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Recovering What the Enemy has Stolen, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 12, 2022 7:00 am

Recovering What the Enemy has Stolen, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 12, 2022 7:00 am

Every time we let the devil get the upper hand in our lives, we surrender a little bit of territory that doesn't belong to him. But Dr. Tony Evans explains that it's not too late to go back and turn those defeats into victories.

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All three. Dr. Tony says when the Lord lets us fall. There's nowhere else to look no never do business with.

This is the alternative Tony have another speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative. Every time we let the devil the upper hand in our lives. We surrender a little bit of territory that doesn't belong to him. But today Dr. Evans explains that it's not too late to turn those defeats into victories. Let's join him. All of us go through extensive lengths to protect ourselves from fifth we have lots on outdoors and Windows to protect ourselves from fifth we have alarm systems to warn us of uninvited guest because we are concerned about fifth their neighborhood watch groups because we are concerned that what we have is not illegitimately removed from us. Not only is this an issue in the physical realm related to jewelry and closing technology and TV cameras in computers and a multitude of other things that might be stolen from our premises is also true in the spiritual realm you want to be concerned about fifth because the Bible says in John 1010 that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. Many of us have been wrong. We been robbed of our peace because we are always in turmoil. We've been robbed about joy, because we always disparaged many have been robbed of their purpose because they don't know why they hear what they are for where they been aware of it is been around of their resources because they live in perpetual debt always struggling to make ends meet others been robbed of their relationships, a breach between a parent and child or happily ever after marriage situation, or perhaps a single person still waiting for that person that in their view.

Somebody else told some of us have been robbed of our passion are get up and always gotten up and gone in their little fire left some have been robbed of their opportunities.

You wish you could turn back the clock can get back that strategic intersection in life that you missed you wish you could do it all over again.

The generation of children who been robbed of their innocence and have been left to raise themselves because father is not male or perhaps mother might as well not be there. There is Going on and the losses have been great and continue to be great in first Samuel chapter 30 as the book of first Samuel concludes David is in Philistine territory on the run from Saul and he said it happened when David and his men came to the lag on the third day. Verse one says the Amalekites had been arranged on zigzag through zigzag Birgit with file took captive women. All that was both small and great, carried them off and went their way. There was already on the world. That world got rated one day everything look and find that one day everything looks like it's going to be okay next date is arrayed in his home world and that of his men were turned upside down cousin enemies look in when they weren't looking and stole it says all they had both large and great and Birgit with fire, so what with talking about is total destruction that world is collapsing right in front of their eyes what they had built up what they had developed was now gone. And like any good thief. It was taken a long way away and they didn't know where to find what we have here is a major theft that occurs, David and his men come back to see that there while the collapse verse three was burned with fire wives and sons and daughters had been taken captive and David and the people were with him, their voices and wept until there was no strength in the cry anymore crap crap crap when you can crack anymore ducks have nothing more to deliver because you have web you can't weep anymore so you can sob anymore.

Why because your world has been birthed up. Well, that's collapse, your hopes have been destroyed, your dreams have turned the nightmare on Elm Street. Everything about where you are right now looks like where life looks like a disaster area not talk about where you lose some minor that is easily replaceable. I'm talking about when life is shut down when you and you cry, you can cry anymore. It goes on to say verse six all, David was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him that you already can cry no more ducks already dry and on top of what he has done now. Your friends have turned against you because… Now the Fogelberg city, the focal ride with him with that mess. They had to find somebody to take David Everett what you take here we would've been here if the enemy came because God is been messed up by the situation and if you don't know did you find the closest person to play in chaos. David is been weeping. He is now disparaged because he got his old problems and now the problem of everybody else, blaming him that the bigger problem existed because they were hurting to it says they were embittered. Each one because his son off of his son and his daughter. So this is group pain. This is collective anguish. This is something everybody felt on the verse six is a very potent line but David strengthened himself in the Lord his God. Okay, what is now. He does not have his family anymore. He does not have this stuff anymore many more.

They've leveled it with fire is virtually nothing. He got have his friends anymore because they turned against him. So David is good hello he's by himself while not quite the verse six says he straight but David strengthened himself in the law of the reflective pronoun himself is used. If that was nobody else to strengthen him. I was out there by himself and you know when things have gotten bad in your world when it is just you, because there's nobody to fix it. He straight at himself in the Lord, and if you really want to understand the book of Psalms. Many of the simply David strengthening himself in the Lord as the deer pants after the water broke some 42, so pants my soul, not the be all God. So why are you disk. Within me.

Hope Valley night talking to himself. He strengthening himself, but he's doing it in the presence of God.

Now look at his psychological makeup. Right now David is it says distressed David down. David has been crying and weeping but he drew his depression in the God's presence.

A lot of times when we get discouraged because now live the been robbed. We allow that to drag us away from God's presence. He said feelings come with me payment come with me. This judgment come with me.

You been down beat up but I'm Dragon y'all with me and will going into the presence of the Lord and I'm going to get strength from people think that some people can give you what you need.

It says David strengthened himself in the Lord. How can we tap into the Lord strength the way David did find out of the moment when Dr. Evans continues this message from his new compilation coming to the comforter. These 20 lessons cover why God allows painful circumstances to come our way and we cares for us as were going through them.

How he uses them to build our strength and devotion, and what we can do to approach him for his help and healing. It includes bonus material. We won't have time to present on the year and if you contact us right away. It's yours with our thanks when you make a contribution in support of the ministry of the alternative. Right now will also include a special bonus, a copy of Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting. In it he shows that no matter how negative the realities of life. We don't need to let them define how things are going to work out for us because there is help and hope even in the midst of our hurt to request your copy of the special resource bundle.

Visit us or call us at 1-800-800-3222 and if you're looking to go even deeper into the subject or want to present this material to your small group. Check out obtaining the companion hope for the hurting Bible study DVD and study guide. Again, this is a limited time offer so visit us right or call one 800 832, 22, any time of the day or night and at one of our team members, assist with your resource request. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will conduct with more of our message right after this. Alaska is a land where ancient glaciers drop size chunks of ice and see where this space for spawning salmon with the last green canopy of trees is offset by distance new email and where the word majestic is hardly enough to describe what you see nowhere else in North America is the scenery so spectacular in God's creative wonders. So for come turn on an unforgettable urban alternative Alaskan you will discover powerful scriptural truths from Dr. Evans and other gifted instructor experience, meaning times of worship and enjoy inspirational musical talented musician. There's plenty of time for rest and relaxation luxurious accommodations and incredible, all while surrounded by the breathtaking creation that is Alaska to find out more about the urban alternative Alaskan visit Tony today. That's Tony was and I wanted to make a call with push all it would be be be be be met. That was low-power for me to make the call to the call. In other words, the rehab run to the base base with my phone that my phone didn't have that base drain setting out for an extended period of time. It did not have enough energy to help me make contact with the person I need to rebut the base still had plenty put the phone on the base push the base and the basement engage the phone so that now go with strengthened database to go to the base when all the batteries out and you have been drain because your life has been ripped off from you, your hopes have been destroyed your dream strengthened himself.

It says in the Lord and David is a very critical inquiry of the Lord saying shall pursue this band shall overtake them. I don't know who we want to know what they need you to tell me to get back what the enemy has stolen has ripped you off and you don't know what to do and you don't know anybody who can you what to do that because the Lord wants to be the only person who can direct you in the way that you want to go.

It is an opportunity to discover God at a deeper level when ripped off. You don't pray vague prayers anymore ripped off. You'll come talk about now I lay me down to sleep when shut down when you and all your hopes have been now you plan for real because you talk about this problem. This situation gets paid.

This mask this this guy and what should I need some specific now I need a label word, something to read a book out of the prophetic word that the mass right now I'm struggling right now.

The point is when you generally don't want business as usual. And so you don't do business as usual.and God know if you allows will never do business with you to go to God's presence and here's a word from God. Verse eight God says the David pursue for you will shortly overtake them, and you will shortly rescue all okay was the first word pursue. He waited on the Lord wanted to get dictation about what he should do but get up and go get what had been taken from you when he inquired of the Lord all application about what you want to do God's and went what the enemy has stolen sleep right from one or two extremes that the Lord would never get up on the job, but don't go job, but they never get get on what God has said focal homeless place. What the enemy installed God so that going in circles to go around and around the wasted days, months, years and decades. Okay I'm here and try and try and sort of the law. He waited on the Lord to get clarification because God saves time and saves time because you see that's what Jesus did, it would always talk about him going before his father to find out what his father was up to, so that when he showed up. Among people. We didn't waste.

Waste time because he already inquired inquired generally he inquired specifically what do I do now about this problem and I listen. This is good news. We own spiritual growth.

God always has a word with your name is a general word for everybody.

You know the word of God applies to everybody, but the word God doesn't tell you word it give you a specific application, God has to your spirit.

How you are an application of the word in your specific situation. Dr. 20 talking about how God empowers us to turn past losses into victories.

If that's something you'd like to accomplish in your own life. Let me suggest you look into getting the full-length copy of today's message including material we didn't have time to present on the year. It's called recovering what the enemy has stolen. In fact, it's part of that special resource offer mentioned earlier.

The 20 message teaching compilation coming to the comforter, along with a special bonus of Tony's brand-new book hope for the hurting, there's even a companion Bible study guide and DVD if you want to dig deeper understanding God's hope and peace in times of trouble to get the details and make the arrangements. Just visit Tony to contribution to the ministry and want to say thank you by sending these powerful resources your way again that's Tony or by phone 24 seven at 1-800-800-3222. There are certain things that haven't changed throughout history and one of those is the fact that people need the Lord today. Our culture is in desperate need of a movement of kindness. Dr. Evans believes that when we share kindness with one another, were not only doing a good thing we doing a godly thing that can help those around us glimpse his kingdom.

Look for opportunities to be an ambassador of his kingdom kindness every day or tomorrow more from Dr. Evans on taking back the parts of our lives. Satan has stolen including some thoughts on the connection between the blessings we receive the blessings we give the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans is brought to you fighting made possible by the generous contributions listeners like

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