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TH120726/The Importance of Right Choices/Gen. 13

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 30, 2012 12:19 pm

TH120726/The Importance of Right Choices/Gen. 13

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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July 30, 2012 12:19 pm

Genesis 13

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us about the night for Genesis 13 the title of my message is the importance of right choices. Genesis 13 let's pray together father as we open your word would you speak to us and help us to see how important the decisions of life really are helpless to see you, Lord, that the decisions we make today are going to affect us and what we will be tomorrow and the week after that in the year after that and the decade after that. So Lord speak to us from your word, we would ask in Jesus name, amen. You know every day we have before us hundreds, maybe even thousands of choices and I'm just talking about the menu at cheesecake factory now but you know that's why I like simple restaurant like In-N-Out Burger writing psych hamburger double double double animal style fries. Whatever.

That's also why I like Chick-fil-A and I especially cannot tell you I mostly like AAA not because her food is good but I like them because they stand for the family and you know I'm under a lot of visit criticism lately a lot of people are boycotting them and I'm to go out of my way to eat it once it is you might do the same Christian on that company and and they believe in the family vision comprise of a man, a woman and as the biblical Bible teaches, but back to our topic here.

So before us are so many choices in their times I get overwhelmed I mean you go on and try to pick out about the millions of choice and unity go to the supermarket and I'm overwhelmed like a killer by tooth the photo.

I don't know doing what the super white photo.

I want this. Although this lumber though this is a better deal if others all these variations of everything out there so many choices now look what you decide to eat for lunch or what you wear those don't have long-lasting repercussions, but there are other choices that are super important.

Like who you will marry what career path you will take in more on the most important choice of all is whether or not you will follow Jesus Christ. You can call it the three C's of life challenges, choices and consequences before us every day. We have challenges that we have the choices we make and then we have the consequences of those choices sometimes those challenges come in the form of an opportunity that we can take advantage of. Sometimes those challenges come in the form of a temptation that hopefully we will resist.

So it's the challenge, then there's a choice. Now there are the consequences if I made the right choice. There will be good consequences if I'd made the wrong choice. There will be bad ones.

And so we have to make the right choices in life because it can affect the whole course our life takes think about certain people in the Bible that made certain choices. Moses made a choice to help his fellow Jews, and he chose over the riches and power of Egypt, John Moses was being groomed to be the next Pharaoh of Egypt and he walked away from it because he was a Jew and he was taken in the home of Pharaoh and he wanted to help his fellow Jews. His choice save the nation. Daniel's choice to not compromise brought great hope and encouragement to so many, they set a course that affected their life. But then there are wrong choices that were made Adam's choice caused him paradise. Esau's choice caused him his birthright. King Saul's choice cost him his kingdom and Judas's choice caused them his apostleship and his very life pilot Agrippa and Felix all Roman leaders chose wrong in Ms. eternity with Christ. Listen to this. The choices of life are binding in eternity. You make choices today that will affect you for ever and ever.

You say you make your decisions and in your decisions make you. I bring this up because there before us in Genesis is the story of two believers one was name Abraham and the other was named law.

They happen to be related. Abraham was the uncle of Lot, Abraham was a godly man who made very good choices. Lot was a believer but a compromising wanted best to make some very poor choices in their lives are given to us side-by-side in Scripture so we can see the consequences of choices now is Abraham is introduced to us in the book of Genesis is described as the friend of God at the unique description, a wonderful one at that. God's personal friend. So one day the Lord came to his friend Abraham and said I want to follow me. But the Lord also told him he was to make a clean break with his family and others why because Abraham was in a pagan family that were sent false God, so God said, Abraham turn your back.

In these gods and just make a break with your family and I want to follow me, but Abraham had a hard time with that because he was really attached to certain members of his family, especially his nephew Lot and so he drug lot along so he obeyed, but only partially.

And then he began to reap the consequences of that. Listen the people you choose to have as your friends. That's a really significant thing because these people are either going to build you up for the unitary view down spiritually and a lot of times we make friends with the wrong people, and it affects us.

I wonder what kind of influence your friends are having on you right now think about your friend. Think about the people you hang out with the people you text throughout the day or talk to on the phone or get together with for lunch or hang out with on the weekends. Your friends think about those people. Are they building you up spiritually or are they dragging you down. Now turn it around and think of it another way, what kind of friend are you are you building up others spiritually are you dragging them down. The Bible addresses this and says in second Timothy 222 run from anything that stimulates youthful lust. Follow anything that makes you want to do what is right pursue faith, love and peace. Listen and enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts is not a description of your friends right now, so we want to hang around godly people.

Now when I say that I'm not suggesting we break off communication with nonbelievers because if we do that. How they ever going to become believers. So we do want to have relationships with people that don't know the Lord affect the Scripture addresses that in first Corinthians 5, 9 to 11 Paul says when I wrote you before I told you not to associate with people who indulge in sexual sin, but I wasn't talking about unbelievers who indulge in sexual sin are more greedy. Our swindlers are idol worshipers.

You would have to leave the world to avoid people like that.

I meant to say is you should not associate with anyone who claims to be a Christian, yet indulges in sexual sin or is greedy horse and finals or as abusive or as a drunkard or as a swindler don't even need with such people, not interesting, so one run an unbeliever.

Just what I don't expect them to behave as a believer I don't hold them to the standards of a Christian and I know sometimes persons get really uptight around nonbelievers will be used to cost worded in the lead said something that is contrary to my faith yeah okay but you know you want to build a bridge to those people and annexing you condone what they say or do but you love them and you are kind to them in and you engage with them as much.

As you can in your your goal is to try to win them to Christ, but actually Paul then goes on to say no, you should have relationships with those people with people that claim to be Christians who are in sexual sin or are drunkards and these are the things he listed. He says don't hang out with those people that don't even have lunch with those people. I find it interesting why because those people are going to drag you down so God said Abraham listen buddy. You're my friend right you need to separate from lot. He's trouble and he's dragging you down spiritually.

Now it would it would appear from the story is that Abraham was like a father figure to lot two lots credit.

There was something in uncle uncle Abraham that he admired and he wanted to be with them and so when Abraham said I'm out here and leave in this country but cycling come with your uncle.

And so he wanted to be with Abraham but God actually told him to break contact with Lot and his little twist in the story.

I even though Abraham was a friend of God and was sold to separate from lot and other members of his pagan family. Abraham then went down to Egypt because it was a famine in the land. Genesis 1210 tells us in Scripture. Egypt is like a metaphor for the world and for the world. I mean sort of that culture apart from Christ as the Bible says all that is in the world, the lust of the flexible lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father, but of the world of the Bible says don't love the world know the things that are in the world because of you love the world, the love of the father is not in you and so the ideas Abraham went down to Egypt in you know any step away from God is a step down to interesting you read the story of Jonah.

God told Jonah to go and preach to the city of Nineveh and tell them to repent and we read Jonah bought a fair ownership anyone now in the other direction and that's a reminder whenever we step away from God were going down well here is now Abraham in Egypt and the Alpine thing have a wife named Sarah who is a complete box. Even in her later years, not a cougar. Mind you this woman is dropdead gorgeous and Abraham knows it because everyone is always looking at his wife and he knows that the Pharaoh has a penchant for collecting wives and is Hera right so he actually says to his wife Sarah give anybody asked you don't tell them you're my wife so you're my sister thinks with a vote of confidence honey and sure enough, some of Pharaoh's men saw Sarah chickens amazing we go tell Pharaoh the tougher it is this woman and she's just a sister of this guy name Abraham all bring their sounds good so Sarah brought in to the harem of Pharaoh, Abraham doesn't do anything to stop it, and God is not happy and he brings plagues upon the home of Pharaoh and finally Pharaoh finds out that's not Abraham sister that's his wife and he's mad at Abraham for even sending her that way. In the first place and not trying to stop this. He says to Abraham, why is it that you would let me take your wife and say she was your sister is another drag when nonbelievers have a better understanding of what a Christian ought to be and we have you know a nonbeliever telling you you're not doing something right. That's so embarrassing, especially when the right see nonbelievers they have this strange idea that Christians are supposed to be loving that were supposed to be forgiving that were supposed to be faithful to our spouses that we are supposed to be honest, that we should be trustworthy, and then when we don't live that way the colophon have you ever been called out by a nonbeliever. I have years ago and I propping some of you for this story before but I only have three stories I have to recycle them alive. So this is story number two in this I happened on a Newport Beach at a pizza place and it was shortly after my conversion and I went to get a pizza and I was sitting there waiting for the pizza. I was there with a friend and we were talking and and I looked over the table next to me there's a guy sitting there.

I recognized from school and I know this guy you know some people it's weird as they get older they look the same. They look the same as they look like when they were three years old at 60 is just or just more wrinkle but there it's the same thing and other people don't even look like the same personal item look like the same person I have kind of you know blonde surfer hair. At this point I had long shoulderlength hair parted down the middle in a big witchy. I was in my hippie face.

Okay so I looked at this guy whose name was pointed usually is your name Paul.

He said it is a set I'm Greg Laurie flow. Greg didn't recognize you. Yeah hey Paul how you been been good.

In particular I remember you from high school. You always used to get into trouble. That's true. I remember you're always been said to the vice principal's office to be disciplined. That's true then I said just what Paul I'm a Christian.

He says no you are know I am.

I'm a Christian and believe it or not. Paul, I'm actually a pastor of a church is I think what is what is going wrong in the world that they would like Greg Laurie be the pastor of a church in as a note Thursday following a different person.

I got the same guy I used to be.

I really differently goes well you know Greg you look like you're a happier person and I'm happy for you want to talk with you Paul talk with you, Greg. Great. So I'm waiting for the pizza. Still, my friend goes in the bathroom and that was sitting with me in the pizza comes I've always been a prankster and I thought it would be really funny to take a bunch of red pepper flakes and Ali have been pizza restaurants and formal over my friends side of the pizza. So when he bit into it. He would scream. It is not like. So I take the thing I actually take the lid off I'm pouring red cover plate China Laffey. I completely forgot about Paul, the nonbeliever, and I heard him say an employee. Then he said, haven't changed much heavy gray will will you say so I flipped around and I ate the pizza with the only fitting thing that it he had a better idea of what occurs not to be that I had at the moment that the Pharaoh would think what is wrong with you that you would do that so this was Abraham's little compromise and come back you'll see how important this is why told you this story so they went down to Egypt.

It was a detour.

It was a bad idea and they left Egypt, but now friction develops between Abraham and Lot.

That's our story picks up Genesis 13 verse one Abraham notice Abram his name is later changed to Abraham and Sarah is called Sarai, but it's later changes here so that's whether difference in the name so Abram or Abraham one up from Egypt. He and his wife and all that he had an Lot within into the South. Abram was very rich in livestock silver and gold anyone on his journey from the South. As far as Bethel to the place where his tent had been at the beginning, between Bethel and AI to the place of the altar remainder at first and Abraham called on the name of the Lord. Lot also who went with Abraham had flocks and herds intent notices no mention of lot calling on the name of the Lord. Now the tent was a lender is not able to support them, that they might altogether further processions were so great they could not dwell together. There was strife between the herdsmen of Abraham's livestock and the herdsmen of lots, livestock the Canaanites and the parasites and dwelt in the land. So Abraham says a lot. Please let F strife between you and me between my herdsmen in your herdsmen were brothers or were related, is not the whole land before me or before you rather so separate from me if you go to the left. Go to the right.

If you go to the right. I'll go to the left. I want to underline this verse will come back with person and Lot lifted up his eye and saw all the planes of Jordan that it was well watered everywhere before the Lord destroyed Sonoma Gomorrah like the garden of the Lord, like the land of Egypt. As you go towards our then Lodge children's of all the plain of Jordan and Lot journeyed east, and they separated from each other.

Abram dwelt in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plane had pitched his tent toward Sodom which really got real close to Sodom. But the men of Sodom were exceedingly wicked and sinful before the Lord's own argument breaks out between the guys at work for Abraham and the guys at work for law.

There's so much livestock and southern heaven. This issue this conflict and here's really what it was about.

It wasn't the fact that Abram was richer.

Lot was rich.

It was a problem of the heart. See Abraham wanted God and the Lord blessed the most stuff what he wanted stuff and he just wasn't all that in the godless and just because someone has a lot of stuff doesn't necessarily mean they're materialistic, it could mean the but sometimes people who are blessed are more materialistic than those that have a lot. I've met people who are ballade were very generous but they don't let everybody know all the things that they do for others. They just do it quietly thankful for what God has blessed them with and they help others and I know others that don't have as much, but all they think about is getting more stuff they dream about. It's all about whatever those objects are that they happen to desire be a closer houses are cards or whatever that for the heart. Is that so don't that's a judgment know you have that car your there's no it's all about the heart to see Abraham a lot of stuff in his heart was right with God lot you a lot of stuff and only cared about was getting stuff so there was a conflict, and there was a debate and there was an argument and there was a separation that needed to be made here because they were going to different directions and so Abraham gives his nephew a choice of putting I'll tell you what you go wherever you want. While going the opposite direction you go to the right I go to the left you go to the left. I'll go to the right you whatever you want. I don't want to fight with you anymore. Let's make a decision and so now that time is come. That's because Abraham was a peacemaker, not a troublemaker, and by not making a choice. Abraham was in effect making a profound choice he was choosing to give lot the best choice. It's all yours take it is a way Abraham looked at it, you know, and I'll leave the outcome to God. You know if I get ripped off here. So what you know it's a stuff God can give me more. He can take away what I have another care that much about it but I don't find this guy anymore and I should've done this a long time ago and Nam to do what I needed to do and does so he left it up to the Lord. Abraham felt if he gave in the a lot something of what really matter you might be in a similar situation right now you know that you're facing the challenge may be in your business, you're feeling if you're totally honest and forthright in your business, then that sheet of a competitor will take advantage of you and you know if you were to skim a little cut back a little here or cheat a little over this other area you can make a whole lot more money and it's very tempting but you decided to do what is right and have personal integrity. Integrity is been defined what you are. When nobody's looking, and that's what you decide to live a life of integrity. Listen. Leave it in the hands of God. You'll never regret that some of you might be reluctant to tell some your friends about the Lord because your break if you bring up Jesus Christ.

It could cause friction in a relationship even terminate the relationship. But understand this. I'm not saying that could not happen, but it may be that very tension their very friction that produces conversion in the life of the person. If you're always trying to be cool and get along with everybody and never stand your ground or speak up for your faith.

Guess what, you're gonna reach nobody nominally illustrate that for you in a few moments and the way that lots life turned out the way the compromise was in the statement of Christ. Matthew 1034 Jesus is don't imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth. No, I came to bring us sore right tell you that a man will be against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. Your enemies will be those in your own household of some of yours in the way are that what that's in the Bible is that it like the Jesus you know is just loving and he is and he loves us so much that you'll confront us and are sent and sometimes when one member of a family becomes a Christian friction develops and and there's problems and because you change the whole dynamic of the family. Now you know because it was always about drinking and it was always about the dirty jokes and it was always about the whatever else you did. And all of a sudden, here you are Mr. I want to pray before the meal, what party pooper man. Oh brother know here you are not laughing at the joke here you are talking about what you think is important and what is true and is cause friction and some people are saying this is the good thing you became a Christian. But there's friction in our family, but that friction is a result of the conviction of sin, because the light just came into a dark place, and now that little bit of friction creates conversation and the conversation in the lives of some leads to conversion. So sometimes therefore there can be the ultimate unity. There has to be a temporary division and this is what Abraham had to do. Man I'm making a stand for what is true and we need to part company.

Right now he didn't do it at first. Now he's doing it. Maybe you're having a hard time doing that. I tell you make that stand. Here's why. Here's why. You can have harmony with God in friction with people you can have harmony with people in friction with God you choose. Listen if you get along with everybody and no one ever will disagree with you because you don't make a stand on anything you have friction with God because I'm telling you that's the case.

If you are not living the Christian life while you know man because the Bible says if you live a godly life.

You will be persecuted and if there's not some form of persecution coming your way. That was honestly wrong. Now you make that stand and do it in the most loving way you can and you watch with the Lord will do.

But then there might be another that well we you know were in a situation we can change if I were living together outside of marriage and we can afford to move apart was, and you can't afford not to the will of God is all that matters. And you have to make a stand and the thing that really is important, and so Abraham was making a stand.

Holland was going to make the wrong stand and is looking to see in a moment.

Little things lead to big things and they usually do.

Nobody falls away from God all at one you don't call it good Christian friends think he did want to backslide tonight.

Answers fully backslide you are just, you know, a church the night before know you don't do that so little compromise, read a really strange article years ago, but an 18-year-old kid from England were to be hospitalized. The reason the article caught my attention was the headline said he had been stung on the tongue by a scorpion. I understand been stung by a scorpion, but how does one get stung on the tongue by a scorpion so I read the article and as it turns out he had his little pet scorpion and of course the first question that comes your mind is why Buddy had a pet scorpion whom he named Twiggy and that this is a true story and every night. According to this article, this young man would give Twiggy the scorpion a good night kiss. Now we are going to figure out what happened in 19 well he was kissing Twiggy good night Twiggy grabbed his weapon.

He screamed in or in Twiggy jumped in his mouth and stung this time so moral of the story don't kiss scorpions.

Here's my question for you. You giving sin. It's little good night kiss little peck on the cheek forward to you to see this not that bad so Q you you he he he watch when it bites you in the top so here's lot now he's going the wrong way. Abraham is going the right way lot went the wrong way what happened a lot. Few things are bring your attention. Number one lot look the wrong way. He looked the long way. Verse 10 lot lifted up his eyes, all the plain of Jordan and it was well watered like the land of Egypt wants point of reference was Egypt. He likes Sodom because it reminded him of Egypt and by the way, this phrase it says he lifted up his eyes to be translated.

He looked with mommy. He looked was long and all man I want that so bad. It's interesting though is point of reference was Egypt. You see, when he went down there… These are my people. I like this place. I'm feeling really all mere premiums like woman I hate this place. I gotta get outta here. This isn't where I belong in a like a Christian audit field in an ungodly place for lot men he had found home and from that point on he longed for Egypt's and instead of look in his eyes of DeKalb and lot lifted his eyes up there.

The claimant Jordan and he saw this place called Sada in the eyes will always see what the heart loves this second step down was he separated himself from godly influence again lot second step down was he separated himself from godly influence. He allowed himself to be separated from Abraham known Abraham's defense, he was to separate from his nephew, but in criticism of lot lot should've stayed close to Abraham.

You see here was the thing with lot. He liked to hang around Abraham because he was a man of God and sometimes there are people that like to hang around you because you're a strong Christian but yet the problem is they drag you down more than you pulled them and that's who lot wise and he separated himself a sure sign of spiritual decline is when we find ourselves wanting to get away from godly people really comes on your attitude and getting together for worship coming. You guys are here on a Thursday night, you're on your out of obligation. People sometimes go to church on Sunday, out of obligation for Thursday night. There's a lot of things you give me going is that I'm going to church tonight that speaks to me to your commitment to Christ. But you know you might've invited a Christian friend.

They want to go to church tonight.

Yeah why what's Bible study priority went to church Sunday like you know I already paid my dues, man.

I punch the card you want to go like twice in a week. Yeah, actually I do affect them. Thinking of going to another Bible study this week as well not really into that okay.

That says a lot about you when you want to be around godly people that shows there's a spiritual decline in your life. So that's what was happening with lot in his third step down verse 12 he pitched his tent toward Sodom. See he was attracted to these people.

Sort of like a mob drawn to the flame or to the life he's pulled in so he's not quite in Sodom but is very close to Sada you see these keys within striking distance of Sodom he can overhear the parties.

He can kindest see what's going on. All this is horrible this is awful. This is really bad yeah you sure looking out a lot while I call it researchers see you have to know what people are up to.

You can call research if you want your just a few feet away from full participation. Now here's another twist in the story Gary is camp near Sodom and he gets caught in the middle of a war.

He had no business being in. As it turns out there is a war against Sodom and lot is captured by a king, and so someone tells Abraham he know your nephew lot you know you parted company with anyone like God is temporally close on yeah we got captured. Oh yeah him and said well I told him you know that's his fault was Abraham do know is that school get lot, but the Army together and he goes and gets a lot out of captivity says you're free now. Now you would think a guy like that what is said, Lord, thank you for this godly uncle and I learned my lesson learned. Encourage or warning, no. The next time we read about lot. He's in Sodom now he goes from being there at two being in it. He went from the frying pan into the fire. The gun was warning him. Gotta say, buddy. You need to stay away from this place maybe got warning some of you listen to this. If you have sensed the Lord, trying to throw the brakes on things that you're doing is you're walking away from him rejoice because that means you are a child of God and outplace you know where the Lord is that he does because he loves you he was 12, says the Lord disciplines those he loves. He punishes those he accepts as his children. If God doesn't discipline you as he does all of his children.

It means you're illegitimate and you're really not just children. After all, you see the fact that the Lord does bring about a conviction of sin in your heart.

The fact that the Lord does put a roadblock in your path. The fact that the Lord does allow your little secret sin to come out into the open. That's a good thing that says I love you so much, to try to stop you from going any further. Your choice will forget that persist in your course or you can hear what God is saying to you, I mean the Lord did this with Peter before his denial. Well, remember he deny the Lord. But you know that took him a while to get three denials did you know that he was there at the courtyard of Caiaphas, the high priest was trying Jesus in another room and there's a big fire up there in the courtyard, airways, warming themselves for the fire and you know Peter, standing there in you know he's he's already you know been following at a distance and said to Jesus, he would never deny Amber generally doesn't deny them yet he's there and then someone says hey aren't you one of those disciples of Jesus.

He is crazy and a disciple of Jesus denial number one and now the Bible says a little time passes and another person comes in with the wait a second you're one of those disciples of Jesus I record you feel wrong if I me now in our passage in our unibody when he got out of there about a year he stays on the fire punishments as I know you're one of those disciples of Jesus your Galilean accent betrays you and any curses and swears and says I never knew the man and the rooster crows see that took a while.

There were warnings he could've left out of the first-person ID them, but he was already in saving up in the Jonah you know he's running from God is disobeying God. The Lord has accustomed made whale waiting to swallow here the Lord.

The Bible says the Lord prepared a great fish, so instead of worrying about how fish can swallow a guy think about this. Maybe this was a one off fish never to exist since that day, God custom-made for Jonah. The original chicken of the Sea, but here's the amazing thing here Jonah inside of the fish wrapped in seaweed thinking play for sure this lap in the face of the tail you know humanity like you generally don't like. I'm not budget. I am not repenting set in there for three days and finally repented many gods in the morning your way.

And now Paul so what is lot due after uncle Abraham get them out of this mess he moves in the sauna at this for step down.

That's Genesis 19 one you don't turn there, but we read. He sat on the gateway of Sodom was that that means you become one of the leaders in this wicked and perverse city to sit in the cake meant that you were really in effect in holding elective office, so he was one of the leaders of Sodom, so he went from looking at Sodom to getting close to Sodom to moving into Sodom to be one of the leaders of Sodom. Okay so human. The compromise lot.

How did that work out for not so well because God is getting ready to judge the city. Now here's the thing about lot that may come as a surprise to some, you can very easily so you know what lot he wasn't a believer at all. He had no relationship with God.

But the problem is, the Bible tells us he was a believer on second. I Peter two it says that lot was rescued by God and it says a lot was a righteous man it was distressed by the filthy lives of lawless men because I write this man, living among them day by day was completely worn down by the manner of life of the life of the lawless in the realm of on bridled loss.

He was a believer but a compromising what you want to know how worn down he was to check this out in Genesis we read one day some Angels of the Lord came to tell lot to get out of sauna and in chapter 19 of Genesis as they came in the town. The people of Sodom saw them.

These two men didn't know they were angels is about two men never seen before and they go to lot cells and basically the whole city shows up at lot south peers of the Bible set. The men shouted to lot where the men the team to spend the night with you. Bring them out so we can have sex with that so you think things are weird now, let's stepped outside to talk to them shutting the door behind him.

Please my brothers. He begged don't do such a wicked thing. Look, I have two virgin daughters do with them whatever you want but leave these men alone with her under my protect. So here are two angels, these guys don't know their angels. They think they're just in the easements he brings that we want to have sex and some homosexuals and we want have sex with them right now and then lots of payment.

Take my daughter's a member and ornament, aren't you glad you were one of lots daughters then what what my daughter's whatever believable so the Angels inflicts out of our way. Lot and they struck those people with blindness in a salon or get out of here.

Let's go get your family were leaving town now was go lots like oh well way. I don't know them. Come on, let's go in there literally having to drag one out this city know it's interesting to note that we don't read of a single convert and all of Sodom that came from the life and testimony of lot in fact, we read that uncle Abraham was interceding for the city of Sodom and Gomorrah and he said, Lord, if there's tenant righteous would you spirit, God said, yeah. I'll spare them. If there's tenant righteous and Vlad had done the job of this family alone.

There would've been Tim right this just remind us that compromisers they regional. Nobody respects the compromise or nonbelievers don't even respect compromisers they have more respect for Christian they disagree with. Then somebody that tries to blend in the gray near your Christian your kind of an idiot. I don't get you, but at least I respect the fact you have convictions. I'm speaking as a nonbeliever. Another pastor hope you understood that I really like your believes I don't agree with your all your quoting the Bible but you know you got your believes sale. Whatever within the person that owing Christian Iago get high with you guys are I'll go look at the pornography with you or I got younger than thing worthless with this guy really has no integrity anywhere in anything but then when crisis. It's just what that nonbeliever that criticizes you, comes back to the Christensen can I talk to you he know the next time you're talking to the good Lord you know the man upstairs would you put in a good word for me to come to you because though they may resent you at times though they may criticize you at other times, though they may laugh at you. They may come to you someday ask for help and say tell me how to come to Jesus because they saw that you stood your ground back to that friction think that person that tries to blend into the woodwork.

That person that tries to be everyone's friend had personnel never stands up for what is true they reach no one in lot reach know what he didn't reach his sons-in-law. He wanted told her sons a lot guys. The Angels are here in the Angels that we have to leave and you know what the Bible says they laughed and thought he was joking. You're serious you're talking to us about God. Why would we listen to you. So now the Angels have to take lot by the hand. Genesis 1916 says they were going to destroy the city and lot hesitated. So they dragged him out is like pulling the kid out of a toy store. I know all I love my Sodom and the more you know he will Lee is really better about that. Well, it gets even worse, the Dragon amount and angels sing a listen to look back when God judges the city do not look back. You'll remember lots wife. That right is her leaving, she looks back and by the way the world looks back is like just a quick glance over the shoulder like oh what's going on with that explosion know it's more like she looked again with longing. It was a deliberate look I'm looking and I'm looking long. I miss that place and she turned into a pillar of salt.

That is why Jesus said, remember lots wife. That statement, why did he tell us. I remember lots wife. Why should I remember lots wife is what Jesus is saying don't look back. Don't live in the past.

Don't look back to the old life. Keep looking forward, he said in another place, no men having put his hand of the plow and looking back is fit for the kingdom of God never tried to drive your car looking over your shoulder doesn't get a workout and you need to look forward as a Christian. That's what Abraham did and is not locked.

It even gets worse so they get out of the city. Obviously lots wife is out of the picture now. Lots daughters make it out in the so one night they get their dead drunk and they have sex with him an incestuous relationship, they get pregnant in one of the girls has a child and she means in Moab and his descendents became the Moabites who became one of the worst enemies that Israel ever faces thing is so twisted and so perverted. Okay so but here's the point I'm trying to make. He made wrong choices, he faced the consequences for his choices and he was affected for his life.

That's what happens when you do the wrong thing. Now let's flip it around. What about uncle Abraham Haida things work out for him know you didn't have all the parties of Sodom and Gomorrah. He's living out in the desert under the stars at night. There's no nightlife there's no parties there just Abraham and God all man you're missing out.

Someone might say what's wrong with you. Well, this is what the Lord told me to how that worked out pretty well. Genesis 13 verse 14 and the Lord said to Abram, after Locke had separated. Notice it after he separated lift your eyes up now look from the place where you are looking North look South look East to look west for all of this land which you see. I will give to you and your descendents forever.

I'll make your descendents as the dust of the earth sober man could number the dust of the earth, then your descendents could be number arise, walk in the land through its length and its width and I'll give it to you.

And Abraham moved to stand in one up and walk by the terebinth trees of memory which are in Hebron and Abraham built an altar to the Lord. Listen to this. When you become a Christian you give things right will note, and sometimes are things we kind of wanted to do a little bit.

But here's what I want to tell you. As time passes and you look back, you're never gonna regret those things you gave up to follow Jesus Christ he's going to more than make it up to you. One occasion Jesus and his boys were having a discussion about what they had given up to follow him.

Peter not known for being timid blurted out.

We left everything to follow you Jesus because that's shut up Peter but he didn't say that said, I tell you the truth, there's no one was left home or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God will build to receive many times as much in this age and the age to come eternal life. Yes he said you know what Peter I know you did. I know you all did not want to tell you guys something.

It's all good to be made up to you whatever you given up only made up in this life and the life to come. You'll see that principle is vividly illustrated the life of Abraham. He gave up everything to follow God to give up his country he give up his people. He gave him some prime real estate in Canaan by giving lot first choice in the matter, and then he lost lot to the happening of a real affection for lot lifted up his eyes to see what the world had to offer. Now God tells Abraham to lift up his eyes and see what heaven has to offer. Lift up your eyes and see what I have given to you pay the lot, get the best land will now Abraham was going to get the entire land of Canaan had Abraham lost family for the sake of obedience. Now God would give him offspring like the dust of the earth and in the same way we all choose what our life will take in God will always give his very best of those who leave the choice with me say that again God will always give the very best of those that leave the choice to Lord you choose.

Lord you decide because I've come to discover that God's ideas are better than mine. I've come to discover that God's plans are better than Greg's plan is wonderful as I think they are, sometimes I'm disappointed in life sometimes I'm shattered in life, but ultimately I've seen the God's plans are better. That is why we must trust him is a story from early American history about the Donner party never heard of them was in the 19th century took place in the high Sierra Nevada's in the winter of 1846 George and Jacob Donner James Fraser read and their families were heading for what they perceived as the promised land called California 2000 miles away. Their caravan had what we might describe as state-of-the-art covered wagons did plenty of supplies that were. The left with the party that swelled 87 men, women and children but you probably also know that their journey ended in tragedy when they were forced to camp for the winter at a small lake about 13 miles northwest of Lake Tahoe.

There they suffered heavy snows with 40 of them dying. Some of them were so hungry, so desperate, they turned to cannibalism to survive. We know that story here something that is often not known about that story. It's how they ended up in this miserable place. According to history amending Lansford Hastings told the Donner party, he knew of a shortcut to California.

It was on Fry noted ever done it before, but this was a shortcut and they took it and their lives into the room and in the same way in life.

You know, there are so-called shortcuts the Devils a human you need to play by the rules, you can live the way that you want to lead. It will all turn out fine. I'll tell you the truth I would never live do you like you I'm totally's sincere you know you can drink and never have a problem with drinking you can handle it you get out of that affair. No one will ever find out you will get up porn on your computer it will never become an issue.

You can steal the money. No one will ever know. Listen, you can have your cake and you can either to the way I'm not really sure what that means that I actually had taken the but you know what the expression is saying you know you can't have it both ways or have it all will the devil says no you can have it all go for you all do it. You think you can live outside of God's standards and then one day it all catches up with you lot made the right choice wrong choices and live the wrong way and he repeated, and Abraham made the right ones never regretted me close with one more illustration I read the stories of two men who are both lived at the same time again from the 19th century starts or to be in another century. So much tonight. Their names were Max Jukes and Jonathan Edwards, Max Jukes lived in New York City. He didn't believe in Jesus Christ and raises children in the way of the Lord, and even refused to take his children to church even when they asked to go Max Jukes as 1026 descendent 300 were sent to prison for an average term of 13 years hundred 90 were prostitutes, 680 were admitted. Alcoholics, he made no contribution to society whatsoever. He made bad choices that affected generations of people contrast.

Now Max Jukes with another man who lived in the same state and time his name was Jonathan Edwards. I will remember him because he was promptly used by God in one of the great spiritual awakenings in the United States is best known for his sermon sinners in the hands of an angry God and he went on to found Yale University. In contrast to Jukes. Jonathan Edwards made sure that his church was on his children were with them in church every Sunday and he serve the Lord, to the best of his ability and he left an amazing legacy. He has 929 descendent 430 of them were ministers, 86 Peking University professors 13 became University presidents 75 author great books, seven were elected to the United States Congress and one was the vice president of the United States is my point is simply this is my life and I make my choices you you know what it's bigger because you see you make your choices and your choices make you you make your choices that affect her children and then your children will affect your grandchildren and then your grandchildren will affect their children. Your great-grandchildren and then they will affect that next generation and the circle gets broader and it goes on and on and on in a godly legacy goes one way and an ungodly legacy goes the other way your choices on earth are binding in eternity.

So think about those choices because what you do is going to affect other people. The decisions you make will impact other people lot made really bad decisions reap the consequences of it well is not a believer but I guess he was.

Which means I will see him, and never smack him around a little bit know we won't, but you know yeah this out over this. You just getting to heaven was long as I get the habit yeah you know what I want to get to heaven.

I want to be able to see the Lord that I did the best I could with the light from the time of the resources he gave. I want the Lord to say to me, well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord and you want to hear that this and you can't live off your parents for God is no grandchildren just sons and daughters lots. Problem was, he was effectively living office uncles faith when Abraham was around lot was doing well and Abraham was gone. I crashed and burned. Is that what you're about present your life or when you're around that godly person your husband's godly or your wife is godly. Hope you're doing well and they go away like for three hours and you get into trouble.

You know you need to stand up in your own 2 feet and be a man or woman of God and stop compromise because you get to be a miserable person and you're never going to reach anybody and to leave a bad legacy instead be a godly person will grade governing about the mistake I've messed up a lot of my life. Okay, it's not too late to change start making good decisions from tonight try to write some of the wrongs out there trying to correct some things make apologies were necessary repairs were necessary to bring paid people back if you owe them something. Do what you can do right the wrongs that have been committed over the years, but from this day forward stamina walk with God and start living the way that he wants me to live on me just goes with this most important decision of all is what you do with Jesus Christ. And that's what were going to close with and my question to you is are you certain right now. Beyond the shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ is living inside of and if you aren't would you like to be, so you can know with certainty that you will go to heaven when you die, Jesus Christ the son of God came to this earth and lived a perfect life and then when it died on the cross in our place in paid for all the sins we have committed. And then he rose again from the dead three days later and he's alive and he's here with us right now and he is standing at the door of our life and he is knocking, and he is saying if we will hear his voice and open the door. He will commit. Have you asked them to come in your life. Are you certain your Christian do you know for sure that if you were to die, you would go to heaven if not would you like to organic closing prayer number to give you an opportunity to make a commitment to Jesus and also if there's some of you out there that are sort of compromisers living a lot like lifestyle you understand what I'm saying and hanging out in Sodom and doing things you shouldn't be doing.

I want to invite you to repent of and recommit your life to Jesus. So let's pray father, thank you for your word to us. Help us to make right choices right now and I pray for anyone listening that if they do not know you.

If they do not have a right relationship with you that they will come to you right now. Now I have zipped out. Her eyes are closing more, pray. If you would like Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sin. If you would like a second chance in life. If you would like to know with certainty that you will go to heaven when you die if you want your guilt taken away if you're ready to say yes to Jesus wherever you are if you want him to come in your life would you lift your hand up and let me pray for you wherever you are, sitting just lift your hand and a prayer. God bless you back there to hand the publishing publishing their over here in the side.

God bless you.

God bless you as lift your hand up or I can see you please. You want God's forgiveness tonight.

You want to get right with God tonight, let me pray for you raise your hand. Publishing anybody else.

If you have lifted her hand yet lift now. I'll pray for you, bless what I had just about maybe some of you would say that I relate a lot. I've been living that kind of life or compromise life and I have been miserable and I want to repent of that. I want to really get right with God tonight. Pray for me is that your desire.

If you want to recommit your life to Jesus raise her hand up and let me pray for review article blasts just put your hand up if you would publishing anybody else publishing one final moment. If you haven't lifted her hand yet lift it now pray for you. God bless you and you father thank you for each one of these and I pray you give them the strength to stand up and follow you receive all that you have for the we ask this in Jesus name, amen

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