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12: Season Two Finale: How to Have Victory in 2022!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George
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December 26, 2021 3:00 pm

12: Season Two Finale: How to Have Victory in 2022!

Crossroads Connection / Pastor Andy George

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Crosses Fellowship Church family. Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you had an incredible Christmas as you all know I absolutely love Christmas I write is wonder right now how many of you are actually taking on your Christmas decorations. While this is playing in the background so hopefully are not. Hopefully your tuning in and by the way, wasn't that an incredible worship set by our worship team and accretive arts team right now where you are just causing and give them some huge thanks, but some emerge easier on the online campus and we saw. Thank them for all they did and I love LS on the goodness of God. I mean, is not what were all here to celebrate how incredibly good.

God is God has been and that God will be in so here we are whereabouts and 20, 21, you almost made it.

Just a few days left and out this year and I am praying that you had a great year.

I pray that you and this year well and today I was on about how we can start next year off in a huge way. I want to thank you again from all of us here crosses Fellowship. I want to know only wish you again a Merry Christmas and a happy new year, but I want to thank you for the way that you've partner with us this last year.

I like all of us this last year.

Again has been coming up and down year in many ways, but we are so grateful for the faithfulness of God and his provisions for our lives and hopefully for your family as well. I will think of the way that you continue to support the ministry of Crossroads all year and speaking that real quickly. We have just a few days left for the year and giving severe planets a given 2021 has to be postmarked by December 31. So thank you for your year and giving of your giving a Crossroads helps us start off the next year and a huge way. So thank you for giving right now. So every year I've been doing this for years and years and years.

I know many of you do this as well. I always pray for a word for the year. I seek access to God over Elsa scope of the word II praying. I'm like a guy with what's the word for next year was the word for me for next year and sometimes it's just for me. Sometimes, for me and my family.

Sometimes a word that is for me, my family and our church family and I believe that God has given us a word us, meeting myself, my family.

Hopefully you and our church family for 2022 and that word is the word victory, how would how great of a word is outward victory. I am believing right now believing it I'm speaking it as we end this December and 20, 21, 20, 22 is gonna be a year for victory for your life. I want to talk all year about how to have a victorious life in a lot of different ways, so don't miss January, by the way were starting off by how to have a victorious spiritual life aware of the praying and fasting together. We got the first Wednesday both campuses, and we discussed seek God and just hunger after God because, listen if we want to have a victorious life. It has to start with having a victorious spiritual life. First is out of my relation with God. Everything else is going to come in out of my relation with God. If that's healthy and strong, and I'm walking in victory in Christ, then guess what had victory in all the other areas of my life. Even if the circumstances don't show victorious.

Even if the circumstances are hard. I can still live victorious despite the circumstances. Sonic cited about 2022. I'm excited about ending this year as I want to jump into just a brief message to encourage us in the title to his message is noticeably this victory basis victory. How do we end this year strong and start next year strong story of Calabasas Scripture to Romans chapter 8, versus 37 to 39. Such a great pass in Scripture that really speaks to a victorious mindset.

So here you. Despite all these things right. Despite everything going on in her life. We can have overwhelming victory that is ours.

I am sure that neither life nor death, nor angels, nor rulers, or things present, nor things that come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation. Guess what you can fill in anything else that you could read and say neither death or life, angels, rulers, present, past, things COBIT politics, job, relationships, health, doctors reports, none of that. None of that can take away the fact that you and are more than conquerors through Christ in us is that none of that. None of that there is will separate us from the love God has for us in Christ Jesus was and there is nothing that can separate you from the love that God has for you. And with that love, we can have overwhelming victory in all areas of our life.

So whatever your life right now is you are ending 2021 going to 2022. What's an area of your life. We really are needing to pray for victory in maybe it's something to struggle with all year. Maybe something that maybe nobody else even knows about that you been struggling with. Maybe it's something that you see and it's affecting you maybe it's fear of it stress or anxiety.

Maybe it's some sin that you're wrestling with and struggling with whatever it is, can we just stand together and believe that first of all, nothing can separate us from God's love for us and secondly that and all these things that were dealing with.

We are more than conquerors in Christ. I like how it's worded. Despite all these things we have overwhelming victory, and we pray for you that you will have victory this year will go to the Old Testament for just a few moments in Jeremiah chapter 1 just a couple verses there in verse five through nine a really speaks to our excuses and what God can actually do in our life this next year if we allow him so here we go. Jeremiah chapter 1 verse five.

God is speaking, he says I knew you before I formed you before you were born you were set apart lesser stuff there for a moment, one of the reasons why you and I can have victory is because God formed us. We are made in his image, he knew you before you were even born and horses speaking to the prophet here is a before your born I set you apart and I I could say the same for you and for me that before we were born, God has ordained things for us to do before we are born God set us apart for purpose and a reason where you are right now, today, how you gonna start 2022 is is no accident. Could it be that God before your born has set you apart for something special. As we end this year and start next year but just like all of us.

And just like Jeremiah does, we can cope with excuses you might have a whole list of excuses of why you've not had a victorious 2021 maybe already you're making excuses for why you might not have a good 2022. Guys want to tell you that that as we see God's, deals this will reorient his dear mother Susan Jeremiah's excuse he says I can't speak for you much this is because I'm too young Jeremiah's excuse for not wanting to do what God called him to do. He says I can't speak for you got onto young and again I think that we can fill in that blank with something in our life. Maybe you're saying got II can't be used by you are. I can have a victorious year because what may. Maybe you feel like you're too young. Maybe it's you feel like you're too old. Maybe you feel you have too many other things going on in your life. Maybe it's that you've not been a good person. Maybe you got a pass. You know maybe you feel in adequate. Maybe you feel you don't have any gifts and talents or whatever it is wherever it is. I wonder how many times God's got victory force and overwhelming victory force that we are more than conquerors in Christ, and yet we make excuses of why were not victorious or why we had a bad year.

Why were struggling.

I think often we struggle we get stuck not because God has given us victory is because we made excuses of why we are stuck in while we can't. So here's God's response to Jeremiah by the way God responded Jeremiah says don't say you're too young. Just go where I send you don't say you're too young. Just do what I tell you to do and he continues, he says don't be afraid of the people as is and verse nine. A number put my words in your mouth gives a few takeaways this today as we wrap this up only use a few takeaways of how we can apply this our life how you can have a really solid anterior and how you have a great start to 2022.

The first question takeaways simply this summer. He asked if I want to restate it where in your life. You need victory where in your life right now, today, do you need to say God as I end this year and start next year. I need victory in this area of my life. What is it called out say it. If you are put in the chat screen :-( put in the chat lets me know write it down. What is it that got Cindy, you hey I want to be victorious in your life in this area to guess what will have my heaven factor for you deftly more than one area my life from hope to be victorious in going into next year but I hope, I think we have to define that right with the defined okay go where my life do I need to experience overwhelming victory.

I know Chuck to leave me. I know that nothing can separate me, but I still need victory my life in a certain area.

So what is the error that you need to have victory in the second question is what is the excuse you make an so just like Jeremiah was the excuse that you're making again.

Are you saying that you too young to old. That's talented enough don't have enough money I don't have the resources are talented enough don't have the right amount of friends who, what does he get to us in your life again. I think that we need to be clear these of the excuse of a making.

Because really, truly, we know that God is for us. We know that God is already said that you are more than conquerors that you have overwhelming victory nothing and separate us. God's already done the work.

Jesus is already victorious by the way I we just got done celebrating Christmas in its December 26 it still very real.

It is still Christmas like I'm still playing Christmas music in my house. I am not singing down my decorations and my house we don't take down our decorations until New Year's Day, New Year's Day, it's like it's is gone is in matter of an hour early for the wave until that moment. We were so celebrating Christmas and what is Christmas celebrate all Christmas celebrates Jesus in manual coming here, God becomes flesh and Jesus.

But here's why said he would die as a man on the cross that he would die for all of our sins that Jesus would then go to the grave and rise again victorious so you can have victory in your life and I think sometimes if we were struggling with victory in our life is like were looking at the cross are looking at the empty tomb, and maybe a feeling that's for somebody else or is not for you. Maybe her struggle with that but I'm certain remind you and tell you that in that area of your life or you need victory don't make excuses of why you don't have it because it's right there for you to take. It's right there for you to grab a hold of another question is this where is God directing you where is God directing Jeremiah the reason why God was calling in his guy was calling him to be a prophet, and of course he made excuses and got say just his glory try to go could be that part of your victorious life this year is a you just have to be obedient to where God is telling you to go. May that comes in the form of going to minister to somebody in your neighborhood.

Maybe so that your work maybe gets Connie to go serve somewhere in the church maybe gets Connie to start a new habit this and we all know what's going to happen on January 1, January 1 every unit, out of the gate strong with new habits and a new lifestyle the of the bargain to make all these resolutions for the year and their antics drives and everything ago and so excited, in fact, as we wrap up Christmas some your pride.

Everything in your house you can eat all the bad food before January 1 you gonna get everything done on your system and you start a new habit January 1 and I hope that it works for you works all year for you, but could it be that God is also calling you to do something more next year. Maybe God is calling you to practice generosity more next year maybe's call Anita serve more somewhere next year maybe's colony to slow down a little bit next year maybe's call so Meda ran fast with us to start the year off to set your spiritual life. Maybe so you need to slow down enough just to be quiet long enough to hear God. Some you might need to prioritize your family more your life more your health more so, what, where is God saying this there and I want be victorious in your life and don't make excuses. I want just to go and do this and God gave Jeremiah a few closing remarks I think are very helpful for us as we can't close off the final Sunday of this year, God reminds them that he is with Jeremiah.

He says I will be with you and listen. God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow. God, who told Jeremiah he's with them is the same God that is telling you right now these with you is I can Aleve use I can forsake you.

Jesus promised to be with this effect. He sent the Holy Spirit to us. Part of the reason was to be with us to equip us to empower us to walk with us.

He was counsel to give us wisdom to give conviction and his lands and left us. So wherever you need victory in your life and just know that God is with you that he has left you and he is with us. God also challenges Jeremiah and he says this he says he says I will protect you and I will provide for you. That's pretty big. He's out protect you. I'll provide for you, so don't fear people. I'll provide out protect you sometimes in our life as we set out to live a victorious life is can require faith and as we know faith is the substance of things not seen the real with me and hopefully things will know it's taken that step into the unknown trust that God's gonna be there and I could scary again.

I think sometimes the reason why we don't have victory is maybe our faith is shaken.

Maybe we have not enough faith to take that step forward. But here's the encouraging thing.

The Bible also says that all you need is the faith the size of a mustard seed, you can tell that mountain to move and so I encourage you that if God is with you. If God can provide for you.

If God is your protect you, then you and I can walk in faith, we could take that next step tomorrow in faith, knowing that God is going to be there all along the way. And finally, as he told Jeremiah just a reminder for us as we close out and that simply this, that God has created you and I God is for you. God created you and is for you just like it. So Jeremiah was and I knew you before you ever created. God knew you before you ever created, he knows you.

He's with you. He's guiding so church family.

As we close out our pray for you and I just want to pray that you will not only end this year great and strong, pray that you step into January 1 with overwhelming victory.

I pray that you will walk for that picture. I pray that you have a victorious year after the guy would speak to you the Galileans you directing that you be encouraged that these forces not against us that they would be incurred as and nothing can separate us from his love that we are encouraged that we have overwhelming victory in him. As of right now where you are.

We just close your eyes and riches extend your hands just received this for me as we wrap up the final Sunday of 2021. Let's pray father right now in Jesus name I pray for everybody watching whether there watching alone with the watching with couples or families whether Watson is right now.

On December 26. Rather, watching it some other time throughout the week or even even in the year I God I pray that we would receive that picture you have force every now every person watching that as they and 20, 21 that they would be encouraged to step in to victory in the 2022. But we are overwhelming, victorious people in Christ. Nothing can separate us from that nothing can separate us from your love and we have that victory more than conquering victory and you receive that right now. I pray for our church family that as we start next year that we will start hungry for you walking close to you living a victorious life and you in Jesus name, amen

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