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Matt Slick Live (Guest Host Luke Wayne)

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick
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January 13, 2022 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live (Guest Host Luke Wayne)

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 13, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with guest host Luke Wayne LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Luke discusses the upcoming interview with Voice for the Voiceless, an anti-abortion ministry, on Thursday, 01-13-22.--2- Luke gives some background on himself and how he became involved in apologetics.--3- Why does Jesus point out to Nathaniel that he saw him under the fig tree- Why was that such a big deal---4- Is Baptism necessary for Salvation---5- Are you familiar with the term of the gospel of the kingdom and the gospel of Christ- Are they separate---6- What does apologetics mean-

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Founding program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines back. Slick why branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick volume, Luke, Wayne will be your guest post for today met for this week and so I will be filling in for my buck colleague of his at the Christian apologetics and research ministry.

You can find a flick see and if you're new to the show. This is a show about Christian apologetics area Christian theology devoted to the defense of the Christian faith. And so we talk about complicated passages in the Bible we talk about objections from other religions or from atheism and we try to help Christians better understand their own faith while also speaking to outsiders to to share the gospel and and remove stumbling blocks and answer those hard questions and also look forward to answering your calls today. The phone lines are open and you can call Lynn at 877-207-2276.


He allows certain things happen for certain reasons and as Christians we need to trust him in his dissenting trust and beyond her ability to understand you know my there's a Scripture that is worth focusing on writing a little bit considering everything that's going on. This is this is looking for 67 and Davies are great versus okay for a little difficulty. Their second, I would think this Thursday we have a special show coming up. I'm going to be interviewing a colleague and friend of mine. He is a leader in a ministry here in Utah where I serve as a missionary and a ministry called Utah's voice for the voiceless and his name is Chris Martinson. He and I go to church together. We are legitimate friend a lot of times guys in ministerial coolant who are going to interview each other will just around always a friend of mine, but Chris really is. He and I serve together. I've known him since before he got his ministry started officially when he was just a guy standing on the sidewalk outside of abortion facilities sharing the gospel with people trying to change minds and save lives and provide legitimate help the people he still… But now he's part of the team it's doing so much more. Out here in Utah and doing everything from again investing in the lives of hurting people, showing them a better way, giving them a chance to to choose life been helping to get them out of the situation, but have made them feel the need to to run to somewhere like an abortion facility and to call people to repentance, to share the gospel to keep Christ at the center of this ministry and then also to advocate to legislator someone called yesterday asking can Christians be involved in politics. In a way that is gospel centered and good stewardship of our of our time in a resource and a lot of discs. Chris is a guy who does that meets with city councilmembers and state legislators. And as these, our conversations try to promote just laws on the subject will also doing person-to-person practical ministry to be bringing him in talking to him for a little bit about the ministry of an opening up to your calls. I encourage you Thursday. This Thursday Mark your calendars to be a part of that show, so I really hope a lot of you guys will be able to join for that and we do have a line open right now so if you guys could if you are interested in calling today to ask any of your Bible or apologetics or religious questions on you can call me at 877-207-2276, and before we go to the phone only go ahead and take a couple online questions that were submitted how you guys who have good stuff online. Sometimes it's hard to get your questions, but we do we do try and see him and I five grabbed a couple of those and so first I want to answer a question by Eric on Facebook who asked me if I could tell a little bit about myself, how I got into apologetics ministry yesterday on the show mentioned that I've been working for Carmen working with car for six years now and during one of the call also mentioned a little bit about my family situation that my wife three of my children are our were born blind and so we come from a very unique perspective that has opened up a lot of doors for us to speak into live. Ashley and I my wife how we managed that she has a Masters degree in social work, and we were involved in a Christian home with ministry back in Kansas city for many years, but for my entire believing life apologetics has been a part of what I've done even before I knew what the word apologetics was a brand-new believer when couple Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on my door the first time it's spark something to me. I realized the need out there for people trapped in false gospels to hear true biblical truth and so I met with them as often as possible not branched out into me going in, meeting with people from a wide variety of religions talking with them studying the Scriptures so I have something meaningful to say that digging into those things and that brought me to using carb I discovered the the website of this ministry that I'm now, decades later, blessed to be a part of the fact that I was a card users studying everything that that Matt slick and others had written to help me be prepared to share the gospel with everyone. I could meet from any background and so over the years I attended seminary been involved in church planting. I moved out to Utah's missionary out here and finally met Matt and by God's grace. come to be a part of Carmen's been a writer and researcher for Carmen for the last six years.

And so that's that's my road to being a part of this ministry. In a nutshell. And so Erica hope that answers your question. If you have any further questions feel free to call or write to us what said with no further delay. Let's get to the phone Alberto from Georgia, Alberto, you are on the air sir yet acquired the gospel to know about working with Jesus told what was the key. When he saw his mother was on the big tree yours equivalently large but he should be should be amazed about it will send you the cards you can see all things all time. I can do the same thing. Through the example I saw you on your old tree eating below, I thought you then later on a saw you know so-and-so on your old tree. What what what will make that so special from Jesus and I am back in the amazed that the same thing to see you somewhere sits on what you thought I saw you, but I can say I saw you so-and-so. So what the big deal about that told him his own. Why was only okay yeah that's that is from John chapter 1, I believe the story of Nathaniel when Philip brings Nathaniel to Jesus and Nathaniel first has this attitude can anything good come from Nazareth. How can this Jesus from Nazareth be the Messiah.

How can he be the promised one, and so Phillips is come and see, and the first thing that that that Jesus says because he addresses Philip as beholden Israelite indeed in whom there is no deceit in offenders like weight, do you know me you never met this Jesus before Jesus already speaking to his character and saying something about them.

And so Nathaniel is confused immediately and Jesus says, before Philip called you when you were under the fig tree, I saw you know we don't know everything about what that might mean to Philip, but clearly Jesus all filled up at a time when no one could've seen him. Jesus knew where Philip was. Whether that's where Philip was standing so I would wear Nathaniel Explorer for Faneuil standing when Philip first came up to them or this was some past experience. Nathaniel had under the under the tree, but nobody could've known about in some way. Jesus, knowing exactly where Nathaniel had been at that point meant something to Nathaniel, even if it was as simple as that's where he was standing when Philip walked up. Philip knew Jesus wasn't there couldn't have known that it's similar later in John to win the Samaritan woman comes up to Jesus and the note about her past with her husband and the man she's with, and she realizes you must be a prophet. No one else could know that I've never met you before and you know that so well this seems like a small thing to us.

Clearly, Nathaniel realized that Jesus saw a new Nathaniel at a moment when Jesus was not there and could not have no and then he realized okay okay you really are you you are who Philip said you are in. And Jesus says you'll see even greater things, amazed how you'll see the heavens open an angel to ascending and descending on the Son of Man, but so so that's what the situation is been going on is Jesus having supernatural knowledge that no man could have this moment where Nathaniel was under the fig tree where Jesus couldn't have known that. And again we see that theme multiple times in John's gospel where Jesus has that kind of supernatural knowledge and through that people realized all this is this is just a map something more going on here make sense. What will what about you'll know that there were these long garments will cover it up with documentable loan multiple garment with it for the Nathaniel never knew what the Messiah first place because the defendant listed use of the whole hard time not known I was using NG tube respondent instilled in his own place or yummy like he could if you have been defeated. When you run at all, just Jesus betting around area where the garment over his head.

You know, and he doesn't know Jesus was in a way I look like it could be for my next one will not known knowing that you are doing right now you are adding details to the account in Scripture that aren't there now you're saying Nathaniel was wearing something blocking his view. And Jesus could've been sneaking up that's that's not what and so so knowing Jesus knowing about the moment when Nathaniel was under the fig tree is something that the Nathaniel obviously knew no man could've known about and so that that's how that's why Jesus would live. Nathaniel would've heard Jesus say that and realized okay this is this a supernatural knowledge or the Bible say that all that but but what about that visit we would rub your minutes. Nathaniel: you will then cover-up and standing in a certain place the date know that we Jesus in the past that uses all in the past that spot.

Then later run.

Jesus then appeared to the veins on the future of the present engages yes all you so-and-so's oblate because the bag is a lonely area to break Alberto so I was just ahead on her medical after the break Matt slick. Why call 770-7276. Here is Matt slick welcome back to Matt slick live again for those just joining us.

I am not click I am filling in for Matt this week he will be back on starting next Monday I work with that here at farm but am here to answer your questions in the meantime while Matt is out and excited to be here doing so. Talking with Alberto before the break photo from Georgia about the account in John one of Nathaniel being brought to Jesus at first skeptical, not believing that Jesus could be the Messiah because he's from Nazareth but because Jesus knew about salt something in the past where Nathaniel had been under a fig tree that was enough to convince Nathaniel that Jesus had supernatural knowledge and therefore must be. He claimed to be. So Alberto was pushing back on that. Let's get back to Alberto, Alberto, are you still still with us yester carrier okay so that that one time I go through a firm ice house. A lady friend shooting you out in the car getting low also offers mortgage or were short past and that are not called or shares of potions and she would do it all. You know you got that you know my father, my car and do not describe what she was wearing a supernatural ability to know what she was wearing, which was smoking a cigarette in her hand. So I got to say erosion is a principal partial power that I could see her being there a point I see what you're saying but again you are assuming that whatever happened under the fig tree with something where someone else could've been around to see and that maybe it could have been Jesus without him recognizing or something like that. But what if this is something where Nathaniel was utterly alone out in a wide open space where no one else could've been back no one for miles around Altoona in a been a deserted open plate see you.

You can't drag assumptions into the text to undermine it when that's simply not in the account. Something about this experience under the fig tree clearly was convincing to Philip and the gospel of John doesn't say that we should be convinced simply because of what Jesus said about the Faneuil in the fig tree and it doesn't tell us that will back story with that it leaves that alone it but it does tell us that that was that was what convinced the thing that Jesus knew that just like later, when Jesus knew again as I mentioned before, the Samaritan woman at her previous marriages and the man she was with that was enough. She recognized okay this Jewish man who is not been around Samaria doesn't talk to us all the sudden he knows all the stuff about me that was enough to convince her. Now the gospel of John gives us plenty of far more compelling reasons that should convince and so did the rest of the New Testament, but those are what convinced those people in their lives. They knew that this Jesus couldn't have known those things and that that was a display of supernatural knowledge and that is what convinced them of the Bible accurately could report that that's what convinced those individuals that Jesus was who he said he was and so you know that's what we can try to imagine scenarios where Jesus could've known those things.

Other ways but in doing so were creating something that isn't part of what actually historically have were creating our own imaginary scenarios to try to discredit the text instead of just taking what it reports and realizing that I can't travel back in time and put myself in that position, nor do I have to ask, but I can recognize that is why Nathaniel bleeped that is why the woman at the well believed that Jesus had if it was a one time thing. That's one thing but Jesus had a pattern throughout his whole life and ministry of knowing things, exposing the hearts of people knowing about their past. Knowing what people's thoughts and motivations were combined with all of the other evidences in his life and the fulfillment of prophecy the miracles he performed his resurrection that all come together and confirm powerfully who he is and this is one piece of that we see these people throughout his life.

The recognized he knew things about that no man could know and so this text is just one part of that pattern throughout Jesus life or we see that that help answer your question yes or Scripture borrowing about what they believe though that the public visited God useful regarding total God noise like a vision on the present or not.

I believe in Allah but sometimes on the sampling on the scenario does not want to spend on the Scripture. But you know sometimes people might say well, nobody would know the scenario was no way of knowing their net. I think we can know enough to convince the Faneuil in that moment.

And that's one piece of all that we can see shows us who Jesus and I thank you thank you Amber for your call and look forward to talking to you in the future. Okay thank you all right okay. Next up is Ryan from Utah Ryan you are on the air. Are you doing personable as they think you for the good work you guys all do and got I was listening I had never even thought about trying to talk to people outside of the divorce clinic. That's an amazing no-brainer, but people to help, but generally thank you my comment today with I listen to Matt quite a number times talking debate about that baptism not being a requirement and of course I personally feel completely off, but I think it is not requirement and also the baptism by immersion. It is important well but I wanted to make a comment that I think it may be some people are think about this in the wrong way. Baptism is and what does this say, however, to requirement and what I mean by that is, baptism is just a gauge to the past to walk it. You can try to follow that similarly was where where it is converted. Scripture set up talking to Nicodemus, except that man is born of the water and spirit, he cannot enter it in. I take you so you will you assume that even though neither Nicodemus nor Jesus said anything about baptism that born of water in that context means baptism well text itself is that in fact Cargill had never thought about that first week, and that's part of why love that show you guys were overcome enough on another break so right. If you hold for me. I come back on the all right guys will be back will be back in just a few minutes to talk more about baptism and wife typically not a requirement for salvation, Matt Y. Call 770776 will come back again, I am Lou quaint filling in for Matt this week who's making some well-deserved well-earned time off and will be back with us again on Monday and so I was just talking with Ryan from Utah about baptism and whether or not it is necessary for salvation, and specifically, we were looking at. John chapter 3 were Ryan raised the issue of Jesus statement unless one is born of water and of spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God. Let's bring Ryan back on and let's continue this conversation, you still here. Okay, so let's take let's take a look let's take a look at John.

John chapter 3 because I think this is important very important to this to this conversation and so John chapter 3, Nicodemus comes to Jesus by night and he said Jesus says to him, unless one is born again he cannot enter the kingdom of God, or cannot see the kingdom of God. Nicodemus says to him, how can a man be born when he is old he enter into his mother's womb a second time to be born. Jesus corrects his is over little over physical interpretation of words which happen to what the gospel of John and says no, unless one is born of water and of the spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of flesh is flesh, that which is born of spirit is spirit. Do not be amazed that I said to you. You must be born again. The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone who is born of the spirit. So all of this is talking about a spiritual birth versus a physical birth and Nicodemus back to him right right so let's let let let slip what Jesus own words and and Nicodemus questions drive how we understand this passage instead of bringing our own tradition, but so Nicodemus says to him, how can these things be, and Jesus answered and said to him, are you a teacher of Israel and do not know these things so so Jesus question implies a teacher of Israel should already know what Jesus is talking about here should already know about this requirement of the spiritual birth to enter the kingdom of God. Whatever this born of water and born of spirit is good, something that Nicodemus as a teacher of Israel should already know that baptism is a New Testament ritual which is not something that a teacher of Israel would've already know why. If we look at the Old Testament language.

Glad start the I still believe I believe that it was so obvious that baptism should be a requirement that he get but as you know, when we Nicodemus that it should have been. Go back to his mother's room totally missing the point and I think it maybe not that Scripture is to clarify that the begin about baptism for the may not understand that I guess make it to further what I am trying to work. What is the purpose of baptism. I got accepted to when there is a question after two) hold on hold on Ryan. Ryan Ryan yet. We need to take her time with this and not run around to a bunch of different questions on topics let's finish up with John three. I promise you this is superimposed and then asked to is it is a great next place to go but That I wanted I want to show you because to you because you have you have been taught a cultural lens through which you view this passage to you. Oh, it's just obvious he has to be talking about baptism, to a first century Jew to whom baptism may or may not have even been introduced or heard of yet, but to prove God certainly would not have been thinking in every every reference to water is a reference to baptism. That isn't what would've jumped to my but what should have jumped to mine when you're talking about being born of the spirit to enter the kingdom of God would've been the words of the prophets in the Old Testament which a teacher of Israel should've known and if we look in places like Ezekiel 36 beginning at verse 24 talking about the new covenant talking about this promise time Ezekiel, who prophesies the raising of the dry bones the time of the rest of the future resurrection of God's people. The distance new new and better covenant. It's good to be given in that very context. This kingdom of God. Language, he says, for I will take you from the nations and gather you from all the lands and I will bring you in. Then I will sprinkle clean clean water on you, and you will be clean clean view of your filthiness and from your idols. Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you, I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

I will put my spirit within you.

There is born of spirit born of water with the water here is figurative watering. God does to us. It's something that God does to us. Clint is not literal water is figurative water that is meant to not yet. I need you to be patient with me but it funny. I need you to a lot of split leather seats, either through one more point I need to make. So if we look at what teacher of Israel should've expected to know we see, instead of a brand-new New Testament ritual we see deep rich prophetic language about the requirements and the promise that those entering the kingdom of God would give them a new heart and would cleanse them of their sin that cleansing is not a literal ritual washing that cleansing is figurative language here now what does Jesus go on to say in the rest of this chapter about what is required. This is where the rubber really meets the road. If we just let in this very same passage. If Jesus answers the question what is required for us to have this eternal life enter into the kingdom beginning back in and in John three same conversation with Nicodemus. Jesus continues and says, verse 14. As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes will in him have eternal life. For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. God did not send his son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

He who believes in him is not judged.

He who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God. What does Jesus say the requirements not not baptism, what is the requirement. The all who believe will have knowledge of salvation, eternal life, and this is the context of entering into the kingdom.

The kingdom Jesus will later arrive as coming to the father through him. This is Jesus preaches here and throughout.

John and so Jesus is not saying in John chapter 3 to baptism is necessary, indeed, he saying that baptism is not necessary for salvation. That doesn't mean it's not important, it doesn't mean there's not a reason for it, but it is not a step that will at a ritual, one has to fulfill in addition to faith to enter into the kingdom of God and have eternal life with our heavenly father forever. I actually do agree with Thursday.

I think what's really happening is that the old way the old block was closing the duties, ritual, and the laws of the law could never save them. That's what the Savior but you have the old way of thinking you have the Savior coming, he would want the new right that law under heart and would initially what I say yes it is an act of the baptism that does the saving by ADD because it is the personal the person. That the change of heart that actually will lead them to everlasting life, but but back to my main point. It is the baptism is the gate don't open that gate you can't you can't step on the path so similarly with like works, works versus great. I would think nothing that I can do my work. Don't save me the grace of Jesus Christ, only that come but my work start they be my baptism doesn't save me. It's just the evidence, and that gate that that's stepping onto the pathway so that was my main point I am not I'm actually out of my own self.

Thank you so much was again I love listening is often not.

Thank you Ryan. I hope to talk to you sometime alright, everybody will be right back into to move on to more calls to the finish of the subject right after the spring mass Y call 770776 is Matt slick, welcome back. So I'm Luke Wayne filling in for Matt slick this week and we were just on a call.

Talking with Ryan from Utah. He had to go ahead and go before we left but I want to finish up the topic.

We were talking about. It's very important we are talking about the subject of baptism, and whether it's necessary for salvation and Ryan made an interesting statement before he got off the phone he said that baptism is the gate through which we enter eternal life. But it's interesting to me because Jesus says that he is the gate. He says I am the door and the sheep enter through me elsewhere. He says I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.

And so Ryan was placing a an outward actor ritual or work in the place that Jesus himself puts on absolutely himself. He is the gate. He is the way and we enter through Christ through Christ not to ritual and we saw Jesus words in John three where he emphasizes that we come by faith and faith alone elsewhere in John. John 524 Jesus is truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come in the judgment, but is passed from death to life. In John 627 through 29 when when people ask him what what must we do to work the works unto eternal life in Jesus. As this is the work that you believe in him who sent me elsewhere in that same chapter, Jesus is up for the bread of God is that which comes down out of heaven and gives life to the world they said, Lord, give us this bread always. He says I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will not hunger. He who believes in me will never thirst.

The coming is believing putting our faith in Christ, we could go on and on. The Gospel of John, especially elsewhere in the Gospels as well. Jesus makes it abundantly clear. It is by faith in him and his finished work he hasn't done 99% of the of the works, and we have to do the 1% to finish it up. Jesus has done all and we put our trust in him and him alone.

Baptism is an outward expression of our repentance and identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we are buried with him and raised in him and we do that because Jesus told us to do it all people say oh you admit Jesus told us to do it. That means it must be a requirement for salvation. Jesus told any number of things were supposed to do, not to give us a checklist for salvation. We do these things not not to save ourselves to the fulfillment of works of laws and rituals.

We do them out of both love and gratitude. And because Jesus is Lord his master even when my human boss at work tells me to do something I do it not so that I can suck up to them and get some special price for it. I do it because if the boss and so what he what he says I do it. Jesus is Lord. He's master he's king is our God and what he says we do not so that we can get something from him but because of who he is and because of the love that he's bestowed on us, and through his Spirit because he first loved us the love we have so Ryan I hope you get a chance to hear about them and I hope I get a chance to talk to you again sometime all right, let's move on to our next caller lawn in Ohio.

Thank you for your patience.

Ron and you are on the air you doing work I'm doing great. It's good to hear from you.

Ron look at what your question Savior. Are you familiar with the two Gospels, the gospel of the kingdom, and then the gospel of Jesus Christ or grades unfamiliar with with that of the terminology gospel of the kingdom, but biblically it's the gospel of the kingdom is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm not familiar with a hard distinction of those okay my opinion there are trying to find the passages in the Bible. That's the only way to dollars. The truth is God's written wall of the Bible, so I've been trying to find something solid. So the Bible gospel of the King is the gospel is that is going to be the Angela comes during the tribulation and preachers gospel to all my colleges to all the nations, and it's the gospel of the it's more it's the earthly gospel is not a heavenly one. I don't know if you have any idea what I'm talking about. I the only places where the term gospel of the kingdom is used in Scripture are are in the book of Matthew when it talks about Jesus was preaching the gospel of the kingdom and we know that the message that Jesus himself was preaching was calling people to believe in him as son of God and that he was bringing the kingdom of God and that that by his death and resurrection. The promises of God would be fulfilled and that we would who are to put our trust in him completely send that Gospels the same gospel. The rest of the New Testament preaching and so the gospel of the kingdom is one of the terms of term specifically that Matthew uses in parallel passages in the other Gospels. It's it's referenced under different terms. But it's different wording for the same thing. There is only one gospel. So in Galatians against preaching another gospel there is there is but one gospel and that is the gospel of the finished work of Jesus Christ, which is the good news that he is paid the price to save us from our sin. Since the will exactly words but it says he started about the gospel of the kingdom has to be preached to all nations. Then the end will come.

That's right. And then house out of Matthew's Gospel answer. Jesus has said the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all nations and men. Matthew 28 very end. We have go therefore into all nations and preach the gospel and and and make disciples of Jesus baptizing in the name of the father son and Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all I commend you and low I'm with you always, to the very end of the age. So this proclamation of the gospel is the same gospel that the apostles went on to preach in the book of acts. It's the same gospel that that that Christians believe today so that gospel that must be preached throughout the world. That is the gospel. Okay, that's what the book of Matthew shows okay so before Jesus was crucified. Is there like a gospel like that the Israelites or the Hebrews or whatever. It's like a good it's it's more towards works and grace, which likely they were more into like getting God doing works for their salvation when they were no because users haven't come yet so the grace is not hasn't appeared yet because he has been crucified yet so before that it was all about works for salvation before Jesus came on. Don't know we have salvation and eternal life has always been by the grace of God and those who were saved before Christ came and died. Saved by looking forward in faith to what God was going to do in the same way that we today look back in faith to what God did accomplish on the cross, but always it is been by grace alone through faith alone.

The law was never the means of salvation.

One never attained eternal life through obedience to the law. Otherwise there would be a need for Christ to come if one could mean life through the law right right right that's very true. Okay, I so wanted to thank you for calling you so much.

So much for your patience.

I know you on hold there there for a while and I appreciate I I wasn't I was in anyway so I was just listening while I was waiting for great you have agreed raised you to you to God gets all God gets all the credit.

It's not about me all about God always to hit to his glory.

Amen Ron amen always a God's glory is the Lord, you know like Ryan was saying it's we can't do anything here at all to gain salvation. It's all what Jesus did on the cross, you know, that's it.

Yet you can sit here and you can try and be the best person they can.

You know they are been a good person you know I want to go to heaven.

What people don't understand is that you have to go through Jesus to get to heaven after 12 Jesus Jesus has done all that is required. He lived the people might he fulfill all righteousness and all we contributes to to our our salvation is the sin that made it necessary to complete what we can do you Jesus. Jesus has delivered us from that if we put our trust fully in him yes yes wrong with your question about brother that they wanted an apology. What is an apologetic is that what Charlie, you are here it comes from the Greek word apologia which means to give a a defense a reasoned response.

It was often used of a courtroom defense when when something has been challenged or put on trial and your offering a defense and so it apologetics is very of Christian theology concerned with offering a defense of the Christian faith, and so is what you are you are a defender of the word of God, I love you and I certainly knew the word of God. You are a defender of the word of God, and that's what I get retro and offense to the word of God itself is is mighty and powerful and doesn't need my knees, a puny human like me to defend it, but what I want what I what I defend is the is is is the faith. When people challenge or raise objections against the Christian faith. I and others offer attempt to operate a reasoned response a defense like what first Peter 315 says to think Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence and so that is the goal of an apologetics is the first and foremost sanctify Christ as Lord in our hearts and then from that standpoint to make a defense of the hope we have in the gospel and to defend it from objections so that other people would hear and believe and put their trust.

Thank you so much for your call you all of you for listening to talking with you tomorrow. God let you all have a great evening.

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