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FRI HR 1 111221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 13, 2021 12:17 am

FRI HR 1 111221

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 13, 2021 12:17 am

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What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders
What's Right What's Left
Pastor Ernie Sanders

The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program may be prerecorded of the Christian resistance by radio right what's right what's left is coming out right now honorable cohost John would turn and Joe Holden are you there follows here is the problem with show the Colbert breaking up real bad already.

Okay, are you there Holman I am learning all the listeners Lord's blessings upon all. I like Joe when you call back. It will go to play again because we got a powerful program tonight and the in the what happens. The oppositions always out to try to take us down so go ahead and call back and when you get back in. I mean, I can hear you fine. Can you hear me find okay must be calling Emily. Let me know soon as he goes either, but I'm back okay can you hear me well why can hear you.

And then it would break would break like five seconds and come back and break and come back all right okay now okay why don't you lead us in a prayer that against the prince of the power the airwaves and I didn't ask before you do that folks out there. All of you out there listing to us tonight.

We all it would like to get through this program, so whatever wherever you're at, listen, believe if you just trust me on this one God says there is power in prayer. God says okay so if God says it, you can believe it.

You can trust in more of you to join in with us do more than join in the more power have because every time we go on the air. If the enemy does not want us to bring our message across Endo so jumbled you would you lead the people in that prayer father would be for you in the name of Jesus and Lord, we are asking for a good show tonight were asking for all true to come forward. Lord we ask that the people would be edified and were asking the Lord that their value would overrule any attempted interference and that the lease shall be clear.

Everybody could hear and we we minister now on the blood of the everlasting covenant that you made with us on the cross. In Jesus name where I think sounds okay, so we're going to be tonight in James chapter 1 James chapter 1 and that were going to be reading from verses one through eight is verses one through eight in James chapter 1 and so have you fellas found it yet right there okay wanted to start out in the value starting with verse one and have the other. John pick it up in verse two. Under 801 James chapter 1 are now one verses one through 8 billion, a servant of God and of the Lord Christ of the 12 tribes which are scattered abroad greeting, my brethren counted on July when he fall into divers temptations knowingness that the trying of your fleet work dictation but let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally graded not, it shall be given, let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that waiver. It is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. Let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

So I just go back to verse one James a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus not here. This was this was that James the apostle, but it was James that had a lot of authority in the church in Jerusalem that was the brother. This was the brother of our Lord in this epistle was one of the earliest ones that were written it was written around A.D. 50 and so here we take a look at this. This is my brother, all joy when you fall into divers temptations now temptations is used here and that three different ways and this is three different word words in the Greek for these temptations. Three different meanings hear this one here when it says them brethren counted all joy when you fall into diverse temptations.

What you think I he means that temptations is I would earn you like that's exactly what it is the means testing the K but now we go we jump ahead a little bit we go over to hear what is as blessed as amended during temptations were used for.

He is tried, verse 12. Put then it goes on to say his is let no man say he is tempted of God so that means enticed so the one means testing in the windward temptation means testing. The other were temptation means enticed and so does God ever tempt anybody out sick. I would never attempt is to simply not know manage strongly of his own lust after the absolutely is exactly what it says. In fact, so he says.

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing here we take a look at that. What is that I was supposed to be where we supposed act like were happy when these things happen. Visiting where Christians and so we have to be happy and joyful or is he tell us that we have to pretend to be happy or see he's just saying let patience have her have a perfect work, that you may be perfect and wanting nothing knowing knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. So we know that we know the trying of the that the faith worketh patience. But it's not telling us to pretend to be something we're not as well account joy so as you grow my perception of this as you grow in your fate in your tried and your patience is think decades for prayers to be answered and that's how you become more sanctified and made right in your faith is made perfect so you develop a history with the board and you see the outcome of it is that you have to wait many times and I in particular, I look for answers in Scriptures that the incumbent decades. So no, that's trying your faith and your patience. Develop out of that we know where our faith and patience is the lead judge and I meet unless we unless you lead judge our character. Unless we've fallen into those temptations and less were tested as I cared to judge while green screen really correct gurney like that is for us. See we were at God perfectly knows where we are looking human twilight we can kind of get a jug now of how we react to the case in my make myself clear.

And I also wanted to add that WordPerfect in verse four. It's complete. That's with me complete okay so it's completed another word for that is mature.

It's called mature or another delivered the Greek word is full, so here now I want you, but you guys to be offended but by the snake's wrist. If any of you lack wisdom will only get those ugly kid, I had to put something when it would be right if I didn't get you was on the right, but that if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, they giveth to all men liberally, no women here in upright with not and it shall be given himself said is does God grant every thoughtless and selfish request that we have it to ask what does it mean to ask in faith eases here should be given the let him ask in faith, nothing wavering okay so so what is that mean when it says and it shall be given to him. His guy getting give us this wisdom and things that are thoughtful or thoughtless or selfish request or desire now. Okay so you know, these are some of these verses here that people that are not biblically illiterate, but really they don't extensively take and try to take some of these verses and down and say okay here I asked was alighting get, nor that somewhere in the and there you have to understand what God is telling you is gotta be within God's will, right, God is not going to grant you, things that are not within his will is on says that if you asked what makes Morris between you right now because you ask not right so you have to ask for things that God says you should ask for to get wisdom that God wants you to have the right silly. Then he goes on, but let him ask in faith, nothing wavering, nothing wavering. For he that wavering is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed a case of here so it lasted. This is a person wafers is that person completely convinced that God's way is the best way is a great God's word like like the absolute authority art is a treated like advice from any human all Galatians addresses that lay Pastor Ronnie since I get blown about by every wave of doctrine and are not not stable doctrine.

Okay so is is is is blown about for he that wave is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. So for let not the man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord for double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Again, we think that means double minded man is unstable in all his weight on double minded man earning one minute. Have faith in the next minute it's about export and the single-minded in your your your moving in faith in you not being right off it cannot be knocked to and fro so that that's what double minded means when one minute you think the one thing in the next minute you thinking just the opposite. Okay so gleefully see people that I know some double minded people there, very, very unsettled, very unsettled in their faith. In other words it's it's like you wonder what's missing. Why can't why can't they see the lady again to understand what is it they don't understand. In other words, it's like, well, okay guy I kind of believe would would would the Bible says that the Jedi I think. Also note the way I feel about this or that they can be right to accumulate to. So if you feel if you have your beliefs if you will about certain things that are different. There, in opposition to the word of God, can you possibly have have my thoughts to be right to know the Bible says that God's word is truth in the Bible so you have to receive the love of the truth and so when you put those two together and if you don't have those no can be preaching on this.

This message Lord Lord's willingness to learn chains and tell me who said this, I will get my vengeance on the one that rules from above. I will get my vengeance on the one that rules from above who made that famous statement. It was Karl Marx, Karl Marx and okay so you fill in fellas familiar with well this so-called religion out there and register just have a one of those little minds, but there but it is the socialist gospel if you will, the socialist gospel part. Yet that you have a microform of the entity, but denying the power of the rockets secular fits into the thought of the times rather than the absolute excellence by absolutely is. It's time to take time and the teachings of Marx the teachings of Marx and and mingling the teachings of Karl Marx with with the teachings of Christ and this is the woods with they have done. This is what is what is so prevalent today in the apostate church, the world and the national Council of churches, and if you understand some of where this comes from this wagon to be teaching them because the reason it is so prevalent with with these heights with easy these college kids. This is where woke come from.

This is the welcome movement. People have come up and where compromise the they can try to justify compromise and yet try to convince themselves that they won't that they not going to be in note have to face the consequences and stand before God and so really take a look at what is what is on the mind the mindset of these these college kids in these woke this this whole wall generation and take a look at what's really behind all of this appeals if you understand the enemy that you're up against. Boy, does it make a lot easier to the fight against an enemy current back out the battle so if you want to know you're out horror, I mean, for example, not only Biden but whoever is actually the president and that they are all Democrats. We have to realize today that they are at war with us. They literally hate us literally.

I and IV hate us, moving quite the Nokia did you not eat while fix society so they could call the final solution, but I hate everything about America. Pastor and they've made history they could bequeath Christianity and in the back and in our foundation make capitalism the freedoms we have and unless we realize that we don't we not able to kind of figure out why Biden making these executive orders.

Why is he doing is why isn't Pete allowing water to be open why is he destabilizing the currency know why is he weakening our side giving away in Afghanistan. It and humiliated in front of the world and if you realize they are an agenda to destroy America as they hate us and they want to read a redo it in the image of Karl Marx and communism. So we don't realize they are at war and also FICA, operating inside of America.

We can't beat the we have to realize were in a war and stand like we are at war that was interested in leisure said because yesterday they started out in the on the fake news media.

The fake news media at the P MSNBC and NBC in that and even Fox News said, as is Biden at United maybe sick to see him there at the grave of the unknown soldier knowing how how he really feels about our servicemen and to hear the things he was saying, but death because you know what's how they really feel and so here he said and they said well this is the first time in over 20 years that we have that we have had we celebrated Veterans Day while we were not at war this the first time in over 20 years. When we were not it will work okay and so they made this point but the fact we the people of the United States of America are at war with the federal government in this country we are at war with the federal government is it is become totally rogue and antichrist. It is become totally antichrist. Do you think that I mean do you think that that this reality is, is setting in on the minds of a lot of people you know I'm I'm often amazed at them that some people lately know things that I could okay and it's all around them, but they're not for not paying attention.

Okay to what is really happening and so what you think. You think Ernie what's happening yet there is an package, maybe in knowing what's going on America. Americans are stronger now than they were a year ago like that. But we cannot in any way think that is just political and that the Democrats versus Republicans, amount, or are there are establishment Republican. But this is Democrats wanting to destroy the very structure of American, that we have to grasp and use numbers in an interesting path very Biden of the federal courts just put a work block is in my my state on his is empirical decree about businesses over hundred employees that they must all employees must be vaccinated with the deck shot so Biden came out and actually said Nicole businesses to ignore the ruling that pure anarchy met and he is working on or was ever whoever the puppeteer is within his is using him to completely destabilize America a literally came out and said told businesses to ignore what the court said so. He's worked there working him to be a dictator, Ernst, but since he is is promoting and tried to enforce all of Obama's policies, all of the things that about can I get through is pretty obvious who the puppetmaster is when Obama himself would come out and said that that his his wish would be when asked him if he was would like to run for another term. He said rather potently said in his basement and pull the strings of the of the puppet out there and that's exactly was happening was that an earlier McAllen you could someone be pulling the Obama's current.

His name is George Soros.

Yes, the access turn and you know you said that you don't you remember when the Andrew Young, the former ambassador and Jesse Jackson when they were at the death of credit communist convention here when Obama was running the second time or unsolicited note will when he was currently trying to remember exactly when I was with Jesse Jackson was when the commentators with with Andrew Young and the Mike's were hot and Jackson didn't know it, and that when Jackson was talking to young and he said doing the blood having when he invited Obama to come and speak to the Rainbow Coalition and Obama said to them, I am sorry but I don't have time. That's right.

That's when Obama was president.

So it's what it would've been when Hillary know Sam can think of. It might've been when Hillary was was the note bringing her campaign setting out against truck but anyhow, so he told Young he said I invited Obama to come speak to the rainbow and he agrees that they didn't have time and I said to him you don't have time for me. Jesse Jackson and he said to me I don't need you and K I've got George Soros and so that's when Jackson made that famous statement that he would like to castrate Obama lead and use those those words ease strong or stronger language and out Mike, and so but basically what would Obama was saying there was the gal that the his. It is the power behind him. Now this would be know as far as all of the people are out there right now. Today, and went directly from the Bible. From the things that we find in the word of God to me. Obama would be the best candidate MSA. He is the antichrist that I'm saying he would have the qualifications that I can see because it goes right along if you go with Daniel chapter 11 leave the antichrist as a satellite and also if you go with the fact that the Antichrist comes up out of the sea, which is a Gentile and the false prophet is a Jew and the false prophet empowers the antichrist and an Obama has admitted that he gets his power and support from George Soros. What you guys think well Ernie, I think it's part of the New World order goes that Soros is low on the totem polespokesman for them. But it in their circles goes way beyond George Soros spoke of the Navy formulate these policies and right now they're hot on destroying United-Soros work directly with Obama probably coming Obama's the one Soros is there and so the New World order of the masters of this and Soros as their spokesman Obama right okay I know that. Let me tell you Logan to play this piece here we come back. Did you fellas know that right now with they want to do is they want to have parents right now were were warning you because this is the next thing that the death of credit communist party was coming up with. They want parents to be licensed. They want parents to be licensed by the state to raise their own children to be parents. This is they want to put use of the same qualifications that you get when you adopt a child are our foster child and have the state grant you the right to be.

Parents need to talk about more infringements and of course for for the Democrats out there they they would think to them, and since government is God. They would know any better, but anyhow this this little girl.

She's eight years old and she is standing up against the sin is antichrist system.

See, let me see here. I had II hadn't actually have an article on her if I can find it led to go ahead and play the clip and I'll read the article top.

Last time I want just like I am supposed to be my I am going to spend not go back on figuring my family and back sex all right. I don't think she had to probably does. And that is there would with that were such means. But anyhow generally shows who just turned eight years old told that Palm Beach County school board.

By the way folks, I almost kind of feel that the girl that little girl is smarter than most of those people become more and more honest than any of those and at school board on the Palm Beach County school board in no uncertain terms. She told him how she felt about.

The rules she is on a mission to take back not only her rights but every American child constitutional right for the tyrant school board and that's exactly what it is her mother Bailey. Michelle told the Free Press.

Fiona hasn't taken the suspension line donated. She's not. She has now spoken at school board meetings twice directly confronting those who are ruining her education and so here and here some more good news on that front. You guys that Loudoun County parents show up at school board meeting, with more than enough signatures to remove the board chair in this been happening around the country now people are starting to wake up John and jumped 49 years that they people you know. If you live here if you love your kids get out of public schools and to me this is so good to see this because John, you know, return how long we've been asking people to get the kids of the public schools and now the Loudoun County parents came prepared by Tuesday night, and Escobar me with more than enough signatures needed for the removal of the board chair that's right. So there you go yeah very they're not giving up power easily.

They are against the parents and that what you said about the parents being life exactly what needs communist school board members that how the deathdealing parents like we are going to teach your kids what we want when going to teach your kids homosexuality and all sexual perversion in that eight years old or younger.


And you keep your mouth shut when I teach them what we want.

So this is if this battle is lost after the big kids we don't want. Really, they shouldn't be in the public schools anyway because this is just the fruit of how evil it is what's being taught these libraries in the classroom, but anyhow we get it back how you ever get this back well into what the Lord says he'll bring the victory with a way to get out of sight with with every flight, you know, and resistant to blood. Another words to death. So we had to fight it with every ounce of energy we have that we can muster in so we can take it back. America can take you back okay you know you cannot defeat those who refuse to be defeated and we can only dip refuse to be defeated through our faith in God because we know that God okay cannot lose County are only leaving when current. All he said he'll bring the victory with a single contributor at the Federalist at the Federalist, Stella, Mara or Vito has published a warning to parents that if left was I not stop to the finesse template away and their agenda in moms and dads will soon need a license to raise their own children.

I know that they will want to do this for a while. We talked about this about 10 years ago they were talking about. They did try to start something like this licensee's appearance might still sound friendly but it's an old old social engineering drain that dies hard and they are busily building the road to get there. Unless there is aggressive to sustain pushback. You can count in the idea of invading the mainstream. She explained well right now. If there's ever been right. Another doubling down the Obama regime is moving fast forward fast-forward to listen. I'm going to tell you about something here but you tell me what you what you glean from this. Now think about this for a minute think that okay the government has just spent $113 million taxpayer on oral products. Now this is this is the government's incident vaccine if you will against smallpox is a good, so they just spent that much hundred $13 million to get this this vaccine against smallpox. What is Ed Taylor up to John turn VERY into what you just said great.

I posted on my blog last week came out and said that the nation of the world have to really unite about a bacteria outbreak with that with a disease like smallpox concerning and that we have to have it coordinated with all the medical institutions in each country.

Working together, the airports working together to stop the airplane traffic. The hospitals all working together in all 80 just came out and they use the word small cost money. Understand testimony of the vast amount of Americans have not been vaccinated with smallpox or not I was when I was younger but it doesn't fall back so virtually our not only out of the country where wide open to a smallpox epidemic inclined to think smallpox was split, I noticed like a post that runs from a test learning and I know that that's in them that's from the vaccine that you get they normally would get you any kind and would like you to have a little thing that would swell up in Yarmouth I remember right yeah yeah like the people at smallpox. I believe they haven't burned all the close in the bedding and all of that and it I think that's anthrax was that it was about not knowing smallpox and leave the people would have all agreed like skin increases from that they lived through it and what happened was they they found the vaccine court was there some pickle cowpox that very similar to smallpox in the people use the milk cows by hand in the house would get sores on them in the middle school site cowpox people at milk account never got smallpox and they put two and two together and that's how they would vaccine came out they would take like the idea but or cause on the cowpox and they have put a cut on the person and/or arm and then run that pulse and there and you get sick to be a mild sickness and then your immune alcohol legally day that this will click that when we read the Scottsdale school board was caught.

Scottsdale school board was caught building dossiers on the parents there.

In other words, those parents that Noah was to give this information to the justice of the the deal J Department of Judas, the Department of Justice is nothing but a branch of the Democratic communist front know it's no longer an independent of organization and is is not okay.

And the guy that runs up there.

He is just he is eat eat eat just a puppet for the desert for the communist but anyhow, here they got caught building test that dossiers on the parents so that they can have them bring in the Gestapo to come against the anyhow, here is the hope I so outraged I hope everybody listening to me being here is a red flag and how dangerous this is how their parents be upset about these communist school boards what what they're exposing their children to that. We got the federal government now involved in identifying who's reading this Going to a public meeting objecting to the agenda and now you're an enemy of the state concerning this is right out of the Soviet Union. This is this is right before I this isn't like well this might happen five years from now, it 10 years from now.

They're trying to wrap this up where it you even look wrong at their agenda unit to be guilty of a crime. Go to the Gullah okay John you know about the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. Yes, I placed my first message in that pile was 1/2 a century ago didn't and so how would that apply the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. What advice would you be giving right now these FBI agents. The federal marshal his FBI agents when it comes to the doctrine of the lesser magistrate when they're sent out to go spy American people. What advice would you have for them right from God's Word, the Bible to but the fear of God into them that they would understand what they're doing really good question. I like my opinion is that the night I discussed this with you how I mean while back about this.

There's a certain element of mentality that they want and the FBI now they want the New World order types and the lead patriots America first. People are the enemy souls. They literally look at us as the enemy and asked who they are hiring as FBI agent. Some old-timers might be okay but the new ones are gone. Ernie and Linda lesser magistrate. If I understand this correctly they think that where it's not really the church as a political entity that right up but it's when the government leadership within the government that would rise up to come against tyranny and the church could then follow believers could then follow the lesser magistrate, so maybe it would be like the governor of Florida. Again, like the federal government became the military.

We were taught in the military that if we were given orders okay in abiding by our superior to to do something that was totally to say arrest someone who was who was doing the right thing. We were we were told know we were to instead arrest the one who gave us the orders to violate okay the Army manual and so we knew different right another words we look in the Bible.

If we go to shift from pure they work for the government. Okay. And they work for the government but they obeyed God and not the government. Okay. Eight and God bless them that me of they had the K. Daniel under Daniel actually was a sheriff.

He was actually a sheriff okay. He was one of the three sheriff's under Nebuchadnezzar, and then under the knife came to an here he obeyed God and that the decree of the government did me. Actually, in the fiery furnace in the line then okay so also Abraham Lincoln spoken that in our military. So if if you can. If you could tie up some of these generals that the pentagrams make him listen to you and K if you would building to get silly. Millie and say listen, pay close attention. You better understand something okay.

What are these days you're going to die when that happens is pointed all men once then the judgment you can believe anything you want silly Millie you can believe anything you want, but what is going to happen is exactly what God's Word, the Bible said is going to happen since time began.

That's exactly what has happened.

Okay that's enough people out there that are out there.

The pastors and people I know they been going after talkshow host event who are out in the front with is God's Bible give a special warning about touching. That's not my anointed all you absolutely so it doesn't tell them that bad things are going to happen to them if they do I regret nervous consequences for attacking God's anointed God's servants not personally seen that happen multiple times over the years, and something that you know may be playing out here in Pennsylvania right now attacking God's servant Moss Triano Sen. Moss Triano and 20 Giuseppe will give give a commercial for give up like land later while you may be thinking that right now. Can you do that long until the people at Lamplighter's is a movement politically but it's it's being led by Christians here and unfortunately the pastors are not dispiriting to my knowledge, but we have all questions so let me get the information here real quick about lamps of liberty which is growing rapidly and where are you got back log of memberships. Let me get that here I goodness my might say what what you doing that but I want to say about Korman who is the leader of the destruction of the presidential audit in Pennsylvania came against God's servants year Sen. mouse Triano and nine. This former Chief of Staff Tony, this is separate and yesterday want to announce I guess formally announces candidacy for the Pennsylvania governor, and he didn't show up. It's rumored that he has opened so we don't we don't want anything bad was that all about you guys to their on the offense.

Already in the plant. I was blintzes what you're saying because I got a little bit of the clip to play for you guys in, and that this this clip that I'm going to play the guy that is on on this clip okay is a member of the FDA facts panel he's on the FDA facts panel and here's what he says he's it's can be hard to hear because I don't have very good audio but he says we are killing more people than we are saving with the shots. Okay this is what he says right on.

I was so ready for the summer. I'm hoping you can edit.

You can hear ready to exclude a great one, think critically kind want compared to 20 people died died will cause mortality.

All nonsensical numbers are significant protection and completely approximately hundred and 11 Communion translate into 100,000 people died concerned people died on the night you can explain to the American public.

Right there you go. Now you know. I could hear that and if NBC, ABC, itsy BSA known both for earnings in euro quick lamps of so, and if you don't have access to Internet. You can write lamps of liberty, PO Box 1041, Hopwood HOP W OOD PA 17445 email was lamps of and we have a telephone number 814-408-4576 okay get that number against 814-408-4576 and the movement is growing and we were slowly processing people that want to join the lamps of liberty so go ahead and not continue to look at data promoting John. You can tell that you know we can have and I can't anyhow tomorrow November 13 folks from 10 AM and nine, Northeast Ohio, from 10 AM to noon, from 10 AM to noon is going to be an anti-VAX anti-mask mandate protest is an anti-VAX anti-master mandate protects at the Progressive Insurance headquarters.

Their headquarters here at 6300 Wilson Mills Rd. in Mayfield Village that 6300 Wilson Mills out in Mayfield Village again that's here and that's in Cuyahoga County. This is their national headquarters is going to be a protest of their people are fed up by talking to a number of people that work for that company is a lot of them of their big employees right here and there's a whole lot of people, some of them already quit. I told him that he should quit little fire you but they will not take the facts and that means that they're going to be laid off people have to fight the resistance they have to fight the this tyranny they have to stand up so to be out there tomorrow. Let them know that they're not going to give in their neck and taken 6300 and people that Progressive Insurance should should really cancel the policies if they continue with this they should cancel their policies so on. Sorry we've had to hang tight were up against the break will be) into this with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the Christian resistance to support this ministry and to WR that's WR mail your donations to what's right what's left ministry 14781 Spirit Rd., Newberry, OH 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program. You can check out the The word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministry voice of the Christian resistance.

Stay tuned.

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