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Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander
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January 22, 2022 7:05 pm

Heart Health

Heart Health Radio / Dr. Franklin Wefald and Dave Alexander

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The following supported program and the views expressed are those of the host goes into not reflect the opinions of WP to have recruiters media group information provided is of a general nature listener seeking specific advice should contact a licensed professional in the appropriate area welcome to heart health radio board certified cardiologist and internal medicine specialist and Dr. Franklin we call a cartel may never information purposes only under you can get better stay healthy and spot medical misinformation and if you're not spotted by now, Dr. we've almost bought it for you. Try hopefully are not spreading misinformation and correct yourself like everything I've been wrong about this two years.

Amen. We were told six weeks to flatten the curve right.

I was told two weeks two weeks to flatten. I got there be 10,000 cases in the United States of America meniscus to show you how in the beginning we were so wrong we had no clue about what was going to happen. We had no clue about what this virus did push the bad thing is how wrong we've been. Throughout the entire course of the last two years.

There's no there's something else. There's the confidence with which so many people have spread misinformation right, confident, condescending, while I think the biggest condescending thing is this is I call it the anti-anti-factors. I like Don lemon yes how can you possibly say that somebody who has reacted to the stuff on Facebook all over you and is afraid to get the vaccine say that there such a horrible person.

They don't belong in polite society, all part of this of this great experiment called humanity and some of these were to talk about this in a minute. Some of these doctors are almost refusing to treat unvaccinated patient yes and saying you're filling up my ICU that I could use for other people. That's a horrible thing to say and where is our compassion.

You know where is our understanding that people make choices based on the information that they have no choice may be that the prime example. I had several patients who were fired by the cardiologists and by their vascular surgeons. You know why.

Why? Just so you know you don't quit smoking. You're not my patient now is said you could go there for the sunburnt reason.

Yes, but I got people who won't, for example, the cardiac patients and they won't stop to your treatment story okay really do you fire them by going to say you can't come and get the benefit of the expertise that the citizens of the United States of America help pay for short and I went to these medical schools that are government supported.

Now I may have paid some tuition by United States of America help me get my education and United States of America includes everybody, whether you're homeless or whether you're just B cells.

Bottom line is were all in this together. Like I said this great experiment in humanity. So yeah I talked to these people who smoke cocaine and have Quaaludes now mine and I give them the statistics that I urge them to make a change in their life, but I'm never going to fire them. I'm never going five I am because you know why.

Also, you maybe someday.

After a while Bill get sure and that's my opportunity to help them what what good is it going to do me to fire somebody and have them wander in the wilderness of medicine without the appropriate advice and prescriptions and stuff like that just because they do something they shouldn't do. It's illegal.

I tell them that Michael to jail for sure, but I'm not going to fire him and so these doctors who were just snoot snooty as all get out about the patients they see in their ICUs you have covered and are not vaccinated. Where's the fundamental thing that we as physicians have to have his compassion right compassion.

Then I can tell you that I had a hamburger this week when you're fired from show and think about what Frost bring the other guy am now pleased okay that the door now.

I been advised not to have a hamburger or or to cut down on my my intake of calories because I may one day show up at the ER having had a heart attack and being overweight. And here's the thing in Minnetonka.

If any Dr. says that that hamburger culture heart that Dr. needs to go back to medical school.

Okay I mean number one risk factor for developing heart disease. Number one that I don't care what anybody else says okay if the medical takes away my license to practice medicine because I'm not towing the party line.

It's not Mickey D's no, it's your daddy's duties. Yes family history. Think about it how many people do you know who have had serious couriers is his daddy didn't have it with her brother to have this rare grandpa hundred and so yes, smoking is a risk factor. Okay eating a hamburger in unit with the restructuring hamburger has this would not tell me if the bar at the bottom of the okay that's a combination of diabetes is a risk factor really progress factual hypertension is a risk factor.

What is a risk factor me. It means that if you do these things are at higher risk.

It doesn't mean it causes so the bottom line is that let's be compassionate date. How was the burger helps. Could you get it. I got a McDonald's news about a pound.

Okay, here's what I did. Yeah I had to get home to my new puppy so I decided to skillet drive at the same time holding the Mickey D's. I got myself a double cheeseburger meal and establish yeah and the fish sandwich and I do this once a month I pick out it Mickey D's once a month and every now and then from really feeling down.

You don't need that check I go again this is all to go back to the point of any Dr. who is mad or who doesn't feel that those who run unvaccinated really sick from covert deserve treatment deserve compassion they need to find another profession. Okay they just were going to talk about last week. It was pink heart this week it's pink kidney yeah anything pink kidney paid liver but what they're implanting there now implanting what I tell you Morgan's modified pig organs into human drinks or maybe some of these people who are so mean to patients that have had a pig brain transcripts it well yes I don't go sports related cardiac arrest is on the decline that while the F2 personnel for 10 it is a fantastic development. I've had personal experience with us and I'll tell you about okay the rake Don lemon over the coals over something he said sour lemon juice loaf. Oh yeah, not the not the food but the performer passed away and it was covert or and he will in a Xanax or anti-back. Sandy was also having and I don't know what you consider morbidly obese of the end of a snack and again we we mourn the passing of meatloaf, we understand that he was exposed to information on a personal conviction, not vaccine. That doesn't mean we don't mourn his death from his Don Levin what it was somebody laughing about me. There was sit up and lawmaker in the Houston area.

I think his last name was who are will develop a yeah the seller was Asia's state lawmaker and its town, he jumped on the idea that number one meatloaf was on unvaccinated. But also we was welcome. Open to hugging people in your being close to them. He didn't practice social justice sentencing. Yes, and then a lot of people jumped in on him instantly and yeah what wearers are compassion glided. Everyone should I believe if you are antibiotics or anti-: I still love you.

I will still treat you with respect and if you get sick from covert. I will do everything that I know to save we are going to talk about a hospital that perhaps did not live up to that high standard is a complex story and I'm betting that both sides disagree. I am do you know is one of those old there's two sides to everything a hospital is your other hands are tied. They cannot tell a lot of the information that they might want to but there is a story about a fellow who was going to be removed from a ventilator and his wife advocated for him and got him transferred. That's all coming up on this program. Also, your phone calls 919-860-9783 is the telephone number on the heart health radio network and listen to heart health radio on Apple podcasts or heart health Don lemon is a regular show on CNN which I have not seen a long time I want.

I watched it once yet 30 seconds got so nauseated I didn't have a Zofran so I had to turn off all my question is if you watch CNN where were you heading where you going to like Dallas or head of it.

I mean, could clearly you're in an airport, I was flipping channels before Pridgen I human channels are no, I do this for the Saigon lemon when you wind up down lemon ordinarily doesn't say things like this, but Asia's best time of the Jesse small thing. This is a horrible thing, racist country, you know what were there due to my friend Jesse small of the matter people are all horrible. It was all a lie and the worst thing he did was he called up when he found out from his CNN friends that the major investigation into small was that it made it all up, who's a call because Mullins is hard tied directly. Okay so this is what Don lemon said any saying it about people who are unvaccinated. We have to start doing things for the greater good of society and not for idiots who think that they can do their own research that they are above the law and they can break the rules. Australia Novak Joe commits a serious admin and no within a look at the greater good of everyone in our society, and you're not part of that will get you the number one tennis player in the world and good on them because they are keeping their population and their citizens.

People who want to be good citizens there keeping them healthy and safe and alive and not for someone who think they can comment do their own research get COBIT spreads other people not wear masks like the guy they TV presenter said and then affect all of us and keep all of us in the house or from going to work for me being able to do what we want to do. That's it I'm done okay so the question is easy unvaccinated peoples fault that people are being told they can't go out of the house now and figure Donnie okay so for he doesn't honestly look at the statistics June through October zero covert policy right who did Australia okay I had a great restaurant together trying to get zero covert policy.

Yeah, they still had a zero covert policy about entrance tooth places Melbourne was locked down for 262 days.

So yes version because so that 126,000 yesterday. Yeah, it was just me being that omicron is fierce. I really just get through masks. It gets on the tables it floats through the air and no covert elf of the first one was pretty contagious. Nothing compared to this nothing and so you know Don just get some compassion in your life. Understand that people don't have the same worldview that you do and that because of Facebook because of the Internet Instagram. There are a lot of people who are getting exposed to information that is not true but appeals to perhaps their own inclinations and their not wanting to get vaccinated embrace them try to educate them. Don't call them idiots and don't say they don't belong in polite society and don't say they're responsible for killing people because let me tell you, there are plenty of vaccinated people were doing the same thing, which is inadvertently nobody is doing this on purpose right inadvertently exposing our vulnerable population, diabetics, obese people, people with serious autoimmune diseases. People with cancer. Those of the people. 75% of our deaths occurred somebody with one or more of those respect are sometimes they have for the don't be a jerk embrace people try to convince them that there are good things to do but to tell them that the scum is just terrible. Well, the one thing that I find questionable is that he keeps talking about people who are cortical doing their own research. Other their him.

I guess they are right. I had somebody my office who I love dearly, dearly seem funny erection because we were talking and this is before the vaccines really out and they were being asked to put through their rigorous study right and I talked about how they were going to be good and that mRNA message regarding how it work and this individual said like doing research on their terrible okay so she's educated but not having gone to nursing school or medical school size kind of a jerk out person sit in the Johns Hopkins and you know she took a tour of about the wrong way and I was being kind of a smart guy like that word smarmy person but truly what I tell my patients. A lot of patients come to me for advice and they say, should I get the vaccine. And I said yes I say tell me what you're afraid of, and sometimes it was electromagnetism part. Sometimes it was changing the DNA structure of your body you know and and I tried to talk them from nicely.

Yet every single thing that I will take 80% of the time they would understandably get vaccinated, but once I got to that 20% and I knew that they would not listen for whatever reason you but I still love them and I just stopped and said look I have to give my spiel.

You are loved. This is America, you can still make your decision. Turns out you couldn't make your own decision right right so so let's bring it up to and the Supreme Court and said no to the businesses of 100 people or more round. That's not within the realm of the legal powers given to OSHA which is that workplace safety organization. It was based on law, not on whether it should be requiring whether moral to require people to get vaccinated. They did uphold the Medicare mandate and I'm not quite sure where that came from because where is the law that says Medicare has the right to refuse paying people for not getting vaccinated, but that's up so any healthcare institution that receives money from Medicare or the United States government has to have every single one of their healthcare people vaccinated right and that doesn't include a testing option. Did you know I didn't know was now testing option and then the most recent pictures came out. There was a guy in Texas who was a Band-Aid on a blanket on this anywhere there's another mandate kicked out so I'm against magnetic I just am.

I think the testing option is one note the second option is now that it's been proven his previous infection with government. I think if you been previously infected is been shown incontrovertibly that the previous infection of the natural immunity from previous covert elf for adult actually protection more from omicron then does triple vaccination. So why don't we include that if you want proof, though the doctor ensure that they have covered antibody right sure I'm a big believer. There is now science now okay the shame aspect also was you to because in July and August they banned our favor. Congressman Karen Paul Rand had said that he believed that there was evidence that natural immunity was as good if not better than vaccinated immunity and they kicked them off of YouTube for cortical misinformation where the data came out Friday even file she has to espouse it now natural immunity from elfin Delta previous infections is better against omicron vaccination. So what was misinformation, even though not missing a week ago and in his every night to what else was misinformation that it was highly probable that covered came out of the will hand virology answer tell you that everybody was

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