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Lifeline Children's Services, Let's Do It "A Devotional on Steroids" & The Princess Cut Trilogy

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 5, 2022 3:31 pm

Lifeline Children's Services, Let's Do It "A Devotional on Steroids" & The Princess Cut Trilogy

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 5, 2022 3:31 pm

Robby is back for today's episode. He speaks with Herbie Newell of Lifeline Children's Services. As well as author Bill Mountsier talking about his book " Let's Do It, A Devotional On Steroids". Finally talking with Sheala Munger, Director of the Christian film Trilogy "The Princess Cut"

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This is Darren Kuhn with the masculine journey podcast research the ancient paths to find ways that God brings light into a dark world and help set men free from the struggles that we all face on a day-to-day basis. Your chosen Truth Network podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing The Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network kingdom pursuits where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into the kingdom pursuits now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore is so great to be back is absolutely wonderful to be back after being off the snow a couple weeks ago and then my little bout with covert there which works like the Lord healed me and so it's just it's great to be back and get a chance to see how God uses all these wonderful people to build his kingdom and and we could to get in on the fun and and search we have quite a lineup for you today. We have Herbie Newell and Herbie is with lifeline children services. Their mission is to equip the body of Christ to manifest the gospel vulnerable children and recently Herbie you guys had a big — actually when we are going to do it for the snow year. It was the week that you are going to be at the March for life but as as it turned out, how did they go. Things are going on in the weather around the country mandate everything the mark. Great and it was all the a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and different demographics that showed up the port of life. You know hopefully and prayerfully.

This will be the last March for life that we have were Roe V Wade will the president in the land and house is just absolutely spectacular and I noticed that you went to Stanford University yeah I graduated from with an undergrad and got a master's my daughters there right now is matter fact I was there last weekend. So that's really cool. So next up we have Belmont sure I'm I'm hoping I'm saying your name right Bill so Bill is the author of let's do it. The devotional on steroids.

Welcome Bill Bill mount clear. I'm glad to be here with you is just like it spell since a like amount monster right now we are in the Bible really got on well is just you, how they did and in Hebrews different) mixed up again. So like an old friend because I when I first got in radio.

Actually, I was connected with his family that we have Sheila Monger and she is the director of Francisco three which is a movie that's coming out on February 14, but they got all sorts of events princes cut red carpet premiere this going on at the grand theater here in Winston-Salem on February 15. Welcome Sheila Ronnie and I to be and so did you. When you're growing up did you think man someday I want to be a movie director at five is pursuing mania and really like completely set. I wasn't going to get married and had to be considered so well, so you might guess that you know I jumped on the word steroids and speaking of steroids. We got a new producer into Pacers got my music gone. I'm very excited so speaking of steroids you don't know this is my struggles generate addiction is really only made me stronger and I question for you what you cauliflower on steroids cauliflower on steroids ideas Bill or Herbie you can jump in the power plant. This is really cool. Did you know that asteroid really just meteors on steroids. So actually do have a Bible little today. As always, I can call in and I have to do by the way, we have really cool prizes tell you in a minute.

But here's the little witch strongman in the Bible is not on steroids. Strongman in the Bible not on steroids was the fact that best actor, which strongman not on steroids in the Bible was the best actor in the Bible and why was the 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and if you can guess that Christian tickets to Princess right we have tickets to the grand red carpet) beer this princes cut one and two, February 15 021, two and three. Just wanted to just two and three.

She's helping me out to get tickets to ticket princes cut two and three at the grand theater February 15 outfront is at 8663 for 87884 so getting back to Herbie so Herbie, how did I meant I'm very interested in lifeline itself. Did you kinda describe for listeners what that is yet so he founded really around like an founded in 1981, respond to the growing abortion in the US and young women really felt unplanned I expected like we we really wanted first and foremost, show the young women that there were other options.

There were like option for them. But not only did we want to clean the light but we wanted virtually the only light that could truly form them and change them in the discipleship ministry.

We will now walk along young lady and young adult.

Begun expected the applet in the love of Christ, provide mentors in love and then for those women who do choose adoption. We recruit Christian family international Christian family to come alongside and to adopt these children but also to be committed to love a mother's mother that gave birth to their children over the last 40 years, grown and flourished in we now have a pretty good international ministry as well. Where were working in 25 different country equipping believers around the world to care for orphans and vulnerable children providing international adoption well have strong counseling and education because ultimately we want to help reach their full potential, but also the coming of the gospel of Christ Jesus, and then more recently we've really over the last 10 years and gotten the family reunification in the United States that are ending up in foster care and a lot of times their birth parent criminals and just kind of run, but there a lot of the families that they had a chance the church wrap around the family actually could get the kids back out of foster care.

We have a program called family account going to last decade being thousand now reunified with their parent and even more exciting that most of the families are not going to find the accountability for writing family spoke a lot like wow some cool to me that you know God provides all these different folks and Sheila you know you went from your going to be a missionary and then Christian films and I know the plot line of the princes cut.

Can you kinda shared a little bit because as long as lines run so financially meet Herbie because are are found in looking for a nation in my collection is one in that respect, I revolves around Tessa and see Brian. It really is it's it's it's a fit and wow I you know because I saw princes cut one. I'll be honest and seem to maintain some more but we need your call if you know what strongman on the Bible 866-34-TRUTH you're listening to the person takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom and today we have with us Herbie Newell with lifeline children services and Philemon stories the author of let's do it devotional on steroids and Sheila Monger with the princes cut movie series which is 12 and 40 which, again, the storyline there is this unwed mother right and then princes cut one is you know she's can have the abortion and pain in tears and she sank in.

I don't have a choice and she chooses to have the child. So now we get to princes cut three single mom for strangling make ends meet getting jobs can't do the job.

She needs a dear and you always wonder what restingplace is you can do it yourself that you realize God has you) because anything to show you how to do it, and on her hand and says she wants to do it right.

You might see his Grace and I had constant encouragement and scripturally and she's thinking I had a creepy way that she knows and sees pullback to rise right Mike new kind of ministry to your heart after you failed, he found the point see both princes cut to princes cut three if you if you come to the grand but actually on the 14th. Again, I have just three which that might get a link up there kingdom pursuits for people that are interested because how cool I mean how awesome but you know obviously as people grow closer to God to help some.

Through these decisions, whether they are in the middle of a life crisis like that, so that, let's do it.

You know I'm thinking I'm fact, I even heard her say you do it a second ago Bill so it's run along the same lines right yeah you're right what you done like we all have this not all Christians do, and struggle directly putting action are great many people do church and are nice people but being on the offense and finding ways that we can do those random acts of kindness and devotion are like a really cool and it devotional sense, not just reading Bible and having a quiet time, but actually putting action lighting and committing a late to is based on appendix. It is an end, let's do it. I'm you, delighted, and some very curious like what I know God took you on a journey as you wrote this devotional and I know he took Sheila on a journey as she directed the movie he's got these adventures force but as he did that with you, Bill. What excite like I gave you something like oh my goodness, I can hardly wait to share this in this book. What's that you really near the end of my after church for 20 years and about three years ago we did a 30 day challenge and each night I would send out an activity that people need to do either devotional activity or some kind of action take flowers someone to write a letter or something like that at the end of the 30 day people just were so fine we got together and tell stories about all the action. We did and I couldn't keep him quiet. They just kept talking and talking talk and they loved it. One of the things I think ever come up with administrator, God came up with in me and I thought you know I need to put this into some kind of block and then I thought you only devotional together so action with the devotional and that's how I got to the book you other things that are different than most devotionals are not quite cold.

Devotional on steroids really more than a devotional sounds like the longest lines Herbie, I'm curious how did God get a hold him when you go to Stanford University gets graduate degree how you end up in that field.

Well, a guy thing for sure thing very much like Sheila when I was younger really. The Lord was calling me work with young people and you know at the time I heard that working after you after church with in the local church and do that really after college work with junior high and high school. But when my wife Ashley and I will got married.

She had a burning passion for life. You know she was one of those people who went to college what she wanted to do.

She wanted to be the director of the center and doing right out of college and as I watched her passion grow my degree was actually accounting so I will be a financial planner for business to stop the really enjoyed my job just from that day in and day out, but obviously the void of any internal carpet really Ashley, my wife would come home each night and would share the stories of the women that come through her clinic. It really brought conflict of belief for us because these were women who really had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn for an yet here they were, and they had the and I didn't know what just it really caused us to do what the believer only rough on prayer of the Lord when and on behalf of life. And that when develop the family passion and really stand in the gap of the vulnerable and action group started in God's word just over and over. The passion, calling all the way from the children of Israel and Jane.

Hey church, pure and undefiled religion that the care for your friend and the widow vulnerable to stranger and the alien, and in so doing, and caring. We don't care for Jeff but we care little for the gospel and passengers really welled up about eight years ago, the Lord opened up the position that lifeline for me and we just through several different just confirmation for the Lord is calling our family and for me to leave that the private professional business world and get into full-time ministry through life on you don't find many CPAs, this is not the personality type that you not in your mind works and it's really like God really that's really really cool but I can still tell your attention to detail in your in your spirit. In other words, CPAs of a very methodical way about doing things.

In the end is as you describe things. It's interesting how God gifted you and for such a time as this.

Any gifted you Sheila right and what did you realize that you had in the way of being able to directed that that woke you two like oh man… Gave me hijacked every day and not on the same page on your path and that he had for lots that young children and the mothers and you have nine children, you still got a lot of skill that don't on resumes that can that burden for you to see people land. That's why I was going to the mission field and and along that way educator to gain education and EI, I did event planning and writing are and I left to teach our coming into founding hijacked intonation say the party may have been just is doing everything has invited you to do and her husband Paul.

By the way is producer of all the princes cut movies and it was quite a gifted what a neat way to be able to create write when you have something on your heart like this and you can put it in the usual way for people to find my heart and I've had people come back and saying I was struggling with that. Something I was able to consider differently and so the same way Bill got gave you a way to take your creativity and devotional in the and I love that story about these people. They were all lighting up right and you saw the light, realizing there was something here to capitalism.

That's right, and I will passion story like loved hearing the story of the people doing their action through each week. And in fact that what you're doing your hearing our story or what that what people connect to so I really thought a devotional more based on Lori.

About half of the devotional based on stories of my life. My family life that help people think about how their life but we do read Scripture we tell people know how does your like that and what does it mean to you in your life and how can you apply the marriage and family and so so II want to put stories into it and then of course the action, but you're just so important in our Christian life. I really feel like.

Again we tell testimonies of our faith. We end up telling that happened in our lives or how God is all based on the Lord again. So which which this stories because you got me interested now which story is the one that you like man I got at the story of matter which story is that, well, I got several but the one that everybody is commenting on the my daughter was about four or five years old and Mike basically are perfect. But the moment and she had ministered dinner and she had not finished everything were taken enough bites of everything the way we did it so she wasn't going to have dessert and she said that was fine and so she ran off and her brother ran off after we are all talking.

My wife and I were still standing, sitting there at the dining room table and she came back in the kitchen and she grabbed the greater door and I said Katie you know you're not allowed to have anything else so open that door have to stop the perfect way. By this time going to Walmart to find out what happened story come back after this.

With more from Bill in his book, let's do it devotional on steroids.

Her renewal would lifeline Christian services and Sheila Monger with the princes cut trilogy at this point time. How cool is that you're listening to the truth and that God takes your passion and uses it to build the kingdom today Raven so much fun with her renewal would lifeline Christian services bill sewer monsignor I'll say it right eventually, the author of let's do it, and the devotional on steroids and Sheila Monger with the princes cut. Actually, one, two and three but their premiere of of two and three is to be at the grand theater on February 15 special online, and on the 14th.

Again, you can get about information about all three of but I know you're wondering like me, like what about the strongman and we got giveaway these tickets and so before we get to the end of the milk that fall I can hear Bill get the bill story. We got Joseph this got an answer for us about the strongman in the Bible so just Joseph. You can opposing the only strongman really strongman that I can think of them. But you know I will yes you are absolutely right you when you have tickets to get to go to see these two movies but you know why he was an actor besides the honestly as he brought down the house mandatory need is there you go so you know me Joseph.

I always have to have some men there tickles me so I appreciate you calling out today to fix.

All right, so we left our hero Bill his daughter if you might if you missed this year, you've missed out on the right is daughter would not eat her all her dinner so she had to go without her dessert she's gone away. She's come back and so can you kind of take it from there. Bill yeah grabbed her refrigerator door, not anything healthy and she looked at me and with the refrigerator door and I said Katie don't open that door and hear what she done she looked directly at me. I walked with me and opened the refrigerator door. She's not even looking at my wife and I had during the good not to laugh.

But no money for left and there she was absolutely disobedient. My child be that way and I think I would never be that the obedience that I like, like all things God given them.

The disciples as well and and we're the same way we we can be terribly obedient and God continues to forgive us. I I still do love my daughter and probably a great child in my head and all of them make that thing might think… And since you're saying Sheila) consistent around telling him time to time to leave and as you know when you find yourself all at that point we followed Bill consistently fallen thinking I she's done the same. She finds – error on everything she just hung around and she turns to the one who has answer, and he gives us the satisfaction and honey rock and he satisfies S and that's what she needs to initiate or sell menu when you find yourself as that found the Solomon Galaxie site that I'm black and then never says but how did you downsize your fair that we may know that I don't like you can't let me. I got this and this and this problem and you gone down in and then the Lord does not work and he eat as the transformation he takes all that broken. He's the platter he came back again and remade way this really cool I heard it in the actually from a Jewish rabbi.

Some I was listening to last night and it was so beautiful I start thinking about it ever since I heard it and what is talking about was how the manna in the desert.

This is related to to Torah or what you know, we consider to be the Bible obviously is right and so when you talk about was that the manna emesis of teaching that they have that God had perfected it to the point that your body ingested it without having to digested it just it would just immediately go right in and do all that it was supposed to do and because it just didn't satiate you.

In other words it and make you feel like it that the Israelites felt like they were get a letdown this stuff but all that happened was you you you got all the benefit of it and it created a hunger for more. That's the beautiful part of it is that it made you hungrier and and they said the Bible is give the tour whatever you want to call it is like that the more you eat, it's it's it's it's it's been refined and perfected so it's exactly what your soul needs. So the more that you eat the hungrier you get that cool if I come back I say that you know and you and I think Herbie all of us know for years and years and years we've been praying and seems like were right on right on the cusp of this thing, what would you what would you tell us that are were hungry for an end abortion or maybe just our first or that your little bear robbing you to admit one thing he brought out down now or five star just now and even thinking about life and how that relates what were going through right now with Lord willing, that the overturning of Roe V Wade. We can't rely on judicial we can't just rely on what we hope is a great come down from nine just the Supreme Court of the church and of believers.

We've got the trust in the Lord.

Be intentional and we got go and lay her own right down here about the character. The gullible child, even if Roe V Wade is overturned, Lord willing. The end of June. What it just basically means that the decision proportionately to go back eight and we know that there be states like Illinois and California work that will instantly have the most gregarious, the most likely abortion laws. Not just in the United States in the world. They will have totalitarian abortion opportunities more than even North Korea and China and so we gotta realize that this is not a victory that can be 1 quart not to be evicted.

One of the legislature truly have a victory like the one in part by men so we can't rely on human like right but we have to trust in the Lord and realize that he is our provision and you wanted to go before ultimately, the one changed our old plow disputes I sent her just in it and that's so true that it happens, actually, would you just share Jesus with that child or with that person that just the just meant you write that changes you were talking about a lifecycle right if you cut a lifecycle, no matter what the teacher or the life it's an ending life and so when do you think that your my body is at the point here ending a lifecycle against and so as we share devotionals like you got there Bill and and we bring the light that that you talk about with let's do it, because that's where the rubber meets the road right when when our faith is actually put into action so only got a few more seconds left in this segment Bill all that you take us out because you close so well yeah well I would even say we can no longer going to be. That means more dark vacant action by adopting children and taking care of that all the things all ministry that need volunteer help as well. Family help so important to keep finding ways that not come up with all we got one more segment, so you can find out this book and all about lifeline as well as the movie princes cut and find out all about your listening to the truth and Welcome back to pursuits where we hear how context your passion and uses it to build the kingdom we've had so much fun today with Herbie and Bill and Sheila and their ministries are the all their kingdom lifeline children services and let's do it devotional and princes cut movie now trilogy soon-to-be series from very encouraging nightmare. That is, as I heard the end of what you're talking about and and Tessa being the character that got pregnant obviously been aside and have the baby now she's a single mom and print three you said something that really resonates with me because I remember when I went to the she said she felt like she didn't deserve all that God has given her like yeah aren't we all, that what I'm telling you have any in one of the first remotes I ever did ask it was snowing and I was at the Winston-Salem rescue Mission was like a seven or eight hour remote.

I'm in for about but anyway and these guys all had and I was interviewing all these guys rescue mission, and they all had almost exactly like why are you talking we don't desert we don't deserve. We don't deserve it and I thought, you know, that's such a precious such a precious understanding that I need to have if we think we deserve and we don't need we don't need establishing we don't need any family we see that we I need we turn from our ways and means turn to hand then you really find shoe satisfaction in these mining companies situations in their face with all these things. It's really really high to feel God's love to you when you feel so undeserving that struggle is a similar trend line and tell you not think I don't deserve a godly home and understand these wonderful kids in knowingness at any you know that's the exact place you need to be a need to know that you are the unfaithful spouse of the Lord just like in Hosea when the government where the church Hosea is the type of Christ and he is not honest. He redeems us and then he also tells a fatted calf and mean status and making make as joint heirs don't deserve anything that I sent you and how the consequences, and I think about Internet sale price cursing. I'm delighted that her favorite. He's going to set that right he's going to put that new song in your heart he's going to make as a bride presented right so Herbie I know you see that as well. You and your wife. I mean, what an awesome thing that you guys were able to do that is joint, but I'm sure you see that same thing all the time. Don't yeah certainly we see the breaking of humanity and certainly the vulnerable women and vulnerable family and all the time and and really believe there outside of being love and powerful thing that we are able. The Lord really mind of women families are broken on the book were able to look back to God's word and tell them the truth that they were created in God that they are special and loved by God the many believe there outside of that love.

They've been told their whole life that there's a problem.

I've been told their whole life that everything broken because of bears with the burden and when you can help them understand their question, God knit together by God and created to be an instrument of the love of God.

Yes, you don't go away from golf ball and sort of got glory but I think we have to start pouring that cold water on the dry ground of the lies that have been told, but to help them see that God created and made for his glory and for good.

You actually know that you are and it's it's not it's not wrong to say that's true love me but that's undersupplied the keys of the bed and come in on time. He says you know well he only does it because you bless no he he he is the one that gave his life fast and when we say no I can't get an answer I can't run now all these things I am okay I am delighted as I did he plead the blind, and we teach these women, these young people learn in these situations better and repeat the same problem and plead to plan how to say I went and had applied to my account that we got to get Bill inherited the pastor. We want to give your word here at the oh we do you know that recognizing the work order. We are not God love as we are. We are children love but he wants us to be even more.

He wanted to be fully devoted to him and the only way that get started by recognizing our need for forgiveness and salvation, and so we we give ourselves to him in. We say a prayer. Whatever it is I like the language of the Bible off our bodies a living sacrifice to him deny himself and take up our cross daily and follow him and then he can do all kinds of things and know the greatest story line. Oh yes, lifeline services, Bill Montessori, author, let's do it devotional on steroids. Sheila Monger princes cut with is always grateful for you. Listen to urgent prayer, and oh you off.

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