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The Liberated Life - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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February 12, 2022 12:00 am

The Liberated Life - Part 1

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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February 12, 2022 12:00 am

Dr. Stanley identifies four types of problems that can prevent Christians from experiencing a joyful life in Christ.


Welcome to this "intensified Catholic child. Are you ready to embrace the freedom given to every follower of Christ daily and outlining the liberated life when you not talk about freedom. Most the time we talk about one aspect of it, but according to the Scriptures and according to Jesus perspective involves three aspects of our life that needs to be physical freedom that needs that the mental and emotional freedom and then there must be spiritual freedom. Many people who believe that their free today are not free at all there in the bondage of which they are not even aware of. Just like these Pharisees. They said to Jesus, we be Abraham's seed, and were never in bondage, not recognizing that they were in a terrible type of legalistic bond. When Jesus Christ came he came as the Savior. Most of us aware of that but he likewise came as life's great liberator if you turn to Luke chapter 4 for a moment, you recall, in this chapter beginning in verse 17 when Jesus went to the temple and they handed him the book to read. He read from the prophet Isaiah and 18 verse. Here's what he read the spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He had sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised to preach the acceptable year of the Lord that two words in that passage that both speak of liberty and freedom. He said he came to set men free set men free of their sins set men free of that emotional mental bondage set men's bodies free of their physical diseases. He came as a liberator of mankind. And this is why so many Christians are not happy and hereby ask Lord I know that have been forgiven a note of enslavement. Why is it that I still feel the way I do wise and I'm not free Weizmann spirit not free, while not liberated. There seems to be something in my life to keep you waiting me down and got I will be free from all of it.

I want to be the total person you want me to be what I want to show you why that can be true in the Christian's life and I want to give you just a little brief idea of some of those things, two of them, especially that of various subtle right beneath the surface of a little. I would not even aware of these two aspects of bondage that oftentimes imprisoned Christian and they go through their lives trying to figure out, not happy.

While my loss module. In fact, I never had in the joy why is it that I don't have this free spirit and look at life with a positive attitude. Looking at life with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement of Almighty God is who he says he is, Christ is living within me the spirit of God is within me the supernatural power of God is available to me why in the world among Ever asked that question, more than likely, you not only have ask it but more than likely, you asked the Lord and had gone to him many many times they Lord, what is it in my life.

It's not right.

So here's what I'd like to do your pencil piece of paper I click I want you to jot down these things that I believe may be possibilities of areas of bondage in your life. The first one is this the life that wins is a life that is liberated from the bondage of sinful habits and events so very evident one. If there is something in your life today. A an act of disobedience.

Our habit of disobedience that you know is there and you either refused to deal with it all you want to deal with and I don't know how that thing has you in its grip that I have never heard anybody yet in my whole life, say I'm going to start sending and I know that I'm going to end up in simple bondage, and since you'll get the best of me.

I know that before I will start I've never heard anybody say that he was a well-known person. I believe I can handle that a little bit of anything more. Her chick as long as you're in moderation friend a lot of things that start off in moderation, but the listed the very nature of sin is that it places a person in bondage. It always begins that when you see Satan has not never told a person who begins to move in a particular area that you do that ongoing ahead of you in total improvement in six weeks.

Satan said Mr. Nolan in the amount of food you don't listen to that Baxter's puritanical step just little bit never heard anybody it is God who says avoid sending the cost you recall what he says in Romans he says, to whom we give ourselves to obey to that personal that thing we become the slain. He says don't yield yourselves as instruments of sin, but as instruments of righteousness unto God.

Nobody living in bondage to sin and are intended to get there. So one of the things we have to ask is this, is there anything in my life that I can put my finger eating habit.

Any action or attitude that keeps cropping up in my life is. He says here who's service committing sin is the servant of sin and we got no balance in our idea of servant and son I want you to watch that because when he says we become servants of sin that means we just we just do what sins has been never met a lost man yet says yes I do whatever sin says the development since I do what I please, and you see, listen, bondage blinds the truth. Jesus said, you will know the truth. The only thing that sets a man free in order to live a life of freedom and liberty analyte that wins is to be free and the only way to be free is to find out what the truth is it is the true that since men free.

If you are in bondage that you had bondage that it is sin in your life that you know about this morning that I think this is that bondage is growing in your life. It is not listening. The nature of sin is now the grid view here but it's the grip you here and here and here and here and here and until finally it is gripping you at your very life that is the nature of sin.

Therefore, to know the truth is the only way to be broken from that bondage. What is the truth about the bondage of sinful habits that only by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ himself and his power alone through confession and repentance and dependence upon him again that sinful habits be broken in your life.

The second thing I want to notice here when you think in terms of the things that put people in bondage delay that wins is a life that is liberated from the bondage of guilt that many people who been saved and who been forgiven of their sins, but they've never been able to get guilt over past sin all their life. They just can't get it off just about the time they think they got that taken care of the doing something else variance. They confess that they repented of it. They told God that was started on all kinds of tenants and somehow it looks like just about when they think that it's still there. They just came why get rid of it because the nature of guilt is it will track you down it will harass you. It will entangle you and make your life miserable.

Now the question is how in the world is a believer, freed from the bondage of guilt. I talk to young and old alike. People who look back in their life.

20 and 30 years and say you know that kiln I gave my life to the Lord. But there's something back that it still bothered me. What is that the go back 20 and 30 years and bring up something about which they will say I've confess. In fact, I've convinced I've asked God to forgive now Try to get Sadie through four 567-8910 times out of added freedom but my salvation of always questionable salvation and the real truth is they've never been able to deal with past guilt notice. What is the truth about guilt over sin that has been committed in the past and you have confess before God.

Here is the truth and it is only the truth. The frenzies I want is not, don't think about that.

You don't think about it for a week or 10 days or two hours in the intellect.

You cannot listen by intellect alone, you'll never be able to survive and break out of bondage because it is more than an intellectual response. It is a spiritual response. Not only must it be confess to repented of but once you do that the Bible says that God said about our past sin. I will remember your sins against you noble.

Now if we don't know the truth about Jesus Christ that they will keep on harassing you use the relevant let me tell you what I do and many many people serve the Lord, motivated by the harassment of guilt in the plants they do more work hard and give Bourns do this and do that and the other trying to deaden an old conscience back here. Once you confess it once you give it to God. Once you repented of the truth is, God doesn't hold it against you if you keep bringing it back and holding of you think that's what you doing that's not what God's doing that.

Here's the truth. The truth is that you have the privilege of choosing whether to allow that to harass, you will not you have the indwelling spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, he empowers you to choose every time that guilt comes back.

You can choose. I do not have to accept that because God is whited out in the blood. I don't have to accept that as a part of my life. Minimal. But until you understand the truth of what Jesus Christ is the cross that he took your past sins, your guilt, he wiped about.

He washed them away in the blood.

You cannot bring back and accuse yourself of being guilty of something he has declared you not guilty of without violating his very principle. So you seek to be harassed and intimidated and and every time you look behind you see the evidence of the past. If you have asked him to forgive you, he's white. The past claim and what you must understand is this the truth is that the cross of Jesus Christ is more powerful than all the sin of all mankind for all ages and he says listen, he nailed your sin, only three. How much of your sin. Every single bit of your sin.

Every single thing you've ever done. He says he nailed it to the tree that's the truth of ask a question if he nailed your sin to the tree.

What in the world are you doing taking it off and rubbing and run your own heart is no longer yours. Once you give it to him. The third thing I want you notice here, the life that wins is a life that is liberated from the spirit of legalism and what do I mean by legalism. I simply need a legalistic person is a person who has a very stern view of the Christian life and fact that life is better described in the following way. Don't do this don't do that, don't do this watch ever that aboard this absolutely a life of negative and they judge their spirituality about all the things they don't do that is a legalistic approach is what I want you notice by the UCF. Ask yourself this question if this by any chance is a part of your bondage do you evaluate and gauge of the person spiritual life of the things they don't do this since they don't commit or is it what a person who is legalistic is far more interested listen is far more interested in puts formal emphasis on doing rather than be and Jesus as it is being and not doing if I am what ultimately I will do what's right.

But listen I can do the right thing and not be right there. Many people are doing the right thing and not being right in your own strength.

You can do some right things but your heart not be right but my friend, if we are right we will do the right thing now person who's legalistic is very critical of other people. Did you see that.

Did you hear that abuse you see there always trying to find out what's wrong with someone else.

On the other hand is multifaceted, but a person who's legalistic there whole attitude toward serving the Lord is warped and the Missouri sump.

Here's the difference in knowing the truth and not on the truth as a result of not knowing the truth being in bondage.

Let me ask you this, and beyond is now. Have you ever felt like a one of your real spiritual binges when you still got what you have all of my life and I'm really going to turn it on forgot gap among the Ricoh problem for 30 minutes, pray 30 minutes before I talked to anybody else you might got all these promises of all these religions actually running that lasted about three days. The fourth day he got up and you did the alarm talked in golf and you got me just record right quick.

You didn't even have breakfast. You got in the car and rushed to working with all my goodness I didn't bring.

I did read the Bible old God, you won't want to know for sure because I didn't read the Bible for you laugh at that, but some of you will laugh in our guilt right and I say amen that's right what you see what that is, that his grace that's legalism and you see that I do that if I don't do certain things just right old God's gonna wipe me out and watch the weeds serve the Lord from one of two perspectives of person in bondage serves the Lord out of fear of the consequences of not doing it just right. The city and secondly for wages. That is, I'm gonna get blasted by doing something about a little get goodness about the just run the grass. I sure hope you didn't like the prey longer to read the Bible, not you see we put ourselves in bondage. God has never put on his children in any kind of on that I believe in tiling and I don't have to tell you that over somebody says oh my goodness I when the church last Sunday and I'm I'm coming next, an argument that what I wanted God's really going to punish me financially because I didn't make any and because I wouldn't have signed. I want to tell you know he won't. That's not the kind of God we had.

He's not a God who puts us in bondage. This is what a tremendous contrast between this kind of physical, mental, spiritual bondage, we put ourselves in this state, the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, goodness, gentleness, meekness, faithfulness, self-control, and here we are saying.

If I don't do this if I don't do that and you see the person who usually is legalistic is very critical.

For example, and save it one of you dear sweet lovable gals decided that to you felt your occupation, life was to be a housekeeper for some family so you got a job with a very wealthy family and you were the housekeeper you cooked all the meals you scrub the floors you recommended to be waxy met at the Baird's Ukraine the children when they need to be cleaned. You gave them bad.

She did everything and you are doing it because it was your job it was your duty and you got paid for know you enjoyed it but but that was your primary reasons it was your duty or responsibility. You got paid for. So this man's wife passes away for some reason. And so after he falls in love you you fall in love with Annie Garvin honeymoon for 30 days you come back home now is a different story. Same woman same house, same dirty diapers same dishes same flaws same bed, same everything.

But here's the difference before you are the homemaker because it was your duty, your responsibility and you got paid for.

Now you doing the same thing but you do not to get paid because you and love you love this guide is provided. All those you love these children and now that is your home you are a wife and a bride. You're not a housekeeper. The difference is in position not work.

Now watch this. When you and serve the Lord in order to get blasted. We do certain things.

All because we are afraid if we don't do it that Godzilla punishes. It's the same attitude that's bondage well to serve God out of fear and being careful regenerative ability in the lab we will be sure that everything is just right because if we don't, you know, the judgment of God may be coming in. After all, you know when things are just right.

A person lives in legalistic bondage is always looking over shoulder seek God's follow-up anything that they forgotten they did 10 years ago that friend that's not that's not freedom that is bondage what he forgave you for you are forgive him for he doesn't want us living in bondage. He wants is living in liberty and is the whole list when you and I were saved. We became what sons and daughters of God right that what is his mother's thing gets out of balance, Paul speaks out about being a bondservant, a bondslave of Jesus Christ annoyances when he says you never say we were what we were adopted in the kingdom. That is, we brought in the family. We were born again into the family. He says you are the children of God, and let me ask you something. Does not a son and daughter's relationship to her father. Is that not different than a maid or a service relationship amassed all the difference in the world one works for wages one works out duty.

The other relates to the father at a relationship of love and devotion so that a person who is liberated in Christ looks back over her shoulder and sees the tremendous blessings that God is given and they want to serve the Lord in vain will not do. Because of God's love for them, not because they're afraid all because of any duty to ask a question are you trying to live the Christian life of doing this and doing that and another please got so he will chastise you all do you recognize that you been adopted in the kingdom of God of no merit of your own.

He reached down and convicted you saved you for gave you wrote your name in the Lamb's book of life, and he says he's deposited everything that you ever need to your account and all the blessings of their all he want to do is just let him live his beautiful life through you. That is a life of freedom and liberty that no amount of bondage B of a computer. Thank you for listening to the liberated life. We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating 45 years of God's years to learn more is typecast as a presentation at intense ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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