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At the Table of Grace, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey
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January 24, 2022 12:00 am

At the Table of Grace, Part 2

Wisdom for the Heart / Dr. Stephen Davey

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January 24, 2022 12:00 am

The last words Martin Luther ever penned were these: "We are beggars; that is true." 2 Samuel 9 reminds us of this truth as it paints a vivid portrait of God's grace to undeserving people.


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Lubitsch will you you wonder will I by the king's command and he hears the king's command race and the Valley's no longer carrying the name is his name bearing as it were station certainly is place this status now says a lot by the king. The way things happen would be that the son of the king becomes the next king, but that didn't happen in the transition between Saul and David.

So David could have perceived Saul's descendents as a threat, but instead he treated Saul's descendents with grace today. Steve and Debbie will compare the grace David displayed with God's grace for us will see that grace is undeserved and that grace moves us from being God's enemies to God's friends, this is wisdom for today's message is called at the table. Grace was ever a time when David got a sly his covenant promise under the royal arrives it would be now.

Times are better for even remember 15 years ago we care just did you ever said to me why muddy the waters were shaking hands with some relative to king who hated you, but instead what you have here in verse one is you have David ordering a nationwide search for any possible living relative from the house of Saul, because of one reason I want to show that living relative grace.

It didn't take long before they came across a guy farming squatting really on one of King Saul's former states verse two that there was a servant former staff member of the house of Saul's name was Eva and the call of the David and the king said to him are using and he said I am your servant, and the king said, is there not still someone in the house of Saul, that I may show the kindness.

It is the grace of God to him.

Zima said to the king. There is still a son of Jonathan, but he's crippled his feet stop will appear a couple of times in Scripture. He's one of those unsavory characters, greasy.

I think this were a Broadway play. Whenever he came out he be wearing a black cape, pointy shoes and a and a and a gold chain on his vast pain with a diamond tip whenever he came on stage, the music, which is sinister trim. Comes easy if you meant zebra unit immediately want to check your jewelry. Make sure your wallet still in your back pocket. When he left the room. That's several times to show up every time he does the words this evening.

Opportunist flash in on the screen of your imagination. Zebra is conning later when he does appear home, lie about the ship to try to alter the king's loyalty and here's where your reading between the lines, which is fascinating to discover that the zebra has just sort of squirreled away one of Saul's estates of these living on it tending the land that he's got a he has 15 grandsons is 20 servant. He's living like a king and he's hoping beyond how David never finds out, the transition occurred from Saul's house to David's zebra didn't necessarily go to king then settled by the way, the way the living on it telling all that household. All that's actually years all he said nothing, nothing, is this nationwide search. That surface is conning man, all that to say if there is anybody in this demonstration of grace, who doesn't want a relative of Saul to be found if zebra I couldn't help but think there always enemies of grace. In fact, if you choose to demonstrate grace. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

There will be obstacles and difficulties I can help. As I study this passage the to think of the archenemy of grace, that we all have hates the sound of what we rehearsed that this is all of grace that Jesus paid most of it know Jesus paid what it all paid it all. He hates the sound of undeserved error grace that you can't help but notice here in the text.

If you look back at the University house. Eva really tries to discourage David.

He no doubt reluctantly admits look, there is still a son of Jonathan.

00 but but but he's he's crippled his feet.

I throw that there had that last line. I agree with one Old Testament scholar who wrote he's effectively applying. David really ought to think twice on this quest of grace disguising for the court. He's not to make you look more impressive. He really didn't fit the surroundings of your cedar lined home in your capital city of Jerusalem.

David is clearly asked, what is there anybody I can give to whom I can give the gift of grace and this conniving staff member that dates back to the former administration admits that he's living on royal turf and it really belongs to this young man, but why bother with him king while I bought these all I know he's on word you want to mess with such you can't do anything for you in return, listen zebras of the world do not get grace just don't get think they don't understand the grace is a gift given to unworthy people. I love David's response. Look at verse four. It's as if he ignores that lie always crippled in both feet and David just says look where is he love that is the Zima effectively gives him the address.

Notice he's in the house of the care, the son of how low the bar. By the way, load the bar means no thing. Nothing. It's another way of saying skewer unimpressive barren you could render it would delete no pasture, so would you have, ironically, is a is a crippled young man hiding out in fear of the new King living in Delaware, Seville.

It all began. By the way, with the house of Saul in this tragic defeat and disgrace affect hold your finger here go by just a couple of pages to chapter 4. Discover how the fibber Sheth who was this living son of Jonathan was injured.

Let's find out how second Samuel chapter 4 and verse four. Jonathan, the son of Saul had a son who was crippled in his feet, but then at the end of verse four and gives us his name with the Bishop. Let's find out how he was crippled.

Verse four.

He was five years old when the news about Saul and Jonathan came from just real. That is where they were killed in battle and his nurse took him up and fled and as she fled in her haste he fell and became Lane given the fact beloved. He's five years old and able to run in fact five-year-old can out run, they'll run their mothers all the time right. More than likely she has taken him up implied in the cards of some sort. Perhaps he took a turn too fast in her terror she knew assuming that David would do what new King's doing its kill the household of the former that that car turns over or maybe just slips a little bit and he tumbles out. Maybe he's rolled over by the back wheel. Or maybe he's on the back of a horse and she's galloping away in interns or something lurches him off the back of that horsey falls and breaks both his leg, perhaps feet when they arrived at their hiding place.

The last thing she can do is call for physician. The last thing she could do is is is expose that secret hiding place, at least for a few weeks or months until they can leave again so perhaps his legs or his feet were improperly or crudely set men where he could ever walk again without the help of Christians fallen disabled listener. That is the picture of the unredeemed community.

Nothing is tracked back to where it happened. Adam and Eve fell in a tragic fall in sin and everyone proves we belong to them by sending spiritually crippled for life even physically dying.

Nothing to offer in fear of God hiding away. God comes along and says why are you grace here back in chapter 9. David demonstrates the grace of God were the undeserving Zima says there's swine living relative, but he's crippled and he just as aware as he wears, don't. Don't miss this only grace responds in this manner after the end of verse 30 throws in that cynical footnote you would almost expect David asked what you will have that is, it is in both feet.

Truly, both legs, perhaps getting move at all, is again any trouble be difficult. You know I think this changes everything. I mean, the palace is in compliance with the disability maybe were going to have to build ramps or move rocks. We have to change the bathroom around the bathtub lower the windowsills and pay for physical therapy is the cost is not grace. Grace doesn't hold back. Grace is ready to spend like Paul, who wrote to the Ephesians we have been redeemed through his blood, according to the riches of his grace, which he'll start so I love the text is grace on grace is giftgiving.

I can hardly wait. Grace is probably more evident in the way we act and feel at Christmastime birthday you know you don't give a gift to your child or spouse or family member that their birthday and on top of that box is a card that reads based upon what you did for me.

October 15, 2013, I hereby give you this turn is undeserved.

You will read off the merits of those who receive them. You just give the gifts and you give them with joy. You're excited to see their happiness when they open.

I can remember on one of my birthday occasions when my youngest daughter was around five. There were a few gifts opened and then she had been sort of saving so she ran off down the hallway and came back a few minutes later with a box. She excitedly announced that he had picked this gift up for you all by myself. I held my breath that she's not even wrapped the box I could tell there was a whole roll of scotch tape wound around the whole box. Finally, I she stood there dancing up and down about 3 Clever Hans She Could Way that he picked this up by myself and I finally made it through all the scotch tape open the box and inside was a pair of socks recognized they were my son going shopping in my closet as it didn't cost any money I can like that idea she was there to get out all by myself listen. That's grace. Grace can hardly wait to give grace dances up and down both feet. Grace clapped his hands. Smiles from ear to ear. Give me all the merits and the details of this I'm ready to spend. David doesn't wait long. Verse five the king sent and brought him from the house of Matthew, the son of a man yell at the bar and finish at the son of Jonathan, son of Saul came to David, can you see this in the court room fell on his face and paid homage, perhaps expecting David to say off with his head. David said finish the answer, behold, I am your servant David said, don't be afraid, for I will show you here is grace.

Lovingkindness for the sake of your father John and I will restore you all the land of Saul your father and you shall eat at my table always, any paid homage and he said what is your servant you should show regard for dead dog such as interesting I thought about that.

There isn't any more worthless than a dead dog can't haunt can't protect can't fit can't keep the neighborhood free of cats and other rodents dead dog can't do anything. That's the point is nothing to offer the king and we have nothing to offer God. We deserve nothing had nothing can offer nothing there. We are hiding in fear disabled sinful dying condemned and he found us found for by grace you have been saved through faith, not of yourselves, it is the what the gift of God not of works, give you Lord, lest anyone should boast. And by the way. Grace is wonderful because it goes above and beyond what you could ever expect.

Did you notice when David added as I read through the text that he promised Jonathan Saul that they would be allowed to live. That's the covenant what you live is gracious, but he's doing a lot more active or seven. Looking give you all of your grandfather's property. While you build more. Saul built it years everybody there on that estate will now serve your wishes for the rest of your life. And now you can eat at my table 2 is a part of the covenant which you needed my table. Verse 11 eat at my table like one of the kings sons David is effectively making the finish of a premise in Israel. He is effectively concluding him as a member of the family of the king. This is grace, but as many as received him, Jesus gave the right to be called children of God, and if children, Paul adds in Romans 817 then errors of God join errors with Jesus Christ to four times in this text. You can read you can eat at my table.

If you eat of the king statement is getting into the king's table is getting even the King state just in case we miss here in this courtroom of grace.

David raises lame with the chef up on his crutches and effectively says you are now a prince in the land you are no longer on wanted.

You are a member of my royal family, no more groveling on the ground.

You are now free to live in light of grace is better than that verse nine. Love this part two. Then the king called Siva member member him. The music changes nothing is triple here he comes in with his black saucer and he says all belong to Saul and all his house. I have just given to your master's grandson and you your sons and your servant shall till the land for him, and shall bring the protist to your master's grandson may have been redeemed by any much of it because the finish at your master's grandson shall always eat at my table. I can imagine as he was probably having a hard right about now.

Nobody put it. In other words, Siva you been living off royal land that didn't belong to you. You've been telling that land and you been bringing in a harvest and that's stealing yours.

I tell you what, instead of arresting you for stealing and hanging you and your sons. I'm going to show you grace as well. You don't deserve it but I know you stay there on Saul's estate and and I will let you work that land you can eat all you want but we did make some changes, even those those servants, you may work for you. Well I want you and all your hotshot sons, roll up your sleeves and got there in the fieldwork with them to bring in the produce whatever it wants to do it that that that will state his word is as good as I was staying with me their residence. Now the palace is really heating up my tape zero said to the king. Verse 11. Well according all of my lord the king commences service over your servant. What else can you say can you see our good Shepherd in this narrative chef moves from the barren pastureland of meaninglessness into the green pastures of his Lord and King. He is taken from the valley of the shadow of dad where he is wondered will I die the day by the king's command and he hears the king's command and its grace.

And he is moved from that valley into the king's house no longer carrying the name as it were unwanted tutors ceremony. This is public and the Rector's name is bearing as it were.

His station certainly is place his status now says the law by the king. All recipients of grace.

This is the testimony of the redeemed, those upon whom God has literally lavished his grace and the best is yet to come. For we shall one day leave this valley of the shadow of death, we will live with our Shepherd King as he moves us into his father's house. By the way, don't ever forget that mission for the chef's disability is going to be a daily reminder, the king's grace every time he limped from place to place from one step to the next, he will. He would be reminded I am in this magnificent palace because the king has kept his his word is given me grace, think about a beloved our own sinful nature, our own limbs hanging from one day to the next. Our own failure to measure up our own spiritual and mental and emotional. Even physical disabilities, reminding us that none of us are impressive.

In fact, were all dying left alone. We have nothing to sell.

This will impress you. God this is the amazing nature of grace. It's one way grace is one way all we do is receive it and then from sheer gratitude. If we do anything at all that to earn it or deserve it. We simply live out lives of gratitude and praise because we dogs have been moved into the king's house. We been redeemed by his grace. One author painted the scene and David's dining room the next night so wonderful.

I want to just read and every night thereafter.

It said this. The meal was prepare and along came the members of the king's family and their invited guests. Amnon, clever and witty comes to the table 1st. Then there's Joab.

One of the guests muscular skin bronze from the sun walking tall like the experienced commanding soldier that he was next comes Absalom from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet. He is handsome, then arrives to more, the beautiful daughter of David. She slips into her seat in a minute or two income Solomon he's been in his study all day finally slips away from his work and makes his way to the table proceeded with the king but then they hear this, clung here comes with the ship hobbling. He smiles humbly joins the others as he takes his place at the table is one of the king's children and the tablecloth of grace covers his feet from unworthy the chosen from worthless to priceless from enemy to friend from outcast to family and I can preach this, and we can believe this because of the Bible, but we do not begin to even comprehend that day is coming. We will sit with her king's table 1 Old Testament scholar so just try to imagine that you're sitting there feasting along with Paul, or perhaps Peter's nearby brothers, James, and you ask him to pass the potatoes you pass Abrahamson, but smile, something Esther said, think about with Isaiah's repeat Thursday with her king that the crutches is that you me a longer unwanted but invited tablecloth grace cover our feet for your own wisdom for the heart. This is the Bible teaching ministry of Stephen Davey Pastor of the shepherd's church in Cary, North Carolina. You can learn more about us.

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