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TUE HR 2 011122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 12, 2022 12:06 am

TUE HR 2 011122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 12, 2022 12:06 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast that you are not, or whether we are back and I wanted to again remind posted because so many people want to see were not able to be at the church this past Sunday and see although we had a full church there to see the film on what really took place. What actually happened on January 6 will you will believe it will you listed probably would but how were going to show to get working shortly get a 415 before the evening service this week it will be for 15 then pastel or simply preaching evening service. The again that's this week. Sunday before the evening service 4:15 PM when the ratio the reality of What Really Took Pl. in January six. So with that Joe is another fellow named Joe Farah who is a good friend of ours they could use some help.

Courtney. Her current but I don't want to mention one thing we told Oquendo week or so ago about Scott Davis in the CEO of one America that was the insurance company they were referring on the clip and they got it right. Talk about how they had a 40% increase in the death were not covert gas down anyway.

So that was good information on that equipment we had covered a lot of stuff on this program prior to one to throw that in any way the story is world news daily started out many many years ago. Some there. I 25th year in publication, being an online news agency that just jump in here for me because we were the first very first people they got Joe Farah started he was working with us some right from the very very beginning we had him on the radio program when he first got started right long ago and it's a Christian online news site and they have not been afraid to tell the truth and that's what got them into trouble they are having a terrible terrible time and they are failing and the big reason to make a long story short they were doing very well financially for 20 years. Then they started back in Donald Trump and the Kim promoting him and big tech began shadow banning them suppressing them canceling them writing them out of the research algorithms and newsfeeds and finally Kennedy monetize them completely, and I think it took Joe and the staff by surprise. His own words. I didn't think this was even possible in the land of the free and the home of the brave, not United States of America with our Constitution that guarantees what freedom of the press speech and religion but for the past five years.

That's what they been enduring as this.

Finally, here's a big curve, Google and Facebook control about 90% of all online advertising. I didn't realize that it was 90% and WND lost a huge amount of their revenue because they were taken off of all that revenue source from Google and Facebook fan. Here is what I did not know Joe Farah has had a series of strokes five strokes that left him unable to speak at all, and just now starting to get some speech back but the is not the same person and he still has a long, long way to go to recover and the this is the situation they are asking for prayer and help and I had kind, but some start of some emails and things are going to try and get Joe on the radio for pastor Ernie and couldn't get anything back and now we know why he hasn't been able to speak again.

He's not able speak well enough to do anything like radio and so anyway you can go to W and and you can see he wrote an article called an agonizing tough letter to write. They need prayer and they need people to do several things. Anyone who can are asking for donations.

They have an online store, you can shop at, and the they have what they call a young become an insider get some news fat-free and they have a thing or you can sign up for news alerts, and they said that these alerts are revenue generators for us. If you get these news alerts on your email they get one of the they get revenue from that so there are several things and then the main thing they're asking for is pray for Joe is asking for prayers for me. Prayers for the whole team and he firmly in his wife, totally, totally believe in prayer and he said part of he's waited too long to ask for help because of his pride, respect quotes.

Thank you for reading this message were hoping we would love to be here for you and for many more years to come. But today I'm lifting my hands up for sake in my pride and just asking you for your help for your prayers and God bless you for any consideration. Joe Farah world news daily great people, great source of the truth and the they need to specially practice time and now you know the whole story. The media did not want the truth out. They have destroyed her in the process of destroying a close, the first Internet news agency. I believe in the world. When a customer I think so… And not correct. So I know what he started. He started we were living from the very first day leaking when the program talked about what it was going to do in light. I didn't think that was legally global big but I did know that already know they were newspapers were people reading newspapers less and less, and so I thought well you know maybe maybe he's got something here a surety he did and you're right there.

His articles and his people.

They brought us in some very good very good article. Very good people. The world news daily. We gotta do whatever you want and help him whenever we can. Do we gotta do helpful, so no I don't go there and they couldn't read that letter they can go there and they can shop the online store and they could not. Those are can can donate like that. If you want to put it on your email list to receive the some other news that helps them. You can become WND insider and get ad free news and you can subscribe to their whistleblower magazine and then sign up for their news alerts so those are some of things you can do to help out there folks and we needed to support good Christians that are fighting the good we've used a lot of their articles over the years we really know tremendous amount not here to go along with the with the clip that we just played premeditated manslaughter of millions of people coordinated at the highest levels and this is an article by Nate Naomi Wolf and Dr. Malone.

They responded to Blodgett Veritas there at this bombshell video in here Monday night project. This released their latest investigation.

It was a bombshell project. This released never before seen military documents regarding the origins of: 19 gain of function research. This is what follows he's been lying about lying about lying about see now it's a crime Delilah Congress unless you've got that kind of money and if you got that kind of money because they look I've got George Soros backing me. I got Bill Gates back at me.

We can buy everyone a you Congressman, we can buy.

We already own the entire Democratic time is collective and this is what really goes on to say this. He said the research vaccines potential treatment in the government's efforts to conceal every thing it goes on to say the newly released military document contradict apologies testimony under oath. Here's what they found him military documents state that echo health alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 seeking funding to conduct gain of function research for the backboard coronavirus.

The proposal named project diffuse was rejected by DARPA over safety concerns and the notion that it violates the ghetto function research moratorium. The men report regarding the echo health alliance proposal late on the Internet a couple months ago. It has remained unverified until now project. This is obtained.

A separate report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense written by US Marine Corps majored Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA fellow. The proposal does not mention or assess potential risks of gain of function. Joe F. Research I direct quote from the DARPA rejection letter. Project variances reached out to DARPA for comment regarding the hidden documents and spoke with the chief of communications Jared Adams is said, it doesn't sound normal to me.

When asked about the way the documents were buried as the Department of Defense felt gain of function research was too dangerous to proceed with why in the world to the NIH in the NIAID and echo health alliance recklessly or disregard the risks will keep asked the viewers on Tuesday morning. Dr. Robert Maloney, inventor of the mRNA vaccine and Dr. Naomi Wolf, a former Clinton advisor and democracy activist joined Steve Brennan on the war room to respond to the project Veritas bombshell Dr. Malone called it bigger than the Pentagon papers. Dr. Wolf called it manslaughter of millions of people coordinated at the highest levels.

There you go. Naomi love the fact that Dr. fuzzy grocery plate perjured himself is highly apparent is the least of the crimes of indeed these were verified documents.

I can't overstate this. This is a premeditated kind manslaughter of millions of people coordinated at the highest levels. According to these documents treatment that would have saved the lives we intentionally or reportedly intensely suppressed the job. The reason the apology is not in prison right now is because we do not have a Department of Justice got a dirty cop numeric garland. Mary garland is only he is a part of the death of credit Communist Party. We do not have an independent Department of Justice anymore. We do not have an independent FBI anymore. The antichrist total communist collective has taken these over and they weapon denies that we just we the people of the United States of America.

And so that's was going on there ribbon telling the people. This is an antichrist revolution is taking place. They have taken over the deep state is antichrist. They have taken control of the government. What you're watching is a revolution take place a political crew and we caught them and miss the truth is coming out in like a dying tiger lion there more dangerous when nurse severely wounded. So this is now, and my opinion a fight to the death. It's a fight over who will control America's future and they have right now. Everything you there.

They're losing, they have nothing more to lose may have everything to win if they can continue the lies keep in power treat whatever they need to do when the next election. Stay in power so they are fighting to the death of political death that is and you you think I'm exaggerating faster near you think that's just know that they know that there's no way that they can never win if they're not like they can do it. They know that they know the people around them. What is happening now Joe every day every day every day every day. One of the another so-called death of credit congressperson announces that he's not going to run again.

Every day when others were 26, 27 of the past month that announced the other not going to run and I can relate. They see the handwriting on the wall and they know that there's going to be in investigations into this.

If we do if we get a Justice Department back if the Republicans get back in.

This will have another will have an actual Justice Department gait and we get back in the White House, he will fire. He will fire the dirty cops in a hurry well and we can remember the great trunk found out it was bigger and deeper. But Mercury was today, when Biden was speaking in Georgia 40 say he was going to save democracy where Letty was talking about saving democracy, but the line is folks, we don't have to democracy to save we have a constitutional republic. A republic is rule of law. Our founding fathers based the law on God's law and we have with in the confines of the Republic, a democratic form of government where we have elected representatives who are to quote the will of the people, the people will we are the sovereigns if our country. We really hire people to do our bidding to do our will. So they keep this line that were out to save democracy want to remind you there was a great them Democratic system is emotional, the emotional will not rule of law and I want to remind everyone of you there was the greatest Democratic vote in the history of the world. When Pilate stood and said, do you know what I do with this man Jesus and the crowd cried. What crucified him crucified him. That was democracy the emotional will be emotional rule of the people, not based on the rule of law, rule of law is that you cannot condemn an innocent man to death that when he goes out there saving democracy. He's full of common or when Biden was talking today it was trying to promote the election crime bill that they call that the voting rights bill, but it's not.

It's a bill to legalize election fraud brought the every there is nothing Joe not anything at all.

Nothing at all that about the death of credit communist collective that is not corrupt. It is entirely a corrupt is one huge to entirely corrupt machine here now, so he said that the here again with the bill would federalize election swelling and would federalize legends and make it easy to rig the system that's exactly what they know they can't win unless they rigged the system. Their claim is that Melissa Dennis shall this gotta be done Anita because Joe did you know that minorities Joe are too stupid to get an ID to vote minorities into this is what this is what this I look I've been going to the prison for years and years to get into the prisons you have that when I did he catch a check in the bank and ID Joe guess what I've seen a whole lot minorities going down to the prisons, all kinds of minorities and guess what Joe they're not there. Not too dumb to get an ID.

They have IDs like everybody else going on.

Yeah when this electric total football game a sports game if you want to go to a liquor store get a drivers license, go to a bank almost anything you can do in this world without some form of ID blowing now know that's not fully too if you're an illegal alien. Our drug deal. You don't need what if you're an illegal alien and you've got a record and even wanted for murder. You can vote in the order very leader California now yeah right you don't take that back evidently you don't have any connection to the rule right right because of total lawlessness there and I don't know how much that the Atty. Gen. in New York gets paid.

I don't know how much he gets paid. But I do know that when when you stick your neck out and try to legalize crime you not doing it just to be popular there and you know and sorrows, sorrows buys on page DRAM over million dollars for campaign work throughout the without strings attached). Well, this is if it's there. There's that much showing that he gave you can bet there's a whole lot more. This not showing there's nothing about these people that are not corrupt. Nothing if they're totally and completely corrupt now. Biden is is a lighting fool for mocking God Joe here. Biden said that he would defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. He is the death of credit communist collective is our enemy, the emitter, the domestic enemy of we the people of the United States of America. They are the enemies of the ones trying to overturn our constitutional republic to make a full socialist democracy.

They keep going. Democracy work for socialism. That's a socialist democracy instead of our rule of law, the Republic of them.

Dave and claimant that the people don't realize what they're saying. Okay, we can open the phone lines and take some calls to what we do that we get a couple articles a one hit the phone lines are now open at 888-677-9673 nationwide 888-677-9673 Cliff calls that he's going to make a he's given cake mix a lot of people angry. They don't like to have them the hearing because he they believe because into often. I think lives.

Cliff Pattison I think has some good questions. I know I've heard them on another number of other talkshows that he goes into but he goes by different names in the other talk shows a gay and so that's interesting. But anyhow financially folks out there. I know for some people. They get very upset other people think that he's got some very interesting commentary and note as to the programs anyhow collect recorder narratives for many people want to call Landon that Mike does. They're thinking maybe replace favorites or something not know that we don't know we take the calls as they come, yet in that we try to get as many handle and a lot of times people will wait till like one minute before we have to love the article okay and we can take no phone lines open at 888-677-9673 bombshell data from 145 countries. Joe show they called in vaccines increase COBIT 19 sickness and death. Listen bombshell data Joe from 145 countries show that the coven vaccines increase COBIT 19 sickness and death. Guess what, we kinda knew that didn't orient ribbon comfortable as this is an article by thinking I a Lance Johnson also Judy Markowitz Dr. Judy Mike of the Lincoln Michael that's fear is the virus love is securely cased.

She has an article there to know the most coercive vaccine program in the history of the world has yielded a terrifying, terrifying results across the hundred 45 different countries. Data from these heavily vaccinated countries show that the coven vaccines increase both the total: 19 caseload per million in the total number of deaths associated with the code 19 this statistical trend of the population occurred in approximately 88% of the country study. This increase cases and deaths directed a result of the casual impact of the vaccine role. Joe from day one, going all the way back to when they first brought these vaccines out, we told you we told the people out there folks do not take these vaccines. This is a part of the depopulation. Do not take him. Do not take him. Do not take him from day one. We told people now were not longer that that covert escape that lab or root flat out that lab in Rouen were pretty sure to escape because the very first cases were workers of the lab Chinese army was working. We told people this where they were messing with things they were making bio weapons and we were telling them the truth right First month or two we've gotten all this out.

We worked on lots of people that online nests from China without word on the Internet that the military was involved in the Islamic group of men.

Those people were silenced, the work product killed or imprisoned in the news sources dried up for a while tonight. They certainly did the we kept talking about we been right on top of that, ever since we not always come by when we haven't brought something to the bulb like we did tonight.

Now these findings are derived Joe from independent analysis titled worldwide by Bay as they have seen casual impact analysis of vaccine administration and deaths and cases associate would COBIT 19 a big data analysis of the hundred 45 countries. Joe, the source data is collected from our world in data and analyzed by Kyle Beatty. This independent analysis has been ignored by the CDC and the FDA and the NIH since October that Elizabeth ignored the they do have not wanted this information gap. Now these are all part every American to hide the truth. As a result, the intent of these government agencies is becoming clearer by the day. Let's go. We have Mike Mike's in the air earlier might not believe that God needed someone behind you and start but of the evening in light but Meet with red flag that I believe that you have to come up behind that we got a big large criminal in Washington DC.

There's a big anti-VAX large, why know what you're talking about. Well believe me, I think that there are things happening. And you know there's so much chatter out there and there's no there's there's still a lot of the a lot of hope by some people that the military is actually going to do their job. The military was actually going to do their job and step in because this election was fraudulent.

Mike pence sold us out might consider said he had not only did he have the right Mike at the empty had the duty to say wait a minute, there's a whole lot of things. That's don't smell right, there's a lot of evidence here of voter fraud Ted Cruz was there on a number others were there and say look, we've got enough evidence Josh Holly Jim Jordan and and they did. I mean so much evidence of voter fraud and in here now. Pence in offenses still try to get the night was even thinking of running for president but I think I don't think again like the dogcatcher after what he did when accounting have anything to say about when it really counted.

He had the duty to say I want 10 days to look into this cable for a certified there's too many questions here and vote but but here's the other thing right after he did that nasty Pelosi handed him a coin and I'm wondering what that coin was it was look like a coin that she had and they were they were smiling and then that was that was will you I can about that right. Things like March and March. I watched the Martin watch that is on January 23 and it will begin at 11:30 AM at the Washington Monument and concluded the steps of the Lincoln Memorial about 1 mile away so called defeat the mandate DC this is an anti-VAX protest corrupt world and it's going to take place worldwide. On that date.

On January 23 I heard we have next Jackie are in their first I heard of omicron White Thanksgiving day and I became a specialist when the following date was getting so much publicity and shortly we found out that the vaccine would not protect you from omicron so I was wondering what vaccines did exactly the opposite. With omicron you are much, much, much more likely. In fact, you know, here we just regions of the very quickly. I just had an article here that tells you that you were how much more likely you are if you do if you had the VAX to get to get the omicron and were that article go easy, like Martin hybridity 5% more likely to get thick yeah and I had just had a article here.

Hope fully vaccinated are super splendors of covert virus shows Ontario data okay and this is one that them. Let me see. As for the information is easily 1327 fully vaccinated cases in hospital January 7. This is the one area there. So the people that were in hospitals in Ontario, 1327 a more fully vaccinated and the unvaccinated that were in their were 100 were 441 so there you go you had more than twice as many more than twice as many but that was just the one case but you're right I think is about 80% more elder likely three times there or 12 times that this was starting to look like desperate pandemic unrelated to COBIT 19 pandemic I came across the work of Dr. Steven Quay Q you a Y according to him that omicron came from another lab leak from the level IV virology lab in Johannesburg, South Africa, and again this with Dana function. Research if his work is correct and I direct your attention to it, then we are looking at another pandemic that's going to have it that the Berean mutation were still under yeah I know this is what I said the military failed as the courts failed as dramatically. Did they feel when they lost courage. We were under five different country under cyber attack which is which is an act of war by five different countries, but the dated neck. I military refused to act, then also you had it and right now were under attack. We are under biological warfare. This is China is been telling telling people were killing American soldiers without firing a shot were doing. We've got the help of the those he said that in high places all through America.

Those in high places. We own them and he does the Bidens of taken $1 billion from the Chinese. Well, you know, the part that surprises me is that we have a commander-in-chief that is allowing illegal immigrants to come across the border infected with different variations to COBIT. 19. He's not allowing them he's causing them to come across in order. He's working hand-in-hand with the human smugglers and in the crime and the drug cartels. The death erratic. I miss click on an accident and supporting them all over the United States want to use the therapeutic impact and the fact that they haven't been used for skilled a lot of people to president of the United States is creating treason, but nobody wants to call him a traitor. I am leaving the manager) is currently killing people on purpose.

He is trying to destroy our Republic is trying to foment a revolution to create a communist socialist state. And yeah, it is treason and he's a puppet, then these not the one pulling the strings.

He's just the mouthpiece.

They show about their to do the bidding of the deep state right in their clothing that your radio show is the most important radio show on the air today and I think you guys are very brave to do what you do well, you know, we have to be the for the first you gotta do what's right. Okay you have to because when the Bibles of the righteous are as bold as lines and look elite. We have to know when I can live forever and was gonna die or something and you're right because Biden and their sainted air merit garments other than the come after anyone who speaking out against that there referring to us as is domestic terror and anyone who's telling the truth against the dark.

The corruption of the deep state is going to be considered, but to know that the people have to stand up if you don't stand what good are you and mother died and my feet and little my knees under slavery. That's radio effective Atty. Gen. Matthew also created a new unit focusing on domestic terrorism and he is been targetable retain a growing threat from those who are motivated by racial animus as well as those who subscribe to extremist antigovernment and anti-authority ideologies and they're saying now that these events January 6 are being investigated as acts of domestic terrorism and they are going to be going after. Even those whether they were present on that day, or otherwise criminally responsible for the assault on our quote back to that word democracy so there's a new antiterrorist group out there and are going to come after people that don't follow the government line next with her saying those that are rechecked extremist antigovernment antiauthority ideologues. We have an authority. His name is Jesus Christ and he is the one we obey and follow a right. Thanks legs we etymologically have did you say Kyle you're in the air, and learning how are you I'm okay how are you all good Wanda anyone.

Great show, great show. God bless you and not all the brave out there doing your show like going to before I ask you a question, or whatever. I want that I do like your collar commitment, then I think you ask you great questions and I heard them on another show I let that from air quality. Yeah but you got it. I like him but I just wanted say you know all about, I don't. I don't think you going to be able to run again.

The reason why I think that even I believe he fell, the president, I know all that, but the way Donald doubled down on that by acclamation. I just don't understand it when multiple debates don't even want to take that back. I don't like him at you know I don't but I know what he I know what he did.

I know the affected that he knew if it was an experiment look that the pressure was, he was surrounded he could. The deep state he couldn't trust anybody gate. He was getting very very bad, very bad advice from people around them including some of the so-called spiritual leaders were giving bad advice. They knew better. They knew better. They knew better than to to lament the take of accidents may with cells of aborted babies.

They knew better, but anyhow here but what I wanted her to be not an operator I mean he should be, but I'm praying that winery built doing it now when to me like you wanted to get back. And why would you keep going when people call chronic pain. Well I can tell you what I could tell you what the chatter says the chatter says that the Democrats are much more likely to listen to the to the government that then the Republicans, Democrats are much more likely to get the poison and there's a lot of that there's a lot of that shattered and fun fact is an interesting thing because the only time I've ever seen burn wound murder murder murder rectify actually protest for anything good was they they joined in with the anti-VAX March in DC is that they understand what's going on in DC in New York City rather they understand but I'm not sure it doesn't make any sense and I can't believe he still getting such bad advice and sees you, he's not a doctor now, but he should know. You know he should know better and and believe me the deep state tries to insulate to make sure that nobody gets to him that are for real. I don't understand iron on another outgroup. After that I ran out calling for him to be taken and killed three gunmen per our follow-up for Kelly.

I can't think of the name of the got a bit thrown on and tell them he would like from general yeah like I was. He was a beast. He was an animal he slaughtered people yet, but if you hear that letter calling on Biden in his minutes created a vibrant whole administration of being quiet on the threads together.

Remember, the Ayatollah, those guys are good making threats down with America about this tremor that been making threats for 20, 30 years so very some of it been able to follow through on strengthening. Thanks so and remaining on the town.

Want to thank you very much you to thank you and keep up the good work incorporating chlorine, but thank you very much for the prayers. Thank you, that's for sure already. We have next Jerry here and there yet it even Jim good evening and thanks again back pain at my back being operated that when they were being developed, yet they were seated so developed in the development but in manufacturing. Now there is no repeated cell.

I don't know what that with people I don't think the vaccine can you please tell me wanted 800,000 people had died in most of my not at the vaccine. On another point is, I yell at me to let me just tell you here's here's the reality here is the fax of K and the man that invented that vaccine told you he has come out and he is sent over and over.

In fact, we played clip after clip of him telling you I invented the vaccine. It's a bio weapon. It is not a vaccine he come right out. He said the end M in RNA is not a vaccine is a bio weapon. I developed a bio weapon do not take the. The top scientists from Pfizer. The woods are produced this thing who was there but also the vice president. He left there. He said don't take it okay it's poison. Do not take it. It is not made in Europe, they vote their equivalent to our AMA has said that this vaccine is what they call it a vaccine is lethal for human beings for human consumption.

Okay so that's that is why we told you about that. So here looking to get our rabbit out amount I met you need to go take the right exactly Iraq okay yeah but you know what you know what modification or can actually vaccine the oil vaccine is a vaccine.

This is not a new technology. Dr. Malone is a genetic base thing that changes the genetics in the body.

It is not a normal vaccine. It is not a vaccine that the new experiment and how to do something that they misused the technology on this vaccine so it first and foremost, it is not a real vaccine. Here's here's an article that came out today, just today here you go.

At Arctic station where 100% of all employees are fully vaccinated. Just had two thirds of its workforce test positive for the coded again. Now here's what you don't know when you get that shocked you. You are not considered vaccinated for 15 days after you get the shot. What you take that shot.

They said it takes 15 days for it to work so you not considered 15th vaccinated.

They don't consider you for vaccinated until 15 days afterwards.

Most of the people that are dying from that are dying from that within the 15 day. So needed know that did you take a moment and immediately alerted thing that stupid, you know that you get back. They help your your 80% more likely your 80% more likely to get the code later ventilator in April. Maybe he was 87. You know if anything came out and said, almost 75% of all death add four or more co-more unity or or more than of those another 20% of the deaths were those that had one to three co-more communities.

Basically it was the very sick and unhealthy people that have died. They were the one to end up on the respirators but also they were not given any of the treatments that are out there no drugs for clerk Quentin Oliva met Karen these drugs that they found the use of these things made him almost impossible to get gone after the doctors not treated hundreds and thousands of patients with the stuffing Amount of the hospital. They stopped the treatments that work so yeah you're going to help you step out there for service when I hear that most of the patient there in the hospital and it it care on it and vaccinated rate. The batter that this most of on that right know the most supplemented dying are the vaccinated there telling you exactly the opposite. We've had the five top virologist in the world. We played them here on the program and you've heard what they had to say what you cannot. This is listen listen if if this we've been trying to tell people this for years. This is what they call the reset. There's an effort to depopulate the planet. This is that I know it sometimes it's hard to wrap your brain around that there are people that want to do that if you had heard you apparently didn't hear the first part of this program digit okay well if you're out there.

I would listen to.

I would I would play again. The first part is radio program which would you can hear the podcast tomorrow.

The word and Set forth by the show. Absolutely. Who do we have that we get on for a couple more calls fill you in their fellow hello during their go ahead and ask a couple questions of you and you take the Arbor mapping anoxic organ yeah that's what you took and we didn't we just connected with someone you gave out online disconnect and reliable for trips of current prescriptions overweighting outcome take 30 days beginning reliable RX they're trying to look the deep state is trying to work with US postal office to stop it.

From what I neither know how effective it's been, but I have heard reports that some people that have gotten their orders up and opened in some of the stuff taken, but the out leaving given that out and that that's reliable RX reliable RX and in trouble getting it because regular government in fighting male.

Anything that the experimental vaccine. If there's anything out there that's more than 65% effective at curating or stopping the virus, then they can no longer give the experimental vaccines they have to stop vaccine.

So why do they want to give anything that would stop get make people healthy. Keep them out of the hospital because then they can't get there vaccine is right that millions of dollars and millions of dollars on proper caller called you get our newsletter yes okay will in the next newsletter which you become an out within the next week in there there's going to be 10 things that you can get over the counter like corseted is one plummeted his good eye pardon. Oil Co. Macedo is this going to be 10.

There's an article in there with 10 different things that you can get what they can do the same thing. As I remarked in our direction. Clerk went okay so there be right in the newsletter. You can make it fact you can actually make hydroxychloroquine in your kitchen is actually made from grapefruit and oranges yeah okay now I don't get your letter on letter across the country for important American okay, here's what you do to send us another letter right away or call the office and very very clearly leave your name, your address, your ZIP Code in your phone number and and request the newsletter. If you call that number 440-338-1367 that's 440-338-1367.

I will send you the newsletter. Problem or question pouring out of Scott and Dr. Garrett regarding date. I've been actually really really sick for about three weeks now. Well yeah we're supposed to be taken at stuff the beginning I would run out. I would get some corseted in black who Macedo right vitamin vitamin D3 and and vitamin C now in the course of 10 most of the kind you get the top shelf you'll have in their sink and vitamin C will be in the corseted and you take like three tablets but it went right in their effect. I haven't have a bottle with me here in the studio tonight and let me reach over here and just tell you regular, perfect, and the applicant. The three and think that worked well. This is called bioflavonoid complex activated corseted in and though this is blatant unnatural sources and it's got in it like is that is got bromelain: corseted, magnesium, vitamin C, right in writing that everything's right in the city rosehips and Lincoln marginality take okay I think my take on 12 complex eye could be fixed. I think a lot of my wife is a okay with what corseted does corseted opens up your blood vessels so that the sink can get into it. That's what it does is they call it the gun but were out of time. I have to move on because we got it. What were out of time. Thank you for calling.

Don't forget to call you get the newsletter or write us a letter with your address and everything and will send it to you okay Joe we have three minutes and in the city.

He gave it last night so it's up to meet him okay heavenly father Lord God without the day we need to we just need to answer folks out there tonight over this country many, many people I know that I know people are afraid were living in that time that you told us about the evil days at the time of darkness. The father God.

We know that everything that we discussed tonight when Dale will be gone. We will be talking about: 19, we will be talking about the deep state that all be gone but one thing won't and that's your word heaven and earth.

The past and we know father God exactly what you told us that supported all men once to die, then the judgment whether we like it or not. And we know that the time that of our departure is not our call it yours and we know that when we die we legally go to heaven or hell, and that is that's not our decision to make. It doesn't matter people believe or not doesn't matter what you believe it matters what God has said and then you need to you need to call upon the name of the Lord. He did to is what God has said that's going to happen.

You can have all of the theories and that and you want all the opinions you want out there with folks you gonna die when you die your end either can end up in heaven and hell or hell, and that's a reality that's going to happen just like it's a reality that well.

The sun comes up in the morning and sets at night came so tonight all over this world are going to be people run out of tomorrow's. You don't want to be one of you don't want to be like I said note. Most of these people aren't have no intention of dying tonight. They don't and I'm sure that your listing to me you don't have any, but it could happen. And if you have not call upon the name of the Lord of you have not prayed to the father and asked for forgiveness of your sins. If you have not call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and asked him to be Lord of your life. All of your life without any reservations. Then your standing on a spiderweb over a burning like a fire folks to get your standing at the edge of the pit he could and you don't want to fall in their you need to pray to the father, repent of your sin call upon the name of the Lord Jesus, receive eternal life. The indwelling of the Holy Ghost become a new creature.

You need to do that now I'm just the messenger. The message comes right from God's word.

I'm just the messenger. That message comes right from the word of God until tomorrow. We want to say good night God bless always always always keep fighting the fight.

Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance was right once left my pastor Ernie Sander to learn more about our ministry. Please visit us online at www.W WL 90.

Please tune in next time for another edition was right once left by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content

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