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Getting Involved!

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January 25, 2022 11:02 pm

Getting Involved!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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January 25, 2022 11:02 pm

Getting Involved!

Steve brings Michelle Ashley and Katherine Burgess, from Susan B. Anthony List, on the show to discuss getting involved in saving life.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. Sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out

Now here's your host Steve Noble said before and you hear me say it again, you'll probably finish hearing me say this until the Lord brings home on the issue of life you show me your pro-life, a by what you say, I'll show you my pro-life faith by what I do so that's the question for all of us as we did a couple shows on the issue of abortion last week as we had the national March for life with North Carolina March for life with sanctity of life Sunday and this is a topic if you like Steve you talk about abortion too much. Well, you know, I find another show because I'm always going to work it in whatever I can in the midst of the Holocaust that were in now here in America but worldwide.

So always going to take an opportunity to talk to our friends that are working on the front lines and there's a lot of different assets dealing with the pro-life situation is kind of like looking at a diamond there's a lot of different sides on a different facets and so you have to really work hard to cover all of those Susan B. Anthony list is been around for a while covering that in a very specific way, and one of the great things about the Susan B Anthony last is a really rely on people like me and you to be a part of it I what they're doing legislatively, but also getting out. Be involved in the voting process does today were to talk about that whether you live here in Raleigh over in Chapel Hill down in Charlotte some other part of North Carolina. Or if you're in South Carolina or even Virginia. There's an opportunity for you to engage here and as we have midterm elections coming up as well as 1/3 of the U.S. Senate. There's a lot going on in a lot of different ways that you can be somebody that shows your pro-life faith by what you do. Okay so that's what were doing for the first half the show today. Michelle Ashley's with us she's the state director for North Carolina and Pennsylvania. And then my friend Catherine Burgess is on North Carolina field directors also work with love life ladies, how are you happy new year. So now I get to do Zoom because like Zoom is like Starbucks, you don't ask, don't say coffee anymore. You say Starbucks and if you have a conversation you just assume are going to do it on Zoom so I appreciate you ladies. Being willing to do this today and and and gather thanks for reaching out for me it's it's great to see you and I appreciate all your efforts as well. So Michelle soap so for people I don't know much about Susan B. Anthony list is going to give us the kind of the 30,000 foot view of what you guys do in your history, and then we'll talk a little bit more as we get into the show about what we can do a local level okay thanks Dean for having appreciated so we exist basically to pass pro-life legislation to protect the unborn and also to elect leaders on the federal level and statewide will vote for laws that saved the lives of unborn children were very, singularly focused on the life issue and we Are part of the field programs and that's our grassroots operation nationwide to elect pro-life leader's office and is really about voter education. So we speak to voters at their doors. It's very targeted approach and education. It's happening is really second to none.

Because we see that many people are either misinformed about the life issue and many that are uninformed, so the work we do.

This is very effective in what was the genesis of Susan B. Anthony, some people might be familiar with who Susan B. Anthony Ashley, as I would assume I'm I'm unfortunately I'm assume that most people don't because we don't know our history very well right exactly question a lot and actually wear T-shirts out it's a conversation starter, because list and LSM and is a blue T-shirt they'll assume that we are pro-choice. And so it's a great conversation starter. Basically seasoned and her contemporaries reported that suffrage movement to gain the vote for women. They were pro-life. The early feminists were pro-life. That is something that many Americans don't know that the deed was in many ways hijacked by pro-abortionist to the early feminists were pro-life Susan B. Anthony actually had a newspaper with another feminist Elizabeth Cady Stanton and he refused any kind of advertisements from companies that made abortifacient drugs and he spoke out against yes that's it such a rich history going all the way back in and I teach US history with high school age homeschoolers and most of them don't even realize the fact that said listen for the ladies in the class. Also, did you guys realize that we free the slaves and gave them the right to vote before we do that for you.

You have the right to vote when the slaves had a right to vote and so you have to understand people like Susan B. Anthony, who were willing to do something about it, which is really the point of us talking today is kind of moving from yes I'm concerned about that for me as a Christian abortion should be a no-brainer, but the question becomes what you do about it insult, what's the philosophy just on a local level for people that are just listening and finding out about it and then I want to make sure We Give You Some Time to Run to Tell Us What's Going on in North Carolina, but What's the General Philosophy Michelle in Terms of Affecting Change on the Local Level like State and Local Level Right so We Are for 2022.

We Are Active Right Now and 60. We Were in North Carolina in 2020 and Work Very Active in the Election for President and Senate As We Know Donald Trump When North Carolina As Did Sen. Tell Us When Reelection and so Our Focus in 2022 60 Attractive and Right Now North Carolina Being Really Key to That Is Seen Graphic and Everything Shipped in North Carolina and Pres. Trump and Eye Center Tillis Only When the Statement Less Than Two Percentage Points. So North Carolina Is Really Key for 2022 Midterms in Article Is to to Win the US House Of Representatives and to Gain a Majority Again in the U.S. Senate Because As We Seen the Biden Administration Is Trying to Roll Back and Undo All the Pro-Life Games from the Trumpet Ministration and from That Perspective I Guess We Can Say It's Not Hyperbole to Say That the Biden Administration's the Most Pro-Choice Administration That We've Ever Had. Yes Definitely That That's Not Done That's Just Elections Have Consequences, and That's Why One of the Challenges That We Face. You Both Know This Is Theirs. Talk about National Politics. What's Going on to DC Gets Most of the Attention. But What Happens at the State Level.

Even with Members of Your Own Representation Here in the State, Whether That's Estates in the Statehouse. This Is Really Something That Bridges the Whole Gap between Federal and State.

And That's Why Local Involvement so Important and I Think A Lot Of People Miss That Right. I Think A Lot Of People yet One of the Things We Communicated the Doors. For Instance, One Thing That Really Has Helped with Elections in the past Is the People US.

The Function of the Six Notches Legislation but It's Confirming Court Justices and Federal Judges, and We Saw under Pres. Trump Three Supreme Court Justices That Were Nominated and Confirmed and over 200 Federal Judges Have Such an Ending Is Seen That in the Court Such an Impact on the Issue You Locally, North Carolina Two with Gov. Cooper Vetoing Every Piece That's for Sure. And in While As a Constitutional Teacher As Well. I Teach Civics As Well. I'm Not Real Thrilled about the Judicial System Having As Much Power As It Does on the Issue of Life That Is the Way It Is and That's Where We Live, and so We Engage in the Situation That We Find Ourselves Talking to Michelle and Catherine from the Susan B. Anthony List What You Can Do Next Will Be Right Back about That Is That Crazy Crazy. I Think It's the Right Thing to Do List in My Story Goes Back All the Way Back to 2004 Really in Terms of Political Involvement 2002 in Terms of Christian Involvement and I Was Living a Decent like Going to Church Going to My Bible Study All That Kind of Stuff and That's All Good in and of Itself, but Is That Enough, Especially When You Live in a Culture That We Live in, Especially When You Consider the Issue of Life, Going from a Professional Pro-Life Faith Actually Doing Something about It. I Will Continue to to Beat the Drum. It's Been a Huge Blessing. By the Way, Not Just Something I Feel Compelled to Do, but Something That's Been a Blessing to Me and My Family to Be Involved Because Obedience Always Comes with a Blessing and You Know That This Issue Is Important to the Lord Therefore Should Be Important to Us and We Cannot Look around the Country. We See What It's Done to This Nation. The Coarsening of the Nation Just over the Issue of Life and of Itself. That's Why We Are Always Willing to Take Some Time and Talk to Our Friends in the Movement Today. Michelle Ashley and Catherine Burgess Who Are Here from SBA of the Susan B. Anthony List and Talk about What We Can Do on a State Local Level the National Presence of SBA but Specifically How We Can All Get Involved with a Big Election Year Coming up.

Six States That a Michelle Mentioned North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida and Arizona Here, North Carolina Catherine and I've Known Each Other through Love Life Catherine, What's the Plan Here What Your Involvement, How Did You Get into the SBA List and Why Is It Such a Big Issue for You Personally Don't Talk about Nuts and Bolts Will Look What We Can Do Personal Issue for Me and My Family and I Told People on My Testimony or Eye Doctors Actually Told My Mother Who Was Already Unfortunately a Posterboard on My Last Two Siblings to This Horrific Act and Doctors Told My Mother to Actually Abort Me As They Told Her That Was Most Likely Going to Be Born with Leading to Stabilities and My Mother Walked Out Of the Office and That No so Everything Can Do No Wrong.

Very Personal for Me When I Was Late Just Sitting at Home and Hoping That It Gets Better Is Not Enough Because I Remember When I Saw New York Light Pink in Celebration of Late-Term Abortion and I Call My and She Said a Phrase That Changed My Entire Life. In Course of What I Wanted to Do and She Said We Are. You Go Next Thing You Know Love Life Happens. Now I Wonderfully Employed with SBA Really Pushed Forward Movement but It's so Be Involved Locally, North Carolina Is Such an Important State Seal and Election and with the Senate Race Running up Too Many NC Voters Do Not Know How Radical Left Is When It Comes to Abortion People. Whenever I Go When I Train These Hamsters Were Knocking on Doors. People Are Shellshocked Whenever You Talk about Late-Term Abortion. Unfortunately so Many People Don't Even Know That North Carolina Abortion Is Happening All the Way up to 20 Reaching the Point Where a Child Can Survive Out Of the Voters, North Carolina Don't Know the Truth and I Feel like It's an Old Network. Hamsters Are out There Helping Knocking on Doors.

I'm Giving Them the Proper Information to Make True Informed Decision on Who They Are Building.

So What's the What's the SBA Approach When You're Coming up to Houston in Who Are You Talking to Are You Talking to Known Republican Voters, Who Are You Talking to and What's the Approach or near There and Then, Generally, Both of You Can Answer This One Is Looking a Reaction to Your Running into. I Guess It Depends on Who's House You're Knocking on the Door Right Really Targeted Approach so Were Going to Pro-Life and Persuadable Voters to Their Pro-Life but Maybe They're Not Putting in Midterm Elections. Another Coding Navy in Presidential Years or Something so Our Goal Is Really to Educate Those Voters and to Get Them to the Polls on the Next Day and so We Have a Short Scripted Sign up for Questions That What Was Showing Them Is Drawing the Contrast between the Pro-Life Person Running the Candidate and Pro-Abortion Person and We so Grateful for Shows like Your Steve Because You're There Shining a Light on It but You Have Received Immediate Much Immediate Gives the Pro-Abortion Democrat Cover Sure Voters Do Not Know That Many Democrats There Radical on Abortion They Want Abortion up to Birth for Any Reason, All Funded by Taxpayers and so It's so Effective Because Were Going to Doors and Many Times Were Talking to Christians If They're Voting for Democrats. They Think They're Voting for the Party of Compassion. So When They Learn How Radical the Party Is on Abortion.

It Really Really Starts Changing Their Minds and We See Their Faces Change and so Many of Them Thank Us for the Work They're Doing. People That Don't Agree with This Most Friendly and Cordial and That's Good to Hear That Something Most People so That All They Want Abortion Rights to the Point of Delivery like in New York and like the Tone of Pink Will That's Just New York That's Just California but That's Just Not True. That's Kind of the Norm for the Democrat Party. All of You Have Been up If They Could Get That North Carolina Did Get It Right. And so, Tell Us Catherine about That. What We Can Do to Help Specifically Here North Carolina Specifically What You Can Do to Help. North Carolina Is Actually to Join Us As One of Our Door-To-Door Canvassers Is a Wonderful Job Ordinary Flexible Job. You Literally Create Your Own Hours and Scheduled Job You Can Do Seven Days a Week If You Want to Only Dedicate Five Hours Ahead Only Dedicate Hours but You Can Also Make This a Full-Time Job in the Hay Start at a Fantastic Job for Students, Even Someone Who Just Wants to Make a Little Bit of Extra Money on the Side That the Majority of the People That We See Isn't Just a Job and Were Not Going to Hire You. This Is Just a Giant. This Is Something That We Want You to Be Passionate about Because Not Hashem Is Going to Show at the Door to That Builder. So If You Want to Get Involved and You Want the North Carolina Voters to Have Proper Information That Majority of the Pro-Life Community Usually Knows I Always Tell My Canvassers Know I Majority This Time. You Know Way More Than the Person You Store Your so You Want That to Change. That Is How You Can Do Is Becoming One of These Canvassers and Getting That Information and How Do People Get Prepared to Do That. I Know That the Website SBA but Where Do They Go There and Then How to Get Prepared.

I Know There's Some Training There Is Some Training so Our Directors Work Very, Very Closely with Our Canvassers. We Will Personally Train This Is Something That We Do Overs down Because This Is What Make Sure That They Are Comfortable and What They Are Doing or Doing It Safely As Well. We Do Everything I SBA to Make Sure That Everyone Is Safe and Competent in the Job so I Would Go out the Cancer I Would Train Them Go through a Handbook.

I Would Go Door to Door for the Entire First Day They Still Feel Little Bit Shaky about What They're Dealing so We Will Walk with You through This Process until You Are Confident to Walk Some Stranger's Door and a Smile on Your Face and Say I Am Happy SBA and I Want to Give You a Four Question Survey Area Pro-Life Organization. So It's a Very Family Base Organization Number and Work through You Training What Percentage and I'm Sure This Is Nationwide, Maybe Differs a Little Bit by Market, but What Percentage of People Would You Say Michelle and Catherine Are Generally Decent When You Go to the Door Six Years and I Could Really Count on One Hand the Number of People That I Would Say Were Outrightly so It's 9599% of People They Don't Agree with Us and Say No Thank You It's Nice Is Doing a Simple Survey and It's It It's a Soft Approach to and Were Not There and Argue with Someone's Route. Thank You. Have a Nice Day Ministry Because We Need so Many People That Are Have Been Impacted by the Abortion Industry All over the Place. Once What's the Website Catherine, Where Were the People Go to Get Involved List.Work and Then You Get All the Information on Where You Go from There and You Will Get Connected with a Local Field Director to Get You Started, Which Would Drop down List As It Is at the Get Involved, One Which One yet Estimated Okay Yeah I'll Do That. The Cycle and Will Be Right Back Noble Children to Be with You and Appreciated the Web. Michelle and Catherine from SPH Is B. Anthony List and I Wanted to Get This Information to You so If You Want to Get Involved. Remember, This Is a Get Right Is Not Just about.

It's Not Volunteer Things to Go out Canvassing Where They Train You How Are You Just Going Door-To-Door Talking to People. Hi, I'm Steve. I'm with the Susan B.

Anthony List Were Pro-Life Organization. Just Wanted to See If He Could Take a Survey Right Quick.

And Here's Where You Have To Be Careful. The Mainstream Media the Right Media of the Left Media, Social Media, All of It Is Very Effective at Painting a Picture That We All Absolutely Hate Each Other.

Right Everywhere You Go. Everybody's Just about Ready to Grab a 2 x 4 Beat Each Other to Death. That's the Way It Gets Portrayed Okay but You Have To Remember Most of Us Don't Live like That We Don't Encounter That Maybe You Have a Little Mask Thing Here and There, and so You've Encountered Some of That but Largely I Mean Largely 80%, 85%, 90% of the Time People Are Just Kinda Decent Mostly with Ongoing Caves and Want to Get an Argument Don't Go Bonkers on Facebook or Social Media or Their Tweet Will Tweet like Your Hair Is on Fire, but in Person. Most People to Start like That Most People Can't Handle That Kind of Direct Confrontation.

There Are Comfortable with It.

So the Vast Majority of People Are Friendly and Anymore, Especially Because We Don't Know Anybody Neighborhood Wise Sewing People Walk up to the House You're like Oh Who's This and If It's a Nice Smiling Person Then like I Said, 90, 95% of the Time It's Very Friendly and Amazing That Because Your Program Bite Social Media and Everything to Assume That It's Good to Be like 50% of the Time These People Going to Scream at Me and Hate Me to Be Terrible but That's Just Not the Case. Most of the Time People Are Decent, Especially If You Lead with a Smile and Your Kind in Your Nice You'll Be Shocked at How Most People Engage in and You Can Actually Have a Good Conversation. Plus, When You Work with SBA You're Getting Paid $15 an Hour. Cannot Do It Five Hours a Week 15 Hours a Week, 30 Hours a Week. That's a Great Job to Be out in Your Promoting Life Honoring God into Making Money. I Mean, That's a Pretty Continual Severe North Carolina Catherine Burgess to Love like She Said Just Email Her Directly.

Okay That's Catherine with a K Catherine at SBA List Field.Work. I'll Put It on Facebook Live so You Have That As Well.

Catherine at SBA List Field FI ELD.Work or you can just go to the SBA website which is SBA and you'll see an email sign up right there you sign up for their email so you get that information but they're gonna send you and ask you to be a canvasser get involved to help move the needle on in the states rush with U.S. Senate races, things of that nature. So this is really important. SBA does a great job. So make sure you check that out and get involved in a great way to make money. Think about that your promoting life. You're honoring God you're helping affect the country and you get paid 15 bucks an hour that's pretty sweet deal Catherine with a K at SBA list so you can come in from the sidelines to the front you front lines and be involved okay so were banned for a week right now on YouTube and why is that that that happened today Josh yesterday that happen as a result of yesterday because if you are part of the show yesterday.

You know what I did and I provided medical information I provided Max. I provided my commentary, which is an illegal nor inaccurate. But anytime you go against the mainstream narrative. That's what's good nap on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, yada yada yada, and by the way, earlier today I'm band on twitter all of a sudden I don't hardly ever use it. I gather information atwitter, but I maybe Tweet once a month.

It's not my platform I use Facebook so that was kind of bizarre. That's just the world we live in. So you have to engage then you engage with the truth and let the chips fall where they may. So earlier today I got a text from my buddy Steve days over the blaze and they did a 20 minute segment on his show earlier today but by way that's at the blaze network okay Glenn Beck's network or you can get on rumble. You can follow Steve on rumble or twitter or Facebook Steve days DE ACE and the question was made to this 20 minute thing. The bird, the verdict on proud Shiism is that so why don't the word on Facebook right now. Not that I would anyway but they look at something called excess death okay so there's a there's a number out there to go look it up.

They can project because we know, on average, about how many people die in America every year and they can look at that based on age, they can look at that, based on cost so there's excess death numbers. So what you want to see right is zero or a negative.

We actually see people living longer.

Excess debts are in the negative selection we had fewer people died this year than last. That's kind of what you're looking for, but in the last two years, excess death numbers as a percentage growth across the nation. On average is up about 1011 1213% excess debts know now that you're okay. Once I can stop the presses. What about COBIT.

Okay, that's, that's a great point. What about COBIT, so we should see excess deaths based on COBIT because COBIT came onto the scene two years ago. But also you would notice if you pay the intention of these numbers. That death is a real result of flu and some other associated things basically disappear right so you have a little flip-flop there. Plus the COBIT numbers in terms of deaths we know are off right. We know there off because just like they coded hospitals. If you come in for a heart valve replacement. That's why you're there and then they test you and then you have COBIT there's most if not all hospitals in the country will switch your filing to set your your COBIT hospitalization even though that's not why you're there.

So you're there with COBIT, not because of COBIT and the same thing happens with the death numbers okay so you have death with COBIT or death of her from COBIT, so even the death numbers are cut off. Anyway, the point be when you dive into this and going through the verdict on proud Shiism is it so here's here's what he did.

He took had all the numbers by state. So overall, the excess death numbers per state all 50 states goes through all of that. Then he picks the 10 the 12 worst where they had the highest increase in excess deaths and then he picked the 12 best for they had the lowest increase okay so you got two columns there. Imagine this two columns of states 12 over here where they had the worst excess death numbers and 12 over here where they had the least excess death numbers so things are better in these states overhear the least than the states overhear 12 front states of tops 12 states at the bottom. Then they overlaid restrictions. Lockdowns so were going restrict school shutdown school shutdown businesses unless like your abortion clinic or strip joint or or a liquor store when I can shut those down, but will shut everything else down so the most restrictive shutdown. The most restrictive in schools and masking and vaccine mandates. All that can stop soaked overly that in and try to guess what the result is so the 12 states with the worst excess death numbers were the ones that had the most restrictive. The most draconian response to COBIT. Isn't that interesting. The other 12 states that did best when it came to excess death numbers in 2021 and 2020. Those were those 12 states were among the most open. The least restrictive. The most free if you will okay so you got that this this little overlay map in your heads getting more interesting.

Let's go back to the states with the highest excess deaths in the most restrictive all 12 of those states all 12 of them. Guess who they voted for the presidential election last time around.

All weight good just guess just work on that. Think about that for second so the most closed. The most restrictive. The most draconian who they vote for. Well here's the list okay is the most closed Vermont Delaware Washington Virginia New York, California, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, what are 12 of them what they all have in common.

From presidential election standpoint, that's what you don't need to take time to pray about transference fine. That's right, they every single one of them. All 12 of them voted for by members. They were some some of the most closed states in the country. They all voted for Biden and they all had the highest excess death numbers. It is again Vermont Delaware Washington Virginia New York, California, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Minnesota, Michigan, let's go to the other list. These are amongst the most open states in the country, Iowa, Florida, Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Alaska, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Montana, Idaho, Missouri. Every one of those states voted for Donald Trump. They were open, very open states in terms of restrictions and mask mandates all the good stuff and they had the lowest out of all 50 states is the 12 lowest with the excess death numbers so you could say they did the best with in terms of overall health and so but they all voted red bell voted Trump now you can try to say that's just your politics will know no, these are just numbers but solicits it just numbers its data and then that test your ability to be intellectually honest the data on the numbers, the facts say hey and you should say okay then hey this, but your politics oftentimes allow you to save be just blow it off a lot more on that okay will talk about that. Why that happened is a lot more to talk about Steve Noble to Steve Noble show following up on something. My friend Steve Dave said earlier today on the blazing sun from 12 to 2. By the way, and he was looking at situations around the country. Excess death. Okay, we know basically how many deaths we have per year in this country and you can see a line you can see the trend so you can project that.

Then there's a there's a measurement of excess deaths. So if all of a sudden we had all goes up five or 10 or 15%, you're like well what happened okay.

Why do we have 15% more people dying this year than we did last or that would be an issue right so of course now the last two years ago will COBIT COBIT COBIT but the number of COBIT deaths isn't high enough to explain. You have a 1012 13 1415% increase in excess death numbers okay that's astronomical and should get your attention to the going home on a second why we have so many excess deaths like what's going on there as an Inc. as a percentage increase okay so here's the list and this is this is scary stuff. Okay, these are excess deaths versus the previous year. So on the low end Rhode Island actually was down 6.9% so they had fewer deaths than project. This is Lester North Carolina.

We didn't write down 1% so you should fewer then it starts climbing up West Virginia 2.7 Massachusetts 3.4. So these are that's 3.4% 3.4% more deaths than the previous year right so little fluctuation 234%. If you have five, six, seven, 10% you like right you would go what's happening here this bizarre and it goes on Pennsylvania 10.3 unjust sampling at this point Illinois 11.2 Delaware 13.9 Maine 14% excess deaths, year-over-year, Indiana 15.4 Connecticut 16.3 Montana 19 Oklahoma 19.1 Florida 19.8, Tennessee 20 Georgia 20.5 New Mexico 27 Alaska 27 right so these are excess tested through okay that's pretty scary as a should be okay. Then you start looking at him, and what's happening here. So Rhode Island like 17.6% South Carolina 7.5% Indiana pretty low 2%. So then you start looking at why we have an exact test as to go COBIT Europe will yeah there's COBIT in their's were at what is a nation 850,000 COBIT deaths and in this sound terrible but I'm a prevented air quotes COBIT deaths. Okay COBIT, just because you code them as a COBIT death if they died from something else, but they had COBIT that's a COBIT, just like states are starting to come out saying oh yeah, we actually don't have that many people in the hospital from COBIT there in the hospital for another reason. And then we find out that they have COBIT so we code them is COBIT but are not there because of cold, which is the important distinction don't you think, and so all those numbers are inflated.

So then Steve Jason his team were looking at all this is going okay. Let's take the tent the 12 were states in terms of excess deaths in the 12 best states and lo and behold they find the 12 best states, meaning the least amount of increase of excess deaths were most open and instruments cleanup all 12 of them went for Trump in the last election the worst states with the highest increase.

The worst 12.

All were the most restrictive in the country and they all voted for Biden and COBIT doesn't account for all the excess deaths. So what's going on there. Why do we have an increase in excess death excess excessive deaths even factoring in for COBIT well anxiety, depression, suicide, alcoholism, misdiagnoses, especially the cancer. Think of those dominoes are still falling from 2020 when the couple hospitals weren't letting people come in for routine appointments, routine checkups, cancer screenings know we cancel and stuff for a while so you have refining these numbers more more now real tangible fallout.

I've been referring to them as the other dominoes that have been lining up behind COBIT for the last two years and so your perspective and how you pursue this if it was fear-based and control based your people suffered more. The facts are and that's why Steve Jason. The place was blaze will send the verdict on pouch. He is him is it in the vertex not good. Here's what he said at the end of the show. I'm just reading the screen when you consider the average age of COBIT death in America is almost the exact average life expectancy in America and in how many deaths could have been avoided without shunning or denying effective early treatments that it really becomes obvious about Shiism is either the greatest failure in the history of medicine or the greatest success in the history of authoritarianism, which was my point yesterday that between the spirit of age the age the works of Satan. The general lostness of the culture not just here but around the world, human depravity, taking advantage of every opportunity.

It has to expand power and control. Yet all that stuff together just perfect storm and COBIT just provides and then greed like for Pfizer and maternal and people in the halls of our government up in DC that are making money on this stuff. Not to mention the power control in the whole thing is just a big casserole of bad news, and most people are operating kind of out of a fear-based mentality worldview they don't get sick. They don't want to die then want to get other people sickened so that they may die, and I appreciate all that. But sooner or later, you can't run your life based on emotions.

Gotta run your life based on facts and so here we go.

These numbers, they may continue to come out.

The truth will continue to come out and we need to be praying, if you're a person of book. If you're a follower of Christ will need to be praying for wisdom and discernment in truth and justice in this mess is it that people are going to continue to suffer the prices will continue to be paid especially for our young people we don't even know what that's gonna look like in a few years as as we've amassed and shut down and done all the things we've done with our young people, and now we've got parents across the nation willing to fax their five-year-old therefore your older toddler. Their influence that's sick. All for what your fear in a virtue signal. He I got my child faxed OR aren't you a good parent. Don't you care about society see other works write this like a giant virtue signal and again I don't know what percentage of people actually think that the front of their minds like this because a lot of people just don't understand why they do what they do.

But that's what's happening caseworker keep talking about it on the keep looking for the facts and for the numbers and continue to shed light on the truth in the future, wants to be a meeting whatever okay on finished with this because it's been just an incredible season Supreme Court. And here's another one. This is a huge case a race. Harvard and the Supreme Court of this just came out because the story cannot yesterday, the Supreme Court agreed to generate 24 to hear suits alleging that race conscious admissions policies at Harvard and University in North Carolina right here down the street are discriminatory against Asian-American students. The spring court on Monday agreed to hear two cases challenging racial preferences at those two places Harvard and the universe, North Carolina.

Kudos us of the executive board at the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal kudos to the justices for taking this opportunity to vindicate equal treatment under the law, regardless of race, especially when the left is pushing racial calculations and the policies far beyond campus.

This also is a chance for the court to correct its own mistakes. Racial quotas are forbidden button brother versus Bollinger in 2003 a five before majority endorse the idea that race could be a cortical plus factor to help colleges see quote the educational benefits that flow from a diverse student body.

Yet there is an expiration date. Quote we expect the 25 years from now. The use of racial preferences will no longer be necessary to further the interest approved today. That deadline is almost here, but two decades later the progressive zeal for divvying up people by race, ethnicity, and sexuality has increased. Colleges have begun hosting specific graduation events for black Latina X or LGBT students sometimes write optional affinity housing states in hospitals lately of written race and other policies for allocating scarce covert 19 treatments the old goal of equality is now pass on the left which wants equity, which means unequal treatment in an attempt to achieve equal results. That makes perfect sense, doesn't also what is the limit on a racial plus factor. Again, this is from the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Since repair admissions.

The petitioner in both cases, says Harvard admits get this 56.1% of blat at black applicants in the top academic decile compared with 31.3% of Hispanics 15.3% of whites and 12.7% of Asians. All things being the same right so they'll score the same and the SAT yada yada and their admitting 56.1% of black applicants are getting in verses 31.3 of Hispanic 15.3 of white 12.7 of Asians about the black applicant is in the fourth lowest section.

It adds has a higher chance of admission that an Asian-American in the top section academically speaking.

So a black student in the fourth lowest in terms of qualifying actually just qualifying the numbers gets admitted more than Asian student in the top percentage of performance that a problem yes it is okay back to the article, this would be one heck of a plus factor, which suggests that in reality Harvard is pretty much doing what he wants.

Quote gutter was wrong. The day it was decided. The petition says before the memo guarantees all Americans back black, white and Asian. The equal protection of the laws. The Civil Rights Act of 16 in 1964 bands racial discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance with all the schools do the justices have abortion and guns on this year's docket, so give them credit for taking on another combustible subject. As for the merits, it's hard to improve on Chief Justice Roberts formulation 2007 case where you said the following. The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop to the discrimination on the basis of race time for an encore, Mr. Chief Justice Drago gives me a little hope Chris Chief Justice John Roberts said that the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discrimination on the basis of race, so kudos to the Supreme Court that they're taking that this could you imagine this is the this will be a direct reversal of affirmative action at the collegiate level and then that's where I would say okay we want merit pay system to which a good chunk. The low culture would say I'm a racist freebie bringing that up with whatever happened in the ancient notion of you get what you deserve it. The school gives equal opportunity everybody based on their performance, then it's fair and I don't care what color your skin is, or how religious you are or how much money you have luscious fair the way we used to actually do it. This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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