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December 30, 2021 6:00 am

Kerwin Baptist Church Daily Broadcast

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December 30, 2021 6:00 am

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Welcome to the Kerwin Baptist Church broadcast our desire is for the word of God spread throughout all me know.

Join us now for a portion of one of our services here at Kerwin Baptist Church located in Kernersville, North Carolina.

Matthew chapter 7 this morning over 24 therefore whosoever hear these sayings of mine, and do with them.

I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock and the rain descended, and the floods came the winds blew and beat upon that house, and it fell not for it was founded upon a rock and everyone that here at the sayings of mine, and with them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand in the rain descended in the floods came in. The winds blew and beat upon that house, and it fell.

And great was the fall of it and it came to pass, when Jesus had ended these sayings, the people were astonished at his doctrine, for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. Isn't it interesting that the Bible says every time that Jesus had authority, it says and not as the scribes. Can I tell you what that saying without saying, the scribes had no authority whatsoever. But Jesus did. And you can always tell the difference and you'll know the story. All of the song. The wise man built his house upon the rock thought that's what I was going to sing. Then you and I know what you're thinking. Why did he sing that at a wedding.

I don't understand and pray this morning and then I want our trio to sing that. I'll be right back up here with that. Let's ask on the blessed Lord as we are building our homes. It is sad to almost weekly watch houses fall down to watch the walls come tumbling down.

It's not that they didn't work hard and it's not that they hadn't tried and it's not that the didn't have a lot of possibility and potential points just sad to see. Lord, I believe as we get closer to the second coming Lord, I believe that more and more homes are falling apart and Lord. I think that we're focusing on the things that are important and were overlooking the things that are Lord, I pray you bless our time.

Today we wanted to be memorable for our people and or we believe that you can restore our houses. You can fix them up. And Lord, I believe that we ever get to the point that we don't think our houses do that.

That's were in trouble. So Lord give us a humble heart today. Give us open hearts and open minds to maybe be willing to look down and say maybe there's some things that I need to change in my house or we love you in Jesus name we pray. Amen. Sing to all yeah and may destroy the small goods never been any weddings addressing at it. Apparently you were the one that is anyway.

Matthew chapter 7 we have here an interesting concept as we kind of we been preaching on the family and the Holman marriage, children, all kinds of things these past weeks and this is one of our favorite passages and we are all familiar with this. Even his kids. The wise man built his house upon the rock and foolish man built his house upon the sand and the rains came tumbling down. Y'all know the song so we learned this principle since we were kids something interesting in the Bible.

Many passages God uses contrast and comparisons to teach a lesson Jesus use the same thing in his teaching, and in his ministry, so the Bible teaches that way and even Jesus taught that way it's always the contrast of God's way and man's way all through Scripture. It's God's way, or its man's way and all through Scripture is always the contrast of the result of doing things God's way and the results of doing things Satan's way. That's the theme through God's word. Everything that is taught it's either my way or God's way and it's the results from doing it God's way and results from doing it our way. So here we have no different in this passage some comparison so I first I want to give you the four things comparisons that I see in this passage, and if you're like me, I like passages that I'm familiar with.

Maybe learn some new truth that notice the first comparison here is between the wise man and the what the foolish man so immediately he sets up the story that there are two main characters here in the way he turns them is this one individual was wise and the other individual was foolish, so there is the contrast between a wise man and a foolish man. Notice the second contrast is the man who built his house on the rock and the man who built his house on the sand. Those of the other two comparisons notice. Thirdly, he gives the comparison there is the house that stood in the house that fell you think. And yet is God's kinda laying out the store in the fourth comparison he makes is this of those who hear and do and those who hear and do not use it were to get another look over 24 he says, therefore whosoever hear if these sayings of mine, and do it them. Look at verse 26 and everyone that here at these sayings of mine, and do with them not.

So we have a wise man and a foolish man, we have literally a man that built his house on a rock and Amanda built his house on the sand. We have a house that stood in a house that fail and God breaks it all down and it really what makes a difference. Either you're going to hear what I say and do it or you're going to hear what I say and not this is the whole story. I want you to notice as I pointed out in verse 24 and 26 that this last comparison he says is those who hear and do those who hear and do not can I challenge you is we got a look at our homes this morning. Can you see here that it is not enough to just here the sayings of God are all the same page this morning letting me go further.

It is not enough just to hear them and it is not even enough to understand them, see we live in a day whereby want to get deeper in God's word and they want to understand more and that's absolutely wonderful. The problem with our day is that it stops there.

Everybody's listening, reading, debating and nobody is doing God says whosoever hears my sayings and does them notice. The Bible does not say whosoever hears my sayings and understands them.

He didn't say whosoever hears my sayings and remembers them. He didn't even say whosoever hears my sayings and talks about them or repeats them or disputes for them. They didn't say any of those things God the most important is for you to hear what I say and to physically do it interesting. Psalm 119, 105 says this byword is a lamp in the my feet and a light to my path. Do you see it. He does not say that word is a lamp unto my brain.

He didn't say it's a light of my thought process I'm doing is a lot today. You know why because I keep having to know God's word. It's a light in the my God's word is there so that I obey it.

I do it. There are some who hear the word of God and do them not their religion literally stops adhering and it goes no further is it a shame so many churches. It's not that people argue with God's word and is not that they don't believe it, or even agree with the problem is they just walk out of church and they never do it. A lot of times in church we hear God's word as if were going to and we talk as if we will but we never actually do it. The seed is sown, but it never comes up you know an individual that hears what God says and doesn't do it there cheating himself of the full blessing of obedience to God cannot challenge you something today as we dig into the story briefly. I know my times little bit past. What normally is today with everything we have going on. It was funny because we were in the back frame with the deacons and getting up for service and we got done and got right to the door and the handbill started with ago.

We can't walk out around handbill that would be distracting so so will just wait to the songs over like 13 minutes law was very awkward in the office why you doing I don't know you don't when a great I love Easter Christmas because I know were to get Annabelle's does level this morning. As we look into a can I challenge you. If God is ever going to fix up our homes. It's not because were going to read and see what God says is not because were going to understand what God says it's not because were to argue for what God says it's not because were going to take it were to put it on a sign in our house. Although I got a bunch of them. God's going to fix up our houses when we actually do it when we actually obey.

So God gives us the story that were well familiar with. Here's a here's a here's a wise man and a foolish man in this wise man decided that he was going to be like an individual that hears God's word and he does it. So this wise man decides to build his house. His foundation upon a rock in the Bible says that when the storms came and the winds blew and and the rains began to pound upon it, and the winds beat against that house, the Bible says that that house stood firm and its stated didn't go anywhere but the Bible says, then here's this foolish man over here that literally, he decided he was going to build his house on the sand and and there's a lot of reasons for that working to get into it and so he built his house on a foundation that wasn't as permanent when that when the storm came in the rains came and the wind blew. The Bible says that that hell's that that house for now and not only that the Bible says that the fall was great and did a lot of damage.

God basically equates that story to that wisemen in the story is a person that hears God's word and does it, but the foolish man is a person that hears God's word and doesn't do it. The only thing similar to these men is the fact that they both heard the same thing but one chose not to do it. So let's look at this as I give you just a couple lessons I let you go this morning give you your free gift picture interested is not a new car for everybody. I'm sorry about that notice number one of the story. As I look at this are some things I see and I want you to write these down. Think about it. Let's reason together this morning because our homes are Satan's battlefield number one is just want you to see this. Everyone is building their house. It was interesting in the story. Both men were building a house cannot tell you something this morning. You are building your house is not like you to say well you know what, I'm just not gonna build up that's impossible right now you are building your house.

Everyone here is a protruding that both these men. It was a like one decided to build and the other one didn't. They were both building our house and you say well I'm not doing anything about it but you are building you just don't realize it, it means is whether you want to or not you're building your house.

Whether you're trying to or not you are building a house.

Whether you are prepared for it or not you are building your house this morning. If you're a teenager I want you to understand you might not understand this right now, but you are already building your you are creating habits in your life. You are becoming the individual you're going to be your establishing right now the kind of husband.

You're going to be the kind of father you're going to be, and more importantly the kind of Christian, you're going to be in so many times by the time that the house begins to take physical form. They had already started building a long time ago in their heart. I want everybody in this building understand today whether you're married with your single, whether you have whether you don't have kids. It doesn't matter. You are building your house you can avoid it. You are building something. Notice the second thing in my let me say this for move on moms and dads here today. Parents here this morning, which understand our job is to give our children the tools to build their house on the rock, but we cannot build it for them. Our job is to tell our children. Let me tell you need to put your house on that rock you need to build everything you're gonna build on the wall. The word of God. You need to follow God. Obey God hear what God says. That's why we have you in church. That's why we have youth functions. We want you to hear it and RRR are our desire as moms and dads that you'll end up doing it and if you do it you're gonna have a house is built on a rock. We want you to do that. That's moms and dads.

Our job is to do everything we can do to try to encourage them to build their houses.

That way, but we can't build a farm MSA. Today nobody build your house for you. Don't think mom and dad are somehow magically going to make your life great. You have to build your own now will number two is this storms hit every house.

What I find in this passage that the storms came to the wise man's house in the storm came to the foolish man's house want you to know today. Storms are coming. Notice eventually as the storms came as what the Bible says. First, it says that the rains came during the storm not rain is rain is basically when little things start falling on you.

That's where most storms start just a little bit of rain just enough to get your attention and I know I'm going with this is morning in the rain just kept falling and falling and falling in your to find as you build your house as you get further into this figure to find out if your foundation is right or not, because little things are going to constantly attack your life. Little things you attract your kids.

Little things that attack your marriage little things little fall all around you. Second thing, the Bible says that the floods came, water floods, floods are an accumulation of rain so here's a gradual thing when we tell you is not this, we just put up a house in the sun and what that looks really good yell. Everything looks good in good weather.

But as a little things begin to hit your house and then they begin to accumulate and all of a sudden things begin to rise it. Pressure begins to build.

That's what this storm brought to these two houses and fire. The Bible says that the winds blew and tell you something interesting about Windows normally wind is something you cannot see. You can only see the damage when to something you feel when something you cannot stop no matter how hard you try, may I say that there's a lot of things that are going to happen in your life that you never saw it coming and it's too late then to decide. Well I better go down and dig underneath and start put in a good foundation down storms hit every house, may I show you in verse 25 and 27.

The Bible says it this way that says that it beat upon the house. It was relentless.

Those of you that are married and have kids and and grown a family and that all the stuff and bills begin to mountain things and things and things and everything begins to happen and happen and happen to find out that on that on the taste of you feel sometimes like your house has been the media prints one of the three. The impressiveness of the house did not matter what I find in this passage is, it never says how expensive either house was did you hear me never says which house was bigger and never says which house was more expensive. It never says the expense or the luxury of either house had any bearing on whether it stood or fell. I just on the new solids you saw.

There are a lot of impressive houses in California that slid right off that mountain impressive houses. I was watching in Alaska is that earthquake it took down a lot of impressive looking house. Which brings me to point number four.

A house is only as good as the foundation we have a generation that are doing everything they can do to look impressive.

They're doing everything they can do to put all the fluff on their home and get all this stuff and get all the things and get what nobody else hasn't and get all the things that are there there.

The problem is the foundation. None of those things are in a matter when the storm's house is only as good as the foundation would get me today.

It's important for you and I to understand that there is a rock that has been provided for us to build on what you look at this verse. First Timothy 617. Please look at this charge them that are rich in this world that they be not high-minded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy that they do good, that they may be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate notice this laying up in store for themselves God foundation against the time to come that they may lay hold on eternal life. We have all bunch of homes going up nowadays foundation is and isn't worth a flaw before they got all the stuff they got all the bells and whistles on the you walk by you just they will look at that family. They got everything and yet if you could dig underneath that ground and look underneath that house. You see that there's a problem with the foundation and every time the storm hits. It falls principle number five building on a rock is harder than building on the sand. May I say this if you're going to build on a rock, a rock is harder to penetrate a rock is harder to fasten to a rock doesn't give sand moves in sin keeps changing with the smallest pressure water can move sand when you can move sand but rocks stay firm and Christ is the raw and that means anything else but Christ is saying the Bible does not say that Christ was the chief corner sand Bible says that Christ is the chief cornerstone principle number six when the house falls everyone in it is affected when the house falls everything in it is affected.

No Bible puts it this way in this passage rate was the fall of it. Why was it such a tragedy because there were people in those houses is a preacher. How do you know where you going to storm you go inside you go to where you're going to feel protected, so the wise man and his family went right to where they felt protected and the fullest man and his family went right back into where they felt protected and will soon be protection.

I mean, your children should be able to trust home that you trust mom and trust dad and realize they might not agree with everything but mom and dad have founded things upon God's word that means I don't have to like it. And I might not agree with it but stones don't change the matter. Everything else around it changes the matter of culture changes matter if the scene changes for that matter of opinion change for Denny to matter charges change rocks stay the same. So they both went into their houses but everybody in that foolish man's house because it was easier.

I mean, I can put stuff down and sand I don't have to choose open rock and I don't have. I mean I just everything moves easy.

I can just put everything exactly like the problem is when you pick the easy route. It didn't take much to move it. I know some of you have tried to put your house in the rock and it feels like everything and everybody in its fight against. May I encourage you, don't you change route right now don't you decide.

Well, let's just go do this. Everybody else is doing it well. The kids will enjoy this more kids like this more. Maybe the quit arguing with us if we just go ahead and do that. The problem with that is your foundation will crumble in your pocket and know it to storm hits.

Walls came tumbling down.

Had these made these are actually believe are not stressed toys when you're stressed, you squeeze them, I'm telling you the truth. Can you believe I found hammers. This is when you're stressed, you get this you hit your wife bang bang bang bang bonnet I had printed up, build your house on the Lord everyone of your get one of these is you leave today. Here's the reason they been preaching on the family in the home for a while, but only tell you storms are coming near to get stressed and leave this somewhere at your office at home in the car wherever you get stressed, you better grab on to it to remind you, you know what it seems like everything's happened storms just keep it my house, dear friend.

It sure is nice right now to storm in a stable house that mean that the storm isn't doing some damage outside but it doesn't have to do the damage and said thank you for listening to you received a blessing from our broadcast. The current Baptist Church is located at 4520 Old Hollow Rd. in Kernersville, NC. You may also contact us by phone at 33699351924 Kerwin Baptist enjoy our services live molar medium on her website and church. Thank you for listening to Kerwin broadcast God bless you

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