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THUR HR 1 012022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 21, 2022 12:04 am

THUR HR 1 012022

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 21, 2022 12:04 am

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Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
Grace To You
John MacArthur
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded by radio broadcast, what's right, what's left is coming out now I'm ready to post early senders and indeed this is the boy Slickers on this 20th day of January, 20, 22, and denied the board guy pushing the buttons of the control is John hello John hello John all right there you go to sleep now. Well you did that very well very well trained out and know that cackling you here like cackling no eggs though. Let's all lay so everyone here you go aflutter out here: and way back in the boiler room.

We have them back there men in the telephones and that's that rascal Randy and twitter and twitter there back there and so, but not to forget not to forget 101 Bit Way out there and that Rusty and Kristi back roads preacher that Wheelwright and Parson Pastor Joe Larson Riley unpaid professional still here still going strong boss. You don't have a meal anymore. You. You killed him. Yielded that uproar already there. Okay so right. You know this is we've got less then less than two hours to raise enough that I will see tonight less than four hours total raise enough money to stay on for the entire month left so the night is day four of the pledge week and so that member functions 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673, and so we need to like them telephones up tonight already in the seat.

I had no one to give her enough to shoot real quick when you know what I'll do it at the bottom hours. It's about the books and things that we have and you know we we had moved things around, and as we and made some changes and moved one of our office out. We discovered boxes of videos and books that we forgot that we had down there and we got some really good stuff and that that video that forgotten video the one by Larry Nichols that was an amazing thing because all of what was taking place was lost for 20 years and then it came out. Now I was with him in the original the original Clinton Chronicles. I was an advisor on that I was the biblical advisor with this DVD the Clinton Chronicles to the final chapter. Larry Nichols will go down in history as being the guy that was the whistleblower on the entire equipment crime cartel then and the help we've got that and some others will talk about that about an hour. We got to get right into Scripture consume leave. We haven't been getting all our Scripture. In the last couple days we've had a lot of Leonard calls as we go through the Scripture people going in with prayer requests because so many people are sick and dying nowadays so it's picking up Joe ends in second Thessalonians where we left off in verse 53 verse five through verse 12). Second performance. Right yeah remember ye not, that when I was yet with you, I told you these things, and now you know what older he that he might be revealed in his time, the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now let us all let until he be taken out of the way and then shall that wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming. Even embers coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, and with all the savable mess of unrighteousness in them that perish because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie that they might all that they all might be damned who believed not the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Right. So we go to verse five we remember you not, that when I was yet with you, I told you these things, and now he and now you know what withhold with that he might be revealed in his time for the mystery of iniquity doth already work only he who now live will let until he is taken out of the way, what is that mean he that now that let us will let until he is taken out of the way, I kept referring to the presence of the Holy Spirit, refraining really of restraining evil in the world right you will continue to restrain it until he departs. And when the rapture comes the Holy Spirit dwells in the believer.

So when the rapture comes from the believers are ruptured up to get their glorified body.

The Holy Spirit will leave this earth here. He will even then, since because he's working now through us to church right casework into the church of the church age until the tribulation, but the Holy Spirit will still have a presence but you won't be working through the church like he is now right so now when we say this okay like a male customer he would come upon people now in her church are dwells with in the believer right and so here he talks about the wicked. This is the antichrist to let me ask you this, are there are there antichrist today. Do we have antichrist elsewhere. Always have been there many antichrists the Bible tells us that they existed since the time of Jesus absolutely salutes many antichrists now we we don't know you and I don't know because the antichrist is going to be revealed to those that are left here after the rapture the church so no matter what you and I are not going to know unless were in heaven looking down will, but we have. There are people here now that we have some pretty good ideas with a will could be and we may be weak, we could be right now. I've said before, and in this is this is my opinion based rate of food as were the Bible that if I were to say what would be the best candidate and I'm not saying that it is that he is, but my guess the best candidate would be Obama brought mobile the running right now what you think. I say that because everything about him the lives that a section of the way he handles himself everything. I guess it's just kind of a combination of many things the case of this is the antichrist of peace will come note of the season will rise up out of the sea.

What is that mean about the seas getting the Gentile nations so easily come out of the Gentile nations right now, but the false prophet comes up out of the earth when examining drawing a blank. I know it needs he's going to be a Jew. I consider them and in the false prophet is going to empower the antichrist is going to work the miracles. Kate, who is who empowers Barack Obama went when Jesse Jackson had said to Barack Obama, I want you to come over and and speak to the Rainbow Coalition and Obama's and why I can do that.

I don't have time to go made you right have uncle George yes tomorrow for backing me yet when Jack is the evil one. You don't need me. Jesse Jackson and the balances I don't need you have got George so is George Soros, a Jew, yes, well, but he's an apostle. Heritage videos that an apostle to the synagogue of Satan right so if we if we were to take a look at, say, Isaiah chapter 14 and Isaiah chapter 14. If you go over there and you read, let me just read this. It okay let me see us go to write converts 14 just read verse 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the most high. Okay now this is this is Satan speaking right now.

I will really have all the sinks for your cloud that will be about seeking to be above the clouds look that word heights there in the Hebrew you know that spelled Gabriel know it's Obama Obama Obama mine and spelled you HBA MA eight UH Obama's bill is but it's pronounced Obama finance Obama so here now I will ascend not you know what that word Obama means in the Hebrew elevated one. The elevated one. So what if you win if you take away the the UH off the engine, just to Obama what is that stand for, as turnover to Jeremiah my 29th Jeremiah 29 and in Jeremiah 20 9C weightlifting me how Jeremiah 2020 is a Jeremiah 20 verse 29 is looking for. I get my money versus backwards city okay word to note, let me go back to my losing my memory could be losing women were is a list go to Jeremiah and we have gotten a little older. The leasee's the limit. Maybe I'll try 2800 of them is the seed I'll have to go back what I'm looking for their is the word Obama because the word you know what, here's the problem where neuron book, I met Ezekiel all I've done it. We are getting negative folks world but were not cold was still alive. Okay Joe Ezekiel chapter 23 May verse 29, 29, got it okay, go ahead. Then I said under them, what is the high place for untreated go in the name thereof is called Bob VA MAH on to this day. Okay, so that word Obama Obama okay now that word Obama means that now in the definition of that in the Hebrew is the primary word.

Obama is the high place that is only one the high place but but the secondary definition is a high place of the primary definition would be heaven, but here he speaking about where the children are sacrificed another word. Someone who is very anti-children who do we know this very anti-children who is the Monsanto, the only man who voted against the infant born alive protection act right.

He's the one that said those things if they survive abortion should be put on the shelf and let the die because they weren't meant to live in the house right that's Mr. Obama right and so so here the word Obama means high place in here. If you go ahead and read down to verse 32. Therefore say I'm through the house of Israel that's fair for the Lord God.

Are you polluted after the manner of your father's and commit to order him after their abominations for when ye offer your gifts when you make your sons to pass through the fire, you pollute yourself with all your idols.

Even under this day, and shall I be in required a view of by you all house of Israel, a house of America as I live, saith the Lord God, I will not be inquired of insight you write so here now what we have abortion, never sacrificing their children through their God to the idols and we do that through a thing called abortion, women's rights right to choose right absolutely here also bring the creation not the creator sacrificing the children of God.

That's absolutely right. Now if I go over to and I think it was if I remember tonight. I didn't I didn't take my privilege and today for leasee when we go over in Luke, he talks about leasee if I can remember the passage refers to let me check here. Maybe I can find the same thing very quickly over here we when I was looking for is we find in one verse and one verse Barack Obama and when verse and am trying to remember where it was up I thought it was Luke 10, but apparently it's not now have to find that but if you show you one versus is where in the Lord Jesus said as lightening comes as lightening falls is referring to that word lightening in the narrative and family Karen verse 18, you know, oh, okay.

I was right there and I couldn't find okay right, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven, so Obama okay so now fell as lightning Barack so lightning and rock structures like lightning right right lightning is Barack okay in there make in the Greek is bright in the Hebrew in the Hebrew is DAR a clear gap in the Greek is B a R a K so here you have and I saw Barack fall from and then heaven in the Hebrew is what Obama I saw Barack fall from mama unit lightning fall from heaven.

Yeah. Okay.

Lightning is Barack right okay so so here when you have Barack Obama one word you have Barack Obama when verse and so so here but one of the other reasons I would say that that that he was what event of my malfunction. I'm not saying that he is the antichrist, by any means. He may may not be at all what I meant I would say when I am saying if I would have to choose a candidate. It's because remember what happened in DC when he was when they had his inauguration all up and down Constitution Avenue. They had those vendors. If you remember, when they had those plaques and on those plaques. There were about a little 12 inches and I and about 18 inches of long, gloried a halo around the crown around them is said that those pictures everywhere in the nose plaques with they had where five ovals in the five ovals starting from the left is your pleasure holding it. They had Abraham Lincoln. Then they went from Abraham Lincoln to John F. Kennedy and then right at 12 o'clock would be Martin Luther King and then at 2 o'clock.

That would be Robert Kennedy and then they have Barack Obama now. What did Lincoln Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy. What did they all have in common are all fascinated. They all got shot in the head.

Let me ask you this. What does the antichrist Odyssey suffer. Shot in the head. He suffers a moral head will right right in the new handle Barack Obama they knew right so so why what would that be saying all Obama was in on this and those those plaques when open and half the black barbershops in the country when he walked into when they had those that's what they put one of them.

That's what they went up to write and he also said on the one I've been waiting for.

I'm the one you been waiting for. Yeah, and just the fact that they showed them what that almost like the nature, gloried around his head was another clue pictures were everywhere and remember is his handler that Rice woman. She referred to and she said that he is not a mortal man is not an ordinary man and that the presidency really wasn't enough of a challenge for his intellect and soon yeah that's definitely a bit when you look at the way he thought everything else I can technically disagree rather now. What did remember what the oh the time trying to think of the Muslim Muslim guy that he's that the big black leader. Oh, Louis Farrakhan. Louis Farrakhan said when with Obama when Obama speaks, Messiah speaks when Obama speaks Messiah, so he read. He referred to as the Obama as Messiah.

Now what was Obama.

What was he supposed to do in a case like that poster. Very quickly, but he didn't. He didn't accept the recruiter did all right.

Okay, that takes you back to Daniel Chapter 11. That's what it says he would do okay so now again I want to make it very clear folks that I'm not saying that he is.

I'm saying that that could be a case can be built up. What I would say there's others out there that we know we have a lot of antichrists out there today. Okay are a lot of world writer tells us, but innocently in a number of them could be candidates right know it possibly. Well, the Prime Minister of Canada is is a candidate for a lot of people's mind. He would be a major candidate for the antichrist but but Obama is is there is more in these the only one that I know his actual name is in Scripture right so and I think that means a lot already earlier very possible. Okay, we forgot that this pledge week 888-281-1110 folks 888-281-1110 already. So far we have we have okay I haven't been reading them easy.

John can you scroll down. I haven't been paying attention. Here we been doing Scripture tonight. All right, we will clear him one that's right, Rosemary from Michigan pledge $100.

This is not good you were having one half hour into the program will have one pledge 888-281-1110 folks or 888-677-9673, okay until we get some more pleasures. Joe don't even talk anymore week we came too much. We came to settle all right, somebody hurt as well. Anonymous in Pennsylvania pledges 1000 that helps a lot like a call cured.

All right, so that plexus right now anonymous in this account Pennsylvania Pennsylvania and so here that leaves right now. Okay that the leases fluttered in okay yeah so that leaves us we have right now about $3900. What we need to raise before the end of the program to remember, folks, this program is totally listener supported. We do this once a month we have a pledge week and your donations very simply pay the radio bills known in this ministry in all the years are going on a year without turning it on air about 49. No one is ever taken a dime and salary. We all donate our own time around talent in our own treasure to keep this going or not here for the money were not here for the prestige we are here because the Lord called those of us that are here to be watchmen on the wall right you. We got to get Ernie to break will be back right after this Lord to look away the screen about some of this country who all begin to dream the sea was across this nation thinking in the saying and back against the state Democratic Communist Party.

Likewise, movement. Every day we push back. We don't and you know why we do that because God's Word, the Bible demands resistance to tyranny and were called the voice of the Christian reader anonymous displays 200 and Richard in Rocky River pledges 15. Thank you anonymous. Thank you Ricky know we have a message from students for life, fear, choice, joint already were back I went.

Remember, folks remember just what we were talking about what they were doing when they were taking me the scalps of unborn babies and they were they were putting them into the lab rats to see if the date we keep growing right they could graph that they could grab them and they we keep going.

This is unbelievable button of the wickedness of the Democratic Party is wicked. I mean his work wickedness.

There's there's nothing is not wicked nothingness. At the entire thing is total wickedness and Novocain and medics medicines and vaccines, and research. They keep using embryonic embryonic stem cells from aborted children. When we know that there are plenty of adult cells like in years plus all those the umbilical cord that they throw away all that precious blood from the inference that they need for all the research but now they'd rather use the cells from an aborted child, rather than from a throw away you umbilical cord so that it shows that there are evil every one is totally free of thrown away the other they have to kill the child to get these people are masochists there there wicked you had. For example, to use some of those baby parts were they needed to make so-called vaccines. The child had to be kept alive while he removed his organs, and they couldn't give them anything for pain because then it would've infected the event things.

I have samples yet so so I mean the samples for the lab tech. All character body organs or color taking samples and it is my opinion, is not in my opinion, is not one Democrat in all Congress that would not be in favor of that. And I mean that they have gotten so corrupted, so absolutely corrupted just beyond belief anyhow product for America that they must follow.

Third, to make their money money transfer of all things right.

Celestine Terry Detroit pledge 100 Jones Lavelle Philadelphia pledged 50 Betty in Michigan.

Pledge is 100 anonymous in Ohio pledges 100. Thank you thank you thank you thank you already on Jonah switch to remember back when they passed the infrastructure bill I remember with again because I know with the infrastructure… It's a getting more money for the daycare centers giving giving women more time off for pregnancy leave on time but that's what they call infrastructure right hidden on page 403 is a provision folks that you all need to know about their the hidden provision requires advanced drunk and impaired driving prevention technology to be built into all the new cars starting in 2025. The technology will passively monitor the performance of all drivers. This means the system allowed to be on at all times at the cars running and the that they will have mandated kill switch is to be used if the system says are some kind of problem well, you know they're claiming this is for your own good, but I'm thinking well what happens your your driving all your little sleepy and dear so I better pull off.

So you're looking for a place to pull over right you slow down your trying to get pulled over.

Well all of a sudden your car turns off because it thinks you been drinking. The car shuts down and you can't restart it and you're in a very dangerous stretch of highway heavy traffic blind corners and the car turns off because of an algorithm built-in by someone in the Silicon Valley and you have no knowledge or control of your vehicle. So all those nice little things this government wants to control you control things in your life. They hit this on a page infrastructure bill and it is had almost no publicity so you're one of the few people if you're listed as program one of the few people in America that know what's coming in 2025 you go to get a new vehicle. The government will watch you control you and can turn off your car whenever they want big Brother is here.

So here you hair Christianity being outlawed in Canada.

Pastors will be imprisoned while the government promotes mood grows belligerent transgressing an affiliate and exploitation of children so-called conversion therapy is now banned in Canada and thousands of churches across the country are bracing for impact as the new law threatens to criminalize pastors for teaching the Bible write what you preach what God says about sodomy and about all that other stuff you get thrown in jail more than 4000 church leaders reportedly standing together in protest against the rule which makes it a crime to convert sodomites and other members of the lewd grows belligerent transgressing queer community out of their death style.

Even those who would willingly seek out conversion will no longer be allowed this freedom in Canada as pastors are now prohibited from offering any sort of counseling or therapy in the matter is this one of the reasons why remember the Satan the antichrist is the sodomite go back to Daniel Chapter 11 Asia sodomite sodomite and so have a clear resonant right and so in addition and in the initiative, launched by Liberty coalition in Canada supportive of Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church.

Los Angeles stands against the bill C4 with essentially criminalizes a biblical Christianity.

In Canada they currently just got knocked off of YouTube like they did to me. The everybody's being knocked off of something if you open your mouth. You are knocked off of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, whatever. That's why radio they Microsoft as long as you the listening audience donate enough to cross to pay the bill at the station you're listening to us so you know truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

That's what we could remember last night and the Africans hate those who ate the currently we got there without off that at the same time we got there without her prevention tonight already here. I got some bad news for the folks everybody knows that. Right now the economy is in a mess that we got high inflation, but government lies they give you this figure that the inflation rate is X amount while folks that there's a real long story behind that may going through next week. We have more time, but the government doesn't look at energy prices, food prices, other things when they come up with this figure for inflation, but this will tell you how bad it is.

They did a very large study here workers at this large Kroger fruits advocates the second largest grocer in the country up. It is, and the there is a California-based nonprofit economic roundtable talk to over 10,000 unionized Kroger workers and the Western US. It was the largest independent survey of retail workers that has ever been conducted in the US. Okay report is called hungry at the table more than three quarters of those at that major grocery chain suffer from food insecurity as defined by the government. Insecurity means they couldn't afford balanced healthy meals. Half of those who were told the surveyors they struggle to make ends meet. They had very low food security sometimes went hungry, and this is according to the Seattle times, and I've got all kinds of the different workers. One lady that had been working there for a long long time Montana worker. She's three months behind in the rent. The rent is gone up their wages haven't gone up and she's behind on her. Not only on a rant, but her power bill and so she's skipping food and eating down very cheap dictators and fattening things to survive the grocery store came out and said you know, we pay higher average hourly wages and benefits spent almost everyone in the retail sector sunk Kroger's pain better than most all the other stores and yet their employees are having very very hard times. This means that there can be millions of American workers out there that inflation is really starting to cause severe pain. We can all think the Democratic Party we can thank the Loke movement, the environmentalist of one world order people. The communist because this is all been brought by them. This did not have to happen. Nurses shooting yourself in the foot for political gain, and we need to remember our friends and neighbors may be suffering people in your community may be going without food. This dictator higher heating builder, higher rent bills and we need to wake up America where in a war and people are being hurt people I know need to need to stock up and get some food. Again, we are no more in the enemy weeping of the Seychelles are empty. We can start you stock out you know we have a bunch of people out there right now that are there almost in a panic.

They're talking about and brushes get a new customer wishes get a new consenting. I've been hearing this, look West is not good and mucus from let me tell you with the plan is is think about this Millie and Austin and their weakening our military there weakening the men who China is been bragging, China has been bragging at the killing of the American military without firing a shot. Light there these vaccines. These right okay and so and are given a shot snow. The brightest and the best the smartest in the military know better than to take the shots the smartest in their they said no were not taken. I'm not taken it one one third of the special Navy SEALs are told they have to leave the Navy like a you have 30,000 Marines. And if that note were not taken it either okay then you had been large numbers in their band of soldiers are being told didn't have to leave. These are the smartest and the best and so there Austin and a million there purposely, purposely weakening our military and what little happened. Remember what Millie promise the Chinese don't worry we will will tell you before we go to war with duplicate right will let her know it will let the enemy no right to hear. They will they will surrender. They will they will put it out there. They will use the fake news media. This a look, look, we can't win a war it would lead it would be disastrous. I would be suicide to go to war with Russia because China will be there.

We hit we have to we have to give and we have to surrender and no and course you don't suppose Millie and Austin invoked and Biden. He's already gotten $1 billion from the Chinese that you don't think I will prosper more from that the I know one thing the world runs on intimidation. I have seen it personally. All my life. Those who intimidate and no actor get intimidated about 90% of everything that happens on the street is by intimidation first 31 act of violence care people and everything is intimidation and the Chinese Canadian outgo without theory you know if they can win a war without having Daschle go to battle.

That's why they use all these other things are using the up attacking through the Internet there hacking getting information are threatening. They built the islands, just like the Russians are using intimidation right now. Joey, let me ask you this right if you were to buy up a lot of farmland and by then up to heaven, so that when need be, you can use that to grow food.

Would you nuke it. I mean if it's filled with greatly new characters you can use the food as a weapon. We really organize everything and if so let me ask you lose the two largest land owners in the United States who owns all rights in China, China and Bill Gates thereby in the plan now they want to do that to control the food to control the right, you can control the third.

You control the people.

Why do they think that Russians want Ukraine because what is it Western Ukraine is the third basket of that whole area. That's why they wanted their gonna try and take it they're going to try and do it with intimidation and threats and they're doing a lot of right now the Russian ships went past Britain speculating there was an invasion of Ukraine coming in all and there were news nearly completed his troop buildup. They're doing a wonderful job of intimidation and the this is warfare by other means. Folks right so this is what we were telling couple things I wanted to say we have a limited amount we were telling you of the Clinton Chronicles 2 we just took an inventory we have 12 left as of today, Hillary uncensored nine left of these while they last lunch but now for any donation. Joe tell them about the Bible answer for every need book that is the most wonderful little book.

I have one I keep it with me. The subtitle the right scripture at the right time. Every time it's broken down in different words like truth you can look it up.

Unbelief blindness Satan repentance yeah if you want to know something you just atonement. God's glory, whatever it is there's a whole little love contents you take a look what you're looking for. If you want about forgiveness of sin. It's on page 132. Go to page 132 and it gives you the different verses dealing with forgiveness of sins is wonderful and it helps especially those of us well my case a lot of brain damage from accidents.

Pastor Ernie from every little thing, old age, with the look all the books next to the Bible that would be the top book for me right there is one of the handy ice. I think I probably other than the Bible. I probably use this book more than a resource book. I have got quite a library along with the best.

I know it's one and so there you go. It is really good.

So for any any donation only given amount our friends. Any donation over dictate $25 more.

Any donation now effect that list. If you really want this year out there and $25 is too much for you. You let us know and we'll see we get you one was something you can afford, even if it's without cause. No solid overview of the pledge.

Last night the night before. If you want book.

I remember when you send in your pledge or acute setting your pledge already.

You can write and say I don't give your name, address all that I've already pledged already sent my donation and but I really want that Bible answer will get these out to as many people as possible. But remember, we volunteer organizations is only so many people come in every day to help run things, and it might take a few days to get everything out right absolutely yeah right now Lisa can only do so much right now.

Jill right now we're we're waiting on right now we are about Dr. Glidden's book attempt to cure were totally out of those.

He says his shipments and more were waiting on those in wetware out out of the everybody's sick and I know why right of those right now and we've got a good supply of that. The three of the small books, but that the two large books by Kathy Ingram where where he's gonna send this case I'm checking on those of folks. You gotta give us a little time because we can't give them to you until we get them from them right. So there you go to. We want to say and it pledged that pledged 20 thank you and that Kristi pledged 300 thank from where Kristi from Colorado Colorado okay we haven't heard from them for a while and even New York Pl. 50. Margaret from Ridgeville, Ohio, pledged 100. In backyard there you go, yet not far from here and so effect all reverted back from Texas but I've got a story of gotta get out tonight there was a Texas teen was arrested and charged with the murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend name was Frank Delhi on 17 he shot her 22 times after she found out that he was cheating on her. She learned about his affair, and when she brought about.

He got mad at her.

Got a gun shot her 22 times while they put them out on bond remote on bond, he has to stay within the county. He's in and he can't contact her family and he can't go near school already.

This is the heartbreak that we will be back right after this was a whole lot more. So do not guilty right back Lord, thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spear Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned.

The second hour is coming up next WHA WWII 45 see why Cleveland encouraging you to head back to church this Sunday for service of same immediate group

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