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MON HR 1 012422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 24, 2022 11:33 pm

MON HR 1 012422

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 24, 2022 11:33 pm

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio what's right what's left is coming out now.

Good evening and welcome to another additional was right. What's left I'm ready. About 30 centers, and indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance on 24 January Monday 2022 and tonight is only the mighty Andrew that's right pastor I'm here and that parson Joe Larson hi William.

Purposeful record you just plain old because we what everybody else off Evelyn. Let's get going into ninth grader to hear what we said we got plenty of those. Listen we got let's cover tonight is so we really have to add you know Scripture teaches the third Daniel chapter 12 tells you that as we get closer to the Lord's return.

Everything is going to be spayed of everything is moving faster.

Boy is that happening today everything is moving much faster, and so the title of the message was for retirement your right and were going to start tonight.

Mr. chapter 4 and setting up the title of the O here Joe list. You will just a little bit of insight here.

Haman was a will. Today we have Haman was here today we call in a death grip.

He was a very, very corrupt politician. He was one who wanted people to bow down to the he could care less. I mean he could care less about killing of all the Jews would today you know today in America. Everybody men women and children to death. Those that hate God, love and whether it's by abortion, euthanasia, the shots, however however they can. They can get the board death.

The benefit of the debtor grants the today here in America and so here Haman got appointed. He was number two guy.

He was like will say the vice president. Yeah, like, yeah. And so here he was, was wanting to eliminate the Jews because Mordechai C Mordechai said in the gate and in the Kingsgate that meant Mordechai was and he had some position in the government some position and as Haman would come through. The others would bow down to him, but the but Mordechai would not bow down to get a wife Mordechai would not bow down to them. Record your battleground of the Lord your God, no other that's exactly right. And so here, so he decided he went in and you looking to those days. Mordechai givest them the best thing to do would be to eliminate all the Jews from his kingdom so he gave them his stamp of approval to go ahead and do that will know what's happening as Mordechai has gone to Esther the queen that he was her uncle and he's asked Esther to go ahead and go in to the king as earth and at all has her has arrest has duress that I've always had a hard time pronouncing that word always filled his ability to make a pretty bad yeah it's a H ASU the RUF Sonata spellings, but it's hard to pronounce all has been hell to go into the king and convince him not to kill the Jews nesters got a problem, even though she's the queen there's a wall that states that anyone that goes before the king without being summoned if the king did not summon them if you don't hold out his golden scepter. That person gets executed even if it's the queen while in so here. Messenger backers away wouldn't yeah and so here now Mordechai goes and he tells her look, you need to go in and talk talk to the king and tell them, by the way that this Haman, this guy cannot be trusted and so leave the king Haman had built a gallows, and the king had ordered Haman. This goes this as we go through.

They will talk about this as we go through what happens with go ahead and restart it would first tend to read through 17 again after Craig Hunter popped out and gave him commandment under Mordechai all the king's servants and the people of the king's provinces do know that whosoever, whether man or woman shall come in, through the king enter the interlock court is not called. There is one law appears to put him to death, except such to groom the king shall hold out the golden scepter that he may live, but I have not been called to come in unto the king the 30 day and they told her Mordechai Hester's work.

Then Mordechai commanded to answer Esther think not with myself, but thou shall escape in the king's house more than all the Jews profile altogether holders by piece. At this time shall there enlargement and deliverance rise to the Jews from another place, but Val and my father's house shall be destroyed and no weather thou art come into the kingdom for such a time as this one. 17.

I just had to cough surveyed and returned her Mordechai, this answer go gather all of the Jews that are present under Shushan and fast easy for me and neither eat or drink three days, day or night.

I also my maidens go fast. Likewise, and so will I go in under the king, which is not according to the law and if I perish, I perish the Mordechai Winters way and did according to all that Esther had commanded him. Okay so here is we take a look at this and he tells her to look if you don't do this, don't think that you going to escape either you or your father's house right because you're a Jew and even though you're the queen of the laws. The laws he goes through the snow is also saying but we will be delivered from another and another way okay so you telling them here from another place that the deliverers going to come from another place them. Why do you think that God is not mentioned here, or is got mentioned here. Well basically correct or elsewhere bring safety to the jurors throughout the regret out right here talking pretty much understood that they are counting and trusting in God strive to send or deliver okay so what what was the meaning of the word Jew, there were Jew had a meeting in connotation and that was what do you know it was the children of Yahweh. The children out of yellow okay okay so when Linda here who is going to deliver his children but Yahweh right okay so here we take a look at this now how is like he wanted to depopulate the kingdom of the Jews. How does that apply today in America there really trying to get rid of the Christian and one writer trying to sell get rid of God are trying to chase God out of things inevitably secular world and they are trying to ban God from government and everything else that can okay so who was who was in charge.

So time in charge of your target government of the whole situation the entire situation, Yahweh.

Yahweh was was in complete control is incomplete until today. Certainly not a lot of people very very Creative or easy-going them all don't have a constructive thing is time way and that's why we have this called faith. We have to wait in faith for God to do what he will switch to sobriety and aspirin go out there will were told were told the run of the battle to fight the fight the victory belongs to him.

So many people to think that having to call themselves Christians. The call themselves Christians would've been put in Esther's place with the would've done what Esther did. Would've had the courage to me today. Today you have a whole lot of people that call themselves Christians. So in word I may not engage your very few that we have people who do greater.

We have even some politicians will render the battle like Jim Jordan talk to Josh Holly very many genocides a very small percentage. So is got always give the remnant always had a rubber okay so here he goes on to say that Esther bade them to return Mordechai go together all the Jews that are present Shushan fasting for me neither eat nor drink three days or nights and on and I also my main so you could tell that Esther was that she was a believer, was an outright interesting. It didn't affect out and pray for me that do not get out fast for me neither eat nor drink, but I think it's implied because that's what Scripture else or talk about when you do fasting, you are to be in prayer running. This is one of the few times in Scripture prayer and fasting are not combined. So I think it's implied right very good to hear when we we take a look at this Esther worship God, she became a Queen okay so here no.

Oh Haman noted Esther was a through my thing but yeah I think he did.

I think he knew that the she was Mordechai's niece know what happened here so we go through the book we see that the queen goes into talks to the king, and so the king is is he's is going over all of this in his mind. Meanwhile, what happens is Haman finds out that Esther what he knows now that she's a Jew has spoken to the king so Haman comes that more women worked out the flaw that triggers a great Celt. I wonder if it can relate what you queen you probably you probably didn't know that's what I'm thinking. It is otherwise why would he allow that Lotta. Whatever greater Outlaw but here now you get it. Remember to in those days sometimes the queens were expendable.

There are the cases now hear specially if he had more than one yeah and often they would. And so now here I he had gone and he was good have a celebration that the king had one day the king could sleep solidity delis decided to read a history book, but it was their history, things that happened and a come across effective.

Mordechai had had warned the king that there were two that we had come in two of his men. The set in the gates and that they had decided that they wanted to get really getting and so here are the king reads that and he decides what that Mordechai he will innovate. He saved my life site I owed to himself. He goes and he tells Haman he says get ready it will have a parade and will not honor somebody so course who did Haman think he was going on or felt yeah regarding regarding the one honored that he was he was pretty sure that that was going to happen so close and he gets already and his heart is in fact, he had had these gallows built facility got in position to hang Mordechai out that that was his. He was going to hang him him and his family right there in front of everybody right and so what happened was when Whitney, he finds out he finds out that it's got to be that he's got to lead this parade to honor his his worst enemy. Okay Mordechai so what is he do.

He runs up to the Queens room and he starts begging her begging her to talk to the king and so the king comes then and there is a Queen on the bed and he's he's down laying on the bed trying to bed with her and the king says I come in here and you're in my my wife and my own bed and some who got hung on that gallows promoting name Haman right there you go. So so here is the never good to touch God's anointed. No ulnar Scripture was not a good thing.

Touch not mine anointed. Do you ever get buying gun discipline and give portal run drug.

Sometimes he allow things happen for a reason. We may not understand but nothing gets overrun him fact, I have just the perfect explanation for that spirit is in Isaiah 46 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done so saying he knows the former. I know I'm your God, there is none else but declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times. It requires all things. He knows all things, because he also exists at the end of all things. He knows everything that's going to happen before it happens. So therefore nothing is pulled over on him and everything is done because he is allowed okay so promoted it. Whichever way I looked at changed throughout history any legal backing in the biblical days there were those of the day we would get away starting wood with Lucifer himself right.

He thought he was. He thought he was powerful enough that he could to rebel against God and get away with it, but it was well and it wasn't electric outright thing agreed with me that politicians of these government bureaucrats. They get in at the even the liberal millionaires from eight people got very rich and it totally changed and they became corrupt, they had to have more power they have all this money billions that they can't figure out how to spend and they become corrupted by money, by the power they want more.

What more power. Usually an baseband neglect sorrow spends billions of his own dollars to get more power so receded, I don't think mankind is ever made to have a lot of power. It's not good for us beyond us and see on things and too much power, too much authority structure ruined your okay so this example will be people.

It right now in our time that think they got away with something new, but they're not going to get away with it. I mean right now there Joe Biden's one and all his corruption illegally talking about that because some of these abides doing.

I mean line Joe Biden I'm in. But what will be talking about that especially were come to the selection thing. What again.

It's unbelievable what easy with these trainable now let me give you an example, the former governor of New York and I will talk about earlier, Cuomo J, Nomo Alyssa Cuomo. He thought he was. He was good. He's got the way he thought he got away with killing off all of those elderly people in the nursing homes that no because they're not bringing the charges against him for that because there's too many others involved. We really know from paper corrupt VA stuff or not, they're allowed to be brought okay but but in the end it supported all men once to die than what that in the judgment judgment so will Cuomo know absolutely for sure that he didn't get away with it once did. I'm sure the Lord will bring it up in "book remembrances right. What about Gov. Wolf of PA and governor of Nevada, California and are drawn or non-New Jersey and Michigan. Whitmore, all of these that the elderly what is the Bible talk about with the elderly. This essay to honor those that this is a 2 kg I don't think it could kill and destroy them.

Let them die, and ulnar phenomena like crickets honor them. Okay so these people have gotten I got away with it now. Let me go back to those on the court that will call itself supreme in 1973 that they took money. They took the money they took what they had to take. They were put there for that purpose and they declared when they declared God did in themselves to be God. They said that we will take a liquid. God has made unlawful. We will make it legal if you purchase a license from the state and you can destroy the image of God. You can transgress God's dominion.

These wicked people around an entire court, how to answer. The creator on that one right. Well, seven out of the nine and now. Do you have any doubts that there in torment today. Learn about God. God cannot lie. And all through Scripture.

He hated it basically screams out shall not most, I cannot, will not shed innocent blood. That's pretty clear.

So how authoritative is God's Word the Bible how much power and authority does a cup. Throughout is called the supreme judge of the universe. There is no appeal after him that that fit is the final authority over everything in heaven and earth set his judges you're guilty I would tremble. So now here. Remember when Cain killed Abel and the Lord said Abel's blood is crying out from the great when you think the sound of over 100 million babies. The sounds of their cries. The blood of the God for the sewers from coast to coast of America to condemn black no in here and though they've made the big name cities is in streets or whatever.

After those in the hose tyrants to call the black world horse. The call themselves judges. The blood of the children gotta be deafening. After hearing the blood of one Scripture equipment blood cried out from the ground when Cain killed Abel out with the blood of one, not the blood of millions and so this is continuing here in America today. The killing of the children and I talked about this till the night out. The report just came out tonight and I heard they were talking about how the good news is that the vast majority of the people that die most deaths in the world today are not Michael Hood but by abortion another words it is not is not so bad if it's by abortion because that's legal. We've accepted has got accepted it legal but workable. You recall that the principal required legal but God did not God never changed his mind he submitted publicity right cannot change okay were going to go to a break and then we come back folks play close attention.

I will he come back from his quick break because little players a short clip, Dr. Sherry McDade and we get so many call somebody call somebody calls and from people wanted to know how they can detox over and over and over again. We tell you to call Wendy by the way, I give you Wendy's phone number 866-229-3663 Wendy's phone number is 86622936632 that's what they did, I, I, I What I'd I don't tell people and what how to detox because I can barely barely keep up with all of the stuff were doing today and I wanted to make another announcement very quickly. We really appreciate all of your donations would at this time. Right now we would appreciate it more if you donate if you could do it by check or money order instead of PayPal because with the passing of Pastor Bruce which came so fast we did not have time, he became ill, too fast to transfer you needed paperwork. He handled that he was handling that he did a tremendous job over the years and but in fact we were actually going to do that and when all this happened so quickly before we we could get it done. So what's happening is right now because of that we cannot get our money out of PayPal and I and and it's set in there, but I got it just I got a cabbie I gotta tell you this. This is true story, but what I'll do it after the break. Be right back in the town around Ray.

He is the I will first God first then family their country.1st countrymen yeah that's that's what our messages about with such a time as this, because God has raised us up right now for the things that are happening today to be in service for him to stand against the evil and to promote righteousness support the good causes the godly causes understand against the wicked because now again, God's got a tremendous memory when that Judgment Day comes in at bema seat. They comes in and you guys that are supposed to be Christians that are doers of the word just hearers here you know in your armchair quarterback. Christians you'll wish he had really run to the battle you wish you had stood when you were supposed to stand but him. The memory pastor. What is Malachi 416 and at that Lord Arkin heard her the people and took and a book of remembrance was written before him for them. The spirit of the Lord and that thought upon his name and ID of the more general metaphors. He can't forget he has perfect memory but is letting us know things are written down in his book a note absolutely jealous of those assists in the he speaks at one point about there are those that think they that I'm not watching. Did I not in the heck did I not invent the I did I not invented here. Do you think that I can't see you can't hear okay so any help with that showed couple things. First one is that we got a prayer request. Right now, here's what I did today.

I was on the phone over and over and there's a man name Eric there. Eric there now. Eric may be even older than you, Joe. He's one of our ways little puzzled that's been on that and he he's in the hospital and here he has no family is the only family he has our church family. That's it. Our church family.

He has no lock-in.

Anyhow, he called from the hospital and said I need some help. He said I told when I came in here not to give me rent as severe. I told him absolutely. I did not want that now you know that Mike and Carl Evans had same thing they did not want in the windows of their both of them to agreement. Got it.

They didn't except they were given to them without their knowledge.

Remember the Merrill argument. After they said no and there were and we talked about that on the air we we told you where they were at where that when where that happened. And now here I made a very, very clear to them what they call over there because what happened. He asked to see a list of the medications that they had given him in focus. He was drowsy a lot of times and and that on there was windows of error and he called now. He told me I call overnight. Talk to the people of hospital and I let them know very clearly okay that if there's anything happens with him. There will be lawsuits there's going to be a major lawsuit and maybe even criminal charges and they assured me that that has been removed from his list of treatments and he would not be getting anything else. And so if this happens were going to get to go out and we will report all those involved in this because I think all the already seasonal the lawyers lighting up your scene a big reversal people what we've been telling people now even even listen to this Joe is hard to believe this is very hard. Some of the liberals are deciding hey you know what this stuff is killing us right right in and so even even their coming out and saying they're against it. No more cold and no more paranoia no more mask wearing no fact that Belmar are the at will on his program. He had some on their talking about how up to now they've been afraid because they would be attacked by their own if they broke and didn't progress now yeah did run with the hyenas okay but anyhow recently came out in a black without the. Tomorrow is really critical about their goals, pushing the Japanese VP. All in all and you want on people.

Even the don't want the shot. We should not treat people unfairly want to allow their own immune system to take care of the situation in all and he was asked about some toothache felt fear the medical establishment know what they're doing the interview work they don't know a lot about anything Mark said we still don't understand too much about how the human body works and he said Thousand Oaks it turned her white coat and tell me, just do what we say when are we ever been wrong and egos you've been wrong a lot is effective April Mercury in the right key spouse of the child and now we know that Mercury is a deadly poison. So there you go.

I mean even even some major people like Belmar are waking up and realizing that the government lies the government is trying to control people in and out and that's a start. I think the worm is turning absolutely and you know what we've been talking about ill for the longest time about these decoded about how there out there. The killing people notice to come out now even know even a Fox News cutter Carlson or Tucker Carlson even had the Robert Hansen on and not Hansen, what's on loan Malone lactic Dr. Malone you and I get even had him on if he was to let people know do that, you know, and so would know we did that months ago months ago right is a try to tell people about these things sometime ~did you know a character created or not.

Well, here it they had they had given him. They had given him a shot of that and so but I when I talked to them. They said their monitoring they given us very small doses in their monitoring if it if he dies with liver shutdown were going to make it all when you put that all over the country are getting shut down when you start doing that. Think getting more reports and letting people know because they get. This is these people are licensed to kill. This is the death culture of the deaf culture that that's what the entire death of Greg. Not even the CDC now is backing off and telling you don't get the do not get the boosters don't if you had the shot don't get the boosters even the CDC is telling you know well, I've got a big story on X.

After all, you're wondering when you said Eric doesn't have a family in a way he goes doers of the word is a great family because the people he will be spending eternity rep at some point whether he dies, permits or guys 10 years from now. That's church families one euro spend eternity. Rep.

So is already in a way been blessed and I a lot of people there.

I told Joe we would be praying for him and having people all over the country country and even the different countries listing the pray for him tonight so let's go ahead and pray for him with little God want to hold Eric up at Lori's got a falafel only being there and now because of this whole covert thing and everything. It's hard to even visit you have to be the that the pastor of the Mexican even to get in visit these people until Lord we just want to hold him up.

Just hold them up. And as father Lord God that you would touch him, Lord, we know that is not always.

I will we know your will is a perfect will and you're the one that calls whether it's time to take him home or not so. But but Lord were going to do it like you told us to do to pray for those that are sick and and sort were doing that were present were asking Lord, that you would hold them up where asking to the people of their listing to us all over the world to again agreed and asked that you might touch them and healing Lord and bring them back to his home church. These things we ask in Jesus precious name. Amen.

Paramount government or another. So many people all over the world and a prayer.

People are asking me what can I do when I one of the first things I tell and all while people don't have money or a lot of time but they can get together and form a prayer group and get the name of these people, and direct daily prayer for all these people in need, and it is something a lot of Christians just keep forgetting or don't get the message.

There's great power in prayer and out really good prayer group. Even five or 10 people with daily prayer is a powerful, powerful thing I learned to play the clip here.

Joe and I want people to listen very clearly this is this is not to carry my days going to be a short clip only about a minute long, but I need for you to listen because it's about detoxifying no that's what would which she did she teach us how to do detoxify their medic now again you can go to carry my Carrie you're throwback. The real hard.

You don't know the spelling sometime okay. You can spell by CA RR i.e. M a okay again it's spelled C a RR I, so I'm in a play this year. Clip for you night and I netted the regular met that remote studio tonight so good to do the best I can to get it right if we can hear real well. I don't know what, I like spending time on your body, and now all I have to 190 point in coming. What technology and can't tolerate it right did you get that to her dear. Okay so go to Epson salt bentonite clay and a couple Borax. A lot of people a lot of people say I did get a chance to write it all down so if I can get down. They could've but if not. Kate and Linda play one more time.

Okay Joe one more time and possibly maybe sometime 40 in the program because that because I get so many phone calls and if the people pray for us that the because were overwhelmed were actually overwhelmed trying to keep up with with all things that are happening in so all the letters and that prayer request that we get someone to try to begin their mental and wonderful radiation each time your body and how all your politically coming like technology and not tolerated right there you go so you got that I got that like I can write most people been able to limit limit to what would happen when I want to go back to the folks about right now were asking you do, please donate.

We need you to those of the pledged others to donate for right now we would rather if you could now if you don't have no any other means, go ahead and use PayPal will eventually get the money out of their butts up a check or money order much better check or money order or check or money order right now. No. Here's what happened.

We were on the phone trying to get the stuff straightened out and I'm in for over an hour and I was talking to the lady from there.

From PayPal and I explained to her why we were transferring that to another one of the other people to work in the ministry here from from Pastor Ford Bruce Pfeiffer to the south on a run, so I explained to her the best of Bruce was one of might associate pastors that I was the senior pastor that he ate. I became ill very quickly before he had time to transfer everything neatly died and out so this is why we are where going to try to because we didn't have all the passwords and we did eventually find that. But anyhow, so cheese and okay I understand here's what you have to do you have to get Pastor Bruce Pastor Ford Bruce Pfeiffer to fill out a transfer application and I told her I said that would be very difficult because the I'd have to go to heaven to talk to them and I can't get there and Mike and my present condition like character character. You couldn't come back with the right so that she said will only okay I understand. So we had that folks are not kidding you. It's very appropriate like that happening are drawn from somewhere. I don't happen folks that really does believe things like currencies are so weird things happen to us all the time.

It's just you just the way it is. Anyhow, we were talking about wanting to get a couple things very quickly ready for rapid purposes let's get some information on every hair of my death so Lem no brain remembers right of might is a limb is being used to secretly euthanize the elderly eyewitnesses speak out the government who whose instigated the sickening and unlawful protocol have blood on their hands and need to at the very least, answer some questions when my mom was putting me, but on A's syringe driver.

A device used to automatically administer drugs three days before death in 2009. I didn't think twice. The Kylie has business told me the drugs were to make her comfortable.

What her daughter doesn't want her mom to her daughter doesn't want her mom to be comfortable in her final days will. I knew my mom was dying because the hospice doctor had told told me to submit a question how she knew back then. I trust the doctors just accepted them as well as the gift of healing.

There possess the gift of foresight how ignorant I was 11 years later in the summer of 2020, a very distressed man called me and he said he'd seen me in being interviewed on the David Vicki show on David about the calling of the elderly care homes and told me one of his relatives have been a victim. He didn't mince his words and told me loud and clear that a murder had taken had been committed, and he can prove it and I know what I already knew how I dismissed them as another, I mean a lot of my job as a freelance journalist, but I I could tell from this man's earnestness that he was telling the truth and the truth was horrific. I needed evidence, though as a journalist I have to be very careful before pitching a story to newspaper. I needed to get my facts straight and have proved to get back up every claim personal antidotes as well as willing good as well as being an essential part of any investigation report but cannot be taken at face value. So I met up with this man and that's when I saw the evidence with my own eyes. Unfortunately, this information can't be shared. For reasons I'll be able to disclose a later date. I was interviewed by Dr. David Vicki at the end of a by David Vicki at the end of the most tumultuous year 2020 case you forgotten that was the first time I'd spoken publicly about what I'd learned. I was nervous as hell but I felt compelled to share what I discovered that our elderly were indeed being killed in hospitals, care homes and hospices will the evidence of this article is very low in some of the jump ahead of Joe. Evidence of the includes the following House of Commons document detailing conversation between Health Secretary Matt Hancock and conservative MP Dr. Luke Evans, during which they discussed the use of certain medications to give: patients I good death a good death is medical terminology for euthanasia. I'm not going on but that's what's happening right now right. That wasn't what we were saying that were saying what happened here in America of American pride leads the world where it becomes purposely euthanizing their elderly but that anyhow that people need tenant to know that and and this is why hospitals of lost so much credibility now people. People are afraid to go to hospitals and these doctors that at that encourage you to take the boys and the spoke of their losing credibility and now one by one they started to back away from that there realizing they are here to perfect lead-in to the story. There were put out by WorldNetDaily and are more today that a release from the Scottish government shows people bend back with two or three doses.

The culvert mRNA are more likely to become infected be hospitalized and die back. People who work on back the Scotland data rate of infection of 866 people per hundred thousand for the double back versus 481 for the convex know for the first I'm sorry 481 for the posted and around 400 for the unpracticed so vendor going to the European Union and it is their top health agency came out that getting boosted every four months is going to harm your immune system to fight the disease from the European medicines agency and then move the World Health Organization put out a statement that a vaccine strategy based on repeated booster doses is unlikely or to be appropriate or sustainable. Now regret Canada. We go the province of Alberta showed infections, hospitalizations and deaths from covert all store and the days and weeks after people received their first vaccine dose is real and written thought culvert death at all-time highs after they launched their vaccine campaign and the data in the UK people bend back. Joe, you got a hold it right there to work right up against. That's right because heartbreaks don't go we would be right back after this. Thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance. Stay tuned.

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