logging, right? Show us what we can do Lord to serve you with the platform, the gifts and talents and the abilities that you've given me. I thank you so much for listening.
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