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From George Street to Your Street, pt. 2 - Revelation 11:1-14

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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May 12, 2020 1:00 am

From George Street to Your Street, pt. 2 - Revelation 11:1-14

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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May 12, 2020 1:00 am

Prophets like Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist don't exist anymore. They're not walking the streets of New York City proclaiming the words of God and performing miracles. Some men would like to think themselves prophets, but they're wrong. However, the days of the Prophets aren't quite over. In the last days God will send two men to prophecy of His coming Judgment. Their message . . . along with their miracles . . . will take the whole world by surprise.

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There are some core principles from the testimony of these witnesses that can be applied in our lives in this dispensation right now. If your believers stand up for Christ, no matter how rejected the matter how hard you may be. Secondly, make Christ known in your world.

You have the only hope for a world desperately trying to drown out their sorrow and fear with a party so they moved from one noisy thing to the next. Even that are attempting to silence the pounding of their hearts in fear over the future of the world.

Elijah John the Baptist, however, that doesn't mean the days of prophets are over in the last days, God will send two men to prophesy of his coming judgment. Their message along with their miracles will take the whole world by surprise.

Welcome to wisdom for the heart with Stephen Devi today Stephen takes you to Revelation 11 and introduces you to these two witnesses are also going to hear a powerful reminder that you and I are to be God's witnesses to our generation.

Here Stephen with today's lesson from God's word.

These two witnesses are indestructible or fearless.

At this point in time supernaturally testified truth of God's word and the coming of the Messiah and by the way, again, all of the focus like a laser beam is is is is on Jerusalem is on the people of God is as it focuses its laser beam and that's why some who are millennialist and post tribulations.

Just understand the Jewishness of this book and apart from that it's very difficult to understand but as we understand the focus is on Israel redeeming it calling back the Jews to God.

This makes a lot of sense about this temple.

It makes a lot of sense about the Jewish evangelism makes a lot of sense about these Old Testament prophet like witnesses who have incredible power.

Those post tribulation owes an historic premillennial's who believe the church is going to go through the tribulation have a great deal of trouble with Chapter 11 that some of them that I read said this is so perplexing to us because why they can't get the church in here that you is hard that this somehow wedge the church into the events of chapter 11, but a non-dispensational nonliteral attempt to understand and expand. Revelation gets stumped here why you can't get the church in here. I believe it's very simple. The church is gone. The promise Revelation 3 to the churches they been taken away from the hour of wrath or tribulation. The letters to the Thessalonians. You know what happened and this is gonna happen.

I believe is already already happened. So you have a literal temple that's measured with literal Jewish worshipers marked out as God's statement of possession, the Gentiles are excluded which poses a great problem in this vision, because the church would include Gentiles and Jews. Furthermore, you have a literal temple mount still in existence, a literal Jewish remnant, a literal altar, a reference to prophetic olive trees and lampstands in a literal text from Zechariah. It's now applied. Furthermore, you have witnesses standing outside a temple in the literal city of Jerusalem calling Israel back to God. If the church is somehow represented here. What is meant by Jerusalem welders there was any city is every city know it's clearly Jerusalem and if the two witnesses post tribulation owes an historic premillennial's believe symbolize the ministry of the church during the tribulation, or any time in church history will water what's the church doing killing people with fire out of their mouths because they will believe they try to come against them.

The church is called to kill people. The church is called to be killed. The churches I call to make people suffer. The church is called to suffer and then if the witnesses are to be killed as we'll see in a moment taken up to heaven. Just as a symbol of the church does that mean that all true Christians are going to be martyred as Linus Street as we'll see, then to be resurrected and taken up only after having killed thousands of people try to come against no just take this text at face value. As you can.

The entire book of Revelation. You don't have to perform any set of gymnastics. If the church is already rapture in the Jewish Temple which is temporary, is being measured out as God's special property. But there's another sidebar to the Jewishness of this scene in the fulfillment of these witnesses, it's the coming of this one that we believe is Elijah.

Think about it, that would make a lot of sense to Jews. Not much sense to those of us for centuries.

Now that the Orthodox Jews celebrate Passover in their homes and they always put out an extra plate and an extra chair for whom Elijah had a Jewish cow to come to faith in Christ. She says I well remember this every time we celebrated as a family, little kids to be sent to the door and we open the door and say Elijah are you there and obliges their income in a sit out of the sea, they are prepared to meet Emilio. Why did he do that because are literally believing in a literal fulfillment of Malachi's prophecy that Elijah will come preceding the return of their Messiah. Some would say, will John the Baptist fulfilled that know and let's John the Baptist didn't know because John the Baptist was asked in John 121 are you Elijah and he said no I'm not.

He came in the spirit of Elijah, but he wasn't Elijah. He came preparing the way for the first advent of the Messiah. There will be Elijah will come part of the second Advent. When the Messiah will come back and call Israel to himself.

And we, the bride will come with him. Now back to our text rediscover the antichrist is allowed to move by God against these two witnesses in God allows them to be put to death at would you notice though it's only after they have finished their God ordained God determined time of ministry, which is 3 1/2 years verse seven when they had finished their testimony, the beast that comes up out of the abyss will make war with them, overcome them and kill them. In other words, the demonically empowered antichrist, the beast, and will look at him later in future studies will be allowed to kill these two witnesses look at verse eight and their dead bodies. These are literal bodies that are literally dead will lie in a literal street of the great city which city is this most mystically called Sodom and Egypt were also the Lord was crucified. So we know it's Jerusalem, but here it says they perceive a couple of nicknames there called Sodom. More than likely because of their sexual immorality and a call and is called Egypt. More than likely because of its oppression of God's people and notice verse nine. Those from the peoples and tribes and tongues and nations that is everybody on the planet will look at their dead bodies for 3 1/2 days, and will not permit their dead bodies to be laid in a tomb that the greatest insult friends that you could do to a deceases to withhold burial to leave them in the open wherever they follow wherever they have been killed. Leave them to openly decay in this text here says that the world is going to watch them lying on the street there in Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days as their bodies decompose. In fact, the present active participle were beholding the means the world is going to continually watch there there so intrigued. In fact, there can rejoice as we'll see in a minute. The skeptics have all scoffed to go back about 20 years and all way back in the habit of scoffed at this prophecy there. There's no way that could literally be true, which means everything else is not literally true. That was before satellites and the Internet in our lifetime, which would allow him messages and and pictures to be transmitted.

You can imagine cameras posted from every news organization on the planet and the images of this scene being transmitted from Jerusalem to Tokyo to New York to Beijing to South Africa to Paris literally around the world and what happens when the world sees these two men that they've come to hate because of the drought. They brought on because of the plagues they brought because of their testimony of against the antichrist and the coming doom of the world. They are going to do what look at the text they're going to start rejoicing.

Verse 10 and those who dwell on the earth phrase again for Earth dwellers. Unbelievers will rejoice over them, and celebrate and they will send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell upon me. This is the antichrist's anti-Christmas party. The celebration like nothing before it literally will galvanize the human race in the one giant celebration to send cards to each other than to send presents to each other to celebrate Kenny believe in our leader has kill because two tasks.

Those two witnesses there. Finally, let's celebrate this is what one author called effectively the world's final Mardi Gras reveals the depth of unbelief and perversion and immorality in the confirmed hatred of the gospel and the glory of God witness on earth, but the party doesn't last very long does it is the cameras are trained on these two corpses lying out in the open on the city street the world continually watches as a celebrate is on every screen everywhere on the planet suddenly pallid skin turns Rosie a finger twitches a leg straightens out the parting stops people press forward toward the screens, their packages, little packages follow the ground and they watches legs are straightened and they see the witnesses perhaps blink the lights of the camera set up and stand up alive as a way to when the party and it ends in fact a voice verse 12 booms out, here then they went up into heaven in a cloud, and their enemies watched them go. I'll bet they did is camera zoomed in. As long as they could position a picture by the way of the rapture of the church, the rapture first 2015 Says Takes Pl. in the twinkling of an eye disappear. This is more like the ascension of Christ were the whole world will watch them as they ascend all through the sky. As far as I can see and then they disappear.

God acts next verse tells us that he sends an earthquake 7000 people are killed. The Greek text for 7000 people literally means the names of men. That's it. That's an idiom or expression for important people. More than likely, these are important people in the cabinet and coalition of the antichrist die in that earthquake. The text also tells us in verse verse 13, that the rest were terrified and gave glory to the God of heaven.

By the way, this is the only reference to repentance. Following any disaster in the tribulation. More than likely from the thousands of Jews been pouring into Jerusalem come to see the witnesses, those who are worshiping and that temporary layoffs gathered around it. Perhaps you see those witnesses come back to life and they say we've seen enough.

The Greek language I would agree with those who say this very clear that this is an expression of true genuine repentance and belief that most of the world will still reject the testimony of these witnesses, but some will believe that there are some core principles from the testimony of these witnesses that can be applied in our own lives. In this dispensation prior to the rapture of the church right now that is apart from the firebreathing part which would be really interesting.

Besides that, what can we learn what can we apply will first of all, simply this. If your believer stand up for Christ, no matter how rejected the matter how ignored you may be, no matter how the worldly party on, in spite of your voice, the parties temporary it will be for those friends you have, even now true for them.

In Revelation 11 is true for us today. Secondly, make Christ known in your world. Just just make it known you bear the truth you have the answer.

You have the only hope for a world desperately trying to drown out their sorrow and fear with a party so they moved from one noisy thing to the next. Even now there attempting to silence the pounding of their hearts in fear over the future of the world. Third, like these two witnesses. Remember, the issue is not the response of the world issue is our obedience to the word of God. We testified of him and we believe in because he has accepted us is called us out of darkness into a marvelous light.

We testified even if the world ignores us rightly. I believe that every Christian stands for Christ. Every Christian who was involved in some way making Christ known in the world.

Every Christian who is willing to be obedient. There's no telling. There is just no telling now the impact of your testimony. Let me encourage you have no idea who's watching you, but more watching you than you know. No way to tally it up us and the harvest doesn't end at the end of the service. The harvest ends at the end of the age.

So stay faithful to the Lord, the gentleman in our church sent me a clip of a sermon preached going around. Perhaps some of you seen it or heard of it. It's not caption but I recognize the voice of Stephen Ofer that I believe in this YouTube video is actually delivering this fascinating story true story of a witness for Christ and I've tried to edit this thing done as much as I can. It's a long illustration.

And I gotta read all of it or you will get the point.

But a wonderful I believe encouraging and convicting testimony of one man who was faithful in being a witness for Christ story began at Crystal Palace Baptist Church in southern London where man was visiting and he asked if he could come be part of the service they were having a testimony meeting at the end he said can I share with you.

Mine quickly said yes. The man said. I just moved into this area from Sydney Australia and just a few months ago I visited some relatives in Sydney and I was walking down George Street busy thoroughfare shopping district and as I passed one shop a little white haired man stepped out in front of me handed me a tracking asked me are you saved if you died today would you go to heaven.

Man said.

I walked away, but was dumbfounded. Nobody had ever asked me that question before and on the flight all the way back to Heathrow in London. I was puzzled as I read that little track. I called a friend was a Christian and he told me how to accept Christ, and I just wanted to share with you friends and I'm now Christian course. The church was excited to hear this testimony made would become a part of the church that pastor of that church flew to Australia for three day series and I Adele Australia during that series of meetings.

A woman came over some counseling in the he of course wanted to know. She said, with Christ in, and then she said well I used to live in Sydney in a couple of us guys doing some shopping on George Street and upright.

After doing some shopping. I bumped into little white. Hernando gave me tracking asked me if I would go to heaven if I died I took a drag walked away, but I visited this church we are speaking today knowing they believed the gospel that sounded familiar that track I came and asked the pastor about it and he led me to Christ twice in a few days. This pastor had encountered someone impacted by this little white haired man on George Street. A few weeks later this pastor flew to Perth on the coast of Australia where he preached for an evangelical church there in Perth at one of the services, the leading elder of the church took him out for dinner while they were eating.

This pastor asked his fellow elder worried come to faith in Christ.

Layla said well I grew up in this church until the age of 15 ever made a commitment left came back still not committed to Christ. But I grew up to a place of influence here in this church. I was in Sydney three years ago on business a little white haired man accosted me with a tracking asked me if I was saving on the way to heaven. I try to tell him that I was a Baptist elder in a Baptist Church in this little man didn't care. I was so angry that when I arrived back in Perth. I told our pastor what happened in my pastor said to me, you know, frankly, for years. I wondered if you were ever truly born again. My pastor led me to genuine faith in Christ.

This pastor then flew back same password dogma hears all the stories flew back to the UK was speaking in the lake district at a Christian conference and he was so excited about these three people. These three stories that he told those testimonies to his audience and after the meeting. Three pastors unknown to one another. In this regard came up after the meeting and said they all come to faith in Christ around 30 to 35 years ago, respectively. After receiving from the same man on George Street.

A simple gospel track. They walked away from them but later came to faith in Christ this past was absolutely astounding. Sometime later this pastor flew to Keswick convention in the Caribbean to a group of missionaries that is gathered. He was so excited about the fruit of this little man's testimony that he shared with his audience at the close of his teaching session.

Several missionaries came up and said they had been, say 15 to 20 years ago respectively through the initial testimony of a little man on George Street, passing out track at the end of that meeting this pastor flew back by way of Georgia in the United States to speak at a naval chaplains convention after three days of revving up a thousand chaplains about being a witness for Christ at the end of the conference the chaplain Gen. took me to this pastor at the dinner and he asked of the chaplain Gen. How did you come to faith in Christ. The chaplain Gen. said well it really was miraculous.

I was in the Navy and living a terribly immoral profligate life.

We are doing exercises in the South Pacific and we ended up on a brief leave in Sydney I party downtown Sydney that night got on the wrong bus and it took me to George Street. As I got off the bus and elderly white haired man suddenly appeared I thought was a ghost asked me sailor are you saved if you died, you know, go to heaven. That confrontation shot me so much when I got back to my battleship. I sought out my chaplain and he led me to Christ. I soon began to prepare for the ministry under my chaplain's guidance and now here I am in charge of leading a thousand chaplains to share Christ with others.

I'm not done is take a breath. That same pastor six months later flew to India, but I would not want this pastor schedule K. I want you to know that he flew to India to a convention for 5000 missionaries in eastern section of India. At the close of the meeting. The Indian leader, humble Indian missionary took him home for meals.

The pastor asked him how did you a Hindu come to faith in Christ, the missionary pastor responded.

I was in a very privileged position working for the Indian diplomatic mission, traveling the world.

One of my diplomatic trips took me to Sydney and one night I was doing some last-minute shopping on George Street. I was loaded down with packages but a courteous man stepped in front of me and asked me do you know if you died today would you go to heaven and he had me track. I thanked him that disturbed me when I got home to any I saw a Hindu priest who didn't have an answer to what was suggested in the tract, but he told me I ought to take my question to a local mission station nearby, interesting, and Depriest don't do that.

I did and that missionary led me to faith in Christ. I left Hinduism and began to prepare for the ministry now leading thousands of missionaries ever winning thousands of Hindus to faith in Christ.

Eight months later, this pastor of the Crystal Palace Baptist Church had meetings in Sydney okay. He asked the pastor there. Do you know a little man who hands out tracks on George Street. The pastor said sure it is that for years. His name is Mr. Ginter but I don't believe he does it anymore because he's not very old and very frail visiting pastor said I've got to meet him. His colleague said not a problem. I know where he lives two nights later they went to this little apartment and knocked on the door and a tiny frail little man with a had a white hair answered the door. He invited the men sat them down to make this tea serving them. Even though his hands trembled with age as they sat together.

This London pastor told Mr. Ginter. All the encounters he had had over the past three years and all the Christians he'd met from England to Australia to India to America to come to faith in Christ because of his gospel witness on George Street.

This little man sat there with tears to begin a run down his cheeks. He said well I stories were simple. I was in the Navy and I made a commitment that I would attempt once I got saved share Christ with someone every day. Perhaps as many as 10 it if I could. Sometimes I couldn't do it. I was sick or whatever.

I wasn't paranoid about it. I was just my desire and when I retired from the military. I decided that I would devote my life to witnessing for the past several decades have been in one place. I believe that the busiest and best place in all of Sydney to pass out tracks was George Street and now for 40 years. I passed out tracks on the busy avenue.

I've had a lot of rejections, but many people been courteous and have accepted my gospel literature.

However, I must tell you, he said with tears coursing down his cheeks that until today.

I knew of.

Not one person who accepted Christ from my witness, all these years. This pastor was some help eventually get a rough count as best as they could determine came to the conclusion that at least hundred and 46,000 people been influenced to faith in Christ. Because of this man's consistent, unfruitful to him. Testimony that was only the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. Mr. Gano died two weeks after these pastors visited. Imagine only a few Baptists in southern Sydney even knew about Mr. Ginter but heaven knew that I can imagine the fanfare when he arrived there. Forgot about you, but the testimony so Deeply challenges and encourages me regarding my own witness. What about yours. The old spiritual asked the question who will be a witness for my Lord, I pray this week. Never before. In fact, for the rest of our lives's will answer the question say here my albumin's for my Lord. Those of us who know the truth and have come to understand God's offer of salvation have the privilege of being God's witnesses to that truth. I hope today's time in God's word has provoked you to be a faithful witness and to share the truth whenever you have the opportunity.

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