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January 20, 2022 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know join is now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina, the NATO chapter 1 verse seven. As you can read it on the screens Bible says the Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble and this is the phrase that we want to preach on this morning and he know with him that trust in him. There are many character traits to God and they're just things that he is that we can never probably fully describe but one is the fact that he is omnipresent. He's everywhere at once. The fact that he is omniscient, which means he is all knowing, so we know that God knows all things, and were aware of that and I'll also give you many more traits, but this morning I want to speak on the subject.

Specifically, the fact that he knows. He knows you. He knows everything about you. He knows what you're going through. He knows the decisions you need to make a knows when you're stepping into a wrong direction. He did, he knows everything about us.

In fact, let me say this, he knows us better than we know ourselves, do you know that I know my kids better than they know themselves. You know that parents a man now as they get older.

I know things there be things about their life are not aware of and as you go through that a moving away from the home there certain things. Obviously, that you just aren't aware of.

But while kids are in your home, and you're raising them. You see things about them that they probably don't even see about themselves, so I thought of David, and I want us to take a journey through the book of Psalms and briefly. I want to show you some things and this is not anywhere near all of them but I just want to show you some of the highlights as you go to lunch today and and onto your work.

This next week. Some things that might encourage you and some things to think about about the fact that God knows me he knows all about me. Let's pray in that as we dig in. The gods were Lord. We love you and Lord, you do know us and you do know us better than we know ourselves and God. I pray that you would help your word today to be a blessing to these precious people in front of me. In Jesus name I pray, amen begins in Psalm chapter 1, once you look if you would've verse six the Bible says, for the Lord know with the way of the righteous, but the way of the ungodly, shall perish number one this morning. He knows the best way I don't know if you understand that praise the Lord know with the way of the righteous for what it's saying is this, he has a plan for your life.

He knows the way. Now if an ungodly person their way is headed to danger they're going to perish but for those that want to serve God and to those that submit their life to the Lord. He has a plan. It means this, you and I need to submit to it because he knows the best way to take. He knows what's best.

He knows the right decision to make. He knows what he's doing. He has not made any mistakes and you and I have got to understand that while I might not know the best decision to make right now. And while I might not know exactly what I need to do it as desperately as I want to know if I might not know and if you look in terms of a pastor. I don't know maybe if this would be best for the church or that would be best for the church and I know that these individuals would like this and I know that these individuals would not like that these individuals would like, such as such, I know that those individuals would not like, such that so you can get to the point. Before long, so I don't really know what's best.

But God does.

You and I gotta keep that in our mind that he knows the way of the righteous. He knows what's best. He's got a plan for your life. Don't don't don't ruin it. Don't get away from it. Say God, whatever you want, I'll submit to it. Number two I want to look at Psalm 31 and as you as you flip to their you say are there some in between. Oh yeah, there's a lot but as you look at Psalm 31, we can begin reading in verse six. There also Psalm 31 if you have any trouble finding it.

It's after 30 and before 32 Psalm 31 notice. If you would verse six. I have hated them that regard. Lying vanities, but I trust in the Lord.

I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy, for thou hast considered my trouble. Listen to this about the Lord. Thou hast known my soul in adversities.

Number two. He knows our adversities and I love the way the psalmist here says in verse six he says I have hated them that regard lying vanities and this is what he's saying he say and there are some times that people say things that they really don't mean there are times that people promise things that they have no intention to keep there are times that people or individuals will act like they care when they really don't. And he said I have hated those that regard lying vanities.

That means what they say is vain. They don't even mean it is not coming from their heart, they act like all I'm concerned because you're going through this or because you're going through that are because you have this happen in your life and like their concern and they act like they care, but they really don't. Verse six but I trust in the Lord why I will be glad and rejoice in thy mercy. Why, for thou hast considered my trouble that were considered means cared thou easing God you really cared about my trouble. You cared about what I was going through your concern.

You took notice and notice his last phrase thou hast known my soul in adversities that were no new is the same word for knowing you know and know it all through the book of Psalms is the word yard and in Hebrew, and it means this to come close to gather close to to know intimately listen to me dear friends when you go through troubles and difficulties. I'm here to tell you he knows your adversities. He's there he sees that he know's and his heart breaks when yours breaks many hearts. When you hurt. We have a high priest. The Bible says that is touched with the feeling of our infirmities. He knows our soul in adversities when everybody else seems that and I got other things on their life and things are going good for them right now there is no want to be brought down or bogged down or be discouraged with you, so they got other things to do, but God knows your soul when you go through adversities. What you notice the third thing in Psalm chapter 40 is on chapter 40 verse eight we find an interesting thing here by the psalmist.

He says this in verse eight I delight to do thy will, oh my God VA thy law is within my heart. Psalm 40 verse nine look at this.

I have preached righteousness in the great congregation low. I have not refrained my lips. Oh Lord, thou knowest notice what he said I have not refrained my lips. Oh Lord, thou knowest the Lords got you know that I have not refrained my lips. Verse 10 I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart. I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation. I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and I truth from the great congregation. Number three. He knows our witness. He knows when we have shared it with others.

He knows the things that we've done. He knows when we have tried to tell them about the Lord look at me dear friend, you might be here this morning and at times I worked in different ministries. Or maybe you have a bus route. Maybe working to class or Holland is are you coached an upwards, and you've given devotions and you talk to young people you might teach an adult classroom. You might show up at visitation. Whatever the case, look at me dear friend I want you to get this God the things you've done, knows when you witnessed and he knows when you have many times people think they work and you know what I've been doing this and I been faithful in idol God had done this in here. I've been working on a bus route for all these years and I have to go with wolves to be different. Bible says that he knows when you have shared with others. He knows that and he knows when you haven't, I was reading a book last night to my wife and it wasn't on a submissive wife or anything like that. I was reading an old book of sermons that I came across in my library and I was reading some portions of that to her. Just amaze me. I was such a powerful thing. I think the book was written in 1920 and I was reading her a portion of some of the sermons. But the man in it was talking about how prayer can literally bring boldness in witnessing and you say and how many times in my life. He said I can think back and be ashamed. I cannot believe I was that timid. I cannot believe that I was that scared to share Christ.

He said, but I'm a witness to know that through prayer that God brings boldness into your life, and he says there's times I leave and I think I can't believe that I had the nerve to say what I said this to me different.

Sometimes you and I would have to admit I can't believe I'm this scared and fearful to tell others about Christ, but different. Every time you do when you shared you witness God knows it. What you notice. Number four this morning. Look at Psalm 44. Just for chapters ahead verse 18.

I know we don't normally have you turned this much were just kinda going through Psalms are this morning. Psalm 44. Verse 18.

Our heart is not turned back, neither have our steps declined from byway, though thou hast sore broken us in the place of dragons and covered us with the shadow of death. If we have forgotten the name of our God or stretched out our hands to a strange God shall not God search this out, for he know if the secrets of the heart different. I want you to remember this morning. He knows our secrets. He knows what nobody else knows the knows what your wife doesn't even know he knows what your husband doesn't even know young people he knows what your parents don't know you knows where you were. He knows what you did. He knows our motives. He knows everything about us. He knows the innermost part of our being, you know the Bible says God's word cuts even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. He gets right into what I call the nitty-gritty. He knows different. I want to know. He knows your secrets this morning. Know what I want to be honest with you I think if you and I could just get a glimpse in our minds of a holy, righteous, God that we would get to this altar and we would cry on the steps of this altar pleading with God to forgive us for some of the thoughts that we've had for some of the things that we've done for some of the secrets that we have kept in our life. You agree with that different.

Don't forget he knows our secrets want to look ahead. If you would to Psalm 69 were almost done this morning. Psalm 69 one verse here in this chapter and I think this one verse says more than I could probably say a whole message.

Psalm 69. Look at verse five. Oh God, thou knowest my foolishness and my sins are not hid from the want to remind you this morning folks number five. He knows our shortcomings. He knows where we fail, he knows when we sin he know's the things that we've done. I oftentimes think that I've argued with God at times explain to him why I am not a good pastor and why he should allow me to do other things that I knew that might look like weakness to you that a pastor feels that way sometimes and it that's weakness. So be it. But that's the way I am. My wife will sometimes you like you and I know you're going through it again and I eat. I'll sit down say no wonder if I can do this in my life. Maybe I can get a job here. Maybe I could do this or do that because I fail these people and I fail this and I feel that different. I want you to know something God called me, even though he knew every shortcoming I had met. I say this God has called you and he knows every shortcoming you have. God has a purpose for every one of us.

We all have shortcomings, we all do wrong but dear friend I'm here to tell you he loves you and has a plan for your life. Even though you might have some shortcoming he knows them and he still uses us anyway. Number six, Psalm 94. Some of these Bibles have got this much use a long time, having pages are still stuck together trying to try to get that all Psalm 94. Look at verse 11 the Lord to know if the thoughts of man that they are vanity, may I say this this morning. He knows our thoughts as they were preacher. Sometimes I can't help what I think, well, you're right.

But we can help. If we continue to think on it voice or the phrase I heard was a kid. The birds of thought will fly through your head. You don't have to let them stop and build a nest you know the Bible says, think on things that are honest think on things that are pure think on things that are holy think on things that are just I am here to remind you that most anything wrong we ever do starts with lot. It always starts here before it becomes sin and shortcoming. It started with wrong thinking. God knows our thoughts. That's why the Bible says we must renew our minds in Christ every day because if we can stop them here will stop them before they get out with a seven husband knocking to cheat on his wife, Pete, and he let himself think about that visit to make sure he does entertain thoughts like that. If he doesn't let his mind go places, his body won't either. We've often heard of people that you know mess or whatever the case might be in an and in its always comes to light when preachers do it because her but thinks preacher should be perfect. You know, and when preachers mess up in and out of the house.

People say Manley were so good. Just I can't believe that that that happened that quickly listen to me dear friend it didn't happen that quickly. Their minds were wrong and rotten way before it ever happened. He knows our thoughts more. I would love to say that my times going what you look at Psalm 103. I knows different for Sunday morning, but I hope that you enjoy this is just a reminder of some things as we go throughout our week.

Psalm 103. Look at verse 13. Like as a father. His children, so the Lord PDF them that fear him, for he know with our frame. He remember that we are dust that work frame. He know if our frame means. How were put together. He knows how we were created because he did it. He made us, and he remembers that in the Bible says remember that we are dust it means clay or of the earth.

So God remembers say I am the one that created them and I know I created them out of the dust of this or God created us and he molded us and he made us, that means this that he knows our limits. Verse 13 or 14. He knows our frame, he remembers that we are dust. In other words, this the Bible says that God's promise never to put on us more than we can bear. He knows our frame. He knows what we can handle what we can. He knows our limits.

He knows what we can bear. And what we can't bear any doesn't allow anything in our life that would break us to that point because he knows our frame.

So if there is anything in our life that is too heavy for us to carry only brings us to the breaking point. We put their God didn't you understand law townsfolk through our own sin. We can bring things in our life. It's too much for us to bear, and we get mad at God, and God didn't put it there. He knows our limits and dear friend.

If you're out here this morning, separate try to I met my limit in my marriage.

I met my limit my job.

I met my limit in my life and my thought life and I just can't get victory over things in my life or in my pastor whatever different he knows that he knows your limits. What a God we serve is amazing to me. Sometimes I think that I get under things and I just think God I just don't know that I can handle much more and then you handle a little bit more and then all of a sudden God does something to encourage you, God does something to lift that burden has it happened a lot here and thank God for that. You know course of all of it in four years but when your church people leave and and I know I we understand that people come people even and I know that but as a pastor, you'll get angry at these people. I hurt you, you know, because like you failed them or whatever the case might be, but on balance with your been times when you know the few times it has. It crushes me and I'm not saying that it just does because you love people you want to help and when that happens you think I just you know I just don't and about that time. Gotta bring two or three families in the amazing what God does when he knows that he knows your limit. He knows how much you can take before you need a break. You need some encouragement you need a blessing.

He knows your limits can ask you please to turn to Psalm 138 Psalm 138 one verse in here verse six says though the Lord be high yet happy respect unto the lowly, but the proud he know with a far-off number eight this morning.

He knows our humility. You see, you got understand that God knows when we have pride, and God knows when were humble. The Bible says he knows the proud a far-off Bible says he resists the proud, but he gives grace to the humble different.

I want you to understand something.

God knows our humility and he knows when we lack it, and I will tell you something about God, at least what I've experienced in my life when humility is lacking, he will do something to bring it back and dear friend of it. If you and I can look at our life in size has pride slipped in it as anything like that in my being humble in my submissive to the Lord in my bucking against things in my life and my costly trying to get my way or or or get people see my side of things and to get this what I want all these things listen to me. I want you to understand. He knows our humility and he comes close and he gives us grace when he sees humility, but when he sees pride he has to stay away at a distance and on about you different, but I do not need God to stay a distance away from me.

I need him as close as I can. I want you to notice next Psalm 139. The next chapter. This is a big one. Psalm 139 verse one to the chief musician, a Psalm of David O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me. Thou knowest my down sitting and mine uprising thou understand this. My thought afar off the outcome passes my path and my lying down and are pointed with all My Way, #9. He knows our actions and our attitudes was interesting. As you'll notice in verses one through three. It's always something that they're doing and something that their thinking or that they are inside.

He searched me and know me the inside. Thou knowest my down sitting in mine uprising. That's the outside. Thou understand this. My thought afar off at the inside.

The outcome passes my path and my lying down.

That's the outside and then he says they aren't acquainted with all my ways. As the inside and outside as a preacher what you say listen. He knows what were doing and why were doing it.

He knows where we are going and why we went there. He knows our methods and tips pay no, you can phone me and I can for you but neither of us can fool God knows it all knows why you did what you did. Everybody else might they go they just being very sacrificial, but he knows if you had a different agenda. He knows if you were self-serving. In a matter when it comes to your work in your office or wherever you are. He knows if you if you stole from the company and he knows if you lied in your taxes and he knows if you got a shuffle here. They are working. The boss thinks you did such such but you really did such such different he know's and you and I will live different if we live every second of the day realizing he no want to notice is.

Lastly, Psalm 142 will be done this morning.

Our times gone. I love this Psalm 142. This is a Psalm of David. Notice in verse one.

Eight it says in your Bible might have to send this a prayer when he was in the cave that sets up a song doesn't. I cried unto the Lord with my voice with my voice of the Lord that I make my supplication. I poured out my complaint before him, I showed before him much trouble when my spirit was overwhelmed within me then thou newest my path in the way. Lori and I won't have the probably latest snare for me. I looked on my right hand and be held and there was no man that would know me, refuge failed me. No man cared for my soul. I cried unto the O Lord, I said, thou art my refuge and my portion in the land of the living.

I noticed this before were done this morning.

Notice these phrases. He says one when he was in the K then in verse two in my trouble verse three.

My spirit was overwhelmed within me.

Notice also in verse three.

They privately latest snare for me.

Verse four. There was no man that would know me verse four refuge failed me.

Verse four no man cared for my soul.

You notice in the middle of all this. David says something he says in the middle of this newest my path want to notice last this morning.

He knows our path is a preacher what it was it me, listen, God knows all the things we've been through. He knows when people have failed us. He knows more in the cave hiding for our life, even he knows when we didn't have a refuge. He knows when people have kinda privately latest snare and they got a bad agenda and they're trying to find something on you and they have hurtful feelings toward you and all these everything you know if you can stop a look at your life you can think of how you been done wrong you can think of.

This does happen and that's that's happened in a bid to this in a bid to that different. I want to know something God knows your pack, he seen it all. He knows when you been done wrong. He knows and you been done right. He knows when times were good, and he knows when times were bad. He knows when you're in the cave and have nobody, and he knows when you're victorious on top of the mountaintop.

He no is a preacher.

Why did you go through all this and just going first verse showing all these things are today. What we were gone this weekend and out of town in Florida doing some interviewing and we got back on Friday and coursework. So glad to see our boys and things in. I was with Kayden yesterday morning. Even in Kayden's been he does his thing. Our he sings all time and a sometimes good, sometimes bad, but he sings all the time you take the good you take the bad to take it on there you have is the facts of life, but it's but I was out I had my tools and I was billed some stuff out.

My wife had the ladies meeting yesterday and and I was outside building. So Kayden just in his own world and he would come out and check on me to go up with his brothers different things and I was outside in the backyard working and I'm I was sitting there working. I kinda sat down in you. Your back when you're working on stuff trying to get drills in no screws in the things and you just sit back in your backs is gonna stand there and I was watching the backyard cane just over here playing with something doing this and he's just over you just started saying he didn't know I was even listened and had no attention.

He just over he said it's been a long journey that I have been blessed walking with Jesus, have no regrets. He has been good to me just this car just also need to start also and he just come back my ways been long but I'm glad this will rear its bid in a long journey and I thought it has been. He had been here long but it's been a long journey. I think of all the good things in my life I've experienced that he hasn't yet. And I walk around it's been a long journey and I'm so down. Been a long journey and I'm so depressed I would continue but am afraid when my come up with so I'm learning the filter unit. I thought that precious little boy is praising God. God knows everything he's been through.

God knows things he's been through that we don't even know.

In other comes times that you, your sons crying and is trying to hold onto you have to put them in that gurney and he still crying to go back to those double doors and he just got fear of life and he goes back and therefore surgery, but I don't know what goes on back there were on the other side of those doors and I don't know the things that a four-year-old might think or feel or the fear of strangers working on your course to get medicine in you as quick as you can, try to knock you look at me there's been things in his journey. I don't even know God knows every one of. And while it's been a long journey that four-year-old thinks that he's been very blessed. Thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC may also contact us by phone at 336-993-5119 or occur when Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on our website and church.

Thank you for listening occur would broadcast God bless you

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