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WED HR 2 011222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 13, 2022 12:24 am

WED HR 2 011222

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 13, 2022 12:24 am

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Donate and listen to the podcast W all right we are back in Windy telephone you were told me about that. The dry cough thing I went that well what it is. People maybe get a flu bug are called they'll get over it and then still have the half that you hang around and I can't think shake it on. Dr. had often prescribed antibiotic afford to do anything and if the revenge of the US thing. This is been happening all over the place globally and noted 2000 1617 the fall of 2016 and you know the holiday came people traveled and I and I just want to go from West Coast to East Coast because of my phone rang and what it is know what to call it what you wanted in the scope it is a come of it costs.

That's what it is and so what we we can to do is uses a combination of product will use the pneumonia kit with some people will have a little bit of production on the cost like you to some people have any at all that we pneumonia kit and then we also add that yes and that they will also add the thyme fixture picture has a German side in it. That is really good for pulmonary issues. They used is a turn-of-the-century for percussive switches will think Oscar does have an ability to calm the cough reflex a little bit greatly using before bed to get the police and Emily off the layer and the pace of oil and oil is a very special blend of campers, leaders, eucalyptus, really strong, and she put a few drops in the palm of your hand rub your palms together cup over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply and the fumes help to disinfect the airway and shrink any swelling of the airway with the kind of another layer of getting rid of the pathogen that can continuing with the cost though usually a couple weeks here usually back to your normal self will. I'm really started to blow.

We've got a clue by more than please click when the lunches from Ajay Depriest. This is a woman who does.

Jesus was real out of you as you. There's a lot of research and her job is to track down vaccines to track him down. Find out who's making what and where it's being shipped to where and who's paying for all of this and also her job is to look at where the money is coming from where will you find out who's paying who, for what, but in the home. Listen to this clip and then afterwords want you to comment on it and in the Weatherby people: every time the drawing we love the call so take it away day out. Thank you for taking the time we ran into each other a function just a couple weeks ago and he blew my mind with what you were telling this woman. I hated over to you. First of all, how did you get into sort of looking at the data and looking at incentive projects happening from our government. Thank you now so good to be here. Thank you for giving us boys about a year ago. 28 people got together all volunteers and formed Tennessee liberty network. It's a small think tank here in Tennessee were not controlled by anyone. Nobody read gives us money for anything and some we wanted to do some research into the cares act money coming into the state to find out how exactly all different areas of our state were affected by that money we can find anything really. Untoward, there but when the American rescue plan act was signed by Joe Biden in March early March 2021 was about the same time that we started going to school board meetings and discovering that there was this very disturbing trend of appearance and citizens standing up from school boards crying and begging for their kids to be unmasked. And yet, the school board members to set their glassy eyes and started licking zombies almost like they didn't have a say so in the matter why we decided to dig into that and discovered that the school boards really don't have a choice in the matter and in the cares act on Esther money that's elementary and secondary school emergency relief money was Esther wanted to were released under the cares act okay on Esther three money which was more than any money ever given to schools ever by the government was released shortly after Biden signed the ARP act in March, 20, 21, and yes, this is a great graphic care because you can see that in December 2020. The CD released a report CDC released a report saying that it would only cost $25 billion to get every single school United States up and running okay and to date, schools have been given almost $200 billion relief money yeah big carrot right well it's it was going to a lot of things to help schools with no a lot with them like tele-school choice because a lot of the rural schools didn't have ways for kids to attend school online so that was really great to do and time and a lot of health related things like sanitation issues fixed in schools, but we started asking her why code is so deadly and master some necessary why were there any OSHA regulated hazmat bins in school right up with this can't be about health and safety like you're telling us so we looked into the on Esther three money which is the most schools are given and we found that the had to submit a district plan and not only Tennessee, we discovered that every state submitted their district plan our Commissioner of education pace when submitted.

Our planet was approved by Miguel Cardona, the Secretary of Education up in the swamp and Tom. This plan is something that schools have to submit every six months through September 2023 crew how they are universally masking children find this online and look for it in your state and go to the requirements to get this money they have to do these things universal and correct wearing physical distance thing.

Hand washing, cleaning, ventilation, contact tracing quarantines isolation and the last second to last on the list is vaccination. This is why they're getting the money to sourced editors. Parents of the school board meetings is to get the mass off my kids are getting rashes on a phase like is the press that missing the teacher smiled. They're not interacting socially. I see them. Really we just see those blank stares because that school Lord knows are not, but it turned out was a $10 million or $15 million. Those of you much more than that real in Tennessee. Tennessee Shelby County Memphis County.

It's almost 3/4 of $1 billion in covered relief funds to the school to the school system. Shelby County school system will you love the gullible national public schools is 1/2 $1 billion in covered relief funds. But to get that money, they have to prove how they are fulfilling these requirements universal masking contact tracing isolation quarantines vaccinations for all students, staff and teachers to get that money, they have to fulfill those requirements. That's what we discovered in every state is doing so, we want parents just not going before school broke boards crying and begging them to release their kids from mass just stop it. Okay find this information in your state contact is will help you pointing the direction to find information, take this in funnier school board and confront them them how much money are you taking from the federal government to commit this this egregious to radical behavior on our kids and if they don't know tell them how much it is and tell them to give that money back. That task absolutely misses something.

I suspect the suspected that this was going on. This God of your payoff is going on here because it doesn't make sense. The school boards on acting naturally, they don't care and so that is hundreds of millions of dollars just in one school district there and you say that's happening all around the world course another walk with results of someone as parents we got recognize like you know your enemy right your enemy is money right now you are asking the school board would you think is just about a masking what they said about your kids there not been a walk with him hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming again as all of our look it up.

These are the numbers as they break down billions literally billions of dollars being funded to imprison your child to socially dismiss them to shut down. This will make the more mass all of that is being funded against you by your Pres. bio administration and probably more specifically law. This comes on the NIH and the FDA cc always so Tony thought is probably behind his use part of this and those that retina represent that this is how a small group of people.

In fact, it makes everybody evil. They force them into it by funding them, giving them the biggest carrot known to man. So how does this translate the world by storm, by talk about hospitals and was seeing this incredibly almost like planned out best rate we talk about some of the funding did you note the sudden storm did in the hospital to write content delivery network.

About the time that we finish wrapping up our deep dive on the education money we started getting calls from people looking for help because they had loved ones and hospitals that were dying and we we started first. We started looking at the cases in Tennessee and to date we lost about 20,880 people and in Tennessee and hospitals. These people are dying at home, run COBIT there dying in our hospitals so we started looking into that and tracking the money from the BART act as well, and we figured that there had to be more than just the ARP and so are researchers led us to. I'm discovering that the CMS is also heavily involved in funding hospitals in these deadly protocols, and so we we confront these hospitals daily. Now we formed another organization called the atom group and we have a website. The atom is adjunct and our goal is to educate people on how to prevent COBIT because it is preventable and how to treat COBIT at home because it can be treated at home without going to a hospital article number one goal is to keep people out hospitals because we know from experience what happens there, and the advocacy work that we do with people who are in hospitals.

It's it's the stuff of nightmares, it's nightmares in Tennessee. Tennessee hospitals get hundred and $66,000 for every COBIT patient in the hospital. What hundred $66,000 I'm you and yeah I will hold on though hundred thousand dollars to rent my head on the because I remember we talked about you know really honestly like there's a $13,000 to be diagnosed COBIT member, something like 26,000 be reported in the and and Scott Jensen I believe is running for Senate risks is this is the last of these wonderful Gov. Gov. meeting on up in Minnesota but he came out swimming incentivize here folks to take anyone we can to make them a COBIT patient and then to put them on a ventilator and so those numbers like 13,000 26,000 you're saying.

All I got.

So these are other states. Nebraska is getting you hundred 79,000 per covered base in the hospital. West Virginia border and to have the 1000 39,000. What do they have to do to get that money for that patient. They have to follow the NIH protocol for the treatment of COBIT in hospitals and they will tell you we have follow NIH guidelines. We follow the CDC guidelines for inpatient treatment of covenant hospitals. But if you go to the CDC website points you write to this document right here, the NIH protocol only goes to see with the putsch about the NIH was right on point to write back to the NIH. It's right there on the website.

There's a link that says this is the protocol that we follow the CDC and takes you right to the NIH website. There's a link there so they can try to obfuscate and pointing in another direction, but it all leads back to those NIH protocols that in those protocols. The only approved EA you drugs for the use of for use in hospitals for coded starts with Brenda severe right and the reason why other countries don't have the death rates we do is because the United States for the whole year 2021 was the only country that was allowed to use from death of Wilde's team brought us.

I know they taught it as I floated out of the brand-new a failed Ebola drug that was so toxic they said you're better off with Ebola were pulling it off of this trial right, but on a less use it for really bad cold exhibits everybody and why think about this right, we send people in the hospitals we once they get there.

Those we send you home if you don't have low enough oxygen levels because for the first time in history. Early treatment is not the answer. Go home, get more sick then come back to us. When your lips were blue reports one is likely to give you run desert was when visitors just on the kidneys which build your lungs water now is that your dying of pneumonia is actually a side effect of them does beer and boom perfect line of death of everybody walking the hospitals well done advising abilities beyond that you get paid in any way like the ventilators like that though we were talking about. Yeah, I think that Dr. Jensen said it earlier on your show $39,000 for every covered patient event paid hospitals get paid a fortune just on these faulty PCR test they did the test for free, the government pays every time they administer a test they pay for every positive test they pay for every test that results in in the hospitalization, so they think a fortune just off the faulty test alone. Then they get paid for every covered patient hundred $66,000 in Tennessee and then they get $39,000 for recovery. Patient event. Plus, there's a 20% bonus add-on which is a weird thing to call something when you're murdering people for 20% for using on Brenda severe and in the ventilators English and that CMS is responsible for that. That's the centers for Medicaid and Medicare got their hands all their fingerprints are everywhere all over extra payments to hospitals for killing people. But here's what I want to point out about the NIH protocol because people are going to court begging for the use of either Mac and Ajay Q if you go to the NIH protocols and you read those those protocols.

Believe me, we've read them cover to cover. It's a big document but there's very valuable information in there because I never met is actually listed as number four treatments for right right it's in the NIH protocols but the FDA has not given. I remarked in an EA you approval to be used for the treatment of covenant hospitals. It's in their but Brenda severe and those covered countermeasures. Just like when does severe the ventilators of the only ones that are covered under the EUA for use in hospitals and if you want to throw one more ranch in the spokes.

The press act. The press act protects all the hospitals and doctors in full liability without a work right. Yeah, for injury and even death are completely protected but not if they use fibronectin.

It's only for the covered countermeasures. And that's Brenda severe ventilators that I want people to go to go to page 33.

The NIH protocols because on page 33.

There is a section called Iqbal evolving knowledge on treatment of COBIT 19 and in that section. It clearly says that providers can access and prescribe investigational drugs, even off label drugs like fibronectin and the very last paragraph it says it's important to stress that the rated treatment recommendations in these guidelines should not be considered mandate. The choice of what to do or not to do for an individual patient is ultimately decided by the patient and their provider so any buddy who's out there fighting to get fibronectin in their in court and they have a lawyer take page 33 out of the NIH because this gives the hospital permission. They may not make all the money that they make off with Brenda severe and the ventilators right but this gives them permission to do it and if a lot of doctors and hospitals.

Really, if they take their Hippocratic variously and they read this from the NIH. Maybe, just maybe they can form a coalition and start fighting back against these hospital protocols and savings Ajay Depriest this amazing work you want people while you really listen. With this happens you when you're advocating for your loved one in the hospital for to get that dire. Hopefully you been watching the show is taking all the different things that you know we take care of you guys think you know up levels under by the due levels. We now know are very important doing preventative things hydroxy for fibronectin.

I hope you have, you know you're at your stats ready to go to that moment, and look at is always a chance in any situation that gets out of control.

Understand that if you find yourself in a hospital not treating you properly.

Look what you're up against that hospital wants to make that $350,000 be granted to them by these rules by these people that are pushing up an agenda and a plant whether it's to truly want purpose and it's hard to imagine that it's not with those levels numbers. Those that funding is coming to do the things are going to kill your loved one that's really great advice in their own websites and this is what we do here. We use their own evidence against them there telling you that I've Americans acceptably just not going to get payment so we are looking at the hospital.

The doctor does care about you. They don't even realize that is their boss. The hospital owners these hospital walls are taking these incentives and letting the mandate down so you know I've wrecked it doesn't work. You knew this hydroxychloroquine because they need to make that money and that's why they need to do it.

No Ajay I we looked up a number we will look at something when you do come on when you take a look at this as I think it really just puts an exclamation point on the work done. We looked at fact this is July 7 to the 20 20th Health and Human Services announces additional distribution of funds to hospitals with high COBIT 19 admissions really.

We want you to have high admissions. Remember we started cutting on oncology units. We started shutting down the heart diddled of programs and the diabetes only the cover COBIT why because women give you extra money and in that document.

It basically lays out the really give you the was 50,000. HHS will distribute funds in hospitals.

More than 161 COBIT 19 admissions during this time. Which equates to one admission per day.

It also will distribute funds to those hospitals that experienced a disproportionate intensity of covert ideas to get those cases in your hospital that exceed the average ratio of coping 19 admissions and beds. Hospitals will be paid $50,000 per eligible admission. Look at best. July 17, 2021 two something really interesting. Remember, we shut down have bought hospitals all that money that comes in to answer all that money that comes in for heart disease disappeared, all there was with COBIT will look at this is just one of the hospital systems that some this business of the stock tracking with the S&P 500 look attractive green.

There is this HCA that's a hospital group that does very well. It kinda goes right along with the index look right in there on May and then July start handing in giant funding. Look what happens there stock.

This got to the kids or the stuff to the heart disease. No money coming in from anything else except the government paying you to kill people rub does severe ventilators and now you're more profitable than you've ever been. That is absolutely shocking and is deplorable and I don't think it's going to age well. Our history books.

No it's not till there is a hospital very close to me here in Tennessee that was interviewed for an article in in a paper and they were bragging about how for the second year in a row there operating in the black after never operating in the black and they were bragging about all the new equipment and technology they were going to buy in all the new wings.

They were to build to the tune of about $19 million.

It was disgusting because that hospital loan we lost almost 2 dozen COBIT patients and they killed them by Brenda severe ventilators, so we want communities to start getting more involved in when you know these hospitals are doing that the people of that community need to show up at that hospital in in mass and start telling them that you as a community are going to be advocating for every single covert patient that walks through those doors and you are in a whole that hospital accountable to their patient Bill of Rights to their stated visitation policies and if you are state is not in a state of emergency anymore.

There shouldn't be any reason why pain patients are medically kidnapped and separated from their families and isolated. There's absolutely no reason for it, but the communities have to get involved and they have to confront these hospitals and tell them we're done. You're not killing any more of us men Ajay Depriest yield mirroring to the words that came from Dr. Mark McDonald earlier is about community.

We gotta find a community would gotta get vocal with our community.

We've got to stop this insanity now all I don't know it's on purpose but they're murdering a lot of people I know that Robert Malone said in his interview with Joe Rogan.

They have fueled 500,000 people. At least it's scientific.

We know it. People that did not need the dyes they have had access to the drugs that we know works in all the Third World nations that are beating us right now it comes a COBIT Ajay is people like you to make a difference to put together groups of just do your own work. Nobody funded view. Nobody made it happen.

You got out there and made a difference. You're a true 011. Thanks for taking time series your data for everybody out there, a lot of this goes blog is live will make for the links to all this data is there for you as we provided to you on Monday. You want to go back and really look at these documents we talk about want to find at page 33 resetting. This also gives was all 33 page someone or something. Just sign up to our newsletter and that information will be in your inbox on Monday. Ajay Depriest your hero. Keep up the good work and and will have you any new discoveries you have, please let us know. Already we are back to Wendy. Do you know who. A woman named Christine.

Grady happens to be hurt Craig Grady don't think don't know which is the head of the NIH bioethics in the early COBIT is an approved drug for the FDA to know she's married to married guy name Anthony Fauci allowing the you wouldn't think that would be a conflict of interest would you I would.

Here's a good note.

You've heard of this fellow Lolita will play a little clip and discover here he is to draw a source it's going to just focus on those groups will have schools. This is and does, other than us.

We see some countries are using to give boosters to children which is not the right. So if it's going to be used.

It's better to focus on those groups who have schools see that this is and does, rather than us. We see some countries are using to give boosters to children so that growth is because that was the be the head of the World Health Organization. Anything of you going to kill people with the vaccine. The boys and those plugs were below the vaccines of bio weapons don't kill the children your way stupidly killing children kill it on the sick kilo on the elderly kill them all.

You know it's it's an amazing thing you might consider this on NBC, ABC, CBS or even Fox News are you will you might see it on talker or Hannity. Maybe with the video is just amazing. What is taking place. I would open the phone lines and take some calls for you at 888 know it's 866 when on the phone lines are open at 8886779673886779673 then the Windows number for her catalog is 866-229-3663 is 866-229-3663 for Wendy's apothecary catalog no. Working before we take some calls were to go to a fast break will be back right after this there was another one of my very old friends as the Chrisman and yours truly open after we made the we made that worker quite a few years ago didn't we wonder are you there on her listen to you know who Dr. Robert is you will lose now. He's a guy that testified before Congress you know Solomon said money is worth everything if you got enough of that money you can do you can just about do whatever you want on nobody's, but here's what he had to say because he was pretty angry about a guy back in the 80s that were killing people with bad vaccines. I called NIH alum about Obama not go well. The opening of genocide got a job by indictment of the date when the court borrowed welcome would take me to court because they have been coming out of God, knowing that a court of law, without the guidance and evidence, and I have in my book. I'm not alone in what I'm doing. I member of our national economy. Goldilocks laboratory at the UC remember that it's legal to swine flu back soon would remember why the use of the people I didn't remember.

Why do you want to the building.

Well, actually Dr. Amar. He was the neurologist of the FDA in the 70s and he blew the lid off of the line flu pandemic being total fabrication on live TV and Phil Donahue. PM told him it was, there is no pandemic set to knock at the vaccine. It would give you Killian for a syndrome and that was the last fear you could do a pharmaceutical company for damages from a vaccine so they designed a vaccine for pig farmers because it was supposed to protect their pigs from third influenza and what happened is the take died when they were given the vaccine is a big Pharma said no I don't want.

So the only way to recoup the losses of the pharmaceutical company decided the only market selected human let the creative pandemic and that's what they did.

What about room goods written. This is there. What about why, don't worry. Should we not use that toilet is not designed to treat the buyer is killing people. Let's what is judged on your use right here is what I Dr. told us this. This is a reliable I would say credible.

Dr. he said that if you use Windows severe is going to be in very small amounts. I mean very very small and it's got to be monitored continuously and if not please add here's the reason is killing all these people. As these doctors are not trained on how to use it hard to administered or just totally going to buy a new suit minutes killing people skilled people were going to be probably tomorrow night talking about one of those cases. But then a helpless patient calls.

We have lived lender in their pardon little Lynn. That's what I said hypocrite Lynn hello are you there I can hear you just made a noise whoever's listen to me it's on the phone talk hello yeah okay go ahead during their movement before the thing about writing the planning of the war left the government says it's almost like this being like a stream of her life there, chronically sort of like the false flag. That's what they're trying to do together trying to push it but they don't.

I don't think that getting the ideal cut resistance to really good there trying to start a civil war is the deep state white blood from there.

It started early, before anything prepared. You know on the ball is sort of a false flag right there right there is all I heard the first tonight from a local computer building authority to build a concrete wall around the White House. The massive walk-through video right now. God saw that I saw that on you and it is only seasoned employees for you now will place them you would like to clean the boss almost like the like done for something I don't know what I mean, there's definitely something here.

We put those things together and also the third of the military drill proved urban warfare going on in South Carolina all go do something on the move there and I don't want it in a liquid very garlands of thing lately you know so very garlands dirty cup is trying to start again.

We do know what we do not have an independent Justice Department is simply a branch of the Democratic I'm his party so but I gotta move things recall list go to April April you're in there thinking, glad, go ahead and turn on the radio is all you get Nickelback turn off the radio.

Yeah, that's better, talk right into your telephone is not about execution lifestyle about like you are.

724 25 with the make the antichrist.

But a lot of people not a lot of churches are really really little more than I can make it easy to me quite late on his lap on the line and out that that the written. It will make it by already willing to just say this with what's happening in today's is exactly what God's Word, the Bible said it would be a we have much much of the church of Laodicea today. They're really not new Jesus that many are called but few are chosen.

Live, Phil will enter.

You have a lot of large entertainment centers that are little more than social clubs and you know there that they want to avoid doing what I do is preach, tickle the ears of people whatever they have to say to fill the offering plate. Unfortunately, that's just the reality of it is that's exactly the way God's word Bible said it would be the days were living in, but they forgot I gotta move unable to fill failure in their okay I guess is Robert student Phil Robert during their journey.

I wanted to mention that approve the drug." Called Luke through. But one of the side effects knew that Compton called called called and it may be something that maybe you're taking a medication, so I don't I don't take any medications.

Hold about about a month or so ago I had I had like for one day.

I had a runny nose and the sniffles know several other people got the same thing.

Some some of those what milk they tested positive for covert, but I know those chest you can trust me. And even if they so you can trust and so the CDC so I had a couple I had a snuffle, runny nose for one day. Right after that. That's when I started getting this dry cough like bronchitis to all who Malone Ronco bronchial private doctor would cook for about the inflammation of mother bronchial know when you have that you can feel it know you can feel that there's like some discomfort there and have any discomfort at all. All I got. No, I can say this to that when I start out in the morning. My voice is very clear by the time I get to a nighttime drive probably had 1525 phone calls we get about 500 and week that after I've been running on the phone calls, probably not more than 15 or 20. By that time my voice starts running down so medical doctor, was unable to evaluate it either.

I stay I avoid the hospitals like a plague people going there to die in the so but I do have a lot of friends of the doctors will go from a moment to be with someone who would want to be helpful to Dr. tenpenny court got a number.

Dr. Scott so but who needs them.

I got Wendy Wilson for Jesus she's already 77 inches already 70 the right medicine. I just go start taking it now. Okay, well, private movements completely. You follow legal and so do any work. Plus thank you I appreciate that. Always take prayer okay but I said you list go to Jack Jack Cureton noted, we have next Jack okay Jack will after you know, I noted that I've been looking to the show about a month that you have a chronic cough that maybe you just discovered the reason. Maybe you need to take a week off and keep your voice the root but I was also going to suggest and I was wondering if Wendy still there. What she thought of this. If you haven't had the chest x-ray in a long time, a chronic cough can be signed of several different things and I would recommend a chest x-ray and that x-ray proves to be clear, there's no problem with your lungs. It can be used later as a baseline and if you were to develop a problem that can go back to that x-ray and say here's what your lungs look like normal and here's what you got going on now for they might find someplace like go walking pneumonia or something. I just think it would be a good idea if you have a chest x-ray and I was wondering what Wendy thought about this on Kelly get ready to roll things out if you worried about you know, pneumonia and pneumococcus will be cancer true. I mean there are a lot of crossover symptoms so if it's persistent and you definitely want to go see what it could deftly has a chronic cough because I noticed it right away and one with anything but know that the topic I don't want anything to happen to the pastors to important data should have a chest x-ray.

Why appreciate the advice to said I have absolutely no discomfort at all but to little Libby who knows maybe I went in there and get one. I just what I just like to avoid hospitals and doctors offices is much as possible. Like you said, you know, I've done just the three funerals and I'm going to be doing another one here very shortly will you know you're getting up there in age so like I said if you haven't had a chest x-ray in a long time.

I would just get one, and it might turn out to be nothing or might be important but I did.

I did want to get that Wendy's phone number four was that her booklet yeah it's 866-229-3663. It's a catalog she's got apothecary herbs and intelligent natural medicines the natural medicines for just about every kind of ailment you can imagine, so I've got sick sick 229-3663 right that's it all right thank you all right, you're welcome in who do we have next mercury near slope after Sander went to Mark. I got a question for Wendy on your ago last October I got well-liked with the PCR test but couldn't believe whether it was true or not but I had you not bad enough symptoms where I thought I must forgot the cold, dead and gone like got over it and everything but I'm wondering if the spike proteins that are in the vaccine the same of the artificial light proteins within the virus itself and could I've gotten something that you know could almost feel sad at the vaccine for having gotten it to begin with the risk that a separate situation, you know, I fire it vaccine they get, they start the chair, they usually roll the flu shot out in October and people said that virus are q. week and pregnant other people know you have a shedding that comes off of any viruses that are given to people and I believe you have a better shot at overcoming anything that you pick up with your natural needs uses a lot of mineral nutrition to defend itself you want.

Make sure you are getting money of good nutrition is consistent as far as the spike proteins that point but I like to do it cleanses that will can remove foreign proteins you should have so we can lighten cleansing and the budgeting and metabolic strengthening. So might want to get it to catalog and then if you have questions, just give the calls have questions. Yeah I can. You know he had it long before any of the models.

Raymond never quite felt like I completely got over till I started taking the queer to with training think in might be, and I felt so much better.

This was only like a week ago. The I'm going to continue taking it because that's a clever night going antioxidants in your think but your think it will create a protein barrier on the health of the Kobe can't penetrate the cells to make it thicken that was researched by the US National Library of medicine health back in 2012.

They have been studying COBIT for many years will and most of the time. I feel a little bit funny with that pride be around a bunch of vaccinated people that challenged so that the fig well-liked electric me directly through has a high think profile that is echinacea like that link profile and it is a proponent of whole food nutrition rather than the isolated chemistry contact.

The body can utilize things when the chemistries attack better so you just keep doing what you doing. It sounds like your hearing on a winning streak. Well, I had to do something when I called the doctor. They told me there's nothing you can do for us basically go home and not die. You know, while the name out Over the fight, yet they don't have any training in nutrition or medical properties and plants so all I have is what the pharmaceuticals pump out there neck.

I now know that even mentioned hyper Mac hydrochloric with that won't help you. You know they did give me that the pack you know that probably was kept me from getting pneumonia. You know you know it was a rough way to go. I and then hearing what I heard this evening for most report we got a real serious thing going on here. We do Mark but I'm out of time. I will thank you for calling and you know what time it is windy.

Do you know what it says in Revelation chapter 22 and he showed me a pure river of water like clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb in the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was the tree of life which bare 12 manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations and there should be no more curse with the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it and the service shall serve to and they shall see his face and his name shall be in the four heads, and there should be no night there and they need no candle, neither light of the sun for the Lord thy God giveth them light and they shall reign forever and ever. And he said them. To me this these sayings are faithful and true, and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel to show into the service. The things that will shortly be done will hear what is telling you here Wendy is that that's the way it is in heaven and in order to get to heaven, you must be born again. When I will write whenever I preach.

If you are one of the first things until people's look. Funerals are for the living there enough of the dead.

The funerals there there.

The reason is to remind you all of you people here that are living is that someday you're going to leave this world and of its appointed all men once to die, and when that happens, you're either going to end up in the place that I just read you there or you can the end of the place is not very pleasant at all and right now you have the choice when the preacher is preaching this message, then, that he's just the messenger, the messages coming from God and God is given you an invitation got us a look, I'm calling you now and don't turn me down. Don't say no.

If you do well he may get another chance. I may give you another opportunity, but may not.

This may be the night. This may be the very night that your soul is required of you and you must be ready and so what is telling them is this the Bible is very clear. He gives you very clear instructions, the Lord Jesus said that when you pray, pray to the father, repent of your sins and ask for forgiveness of your sins and then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus asked the Lord Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

All of your life without any reservations.

Totally complete God's gotta be first. If you do that you will become a new creature, a born-again believer and nearly came to and you will be on the road to immortality you got God's word on that.

God's word on that does nothing more sure than the word of God and flow so that's your chance. That's your message. You got to do that tonight. Don't wait till tomorrow because tonight is very night. A lot of people are going to run out of tomorrow. You don't want to be wonderful when you die you don't want to die in your sins. Believe me, when they thanks for being here tonight and all you folks out there. You know you always do great in cup.

I talk to you tomorrow until till until tomorrow. Good night God bless, always, always, the steward K fighting the fight night.

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