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TUE HR1 113021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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November 30, 2021 11:35 pm

TUE HR1 113021

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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November 30, 2021 11:35 pm

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This 30th day of November, were just couple hours two hours away from December. Right now, here in Ohio and the tonight will we have, like always, we have a lot to talk about. So let's go.

We have on the board really do stand and defend our freedom as the mighty Andrew hello Pastor and everyone else already and out yonder we have that the Missouri preacher and parson Joe Larson started to park anywhere greater working written about well you know parson that was quite a common tour even when I was a young adult cells in out there. Even Missouri northerner not a father with you not the only person I don't think you are you not even the only person let's we get to them in this ministry we referred to your call, but larceny's okay Richard driving while the audience sure well let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter Joe that the title of the message and let's pick it up where we left off in Philippians chapter 4 letter to readme verses four through 747 freight rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice. Let your moderation be known and all men Lord is at hand. Careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God and the peace of God which All understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus Joe.

One time when I was arrested for preaching inside of an abortion mill that had me out there and they really couldn't charge anything with the rest of me and they put me in the cell and I was in the cell between two drug dealers and they had been in there for nonlocal equipment when he cited me and that these guys were there word that they knew I was in so here the opportunity came. So a very strange thing happened in the with the one here. As you know they have the little toilets in the sale right and in an area like that. Yeah a female officer was was standing there talking to the to the one inmate while he was sitting on the toilet. Was it that I didn't think it was a the right thing to do it anyhow so I started preaching him having Sweden how hot and I mean on salvation and repentance in they were called. Please, please get them out of here. Please.

And so, but I had I had a captive audience, but I I was rejoicing in the fact that I had someone there that that they can hear the message right now that another time when happen when they bring you in the heavens like little holding thing that the cops who brought me in really didn't want to arrest me okay and that of factly they went out of their way to say, look, we didn't see you get outta here. Get out here because they had put a warrant out for me for doing the very same thing for preaching against the sin of baby raping murderers. Okay, I had to eat the killing center there and so I salute you guys have a Wharton. He said yeah we got and the basis of get out here. We didn't see in us will listen you guys are the good guys water for your God and the bad guys. The cops that were on the payroll. They show up they should guide the pointer so I went with these guys that note and limited give an example and I would normally would they do is they think of you and put you in the backseat writing well in my case and that handcuffed him tight. Think of it out like right my case there was no handcuffs. The windows were open. Okay.

And so we got there in the health you know how I'm innately really go through you search up and down and nobody certainly coming I could I could had guns, knives, and they didn't assert me.

They brought me in and then and how they give you your phone call you and go make a phone call.

These are the good cops they solicit his son is called whoever you want. You know where wherever you want. The phones are all yours and but unfortunately in that little cage that they threw me in that they brought a prostitute in there who just got just got arrested again and brought in for prostitution and she started giving me had sad story and I give her the gospel message. In other words, I was able to preacher and she repented and that was that was so I'm the reason I'm saying out that all of that is this policy rejoice in the Lord always again I say rejoice. He sees doing that for me prison cell is and he was an earlier now and so but he's rejoicing in. You know how many times were in a way that our operational rescues out there and we've had several people in.

I mean, 40, 50 people arrested at one time for doing the right thing for saving babies of people. These are people or that of higher character. You have a lot of these prissy preachers out there today and that would never have the courage to do anything to get arrested. They just they just told flat out don't have the courage to stand up like they should. If they had the courage and had the newly Bibles of the righteous are as bold as lions we would not have over 100 million dead babies in this country.

Had they had the courage to begin with, but they didn't. They let God down. They feel God and they filled the babies and they filled the country because a lack of courage and so I just always also when says always. I worry about the thinking for the trials and tribulations that come because often they prepare for things. I went through some years in a hospital bed surgeries and different things and the next thing I knew later in life will Lord had me be a pastor in hospice and when people tell me they were afraid or they were going to have a surgery or something most right now the they were having trouble handling their pain or fear or can I relate and I realize God was just preparing me for the work that he had in mind to do that will will do that. He will prepare you one where the other, but when it says always. That's what it really really and truly means we are to even praise him during the hard times.

The bad times that tears of pain, we are praise him all its name in then he says this to be careful for nothing and simply says be careful for nothing. That means don't.

It simply means don't worry he's telling her not to worry now what is Paul know. Here Paul knows for absolute. Is there is there any question in Paul's mind hear about his future and not he knows that his troubles are soon to be over. The Lord himself told them right galore credit reliquary had a face-to-face confrontation.

A note right and so here well not only that, but the Lord himself personally tutored Paul for three years out in the desert and so here here leases, but in everything that the careful for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication and thanksgiving, let your requests be made known and to God.

How do we make our requests be made known in the gun for our prayer or our generic prayer time.

Absolutely this is this is why we understand okay the importance of prayer tonight were going to start out pipe by praying that God will give that court tomorrow. The guy will give that court the honor the courage to do the right thing to God, full will put the fear of him that these people might. This is a horrendous thing. America's national sin, the killing of his children. The transgression of God's laws. The evilness and you know the November blood drive 38 and all through the Old Testament hate the shedding of blood wages, the more announcement that unborn child in the wages of sin is death, and we've got so much. Every day you talk about how many people have died. Now listen in.

Did this so many people died in this country because the wages of sin is death. Again. And you know the Bible's calls for repentance. I had someone say what away.

What was that question was the whole here. I know my pastor refuses my pastor refuses to preach a resistance theory which should I do well first of all I would recommend you do a couple things one time to read Hebrews chapter 11, the number two find a pastor that saved and attended church right out of but because, again, resistance to tyranny is always obedience to gastric God anyone close to be bold and printed word. And now they want the crate. A pair of specially designated Eric about Sylvia and then he goes on leases and in the peace of God which passes all understanding, should keep your hearts and minds through Christ note Jesus referred to that piece earlier effective. I remember it's right over.

In John chapter 14 verse 27 peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you, not as the world giveth, we give out into you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. And so here the end result of the Holy Spirit's work in our lives is deep, deep, deep and lasting peace jokes and unlike worldly piece, which is usually defined as the absence of conflict, try this. This piece is confident assurance in any circumstance with Christ peace that we have no need to fear. I asked Victor Copeland microenvironment all water on either an altar call.

I talk about here will find it unbelievable. Your heart is so hard to describe and work.

But no matter what the fallen man life what happened during the day out born again believer always has that case, because we know our salvation is assured. We know that God is on his throne, and control. And we know that his will is going to be done in a matter what happens to us in this body we have eternity to spend with him and that's our reward and we should have nothing to fear. Nothing to worry about and we out just that it's a calmness that I think you can explain the less you feel it right.

One of the things that ended I like so much about the church that I pastor is is that peace that passes understanding. You have a the people are joyful and there it is, is it's it's a genuine wine. It's not as it's not a joy to come from being entertained or joy that comes from but it's it's for real. People are thankful because they know that God is on the throne and and like it says we have the big sign right out in the front yard so that our God is an awesome God he reigns from heaven above with power, wisdom and love and he's on the throne. He is in complete control and so now to loss that gives us the peace that passes all understanding, because through this. There is no doubt coming is absolutely no question in a God always does what he says he'll do we and we have that piece would want to tell you one thing that makes the opposition angry is seeing us with FPC and God's people happy and not not worrying and not angry about everything case and it really it really gets these ill like like the though what is it to the view those those women on the view with a they get so angry are these these pro-death people, I mean that that love, death, and and work and I'm in a play tonight at some point it Warren Buffett have just he just had an Arctic you make it by 200 and something million dollars to to kill babies and came these are wicked people.

These pro-death people. For example, you had this Jenna Sheehan US Sen. cheese warning the Supreme Court. Joe if you overturn Roe V Wade here that I have riots and rebellion.

Well I can. I've got a warning for you Gina shaken. This is an absolute fact that I want to tell you it's a fact unless you repent and turn away from your wicked ways, you're going to you're going to have well you going to spend eternity in hell fire and that's a reality. You and all and you God judgment in this nation every continue destroying precious children that he created in his own image, there will be judgment somebody to use the word hell pay now that will be God judgment. God's wrath, absolutely. And so again like I said will not last forever. Amen is long-suffering but is not slack when it comes to limit when it comes is going to give you that the whole 9 yards again to get antsy farewell.

We've been warned and worn. In fact, that one of the job at watchmen on the wall to warn the people tell me God want this nation to recount the turn from its wicked ways. The first thing he wants is to have the killing of the children stopped the shedding of innocent blood.

Absolutely, my mind got his number one priority. Go over to why they did number one priority would would make the great commission yeah yeah what I meant. That's number two verbal things were going wrong. That's number two that would be number two absolutely no go over to second Timothy chapter 1, we may verse seven for God hath not given us the spirit of prayer, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Joe Paul mentions three things here three characteristics of the effective Christian leader okay this is what he's talking about. No one power to love and a sound mind. We, as born-again blood wash Christians you know we have access to all three of these because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that we Joe are not confused.

We have a sound mind you when I confuse night and I asked the people in the church is a list let's see if you know a little testy on this to find out if your I know if you have the seller might not like to how many of you in here know what gender your every single person in the church knew what gender they were Joe okay. And right right okay now. I asked him again know how many of you know what the genders of the other people in here and they all knew I mean I could ask anyone in their K point Miata manner one not listen to this Joe is not getting deep I'm getting deep. How many of you in here okay will have the same gender next week or next month that you won't ever change that. And every one of whom Joe said that they were never going to change the gender what you think of that I think they were smart enough to know that. If they wanted right to a Québec intake hearing advocate cannot change what they are generically then I asked him this.

How many of you in here took the poison poked the bio weapon in your arm. Not one hand went up okay and and that because every person there, Joe knew that it wouldn't be real smart to take the poison out and you haven't had in Africa throughout her character. No doubt the only people that did was a fellow that we come, maybe four times a year and he went in after after watching the film that we showed would we did it on that during our current event. He let his doctor convincing. He watched the film on Sunday. He let his doctor convincing to take a poke on Tuesday and Thursday morning. He died of blood clots in several relatives reminded of the story out there was a Texas man 49 years old. He was forced to take back to remain on a lung transplant with and he died after receiving the second shot of the dharna valve at the taking off the lung transplant list yet.

Will we had one here at the Cleveland clinic that was on the list and they removed him because he wouldn't take the poisonous poke now here it might be luckier than this guy Victor died so I asked them how many of you are aware of the insanity of the left to Kate, and everyone was aware of the insanity soaked. We know Joe with no uncertainty, no uncertainty, no that we were made in the image of God. We know that what we are. Try human beings body soul and spirit.

Now and so ill and we know that we have eaten eternal life we live we live this work, we got God's guarantee we've got God's word on it now our enemies believe that they have. They had their beginnings with the kind of crawl out of some primordial slime. Joe and the cutter crawl out of there and I guess they just kept groaning crawl amendment along the way they developed arms and legs and then they just kept groaning and got ahead in late any even a brain where they can start to think now and and this is where they came from and so I remember when I debated Rob Sherman. He was the president of the nine national atheists Association didn't last long.

There when I said let's let's start this out tonight on prayer. I was on the Gary D program back years ago on the radio and Rob he said there is no God and no reason to pray for them. I told him I says, Rob, Rob, Rob, I can prove creation of five minutes. You can prove evolution of five years in the civil. How can you do that is a simple look right here in Genesis it tells you in the beginning God created the heavens look I look right out there look out that window you can see the heavens.

I've been up there right up there is a work yeah you God created the earth look down toward your feet. That's the earth down there okay and then God created man that look at me.

Here I am, you can hear me could see me gate and now I sit in them only asked you this once one of your ancestors was the last puppy or monkey or snail of which was the first human in the he just looked at me as a look, listen, this is affected known fact some of my ancestors may have swung by their necks, but none of them ever sold by their tails can eat and and that was that he did had no answer.

He was gone he does, he was gone. That was in and so I would love her figure out, will you look at your ancestry. According to client here came from blue-green conference, I would rather believe that I'm a creation of a God that loves me okay see here is a problem where who created the blue-green ponds community right it's it's it's part and possible as scientifically, mathematically impossible to have a creation without a creator, it's never been done. It's never been done, it can't be done by happy or couldn't have nothing from can make something from nothing can happen that I have something to make something wet well God. God can do that he can speak things into existence, but just by heat. He turns energy into material okay right. He speaks of interior low-energy in the matter but he's the only one that can do that okay.

He hasn't shared that secret with anybody has now actually use the power far beyond it. Figure we could not comprehend here you were going to break will be right back is a way know and do what I'm hearing is that you're so he's God. Already we are back were going to hear a clip from a South African doctor, and this is the of the lady that found this new oh with the call on recon, omicron virus there so let's go in and they go ahead and play the clip 18 November I encountered in usual symptoms, and I actually started to from outpatient that's an independent ancient city safe anyone roundabout and an event unit based on the visit. The sensory entity to me is just extreme. The targets for the pasta diced and is good at this point X combined with some of the night mortise cut sheet by both description and not call Fernando Snell old diced and I because it's unusual for that specific present distinct with this type of symptoms on exotic taste and begin feasting down the centuries and across positive. I think somebody needs all positive anyone of them. Mild symptoms in its structure: symptoms and when it is something I actually so more patients coming in with the same so some of symptoms that were based. I may yet bind the minister on the back seat that's committing.

That's why it's easy for me to send to send something is wrong. I have seen today at children that doesn't fit in with Delta and Dan beamed this past week I came out that deceased venue variants getting announced. Once we seemed clinic in South Africa and environment center on its way nonpracticing is extremely mild for that's mild cases and we haven't met anyone I spent at cliques of mind sign picture right there you go there, so we wanted to play that out about you, Dr. of variant term after the calling the vendors area like their regular doctor.

She said it very mild symptoms may be very contagious, but all the cases she seen are extremely thousand working."

Mild so it got there.

Our talking runs chicken little run from the geriatric. Now there's a doctor throughout there that with this new variant affects mild pain.

This could be the end of the culvert pandemic wife, because if this is an office if it is very transmissible.

A lot of people are going to affect but if they only give mildly spectacular going to have antibiotic the natural antibodies we know are many many many many times stronger than anything that man made and if this goes around in enough people get natural immunity will stop the pandemic so this could be God's way of ending the pandemic making a weaker strain of the virus that allows people to build up the antibodies naturally we know the vaccine here not work. The CDC itself came out and said hey people who are unvaccinated.

Spread the culvert Delta variant virtually the same as the vaccinated, so another words the culvert shot have absolutely no effect on the virus transmission because there is no different herbal studies. I could go into the way through this, but there were done different places and every study came out for the same conclusion, whether from University of California, Davis or Canada or the CDC aren't Israel war over in Great Britain. There the British medical Journal. All comes out with the same thing.

The backstretch, the vaccinated people spread the virus like BN factors no different that all's all right.

We knew that no not here maladaptive studies to prove it.

Now yeah but you and I know that and you'll be hearing about on programs like this, but you and I can hear better than any of the fake news media and walked out on people that and a lot ends so many of the simpleminded. That's when they get this where they get their information anyhow, the Supreme Court has its best chance in decades to overturn Roe V Wade and protect the unborn children so Joe tomorrow. We really need to get all the folks out there to pray with us.

We really need to get everyone out there tonight and admitted that if they'll do that is power guy will hear that now in prayer Newton. Of course you were here last night so you heard my guess Jake Dr. Jacobs what he had to say last night he he feels the are going to really that they're going to do it again now I don't I don't have much confidence in him. I really don't have any confidence in the court and and I do know that they're getting threats already and they there's ways in an appeal be here in Berlin order will threaten to burn down the corridor.

Whatever. And so we need to get God's people out there tonight to pray right.

And remember, it was just well not that long ago Joey Biden remember Joy Biden was Artie threaten to the judges that were the trunk appointees. You better not overturn Roe V Wade, you're going to have a civil war. If you do that okay. So, remember Here were I wanted. Gorsuch flow of the Collier Cavanaugh irreverently world where Goodyear will pay the price.

He screamed it out loud, you won't know what hit you.

If your goal for groupies. All holders for the liberals come and go as they have been making threats for a long long time there vile, they're ugly and they use intimidation to get their way and it's time that people quit being afraid of these people and their guns threat.

We have kingdom authority. We have God's righteousness behind this, and we've gotta quit this nation.

Gotta quit being a bunch of sissies and afraid of everything that's in summary just yells and screams REIT don't need to cower there with no we need to do is get the people out there to play with us right now all across the country so listen folks out there. This is very important that you do that into play when the seventh just join with us in the square just agree with us as we see heavenly father Lord God the father God, you made very clear in your word that the only thing we are to fear as you really think it finally got again, I would have stored that you would put their fear of you and it. Every one of those judges are not going to call Genesis is only a couple that I that I look at the Tomlinson that that are actually true justices. The father got I just would ask that you would put the fear of you Lord that you would father got even show them a little glimpse of hellfire little no that the blood of all of those millions of babies millions of babies that have been shed our our sewers in this country have run red with the blood of our children because the pastors didn't have the courage they didn't have the integrity of the Lord God to do what they needed to do to: in March in DC of father God in place that corrupted 73 court on trial for treason against you in a country and so now Lord.we've had all these millions of babies father got in Lord is been some of us have been fighting every day low in ever since we been fighting to overturn this wickedness. But the wickedness is is overwhelming and father got so we would asked that you would put Lord God, the fear of you the fear of you and those judges that they would know that that that that it's at the fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, and that they would know to do that if the decent thing. The honorable thing and they would be obedient to the Lord for these this woman here this that Sen. Jenna Shea, and in all of these pro-deaf people. Father God that that love, death, and and Gov. Cuomo and those that just love death is celebrated and applauded when they they knew that they could kill babies even after they're born like they just loved it that entire house. There is Sen. New York I would pray father God this that Lord, unless they repent, and that an arm and I'm talking about the pro-death is all over the entire country. Father, unless they repent. Father God or I would pray that you would turn that death that they want that death that they they want to embrace the death that they want for the innocent that she would turn that and put it on their own heads. Lord and I know that that here they've chosen many of the boys in the spoken many of them think that they're going to get away with something because they're not really going to take it below. We know they can't even trust each other and we know that, and so Lord again I would pray that you either bring them to repentance. Are you turning you put that that death on every one of these death regrets you put that death on their own heads, Lord, and you remove them less they can do any more damage to the innocent in this country. These things we ask in Jesus precious name.

Amen. You go ahead of America.

You can play, go ahead, you currently father here no work on the part of many many Christians out there that the pain and anguish that we have a specially when we see the world around us final carrier. Mindfulness of Wanda. Run trains going to the death camps in the Christian thing there him was a little louder so they would not hear the cries of those going to their death. This nation is turned a deaf ear, father and I know that nation deserves judgment that many of us have been praying for those precious children of yours. Many have been fighting the good fight, running to the battle, trying to save the mothers and babies from being reported, save the mother's from hellfire Lord we without blessing that you would touch those members of the court that you would touch their hearts, and you would enable them Lord to see the truth that you would give them courage that you would answer all the prayers of the faithful than coming to you for so many years since this dreaded Rotary wages mockery of our constitutional law took place here. The fleas are your faithful Lord and give us the victory. We ask this in Jesus precious precious name Amen amen to allow Joe is going to be a whole lot of people there in DC and my good buddy Mike Harrington who has created equal. He's going to be there with a whole lot of his young people and that we want to just place a good Lord so that they will be there course is going to be the unclean.

Many of the wicked, unclean the huskies from hell.

I mean the most evil in all and and and Judy refers to this piece of cake.

They will be there out there with her blood. He signs okay yelp you probably have those where inert 0+ the costumes of the pussycats out there with that they did the last time, just pure evil vulgar humming. These feminists are are just absolutely vulgar and but they're all going to be out there tomorrow and so at least we you know God's people are going to be taking a stand and doing what God's Word, the Bible tells you to do resist tyranny and to death so they will be out to take a good stand. So let's remember to keep them in prayer tomorrow out there Mike Harrington all all his young people created equal.

Because America what if America is standing in the shadow were in the shadow of a holy and a just God and what is a holy and a just God to work on this incident got really dark. Also today to find out what fall into the hands the fear of the Langerhans in the angry God right now you know what today was Joe 30 November. It was the deadline for the Marine Corps to take the poison and 9000 Marines told him to take their needle and shove it okay 9000 Marines refused to take the poisonous poke and something else happened today to actually just yesterday yesterday and today you had to do two different federal judges and you had District Court judge at Terry Doughty, dowdy put a hold put a stay nationwide on Biden's mandate all but away. Biden says there was, there will be no new mandates are no no no no luck. Doughty said there will not be so what is that mean Joe Biden correctly provided. Under ignoring your credit report and cohort different agencies and businesses to grow along with it to typical like does not care about the rule of law always do the opposite when he says remember before he said there will be no luck out there will be no mandate. When we get like thousand mandate so remember, though, always do the opposite. Solidity came out and he said that that mean he was telling his people. That is going to try to do more lockdowns look they know that other governors order something. I mean, he couldn't help Bill why result. Anyway possible.

They've got to stop the midterm elections. They know that what's going to happen there that they're going to get in those midterm elections in the primaries. They're going to have a whole lot of death in Cranston are no longer going to run okay, there going there already announcing that now but retiring. Many of them.

But what is happening. Also, those in the primaries running against the death of heads you have some pro-lifers running as Democrats.

Okay. And so they know that and make they can afford that either the other party of death and so what I was happy) you mentioned this first lawsuit Monday was led by Missouri at all. Missouri out here and it part of a Biden madman from enforcing or vaccine for healthcare workers and candidates who are employed in a federally funded health clinics, and then today was the Federal Ct. in Louisiana and a search there was the decision to covered about 13 state but that judge that wonderful judge Terry thought thought he yeah because I pronounce it anyway. He added that nationwide injunction and these are not the most conservative courts in the country. This issue is so clear-cut.

As far as the Constitution goes it even a lot of these liberal directors are saying no no thing in the Constitution against the federal government, let alone different branches of that kind of authority and that's gonna be there to try and take it up to the Supreme Court, but this is one of all. And was it even wasn't even six months of months ago that Nancy Pelosi came right out and said we do not have the authority or the empower to develop mandates in and then they went ahead and invoked mandates but but guess who also was a part of that is signed onto that an amicus brief onto that here in our first about our Ohio Atty. Gen. Dave Yost, but my sheriff was one of two County Sheriff Sakae out here the fellow that we had on the radio program. Not long ago we Sheriff Mack and that Sheriff Scott Hildebrand sheds tears got Hildebrand was one of them. The sign on to this amicus brief and he's a constitutional Sheriff case of we praise a good Lord for that. I think that's one of the reason we have so many people wanted to move out here at Atari County by housesitting whether all because they're looking for an area with where you have a constitutional Sheriff Erin and so we Wanamaker don't outright where they need one LA County. There is a company called project and it has direct ties to China asked the client to try and are controlled by the Communist Party.

Well, this they do certain bio testing and it says right on their website. If you don't want your data used overseas around the world. Don't use us because we share all our data and that this is a biological data so the George Gascon member the LA district attorney that was put in place, thereby George Soros needs money ordered all LA County employees to use this potent testing or get fire well China has been collecting. We told people about this personal information. Information from people all over the world including you know any DNA bio data they can get. They are building the largest file database in the world and here you have a communist district attorney put in place by George Soros ordering all the employees to let them be tested by urgent "vent and charter the entire Chinese Communist Party so this is the revolution folks, this is the communist revolution in America and these people are serious, they are going to do everything they can to bring this country down sheriff out there. This is a joke. Sheriff's revolution. The sheriff out there says he will not enforce that that is Sheriff's Department will not take part in that and the right and so were seeing was seen a momentum shifting to in our direction here all across is more more people now because of this ruling by these two judges okay here. Now there's going to be this Saturday. A big protest right here in the Cleveland area and it's a it's about is going to be a fact a progressive Stadium progressive stadium and I think it's 11 o'clock and they're going to have all kinds of people coming out to protest the mandates and utilities. These companies like you know I Cleveland clinic and University hospitals. They don't have any legal standing at all what they're doing is illegal. By doing that they these judges have rolled is that that's unconstitutional they put these all that.

That's not is not enforceable. So now you think a whole lot of lawyers or listening to this figuring you know what we might have some very good lawsuits here and so and there's been a lot of people in a been damaged by the policies of Cleveland clinic and University hospitals and progressive at all and all these companies they know they've caused him a lot of problems just to make a number no worried about losing their jobs. It is just causing a lot of stress and pain when here. These were not lawful.

We knew from the very beginning they were not lawful, even the ocean.

If the aces we can enforce that this not in so will see what happens. These companies, I think you're going to start to see them backing down raining a lot.

Apply people out quite accurately by the hundred start to file lawsuit companies are going to wake up and hopefully there are the protest march taking birth of Mark right well it's going. That is a big protest right down and at the progressive field.

So yeah but I mean help and pray that thousands of people turn out because you might help save your neighbors job you might help save somebody in your families job a friend a job and you might just help the hall to this revolution is going on in this country you are absolutely right here me see let me just give it to you. I had to laugh. You know the walk.

The politically correct they try to change the name of the Cleveland Indians, but none of us will call them the guardians.

None of us will will always refer to him as the Indians because we hate woken us we and and and and the woke people are repulsive to us.

The one people are very repulsive to us and so here they have this this big Guardian plaque. They put up over the building and the entrance is huge and it gives what the fell off in a crumble and smashed into the ground. But let me give you the omen to give the commercial right now the Cleveland guardians have Maine mandated the Coleman vaccine for all employees. We are going all their patriots and all defenders of medical freedom to join us at progressive Field on December 4.

We must stand up for our workers and send the message to the Dolan's that we will not tolerate unconstitutional mandates. Bring your signs when your flags bring cheese well gear okay and so there you go. That's is coming. I am looking for the address of the progressive field, but I just it's it's the corner of Carnegie and and Ontario. It's a corner of Carnegie and Ontario during Cleveland.

So there you go. I'm alternate court order.

I'm looking at out story in the Wall Street Journal hospitals prepared to lose – overcoat reflecting back mandate and the workers they give a little longer to go to January 4 but the other lawsuits going on, gorgeous, out-of-court ruling, effective talking and that's soft long article about survey 30% of workers that over 2000 hospitals surveyed by the CDC were unvaccinated and out. If you take a look at the world. The nationwide healthcare workforce is about 22 million. So that would mean there were about 7 million people who were yet to get inoculated just in the hospitals and then you got these other government facilities and the interns. The key the these facilities receive reimbursement from federal Medicare and Medicaid programs, and the bite administration this month. Write a title that will pick that up against and breaks away will the deck right after this.

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