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MON HR 2 011722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 17, 2022 11:59 pm

MON HR 2 011722

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 17, 2022 11:59 pm

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Donate and listen to podcasts you are already, we are back Elaine give your phone number outflow solution of these questions that you have about cool the about how to help you know if you been sick with these different things called her, not me. Please give that number. My number is 440-478-4073, that's 440-478-4073. I've been helping people navigate, you know, school issues, employer issues and also navigate the healthcare system when unfortunately they taken people into the emergency room. You want to take steps to avoid the emergency room as much as possible, and there are things you can do at home. If you have difficulty breathing, etc. take keep you out of the hospital because they are not treating people properly and people are dying that are going in there. There is some good news out there in June with the good news is many of these large corporations are no dropping the VAX mandate one of Joe as was at 56,000 employees and they've dropped the mandrel electric big General Electric Amtrak also. So there is hope of your taking a look at things.

Realizing that the that was just nerves. They want to drop it after the Supreme Court throughout the emergency rule from law OSHA and so I'm hoping other people will follow suit with them correct and General Electric on the weather there could be. Hope you and a link can ask your question served on the story that I haven't been able to well verify much but they Dr. David Ostroff is a professor in the Department of pathology, immunology of lab medicine at the University of Florida College of medicine and he said he's found to compound that you can get over-the-counter that inhibit the novel coronavirus by 99% interest.

One of them was Benadryl.

We called die.

I can Tiger mean or whatever and the other was a orders of allele. I'm trying to find it real quick regular roots of Feeling but anyway he said he found it because people were taking no patients that were good taking daily doses of Benadryl for allergies and things and drink a lot of milk were not getting sick. Although they were around a lot of sick people and started looking into it and it can't, I can't do something about likely something like that to talking about like I had that article. Like like like Telfair and Locke told him current lactose hearing is that is a bio protein, and that's what you will find in mother's milk and basically it is antiviral and antibacterial anticancer active parent has been out there for an extremely long period of time and I will I need to caution people because of the fact that if you listen to Dr. tenpenny speak on of the same mindset that she is right in my following remarks. If you are if you are vaccinated, and you have gotten the shot right that has that lethal spike protein in it. Despite protein enters every single cell in your body and attaches to your DNA taking lack to Faron is not good at take that spike protein out of your organs and glands. Once it's attached so black to Faron can help you with signs and symptoms of respiratory issues bacterial issues viral issues coven, in and of itself is a disease state. And so you want to deal with the signs and symptoms that you are having. But there are also things being marketed out there that talk about detoxing you know from the spike protein and so yes you can detox your body but once despite protein attaches to your DNA right it can wreak havoc in every organ and land in your body and so what I guess I'm saying to people is being mindful of the verbiage that is being used out there just like you want to have good hydration, good food you when a healthy environment that you are living in. You have to clean your body also. So take some supplements to support your levers such as milk thistle or an artichoke supplement. Make sure you're drinking include clean, filtered alkaline water half your body weight in ounces every single day. But yes selective. Faron is very very effective for some of those disease states and and you will find it on the Internet. I also work with a company called McCann that has led to Faron so if people want to get in touch with me. I can give them a little bit more detail related to that, but be mindful of what's being marketed and do your own research to the instructor will marketed here were just writing.

So Terry found out that the biker said through one was people were not getting that were drinkers were taking Benadryl and you want to start doing research using the topic how formal good luck to her human form right yes I thought this was a big difference but anywhere you sit on the testing. It's been extremely extremely almost 99% effective in his tussle and it supports all the mucous membranes of your body. So whether you have issues with your your respiratory tract in your breathing or your digestive tract or with your urinary system back to Faron supports the mucous membranes of your body so that means air exchange in your lungs digestion back and forth so that you get most of your your nutrients and then also a healthy urinary tract and system to ward off if people are having frequent UTIs. I got a Jim Daly because the phone cannot reinforce. We can't have those those lights could light up the Gallardo of we won. I have actually less than 10 hours a week to raise enough money for the entire month since the week need to hear from you out there that number is 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 war honey. We really have to fight and let me tell you something of those who every day out here, I'm waiting a week for the guys in the black, losing the war because they don't like what were saying and again this is this is war were were fighting an all-out assault by the antichrist movement out there, everywhere you go. Now we we been the government has been military weapon eyes to justice know what they're telling you again like I'm trying to tell you the idea they have to meet their goal of depopulated killing off so many people know you're not supposed to know a lot of these politicians that you see out there taken of acts. The taken sailing there not taken the real thing right but you're not supposed to know that see, listen, if you're stupid. The media will like you okay right now and those lose many of them to work were seen, especially these athletes didn't know any better. They're dropping like flies humming last count was 319 young athletes 390 all of a sudden it doesn't happen years ago that number and I don't know, and so folks are dropping like flies. But you're not hearing about this on the fake news media and those people in the fake news media. A lot of them they are not taken. Believe me, the ones that are taking when they're all part of this and and what they're going to do. They're not going to kill off their own. They need those people there so make sure that they get the sale he won't correct right there you go. An effective film that we shorted to church where they actually track down and find out where the killer doses are going okay and and how their work in these is close again. We need we need your help to stay here because were born, we will tell you no compromise, no compromise. When I couldn't do it so I need to have some granola alternatives. Your denominator about 40 years plus. This will be 50 years. This year, when the seller Joe Wright no-show about 40, and you have never taken a dime never taken a salary for the radio ministry, all the nights you broadcast over all those years and no one work here. I can testify that there were two quite a few. No one in this ministry is overtaken any money in salary when you donate to this ministry. The money goes to pay the bill. The radio building. The big thing in the ministry, repave your time. We don't have to rely on sponsors and advertisers who get squeamish and scared.

Often dropship so we relied newly alternatives the watchmen on the wall gives you the warning is your God's word and like we joke around here.

The pay is a very good, but the retirement plan focus is out of this world were doing this so because God called us to, not because were getting famous, not because were getting paid, but because were working for the boss of stairs and also when you donate it's not helping us Luke in Luke chapter 6 it says give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down, and shaken together and running over, shall men give into your bosom, or with the same measure that you meet with all this shall be measured to you again God says if you give willingly and carefully he will make sure that you can continue to give you have his word on it and the good book says God cannot lie what the other thing I want to say also is that I know in speaking to some the viewers over the past three or four months that some people are really in not good locations where they can get out and about, you know, and be of service to other people. So this is one way you know that you can contribute to the cause and to the.

The freedom movement you know in the United States, or think you are right Stephen clinical pleasures. 40. Donna from Cleveland pledges 400 Susan from Illinois pledges 100. Stephanie from Manhattan pledges 50 Dara from New York pledges 40 think you know Joe Hodes is been painful because we've sit there and I watched Joe Alstyne and these guys buying these Learjet's in all these years I've been on the radio so much Laura.

Robin preaches it was longer. Not only have I not got my first Piper cub but I gotta settle for one of things you strapped to your back and will be applied to it. It's tough at my age) or by your own internal four-wheel-drive vehicle just to get the radio station but what do we need it today.

We didn't today. Speaking about.

Remember back when there were saying how England would never see snow again no global warming never, never, they have a huge dose snowstorm here a while back down the Met office says there's another 13 inches of snow heading for the UK here of the left part of January.

Now, from now on discovery snowing there in the United Kingdom the return of the flexors and forecast solo all of stuff about us never go of the children in England will never see snow boo-hoo it's been snowing it with the environmental wackos were telling us here because we didn't have a white Christmas and that when I can have any more white Christmas is Donald Trump's fault and I did something with the environment right that if you noted in the Oji engineering than engineering you will find out that they are manipulating the environment and creating all of these packets of hazards for us right. Well, you know, I don't think much. I don't think the good Lord is going to sit asleep if you go to Hosea chapter 4 reversals one through six. He tells you that it's man's sin that is causing the problems with the environment, it's man's ascent. In other words, man is crossing boundaries is not supposed to cross correct the cable boundaries where he has no authority to cross and so and this was happening. All right, the book of Job serves your weather comes for three reasons of talking about watering the clouds in the rain and the wind and then drilled 37 verse 13 is talking talking all about the weather, it causes it to come weather for correction, for his land or for mercy. And that's the whole water droplets, rain, snow, all student of their Job 37 and you look at verse 13 makes it very clear. God's doing it already goes were his three reasons. Joe, we need 2300 2300 to make a goal tonight were 2300 short and if I were rich. Instead, a good-looking I would just write you check boss but I can't quite make it. You will I might just donate 125 for my wife and I booked on will be a little short of that big one right so you can have Lisa put me down there.

Not much hundred 25 okay Lisa did put Joe down hundred and 25 there you go, what he's he's got you down there already already knows as Joe did that. I'm going to have. I'm going to go with $1000 from doers of the word church $1000. Well, 1000 so you know what that was, was down to which is down to about foolishly, but 1200 right we need about 100 hours trying to get ahead of the game tonight.

Not just me and I'll read our goal, but the looks. We can surpass it. There's one story I wonder get out to see we did and the pledge of thousand. See Randy and Andy thousand apiece then helpless. That will put as we passed our goal with the styles of the not so rich and famous attorney already here you go Erica Fromm that civilian pledges 150 thank you, Eric, and so was coming were getting. There were getting their folks held up want to say this, you mentioned this before, this DC Mary Nader, a malarial browser and added pro death or one of those that the sorrows one of the Searles run with appointed publishing of innocent blood and paid for blood paid for anyhow cheese: some some shifty evil wicked. She is adamantly pro-death in the March for life now she's declared vaccine mandate is going to be a vent in order to disrupt the March for life and so Joe would you ask and pray would you pray that God will humble that woman would you do that. She's a wicked woman and you folks across the country. If you would pray with her person name is Muriel Muriel Muriel Bowser gave you and pray that God would would humble that woman, okay and that she's a wicked wicked woman and you folks out there listing play with that. Believe me, God will answer prayer and and this woman is a wicked woman. And here you know who's who's angels are before the Lord continuously those of the children she wants to kill her children, so I wanted to say this just before we go there, Carl and Cleveland pledges 750. Thank you, Carl.

Amen. Going to Joe dear heavenly father, we have many times this lady Muriel Bowser never don't want to remember her name is been antichrist. She pushes and promotes the shedding of innocent blood. She professes all things evil against you and your laws for this March is coming up this so important for so many people way of tried to be faithful tried to protect those innocents that are being led to slaughter, and here we have this wicked woman who's trying to really destroy this March and keep the world from knowing how we feel about what the antichrist system was during slaughtering your precious, beautiful children of all colors, all kinds and Lord, that you would just stop her in whatever way the Lord that you can see stepbrother tree comes down with an illness whether she can't speak to give anymore these stupid orders are that she would simply see the light repent of her sin turn from our wicked ways, Lord, we just put her in your report feelings to you and me. The anger of the frustrations and as you say you can hear the utterances when we don't have the right words and I'm sure I have the right words that have anger and distaste for this antichrist woman the Lord you would deal with her and so many like her reduced sepsis in Jesus precious name.


Amen. You know that the little fellow from Facebook was his name Mark somebody Zuckerberg Zuckerberg know he gave the line liberal media 370 something million dollars to live right. He gave me 300 to line out here.

The fall was a good article here in the fall of the mainstream media and the biggest lies they told in 2021. I mean, there's so many of appearances in the past year has confirmed anything is that the mainstream media is thoroughly dishonest that we will become known that Emily here yet.

Most people already suspected this, but the last 12 months they've provided more confirmation than in the past several years combined in 2021 has made it clear that the mainstream media is a propaganda arm of the political and corporate leaders from big government, big for my just one. Could that tell you this here legacy media has the honest numbers plummet over the past 10 years with a lesser particular has been especially unkind to all of the major corporate news channels saw their audience ratings decline will people are understanding their figuring out where it ran one thing. This is why Biden knows this. This is why he wants to silence us, and these commodities already said that he's going to put a stop to people putting out this information meeting the truth anyone is telling the truth, interfering with his depopulation program but it says that the sentence in the largest drive overall sin. It is facing epic cut of 68% in its prime time numbers Communist news network Web for MSNBC now has the smallest prime time on if it is ever witness. Fox also dealt with on his declines this year. Nina why because Fox you had those people there lying you had Brett bear, you had Neil Kabuto you had that Smith woman when it came to the election fraud.

They lied. They looked in the camera and they told would go the lie they call the narrative and because of us in other programs like ours to end and we out. We other correct and and that's why Fox news now goes on to say it continues to remain the most-watched cable news outlets of our because of the continued popularity of common commoners like Tucker Carlson Carlson probably brings out the most on that piece and I'm just amazed that he still there. Here is so manageable in the loss of election coverage. Okay some management blames the loss of election government, but it is not as I is not as there wasn't enough but news I with millions of people still working for moment facing intermittent covert restrictions this year and blue states. You would think that this would represent a captive audience for the fear the machine. Even the YouTube and other social media platforms are facing the mainstream media content into our faces daily while burying the any alternatives yet their numbers are plunging to an audience is are laughing there you go, because I don't platforms are being created wit that are not could sense vent to you and maintain that Constitution for free speech that's right, you have more more radio programs like this are popping up, then Internet show and the clips that were plaintiff people are standing up fighting back on thing and that's what you have to do. This is the time to determine your line in the sand.

Get involved.

You know that people are really promoting civil disobedience protesting. You have a right to do that and you say no to the mandates take your math stuff in here. I wanted to do that article that I have your some coherent writing officer Mike Boyd again officer Mike. He was the one he was the dirty cop the dirty cop that went ahead and and shot Ashley Babbitt right in cold blood.

I summed out in cold blood.

Ilya showed she was. She had no weapons or anything.

She was standing there now here they never even interviewed him by the dirty with DC dirty cops police they called DC police third is stands for dirty cop police got a bad reputation of being really dirty down there today and so before he was exonerated for killing Ashley Babbitt and Copeland well you know what he was a black guy. Ashley was a white veteran and they would even let her be buried in Arlington River. This is a communist revolution. They are trying to foment a revolution.

The deep state communist are trying to take over the United States of America are using everything possible we just told about one news of what America news being kicked out of DirecTV Newsmax the other day was the only place I could find. When the president Crump gave his great speech there. That was only place you could watch it that I know of was Newsmax so people yet would gotta go to where they're telling us the truth and then I've got to tell the story.

Mike Lindell is having problems. That's my pillow guy. He has built a solid trump supporter. He has given money donated money made his own websites tried to show the election was crooked. He's done so much there Frank Lindell TVA on the Lindell recovery network and now one of the nation's largest banks is moving to dump his nine businesses and charities that he's founded since the success of my pillow. The Minnesota Bank and trust of their monitor to call this was Steve Bannon on the war room played a recording of a telephone call between the top executive at the bank and Lynn bills the controller and the basically they said that you know were not going to be your bake anymore unless you quit doing in all saying the things you're doing whatnot and so Lindell tried to get a hold of the bank tried to call the bank CEO Stephen Bishop. He was put on hold for an hour. I'll call back later is put on hold for another 45 minutes. So here's a very wealthy man with all these businesses for nine businesses and charities a lot of banking but the he said no you were not quitting your bank when I can obey if they want Frank speech gone, they will have to do it now forces were not going to stop. That's what I have to listen PNC Bank. They dropped us because of what we stood for and when we asked of why are you doing that they civil we don't have to tell you why were doing and that and so the we looked on the website and see all the things that they support abortion. They support everything that were against of the transgender all that the everything that were yet so we we found another bank that supports this radio program and with Christian people. There and so we moved our accounts to their no the we told many many people about that. So a lot of live even when other people are idiots. This is a revolution. This bank is going to lose a lot of money but folks, this is not a economic thing. It is a political war going on.

It is a revolution.

The carbonates are trying to take control to get controller gotta control the media Frank speech is a pain in their side like this radio program is a pain in their side.

They tried to shut down one America news are trying to shut down Frank and we know they have the Coldplay woman complained of tried to get us off the air so just all the more reason for you to donate and keep us on the air.

We don't have to have sponsors. We've got a financial institution is going to work with us so well. Please call make those donations keep the voice of the Christian resistance on the air. There is so much going on. You will meet us like those numbers are 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673. It would just listen Tucker Carlson. I like his program. So far he's probably the best in fox but here I remember was a few weeks back when he said we still don't know who it was a shot Ashley Babbitt that was a week after we were telling people that it was Lieut. Mike Bert were telling people that you and a week after Dr. was still say we still don't know well we know and actually was a Gateway pundit was the first to write the blow to bring that out. Just a comment. I went to make pastor you know is that underpinning all of this is we are in a spiritual war, Satan and evil doers. Okay against us on the right. Were going to a breakable we could back teleported them New World coming into view. A world in which there is a very real prospect of a new world order the new order does not mean surrendering our national sovereignty or forfeiting our interest is in the mind is as an already blinded by the lies we would talk about the lame stream media. Joe Biden dear Joe Biden.

He mentioned he said you would take a lesson from the good book dude to hate evil and love good dude do good and go exactly the opposite with carboxylate right for the better health everything because abortion good because sodomy good because he's been terribly good tyrants good if it's a sin.

He calls a good very good. Control your children's education. That's correct. In fact, after one of the articles.

It's not on the main news right now there are mass trials going on in Cuba. In fact, it's having some of the harshest crackdown that they had in decades like 33 decades of prisoners detained protesters could get up to 30 years in prison as they face the largest, most punitive mass trials on the island since early in the revolution there putting them in groups charging numerous crimes. Listen to this, including sedition, where we heard that the addition for taking place in demonstrations against the country's economic crisis, people went out and demonstrated some are 15 and 16-year-olds and they could be spending 20 to 30 years in prison and the people are saying that though this is an empire of fear and the little program, fear, fear, fear. That's exactly what they're doing here folks they're trying to crackdown on dissent. Mike Lindell was the stamped one America news is dissent. They are trying to crackdown on any dissent.

We are seeing the same thing that's been happening in Cuba and remember Bernie Sanders.

You know the socialist Bernie praising Cuba and the government. Just remember back in 1988 Bernie went there the Soviet Union for his honeymoon came back praising the communist state. That was three years before the Soviet Union, the USSR collapsed, he came back on what I wonder read 70 said if it was talking to reporter our housing in general is better than yours.

The Russians, but people are paying in all, 35, 40% of their income for the housing. The quality of your housing is not good. Russia but we appreciate the fact that people are only paying 5%.

Now, no running water down the other things the quality of your healthcare system is not good, but in the United States. We have enormous problems in terms of our healthcare is going on praising them for their beautiful train stations for their cultural programs were they were brainwashing. The youth ended up some but like the government run schools, white privilege and praising annals of communism and socialism. So all of this really is a communist revolution. We are in a war right and I mean it's this is now or never.

Folks, we can we get a standpipe that we can do, especially with the children but that I I'm seeing the pages are rising up and I'm seeing people worth her salt and this is where you see those that are real Christians separates those that are really doers of the word from the, the, phoning the fake right we want to go to. We want to say Mary pledges from New York pledges 50 Barbara from Valley Forge pledges 100 Nancy from Illinois pledged 35 anonymous from Massachusetts pledges 200 and Joe from Staten Island pledges 40 and Elaine from the studio right here pledges 101 and all hey I got some good news that came up her little while ago Republicans now ahead of Democrats. This is a new Gallup poll and is been a huge surge of support for the Republican Party in this last quarter of 2021.

About a year ago we, the Republicans were about 40% of people surveyed chose GOP had almost 50% chose the Democrats well it's switching excess which big time now. The 47% have fixed the GOP and 42% of a large survey of thousands of people picked the Democratic Party so there is a major switch going on with people who out and I think it's bigger than that because a lot of conservatives don't answer poles anymore because I didn't like the way questions were formed relearned it quite often that the question is formed a certain way you forces a certain answer so well. I think you know according to Gallup listen 25% of America's liberal most of America is conservative or moderates so the tide is turning out there folks and I think it'll turn even more. Based on the past week because I was listening to the Gateway pundit and in California where some of the radical ideas are coming out of there are introducing universal orphan hood where it which is the child raising system where they want to do away with the child being responsible to parents and take the children to be raised in one system by the government how well that sounds clear back to get that.

Remember back to the Spartan Square back in ancient days they took the children away from the parents. They train the women the way they wanted them to be the boys to be soldiers.

They had total control over the children of the curves just birthed them in the first few years and then the state took over training and what a wonderful system that was everything military total control of everything in society and they labeled it and named it foster care for all foster care for all of the great mike grandchildren the foster care like they need three arms thing jim had to fight terrorist with a bomb he gets a bond court, but this is were talking about the january 6. you'd be the the electric panel of liars with the quote with the electrical panel. they are liars. there's nobody on that panel is not a liar.

not one person on their every one of those people, joe, and they know it and they note that this is why nasty pelosi will not release film footage will hundreds of hours of film footage because nancy pelosi is a liar and she's a wicked woman. she knows that she knows what she's doing and nancy. let me tell you you're a woman and your wicked and nancy, you've done a lot of horrible things.

your skirts are filled with the blood of the innocent children and nancy let me tell you this, you better repent or perish. what i'm telling you is this god's words very clear and nancy your wicked woman, you need to repent of that you need to get on your knees and cry out to almighty god, because nancy there's a burning like a fire waiting for you in here and that that that holy load they call the elect panel is totally corrupt anybody if if they they found anyone on there that had any morals in the honor any decency, they kicked them off the panel right right exactly in here you get this guy with a bomb he gets a bond with other people and you saw. we watch them. the point the. the idc dirty cops pulling the people and asking them to come in and when they came. and by the way, the, the gestapo fbi out there. they were also you notice the hearings with ted cozily kept asking them. did you have any fbi agents doing illegal actually refused to answer right. they didn't say all quant. you know, there's no way i mean they couldn't say that. so, like say no comment they really are saying yes we did that. otherwise, they could've easily denied right. we have five minutes left folks tonight five minutes left. remember, this week i have less than 10 hours in the week to raise enough money to stand for a whole 30 days so we we got less than five minutes were pretty close to our goal.

though they are very close versus short thing that will give your brother smile to my face. remember who paul begala is punitive.

in contributor, and he went to bat for old biden this week with all the troubles biden have and what he said he made the case that the problem for democrats isn't the top of the party all know, when asked about bio biden failing efforts in order to get voting bills passed in all kinds of things. he said the what we've seen with the president.

biden is what happens when he puts useful anyway, here is ask if the criticism was fair and basically came on said no. the problem isn't with biden. the problem is with the democrat voters.

the democrats, the people in the party are the problem. so you democrats out there. you're the problem it's not biden is not pelosi is not sure where it's not your fearless leaders yet the people your failing you democrats are failing to support the corrupt leadership is that while that reality that we been talking about dc coming up on the the 23rd joe, you have that are of k. robert of kennedy junior dr. malone dr. macola laura logan steve kirsch. these people are to be telling the truth out there, but are they going to build would be there with that new vaccine because some of those people are going to be taking the vax. it remains to be seen yeah yeah this is going to be an interesting know that that vaccine. i'm sure this this rally can take place outside.

all of those you have a lot of hundred bc will be outside of the dc.

no, no, no, it'll be outside. it'll be the rally will take place while here, where would i have the article there were good that matter to bowser yeah you have to have vaccine, you have to have your the export to go into any restaurant to go to the federal building is to go inside anywhere. even children. you have to show proof of family motels and hotels yeah yeah you had hundreds and hundreds of cancellations can imagine. so here the meza rella january 3.

it will include lessee that the number one top authorities of the coronavirus in the country today and so it gives you these are very well known doctors that are going to be speaking i let me see what was then robert of kennedy, dr. paul alexander dr. robert malone dr. peter mccullough jessica rose dr. perry croy, dr. paul mark christina parts airing security dr. ryan cole emily goes on and on and on and on and that drug regularly speaking out there limited tell you we gotta get this patient and plan we need to pray for them. number one, but they'll figure out a way to have it. yeah when they could have jeff compare that with all the gala democrats don't have bad leaders.

they have bad followers will we've got great leaders and we've got some great followers, but i hope it's better just being a follower. we have a lot more people become doers of the word get out there and start participating.

taking part in your local politics start electing good christian conservatives for your marriage or city councils.

your county officials county commissioners. we need to take america back. yeah, we should tell you when another time one of the of the articles i have here suicide attempts among minors increased fourfold amid lockdown we been talking about what to do and when our children that they know the the entire death or credit communist party is filled with pedophile eminence and affiliate within the democratic party is rampant, jill, when it should lead us in prayer for salvation and also leave a prayer for the safety of the children.

lord we need you now more than ever, lord. and we need more people to come to you to become born-again believers we need you to send the holy spirit a revival across this landlord. we have children that are being destroyed their minds. their bodies, their futures are being destroyed by the closing power of this communist revolution and father to the leave so need you to intervene to common and listen to our cryer plea for your aid. we have many who are praying daily for the children for the country and the lord send the holy spirit to strengthen those who believe, help us to get all show others the truth of the gospel to send your light that the you would open the eyes of those who cannot see open ears of those who are not hearing and just help bring revival across this land that we may save the children the country our future and the lord we would be busy doing that i will putting you back in your proper place one nation under god where you are the head and that our laws and freedoms go back to what the founders wanted that they all are dependent on here where laws and freedoms all come from you. we ask that you help us this time of trouble.

lord jesus, precious, precious name. amen when one other thing pastor and a member of the american frontline doctors nurses group and good news is that the american frontline doctors are currently to be creating new clinics and hospital healthcare for us and on their website, fl lds.calm. they have an open invitation for medical staff and premises to join them for your give that will be given.

i couldn't write that if you put in just American frontline it'll print. It'll bring it up. American frontline Dr. all right enough to the end of the program to that thing for them. Prayer, though still forget out there. The time will come very shortly work everything we talked about tonight will be forgotten. The time will come when really they will matter to you is the last thing and that your personal standing with the Lord. The same day you lost and so folks is no in between. If you have not repented of your sin and asked the Lord into your heart is like you standing on a string over the lake of fire. You don't want to do that don't matter tomorrow tonight call upon the name of the Lord. As for forgiveness, and get saved until tomorrow.

We want to say good night God bless. And always, always was student Kate keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right. What's left posted by Pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.WWL got on. Please tune in next time for another hissing what's right what's left preceding program is sponsored by right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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